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jelmerAzendale: great, glad that worked for you00:18
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tlonimanyone hitting https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/1177521 .. if so, any  workarounds?12:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1177521 in Bazaar "missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps" [Undecided,New]12:45
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jelmertlonim: that's almost certainly a dupe of an older bug that has some possible workarounds17:31
LeoNerdbzr-git++   Just managed my first  bzr dpush git://...  was shockingly painless :)17:45
LeoNerdHeh.. though it didn't convert my .bzrignore into a .gitignore but I guess I can't -reeeallly- blame it17:47
jelmerLeoNerd: thanks :)18:03
jelmerLeoNerd: usually you can just copy them over, but proper conversion is near impossible18:03
* LeoNerd nod18:04
LeoNerdUpset that I can't  bzr bind  to it though18:04
jelmerLeoNerd: yeah, there is no roundtripping support for it18:06
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