smartboyhwWell, it looks like  nobody reviewed my packages:(02:23
smartboyhwDon't upload simon, but at least rekonq and libkfbapi...02:23
ScottK4.10.4 is released to raring-updates05:28
smartboyhwScottK, \o/05:48
* smartboyhw goes and makes the announcement for 4.10.406:02
smartboyhwEr, we haven't backported it to quantal/precise right? Or we shall just backport for 4.10.5 instead?06:03
mgraesslinfyi: a Kubuntu user confirmed that KWin+Wayland is working with the packages in saucy - good job06:06
smartboyhwmgraesslin, great:)06:07
mgraesslinthere was only a small problem I had not considered in my instructions: distributions without systemd06:07
smartboyhwsoee, 4.10.4 is now in raring-updates.06:10
smartboyhwHeck, I should change the announcement instead:P06:11
smartboyhwCan someone check it, or is there another way to describe it's uploaded to raring-updates?06:15
smartboyhwScottK, ^06:16
smartboyhwyofel, ^06:16
ScottKCompleted QA testing in the proposed changes repository and has been released for all users in raring-updates.06:18
* ScottK can't find the password and is too tired to look.06:18
ScottKGood night.06:18
valoriesmartboyhw: I can check if you paste somewhere?06:23
* valorie has no access to the website keys06:23
smartboyhwvalorie, ,,,,,s06:24
smartboyhwYou don't have? :O06:24
valorienope, I got sort of out of website admin for a few years06:24
valoriejust learning how to ssh again, etc.06:24
smartboyhwvalorie, meh06:25
valorieI used to have websites when I did genealogy06:25
smartboyhwpaste.kde.org/786062 valorie 06:25
valoriecan you just paste into paste.kde.org and give it a password?06:25
smartboyhwvalorie, password? Really?06:25
* smartboyhw doesn't think it's seriously confidential enough to password it06:26
valorieI would make this a full sentence: Bugs in the software to KDE.06:26
smartboyhwvalorie, well, it has been it for ages.06:26
valorielike: Please report bugs...06:26
valoriethat's ok then06:26
smartboyhwThat's actually the original announcement for 4.10.4. I just changed the raring bits.06:27
valoriethat's smart use of your time06:27
smartboyhwvalorie, ofc :P06:27
smartboyhwvalorie, you think it's good to publish?06:27
* smartboyhw publishes06:28
valoriey'all worked really hard on all this06:29
valorieand this is a hard time of the year, with end of school, etc.06:29
smartboyhwvalorie, not for me. I came back to Kubuntu packaging after my exams (and the results are excellent, so...)06:31
valorieI'm sorry to hear that you'll miss Akademy this year, though06:32
smartboyhwvalorie, I think i will miss it till 18:P06:32
valorietouring around the UK should be all kinds of fun, though06:32
smartboyhwvalorie, not just touring. Don't forget, we are a "study" tour.06:33
valoriewhere do you plan to go to school?06:33
valorieI think traveling is educational even with no 'lessons' added06:33
smartboyhwvalorie, we DO have lessons. Meh06:35
valorieoh, well06:35
valorieI'm the type of person who visits museums for fun, and reads textbooks06:36
valorieso learning to me IS fun06:36
mgraesslingive a few years and you will realize that, too06:38
smartboyhwYeah, we don't get it until university or latter stages.06:39
smartboyhwFor secondary students, NOT. :P06:39
* mgraesslin is sure you are already learning for the fun of it06:40
* mgraesslin remembers a blog post about learning packaging stuff for example06:40
smartboyhwmgraesslin, oh?06:41
valorieI enjoyed my time in college, even working for grades06:42
valoriemaybe I'm just weird06:42
mgraesslin"I hate symbols -> I love symbols"06:42
smartboyhwmgraesslin, LOL LOL LOL LOL06:43
smartboyhwThat one:P06:43
valoriemgraesslin: coming to Akademy?06:43
mgraesslinvalorie: given that I have a talk scheduled, I guess I'm expected to board the plane ;-)06:44
valorienow that I think of it, I did see your name06:44
valorieso I'll see you once again06:44
mgraesslinI also plan to attend part of the Kubuntu developer summit06:44
valoriegosh, I wonder what we'll discuss?06:45
mgraesslinyeah - the large KDE family reunion - once a year in Europe06:45
valoriethat's how it feels, for sure06:45
smartboyhwvalorie, how to break down Mir?06:45
mgraesslinsmartboyhw: let's be positive: how to transit to Wayland06:46
valorieI'll make a target, call it MIR and pin it to Martin's back~06:46
valorieyes, let's be positive06:46
valoriethe Mir discussions/flamewars are fun and all06:47
mgraesslinnot really06:47
valoriebut beginning to get a bit tedious06:47
mgraesslinI find it very exhausting06:47
valoriewell, you are on the front line06:47
mgraesslinand I don't want to be06:47
valorieand damn it, I don't want there to be a war06:47
valorieat all06:47
* smartboyhw agrres with mgraesslin and valorie 06:48
smartboyhwYeah, better if you guys discuss the transit to Wayland.06:48
smartboyhwHoly, it's starting to rain big here.06:48
mgraesslinwell I hope that at least we don't get that much from Canonical any more - I asked to respect our decision and to not try to put the blame on us06:48
smartboyhwWe got a tropical cyclone coming in (fortunately, not worse than originally forecasted)06:48
valoriemgraesslin: indeed06:49
valoriethey can do as they like, even if i disagree that that's a good direction06:49
valorieI even see their reasoning06:49
mgraesslinexactly - I don't question their decision06:49
mgraesslinso they should not question our decision06:49
valoriebut I wish they had more of an open mind about the ramifications06:49
valoriethey seem to have tunnel vision so far06:50
valorienot healthy06:50
smartboyhwmgraesslin, valorie I'm going to be teaching a Ubuntu IRC Classroom session at 13:00 UTC. :P06:51
mgraesslinsmartboyhw: cool, what's the topic?06:51
valorieI love seeing us kub. people doing straightline ubuntu stuff06:52
smartboyhwmgraesslin, valorie "Using your preferred testing system with Test Cases"06:52
valorieit takes all the flavors, etc.06:52
smartboyhwBasically, it is a introduction to running through testing an ISO.06:52
smartboyhwFortunately, unlike last time, I prepared slideshows:)06:52
valoriewe need a bit more help with that06:53
smartboyhwIt was difficult to teach without screenshots...06:53
valorieunfortunately I'll be asleep then06:53
smartboyhwvalorie, yeah:(06:53
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas 4.10.90 saucy in archive, raring in beta ppa | 4.10.5 ninjas/raring WIP | 4.10.4 in raring-updates | 13.10 Alpha 1 released | 13.10 milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://goo.gl/vHRjj
smartboyhwHey shadeslayer :)07:34
smartboyhwHello yofel07:35
* smartboyhw wonders can yofel and shadeslayer review rekonq07:35
shadeslayerslightly busy at the moment with something else07:36
shadeslayercan do after that if it hasn't been looked at by then07:37
yofelooh, digikam built on armhf \o/07:37
smartboyhwOh alright.07:37
smartboyhwyofel, \o/07:37
yofelsuprisingly trivial solution :D07:37
smartboyhwyofel, :D07:37
smartboyhw4.10.4 is in raring-updates BTW yofel 07:37
yofelsaw it07:38
smartboyhwyofel, shadeslayer 'm going to be teaching a Ubuntu IRC Classroom session at 13:00 UTC. :P07:38
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "yofel, shadeslayer I'm going to be teaching a Ubuntu IRC Classroom session at 13:00 UTC. :P"07:38
yofelwhy did that list get longer since the last time I looked ? -.-07:38
smartboyhwDamn, it's symbols again.07:39
yofeloh right, nobody fixed okteta07:39
smartboyhwFor okteta07:39
* smartboyhw fixes07:39
smartboyhwyofel, actually what happened is that I tried to fix07:40
yofelI know07:40
smartboyhwAll archs have symbols problems, I fed each single log into pkgkde-symbolshelper, and it didn't work out.07:40
yofelsymbols are weird, just fix it again07:40
smartboyhwyofel, AGAIN!?07:40
yofelthough I need to check what happened to all those removed symbols07:40
yofelunless someone removed the lib for those07:40
smartboyhwyofel, yeah07:42
yofel(I'm assuming that because there's no MISSING lines for those)07:43
shadeslayerlooking at rekonq noq07:53
smartboyhwshadeslayer, great:)07:54
smartboyhwActually, it's just a small fix.07:54
smartboyhw2.3.2 that is.07:54
shadeslayersmartboyhw: where is this fix?07:54
smartboyhwshadeslayer, I mean the 2.3.1 -> 2.3.2 fix.07:54
smartboyhwshadeslayer, https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/rekonq/2.0/rekonq-2.3.2.tar.bz2?r=https%3A%2F%2Fsourceforge.net%2Fprojects%2Frekonq%2F&ts=1372588070&use_mirror=kent07:55
shadeslayerright, but I don't see a dsc here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rekonq/+bug/119623707:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1196237 in rekonq (Ubuntu) "Please update rekonq to 2.3.2" [Undecided,In progress]07:55
smartboyhwshadeslayer, right, that's because I haven't given you one, it's in my main PPA.07:55
smartboyhwI posted the link thrice, but07:55
smartboyhwshadeslayer, https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/ppa/+files/rekonq_2.3.2-0ubuntu1.dsc07:56
* shadeslayer falls off his chair07:56
smartboyhwshadeslayer, !?07:56
smartboyhwshadeslayer, what?07:56
shadeslayerso many associations07:56
smartboyhwshadeslayer, oops sorry;P07:56
* smartboyhw kicks shadeslayer out of his chair again.07:56
valoriethat's a lotta lil symbols on that there page07:57
smartboyhwvalorie, lil?07:57
shadeslayerwee symbols07:57
* valorie was being silly07:57
shadeslayerloads of wee symbols 07:57
smartboyhwvalorie, ah07:57
* valorie is planning travel too and from akademy07:58
valorieor at least noting the options07:58
smartboyhwvalorie, where do you live actually?07:58
yofelooooh, smartboyhw is a member of the X team. wayland maintainer found ;P07:59
smartboyhwyofel, actually, I joined for bug triaging (never did it though)07:59
smartboyhwyofel, heh07:59
valoriesouth of Seattle Washington, USA07:59
valorieI fly out on the 4th07:59
smartboyhwvalorie, any direct flights to Barcelona or Madrid from Seattle/07:59
* shadeslayer is waiting for his visa08:00
smartboyhwshadeslayer, LOL08:00
shadeslayerScottK: coming to Akademy?08:00
smartboyhwStill waiting?08:00
valorieI'm flying to NY, and spending a few days with my son in Connecticut08:00
valoriehoping to see the fireworks in NYC08:00
shadeslayersmartboyhw: will probably get it in a couple of days08:00
shadeslayerexpecting it by the 2nd / 3rd08:00
valorieScottK said he can't afford the time08:00
smartboyhwvalorie, ah, NY's easier08:00
valoriethen I'm spending 2 days in Madrid08:01
smartboyhwvalorie, great.08:01
valorieso jetlag should be gone for akademy08:01
valoriecoming back will be brutal though08:01
smartboyhwvalorie, unfortunately you can't watch Real Madrid or Barcelona FC (or rather, buying LV bags?:P)08:01
valorieart over football!08:02
smartboyhwvalorie, art!?!?08:02
* smartboyhw hates art08:02
valoriethe Prado is one of the world's leading museums08:02
valorieI can't wait to see it08:02
valoriewhat a privilege08:02
smartboyhwvalorie, eh08:02
valoriesmartboyhw: if you saw real art, you would feel the impact08:03
* smartboyhw likes the Louvre in Paris better.08:03
valoriereproductions and such aren't the same08:03
smartboyhwvalorie, Art is my WORST subject at school.08:03
valorieI've had the pleasure of spending a day in the Louvre08:03
smartboyhwIn contrast, Computer Literacy is my best subject at school.08:03
valorieI could have spent three08:03
valoriewell, I'm an artist along with my other interests08:04
valorieI make amazing paper08:04
valorieand i'm pretty computer literate08:05
valorienot so much in programming languages though08:06
smartboyhwvalorie, me too. But I've got a long way to learn programming:P08:06
valorieI've been online longer than you've been alive!08:07
smartboyhwvalorie, I know.08:07
smartboyhwAnd I won't argue with you on ages.08:07
shadeslayersmartboyhw: looks good, uploading08:09
smartboyhwshadeslayer, thanks.08:10
valorieno argument; you are so much smarter than I was, that I'm blown away08:11
smartboyhwshadeslayer, maybe review libkfbapi in the same PPA also?08:11
valorieafter I hung out in this channel for a month or two and figured out that kubuntu was made by teenagers, I just couldn't believe it08:12
smartboyhwDon't touch simon, I haven't done the changes upstream wanted08:12
shadeslayerwas going to be my next question :)08:12
smartboyhwvalorie, well wait a minute, "teenagers" in your mind = ? age?08:12
shadeslayerpeople in their teens ? :P08:12
valorieteens are say, 12-2008:12
valoriesome might have aged into their 20s08:13
smartboyhwvalorie, OK, I'm a teen for sure but Riddell or ScottK isn't really a "TEEN" right?08:13
valorieI guess Riddell is the father figure, and ScottK and I are the grandparents08:13
smartboyhwEh, simon has a LOT of --list-missing files08:13
smartboyhwvalorie, sure, I'm the grandchild:P08:14
valorieand i'm the linuxgrandma!08:14
smartboyhwvalorie, yeah, we know that:)08:16
shadeslayersmartboyhw: libkfbapi-1.0/debian/libkgapi0-dbg08:16
smartboyhwshadeslayer, !?08:16
smartboyhwshadeslayer, hmm, that thing shouldn't BE there....08:17
shadeslayerwhy that is super odd08:17
shadeslayersince wouldn't debuild -S -sa have removed it08:17
shadeslayerwhen you uploaded it to lp08:17
smartboyhwshadeslayer, I only do debuild -S ...08:18
shadeslayer( when running dh_clean )08:18
smartboyhwAnd also, that sounds like from libkgapi08:18
mgraesslinvalorie: please join #plasma, we need a moderator - unpleasant user08:18
valorieI don't have ops08:18
smartboyhwmgraesslin, who?08:18
mgraesslinvalorie: just to moderate08:18
smartboyhwshadeslayer, eh, do I have to re-upload?08:18
mgraesslinnot to kick08:19
shadeslayerheh yeah, how did that even end up there08:19
* smartboyhw re-uploads08:19
mgraesslinvalorie: back log: http://paste.kde.org/786098/08:19
smartboyhwshadeslayer, 5 minutes later find the file in my 2buntu ppa 08:20
smartboyhwI'm uploading now, but it takes some time to appear.08:20
valoriethanks mgraesslin08:20
shadeslayersmartboyhw: why not use ~ppaX08:21
smartboyhwshadeslayer, to make the uploader more convenient?08:21
smartboyhwI mean, I only use ~ppaX when in Kubuntu PPAs.08:21
mgraesslinvalorie: thanks for taking over08:23
valorieany time08:24
smartboyhwshadeslayer, https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/2buntu/+files/libkfbapi_1.0-0ubuntu1.dsc08:26
smartboyhwDoes that still have the strange directory?08:27
shadeslayerwill check in a moment08:27
shadeslayersmartboyhw: why is the md5sum for the rekonq tar I got from sf and the one I got from lp different?08:28
shadeslayeroh bah08:28
shadeslayermd5sum'd the wrong tar :)08:31
smartboyhwshadeslayer, LOL08:31
shadeslayersmartboyhw: done08:33
smartboyhwshadeslayer, \o/08:33
smartboyhwsimon coming in one hour:p08:33
* shadeslayer starts looking at backporting 4.10.90 for quantal and precise08:33
smartboyhwshadeslayer, fix 4.10.5 first:)08:33
smartboyhwshadeslayer, what does a new -dev package should depend on?08:34
shadeslayerlibFOO (= {binary:Version})08:35
shadeslayerat the very least ^^08:35
smartboyhwshadeslayer, hmm, there's no lib for simon yet...08:35
smartboyhwThis is going to be a big project it seems.08:35
shadeslayerthink about why a -dev package needs shipping for an app08:35
smartboyhwshadeslayer, why? :P08:36
shadeslayerexactly, why?08:36
smartboyhwBecause you can't work without it.08:36
shadeslayerand there is no lib for simon?08:36
smartboyhwBut there's only simon, no libsimon08:36
smartboyhwlibsimon0 08:36
smartboyhwno 08:36
shadeslayerlib is not necessarily called libsimon :P08:37
shadeslayercould be called libmymagicpony08:37
smartboyhwshadeslayer, no lib at all08:37
smartboyhwJust that.08:37
smartboyhwW: simon: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libeventsimulation libsimonactions0 libsimonactionsui0 libsimonappcore0 libsimoncontextadapter0 libsimoncontextcoreui0 libsimoncontextdetection0 libsimoncontextui0 libsimonddatabaseaccess0 libsimondialogengine0 libsimondialogengineconfui0 libsimondialogenginegraphicalview0 libsimondialogenginettsview0 libsimondstreamer0 libsimongraphemetophoneme0 libsimoninfo0 libsimonjsonconnector0 libsim08:37
smartboyhwonlogging0 libsimonmodelcompilation0 libsimonmodelmanagementui0 libsimonmodeltest0 libsimonprogresstracking0 libsimonrecognitioncontrol0 libsimonrecognitionresult0 libsimonrecognizer0 libsimonsampleshare4 libsimonscenariobase0 libsimonscenarios0 libsimonscenarioui0 libsimonsound0 libsimontts0 libsimonuicomponents0 libsimonutils0 libsimonvision0 libsimonwav0 libsimonxml0 libsscdaccess4 libsscobjects008:37
smartboyhwshadeslayer, that's a crisis out there:P ^08:37
shadeslayerseems like there are a bazillion libs08:38
shadeslayerall stuffed into simon08:38
smartboyhwshadeslayer, that's the problem08:38
* smartboyhw probably should make libsimon008:38
smartboyhwPut everything in it  instead:P08:38
yofelwhat do you need to ship the headers for anyway?08:38
shadeslayermy original question ^^08:39
yofelbecause either leave it like it is or do it properly08:39
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yofel the question is: The headers aren't even shipped in 0.4.0...08:39
yofellatter might not be possible if I see stuff like libeventsimulation08:39
smartboyhwpackaging I mean08:39
shadeslayersmartboyhw: yeah, I don't think it's required to ship those headers08:39
shadeslayerI doubt anything uses them08:40
shadeslayerW: kactivities source: intra-source-package-circular-dependency libkactivities-bin libkactivities-models1 libkactivities608:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer, but why we shouldn't?08:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer, hehe08:40
shadeslayersmartboyhw: there is no reason to ship them08:41
shadeslayerbtw I just realized, there are no symbols for libkfbapi08:41
shadeslayerwe should probably introduce some08:41
smartboyhwshadeslayer, alright, have you uploaded it yet?08:41
smartboyhwIf yes, -0ubuntu2 will be needed08:42
shadeslayeryeah, already uploaded08:42
shadeslayerno big deal, we can introduce them with another upload08:42
smartboyhwshadeslayer, uh, does this include the headers?08:42
smartboyhwHowever, one small thing: Many packages (the ones for Ubuntu and08:42
smartboyhwOpenSUSE, for example) omitted some key data files from the final08:42
smartboyhwpackages (prompts files, general scenario, etc.) without which Simon08:42
smartboyhw0.4.0 "crashes" immediately after startup (i.e., shows a fatal error and08:42
shadeslayersmartboyhw: did you rebuild akonadi-facebook against the new libkfbapi btw?08:43
smartboyhwshadeslayer, not yet.08:43
shadeslayeris there a new release for that as well?08:43
smartboyhwshadeslayer, never heard of.08:43
* smartboyhw checks08:43
smartboyhwshadeslayer, um, it's in kdepim-runtime it seems08:45
shadeslayerah yes08:45
smartboyhwSo, rebuild that?08:45
shadeslayerprobably time to retire akonadi-facebook thne08:45
smartboyhwshadeslayer, you haven't answered my question yet:)08:46
shadeslayersmartboyhw: which one? I didn't quite get the last question08:46
smartboyhwshadeslayer, uh, does this include the headers one, with the upstream instructions below08:47
shadeslayerdata files are usually arch independent files08:47
shadeslayerlike images08:47
smartboyhwshadeslayer, hmm, I can't find it with dh_install --list-missing...08:48
shadeslayerwhere is this written?08:49
smartboyhwshadeslayer, kde-packagers mailing list08:49
shadeslayerand check debian/not-installed08:49
smartboyhwshadeslayer, no such file?08:51
shadeslayerthen it seems like everything was installed?08:51
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yeah08:51
shadeslayerlemme check if Peter is around08:52
smartboyhwshadeslayer, why dpkg-gencontrol: warning: Pre-Depends field of package unknown substitution variable ${misc:Pre-Depends} ?08:57
smartboyhwIt's in libkfbapi1-dev08:57
smartboyhwOops libkfbapi108:57
shadeslayerlintian didn't warn me of that here08:57
smartboyhwshadeslayer, not  lintian08:57
smartboyhwlintian should have NO warnings08:57
shadeslayerRiddell might know08:57
smartboyhwshadeslayer, and also, packages with Architectures: all shouldn't have {shlibs:Depends} as Depends: right?08:58
shadeslayersmartboyhw: why not?08:59
smartboyhwshadeslayer, it says that it's unknown variable...08:59
yofelshlibs:Depends is not generated for arch:all08:59
smartboyhwyofel, so remove08:59
shadeslayerwait, arch:all = arch independent package?09:00
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yeah09:00
shadeslayerI always get confused :/09:00
shadeslayerokay they yeah, can be dropped09:00
shadeslayersmartboyhw: though check what Debian did09:00
smartboyhwshadeslayer, debian doesn't have that package I think09:00
smartboyhwInitial release: 0.4.0-0ubuntu109:00
* smartboyhw checks again though09:01
shadeslayerthis is simon?09:01
yofelthey don't09:01
shadeslayerno git packaging?09:01
smartboyhwshadeslayer, no.09:01
tester56hi, I am getting this when compiling sessionk on saucy: 09:02
tester56CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.09:02
tester56Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:09:02
tester56   used as include directory in directory /home/user/sessionk/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp09:02
smartboyhwtester56, did you install qt4-defaults?09:03
tester56what is qt4-defaults ... seems to be no package09:03
smartboyhwtester56, just sudo apt-get install qt4-*09:03
tester56you mean qt4-default09:04
smartboyhwtester56, yeah, sorry09:04
* smartboyhw forgotten09:04
smartboyhwYou need qt4 to compile...09:04
smartboyhwAnd BTW, why are you compiling KDE SC on your own?09:04
tester56now I have installed it and it works ... thx :D09:04
tester56is there a sessionk version in the repos?09:05
smartboyhwtester56, hmm no...09:05
tester56i wanted to test the improved startup09:05
smartboyhwwell, we need upstream to release something:P09:05
tester56dantti is not here today :-(09:06
tester56anyway it does not compile on saucy09:08
tester56In file included from /home/user/sessionk/src/XSMP/legacy.cpp:38:0:09:09
tester56/home/user/sessionk/src/XSMP/server.h:43:28: fatal error: X11/ICE/ICElib.h: No such file or directory09:09
tester56 #include <X11/ICE/ICElib.h>09:09
yofellibice-dev:amd64: /usr/include/X11/ICE/ICElib.h09:09
smartboyhwtester56, read the README of sessionk and make sure you install all dependencies first before compiling09:10
smartboyhwHoly cow, sessionk doesn't have a README!09:10
tester56there is no README :-(09:11
shadeslayersilly developers I tell you 09:11
smartboyhwtester56, try compiling again after installing libice-dev first:)09:11
smartboyhwshadeslayer, LOL09:11
* shadeslayer is hungry09:12
shadeslayereh what09:12
shadeslayerI missed lunch09:12
shadeslayergtg and lunch09:12
tester56i have installed libice-dev already09:12
smartboyhwtester56, still doesn't compile?09:12
tester56now getting:09:12
tester56[ 20%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/sessionk.dir/XSMP/legacy.cpp.o09:12
tester56In file included from /home/user/sessionk/src/XSMP/legacy.cpp:38:0:09:12
tester56/home/user/sessionk/src/XSMP/server.h:48:23: fatal error: X11/SM/SM.h: No such file or directory09:12
tester56 #include <X11/SM/SM.h>09:12
smartboyhwLOL 09:12
yofellibsm-dev:amd64: /usr/include/X11/SM/SM.h09:13
smartboyhwtester56, install that^09:13
yofelyou can use apt-file to look for files btw.09:13
smartboyhwWho invented such a strange package!?!?!/09:13
yofelwhich one?09:13
smartboyhwyofel, libsm-dev (the name)09:13
yofeluh, that's a bit unlucky short naming I guess :P09:14
smartboyhwI rather like libsessionmanagement:P09:14
smartboyhwtester56, is it going better now?09:14
tester56yeah ... it compiled :-))09:15
smartboyhwtester56, great09:15
tester56thanks for your great help!09:16
smartboyhwtester56, our pleasure:)09:16
smartboyhwThat guy should really invent a README though09:17
smartboyhwWho makes software without README(s)?09:17
yofeldevelopers ;P09:17
smartboyhwyofel, ;P09:17
tester56but he made a WHY DESIGN and COPYING 09:17
* smartboyhw is thinking should he wait for Riddell's response on {shlibs:Pre-Depends} or just upload with the symbols09:18
smartboyhwtester56, but he didn't even tell people HOWTO compile.09:18
smartboyhwThat's stupid:P09:19
tester56hopefully my session starts again after installing :D09:20
tester56but it's a dev install anyway09:20
smartboyhwtester56, yeah, if it breaks, uh oh:)09:20
tester56no risk no fun :D09:20
smartboyhwyofel, how do you guys make new project-neon packages? (/me wants to play with sessionk:P)09:21
tester56would be great if it could be included in project neon ... would make things easier09:21
tester56make as an optional package09:21
yofelwell, that's trivial as it's mostly scripted anyway. Where's the repository again?09:22
smartboyhwyofel, http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=scratch%2Fdantti%2Fsessionk.git09:22
* smartboyhw wants to run the script...09:22
yofelmake Quintasan or apachelogger add you to ~neon09:23
* smartboyhw waits then...09:24
smartboyhwQuintasan, apachelogger put me into ~neon please:)09:24
tester56no way back now ... is installled 09:24
tester56i will logout now ... c ya and thanks!09:25
tester56here again ... it seems to be installed but seems to use the default way of starting 09:31
tester56at least it uses the normal splash screen09:31
tester56which should not be the case09:31
tester56is there a way to "activate" sessionk?09:32
yofelit seems to have its own session name09:33
yofelKDE Plasma Workspace (sessionk)09:33
tester56oh ... did not notice that ...09:33
tester56gonna try now09:33
tester56not in my case ... at least lightdm gives me no option to choose09:35
smartboyhwtester56, have you run sudo make install after compiling?09:35
smartboyhwtester56, hm09:35
yofelwrong desktop file location probably09:35
tester56how to fix that?09:35
yofeltry this: edit the sessionk paths in src/kde-plasma-sk.desktop from /usr to /usr/local/09:36
yofelthen copy the file to /usr/share/xsessions/09:36
tester56Exec=/usr/bin/sessionk to Exec=/usr/local/sessionk ?09:37
Riddellsmartboyhw: what's that about the symbols?09:37
yofel /usr/local/bin/sessionk09:37
smartboyhwRiddell, shadeslayer said that libkfbapi doesn't have any symbols, and told me to add some.09:37
yofelnot sure if that'll work but I hope so09:37
smartboyhwMeanwhile, libkfbapi says that for the Pre-Depends field ${misc:Pre-Depends} doesn't exist09:38
tester56yofel: no recompiling?09:38
Riddellsmartboyhw: sounds like good advice09:38
smartboyhwRiddell, about the "Pre-Depends", what is the correct fix?09:38
Riddellsmartboyhw: umm, add it?09:39
smartboyhwRiddell, no, I mean, dpkg-gencontrol: warning: Pre-Depends field of package libkfbapi1: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Pre-Depends}09:40
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: !
smartboyhwUh oh09:40
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas 4.10.90 saucy in archive, raring in beta ppa | 4.10.5 ninjas/raring WIP | 4.10.4 in raring-updates | 13.10 Alpha 1 released | 13.10 milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://goo.gl/vHRjj
smartboyhwSorry guys09:40
Riddellnice recovery :)09:40
Riddellsmartboyhw: why does it have a pre-depends field?09:40
smartboyhwRiddell, :)09:40
smartboyhwRiddell, well, you added it:P09:41
Riddellis it used?09:41
smartboyhwRiddell, how to tell?09:41
Riddellsmartboyhw: well look at it? what's in debian/control?09:42
smartboyhwRiddell, there's the Pre-Depends field09:42
smartboyhwin libkfbapi09:42
smartboyhwwith ${misc:Pre-Depends}09:43
Riddelland does it pre-depend on?09:43
smartboyhwRiddell, yeah09:43
Riddelljust delete it then09:43
tester56damn ... it's blazing fast :-))) yeah09:43
smartboyhwtester56, great:)09:44
smartboyhwNow yofel I think since you have commit access you'll have to do it:P09:44
smartboyhwChange the /usr/local/ in the kde branch:)09:44
yofelnot really, it's just only meant for system installs09:45
yofeli'll have to patch and rename that for neon too09:45
tester56things look a little bit different in the session though 09:45
tester56the fonts look different, appmenu is not working etc.09:46
smartboyhwtester56, well come on, it's a new project!09:46
tester56i know ... i am quite happy someone got plasma starting that fast :D09:46
smartboyhwshadeslayer, review time: https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/ppa/+files/libkfbapi_1.0-0ubuntu2.dsc (and also, how's the asking to Peter about simon?)09:51
guest-VAsONftester56 here from guest session ... it seems some services are not started09:51
shadeslayersmartboyhw: Riddell fwiw I recompiled akonadi-facebook locally and it compiles fine09:51
smartboyhwshadeslayer, great. Review the one with symbols plz:) ^09:51
shadeslayer+ against new libkfbapi09:51
guest-VAsONfwhen i am trying to configure the services it says: unable to contact kded which is quite logical considering the design of sessionk09:52
smartboyhwguest-VAsONf, well try contact the dev of sessionk will be better:)09:53
guest-VAsONfyeah ... he was in this channel yesterday09:54
smartboyhwguest-VAsONf, try in #kde-devel. Or maybe he just hasn't waken up yet.09:54
shadeslayersmartboyhw: looks good to me09:55
guest-VAsONfbut i have to say i am very happy ... this looks very promising to me09:56
shadeslayerafiestas_: btw I can confirm that splash-being-killed-before-plasma-is-started bug09:57
* guest-VAsONf too09:57
afiestas_shadeslayer: I know that far09:58
afiestas_I want to know why Plasma is talling ksmserver "I'm ready" without being ready09:58
yofelshadeslayer: kde bug 311871 09:59
ubottuKDE bug 311871 in notifications "Removed notifications causes unexpected crash [takeAt, QDeclarativeRepeater::itemsRemoved]" [Crash,Confirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31187109:59
yofelerm no09:59
yofelkde bug 32169509:59
ubottuKDE bug 321695 in desktop ">=plasma-4.10.80 startup delay 4-7 seconds - blackness after splash screen has finished" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32169509:59
smartboyhwshadeslayer, greato10:00
guest-VAsONfso is sessionk now going to be available in neon?10:01
yofelI'll add it later10:01
shadeslayersmartboyhw:  pedantic : * Remove Pre-Depends field for libkfbapi1. < the reason for that is missing, I'll add " since it is useless for Arch:all packages"10:02
smartboyhwshadeslayer, alright. Sorry, thanks:)10:02
kubotushadeslayer meant: "smartboyhw:  pedantic : * Remove Pre-Depends field for libkfbapi1. < the reason for that is missing, I'll add " since it is useless for Arch:any packages""10:02
smartboyhwshadeslayer, UPLOAD!:P10:03
shadeslayerP: libkfbapi source: unversioned-copyright-format-uri http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep510:05
shadeslayeryofel: ^^ what's the correct uri for copyright files now?10:06
yofelIIRC Format: http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/copyright-format/1.0/10:07
smartboyhwshadeslayer, :O10:07
yofel(any of the merged packages would tell you that :P)10:07
smartboyhw... ... ... ...10:07
* smartboyhw didn't see that lintian warning:P10:07
smartboyhwYeah, rekonq 2.3.2 in saucy-release!10:08
shadeslayersmartboyhw: it's a pedantic warning10:08
smartboyhwshadeslayer, ?10:09
yofelyou perfectionist...10:09
shadeslayer^^ :P10:09
Quintasansmartboyhw: Done10:09
smartboyhwyofel, LOL10:09
smartboyhwQuintasan, oh.10:09
yofeloh yay10:09
QuintasanIf you break anything I'm kicking you out10:09
smartboyhwyofel, maybe I'll do sessionk then10:09
smartboyhwQuintasan, ookkkoookkkookkk10:09
yofelsmartboyhw: -> #project-neon and I'll guide you through10:10
smartboyhwyofel, there already10:10
shadeslayersmartboyhw: [ubuntu/saucy-proposed] libkfbapi 1.0-0ubuntu2 (Accepted)10:11
shadeslayerthanks for the fixes :)10:11
smartboyhwshadeslayer, :)10:11
QuintasanONE MORE EXAM10:12
QuintasanI so don't want to learn10:12
* Quintasan heads off10:13
QuintasanI have a brilliant idea10:13
shadeslayerI have no motivation to package 4.10.510:15
shadeslayerinstead, I'll backport 4.10.90 to quantal :P10:15
QuintasanJontheEchidna: Can you make it so that Muon Software Updater does NOT show and Updates available notification when the window is active?10:15
shadeslayerany ideas how I can make bzr not try and use my ssh key to branch ?10:17
shadeslayerjust delete ~/.bazaar10:19
shadeslayeryofel: which boost version is required on quantal?10:20
yofelcopy the raring script, it's 1.49 too10:20
shadeslayerah cool10:21
shadeslayeryofel: and what's with libgpgme++2.install ?10:21
yofelyou'll need that too10:21
shadeslayerthe kdepimlibs-raring script10:22
yofelI think you'll need all quantal and raring scripts10:22
shadeslayersure, but whats teh deal with libgpgme?10:23
yofelnew version in saucy removed something10:23
yofelthere's a debian bug report somewhere10:23
shadeslayerwhat fun10:25
shadeslayerI ran the backport script to backport from raring to quantal and it starts backporting 4.10.510:25
smartboyhwshadeslayer, srsly? Bp to precise first?10:26
shadeslayerokay, so I also need to manipulate other files10:28
yofelshadeslayer: er yeah, default is ninjas and stable ^^10:33
yofelthere's options for that10:33
shadeslayeradjusted some things10:33
shadeslayerfor eg backport list was outdated10:33
shadeslayerand also copied over kdesc-dev-latest from saucy10:33
shadeslayererm, raring10:33
shadeslayernot saucy10:33
yofelI forgot about backport list handling -.-10:37
yofelthat needs to be seperated too10:37
yofelanyway, I'll fix that later10:37
shadeslayerany reason why we have separate backport lists for each release?10:38
tsdgeosguys my lokalize 4.10.90 depends on kdesdk-strigi-plugins 4.10.410:47
shadeslayeratleast on saucy it depends on kdesdk-strigi-plugins10:50
shadeslayerno versioning10:50
shadeslayertsdgeos: what does apt-cache policy kdesdk-strigi-plugins say?10:51
shadeslayerand how did you upgrade from 4.10.4 to 4.10.90?10:51
tsdgeosi dist-upgrade my saucy install10:51
yofel     4:4.10.90-0ubuntu1~ubuntu13.10~ppa1 010:51
yofel       -500 https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ninjas/ppa/ubuntu/ saucy/main amd64 Packages10:51
shadeslayer( not quite sure how kdesdk-strigi-plugins stayed at 4.10.4 while lokalize upgraded to 4.10.90 )10:51
yofelit's not in the archive it seems o.O10:52
shadeslayerprobably in new10:52
shadeslayerRiddell: ^^ kdesdk-strigi-analyzers are in new10:53
shadeslayerplz be doing your thing :)10:53
tsdgeosand it'd be cool if you guys could rebuild kdevelop in saucy so it doesn't depend on libkasten2controllers2/libkasten2okteta1controllers1 but in the new versions10:54
shadeslayeragateau: gwenview + svgz seems broken10:57
shadeslayerall I get is a spinny icon10:58
* shadeslayer forwards knetattach icon patch11:02
shadeslayersmartboyhw: Peter is bedhar11:04
shadeslayerhe should join in a couple of seconds11:04
bedahrshadeslayer: what's up?11:04
shadeslayerbedahr: smartboyhw is packaging the new simon release and had some questions11:05
bedahralright, great11:05
shadeslayerbedahr: I think it was about the missing data files you mentioned in kde-packagers11:05
shadeslayerAFAICT all files that make install installs are shipped11:05
bedahrno, they weren't in the earlier release11:07
bedahrwhat package of 0.4 are you looking at?11:07
apacheloggeroh talking about simon ...11:08
apacheloggerbedahr: I really think you have a tad too many tiny libs11:08
apacheloggeryofel: new qt5 on its way to ppa.... supposedly this time I got my make syntax right :S11:08
apacheloggerdebhelper makes you forget make :@11:09
shadeslayerbedahr: oh and armhf is failing : https://launchpadlibrarian.net/139528689/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.simon_0.4.0-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz11:09
shadeslayernot sure if thats been fixed11:09
apachelogger/build/buildd/simon-0.4.0/sam/src/qwt_bars_item.cpp:222:55: error: no matching function for call to 'qBound(qreal, double&, qreal)'11:09
bedahrapachelogger: kinda agreed but there's not much I can merge without introducing additional dependencies on applications (e.g. simonwav is not in simonsound for Simond not to depend on ALSA)11:10
apacheloggerbedahr: ^ note that qreal on ARM is a float and not a double so to fullfill a qreal argument you'll have to explicitly construct it and through that coerce the double into float11:10
apacheloggerbedahr: too many applications then :P11:11
bedahrapachelogger: big software :)11:11
apacheloggerI wouldn't know I inherited a code base of 30k line and my local copy now has some 5k :P11:11
apachelogger<- should work on gnome11:12
apacheloggeryofel: we are in luck, builders were free, alraedy building11:12
apacheloggerand it seems they got past the qtsync execution \o/11:12
Peace-apachelogger: yesterday i have installed kubuntu ... and then i got the silly bug unmanaged on network managerr11:14
apacheloggerafiestas_: ^11:14
Peace-apachelogger: sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf11:15
Peace-replace true instead of false ... fixed11:15
apacheloggerthat's wrong I think11:15
apacheloggerthat's for ifupdown11:15
apacheloggerwhich you ought not use with nm anyway11:16
Peace-apachelogger: http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/nm_disabled.png11:16
Peace-apachelogger: very similar to that 11:16
Peace-you can see your eth0 11:16
Peace-but it says unmanaged11:16
apacheloggeroh well, wait for afiestas_ to throw toughts at you :P11:17
Peace-afiestas_: yesterday i have installed kubuntu , then i have lauched it but i have messed mbr so i have installed again grub11:18
Peace-after that so fresh system 11:18
apachelogger^ what if more than grub got bricked? :S11:19
Peace-apachelogger: i don't think so , i used dban on my hd11:19
bedahrshadeslayer: honestly don't know why this is using qreal's at all (not my code); it's not consistent anyway so at best nothing happens11:19
apacheloggerPeace-: unless the system boots right away after install it is not considered successfully installed11:20
Peace-afiestas_: booting again i have used kernel recovery just tro try , so i have picked : resume to continue in the normal boot 11:20
apacheloggerunless the system boots right away after install it is not considered successfully installed11:20
Peace-afiestas_: and i got the kde desktoop , but eth0 was unmanaged 11:20
Peace-afiestas_: btw internet was working .....11:21
apacheloggerrecovery mode.11:21
Peace-apachelogger: so it's recovery mode?11:21
apacheloggerso it's11:21
apacheloggerunless the system boots right away after install it is not considered successfully installed11:21
apacheloggerend of story11:21
Peace-apachelogger: well i have discussed this with my friends on irc 11:22
Peace-apachelogger: after you have made a dban there are some problems with kubuntu 11:22
Peace-it is installed but it doesn't boots11:22
Peace-i have tested this on 2 computer 11:22
Peace-both was installed successfully but they did not boot 11:23
Peace-i had to use a live cd and install grub 11:23
apacheloggerright, install problem then11:23
shadeslayerbedahr: yeah, you were right11:24
shadeslayermetric ton of files that are not installed11:24
Peace-apachelogger: try to use dban in a hd and install kubuntu 11:25
apacheloggerPeace-: try reporting a bug11:25
Peace-ahhaha ok ok 11:25
bedahrshadeslayer: this tiny patch should fix the compile on ARM: http://paste.kde.org/786284/11:25
shadeslayersmartboyhw: ^11:27
shadeslayerQuintasan: attending Akademy right?11:28
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: muon SRU done yet?11:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: https://trello.com/c/7UDZ2pRN what's with that?11:35
shadeslayervHanda suggested we SRU soprano 2.9.2 for raring IIRC11:36
apacheloggershadeslayer: so do that? :P11:37
shadeslayerwill do11:37
Peace-the name of netboot installer ?11:37
shadeslayerquantal KDE SC 4.10 going up11:40
Riddellshadeslayer: accepted!11:43
shadeslayeryofel: can you setup the status page for 4.10.90 for quantal?11:44
shadeslayerRiddell: muon discover was put on the CD right?11:45
shadeslayerI moved the card to done11:46
Riddellyeah it was11:46
Riddellshadeslayer: but needs muon-discover --application firefox not to be broken to update firefox-installer11:46
Riddellshadeslayer: can you test it uses lots of CPU for you?11:46
shadeslayerI don't have muon-discover installed at the moment11:47
shadeslayerand apt is upgrading11:47
apacheloggeryofel: bug 1196344 -> upstream11:48
ubottubug 1196344 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "ksplashqml crashed with SIGSEGV in QObject::setProperty()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119634411:48
apacheloggeralso I cannot reproduce this11:48
apacheloggeralso it would be easy to fix11:49
apacheloggeralso I fear that the problem is bigger than what the simple fix would entail11:49
yofelwell, I'm not sure either as that only happens only on me eeePC11:50
* apachelogger can't find screenGeometryChanged-.-11:50
apacheloggeryofel: could be a qt thing FWIW11:51
apacheloggerwrong workspace branch11:51
apacheloggerfound it11:52
apacheloggerscreenGeometryChanged is the root of the problem and it was only introduced in .1111:52
apacheloggerrigh then11:55
apacheloggeryofel: setStage was not called in .10 when creating a new splashwindow11:55
apacheloggeralso I think it needs to be called after show() anyway11:55
apacheloggeryofel: regardless please close bug and file upstream :P11:55
smartboyhwshadeslayer, wut?12:16
shadeslayersmartboyhw: seems like alot of data files are not installed12:25
shadeslayersmartboyhw: I suggest making a simon-data package12:26
shadeslayerRiddell: "Discuss Mir situation with other flavors"12:27
shadeslayerRiddell: move that to done?12:27
Riddellshadeslayer: yep please12:27
Riddellsmartboyhw: doing simon?  I think get ridof -l10n and change it to a -data12:28
agateaushadeslayer: indeed svgz is broken. sad consolation: it was already broken in 4.10, so it's not a regression :/12:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: about-kubuntu, is that done ? do we want to ship that in saucy?12:28
shadeslayeragateau: oh12:28
apacheloggerneeds string review12:28
apacheloggerstring freeze12:28
agateaushadeslayer: doesn't mean it should not be fixed :)12:28
shadeslayeragateau: are you sure it was broken in 4.10 ?12:28
shadeslayerbecause IIRC I opened a svgz in 4.1012:29
apacheloggeralso os-release support12:29
apacheloggeroh well, I guess that is not blocking though12:29
agateaushadeslayer: just tried it with raring Gwenview12:29
shadeslayerah okay12:29
shadeslayeragateau: want me to file a bug?12:29
agateaushadeslayer: yes, although it might have been reported already12:30
* agateau sucks at bug triaging12:30
agateaubut having a bug report makes me feel better when I commit stuff close to release day :)12:30
shadeslayerI don't see one https://bugs.kde.org/buglist.cgi?list_id=695106&short_desc=svgz&query_format=advanced&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=CONFIRMED&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&component=general&component=importer&product=gwenview12:31
agateaushadeslayer: ok, go ahead then12:31
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1180067] No icons on buttons @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1180067 (by GamePad64)12:31
shadeslayerwhat's 4.11 pre @_@12:31
agateauit's 4.11 before 4.11.012:32
agateautwo release from now it is better to have "4.11 pre" than master12:33
agateauoh, but beta2 is out12:34
agateaushould add a new version12:34
* agateau does it12:34
shadeslayerplease do, will report it against tjhat12:34
agateaushadeslayer: done12:34
smartboyhwRiddell, shadeslayer laterss plez12:44
smartboyhwI need to do a classroom session...12:44
shadeslayeragateau: kde bug 32182512:45
ubottuKDE bug 321825 in general "gwenview cannot open svgz files" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32182512:45
agateaushadeslayer: thanks12:45
apacheloggerobservation for next vuds12:48
apacheloggerdon't say that we need to define a deadline but define one :P12:48
shadeslayerwhy I keep finding bugs in our software12:48
ScottKapachelogger: Speaking of deadlines: when can I have my list of packages we should ask to get added to the KDE MRE?12:49
shadeslayerRiddell: I really like this12:49
shadeslayerRiddell: though IMHO we should put it on ~/Desktop12:49
shadeslayer( put a .desktop file in ~/Desktop )12:50
apacheloggerScottK: MRE?12:50
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: http://i.imgur.com/e5fgex5.png < do you have a bug against that?12:52
smartboyhwGuys, my classroom session is coming up in 7 minutes!12:54
shadeslayerbest of luck12:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: did you upload p-n5-qt5 again?12:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: you're going to have a bad time :>12:55
shadeslayerI spammed the builders with KDE for Quantal12:55
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yes!12:55
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: not to my knowledge12:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: building already12:57
apacheloggerI was fast0r12:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: amd6412:57
shadeslayerstarts in 55 minutes12:57
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: k filing12:57
apacheloggerwtf jus thappened12:58
apacheloggerI was watching the amd64 build12:58
apacheloggerit started at the same time as i38612:59
apacheloggernow it's queued again12:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: ping13:08
apacheloggerlist complete enough?13:08
shadeslayerwhat is MRE ?13:08
apacheloggerstanding SRU exception I guess13:09
shadeslayerah okay13:09
shadeslayergive me a couple of minutes13:09
apacheloggerdo we trust d_ed enough to put lightdm-kde on the list? :P13:09
shadeslayeryes :)13:09
shadeslayerapachelogger: kio-mtp13:09
Riddellshadeslayer: what do you really like?13:10
shadeslayerRiddell: hm?13:10
apacheloggerlast I checked kio-tmp was a snapshot and had incomplete i18n13:10
apacheloggeron that note13:10
apacheloggershadeslayer: did you fix the snapshot yet?13:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: not yet13:10
apacheloggernot going on the list then13:11
apacheloggeroh, calligra I suppose13:11
shadeslayerapachelogger: qtwebkit13:13
shadeslayerah yes13:13
apacheloggerI think qt5 build is failing13:13
apacheloggerit's mighty stuck here13:13
apacheloggerI am not sure why13:13
apacheloggerother than qtmultimedia being obvious crap13:13
apacheloggershadeslayer: I am not sure qt is in the list so I doubt qtwebkit should be in the list TBH13:13
shadeslayerokay, just saying that updating rekonq is not much help if qtwebkit is at fault13:14
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: kde bug 32182713:15
ubottuKDE bug 321827 in discover "Previous screenshot not erased when loading icon is drawn" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32182713:15
apachelogger* (plasma-widget-facebook)  # more social from the start13:15
apacheloggeris that even working still?13:15
apacheloggerseems a bit pointless13:15
apachelogger3000 widgets by default13:16
apacheloggerand a browser that doesn't make it too easy to find stuff13:16
apacheloggerwith 3000 widgets anyway13:16
apacheloggerScottK: http://paste.kde.org/786338/ what we have so far, qt/qtwebkit may be worth thinkiing about, and maybe Riddell has some candidates as well13:17
shadeslayerapachelogger: we can fix kio-mtp translation mess though13:18
soeei se some KDE update here on my work machine, the versions upgrade is from what i see: 4:4.10.4-0ubuntu0.1~ubuntu13.04~ppa2 => 4:4.10.04~0ubuntu0.113:18
apacheloggerit's still a snapshot13:18
apacheloggerso we are the releasing party13:18
apacheloggerwhich defeats the purpose IMO13:19
soeewhat is this update exactly ?13:19
shadeslayersoee: no difference13:19
shadeslayersoee: just an upgrade from the PPA to the archive version13:19
apacheloggeri.e. the assumption is that upstream does loads of release QA and is trustworthy enough to not break stuff etc.13:19
soeeshadeslayer, should i do this upgrade ?13:19
apacheloggerbut with upstream != releaser that assumption doesn't hold anymore13:19
shadeslayersoee: I don't see why not13:20
apacheloggerso IMO snapshots generally shouldn't get an exception, at least not if all we ever had in the archive was a snapshot13:20
apacheloggerqt5 stuck13:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: *giggle*13:21
shadeslayeryou probably made it oom13:21
apacheloggerfing qtmultimedia13:21
shadeslayerRiddell: it's time to drop akonadi-facebook from the archive btw13:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: well it happened to me, I thought it was just some odd problem with my qmake hacks and whatnot13:21
shadeslayerkdepim-runtime 4.11 has akonadi-facebook baked in 13:22
apacheloggerthat explains why amd64 aborted13:22
shadeslayerdoes qmake + neon even work?13:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah, probabl13:22
apacheloggercancel build, cancel13:23
soeei see this packages were held: apport-kde kdelibs5-plugins13:26
soeeis it normal thing ?13:27
yofelwhat does dist-upgrade tell you?13:28
soeeyofel, http://pastebin.com/r1Nv6rhZ13:32
soeethe second line shows packages that were hold13:33
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yofelthat doesn't tell me why though :S13:39
yofelwhat does aptitude full-upgrade say?13:39
soeeyofel, http://pastebin.com/u27VxtGf13:43
BluesKajHiyas all13:45
apacheloggersoee: please always put LANG=C in front of commands you want to paste13:45
apacheloggerI am not sure yofel speaks polish ^^13:46
yofelwell, that's easy enough to understand13:46
yofeland makes no sense13:46
shadeslayerreview plz : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816794/13:47
yofelapport-kde looks like you have raring-proposed on and there's archive skew13:47
shadeslayer( I've also adjusted the install files13:47
shadeslayerjust a sec13:47
soeeapachelogger, LANG=C changes nothing for me13:47
agateauLANG=en_US is the new LANG=C13:48
shadeslayerplz review http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816796/13:48
apacheloggeragateau: more writing13:49
soeeihere you go: http://pastebin.com/mySg9VAv13:50
agateauapachelogger: http://paste.kde.org/786356/13:50
agateauapachelogger: I don't know why it behaves that way here13:50
apacheloggerother env variables13:51
apacheloggerI never understood all the vars13:51
agateaunot sure someone ever did :)13:51
apacheloggerprobably not13:52
apacheloggeralso that behavior doesn't make sense either13:52
apacheloggerLANG=C ought to force the language embedded in the binary13:52
apacheloggeri.e. the original strings13:52
apacheloggerif that is french then the output will be french13:52
apacheloggerit just happens to be en_US so it is roughy equal to LANG=en_US13:52
apacheloggerso assuming ls doesn't have native french strings the behavior is weird :S13:53
agateauheh, because of course, it should!13:54
shadeslayerokay, uploading13:54
apacheloggershadeslayer: no one reviewed yet13:55
shadeslayertoo late13:55
shadeslayerseemed fine to me :P13:55
apacheloggerwhy not make a transitional package?13:55
shadeslayerdoesn't apt take into account packages removed from the archive?13:56
apacheloggerit's safer with a transitional package13:56
shadeslayerwill be back in a bit14:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: transitioning is going to be a bit tricky I think14:19
shadeslayerbecause the akonadi-facebook package ships only one binary14:20
shadeslayerI could add the transitional binary to kdepim-runtime14:21
shadeslayerand break/replace on akonadi-facebook < 4.10.9014:21
apacheloggerthat's what one usually does :P14:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: http://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package14:23
apacheloggerah nice, qmake is recursively invoking itself14:25
apacheloggerhow nice is that14:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816885/ < review plz14:29
apacheloggeradd a comment about when to remove it please14:29
apacheloggerand put it at the very end14:29
shadeslayerat the very end of what?14:29
shadeslayercontrol file?14:29
shadeslayerapachelogger: note about removal in changelog and control file?14:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: control14:30
apacheloggersee that link14:30
shadeslayerbecause noone reads the flipping changelog14:30
shadeslayerand people forget14:30
apacheloggerthat's why :P14:31
shadeslayerso, akonadi-facebook was last shipped in 13.04, which is supported till Jan 201414:32
shadeslayerso can be removed in 14.04?14:32
apacheloggerdepends on what is the longest supported release it was in14:32
shadeslayerRiddell: I don't see a comments section?>14:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah 14.04 it seems14:33
shadeslayerit first appeared in Quantal14:33
shadeslayerso yeah 14.0414:33
apacheloggerSput: ping14:34
shadeslayerRiddell: plz remove https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi-facebook14:38
Riddellshadeslayer: it's gone!14:39
smartboyhwRiddell, check also my kdesdk removal bug (subscribed ~ubuntu-archive already)14:39
* smartboyhw forgot the bug number though14:39
* shadeslayer is waiting for his upload with the transitional package to land14:39
Riddellsmartboyhw: http://paste.kde.org/786380/ ?14:43
=== ferai is now known as jefferai
smartboyhwRiddell, uh wait, I only asked for cvsservice and kdesdk-dbg14:45
smartboyhwWill removing these packages also remove it's 4.10.90 version?14:45
Riddellsmartboyhw: it means thereis no 4.10.90 version14:48
Riddellwell, removed14:49
apacheloggerstuck in new?14:49
smartboyhwRiddell, alright then14:49
apacheloggerqt5 builds without webkit and multimedia \o/14:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: hah14:52
apacheloggerquestion is of course why it feels like recursively invoking itself when building webkit and why objdump on multimedia craps out14:52
apacheloggernew moby album14:53
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apacheloggersmartboyhw: ping15:01
apacheloggeroh boy, cleaning qt builds takes forever15:08
apachelogger5 times faster to rm -rf and start over -.-15:08
shadeslayerRiddell: akonadi-facebook in binary new 0.o15:18
smartboyhwapachelogger, pong15:22
apacheloggersmartboyhw: you are on the kernel team, surely you'll take care of bug 1196556 for me :P15:22
ubottubug 1196556 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) "Hot plug events not detected in i965" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119655615:22
smartboyhwapachelogger, I don't even know why the HELL I was accepted.15:23
smartboyhwI guess I should work more on X though now.15:23
apacheloggersure, thanks for handling the bug.15:23
smartboyhwSince I now know much about packaging...15:23
* smartboyhw dismisses apachelogger's request.15:23
apacheloggerhow rude15:24
shadeslayerneed attica15:25
smartboyhwBah! Humbug15:25
shadeslayeryofel: do you have another script to backport the packages like akonadi and attica and what not15:25
yofelnope, I did those by hand so far15:26
shadeslayerdo you have a list?15:26
yofelshadeslayer: maybe we should just add them to the backport list?15:26
* yofel checks if the version parsing can do that15:26
yofelyeah it can, as long as there's no ~ in the upstream version15:27
apacheloggerI guess the parser is broken then? :P15:28
yofelshadeslayer: trat, no it can't15:28
apacheloggerupstreamversion = version.split("-")[0] :P15:29
smartboyhwlol lol lol lol15:30
yofelthe script is neither designed to work with different upstream versions at the same time, nor to pull from different locations at the same time15:31
apacheloggerthat's because it's not atomic enough15:31
apacheloggerwe need more atomic scripts :P15:31
apacheloggerbuilder is very atomic :P15:31
apacheloggerit's so atomic you can even inject arbitary build steps via recipes :P15:31
yofelwell, true. I went without multiple layers of abstraction :P15:32
Sputapachelogger: pong15:32
apacheloggerSput: can I get a hotfix for quassel 'hiding' buffers on ctrl+w15:33
apacheloggeri.e. if you hit ^W the buffer disappears from the all buffers list, but it really is still there, just not shown15:33
smartboyhwapachelogger, for the kernel bug, just kindly ask in #ubuntu-kernel...15:33
* yofel should really rewrite that in python sometime15:33
Sputapachelogger: seems like we have that shortcut already, but it doesn't seem to do anything here15:33
yofelbash it hitting it's limits while staying readable15:33
apacheloggeryofel: ruby it :P15:33
smartboyhwI mean, kernels are the only thing that Kubuntu won't complain at Canonical:P15:34
* yofel knows no ruby15:34
apacheloggerperfect then?15:34
apacheloggerSput: curious15:34
apacheloggernevermind then I am happy already :P15:34
apacheloggercan just unset the shortcut15:34
Sputapachelogger: actually, it just worked for me15:34
apacheloggerwell I do not want it do anything on ^W15:35
Sputapachelogger: aaaah, you *don't* want to have that functionality :)15:35
apacheloggerand it doesn't do what it is supposed to do anyway15:35
apacheloggerbecause it's not parting15:35
Sputit's temp-hiding the buffer15:35
apacheloggerSput: that's weird15:35
apacheloggerif at least it were parting :P15:35
Sputwhich is what most people want for "closing" queries, they should pop up if someone speaks again15:35
apacheloggerplus sorting gets broken if you use it15:35
Sputthat it does indeed15:35
apacheloggerhit ^W then join again so it gets shown again15:36
apacheloggernow the buffer is at the bottom of the list15:36
apacheloggerregardless of setting15:36
shadeslayerit's been broken like that for quite a while15:36
apacheloggerI guess for queries it makes sense15:36
apacheloggerfor channels it just confuses the hell out of me15:36
shadeslayerthe most fun part is ctrl+a then hitting delete15:36
shadeslayerhides all the buffers15:36
apacheloggerwell, that's if you focus the buffer list, no?15:37
shadeslayerand I've hit that quite some time when doing ctrl+a in the text edit and suddenly the focus jumps to my channel list15:37
apachelogger^W works if you are in the input field, which is why it constantly happens to me ^^15:37
shadeslayer*times even15:37
* apachelogger does a final qt5 build and then heads out for today15:37
apacheloggerI suspect some of the adidtional configure args or env variables cause the trouble with qtwebkit/qtmultimedia15:38
* shadeslayer is finishing up firefox and then heading out15:38
apacheloggeror not15:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: hmph, using the same args as the archive package?15:38
apacheloggerqtwebkit gets stuck "Checking for fontconfig..."15:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: no15:39
apacheloggerqt4 neon15:39
* Sput is finishing an emerge @smart-live-rebuild and then heading out15:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: then why not use the args from archive package15:39
apacheloggerhm, so the fontconfig thing is what causes the qmake recursion15:39
shadeslayerthese silly gentoo and slackware users I tell you :P15:39
apacheloggerleave slackware alone you noob15:39
apacheloggerthere is no building in slackware15:39
apacheloggerslackware is a binary distro15:40
shadeslayerfine, gentoo users15:40
Sputwell, easiest way to get KDE from Git as system-wide installation :>15:42
shadeslayerand here I thought that was neon :>15:43
shadeslayeranyway, done for the day15:44
shadeslayertime to dinner15:44
shadeslayercya tomorrow15:44
* apachelogger throws stones at qtwebkit15:44
akoma1sHi all, I asked in #kubuntu earlier with not much success, here is my second try: Is LibreOffice's global menu in Kubuntu Raring working for anyone?16:42
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ScottKapachelogger: Thanks.  I would say no to Qt, as I've seen enough regressions in point releases to be scared.  I'd say yes to QtWebKit, because regression issues not withstanding, we don't have any other way to deal with the huge piles of open CVEs.18:01
ScottKakoma1s: Not for me.18:02
ScottKI think they are using a different version of the protocol that KDE doesn't support yet.18:02
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Quintasandantti_laptop: Nice work on sessionk. Thought from what I managed to gather not much chances of getting systemd in Ubuntu :P19:49
ahoneybunRiddell: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/06/lubuntu-kubuntu-decide-against-mir-switch20:36
ahoneybunyo jono20:38
jonohey ahoneybun20:39
ahoneybunjono: how are you?20:39
jonoahoneybun, great thanks, you?20:39
ahoneybuntired but good20:39
ahoneybunawesome job getting 4.10.4 up for us guys!20:40
ahoneybunjono: are you in all the buntu channel's?20:41
jonoahoneybun, yes, a lot of them20:41
ahoneybunjono: what is your option of Mir?20:41
jonoahoneybun, my opinion?20:42
ahoneybunyea never was good at spelling lol20:42
ahoneybunyet I'm working on the Docs lol20:42
jonoahoneybun, I think Mir is good - diversity is always a good thing in Free Software, and the Mir team have done a good job being open since the announcement20:44
jonoand I just tested Mir in 13.10 and it works pretty well20:44
ahoneybunI just think it is weird for us to hear nothing about Mir till just a few months ago20:44
yofelwell, on my eeePC XMir does kinda, somewhat run a kubuntu-session. more or less. Need to do more debugging if I can20:45
yofeldiversity is only good though if we see WaylandMir and MirWayland layers20:45
jonoahoneybun, well, I didn't have a say in when it was announced20:46
yofelI don't want to have the gtk/qt themeing mess in kde and gnome again on a worse scale20:46
jonoor more, it wasn't my decision to make20:46
ahoneybunjono: not saying it is your fault at all 20:46
ahoneybunI'm just saying that the development was not as open as I think it should have been20:47
yofel#blamejono only because he's a the front and all bullets hit him20:47
jonopopey, :-)20:47
jonoahoneybun, well, there is always someone who feels that way :-)20:48
jonoahoneybun, I wish it could have been announced earlier, but it is what it is20:48
jonoI actually think Mir could be good for Kubuntu20:49
ahoneybunjono: I just hope we can get all the technolgies to work together later on20:49
jonoXMir already works pretty well, and XMir and Mir will be well supported20:49
ahoneybunlike how yofelsaid20:49
jonoahoneybun, agreed20:49
jonoyofel, always taking the bullets :-)20:49
ahoneybunlordievader: hey great job on the software page20:50
ahoneybunjono: I don't know if I should back Wayland or Mir. Wayland's development seems slow but great things come in time20:50
jonoahoneybun, I think you should back them both20:51
jonoboth are great projects20:51
yofelslow is subjective here. If wayland would't have existed in an experimental project, Mir would've come far later20:51
jonoyofel, agreed, but if Mir wasn't happening, I don't think Wayland would have seen some of the increased work recently20:52
jonoeverything is relative20:52
yofelit's fine going your own ways, just please don't offer a "somewhat working compatibility layer" and belive everyone will happyily use it20:52
yofelyeah, true20:52
ahoneybunyea but I don't like how Mir is dividing us up20:52
yofelthis was a marketing mess. If we're talking about division, then surfaceflinger from google already divided linux20:53
yofelso it's not like canonical does something completely new and strange20:53
jonoyofel, I never said I expect everyone to use it, and the compatibility layer, to be fair, is X20:53
jonoMir is simply providing another alternative20:53
jonoin the same way Kubuntu provides an alternative to Ubuntu20:54
jonoI personally think Mir will be good overall, it will be fast and efficient and ship soon20:54
jonobut I understand how upstream is still assessing things20:54
ahoneybunjono: tbh if Ubuntu did not use compiz and Unity was something other then a addon to compiz I think it would be better20:55
jonoahoneybun, how is Unity using compiz an issue?20:55
jonoit is simply a rendering framework20:55
ahoneybunjono: if it can bring that and a great layer for Kubutu and other buntu's to use then I will support Mir20:55
* ahoneybun dislikes Compiz20:56
jonoahoneybun, why?20:56
ahoneybunslow, buggly20:56
yofeluhm, no, not really20:56
jonoahoneybun, we are not fans of compiz either, hence Mir20:56
yofelI already had compiz working better on my netbook than kwin in the past20:56
ahoneybunto me it is 20:56
ahoneybunjono: what will Mir do to compiz?20:57
yofelI don't have  a current opinion as that was like 4 years ago20:57
jonoahoneybun, compiz won't be used with Mir20:58
jonothere will be no more compiz in the Ubuntu stack20:58
ahoneybunjono: what window manager?20:58
jonofor 13.10 it will be Unity + Compiz + Mir20:58
jonoin 14.04 it will be Unity + Mir20:59
jonoahoneybun, Unity is a window manager20:59
ahoneybuncompiz is a windows manager and unity is add-on to it21:00
yofeljono: OT question: is there any chance that when asking one could rename the mir process from unity-system-compositor to something else?21:01
yofelI don't care much about the software I'm using, but if in the end everyone - not only unity - is *supposed* to use it then that's more than a bit misnamed21:01
jonoahoneybun, right, but Unity 8 is a totally different codebase to Unity 721:02
jonothere will be no more compiz21:02
ahoneybunjono: really? all new? not a add-on anymore?21:02
jonoyofel, I thought the same thing, can you file a bug against Mir in Launchpad for that?21:02
jonoahoneybun, yes!21:02
ahoneybunjono: that is amazing news to me21:02
yofelwill do21:02
jonoahoneybun, Unity 8 is a converged Unity, so when it runs on the phone you get the phone UI, and when it runs on Desktop you get the Desktop UI21:03
jonoahoneybun, written in Qt/QML and running on Mir21:03
jonothanks yofel, throw me a link when done21:03
ahoneybunjono: yes I was like OMG when I heard Qt.21:03
ahoneybunI was like finally21:03
jonoahoneybun, so according to your view earlier, you should be now supportive of Mir :-)21:04
ahoneybunjono: once you have a great layer with WaylandMir for the other buntu's, only then ;)21:05
ahoneybunjono: are you going to use Qt apps now or have a Qt overlay over the GTK apps Ubuntu uses21:06
jonoahoneybun, we will focus on apps using our SDK21:06
jonowhich is QML21:07
jonogotta run, meeting21:07
ahoneybunsee yea21:07
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ahoneybunyofel: think I could use my MacBook as a building machine?23:31
yofelwell, anything really as long as it's running ubuntu23:32
yofelor an ubuntu VM23:32
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ahoneybunit has Kubuntu on it23:35
* ahoneybun is thinking of trying a 13.10 alpha on it23:35
ahoneybunubuntu 23:35

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