delcoyotelots of lamb here02:02
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tdr112hey cztab12:17
czajkowskianyone any idea who added our team to answers12:18
czajkowskiI've removed us12:18
czajkowskibut it causes d alot of people to leave the team12:18
tdr112nope , I did wonder how it got added12:20
tdr112can you just add any email to that system12:20
tdr112is there not check done , eg a link you something emailed to you 1st12:20
czajkowskionly an admin can do it12:23
czajkowskiand we've no way of knowing who12:23
czajkowskiI already whinged12:23
tdr112which admin12:24
tdr112of the maining list or the lp team12:24
czajkowskilp team12:24
tdr112the Irish lp team ?12:25
tdr112that is odd12:25

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