pleia2JoseeAntonioR: was traveling, I'm home now though if you still need to chat02:00
JoseeAntonioRso I guess I just lost the only backup of socloseyoucanalmostbobbleit.com I had when reinstalling my system04:36
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, !?05:48
dpmgood morning all06:59
smartboyhwHello dpm06:59
dpmhi smartboyhw, good afternoon :)06:59
smartboyhwdpm, :)07:01
smartboyhwHey dholbach07:43
smartboyhwYour fingers are OK now?07:43
dholbachgood morning07:43
dholbachhey smartboyhw07:43
dholbachno, still swollen07:43
dholbachbut I'll survive :)07:43
smartboyhwdholbach, :)07:43
* dholbach relocates - brb15:10
smartboyhwjcastro, http://www.jorgecastro.org/2013/07/01/share-your-infrastructure-win-a-prize/ :O15:36
smartboyhwHow does a person who doesn't know anything about juju compete in this?15:36
popeylearn juju ☻15:37
smartboyhwpopey, meh15:38
* smartboyhw isn't sure a 14-15 year old (a.k.a him) can handle this15:39
popeyjuju is trivially easy to learn15:39
popeyI learned it, so it must be.15:39
smartboyhwHmm, I need a cloud for this, uh hum15:41
smartboyhwpopey, I can't join then:P15:41
popeyYou don't "need a cloud" to learn juju15:41
smartboyhwpopey, but to set up juju in my computer,15:41
popeyhttp://popey.com/blog/2013/06/24/trying-out-tiny-tiny-rss-on-hp-microserver-via-juju/  <- look, no cloud.15:43
smartboyhwpopey, you bought a microserver, I don't have.15:44
popeyyou can run it on a laptop15:44
smartboyhwpopey, how?15:45
popeyi happen to have it running on a server in that example15:45
smartboyhwI can't even juju bootstrap15:45
smartboyhwSince I don't have the necessary configs.15:45
popeylike that15:45
smartboyhwpopey, I mean, which one should I be configuring for?15:46
popeyhttps://juju.ubuntu.com/get-started/local/ might be useful.15:46
smartboyhwpopey, Note that this currently works on older version of Juju (.6 and ,7) and does NOT yet work on Juju 2.x. These instructions are for Juju .7.15:48
smartboyhwI WANT NEW JUJU15:48
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ apt-cache policy juju | grep Installed Installed: 0.7+bzr628+bzr631~raring115:48
popeyyou do not need new juju15:48
dholbachsmartboyhw, wow, it might help to do a bit of calm research if you want to win in the contest :)15:49
smartboyhwdholbach, I'm not going to op for winning15:49
smartboyhwI just mean to have fun:)15:49
smartboyhwAnd anyways, sleep time15:49
dholbachgood night smartboyhw! :)15:50
smartboyhwjcastro: Wait, the JuJu championship rules state: If one is under 18 but over 13, I need to contact Canonical. Why?16:06
smartboyhwAnd how?16:06
jcastroif you're underage you need your parent's permission16:06
jcastrobecause we can't give money to minors without paren't consent16:06
smartboyhwNow that's a problem:P16:06
smartboyhwCan I still win with no prize money?!16:07
jcastroI don't see why anyone would want to do month's of work for no prize money!16:07
smartboyhwjcastro: I would. As I said, I'm for fun only.16:07
smartboyhwBut anyways, where's that parent consent form? (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)16:08
* smartboyhw hates such things.16:08
jcastroit isn't you just contact me16:08
smartboyhwjcastro: BTW, when I fill in the form provided by Canonical why is the deadline 15th August?16:09
smartboyhwjcastro: What?16:09
smartboyhw:O again16:09
jcastrowhere does it say 15 August?16:10
smartboyhwjcastro: Um, let me give you the link...16:10
jcastroFOUND IT16:10
jcastrook fixing!16:11
smartboyhwjcastro: That frightened me, I would have no time if on 15th August16:11
smartboyhwjcastro: So seriously, my parents contact you?16:12
jcastroif you're not going for the prize money16:18
jcastroyou don't really need to do anything16:18
smartboyhwjcastro: Tell me the prodecures at least...16:19
jcastroI am confused16:19
jcastrowhat is it you want to do?16:19
smartboyhwjcastro: The prize money thing...16:21
jcastrook so if you want to be part of the contest you need your parent's consent16:22
smartboyhwjcastro: yep16:23
jcastrook so mail me jorge@ubuntu.com and we can start the process16:26
smartboyhwjcastro: sent16:29
jcastrogot it16:30
jcastroI'll have someone get back to you asap16:30
dholbachall rightie16:32
dholbachI call it a day16:32
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!16:32
jcastroI am on holiday now, see ya all later!!!16:33
pleia2enjoy, jcastro :)16:38
bkerensanigelb: The fox is out of the bag ;)17:09
nigelbbkerensa: indeed17:10
bkerensanigelb: looking forward to meeting you in October17:10
nigelbbkerensa: Yes! Me too :)17:10
nigelbAnd hopefully pleia2 as well since it's somewhat in the area.17:11
popeybkerensa: interesting looking device17:29
bkerensapopey: one of many to come :)17:29
bkerensanigelb: yeah... I have to go down to the SF office next month so maybe I see pleia2 then17:30
pleia2it's hot here right now, so don't come now :)17:30
philipballewpleia2, You should come to Auburn Wednesday. I see we are gonna have a high of 106.17:31
pleia2philipballew: no thanks :)17:31
pleia280s is high enough for me17:31
pleia2(and gets hotter in my condo)17:31
nigelbtop floor?17:31
philipballewfor non Americans that is 4217:31
pleia2nigelb: 11th of 1617:32
nigelbI've been in 50.17:32
nigelbIt's horrible.17:32
pleia2well, india :)17:32
philipballewnigelb, Yeah, the worst is when there is humidity.17:32
nigelbThere was a collective groan in the plane when the captain announced the temperature.17:32
pleia2it was humid in NYC last week, but at least places have AC ;)17:32
philipballewWhen I fly into Sacramento tomorrow morning I have my airplane clothes I wear to stay worm on the plane and then a change of clothes to change into before I leave the airport so I do not die waiting for my ride in jeans.17:33
philipballewI'll probably go to the mall or a coffee shop and beat the heat. Both have free wifi and food.17:34
* popey wishes we had some of that heat17:35
popeyhttp://popey.com/webcam/  current conditions here17:35
philipballewpopey, I would be glad to share a good twenty five degrees.17:36
nigelbplease tell me UK weather is good at the moment.17:37
* philipballew considers calling "Fahrenheit" "Muricans" from now on.17:38
philipballewhere in Mexico City though it is a nice 18/6417:38
pleia2that's just not fair17:39
popeynigelb: see webcam ☻17:39
philipballewChecking into a flight is a waste of a time when I am checking a bag anyway. Not sure why I am checking in...17:43
philipballewDelta even called me and asked me to.17:48
nigelbphilipballew: Isn't there a different queue for baggage drop and check-in?17:50
nigelbThe last time I checked in for a flight online, I had zero queue for baggage drop, the check-in on the other hand had a huge queue.17:50
philipballewMy guess is they just want my passport info to prove I am alright to travel on the plane or something.17:52
philipballewFor a neighboring country, it is always a pain to get back into the states from Mexico. US customs always asks a bunch more questions. Canada is a much nicer experience.17:54
nigelbThat's different.17:54
nigelbThat's Advance Passenger <something>17:54
nigelbYou can do that without checking in.17:54
nigelbI tend to fill that up before flying.17:55
nigelbLess time spent at the airport counter.17:55
philipballewnigelb, you might be right. Maybe it is to see who is an American citizen or not since they have to look at all the Mexico passports coming onto the plane and check the visa?17:56
philipballewodd though. But I have not flown Delta in over a year.17:56
nigelbNo, idea.17:58
philipballewThe world is strange17:59
bkerensapleia2: how hot? its been 95-97 here since Friday... supposed to be 104 tomorrow18:02
pleia2bkerensa: only 80s, but it gets hot in these buildings without ac18:15
bkerensapleia2: yeah hopefully SF Moz office and my hotel have good AC :)18:17
jonoballoons, will be a min and then will be there18:29
* balloons hangs ten18:29

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