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dokocjwatson, infinity: do you know what is going on with the pycode-browser build? it seems to be progressing, but what exactly does it do? not many packages with +2d build time ...09:28
StevenKMaybe it builds libreoffice internally to process some docs ...09:28
cjwatsoninfinity: autopkgtest> Hm.  You probably want Jean-Baptiste to debug that - proposed-migration delegates most of that stuff to adt-britney.10:29
cjwatsondoko: First I've heard of it10:30
cjwatsondoko: It only took two minutes to build in raring10:31
cjwatsonHas TeX got exponentially slower or something?10:31
* ogra_ still scratches his head over copy_exec ... rolling an initrd on the builder omits all the linked libs of adbd while they get pulled in during a local build inside a chroot http://paste.ubuntu.com/5813896/ vs https://launchpadlibrarian.net/143820277/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd_0.5_UPLOADING.txt.gz10:40
ogra_(in both cases there are no virtual filesystems mounted inside the chroot)10:40
dokocjwatson, hmm, it's an endless loop10:46
JackYucjwatson: hi, may I know how did you customize the content of buttons 'Try Ubuntu' and 'Install Ubuntu' when installing? I remember you changed it to 'Install UbuntuKylin' and 'Try UbuntuKylin'.11:13
JackYucjwatson: we are trying to customize the buttons locally.11:14
cjwatsonI don't remember specifically but that change is unlikely to help you in making more invasive customisations, since I expect all I did was arrange for the images to properly know that they were called UbuntuKylin11:15
dokocjwatson, seen in unstable too, filed issue, and leaving that as is for now11:16
JackYucjwatson, well, thanks:)11:19
cjwatsonadam_g: is bug 1188788 meant to still be open for saucy?11:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1188788 in quantum (Ubuntu) "Meta bug for tracking Openstack 2013.1.2 Stable Update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118878811:20
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xnoxPlease accept above upstart ^ as it fixes a regression currently in raring-proposed version of upstart (1.8-0ubuntu1.1) bug 119595514:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1195955 in upstart (Ubuntu Raring) "Setting up upstart (1.8-0ubuntu1.1) ... dpkg: error: unknown option --compare-version" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119595514:18
xnoxfix committed in lp:ubuntu/upstart and will be part of the eminent 1.9 release.14:19
jbichahi, could Ubuntu GNOME get an isolinux screen like Kubuntu's? http://www.thecodingstudio.com/?linux&release=Kubuntu%2013.0414:44
cjwatsonYeah, I was going to take care of that14:48
jbichaI wonder if the other flavors would be interested in doing that too14:55
cjwatsonI think most of the other flavours have already stated an explicit preference one way or the other14:57
cjwatsonI just never got round to checking with Ubuntu GNOME14:57
jbichawe were using the other thing because a purple boot screen just didn't make sense; black will work though15:02
cjwatsonjbicha: Um15:03
cjwatsonjbicha: What I understood from darkxst was that it was about showing the icon while waiting for a keypress, not about the colours15:04
cjwatsonWhat *exactly* are you asking for here?15:04
jbichawhere does the color come from? I just didn't want a purple version since we currently use blue for plymouth & the desktop wallpaper15:05
cjwatson2013-06-26.log:15:18 <cjwatson> darkxst: so, I'm not sure what you mean about only getting the text-based screen - do you mean that you want the same kind of behaviour that's in Ubuntu where you just get an icon until you press a key?15:05
cjwatson2013-06-27.log:00:43 <darkxst> cjwatson, yes basically, apparently the text-based menu is not accessible for screen-readers15:05
cjwatsonSo it looks like the two of you are actually asking for different (but non-conflicting) things15:05
jbichathe Kubuntu screenshot showed a black background for the press-a-key-for-a11y-and-more screen15:06
cjwatsonI can certainly fix up the colours however you like15:06
cjwatsonYou'd actively prefer black to blue?15:06
jbichaoh, we should probably do the same blue as our grub/plymouth-text then; I didn't know how hard it was to customize the screen15:07
cjwatsonHm, I can't find where Kubuntu sets it to black ...15:08
cjwatsonjbicha: If you want to change colours, I'll need modified versions of the ubuntu.pcx and ubuntu.png files in lp:~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu, taking care to preserve the same image size, bit depth, and positioning15:10
cjwatsonAh, Kubuntu does it by way of kubuntu-blank.pcx there15:10
cjwatsonCrude but effective :)15:10
jbichayeah I'm happy with taking the easy route for now by just copying what Kubuntu does :)15:13
cjwatsonDisregard the ubuntu-touch build failure just now - dealing with it15:52
cjwatsonjibel: there seem to be loads of autopkgtests stuck in RUNNING again - is that known?16:05
dokoheh, wanted to ask that too this morning, and forgot ...16:07
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dokocjwatson, I do want to remove gdc-4.4, gdc-v1, and every binary built using these (e.g. a7xpg) on powerpc and armhf.  D v2 with libphobos is only supported on ix86 for now16:59
jibelcjwatson, there has been failures yesterday, but pitti restarted the tests, that should have unstuck autopkgtests. I'm checking what is wrong.17:04
cjwatsondoko: So I make that  a7xpg gunroar ii-esu mu-cade parsec47 plplot projectl tatan titanion torus-trooper tumiki-fighters val-and-rick xmbc.  All of those are OK except for plplot, which has further rdeps and where D is only a fairly insignificant part; could you instead change that to only use D on architectures where it's supported?  (Part of the necessary changes are there already.)17:12
cjwatson(Those are source package names rather than binaries.)17:14
dokocjwatson, ok, updating plplot17:51
cjwatsonjbicha: So, yeah, I can't do this purely by cloning from Kubuntu, because I need a version of the images with a matching colour background17:53
cjwatson(as mentioned above)17:53
cjwatsonYou might as well do that with whichever colours you actually want17:53
dokoplplot (5.9.9-5ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low17:55
doko  * Adjust PYTHON_LIBRARY for multiarch Python.17:55
doko  * Disable the Ada and D bindings for now, as they won't build.17:55
doko -- Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com>  Thu, 30 May 2013 13:47:48 +010017:55
cjwatsonIndeed, that's why I knew it was partly done17:55
cjwatsonBut I probably didn't bother disabling the build-dep17:55
cjwatsonWhen I did that, the D bindings didn't even build on x86, never mind anything else17:56
cjwatsonAnd I thought it likely that your reaction would be "please send a patch" :-)17:56
cjwatsonIf you actually care about D, by all means see if the bindings build on x86 now ...17:56
dokoam I known for that?17:56
cjwatsonYou're known for not wanting to necessarily maintain all the strange corners of the toolchain entirely by yourself ;-)17:57
dokolooking at that.17:57
dokowell, yes, ibuklaw is doing this17:57
dokoand had done a first attempt at upstreaming17:57
dokobah, plplot fails for other reasons ...18:14
doko[ 18%] Building CXX object bindings/qt_gui/pyqt4/CMakeFiles/plplot_pyqt4.dir/sipplplot_pyqt4cmodule.cpp.o18:14
dokoIn file included from /scratch/packages/tmp/plplot-5.9.9/debian/build_tmp/bindings/qt_gui/pyqt4/sipplplot_pyqt4cmodule.cpp:7:0:18:14
doko #include <sip.h>18:14
doko                 ^18:14
dokocompilation terminated.18:14
dokoScottK, ^^^ ? any idea?18:14
ScottKI've had to rebuild most all of the sip4 using packages in both Debian and Ubuntu and haven't seen anything like that.18:15
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rsalvetiinfinity: hey, if around, mind accepting ^ (amd64 one will take a while still), this is to provide a new libandroid-properties and libhybris-utils to support getting/setting android properties23:21
rsalvetistgraber: slangasek: anyone able to help with ^? seems infinity is not around today23:33
slangasekrsalveti: happy to help, I have a work item expressing my interest in helping with NEW processing for this and no one has taken me up on it ;) lookin now23:41
rsalvetislangasek: cool, thanks23:43
slangasekinteresting, why is libandroid-properties the only lib with its own binary package when all the others are in a single 'libhybris' binary?23:44
slangasekthe libandroid-properties1 looks correct per se, but it's probably worth understanding whether we should expect further package splitting or anything23:45
rsalvetislangasek: basically because the split will happen when I rebase from upstream again23:45
rsalvetiand would need changes at the other touch related packages as well23:46
slangasekwill the upstream rebase bring new sonames?23:46
rsalvetiwill do the rebase after we officially move to the flipped images23:46
rsalvetislangasek: not that I know23:46
* slangasek looks blankly at ubuntu-archive-tools, which wants him to reauthorize23:47
slangasek... and fails to launch the browser23:47
slangasekrsalveti: accepted23:47
rsalvetislangasek: thanks!23:47
infinityrsalveti: National holiday here in Canada, but glad vorlon got you sorted.23:57
slangasekinfinity: happy Canadian Cinco de Mayo23:58
infinityslangasek: Uno Julyo.23:59
slangasekinfinity: primer de julio, close enough ;)23:59
bdmurraycjwatson: could you re-review https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/ubuntu-archive-tools/phased-updater/+merge/171142?23:59
infinityslangasek: :P23:59

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