ubottuA meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.00:03
JesseHI see00:05
mikubuntucould anyone tell me why my wireless login info doesn't persist between sessions? everytime i boot i have to enter the wireless passkey to connect -- this only started happening after i added the lubuntu-desktop to my *buntu several months ago.03:31
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ianorlinI don't know03:55
mikubuntucould anyone tell me why my wireless login info doesn't persist between sessions? everytime i boot i have to enter the wireless passkey to connect -- this only started happening after i added the lubuntu-desktop to my *buntu several months ago.05:01
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Guest47886hi everyone, i've recently installed lubuntu 13.04 on my old toshiba netbook.  i love the experience, but the start-ups usually takes 5-10mins.  is there anyway to make it faster?08:03
remzoI am having issues with pacmanfm and network drives09:39
remzoi keep geting "operation not supported"09:39
JesseHHello remzo09:44
JesseHCan you explain a bit more? I've never had the situation.09:44
remzoJesseH, well I click on go>network drives09:44
remzoand I get "error: operation not supported"09:45
remzoI do not know why this is happening, as this is limited to only one computer09:45
remzoI did try reinstalling gvfs-backends, ...09:46
remzobut nothing change09:46
JesseHWhat about gamin?09:46
remzoand I get the same - operation not supported - with smb://MY_SERVER/ or sftp://MY_SERVER/09:46
remzoI have installed gamin09:47
JesseHAnd you logged out, restarted wtc?09:47
mikubuntucould anyone tell me why my wireless login info doesn't persist between sessions? everytime i boot i have to enter the wireless passkey to connect -- this only started happening after i added the lubuntu-desktop to my *buntu several months ago.09:48
remzoJesseH, I would have tried to upgrade to 13.04, but I need to keep 12.10 as it is a developers box with specific lib requirements09:48
JesseHremzo, Not sure on a fix. Idle around and see if one of the experienced guys helps.09:49
JesseHmikubuntu, One second09:49
remzoJesseH, thnx09:49
JesseHnp :-)09:49
JesseHmikubuntu, right click on that network icon and do edit connections. Then click wireless, make sure you have that setup, and "edit" the connection of your choosing and there should be a "automatically connect" button or something.09:52
JesseHor well "connect automatically"09:52
JesseHMake sure you put the password in the Wireless Security tab09:52
JesseHIt's the same for ubuntu, mikubuntu. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Networking09:53
RiccardoneHi all, do you for a bug on the lastes 13.04 on the Desktop PReferences ?10:45
JesseHRiccardone, your sentence is a bit hard to understand mate10:46
RiccardoneI try to change my desktop wallpaper, but when i reboot my pc, the desktop is the default desktop ... My modification deosn't have place ..10:46
Riccardonethe same for the font size, i changhe the font size to 8ppt, but at the restart i founde the default Ubuntu-11 ...10:47
RiccardoneJesseH: I installed yesterday yet ...10:48
RiccardoneI think my permission wasn't ok, but really the /usr/share/lubuntu/wallpapers have the drw-rw-r-- permission so it's ok10:52
RiccardoneI've applied all the updates/upgrades but the bug remains ...10:52
Riccardonedo you have an idea ?10:52
JesseHRiccardone, Not really sure. That has happened to me before on ubuntu, I am not sure what could have caused it.11:28
RiccardoneJesseH: i try many times. I'm sure there is a bug ...11:54
RiccardoneAfter all, I've formatted HD and reinstalled all from the beginning and the issue was present  ...11:55
RiccardoneSo, i decide to stand by some days, perahps someon will fix the bug ...11:55
JesseHRiccardone, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ReportingBugs11:57
JesseHReport it :D11:57
Riccardoneok. Now I'm at office, when I'm going home i 'm going to report it :) thanx a lot12:00
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Guest96277Hi! IRC virgin here. Looking for help fixing a problem with Lubuntu. Is this the appropriate place to ask?12:01
JesseHI believe all irc clients should give people a warning message saying "If you don't idle, chances are your questions won't be answered."12:07
Riccardoneleszek: hi13:20
malaphusAnyone know how I can add (if possible) custom items to the main LXDE panel menu?  I know it generates the subfolders from /usr/share/applications/*.desktop, but I'd like to add a few commonly-used applications to the main menu itself (not within a subfolder)13:48
leszekmalaphus: you could use an editor like alacarte for this13:52
malaphusWill look into that, thanks13:53
Unit193I know in another DE you can use "Categories=X-XFCE;X-Xfce-Toplevel;"13:54
malaphusoh wow, alacarte has like 100 dependencies13:54
malaphuskind of overkill heh13:54
stuartiannaylorHi apols, just did a install with the mini iso and then an apt-get install lubuntu-core and got loads on the install even end up with firefox and rythmbox installed? !!14:57
stuartiannayloranyone tried to get a minimal lubuntu from raring 64?15:19
stuartiannayloranyone chatting ?15:22
holsteinstuartiannaylor: whats the question?15:25
holsteinstuartiannaylor: there are volunteers here, yes15:25
holsteinstuartiannaylor: most testing happens on the actual iso's being installed15:25
holsteinstuartiannaylor: do you want help on removing the few apps that it seems the meta-package pulled in that you dont want?15:26
NSA_AGENThi all , im trying to get penguintv running on lubuntu. when i try to run it i get these errors. any suggestions. im really new to linux so im pretty lost  http://pastebin.com/gL3aSRKS16:10
holsteinPlease export WITH_MOZ_DIR with the location of run-mozilla.sh to correct this issue16:12
holstein^^ thats the eroor message from the paste16:12
mikubuntuJesseH: yes jesse, 'connect automatically' is (has been) checked, but it doesn't connect automatically16:45
bennypr0fanehello, in Synaptic package manager, how can I find out for a given package which repository it comes from?16:53
holsteinbennypr0fane: i would right click and look at the properties16:53
bennypr0faneholstein: nope it's not there17:11
holsteinbennypr0fane: it acutally is17:13
holsteinbennypr0fane: open synaptic.. search for the package, and right click17:13
bennypr0fanetell me where exactly?17:13
bennypr0faneProperties window has 5 tabs:17:13
holsteinunder "versions" you should be able to tell where it is coming from withoht any trouble17:14
bennypr0fanegeneral, dependencies, installed files, versions, description17:14
bennypr0fanein that tab, on my screen there is  nothing but the version number, which I can see already in Synaptics main window17:15
holsteinand, it should say where it is coming from17:16
holsteinubuntu, or ppa17:16
bennypr0fanedoes not17:16
bennypr0faneoh wait17:16
holsteinbennypr0fane: what does it say?17:16
bennypr0faneit says raring17:17
bennypr0fanee.g. 2.10-33~raring117:17
bennypr0fanethat's all though, really17:17
bennypr0fanefvor upgradeable packages, there's the present version number and the one for the available update17:19
bennypr0fanei dunno,. maybe I have a differnt version of synaptic17:19
bennypr0faneit's 0.80~exp2raring117:20
holsteinbennypr0fane: the maintainer is not referencing the PPA?17:21
holsteinin the common tab?17:21
bennypr0faneThis is where I looked for the info first, too, and it'd seem strange for it not to be available in Synaptic17:21
bennypr0faneif a package has a little ubuntu-icon in front of it, does that mean it comes from official Ubuntu repos?17:22
bennypr0fanebecause these packages don't carry info about the source repo either17:23
bennypr0fanefor instance, the package "base-passwd", in the "general" tab under "source" it says "base-passwd". In the "version" tab, there's just 3.5.26 (raring)17:25
bennypr0faneSo you get the info in your Synaptic?17:25
* holstein checking17:26
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ArchBeOShey guys. im a dev who wants to help out wherever he can with this project. Is there a wiki page or some place where i can start reading into how i can help?19:02
SonikkuAmericaArchBeOS: www.lubuntu.net should be a great place to start19:03
ArchBeOSwhy thank you SonikkuAmerica for sending me to www.lubuntu.net. what ever would i do without that bit of knowledge.19:04
SonikkuAmericaI hope that wasn't sarcastic... it has a Get Involved page... :\19:05
ArchBeOSSonikkuAmerica: jesus man, im sorry. i feel like a jackalope now. i see where you wanted me to go. you didnt deserve that and i shall leave in shame19:06
ArchBeOSi thought you were being a jerk to me like the fedora guys were...19:07
ArchBeOSim sorry19:07
SonikkuAmericaNo biggie!19:07
bennypr0fanehello, I need some help figuring out the contents of this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~michael-gruz/+archive/canon-stable/+packages19:31
bennypr0fanethe thing is, on that launchpad page, it lists a package that is not available to me in apt-get or synaptic19:32
bennypr0faneI need a driver for my Canon Pixma MX350. For most of the printer models here, there are *3* packages listed, e.g.: cnijfilter-mx360series, cnijfilter-mx360series-32; cnijfilter-mx360series-6419:35
bennypr0fane1.) what about the one that dopesn't specify the architecture19:35
zleapAs a wild guess that could be text configuration files,  if they are not binary then the work on any architecture i guess19:37
bennypr0fane2.)  for my model MX350 there is only the non-specific one and 32. My system is 64bit. I'd like to find out why there's no 64bit build and what that means in terms of which driver I need to use19:38
bennypr0fanealso, if I do a search in Synaptic for cnijfilter-mx350, only the 32bit packages shows up19:39
bennypr0fanewhat are text configuration files?19:39
bennypr0faneon that launchpad page, I don't see a way to get more specific info about each package19:40
zleaptext files with configuration info19:40
bennypr0faneand they're cross-architecture?19:40
zleapif you click on the package names you get more info, i guess wen you install it wil use what it needs19:41
bennypr0faneonly the "common" package extend to list its contents. the model-specific packages aren't clickable19:42
zleapi know lpr has filters to make the printer work, these work with the binary packages i guess these are your text configuration files19:43
zleaphence you may have cupsfilter for a specific package19:44
zleapi am not an expert at this19:44
zleapjust trying to go from experience19:44
bennypr0fanebut if the unspecified ones are not actually installable packages, that would explain why they're not listed in Synaptic. apt-cache search lists them though: ~$ apt-cache search cnijfilter-mx350series cnijfilter-mx350series-32 - IJ Printer Driver for Linux. cnijfilter-mx350series - IJ Printer Driver for Linux.19:44
bennypr0fanewhat is lpr?19:45
zleaplike cups, but lpr is a lot lot older but is there as it works and is used with other printers19:50
bennypr0fanezleap, I have the common driver package 64 installed right now. If I try to install "cnijfilter-mx350series", it wants to remove the 64bit pkg and replace it with the 32 bit one19:54
bennypr0fanethe common pkg is there in 64 flavour, the specific one for my model only in 32bit19:55
zleapso its a dependancy issue then i guess19:55
zleapwill the 32 bit driver work its for a printer19:55
bennypr0faneI wanna figure out why the 64bit flavour is not in that ppa, but it is for other models19:56
bennypr0faneI've used the 32 bit dirver in the past. a much older one though downloaded from Canon19:57
zleapcan anyone help here please I am in over my head a little19:57
bennypr0fanesometimes it worked sometimes it didn't19:57
bennypr0faneyes please anyone! :-)19:57
zleapi know it cna take a while to print19:58
bennypr0faneso due to total refusal of the printer to respond, I removed it from the system and now I'm trying to reinstall it19:58
bennypr0faneThe ancient dowloaded driver is already installed19:59
bennypr0fanethe problem is cups can't find it on the network19:59
bennypr0faneso I wanna try and see if it works with a newer driver19:59
zleapthe configuration is at port 601 i think so20:01
bennypr0faneI managed to add the printer to Cups  by specifying the Mac address manually. Still it doesn't respond to print jobs20:01
zleapi can't help i struggle with this myself sometimes20:02
bennypr0faneconfiguration of the printer? cups is at 63120:02
zleapok sorry20:02
bennypr0fanewell thanks for trying20:03
zleapi kniow it was sometinglike that20:03
bennypr0fanedo you know if debian has ppas too?20:03
philipballewzleap, whats wrong?20:03
zleapI am trying to help bennypr0fane with cups but am in over my head on package stuff20:04
bennypr0fanephilipballew, do you have access to what I posted previously?20:05
philipballewyour printer problem?20:05
philipballewWhat did AskUbuntu show bennypr0fane ?20:06
philipballewAnyone else had this problem there?20:06
bennypr0fanephilipballew, didn't check20:07
bennypr0faneI know lots of people are fukcing around with Canon printers as they never provide proper drivers, but it's a total swamp20:08
philipballewbennypr0fane, I always find good help there if it is just an error message I am getting. If not that, some other distros form page maybe as well.20:08
bennypr0fanedozens of threads to comb through20:08
bennypr0fanefrom page?20:08
philipballewI have never used a cannon. I have an hp from like 2002 I still use20:08
philipballewbennypr0fane, form...20:08
* zleap uses brother20:08
philipballewmy bad20:08
bennypr0faneno error msg, just nothingness20:09
philipballewI am not a fan of printers since they are made to break so the companies can make more money. I do not support that.20:09
bennypr0fanephilipballew, I made a type, not you. however, what is a form page?20:09
philipballewbennypr0fane, I see. Well maybe you can ask on AskUbuntu if you;re not getting help here. That is my next step if it was my problem20:10
philipballewlike that ^20:10
bennypr0fanealright will try20:12
bennypr0fanethanks everyone20:13
bennypr0fanealright, you did make a typo after all, twice. you meant forUm (U was missing). got it.20:14
philipballewbennypr0fane, Blame the American education system.20:15
bennypr0faneanyone know how to scan my subnet for the printer with nmap? I know my IP is 10.0.0.something20:17
bennypr0fanemy own IP should by easy to find, yes?20:17
bennypr0faneI have, the other computer has, the nas has How would you scan for the printer20:19
wxlyou can do nmap -sP '10.0.0.*'20:20
bennypr0faneI want to check if it's even up.20:20
bennypr0faneright, -sP I was missing20:20
bennypr0faneHow do I find which protocol it uses?20:24
wxlsorry i got into the tail end of this convo20:24
wxlwhat's the context?20:24
bennypr0fanewxl I'm trying to make my Canon network printer work20:28
bennypr0faneI've used the 32 bit driver on my 64 bit Lubuntu in the past. A much older one though downloaded from Canon. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. So due to total refusal of the printer to respond, I removed it from the system and now I'm trying to reinstall it. The ancient dowloaded driver is already installed. the problem is cups can't find it on the network20:30
bennypr0fanewxl: I managed to add the printer to Cups  by specifying the Mac address manually. Still it doesn't respond to print jobs. Cups says (or the printer is saying to Cups?): "cannot specify model number."20:31
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wxlbennypr0fane: this may be a good time to consult the cups folks. i'm not sure about that one20:32
bennypr0fanethis is with the newer driver from this ppa:https://launchpad.net/~michael-gruz/+archive/canon-stable/+packages20:32
bennypr0fanestill 32 bit though as that repo doesn't have the 64bit flavour either20:33

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