rick_hanyone have links to the new UX I can peek at. I got a link in a hanguot from sinzui the other day but I can't find it in the juju-gui g-docs folder now :/11:20
jcastrohey guys, I need a relatively complex screenshot of something in the GUI12:57
jcastroanyone have anything handy?12:57
rick_hjcastro: complex in the form of a big deploy in the environment?12:59
* rick_h tries to look up how to load the gui with the old large rapi json setup13:01
jcastroyeah! something hairy.13:01
rick_hwhoa, takes a little bit to load up the rapi on this, not sure I ever ran this before lol13:03
rick_hhmm, not that crazy after all. Just a lot of notes. 13:03
rick_hjcastro: http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/gui-large-json.png is what the large.json looks like13:05
rick_hjcastro: not sure if you need something w/ w/o the browser and such13:05
jcastrodude that is perfect13:06
rick_hk, then there you go13:06
jcastrorick_h: it'll be in my blog post today!13:53
rick_hjcastro: is that ok to blog the browser?13:54
jcastroI cropped13:54
jcastroonly did the blocks/canvas13:54
rick_hgotcha, cool13:54
jcastroyeah the thought crossed my mind while I was drafting13:56
jcastro"oh wait, I like my job!" snip.13:56
rick_hyea, it's kind of strange since the proejct/source is open and anyone can see it13:57
rick_hwill be nice when it's all past13:57
jcastrosecurity through "no one is deploying from trunk"13:57
rick_hsinzui: ping, got a sec to chat?14:43
sinzuirick_h, maybe in 514:45
* sinzui is with IS about canonistack environments14:45
rick_hsinzui: rgr, shoot me an invite when you're free please. I want to sanity check the upgrade path and such for adding this download field14:45
sinzuirick_h, jcsackett: do either of you have time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/drain-ingest-queue/+merge/17235315:44
rick_hsinzui: I can in a sec15:45
rick_hsinzui: trade ya https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/charmworld/total-stats/+merge/17235615:51
* sinzui looks15:51
Makyojujugui call in 6 kanban now15:54
rick_hsinzui: r=me15:54
Makyojujugui call in 2 - Gary's out; if anyone has a burning desire to run the call, cool.  I will if not.15:58
sinzuirick_h, I expect DISTRO_CHARM_DATA in charmworld/views/tests/test_charms.py to be updated. I think it documents which attributes are exposed by the old API. I believe we want to add the new attr and be certain we don't loose it when we drop old API. Am I wrong?16:03
rick_hsinzui: looking16:03
rick_hsinzui: I'm coming up empty with bzr grep DISTRO_CHARM_DATA 16:04
sinzuioh, was it not landed...16:04
rick_hI pulled trunk this morning?16:04
rick_hor thought I did16:05
* rick_h goes to try agasin16:05
sinzuirick_h, not out problem. abentley cannot land his branch until exodus is available. He will need to update his branch since yours is r=me and can land now16:05
rick_hsinzui: ah ok16:05
rick_hjcastro: screenshot looks good in the blog post :)16:14
MakyoOh, forgot to mention in the call, did a blog post this morning about service placement. http://jujugui.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/focusing-on-services/16:19
rick_hsinzui: staging went boom it appears?17:32
* rick_h wonders if I did that :/17:33
* sinzui looks17:33
sinzuirick_h, it can go down for 15 minutes if it thinks it needs to do a full ingest and it was not previous configured to do so17:34
sinzuihas it been more than 15?17:34
rick_hsinzui: not sure, just noticed it17:34
rick_hsinzui: I figured there had been enough time post-merge for things to happen17:34
* sinzui visits the server because he has no oops in email17:34
rick_hsinzui: yea, it appears the wsgi app isn't running. apache is just dying17:35
sinzuiapache is running. I think you mean the the app is down 17:36
sinzuiI see it stopped about 30 minutes ago17:36
rick_hsinzui: right, wsgi (app, pyramid, etc)17:36
* sinzui tries to manually17:37
sinzuiingest is angry.17:37
* sinzui considers new dequeue power as a possible fix17:38
rick_hsinzui: :/ ok. I guess I did do something. /me tries locally again. 17:38
sinzuirick_h, I see this in the errors: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5817422/17:39
rick_hsinzui: yea, that's just a bad charm. It should carry on I thought. 17:40
sinzuiI will dequeue, then restart to give ingest a chance to start17:40
rick_hsinzui: rgr17:40
rick_hsinzui: yea, it seems to run ok here locally so hoping I didn't break anything. 17:41
sinzuithe webapp is up http://staging.jujucharms.com/17:41
sinzuisearch works17:41
rick_hsinzui: cool, looks good. I just wanted to see the downloads stuff in the api ok17:41
sinzuirick_h, I will look further at the logs to look for the root cause17:42
rick_hsinzui: k, let me know if you think I need to peek at something. 17:43
rick_hjujugui jcsackett sinzui can I get a pair of reviews please? https://codereview.appspot.com/10832043 As noted, ignore the giant json files (2) and it's known that this won't QA against mjc at the moment. 17:50
benjirick_h: I'll lake a look.17:50
rick_hbenji: ty much17:51
rick_hsinzui: and when you get a sec, want to verify what's next highest in priority please. 17:51
sinzuirick_h, there was an error in migration for the config-changed event, preventing the app from restarting17:52
rick_hsinzui: :/ ok. In my test it ran fine. Will follow up with a check for the other key first then. 17:52
rick_hsinzui: so that migration did not succeed. I'm safe to update it in place correct?17:53
sinzuirick_h, I think we cannot assume the charm_data has the key. There are 5  charms that are invalid in the store, so cannot possibly have the value17:53
rick_hsinzui: rgr17:53
rick_hsinzui: yea, and in my limited set pulled down locally didn't have any of those17:53
sinzuirick_h, You want to move your migration to the next number. Replace your old number with a no op.17:54
* sinzui looks at review17:54
sinzuirick_h, nm.17:55
rick_hsinzui: on the no-op, nevermind?17:55
sinzuirick_h, since your migration did not complete, I don't think migrations could have incremented the number. I think you can update your migration script as it is17:56
rick_hsinzui: cool, that matches my thinking. 17:56
rick_hsinzui: did you want to sanity check this then? It's small enough that I'd like to get up vs reset db and pull down all of the charms in the db to try to get the bad ones18:00
rick_hsinzui: https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/charmworld/fix-downloads-migration/+merge/17238618:00
sinzuirick_h, Looks good18:14
rick_hsinzui: cool18:15
sinzuirick_h, do you want to see the staging oops?18:16
rick_hsinzui: sure. I'm assuming it'll oops until the migraiton hits. 18:16
rick_hsinzui: guessing it's an attr not found issue on the sort from ES since the migration didn't pass muster18:16
rick_hsinzui: yea, that's the ES error if downloads isn't in the charm to do the order by for the /interesting url. Once this change lands and migrations take place should be good 18:17
sinzui^ rick_h Since the server was offline for the migration, everything should be migrated. Ingest is not involved in the oops18:18
sinzuiof, I thought the change had just landed.18:18
rick_hsinzui: it's approved, but has to go through jenkins18:18
rick_hsinzui: so should be a few minutes18:19
sinzuioh, right, it does not claim to be merged18:19
MakyoRemembered I totally had a dream about our comment style last night.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.18:24
rick_hMakyo: time to seek help18:24
sinzuirick_h, LGTM18:24
rick_hsinzui: thanks18:25
rick_hhere jenkins jenkins...here boy...18:29
rick_hsinzui: branch is merged now it appears. Might get some error emails as I poke at staging again.18:57
* sinzui nods18:58
rick_hsinzui: ping, got a sec to help me out? Sorry, but can't get mutt to open the old ssh config email to access stagnig myself19:12
rick_hsinzui: and I'd like to not leave things broken at EOD19:12
sinzuistaging fell over?19:13
rick_hsinzui: well, the numbers aren't updating as I'd expect post-merge19:13
* sinzui looks19:13
rick_hsinzui: and I can't get into staging to verify if it's still upgrading, the migration didn't run/errored again, etc19:13
* rick_h had hoped all would be well at this point19:14
sinzuioh, I think this is my fault19:14
sinzuiI did not clear the upgrade error from last effort19:14
sinzuirick_h, sorry. this is my fault. I do need to address the charm error before tarmac can do its job19:16
rick_hsinzui: ah, ok. Then I won't feel so bad then. Thanks for the heads up. 19:17
rick_hI've got to run and pick up the plate for the camper from the dealer before they close today, but I will check in tonight or tomorrow morning then. Thanks for the help today sinzui. Appreciate it.19:17
sinzuirick_h, np. I will do the QA as best as I can given that I need your branch to kick the charm back to life19:19
benjijujugui: I could use a couple of reviews for my drag and drop critical fix branch: https://codereview.appspot.com/1083404319:34
sinzuirick_h, everything looks good. After resolving, I used juju charmworld set revno=191 and waited for the reconfiguration: http://staging.jujucharms.com/api/2/charms/interesting shows me  downloads and downloads_in_past_30_days.19:35
Makyobenji, on it.  Code LGTM, QAing.19:36
rick_hsinzui: thanks! looks good now. 20:57
rick_hbenji: around still?21:31
rick_hbenji: curious about your email and the two bits around config panel/"charm site being down" 21:31
benjirick_h: I got this message in a popup "Charm API server did not respond"21:31
rick_hbenji: ok, do you know what url that was? Was it consistent? We're not aware of any issues on the server today. Staging had issues during QA but nothing is pointing at it. 21:33
benjirick_h: XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://manage.jujucharms.com/api/1/charms/interesting. Origin http://localhost:8888 is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. 21:34
rick_hbenji: ah, please pull from trunk. api 1 has been deprecated about a week now and should be api221:34
rick_hhttps://manage.jujucharms.com/api/2/charms/interesting should be the updated url and trunk should generate that for you. 21:35
benjirick_h: I was doing a binary search to find the point a regression was introduced, so that's not in the cards 21:35
benjiI'll add this to my list of why having self-contained dev builds is good.21:35
rick_hbenji: ah, gotcha. :/ then we'll have to runa local charmworld instance. api1 has been removed from the server. So less that the server was down, and more that it's using an old version that won't be responding 21:36
rick_hbenji: yea, I know jcsackett and I do that since we work on both parts of the code and often have to have them sync'd. 21:36
rick_hbenji: please make sure to make some noise when you feel the server is 'down'. If it is and we've not said anything we need to jump on that and if it's something else we might be able to save you some time. 21:37
benjiwill do; thanks for the info21:37
rick_hbenji: so fyi, r272 removed api1 from the charmworld source. Running charmworld should be an easy bzr branch ... && make sysdeps && make install && make run21:41
rick_hsinzui: we should probably deprecate old apis into a 'dead end' route that displays a warning as well. 21:44
rick_hsinzui: will file a bug real quick21:45
rick_hhuwshimi: howdy23:38
rick_hhuwshimi: if you get a chance would like to chat on the controls stuff. 23:39
huwshimirick_h: Sure, if you've got a minute23:46
rick_hhuwshimi: yea, let me get my headphones23:53
rick_hhuwshimi: invite on the way23:53
rick_hdarn it, how do you just create an empty hangout any more23:54
huwshimirick_h: Dunno, didn't get an invite23:54
rick_hhuwshimi: yea, you don't show up in my list so just trying to create an empty one but can't seem to figure out how to do that any more23:55
rick_hhuwshimi: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cf491220dfb7736cee2876baf29110eeb52f5997?authuser=123:56

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