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marcoceppiJoseeAntonioR: I am now01:40
JoseeAntonioRmarcoceppi: hey, wanted to know if you can give me a hand with a couple things on my postfix charm01:41
marcoceppiJoseeAntonioR: Yeah. I'm about to head off to bed, but tomorrow I'll be around to help out02:30
JoseeAntonioRsure, thanks!02:30
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jcastrohey evilnickveitch12:21
evilnickveitchjcastro, hey12:53
jcastrocheck out the juju list, apparently large swaths of the writecharms stuff is missing12:56
evilnickveitchjcastro, yeah, I saw that, I am working on a fix. thanks!12:58
evilnickveitchjcastro - the issue was, the "writing a charm" was covered in 2 different places in the old docs, and I only converted one (because it was on my list once, not twice), but it is a reasonably straightforward fix. I will have it done today, and can make it beautiful later13:02
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arosalesFor folks looking on the Juju list they may have noticed we have launched a Charm Championship competition16:33
henningeHow can I work around the missing debug-hooks command?17:02
henningeI ssh into the unit and add '/var/lib/juju/tools/1.11.2-precise-amd64' to PATH, so I can run relation-get but it complains about JUJU_CONTEXT_ID missing.17:04
henningeWhat environment do I need to build to be able to run relation-get?17:04
arosaleshenninge, hello :-)17:44
arosalesmarcoceppi, any suggestions on debug hooks17:44
arosaleshenninge, are you using juju 1.11.1?17:44
arosaleshenninge, sorry I see the version in your path now17:44
henningearosales: 1.11.2, actually17:44
henningearosales:  and Hi ;-)17:45
marcoceppihenninge: I've not tried to mock debug-hooks yet in 1.11.2, typically when I'm writing charms and a hook errors out, I'll just ssh in to the machine, add a few juju-log lines to spit out the relation-get data then run juju resolved --retry on the unit/relation17:47
marcoceppihenninge: Give me a second to spin up an evironment and check what envs you need17:47
henningemarcoceppi: Thanks17:48
henningeyeah true, --retry is an option.17:48
marcoceppihenninge: I used to know back in pyjuju, but I'm sure there are extra environment variables now. As such I typically patch something live then run --retry until I get it working. After that I just pop the fixes in the local charm and plug away17:49
henningemarcoceppi: Ok, I'll go with that then. Thanks! ;-)17:52
marcoceppihenninge: IIRC they're adding debug-hooks or something similar in to core sooner or later, so that's merely a stop gap until then17:53
henningeCool. I was hoping for that ...17:53
henningeThanks again guys, gotta go.18:04
wedgwoodjcastro: sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but in the contest rules I see "All deployment bundles and charms must be the participant’s original work"18:18
wedgwooddoes that mean that a participant would have to write their own postgres charm, for example?18:19
marcoceppiwedgwood: The wording might be misleading as the contest strongly encourages using charms from the current ecosystem18:21
wedgwoodmisleading and possibly confusing/frustrating.18:22
marcoceppiwedgwood: jcastro is out for the rest of the day, you might want to mail the list for a clarification/to get it fixed18:24
wedgwoodmarcoceppi: will do thanks18:25
arosaleswedgwood, I can also follow up on the wording18:28
wedgwoodarosales: ok. I'm emailing the list now too, for good measure.18:28
arosaleswedgwood, ok thanks18:28
arosaleswedgwood, thanks for brining it up18:29
JarcoHello, Where can I find info on Juju pricing?19:21
sarnoldJarco: juju itself is free. hosting on AWS or HP Cloud or Rackspace or whatever will not be free, of course. If you're using your own OpenStack environment or MAAS bare-metal "clouds", juju is free.19:23
JarcoI will need to look into openstack then19:23
JarcoOr perhaps aws. Seems to be very good and not to expencive19:24
marcoceppiJarco: if you've got hardware already, OpenStack and MAAS are good options, if you don't own hardware and can accept cloud prices HP Cloud is built on OpenStack or you can use AWS. The provider boils down to preference as the provider is interchangeable in Juju. So you can use the same charm and deploy a service on to AWS as you do OpenStack, MAAS, etc19:33
thumperjcastro, m_3, marcoceppi: I'm looking for some juju presentations that I can pilliage for a talk this afternoon, got any handy?21:23
m_3thumper: one sec... looking for link21:48
thumperm_3: ta21:52
m_3thumper: invited you... it's a bit frail as it's a dropbox share of a U1 share... etc etc21:53
thumperm_3: what happened to U1?21:53
thumperm_3: can't the u1 share just work?21:53
m_3don't have the U1 link on this laptop21:53
m_3jcastro might though21:53
m_3negronjl oe ^21:54
m_3or negronjl ^^21:54
negronjlthumper: u1 link for what ?21:54
thumperm_3: you can share from the web ui21:54
thumperm_3: the share seems to work ok though :)21:55
m_3thumper: it's not shared with me over U1 anymore21:58
thumperm_3: the cloudcamp one is quite good21:59
thumperneeds a little tweaking under the hood21:59
thumperbut the background is almost perfect for my audience22:00
m_3thumper: great22:01
m_3have a good talk!  break a leg and such22:01
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