smartboyhwGood morning Noskcaj02:34
Noskcajafternoon smartboyhw02:42
pittiGood morning05:08
smartboyhwpitti, when can you finish the questions and e-mail it to me? :)06:55
pittismartboyhw: certainly this week06:55
smartboyhwpitti, alright, thanks!06:55
DanChapmanGood Morning :-)07:29
smartboyhwHello DanChapman.07:34
smartboyhwGuys, classroom session coming up in 7 minutes!12:54
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smartboyhwDanChapman, hey, my sesssion starts now!13:02
DanChapmanok 2 see you there13:03
njinballoons, hallo bad guy, can  have the right link for xmir testing ?13:07
DanChapmannjin, THis one to install MIR http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/installing_prebuilt_on_pc.html and this one is the testcase http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/298/builds/47541/downloads13:10
njinDanChapman, thnaks13:14
phillwsmartboyhw / balloons sorry for not being there for the classroom sessin. The computer at my Dad's works has died (hard dsk failure).14:13
smartboyhwphillw, balloons isn't also:P14:13
* balloons notes he is hiding14:13
balloonsphillw, are you still here?14:47
DanChapmanhey balloons :-)15:04
balloonsHey DanChapman15:04
balloonswelcome to July my friend :-)15:04
DanChapmanIs it july already??..... :-0 so it is!!15:05
knomehappy july15:06
balloonshello knome!15:07
DanChapmanballoons did you see the 2 bugs I added today for screenshot and evince?15:08
balloonsDanChapman, why yes they're right on top :-)15:09
DanChapmanthey passed ok if you run them seperately but if you ran the whole suite of tests together they have a meltdown.15:09
balloonswild.. and that's production, so that's no good :-(15:10
balloonsdo you have a moment to take a look at them?15:10
DanChapmanYeah no problem at all :-)15:12
balloonssweet. I imagine with pitti's fixes we might be able to do some things better now15:13
smartboyhwHappy July philipballew DanChapman balloons knome15:22
philipballewsmartboyhw, Thank you15:24
smartboyhwAnd phillw and elfy15:24
elopioping balloons. Juhapekka is on holidays this week. Can you get another person from the sdk team to review the two pending branches?15:41
balloonselopio, ping me again in 5 :-)15:41
balloonselopio, sure though.. We can ask Florian for help15:41
balloonselopio, Kaleo = Florian. Let me introduce you15:42
elopiothat'd be great. I know nobody from those projects, it feels for me like they come from a separate company :)15:43
balloonsintros have been made irc style :-)15:44
smartboyhwballoons, LOL15:44
balloonssmartboyhw, I marked your work item done in the blueprint for the classroom session :-)15:47
smartboyhwballoons, thx15:47
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phillwballoons: I'm just in the initial stages of installing a brand new Win 8 desktop machine.... Hmm, this is *fun* :/16:21
balloonsphillw, I just wanted to share there's a fb page now :-) http://www.facebook.com/UbuntuQuality16:21
balloonsI thought you might be especially keen.. Seems fb lets you have org pages, and since not everyone uses g+, well, it made sense to have the more timely content appear on facebook as well16:22
smartboyhwphillw: Use Win 8.116:23
balloonselopio, cool, so you got one review in? :-) Also, did you see the link I sent about adding in slider functions?16:37
elopioballoons: yes, lets see if the lander bot doesn't complaint about the 'needs information' comment.16:38
elopioand I saw your email, I have here on my TODO for this week.16:39
elopioon friday I tried to make an emulator for the popover, but found nothing really worth it there.16:39
elopioI think a better approach would be to start writing emulators for the gallery project in ubuntu-ui-toolkit.16:40
balloonsgallery project?16:47
elopioballoons: yes, there's a gallery of the components provided by the ui-toolkit.16:48
elopiowith tests16:48
elopioI think I can use that to find some common things that will be useful as emulators.16:49
balloonsahh, tocha16:49
chilicuilballoons: help =), I was in the middle of my classroom session and ClassBot removed me the voice, my session was suppose to last 1 hour but it only let me write 30 minutes17:07
balloonschilicuil, ahh!17:07
balloonssure thing17:07
zygaanyone interested in reviewing a small bith of plainbox code: https://code.launchpad.net/~zkrynicki/checkbox/signal/+merge/17236717:25
jugglei want to run test -cases17:45
jugglebut i dont know the steps for that17:46
jugglewhere do i start ?17:46
jugglei signed on launchpad17:46
juggleinstalled bzr17:46
juggleand downloading 13.10 daily build of ubuntu17:47
balloonsjuggle, ok so if you want to run testcases and report results, you can do so using the qatracker17:47
balloonslet me send you a few links to help you get started17:48
juggleok i am waiting for links, thanks for your help17:48
balloonsThis is the QATeam wiki page if you haven't seen it :-) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam17:49
balloonsHere's the page you need on the qatracker: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/QATracker17:49
balloonsThis week is week 2 for our cadence testing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Cadence/Saucy/Week217:50
balloonsSo basically there are 2 basic things to test.. an image or a package17:50
balloonsonce you've downloaded the image you can test it using the testcases found here: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/270/builds17:51
balloonsthere are links at the top of the page that will help you17:51
balloonsIf you like video explanations, your still in luck: http://www.youtube.com/qualitybecomesyou17:51
juggleok i joined the ubuntu quality team on launchpad17:52
juggle i will continue with other links17:52
balloonsperfect, just ping if you get stuck anywhere or something is confusing :-)17:54
juggleok i will do :)17:54
balloonsif no one is around, feel free to pm me anytime17:54
balloonsi'll get the message whenever I'm around again and follow-up with you17:54
juggleok, thank you17:57
balloonsevening elfy18:05
juggleevening elfy18:05
phillwballoons: you have email :)18:06
balloonsphillw, I saw the fb post..18:06
balloonswe know have a better outlet for everyone to discuss since there is an org page18:06
balloonsafaik.. ali is also a part of the new org page as an admin.. But since I have access to a presence on fb now I can share with everyone :-)18:07
balloonsI assume it's similar to a community vs a page on g+18:07
phillwballoons: do you want me tell everyone to move>?18:09
phillw- >18:09
balloonsphillw, no no, as far as I understand it everything is as it should be. The difference is one is an organization page vs a community page. You can't "join" the org page18:10
phillwfb will be the death of  me! :P18:10
balloonsbut it should mean the stuff being posted about what's going on in quality can now be easily shared with the community and discussed18:10
balloonsphillw, lol.. ali is perhaps the best one to explain it18:11
balloonshe's happy seemingly with the addition, so I consider it a good thing18:11
phillwI'll leave all that stuff to him :)18:11
phillwhe's admin on the community page as well, so can tweak settings as needed :)18:12
juggleis it ok to install saucy salamender release on virtualbox18:12
balloonsjuggle, indeed. In fact there's a neat tool called testdrive that helps with this18:19
balloonsjuggle, we just had a session on it; http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/06/29/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t20:3118:20
balloonshave a read through :-)18:20
jugglei read, first i will install saucy salamender on virtualbox then i will install testdrive on virtualbox right?18:25
chilicuiljuggle: no, testdrive can be installed in your hardware machine, it will launch virtualbox with the most recent ubuntu development version18:28
jugglegot that now, thank you chilicuil18:29
jugglei am installing testdrive now18:29
jugglehow to add existing installed iso to the testdrive ?18:32
juggleadd ISO button is disabled on it18:32
juggleSync button seams to install full iso again right ?18:33
balloonsjuggle, if you manually downloaded an iso and want to add it to the cache check the cache folder18:35
juggleok i guess it will be possible with File + Open and selecting the iso18:38
DanChapmanballoons, ping19:28
balloonsDanChapman, pong19:28
* balloons notes ping pong is fun19:28
DanChapmanballoons, :-) i've added a comment to the evince bug rather than right an article here. Can you take a look for me https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/+bug/119653519:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1196535 in Ubuntu Autopilot Tests "Evince - troubles creating test PDF and searching document" [Undecided,New]19:30
balloonsDanChapman, I have the answer to that actually19:33
balloonswe should just include the test pdf in the branch19:33
balloonsadd it to the source directly and use it19:33
balloonsmake sense?19:33
DanChapmanthats a good idea balloons !!!19:34
balloonsI know we make many temp files, but I'm thinking adding the files needed to the source directly is probably the better way to go :-)19:34
balloonsyou live, you learn :-p19:34
DanChapmanI agree19:34
DanChapmanRIght well i'm calling it a day for today, but i will get them done tomorrow. Also do you want ubiquity in the production branch?19:36
xnoxDanChapman: we want ubiquity tests in lp:ubiquity as that's where it's developed. unlike other projects, ubiquity is ubuntu-upstream =)19:40
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balloonsDanChapman, what xnox said :-) Same as with the core-apps, since we have the upstream available to us, let's push them there :-)20:21
balloonsDanChapman, that said, it will most certainly be a part of the smoke testing, so if it's ready, let's get it committed and get it added in :-)20:27
balloonsLetozaf_, Noskcaj evening and morning to you20:51
Noskcajmorning balloons20:51
Noskcaji've made (slight) progress in getting a testdrive hangout.20:51
balloonsi was just looking at that this morning20:51
balloonswhat news do you have?20:52
NoskcajDustin supports the idea, he just needs a time that howard  and i will be online. Andres still ignores me20:52
balloonselopio, so are we stuck waiting a week for the second part of the merge? I see the toolbar and tabs pieces went in. Where does that leave us in the meantime? Should we keep with the status quo for now?20:54
balloonsNoskcaj, ahh.. well, 1 dev is all you need, so :-)20:55
elopioballoons: just the toolbar landed. The second branch is the tabs.20:55
elopioand we first have to wait for this to be packaged and released on the ppa.20:55
Letozaf_balloons, hello20:56
balloonsok, so status quo probably for another week.. :-( Kind of makes me sad but I know you'll keep hacking away making the initial version just that much better :-)20:56
elopioballoons: I can also update some existing tests. For example, the ones in the files app just use the toolbar.20:57
balloonsLetozaf_, hope you've been enjoying some time away it sounds like ;-)20:57
balloonsohh.. I didn't think any were that simple :-)20:57
Letozaf_balloons, yeah, pitty holidays are ended :)20:57
Letozaf_balloons, anyway the fun is here now :)20:57
elopioand we can extend the number of custom emulators this week, so Juhapekka gets to just review.20:58
elopiothere's no time lost :)20:58
balloonselopio, right you are20:58
* Letozaf_ realizes it's late ... wow, see you guys tomorrow :p21:01
balloonsknome, this looks neat: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stylebot/oiaejidbmkiecgbjeifoejpgmdaleoha?hl=en21:07
knomeballoons, i'm using both the web developer and firebug extensions for FF which pretty much both do that and more :)21:09
balloonsknome, I figured.. just thought.. hmm.. a novel idea, I'm guessing knome does this and a lot more21:10
knomewhy doesn't devede support multiple dvd menus :(21:11
slickymaster@balloons: Hi Nicholas, can I ask you something?22:54
meetingologyslickymaster: Error: "balloons:" is not a valid command.22:54
balloonsslickymaster, go for it22:54
slickymasterregarding my xfce4 panel testcase. I've been looking to your branch but to be honest I can not say if it's right or not, so I think it would be best just tom push it again22:55
slickymastermy question is: is there any thing in particular I should do? Or do I simply  push it to my branch?22:57
slickymasterballoons: I'm not sure if you saw my question23:00
balloonsslickymaster, I have an xfce4panel test branch?23:06
balloonsit's late here :)23:06
balloonsif you want to use code from another branch you can merge it, or just branch it yourself and modify it manually23:06
slickymastersorry, over here is almost Tuesday, but since I've been away for two weeks I'm trying to catch up on things23:07
slickymasterIt's a bit confusing. I'm David and I wrote the xfce4 panel testcase that got screwed up because it got out of sync after Jackson giant nerge23:10
slickymasterand in your last post you advised me to push a new branch to merge it23:11
balloonsslickymaster, ahh.. I'm pretty sure that was all cleared up23:23
balloonslet's just go check shall we?23:23
slickymasterand how do we do it?23:24
balloonsahh your right I rebased your branch for you23:25
balloonsat this point if you know the changes you want to make, grab a fresh branch of the head and make the changes and re-submit the merge request23:25
balloonsslickymaster, ^^23:25
slickymasterif I understand you correctly, I have to create a new branch and the just have to push my file to. Am I right?23:26
slickymasterballoons: sorry Nicholas how do I do grad a fresh branch of the head and re-submit the merge request?23:41
balloonsslickymaster, there were edits made to the file made by someone other than you, so bzr wants you to review those edits23:42
balloonsare your edits in there? ^^23:43
balloonsso you can't just push your version as-is.. The rebased version was my attempt to take your edit's and jackon's edits and put them into one file23:43
balloonsI realize this might all be really confusing to you23:44
balloonsso if that's the case, the simple thing to do is pretend nothing happened in the past23:44
slickymasterno that's a prior version of it23:44
balloonsgrab the branch and make your edits again23:44
balloonssubmit for a merge23:44
slickymasterthat's what I'm not getting. How do I grab the branch?23:45
balloons     bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests23:45
balloonsthis is the version i did23:46
balloonsif that looks good, then you might be all set23:46
slickymasterand bzr status? and then bzr commit and after that I just have to,push it, tight?23:46
slickymasterI think I got it. I'll push it in a few minutes to revision23:47
slickymasterballoons: thanks a lot for all your help Nicholas23:48
slickymasterballoons: It's already proposed for merge, Nicholas. Once again I thank you for all your help23:53
balloonsno porblem slickymaster sorry it turned out to be a bit confusing :-)23:54
balloonsI blame Jackson :-p23:54
slickymasterballoons: no problem, I got to learns something new23:54
slickymasterballoons: I'm going to finish xfce4settings testcase by the end of this week, and I'll pick up another one to to after that23:55
balloonsexcellent.. welcome back :-)23:56
slickymasterballoons: see you. best regards23:57
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