roastedIs there any way to speed up Gnome Shell? I am not overly happy with it on an AMD E450 APU. It runs so dang sweet on a heavily neutered mobile i5 though. :/00:24
* snwh is back (gone 00:22:35)00:27
darkxstroasted, not really, which driver are you using?00:30
roasteddarkxst: the open source one I suppose. I didn't install fglrx.00:33
roasted(and would prefer not to for countless reasons)00:33
darkxstroasted, atleast test with it00:33
roastedIt seems to run worse as time goes on, though.00:33
roastedfresh boot, all is well. After time my proc is just maxed.00:33
darkxstroasted, oh really? that is strange00:34
roastedI'm sitting at a load of 0.44 now. Last night I was at 3.5 just on IRC.00:34
darkxstgnome-shell should never use more than a few percent cpu00:35
darkxstroasted, run it under strace, and see if you can find what is causing the load00:35
roastedI don't think it was gnome-shell in particular. I just remember seeing my proc just sitting high.00:35
roastedI just fired the unit up though. I'll keep an eye on it as time goes on.00:35
roastedI did shut off animations in dconf though for some extra insurance.00:35
darkxstroasted, well in that case just check system-monitor and see what process is flooding the cpu00:35
roastedMaybe I should reenable them and see how things go...00:35
darkxstthat shouldnt make any difference00:36
roastedyeah, I tend to keep htop running in another workspace cause I'm ADD and need to see what's going on. :P00:36
roastedI'll monitor it closely.00:36
darkxsthave seen a few reports of slow performance after time, but havent seen it myself00:37
roastedthe animations are a little jittery on this unit when enabled00:38
roastedhtop is still showing a good stance though00:38
roastedgosh I freakin love gnome shell. I want to run it on everything.00:38
roastedbut most of the gear I own is super old00:38
roastedcause, I'm poor, and I work in IT, so I reuse hand-me-downs that are littering my basement - ha.00:39
darkxstintel support is pretty good even for the older chipsets00:40
darkxstradeon can be hit and miss unfortunately00:40
roastedI love intel. super happy with that company.00:40
roastedThis laptop just happens to be an AMD APU, which I avoid at all costs, but it's a nice form factor, 11.6", decent battery, etc... so it's a good unit to use.00:40
darkxstmy laptop battery life is next to useless with the AMD enabled.00:43
roastedI'm looking at 6.5 hours on 95% charge right now00:45
roasted60% brightness00:45
roastedI think the biggest thing that bothers me with this Lenovo is the fact that samba transfers are garbage.01:03
roastedI get like 10, 15 MB into a transfer and it dies EVERY time.01:03
roastedYet Ubuntu GNOME on my Toshiba works with gigabytes upon gigabytes.01:03
darkxstmy thinkpad works fine with samba01:08
roasted 3459 ?        00:00:15 nautilus <defunct>01:09
roastedI'm transferring a full 2GB file now and it seems to be okay. I wonder if it's the series of multiple smaller files that gets it.01:10
roastedyep, 1.4 MB in and it locked up already01:11
darkxstroasted, try with nfs or some other protocol01:12
darkxstmaybe a kernel bug01:12
roastedcould be01:12
roasted3.8.0-25 is the latest, no?01:12
darkxstprobably I am on saucy now, which is 3.1001:12
roastedmaybe I should grab the upstream 3.9 and see how that works.01:13
darkxstroasted, test with the lasted mainline packages01:13
roastedI've been resistant towards doing that in the past because getting Braodcom STA driver working in newer drivers not-already-pushed by Ubuntu was a no-go.01:13
roastedBut this laptop, fortunately, uses B43 open source driver.01:14
roastedMy other Lenovo uses STA, and it's locked down so much IC annot change the wireless card.01:14
roastedIt locks on boot @ BIOS level for having "unsigned hardware"01:14
roasted(way to fail, Lenovo)01:14
roastedcustomers can't even upgrade their wireless card. pfft.01:14
darkxstwhat with the stock cards?01:15
roastedI couldn't swap the Broadcom 43228 out of it.01:16
roasted43228 requires STA.01:16
roastedWhich is a major :(01:16
roastedSo when I installed newer kernels, STA just didn't work. It said it was enabled, but no wifi. I reinstalled it, says enabled, no wifi.01:16
roastedBut this chip is 43224, which works with the open source B43 driver.01:16
darkxstthe 3G wireless cards are locked down with a whitelist as well...01:16
roastedthrough Lenovo?01:16
roastedYeah... unfortunately I can't see myself recommending Lenovo to anyone after all of this nonsense.01:17
darkxstyou don't have to buy a lenevo card, but only certain models with work01:17
roastedIt's outrageous to not be able to swap a wireless card like that.01:17
roastedWith my particular model, Lenovo told me I could buy the same card, but that was it. This exact model is the only thing it'll work with.01:17
roastedSome users a few years ago were raged because they couldn't put a wifi N card in their laptop. Lenovo just said, well, too bad.01:18
roastedIn the future, if I ever buy a personal laptop again, I plan to just cut the crap out of the equation and get a System76 that I know will work with no fuss.01:18
darkxstmine has intel wireless ;)01:19
roastedgotta love that.01:19
roastedYeah I'd be okay with it if I knew 100% what hardware was in it when I bought it.01:19
roastedNvidia or Intel GPU, Intel proc, Intel/Atheros wireless, sign me up.01:19
roastedAnything else I'd happily nix out of the running.01:19
roastedI'm putting in Kernel 3.9.4 right now... once done I'll see if Samba works worth a hoot.01:20
darkxstwell you can get the exact configuration from the p/n01:20
roastedyeah maybe I should b emore open minded about that and just make sure I know what I'm getting.01:20
roastedI've had other issues with Lenovo at work with dealing with them on a grand scale, so, part of my h8n comes from that too.01:21
roastedSomehow I still have no wireless even with the open source B43 driver in 3.9.8. Nice.01:32
bjsniderroasted, why did you get stuck with an amd system?02:02
roastedbjsnider: because it was free.02:02
bjsniderthat might be enough enticement02:02
bjsniderno, that wouldn't do it02:02
roastedbjsnider: I don't need much for a laptop. Something small with decent battery life. I do all of my work on my desktop, however I'm renovating the basement (where my office is) so my desktop is :(02:03
roastedbjsnider: so I'm spending more time on the laptop these days until that's done02:03
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