excalibrohayo gozaimasu02:18
excalibrwake up and smell the ashes, people02:18
fairuzexcalibr: woot03:16
excalibrbaru masuk ke fairuz 03:17
fairuzexcalibr: lama dah03:21
fairuzduk menggodek benda 03:21
excalibrugh..tty kena spam dgn errorr msg03:52
excalibrfairuz: http://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/google.com.my04:09
excalibrgoogle msia kena poison04:10
excalibrangch: o/06:04
angchexcalibr, ?06:46
excalibrwhat's up..lot of big sites with .com.my domains kena dns poison today06:56
excalibrgoogle, microsoft etc06:56
fairuzexcalibr: tu la07:01
angchexcalibr, http://www.zone-h.org/archive/notifier=TiGER-M@TE07:16
excalibrangch: pernah guna apt-cacher-ng tak07:33
angchexcalibr, used to. ada long standing bug yang kena restartkan dia setiap x hari.07:34
angchsangkut bila downloading.07:34
excalibr/me tak faham kenapa default config dia whitelist release/package file07:34
angch(8.04 days)07:34
excalibrangch: tu version mana07:35
angchdah lama, tak ingat.07:35
excalibrso what do you use now? i'm going to check out squid-deb-proxy next07:38
angchexcalibr, we mirror the entire thing. hahahahah07:39
angchhassle to make sure it works in office and out of office, so if caching, cache di transparent proxy.07:40
excalibrwah...internal repo?08:07
angchexcalibr, external.08:08
excalibrlel..so you're the guy behind this local repo08:17
angchsorry if down. stupid datacenter throttled, etc.08:19
excalibrwhy you wanted this repo to work out of office? or you intend to make it public to begin with08:20
angchclient's place, etc, etc.08:20
angchdamn hard to satisfy the prober's up to date checks, argh.08:21
excalibrsalamander is 6 hours behind..that's already up-to-date enough08:22
excalibrhardy heron tu dah boleh purge entire repo :P08:24
angchwe still have servers under hardy08:26
angchLTS actually *means* something.08:26
angchfwiw, the mirror also support https.08:26
excalibrHow many gig each releases take spaces?08:28
angchexcalibr, dunno. they lump everything under a pool.08:29
angcharchives is currently 657G08:30
angchreleases is 78g08:30
excalibrthat is freaking huge..didn't know it'd would take much space to setup a repo08:34
angchexcalibr, that's the whole thing.08:34
excalibrI wonder how much the entire archives would be reduced to once everyone only use 64-bit releases08:37
angchexcalibr, fat chance. more requests for 32 bit iso than 64 bit.08:37

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