mijkany games ported to arm??00:50
mijkeveryone idling?01:50
mijkamerican idle?01:50
maxinuxidle party!02:04
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sirehave you tried ubuntu 12.04 on the cubieboard?09:56
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mijk_anyone know of any good games ported to ARM linux?13:37
mijk_ cool lol13:45
mijk_I've trie looking for a list but none seem to exist13:46
XorAQuake, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc etc13:46
mijk_Ithink Doom 3 is13:46
LetoThe2ndemacs' elize.14:09
mijk_Half-Life would be awesome on ARM linux14:11
XorAI guess that will happen when thingymabobbers can make the Steam box really cheap using nvidia tech14:16
mijk_someone should make a list of games/apps porte to ARM linux14:19
XorAmijk_: that list is the same as games ported to Linux14:20
XorAminus the obvious valve ones14:21
mijk_evry game will crosscompile to ARM??14:27
XorAif we have sourcecode it will14:31
XorAmain issue on arm is lack of decent GL drivers14:31
mijk_only OpenGL ES?14:31
XorAmijk_: even they tend to be second class!14:32
mijk_open glez? or opengles?14:32
mijk_ouch, my opengles!14:32
XorAwe pray to Gods like Rob Clark for freedreno and whoever does Lima for opening arm to gaming!14:38
ogra_XorA, Mir will surely solve all first world probs here :P15:04
XorAogra_: thats only really a part time hack as its build on delicate binary drivers15:06
XorAogra_: although Im impressed with Mirs progress15:07
ogra_XorA, well, sort term i doubt you will find ubuntu images that dont use boinary blobs on arm (and the lxc container for the android HAL)15:09
ogra_so whatever has the android container will have full HW support through Mir to get GLES as well as codecs just working15:10
XorAogra_: but I see hideousness in GL rendering even in Android :-D15:11
ogra_with plain Mir it shouldnt be a prob, not so sure about XMir on arm though15:11
XorAogra_: Mir can only ever be as good as its base, and at the moment that base sucks!15:11
ogra_well, it works fine with surfaceflinger15:12
ogra_and i havent heard of regressions with Mir vs SF15:12
ogra_in the arm case Mir is just a 1:1 replacement for SF15:12
ogra_indeed, if the vendor blob drivers suck, there isnt much to fix :)15:13
XorAogra_: thats my main issue, when I try 3d games, they tend to misrender a lot on a lot of devices15:14
XorANexus 4 seems to do ok though!15:14
ogra_yeah, well, we support like 50 sdevices now (well, the community does) ... but yeah nexus should all work15:15
XorAthese embedded GFX drivers are currently second class in a lot of manufacturers I think, I guess this will change if Android gaming market becomes real $$$15:15
ogra_even gnex15:15
ogra_ouya will save us all !15:15
XorAI think the best thing would be a Steambox arm, Valve kicked x86 vendors butts, they need to do arm now :-D15:16
ogra_++ on that15:16
ogra_i suspect they are waiting for Mir here though15:16
ogra_so they can just use the drivers for now15:16
ogra_(and kick the butss for actual issues they find)15:17
XorAhmm, half life on me tablet :-D15:17
ogra_HL2 rather :)15:18
ogra_and TF2 with oculus rift on your phone !!!15:19
XorAogra_: Blueshift was my favourite15:19
* ogra_ has a CD of that somewhere in a box15:19
XorAogra_: Add any HL game to steam and you get them all for free :-D15:20
ogra_yeah i have a ton of steam games i bought and still didnt even play once15:20
ogra_HL being among them15:20
XorAI figure it must be becuase the original HL/Opposing force had no CD keys15:20
XorAor at least my ones don't15:20
ogra_my blueshift CD does15:20
XorAyeah blueshift is the only one that does in my collection15:21
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deegee_1hi all, is there a way or a howto; to reloading lubuntu onto the nand of pcduino? if the os on nand is not booting up. read through the pcduino user guide alreaady. tnx19:11
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