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admini_Having trouble with rekonq browser, any suggestions?01:36
admini_no one is really here01:38
monkeyjuicei use chrumium ;)01:49
monkeyjuicesorry chromium01:49
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M_Kayhi which tool can extract audio all/a certain audio tracks from a video if there is more than 2?06:28
valorieprobably ffmpeg?06:30
valorievery configurable06:30
valorienot very user friendly, though06:30
M_Kayi would like to have a tool with GUI :D06:32
valorieM_Kay: VLC maybe be able to do that; I'm not sure06:39
valorieKdenlive probably would as well06:39
valorieBlender perhaps can as well?06:40
M_Kayi tried kdenlive but it extracted only one track06:43
M_Kayvlc and blender ill try them06:44
valorieM_Kay: best of luck06:50
valorieif nothing else, the kdenlive guys might be some help06:51
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M_Kaythx for the advice!06:54
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fluxboxMy system is running very unstable10:16
fluxboxcan any recommend me a help chat on this network ?10:16
ikoniafluxbox: what OS are you running10:26
akoma1sHi! Internet searches so far haven't been that fruitful. Anyone knows if LibreOffice 4 in Raring supports the Global Menu (as implemented in plasma-widget-menubar) with the KDE4 VCL plugin?11:12
apacheloggergenerally speaking it supports the global menu specification though11:13
apacheloggerwhether it specifically works with plasma-widget-menubar I do not know11:13
akoma1s"SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk loffice" hides the menu bar from the window, it's not appearing in the widget however.11:15
akoma1sWith any other choice, including kde4, the menu bar stays in the window11:15
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BluesKajHiyas all13:45
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Guest91442# dev /13:51
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tester56hi ... i have a problem with pm-utils ... i have a script of the following form:14:39
tester56if on_ac_power; then14:39
tester56# Reset back to normal settings14:39
FloodBotK1tester56: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:39
tester56# Turn on aggressive power savings14:39
tester56everything in the section else gets executed with root rights14:40
tester56i need to run some commands only root can run ... so they don't work with sudo14:41
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tester56but the commands in the first section do not get run with the rights needed14:41
tester56how can i change this?14:41
tester56so it seems pm-utils calls the scripts in /etc/pm/power.d with different rights when i plug the power on and off14:45
tester56power off: full rights14:45
tester56power on: no sufficient rights to write into /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/link_power_management_policy14:45
tester56is this a bug or can this be changed somewhere?14:46
akoma1stester56: add a "logger -t myscript `id`" in that section and watch the syslog for the result14:47
tester56which file should i read exactly?14:49
akoma1s /var/log/syslog14:49
akoma1spress G to reach the end fast14:50
akoma1s(if using less(1))14:50
tester56Jul  1 16:50:24 Precision-M4600 myscript: uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0      (root)14:51
akoma1smind doing a pastebinit <your_script_file> and pasting the address here?14:51
tester56give me a second14:52
tester56file is called powertop.sh14:54
tester56akoma1s: for example: echo 'min_power' > '/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/link_power_management_policy' gets applied in the second section, but not in the first14:57
tester56if I apply it after running sudo su it works14:57
akoma1stry put a "sleep 5" right before the line that fails14:58
tester56i have tried that already14:58
tester56did not change anything14:58
tester56akoma1s: any other ideas?15:01
akoma1sjust getting up to speed with pm-utils :)15:02
tester56that means?15:02
tester56i have even tried putting the commands in an external script that is being called ... no change15:02
tester56things some commands don't get applied15:02
tester56while all the commands in the second section are applied sucessfully15:03
tester56i can even write sleep 30 and things don't change15:03
tester56bug if I run the command manually after becoming root (sudo su) it works15:03
tester56but the rights seem to be fine?15:04
akoma1sDoes running the 'min_power' command by hand when on ac power work?15:04
tester56yeah as I wrote "but if I run the command manually after becoming root (sudo su) it works"15:05
akoma1sright, sorry15:05
akoma1sone sec15:05
akoma1show did you determine that it can't write to that file?15:09
tester563 commands don't get applied: line 13, line 7 and line 515:09
tester56by checking with powertop15:09
akoma1sso, instead of min_power it shows max_performance after you plug in the ac adapter?15:10
tester56vim /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/link_power_management_policy15:11
tester56shows me max performance15:11
tester56strange issue15:11
tester56has the script the most powerful rights available?15:12
tester56i suppose no15:12
tester56the thing is: the script gets called two different times ... and i suppose one time sth. is wrong15:13
akoma1sif it is run by pm-utils it should15:14
tester56your myscript test says for both times the same15:14
akoma1scould you insert a "exec >/tmp/myscript.$$.log 2>&1" after the shebang line?15:14
tester56shebang line?15:14
akoma1sthe #! line15:14
tester56and then?15:15
akoma1sand replug the power adapter15:15
akoma1safterwards check /tmp for myscript.*.log files15:16
tester56no change15:16
tester56logfiles are emtpy15:17
tester56very strange15:17
tester56at least it should complain about missing rights15:17
akoma1sindeed :/15:18
tester56any other idea?15:18
akoma1scould you check if there is a space character right before the "#!" ?15:18
akoma1sit shouldn't matter however15:18
tester56yeah there is one15:18
akoma1stry removing it15:19
akoma1syou were lucky it ran at all :)15:19
tester56no :-(((15:19
tester56no change15:19
tester56what could be wrong?15:19
akoma1stry changing the echo 'min_power' in the first section to echo 'garbage', just so can be sure we get the error messages logged15:20
akoma1sso we*15:20
tester56 /etc/pm/power.d/powertop.sh: line 12: echo: write error: Invalid argument15:22
tester56is there a way to check if it gets applied and is then overwritten by the hardware instantly for any reason?15:23
tester56but it has to be the hardware that overwrites, otherwise we would see an error message15:23
akoma1s...or the kernel, for some reason15:25
akoma1sthere may be, I'm looking into it15:25
akoma1snormally you'd use inotify15:25
tester56can you reproduce the issue on your machine?15:26
akoma1sthat's the next item on the plan :)15:27
tester56but if the kernel would overwrite it ... why not overwriting when manually appling too?15:29
akoma1sheh, just noticed the /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/sata_alpm file15:30
akoma1sthis may be the culprit15:30
tester56true) [ "$SATA_ALPM_ENABLE" = true ] && set_sata_alpm min_power;;15:31
tester56 39     false) set_sata_alpm max_performance;;15:31
tester56*without the 3915:31
tester56sound very promising :-))15:32
akoma1syeah, looking for the correct place to set the SATA_ALPM_ENABLE variable now :)15:32
tester56and let me guess ... that script is executed after my script?15:32
tester56this would explain why my script does not work, does not matter how long I sleep15:33
akoma1spowertop.sh sorts before sata_alpm15:33
tester56so it is pm-utils itself preventing the script from working, right?15:33
akoma1sso probably it's running after your script, indeed15:34
akoma1syes, but I wouldn't advise removing it :)15:34
tester56that behaviour should be changed ... why writing a script when it get changed again15:34
tester56okay it does not matter ... the main thing is that everything works when the power source is unplugged15:35
tester56I'll leave it there, now where we have found the reason15:35
tester56sure this is the reason?15:36
akoma1smoving it out of the way temporarily15:37
akoma1stry moving*15:37
tester56haha ... moving it out of the way works :-))))))))15:38
tester56i suppose the other files are responsible for the other problems15:40
tester56so now it would be nice to find a way to change the priority of the scripts15:40
tester56or should I place my scipt in /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/ ?15:41
akoma1san easy way out could be renaming your script to zzz_powertop.sh15:41
akoma1sso it sorts last of all other scripts15:42
tester56solves all issues apart from line 515:45
tester56so there is another part involved :-(15:45
akoma1sthe "iw dev wlan0 set power_save off" ?15:45
akoma1sdoes this work when running it by hand?15:46
tester56erm .-... NO15:47
tester56thought i have tried that on before :D15:47
tester56okay ... we'll leave it then ...15:48
tester56thank you very very much!15:48
akoma1sI was about to ask you what card you had, so I'd buy one for myself too :)15:48
akoma1sI have to reload the module to change the power settings15:48
tester56but in battery mode it works15:48
tester56i suppose this is a kernel thing ...15:49
tester56anyway thank you so much!15:49
akoma1snp :)15:49
akoma1sjust a sec before you leave15:49
akoma1stry  "ip link set dev wlan0 down; sleep 1; iw dev wlan0 set power_save off; ip link set dev wlan0 up" instead of that line15:51
akoma1s(you'll lose your internet connection temporarily)15:51
tester56not sure if I want to do this15:51
tester56do you want to know it ? then I 'll do it for you15:51
akoma1sno, it's okay :)15:52
tester56okay fine15:52
akoma1sI said it in case you really wanted it :)15:52
akoma1sone last thing15:52
akoma1suse cat to peek at kernel config files, much easier than vim15:52
akoma1s(and works in every case)15:53
akoma1sthat's all, hf :)15:53
tester56are you an emacs guy? D15:53
akoma1sI like Emacs,15:53
akoma1sbut I'm using kdevelop at the moment :)15:54
tester56lol ... thank you very much ... c ya15:54
akoma1scya :)15:54
* tester56 leaves the chat as happy as never before15:55
szymon_hi how i can install java on kubuntu ?16:15
szymon_please help me16:15
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swexanybody else have 100 cpu on amarok?18:16
swexkubuntu 1304 last updates18:16
tester56akoma1s: wanna hear the next challange regarding my script?18:24
tester56akoma1s: it does not get run at boot so i would like to place someting in rc.local to make pm-utils run that script18:25
tester56akoma1s: any idea?18:25
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vbgunzmy mic used to sound perfect in kubuntu but for some reason, out of nowhere, out of the blue, I am noticing a statcy fizzy hissing anytime I talk. I just came from windows and in there it's flawless, really flawless, so I believe it can't be a hardware issue21:09
vbgunzanyhow, I have boost and input settings on so low here they're virtually near mute21:10
vbgunzI still get the popping fizzy fuzzy background noise when I talk or whisper, regardless of the input setting, low or high, boost or not. I am running out of ideas on what's causing it and even tried the low latency kernel and it didn't help. anyone have an idea how to fix this?21:11
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Patatosono millenni che non entro in irc22:04
Patatomi serviva aiutino per una mappatura di una tastiera22:05
BluesKaj!it  | Patato22:05
ubottuPatato: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:05
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