thomirobert_ancell: ping?02:03
robert_ancellthomi, hey02:03
thomirobert_ancell: so I think I'm getting close to getting all the infrastructure stuff lined up so we can run mir_stress as part of a CI run. However, there are a few issues yet to solve:02:03
thomifirst, mir_stress currently fails - it causes the server to crash, and the test to hang, which means that if we were to integrate it today, it would take a long time before we got any MP feedback (although we could set the jenkins job timeout to something a little tighter I guess)02:05
robert_ancellbug #?02:05
robert_ancell(I know the bug, just don't have the number handy)02:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1195089 in Mir "mir_stress suite causes mir_demo_server to crash" [Critical,Triaged]02:05
thomithe second issue is that our infrastructure seems really flakey, but until I have a job that passes when everything does work, it's hard for me to apply pressure to get those issues fixed up02:06
robert_ancellthomi, I'll have a look at that one02:08
thomithanks. :)02:09
duflurobert_ancell: To clarify the confusion I've made this tag/group ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bugs?field.tag=multimonitor02:25
robert_ancellduflu, thanks02:25
dufluRAOF: It's a bit inaccurate to keep tracking XMir bugs in the Mir project. Can we use a new project for it?02:40
RAOFduflu: We can file them against X with the xmir tag.02:41
dufluRAOF: Where's the code BTW?02:41
RAOFWhy is cmake suddenly unable to find glog?02:47
RAOFCMake doesn't understand multiarch?03:07
robert_ancellkgunn, \o/03:20
kgunnno doubt!03:21
dufluRAOF: It's not Mir's fault! (which is bad news) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/119400403:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1194004 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[regression] Compiz wakes up 200Hz while the screen is locked" [High,New]03:37
dufluRAOF: Also, we now have https://launchpad.net/xmir03:41
kgunnquick, one, anyone know how to get runtime config dumps of xorg, e.g. let's say i want to see what the color format03:44
kgunnof a front buffer is that an app is rendering into03:45
kgunnor resolution etc03:45
kgunnRAOF: duflu ^ ?03:46
duflukgunn: /var/log/Xorg.0.log is my best guess but may be insufficient03:47
RAOFkgunn: “xwininfo -root” does some of that.03:51
RAOFThere's no single ‘introspect X’ tool, though.03:51
kgunnthanks guys....will poke around thos03:52
duflukgunn: From memory, Compiz (rightly or wrongly) uses the current X visual. Even when it could (in theory) choose anything the GL implementation allows04:13
dufluSo that means asking X tools should be accurate right now. But you can't rely on them indefinitely04:13
robert_ancellthomi, I've updated bug 1195089 - I'm not reproducing04:30
ubot5bug 1195089 in Mir "mir_stress suite causes mir_demo_server to crash" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119508904:31
thomirobert_ancell: hmmm04:31
RAOFSo when the documentation says “set the CTEST_ENVIRONMENT variable to influence the environment your tests are run in” what it *means* is ‘the CTEST_ENVIRONMENT variable is totally ignored, sucker’.04:32
thomirobert_ancell: only thing I'm doing differently is I'm not running mir_demo_server or mir_stress as root. Will try with latest trunk - maybe it got fixed some time in the last 12 hours?04:32
robert_ancellthomi, hopefully :)04:32
robert_ancellthomi, note if you don't run as root you can't get the VT04:33
thomirobert_ancell: I ususally ssh in to run mir_stress04:33
RAOFMan, I get all the good things.04:53
RAOFNon-deterministic double-free in  unit-tests.GBMGraphicsPlatform.*04:54
tvoss_good morning :)05:05
dufluAh tvoss_ is here.05:05
dufluMust be time for lunch05:05
duflu :)05:05
tvoss_duflu, exactly :)05:05
tvoss_RAOF, good morning :)05:05
RAOFtvoss_: Good morning.05:05
tvoss_RAOF, happy new week05:06
RAOFtvoss_: You should be pleased to learn that https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/prober-drm-device-probe/+merge/170765 should finally pass the tests on the CI infrastructure.05:06
RAOF(Pending one final change to mir_discover_gtest_tests)05:06
tvoss_RAOF, that's great news :)05:07
tvoss_thomi, hey there :)05:10
thomitvoss_: o/05:10
tvoss_thomi, hey, for the autopilot integration tests: sounds good, thanks for clarifying :)05:10
thomitvoss_: it sucks that the three of us are in really awkward timezones, but I think it'd be good to have a chat some time to work out the big picture: what we need, and where autopilot fits05:11
thomiMartin knew a lot more about the app functional test suite progress ....05:12
tvoss_thomi, yeah, I know. Are there some example jobs that are run on real hardware?05:13
thomitvoss_: Yes, I believe that all the core apps are run on the real hardware, but I'm not the person to speak to about that05:15
tvoss_thomi, who would that be now?05:15
thomitvoss_: I think ChrisGagnon and om26er are the ones to try05:15
tvoss_thomi, cool, thx05:15
thomitvoss_: no worries - Omer is (AFAIK) the one working for the phone app teams05:15
thomiChris does a lot of deployment work05:16
tvoss_RAOF, still get the non-deterministic double-free?05:31
RAOFYes, but I'm pretty sure I can avoid it.05:31
tvoss_RAOF, if the busid is still a char*, it's most likely that :)05:32
RAOFCould be :)05:32
tvoss_RAOF, I think I had this pastebin last week ...05:32
RAOFI've still got the patch in a bzr shelf.05:32
tvoss_RAOF, ah cool05:32
NikThHello. I have reported this bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1196355 . Now I'm in this corrupted system and I will stay for 2 hours at least. Anything you want me to do, just ask it. I will not logout-login or reboot or restart DM.05:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1196355 in xmir "After the latest updates, no desktop session - Ubuntu 13.10 (2013/07/01) - XMir dies with signal 6" [High,Incomplete]05:49
tvoss_duflu, ping05:51
duflutvoss_,  hi05:51
tvoss_NikTh, looking at your bug report :)05:51
NikThAlso you have to know that is difficult for me to handle the system , because of the lack of windows decoration , unity and almost everything else.05:51
dufluNikTh, unfortunately lack of decorations and general "wrong things on screen" is not related to Mir05:52
dufluNikTh: Only failure to start up is a Mir issue. Can't you reproduce it?05:52
NikThduflu, I attached the logs you asked.05:53
* duflu looks05:53
dufluNikTh: Yep, if it's working now then we can't figure out the original problem05:57
dufluUnity failing to start is a different bug05:57
NikThduflu: I will reboot the system and see if I can reproduce it.  Thanks05:59
dufluThough it looks like the issue was XMir crashing. I suspect other people have reported similar but not known why they had blank screens05:59
dufluSo we have some progress I guess05:59
RAOFHah. Once again my tests catch me out :)06:00
NikThIs it a big difference if Xmir is enabled or disabled ?06:01
duflutvoss_, I think sabdfl was getting similar startup issues till last weekend. Now he doesn't... randomly06:02
tvoss_duflu, yup, RAOF's prober branch should help a lot here06:03
tvoss_duflu, at least in diagnosing06:03
dufluOh, wait, no. Twas a different error: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/119550906:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1195509 in Unity System Compositor "System compositor fails to start - Failed to set the current VT mode: Input/output error (5)" [Critical,Triaged]06:04
* RAOF is just removing intermediate debugging before pushing something that will pass CI (fingers crossed)06:04
NikThThis system was created for this propose . Testing Xmir .  So it is a pure system. The only package I installed is "ubuntu-restricted-extras" . Nothing else.06:04
dufluRAOF: If Mir spits an exception to stderr will it go in the X log?06:04
RAOFduflu: Do you mean if libmirclient spits an exception to stderr?06:05
dufluRAOF: Not sure. I mean XMir06:05
NikThI will reboot now to see if I can reproduce the problem.  Thanks.06:05
RAOFThe X log will only catch output generated by X, and XMir only links to libmirclient.06:05
RAOFduflu: But lightdm will (should) catch anything printed to either stderr or stdout by unity-system-compositor06:06
dufluRAOF: Hmm, well it was the X server crashing apparently.06:11
dufluForgive me for not continuing with this issue. I've already spent half the day triaging Mir bugs06:12
duflu... which is enough06:12
RAOFNikTh: Neither of the Xorg.0.log files attached on that bug appear to come from failed attempts to run xmir?06:17
RAOFduflu: If you want to comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/prober-drm-device-probe/+merge/170765 beyond your ‘abstain’, I'm pretty confident that this go will pass CI :)06:56
RAOFHah. Apart from the merge conflicts, apparently :(06:57
dufluRAOF: Yeah trying to catch up on all the MPs I'm holding up :(07:01
* duflu wishes it was easier to have a say in what lands, _and_ get some work done himself07:02
arssonlatest updates, unity is gone.07:34
tvoss_arsson, did you pin the ppa priority?07:42
arssontvoss_ no special methods are use in here07:46
tvoss_arsson, the lightdm version you are pulling in is newer than the version in the system compositor testing ppa07:46
tvoss_see https://launchpad.net/~mir-team/+archive/system-compositor-testing07:47
tvoss_arsson, let me find you the pinning instructions07:47
arssontvoss_  dumbass  version please?07:48
tvoss_arsson, so when upgrading, you get a lightdm version that is newer than the one in the testing ppa. That newer version is not mir-enabled right now as we are in the process of landing Mir to universe07:49
tvoss_arsson, to make a long story short: yup, might well break your setup and I'm searching for the instructions to help you fix the issue :)07:49
arssonthere was some kernel and unity updates and i was using gdm at the time.07:53
tvoss_arsson, okay, thx for the information08:13
admiralmarcushi, how will window decorations be handled in mir? client side (csd) or server side (ssd)?08:37
dufluadmiralmarcus: It's still debatable. The people designing it argue client side whereas the people implementing it still prefer server side08:42
dufluNot sure where the argument ended last08:42
tvoss_duflu, the tendency is server-side right now08:43
dufluadmiralmarcus: Though technically right now, XMir makes X a single client and everything (including compiz and decorations) is inside the client08:46
dufluping RAOF08:46
RAOFPong duflu08:47
RAOFduflu: You're aware that "the tests" that are disabled without umockdev are "all the GBM tests", right?08:47
dufluRAOF: Different subject :)08:48
dufluRAOF: So XMir talks native GBM, but only as far as being a native GBM client, right? It never accesses the physical server buffers by GBM?08:48
dufluCos that would be bypass08:49
RAOFI'm not sure what you mean by "physical server buffers" in this case; it does directly touch the buffers handed out via libmirclient, which means it's touching the server buffers.08:50
RAOFBut it's *not* touching the framebuffer, unless the server is handing that out (and it doesn't, yet)08:50
dufluRAOF: Yes, umm, I mean it still can't bypass the composition08:50
dufluRAOF: OK I will look at ways to automagically hand out the framebuffer (under conditions when it's safe)08:51
RAOFThat would be good08:51
dufluThough I thought alf might have strong opinions on that08:52
tvoss_alf, ping08:54
alfduflu: I haven't looked into bypass at all. Last I know alan_g was looking into it for Android, but I guess the non-platform specific part of the mechanisms would be made generic enough to support all platforms.08:55
alftvoss_: pong08:55
* tvoss_ calls trigger_conversation(duflu, alf); :))08:56
alfduflu: also kdub was working into supporting it in the buffer swapping component08:56
admiralmarcusduflu: okay, thanks for the answer08:57
alfduflu: it's probably worth syncing with both alan_g and kdub to check what their plans where08:58
duflualf: kgunn asked me to start on it ASAP. Research at least09:02
duflualf: Oh I see where alan_g started09:03
RAOFduflu: Note: when I said "the framebuffer", what I really meant was "a framebuffer"; for the gbm platform we can have arbitrarily many framebuffers. The only difference between a potential framebuffer and a regular buffer is an allocation flag.09:08
dufluRAOF: OK, so something scan-out-able09:09
NikThHi again. Sorry before, but I had a connection problem. (general not IRC only). I attached the new logs, I reproduced the problem. You can review them when you have time.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1196355 . Thanks09:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1196355 in xmir "After the latest updates, no desktop session - Ubuntu 13.10 (2013/07/01) - XMir dies with signal 6" [High,Incomplete]09:09
alfRAOF: duflu: (also keep in mind the discussions we had about giving new framebuffers or clearing the framebuffer for security reasons)09:10
alfRAOF: or is this resolved with prime fds?09:10
duflualf: OK, I have the issue in mind. But was not in the discussions09:10
RAOFalf: No, not resolved with prime fds.09:11
duflualf: Yep, the code I was already looking at is the groundwork that Alan did late May09:14
alfduflu: ok09:16
duflualf: GBM doesn't have actual documentation does it?09:31
alfduflu: there is doxygen documentation in the source files (in the mesa tree)09:35
alfRAOF: Have you started working on a C++ Udev class? I may need to do some work there soon to support monitor hotplugging.09:49
tvossduflu, regarding the prober branch: What would be your proposal for an alternative umockdev package available on other platforms?09:49
duflutvoss: My only suggestion is: Fall back to whatever we do now (without umockdev) if it's not present09:50
dufluI don't know the details, but I'm pretty sure it's not a portable assumption to assume a distro has it09:50
tvossduflu, not appropriate from my perspective, we will skip a bunch of tests09:51
duflutvoss: People building on other distros care more that the code is unbuildable than the reduced coverage, I think09:51
tvossduflu, and that makes it a required build-dep from my pov09:51
dufluI mean, we're moving further away from Mir being portable and usable outside of Ubuntu. And we said we would work on that09:52
tvossduflu, hmmm, I think failing at build time with a clear indication of the missing dependency is quite straightforward to fix outside of Ubuntu09:54
duflutvoss: Not realistic. We can't depend on packages that other distros don't have packaging for yet. Unless we properly document how to build all-the-things from source09:55
tvossduflu, hold on: I think it's a bad idea to automatically skip tests that ensure that Mir's components are working correctly09:56
duflutvoss: It's not as bad as not being able to build (or test) it at all09:56
duflutvoss: The debian build-dep is OK. We use that for Jenkins. I'm just saying don't impose it as a CMake requirement09:57
dufluMake the CMakeLists smarter09:57
tvossRAOF, want me to help with that?09:57
duflutvoss: didrocks and RAOF has already said that build-dep is a superset of the actual requirements. But if you're clever enough to build from CMake then you should have the option of not requiring things that are not required09:59
duflu-has +have09:59
tvossduflu, I would consider something that enables all of our gbm-platform testing as required09:59
duflutvoss: This does not limit the Ubuntu requirements. Those come from debian/control. I'm only saying loosen the restriction in CMakeLists10:00
dufluWe're going in the wrong direction if Mir continually becomes less portable, as it keeps doing10:00
tvossduflu, that's what I'm trying to say: disabling tests that are meant to be run at build-time is a dangerous thing10:01
duflutvoss: They're still enabled for Ubuntu builds10:01
dufluBy virtue of debian/control forcing them to be installed10:01
dufluBut we need to be more flexible for people building Mir by hand (which includes external packagers)10:02
tvossduflu, how do you document the udevmock dependency then for external packagers?10:03
duflutvoss: It's enforced for Ubuntu in debian/control, and documented for everyone in CMake output as the usual "detecting XYZ: Not found: Not enabling XYZ"10:04
tvossduflu, hmm, is that really sufficient?10:04
duflutvoss: It's how all CMake projects work10:04
dufluYou give a warning that "we think you should install XYZ", but don't absolutely require it10:05
dufluAnd Ubuntu packagers will never see that warning because the control file already forces umockdev to be installed10:05
tvossokay, I think we need to agree to disagree here10:06
duflutvoss: No problem. You can land stuff without my approval. I'll propose changes if/when it bugs me. Or someone else will10:06
tvossduflu, fair10:07
dufluWe'll stall too much if we allow vetos on everything. And we'll also land things that need more fixing later. But that's life10:08
RAOFalf: I have indeed started on a udev C++ class.10:08
alfRAOF: ok, then I will use something hacky as a first step with a TODO to replace it with services from your class when it lands10:10
RAOFalf: Sounds good.10:12
tvoss_alf, any news from jenkins?12:09
alftvoss_: no, jobs still stuck http://s-jenkins:8080/job/mir-ci/12:10
ogra_did you contact IS ?12:11
alfogra_: We are waiting for the US to wake up12:12
ogra_ah, yeah, lexington12:12
alfracarr: Hi!14:52
kdubmorning racarr15:00
alfstatus: Implementing notification and reconfiguration when a monitor is plugged in/out15:02
* alf has found a new indicator for EOD... noticable reduction in internet speed as people come home from work and start browsing :)15:07
kdubstatus, got rid of ms::Surface : public mi::InputTarget, which lets us untangle a few things15:08
racarrkdub: ? What is the InputTarget then15:15
racarralf: Happens to me too XD15:16
kdubms::Surface is not an InputTarget, but rather owns an InputTarget15:18
racarrkdub: I think the toyds.Window should just fire up an inputReceiver goroutine15:19
kdubhah :P15:21
kdubbreaking that inheritance though lets us proxy ms::Surface, which resolves a lot of funny lifetime issues in msh15:22
racarrI understand I think15:22
racarrmakes sense15:22
kgunnbregma: ping16:39
kgunnbregma: just curious, since your guys do a lot of x debug....if i have an app rendering, and i wanted to check (runtime) what the color format of the render buffer is...is there a simple way to do that?16:40
mhall119kgunn: did we get any metrics for XMir vs. just X that aren't based on OpenGL and Framerate?17:34
mhall119for things like Lubuntu, who's performance concerns aren't about games, but rather how fast Gtk and Openbox are17:35
robotfuelmhall119: is there an existing test that measures that?17:42
mhall119I don't know17:45
mhall119just wondering if the phoronix guy measured anything except games17:45
kdubhey racarr, if you have time today  look over lp:~kdub/mir/remove-surface-target :)17:46
robotfuelmhall119: I can have jenkins run test via utah, if you have a test you want me to run I can set that up.17:48
racarrkdub: Ok17:48
robotfuelthere is a regression today though. so the results won't be very useful17:48
robotfueluntil that's fixed.17:48
kdubracarr, thanks :D17:48
greybackmhall119: you've seen: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_xmir_2d&num=1 - he measured gtk and x11 perf17:55
mhall119greyback: ah, thanks, missed that somehow17:57
mhall119robotfuel: could we run those gtkperf tests (and any other performance benchmarks" in utah?18:00
racarrAnyone...flashed a phone this morning?19:31
racarrphablet-flash is failing over and over with md5 validation errors19:31
racarrwhen I download the images19:31
ogra_racarr, tried re-downloading ?19:52
racarrogra_: Like 20 times now :p19:53
racarrI am now faking the md5sum19:53
racarrThat can't go wrong right19:53
ogra_which images is that ? flipped (as you should) or unflipped ?19:53
racarrthe md5sum on +mako was right, just not on19:54
racarrogra_: Presumably its the NSA slipping a backdoor in ubuntu touch19:54
racarrthough you'd think theyw ould update .md5sum19:55
ogra_we do19:55
ogra_oh, they, heh19:55
ogra_racarr, well, comparing the md5sums here all seems right19:58
racarrwhat does it mean19:58
ogra_racarr, oh19:58
ogra_can you check if there is a path in your md5sum ?19:58
ogra_if so, edit it and remove that19:59
ogra_you only want a filename19:59
racarrlets see, I already replaced the downloaded version with one that works19:59
racarrbut didnt look at the contents19:59
ogra_ah, well19:59
* ogra_ thinks he fixed it server side now20:02
racarrailed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ports.ubuntu.com_ubuntu-ports_dists_saucy_main_binary-armhf_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch20:06
racarrW: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ports.ubuntu.com_ubuntu-ports_dists_saucy_universe_binary-armhf_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch20:06
racarram I being20:06
racarrmitmed on apt by comcast20:07
racarror something20:07
racarrhmm things are in fact broken on nexus 420:18
racarrwill investigate ter lunch20:18
racarrthings are still running and input still works but nothing20:18
racarron screen20:18
=== racarr is now known as racarr|lunch
kdubreally o.O? tip worked on my device this morning20:19
kdubgranted, its a week or two since I flashed latest phablet20:19
racarr|lunchwell this is unity20:24
racarr|lunchI will test just mir after I eat SPICY BASIL WITH TOFU AND VEGETABLES20:24
=== racarr|lunch is now known as racarr
racarrmir_demo_egltriangle works20:46
bschaeferinteresting crash that halted the xserver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5834336/21:17
bschaeferfull x log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5834333/21:17
jonoolli, tvoss hey21:23
ollijono, what's up21:23
jonoolli, tvoss so I think it could be useful to have a schedule in place for dogfooding21:23
jonoas an example, this is what I would need:21:24
jono * Get rid of the cursor and use an overlay (cursor makes it difficult to use)21:24
jono * Basic multi-monitor support (even if just mirrored)21:25
jonoUnity 7 seems functional on XMir for me for daily use21:25
jonoolli, would this be worth posting about to mir-devel?21:25
ollijono, I just took an AI to follow up21:26
olliI think it's good for us to have a more specific plan in place21:26
ollineed to chat with poor kgunn though21:26
ahayzenis there any way of running Mir in a VM yet?21:26
jonoolli, yeah21:27
ollijono, eta Wed/Thu21:27
jonoolli, I think it could be good for rallying around a goal21:27
jonoolli, cool21:27
greybackracarr: hey, compiler errors for you: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5834366/ I've merged Mir trunk into implement-client-credentials, and installed that, all fine. Then trying to build platform-api "mir-with-packaging" branch again with platform-api trunk merged into that. But it fails to compile with that message21:29
racarrgreyback: Just revert the last revision21:31
racarrI tried merging trunk and didn't test yet21:31
greybackracarr: ah ok21:31
racarrI dunno21:31
racarrhmm I dont even know in regards to that compile error -.-21:35
greybackracarr: this should fix the first error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5834416/ . still not sure about the second21:47
racarrgreyback: Do you have any ide hat21:49
racarr//home/phablet/phablet-integrate-mir/Shell.qml:20:1: module "LightDM" plugin "LightDM-qml" not found  import LightDM 0.1 as LightDM21:49
racarrmay be about?21:49
racarrgreyback: Something weird is going on there I have to understand21:50
racarrbecause mir trunk compiles...21:50
greybackracarr: did you run the "./run" script in phablet-integrate-mir?21:51
greybackracarr: it should compile the QML plugin that you're missing21:51
greybackracarr: sorry, I meant "./build"21:53
greyback"./build -s" will pull in any build dependencies it needs, so that's usually run first.21:53
racarrgreyback: Yeah :) nvm21:53
racarrI was trying to get away with a partial build XD21:53
racarrand forgot what I did21:53
racarrno one can make it work21:54
racarrincluding me :(21:54
racarrit's all black screens21:54
racarrinput works because multi touch crashes the binary (and doesnt with ix-pointer-indexing!)21:54
greybackgrrr, what broke/changed21:54
racarrI dunno21:59
racarrbuild -s doesn't work either because it wants libboost 1.4921:59
racarrand mir wants 1.53 now21:59
racarrIll figure out what broke XD21:59
greybackblimey, dependencies are changing all over the place22:02
greybackracarr: above patch fixes platform-api compile error completey22:07
racarrgreyback: I don't understand it though22:08
racarrhow can mir build22:09
racarrif that header cant be included22:09
greybackracarr: see that the inherited class SurfaceBufferAccess has a deconstructor defined as ~SurfaceBufferAccess() noexcept - explicitly says it won't throw an exception22:09
greybackbut Surface's deconstructor didn't define what exceptions it could throw (if any) - which is considered too loose by gcc. I think clang is ok with it though, if you don't define what exceptions you throw, it assumes you can throw any22:11
racarrexcept it's not22:11
racarrbecause it builds :p22:11
greybackwhy Mir builds: you using gcc4.7?22:11
racarrso why doesn't it build in the platorm-api pbuilder22:11
racarrI think we are using 4.22:11
greybackok, me too22:11
greybackthen yeah, I don't understand that.22:12
racarrI don't think noexceot should be needed because it's the parent is defaulted22:14
racarrgreyback: Maybe you are using 4.7 somehow? https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/fix-1196415/+merge/17227922:16
greybackracarr: holy sh*t I am. wtf22:17
racarrgreyback: It's ok. I'm begining to suspect the structure of logic itself is deteriorating22:18
greybackracarr: I've both 4.7 and 4.8 installed. cmake must go for the first one it sees, even though 4.8 is the default22:19
greybackdammit, sorry for wasting your item22:19
racarrno worries :)22:20
RAOFracarr: Good morning!23:03
RAOFOr afternoon. Or whatever.23:03
bschaeferRAOF, hey, I've a new crash from the x.log...this time it actually killed the server... figure you were the one to poke about it23:05
bschaeferfull log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5834333/, cut out bit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5834336/23:05
bschaeferalso, when the xserver went down, mir was still running, as the hardware cursor was still working. Just everything else was black....if thats any help :)23:07
olliRAOF, ping23:08
ollibschaefer, ping23:11
bschaeferolli, hello23:11
racarrRAOF: Morning!23:12
racarrRAOF: You must have good news right? ;23:12
RAOFbschaefer: Cool.23:13
RAOFracarr: Not any particularly good news? Except that it's morning!23:14
racarroh well that's great news23:15
thomihi guys - what things land in the compositor-testing PPA?23:39
RAOFthomi: Whatever we manually copy across.23:39
RAOFthomi: Also, hi!23:39
thomiRAOF: Hi :)23:39
RAOFthomi: How do I get umockdev installed in jenkins? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-saucy-amd64-ci/105/console23:40
thomiRAOF: hmmmm, olli is wondering if we can do something to prevent people having to use pinning in order to test the compositor - any ideas?23:40
thomiRAOF: add it as a build-dep to the mir source package, if you need it as part of the build process23:40
RAOFImpromptu baby,.23:42
thomiRAOF: .....23:43
thomiOf course I'm serious, and stop calling me Shirley?23:43
RAOFthomi: Re: not pinning.23:47
thomiI don't understand...23:48
RAOFThere are two options that I can think of -23:48
RAOF1) Ensure everything in the PPA has a higher version than in the archive. We can do this with an epoch. Downsides: you'll need to ppa-purge to get off those package versions, and that's somewhat fragile.23:49
RAOF2) Add a new package in the PPA, depending on a virtual package provided only by the packages in the PPA.23:49
RAOFDownsides: users who dist-upgrade need to be sure the upgrade doesn't remove that package.23:50
RAOFbschaefer: Wow, that's a fun Xorg log!23:53
thomiRAOF: hmmm, it seems to be that those options both suck :-/23:53
RAOFthomi: Correct. Which is why we chose pinning ☺23:53
bschaeferRAOF, yeah, its only happened twice today though...both while my CPU was close to 100% (from compiling..)23:53
RAOFIs your system particularly slow?23:54
bschaeferhmm not really, every now and then everything hangs for 5-10 seconds23:54
bschaeferand sometimes during that hang, the xserver crashes...which it just seems like the event queue is getting filled up23:55
RAOFIt looks like it might be triggered by something that only happens when the event queue fills up, yeah.23:55
bschaeferdoes mir give events off to X? If so maybe mir needs to filter out more events?23:56
RAOFMir doesn't give X any events; it's a strictly standard X input stack.23:56
bschaefero well ignore that thought then :)23:57
RAOFIt's a bit curious that libmirclient is above synaptics in that stack, but I suspect that's it being slow on message submission because everything's slow.23:58
bschaeferhmm yeah, im really wondering what is blocking...that causes ~500 events to be missed23:59
RAOFYou're not using something silly, like btrfs are you?23:59
RAOFThat's *excellent* at blocking23:59
* bschaefer isn't sure what that is23:59
RAOFbschaefer: Want to try the X stack from ppa:raof/aubergine? That's xmir rebased on 1.14, which may just fix this for you.23:59

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