qwebirc56319hey - Downloadlinks for earlier versions are dead.11:28
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sabhainis there some issue happening with us.archive.ubuntu.com?17:28
tgm4883sabhain, not that I can see, whats up?19:04
sabhaintgm4883: I'm an idiot, that's what's up.  I have an older server here and was trying to install ethtool .. getting a 404 error on apt-get update.  Turns out it's still on Maverick.  Hadn't fired it up in a year or so.19:19
tgm4883heh, that would do it19:20
qwebirc43543Hello, if I use my cable box out into my capture card (not purchased yet) do I need to worry about encryption?21:20
qwebirc43543I think some of my confusion is around QAM I gather myth cannot decrypt that, or if it can we don't talk about it, but if i'm connecting from the cable box has the decryption already happened?21:27
tgm4883qwebirc43543, I think you are thinking about something else completely22:34
tgm4883qwebirc43543, what do you have coming out of your cable box? Component?22:35
qwebirc43543almost everything. coax, component and hdmi included. I would like HD if possible23:04
tgm4883qwebirc43543, where do you live?23:04
qwebirc43543CT, USA23:05
qwebirc43543What I really want is to record HD shows, I'm not trying to cut out my cable box.23:07
tgm4883qwebirc43543, so you have a few options23:07
tgm4883qwebirc43543, you could go with an HDPVR. I did that for awhile23:07
tgm4883that will record one show at a time, and you'll need to have a way to change the channel on the cablebox23:08
tgm4883(i used firewire to change mine when I did that)23:08
tgm4883If your cable company supports it, you could get something like a HDHomerun Prime23:09
tgm4883that is what I use now, you'll get a cablecard from your cable company, turn in the cablebox, and can record 3 shows at once23:09
qwebirc43543what do they charge you per month for the card?23:10
qwebirc43543looks like $2 a month for me, but " CableCARDs will not provide access to digitally encrypted channels in areas where Charter has implemented Switched Digital Video (SDV)."23:23
tgm4883qwebirc43543, it's $2/month for me23:29
tgm4883which is less than a cable box23:29

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