hadifarnoudsarnold: its standard wordpress htaccess00:01
sarnoldwhy oh why doesn't wordpress just install that in the main apache config? that seems like a lot to reparse every request.00:02
sarnoldoh well, it doesn't feel related to me...00:02
hadifarnoudsarnold: wordpress is shit. I have a lot of problem with it. can't really use it for local -> remote scenario. white screen of death00:03
hadifarnoudtell me about it00:03
hadifarnoudit's annoying. arggg.00:08
sarnoldhadifarnoud: hehe, perhaps that's part of the reason why the juju guys like to use their wordpress charm as their demo :)00:13
hadifarnoudsarnold: I'm a drupal guy. I used to use wp long time ago. it really didn't change at all. same thing except it's 2013 here00:14
hadifarnoudsarnold: I use it because of great themes00:15
RustyShacklefordi installed ubuntu server 13.0401:21
RustyShacklefordmy machine is connected via ethernet but it's got no internet01:22
RustyShacklefordI can ssh to it from my laptop though01:22
sarnoldRustyShackleford: check the gateway is correct in /etc/network/interfaces01:22
sarnoldgateway and netmask01:22
RustyShacklefordauto p32p101:23
RustyShacklefordiface p32p1 inet dhcp01:23
sarnoldah, is your dhcp server handing out correct netmask and gateway?01:24
RustyShacklefordthats under a comment which says "the primary network interface"01:24
sarnoldcheck 'ip route' output01:25
* sarnold -> off, good luck :)01:25
RustyShackleforddefault via dev p32p101:26
RustyShackleford10.0.0.0/24 dev p32p1  proto kernel  scope link  src
RustyShacklefordsarnold: ^01:26
sarnoldRustyShackleford: is reachable from that host?01:27
RustyShacklefordsarnold: I can ping it01:28
RustyShacklefordalso I can log into the server via ssh on my laptop01:28
ruben231hi , how do i remove static route  on Ubuntu server..02:06
TimRecan anybody tell me the proper way on setting up sftp server and allow me to jail users only to there home directory?02:27
ruben231hi guys how to add royte permanently on ubuntu server..?02:47
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tcb^ll3rhello all04:10
tcb^ll3rwhat hdd formats does server 12.04 support?04:11
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ninjaaroneh, I'm a totall ftp newb, and I just installed vsftpd on my 12.04 server. set "local_enable=YES" and "write_enable=YES". I can connect to the server and transfer files from it, but trying to transfer to it fails. I'm not sure what the problem is. It could be clientside, I guess (Filezilla on Arch).04:45
TimReninjaaron I am in the same boat as you are04:46
ninjaaronor something.04:46
ninjaaronAnyone have an answer?04:46
TimRenobody as told me how to set it up correctly04:46
TimReall the guides I seen on the web are full of bs and it dont work04:47
ninjaaronmaybe there needs to be an ftp server on the local site as well to send files... or is that stupid?04:49
ninjaaroneh, I'm a totall ftp newb, and I just installed vsftpd on my 12.04 server. set "local_enable=YES" and "write_enable=YES". I can connect to the server and transfer files from it, but trying to transfer to it fails. I'm not sure what the problem is. It could be clientside, I guess (Filezilla on Arch).04:54
ninjaaronah crap... wrong window.04:54
ninjaaronsorry for spamming.04:54
ninjaaronHey TimRe, I figured it out over here. I thought I had uncommented "write_enable=YES" in /etc/vsftpd.conf, but I guess I was wrong. I must have missed it. I uncommented it, restarted the service, and it works.05:27
ninjaaronDon't know if that will help you.05:27
foo357_Heya. I'd like to setup a mechanism for automatic package updates. There are a few approaches to this and I'm thinking of setting up some cron jobs.07:29
rbasakfoo357_: look into the unattended-upgrades package.07:33
foo357_rbasak: yes that's an option, but I have some particular demands on logging and reporting which I think it might not support.07:35
foo357_First of all I would like to get a report in advance of what will be done in the update process... (my idea right now is that the machine prepares for the update during the day and then performs it at midnight)07:37
greppyfoo357_: apticron package may help07:38
swHi, I have an issue with a script that's confusing me. I posted the part here http://pastebin.com/Q5himWTd. The /usr/pcidos cp doesn't work if before the else, gets a cannot create file error, but works ok if it's after the else? :|08:08
shodan45are there docs for kvm on ubuntu that are up to date? all the ones I'm finding are for 10.04-era stuff :(08:14
hadifarnoudI get random forbidden error on one of my virtualmin sites. it's built with Wordpress. error goes away after a while. so weird09:01
hadifarnoudLOG  [client] client denied by server configuration: /home/any1/public_html/wp-admin/media-upload.php, referer: http://any1.io/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpzoom_options09:02
foo357_rbasak: I'll try using unattended-upgrades and see how it performs... at what time will "daily" tasks be performed? I'd like to restrict activity to around midnight.09:45
rbasakfoo357_: when the daily cron job runs. See /etc/crontab.10:19
RoyKanyone that knows how many Current_Pending_Sector or Offline_Uncorrectable is somewhat acceptable before I kick out the drive? No warranty on this one10:55
ptawkohey all11:22
foo357_Hello, I've got a ubuntu server running 10.04 and I think it's time to upgrade to 12.04, is there anything I should think about before running dist-upgrade?12:18
ikoniafoo357_: read the upgrade guide ?12:23
Piciaye, as 'dist-upgrade' isn't the right method to upgrade to a new release.12:24
gpufreakdoes anyone know if MHGH28-XTC is supported by ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS ?12:24
ikoniagpufreak: what is it ?12:25
gpufreakinfiniband card12:25
gpufreakfrom mellanox12:25
ikoniagpufreak: check it's support in the linux kernel, then check if that kernel is older/newer than the one in 12.0412:25
ikoniagpufreak: also checking with the company if there is any linux support/requirements is a good thing12:26
gpufreakok will do12:26
gpufreakgoogling did not give me some good answers12:26
gpufreaksome ppl got it working but depending on FW version etc12:26
ikoniaok, so that gives you a partial answer already12:26
gpufreakyes and no ;)12:27
ptawkocan anyone recommend a simple GUI administration panel for ubuntu 12.04? (free only...)12:28
ikoniagpufreak: http://www.mellanox.com/pdf/MFT/MFT_for_Windows_user_manual.pdf12:29
ikoniagpufreak: not the most hard thing to find on their website12:29
ikonia(read the actual document, not the file name)12:29
gpufreakseems to work then...12:31
gpufreakjust got those on my desk, but lspci not showing them12:32
gpufreakso thats why im asking ;)12:32
lucascastrohow can I check if my connection pass by some proxy?12:47
raubbonding questions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding states to define the iface eth0 and eth1, but http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1631796 implies not to. Who should I trust?12:51
raub(I need coffe to type better)12:52
koolhead17hi all13:05
koolhead17smoser, who should i contact for LXC help? need to try it on openstack13:07
sander^workHi, whats wrong when I get this message:? kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unabkle to mount root fs on onknown block(0,0)13:07
ikoniagpufreak: lspci is not hardware detection13:09
ikoniasander^work: it can't find the root file system13:10
gpufreak@ikona: i know13:10
gpufreakfiguring it out now13:10
gpufreak> /sbin/lspci -d 15b3:13:11
gpufreak        02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Mellanox Technologies Unknown device 6368 (rev a0)13:11
gpufreakthe other card i had did not show up13:11
gpufreakthis one does13:11
gpufreakmaybe a broken one, will figure it out :)13:11
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Davieymatsubara: Hey, have you worked out what is going on with that timezone merge to MAAS?13:23
matsubaraDaviey, yes, I'm looking into13:23
Davieykoolhead17: LXC help, zul would be good13:23
Davieymatsubara: cool, thanks13:23
koolhead17thanks Daviey13:24
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koolhead17Daviey, around14:29
Davieykoolhead17: square14:37
jamespagezul: yikes - wassup with python-iso8601?14:39
* koolhead17 salutes jamespage 14:40
jamespagehey koolhead17 - hows things?14:41
koolhead17jamespage, exciting :) Trying to test LXC precise/grizzly14:41
jamespagekoolhead17, nice14:41
koolhead17will post the issue in few days if not able to get it working14:41
koolhead17Daviey, did u get my stupid question :D14:41
Davieykoolhead17: Yep, and answered :)14:43
koolhead17jamespage, how have you been offlate? too much juju magic?14:43
jamespagekoolhead17, never to much magive14:43
jamespagemagic rather14:43
koolhead17am getting near quantum now. trying to study the magic OVS14:43
jamespagelots of stuff going into launchpad.net/charm-helpers14:43
jamespagewe are going through a bit of a redux across the openstack charms14:44
jamespagemigrating everything to python and putting in some nice common components etc..14:44
jamespagewell adam_g is anyway14:44
jamespageI just dance around and watch :-)14:44
koolhead17jamespage, u meant python --> Go14:45
koolhead17been while heard from adam_g :D14:45
jamespagekoolhead17, nope I mean bash->python14:45
koolhead17jamespage, ooh. on top of charms. got it14:45
jamespagezul: ah - I see it already got fixed - must be stuck in proposed or something14:47
* koolhead17 wonders if zul is invisible for me. Why i don`t see him in channel :(14:48
Davieykoolhead17: zul isn't here right now.14:51
koolhead17Daviey, ooh. i saw jamespage poking him so i was confused :D14:52
sander^workWhats a good rescue cd to check for disk corruption based on ubuntu?14:56
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Davieysander^work: ubuntu desktop? :)14:57
koolhead17am i hitting a bug? /var/log/keystone15:14
koolhead17 is what dpkg -L keystone  gives15:14
koolhead17but /etc/keystone/keystone.conf says # The directory to keep log files in (will be prepended to --logfile)15:14
koolhead17log_dir = /var/log/keystone15:14
koolhead17oops my bad. it mentions the filename inside directroy15:15
sander^workWhen I mount up a disk from a rescuecd.. and getting imput/output error.. What does that mean?15:18
koolhead17the owner/group for keystone logfile is user/grp keystone why? should it not be root of the config file is owned by him15:22
* koolhead17 is confused15:22
mikeeyis there a Ubuntu-equivalent of SMB multipathing for Windows?15:35
mikeeyor something that would give me more than 109 MB/s write spee15:42
jamespagerbasak, nice one15:57
rbasakKinda scared to do an upload now in case I screw it up.15:57
* rbasak puts his extra paranoid hat on15:58
Davieyrbasak: It's still reasonable, and IMO a good idea - to ask for a peer review via debdiffs :)15:59
* Daviey does it aswell.15:59
rbasakDaviey: indeed. I certainly won't be doing anything unusual without asking first.15:59
TimRedoes anybody know the proper way of setting up jail users to there home directory under vsftp?15:59
TimReunder 12.04.2 LTS16:00
rbasakTimRe: take a look at http://askubuntu.com/q/128180/780816:00
rbasakTimRe: it's a relevant user why it's not so simple with vsftpd in 12.04.16:00
TimReso what do you say I need to do then?16:01
rbasakThe available options are documented on that page.16:01
rbasakA relevant user? Not sure what that was supposed to say. Sorry it made no sense. Hopefully you got my gist :)16:02
TimRenope that didnt work either I am still getting permission denied16:25
TimRewhen trying to upload an file16:25
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smallmousecan someone help please please.. am really stuck..i need user access to a directory using ssh18:35
smallmousehow do i create a key18:35
smallmouseand give them a key to access the server18:35
TJ-smallmouse: Start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/openssh-server.html18:37
TJ-smallmouse: And then consult https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced18:37
smallmouseTJ-: already have the ssh on aws, but i want to add a user and give them access to the www diretory have already set up the server and it worls :-D18:38
sarnoldsmallmouse: full details are in the ssh-keygen manpage; just run "ssh-keygen" and answer prompts if you ike...18:38
TJ-smallmouse: "sshfs" might be useful, depending on the exact requirements of access18:38
smallmouseTJ-: i need him to upload and download files18:39
TJ-smallmouse: All the instructions you need are in those links I gave you18:39
smallmouseTJ-: are there any specific instuctions anyone is aware of on the net, this will take time to figure out else. thanks18:41
TJ-I give up!18:41
smallmouseTJ-: unfortunately some of us have little experience...but i did get the server up with drupal :-D18:42
TJ-I suggest you *read* the instructions on the links I gave you. They were written for that purpose!18:42
mgwhow can I ensure when exiting a chroot env that all running procs are killed?18:59
smallmousehow do i download a file from an aws server using command line ? so i am in the server and need to download a key locally19:04
smallmouseitsn an unbuntu server19:05
m0nk3yjoeHello I'm trying to set up unattended-upgrades and I've edited etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades and I'm not sure if I need to then edit /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic or 10periodic?19:16
m0nk3yjoeSorry 50unattended or 10periodic?19:17
m0nk3yjoeSo, my question is about the difference between the two above?19:19
sarnoldm0nk3yjoe: I believe the 50unattended-upgrades file will override values set in the 10period file19:21
m0nk3yjoeThis blog post http://handytutorial.com/automactic-security-update-ubuntu-12-04-server/ and this one http://www.shaolintiger.com/2012/07/12/running-unattendedautomatic-security-updates-on-ubuntu-12-04-lts-precise-pangolin/ say differnt things19:21
m0nk3yjoesarnold, so either will work?19:22
sarnoldm0nk3yjoe: if you set conflicting values, I think the higher-numbered configuration file will take precedence19:23
m0nk3yjoeThanks so much!19:24
m0nk3yjoedry run seems to be going swimmingly19:24
ubuserverusersHi, does anyone know about munin 404 errors? it is setup and running but when I click on localdomain it gives a 404 error19:24
ubuserverusersI checked and the index.html does exist. Really need these munin reports to test for uptime etc... :)19:26
Piciubuserverusers: How long has munin been running for?19:27
ubuserverusersPici: I just installed it on Ubuntu Server 12.04; so about 45mins or so19:29
Piciubuserverusers: Are you just going to http://localdomain/ or are you trying to get to the localdomain section on the proper munin url?19:30
PiciAlso, have you configured munin? I don't recall what the default configs look like.19:31
ubuserverusersPici: also works but can't click on any of the links without 404. All the configs should be default19:31
PashaPastaubuserverusers: have an .htaccess file present?19:32
ubuserverusersPashaPasta: no I have not set any and do not see any present19:32
ubuserverusersI also made sure that was allowed access in the munin.config which it is already19:32
ubuserverusersalso it is lighttpd if it matters.19:33
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ubuserverusersPici: I may have found the error. My munin-update.log has this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5829146/20:00
ubuserverusersI have also tested telnet as according to munin troubleshooting20:01
ubuserverusersand it worked ok.20:01
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