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zeokilaHi there00:56
zeokilaI have a little question00:57
zeokilaIs it normal that I can't find the network configuration screen seen here http://cdn2.mos.techradar.futurecdn.net//art/mobile_phones/Ubuntu/handson/network_list-580-90.jpg00:58
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MacSlowSaviq, didn't want to side-track in the qa-hangout... but I've also https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity-notifications/remove-actionId to clean up the notification's backend-API a bit07:45
SaviqMacSlow, cool07:46
MacSlowSaviq, and https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/snap-decision-expansion/+merge/172091 seems to be ready too (from my side :)07:46
SaviqMacSlow, yup07:47
SaviqMacSlow, /me not gonna review that, as it's in part my code ;)07:47
MacSlowSaviq, sure... I'll try to get someone else07:47
dholbachgood morning07:50
MacSlow hey there dholbach07:51
dholbachhey MacSlow07:51
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Second Half of the Year Day! :-D08:39
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OnkeltemHi all11:51
OnkeltemI've a desktop computer with a chinese multitouch "frame" and would like to test Ubuntu on it11:52
OnkeltemI've got*11:52
OnkeltemWhere can I get "iso" to get Ubuntu with touch screen support?11:53
timpMy galaxy nexus stopped working :(11:59
timpafter running phablet-flash -b, it no longer boots ubuntu. When I switch it on I only see the Google logo and a lock at the bottom of the screen11:59
timpbut nothing happens and it doesn't react to anything I do11:59
ogra_timp, you should use the flipped image (we will switch to it by default today)11:59
timpwhat is the flipped image? (perhaps I missed an e-mail about that, I was on holidays last week)12:00
ogra_timp, we flipped the container model, boot into ubuntu and run android under lxc in a container12:00
timpogra_: so phablet-flash --flipped should fix it?12:00
ogra_i just manually flashed the last flipeeed image here, works fine on my maguro12:01
timpadb root terminates fine, but adb shell gives me this: - exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) -12:01
timpI am running phablet-flash --flipped now to see if it gets fixed12:01
timpI guess -b erased my fs12:02
OnkeltemDoes anybody know can I unstall Ubuntu touch on a desktop?12:02
ogra_hmm, -b usually boorstraps afresh, try booting into recovery12:02
timpOnkeltem: sorry, I never tried. I guess you can install "normal" ubuntu on it and try out the touch coreapps12:03
timpOnkeltem: but probably I am not the best person to help you with this12:04
ogra_Onkeltem, you cant, there is a way to install the UI though (ubuntu touch as a whole currently requires android, but you can install the unity8 UI)12:04
Onkeltemogra_: ah, I see. Actually, I only need touch screen support. Sure I would prefer to install some package/drivers on my 12.04 to get it working12:04
Onkeltembut I have no idea what should I install :)12:05
timpOnkeltem: did you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen ?12:05
Onkeltemtimp: what are "touch coreapps"?12:05
Onkeltemtimp: thanks, reading....12:06
ogra_apps written for ubuntu touch (the phone/tablet OS)12:06
timpogra_: hmm, the phone booted into "CMW-based Recovery v6.0.2.8", but my laptop is still pushing files12:07
Laneyhappened here too but it worked12:08
timpmaybe here also.12:09
* timp still waiting while looking at a green android12:09
timpat least no error messages now on my laptop12:09
timpyeah! it rebooted in ubuntu :)12:12
timpogra_: ^ thanks12:12
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didrocksogra_: FYI, we had to revert to 3.9.0-7 as we have some lxc issue with otto due to latest kernel12:17
didrocksogra_: just in case you start having troubles with some containers for the phone12:18
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ogra_didrocks, lol, our newest kernel is 3.5 on touch and they are all android kernels, no worries :)12:26
didrocksogra_: don't you pivot_root? oh, but you pivot_root to an android kernel?12:26
ogra_we only use android kernels all over (for booting ubuntu as well as running lxxc)12:27
ogra_and they dont get any mainline changes, only patches to add features or to change config12:28
didrocksok :)12:28
ogra_didrocks, but thanks for the heads up12:28
didrocksno worries :)12:28
* ogra_ wonders if there is a way to close tabs in the browser 12:29
xnoxogra_: i failed in figuring out a way..... i was expecting it to be similar to closing apps.12:30
ogra_yeah, that doesnt seem to work ... i was expecting something in the HUD12:31
ogra_but there is nothing either12:31
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ogra_didrocks, note that when we got the new apparmor into our kernels, we had to hack around an issue in the lxc config12:32
didrocksogra_: we had to disable the apparmor profile for otto, I guess because of the same issue :)12:32
ogra_i think that was a backport of the patchset you guys now have in the generic kernel too12:32
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esigolohave you guys saw the galaxy s4 quick menu ? is identical of ubuntu touch13:10
Onkeltemthey had copystolen it!13:11
user82esigolo, screenshot?13:19
cjwatsonogra_: I've deployed my integration of do-zip-android into cdimage; I'm just going to let it run from cron, since that's due to start in 13 minutes anyway, but I'll keep an eye on logs13:19
cjwatsonogra_: /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/utouch-android/ exists now13:19
cjwatson(Hopefully setting the group-writable bit on everything under that won't matter)13:20
ogra_cjwatson, well, until we clean up the mess i made in current i guess it will fail at the samme setp of looking for a link as it did the last two days13:20
* ogra_ will switch it back to links in the dir before the build finishes 13:21
rsalvetiogra_: stgraber: how to the phablet user to access files under /dev/socket/?13:21
cjwatsonogra_: I didn't look at the reasons behind that, but it won't necessarily fail like that, no.13:21
rsalvetithat's a link to the container fs, but via proc13:21
ogra_rsalveti, ? can you elaborate ?13:21
rsalvetiogra_: as a user, you don't have read/write permission to any file under /dev/socket13:22
ogra_tsdgeos, thats a loink to the actually running container13:22
ogra_rsalveti, indeed13:22
tsdgeosah :D13:22
ogra_rsalveti, if you wouldnt, ofono wouldnt work13:22
cjwatsonogra_: Oh.  Yeah, you did make a mess of that, actually :)13:22
rsalvetiogra_: ofono runs as root13:22
ogra_cjwatson, i did, before i understood how it works13:22
cjwatsonogra_: Let me fix that up13:23
ogra_rsalveti, then we need to change permissions i'd say, i was under the impression having android do that would be fine13:23
cjwatsonogra_: Why can't it just be a single link to 20130630 now?13:23
ogra_cjwatson, it definitely can13:23
cjwatsonogra_: OK, I'll apply that13:24
ogra_thanks !13:24
rsalvetiogra_: I want the phablet user to access /dev/socket/property_service, but it can't even access /dev/socket13:24
rsalvetiogra_: guess because it's a link to /proc13:25
esigolouser82: take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=daM-3wF3-_M#at=25613:26
ogra_rsalveti, well, proc is accessible, the root subdir issnt for some reason13:26
rsalvetiogra_: yup, that's why my question :-)13:27
ogra_rsalveti, i guess we need stgraber for that :)13:27
ogra_i never noticed that before13:27
rsalvetiogra_: hm, flashed the latest and got android with adb shell13:31
ogra_rsalveti, that cant be13:32
rsalvetiogra_: well, just flash it13:32
ogra_we even remove the adbd binary on the android side on startup of the container13:32
ogra_i just did13:32
ogra_runs fine on both devices i have (maguro, grouper)13:32
rsalvetiyeah, it makes no sense13:33
rsalvetiogra_: must be something local here, let me reflash13:34
ogra_looks like you have the wrong boot.img13:34
rsalvetionce we switch officially we need to get -b working as well, for a quick way to do a clean flash13:35
iBelievepopey: ping13:36
popeyhey iBelieve13:37
iBelievepopey, will there be a file manager meeting this Thursday since it is Independence Day here in the US?13:38
popeyiBelieve: sure will13:40
iBelievepopey, okay. I probably won't be able to be there.13:40
popeyno problem iBelieve13:40
rsalvetiogra_: working fine after a reflash, something went wrong here13:44
esigolois true wifi and bluetooth doe not work at same time on nexus 4?13:51
stgraberrsalveti, ogra_: right, a user can't see /proc/<pid>/root of a process that doesn't match it's uid, that's one of the many reason why symlinking to /proc/<pid>/root/<something> or bind-mounting it is a bad idea14:04
stgraberwould cp -a work there or are those real sockets where you'd end up pointing to something else than the original socket?14:05
rsalvetistgraber: right, I believe a cp would already work14:06
ogra_they are real sockets needed for communication14:06
ogra_rsalveti, i doubt cp would work, you will lose the endpoint14:07
rsalvetiyeah, not sure, need to try14:07
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cjwatsonogra_: OK, I think I've got it all in shape now, and cdimage understands what's going on well enough to make current a symlink again14:45
cjwatsonogra_: I'd appreciate confirmation that the resulting images actually work as expected, of course14:46
ogra_cjwatson, syncing ... we might need to rename the bootimg files though :/ ... unless we change "phablet-flash -b"14:47
cjwatsonogra_: I didn't change any of the output file names; what's there now is what was there before14:47
cjwatsonSo if we need to rename them now then it's unrelated to the work I just did14:47
ogra_oh, .htaccess seems to be missing icons for the bootimg files ... but thats rather minor14:48
cjwatsonHuh, the AddIcon docs lie14:49
cjwatsonhttps://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_autoindex.html#addicon says I can use a wildcard expression14:49
ogra_(i didnt look at the file, just at the webpage)14:50
cjwatsonOh, maybe that needs to be *.bootimg-* rather than .bootimg-* then14:50
cjwatsonogra_: So why do the bootimg file names suddenly need to be changed now when they were fine before?14:53
cjwatsonNothing in phablet-tools seems to have any matches for bootimg ...14:53
ogra_well, phablet-flash just uses the boot.img notation14:54
ogra_or -boot-armel+$subarch.img14:54
cjwatsonOh, you mean to sync up with ubuntu-touch-preview14:55
ogra_cjwatson, well, phablet-flash -b bootstraps the device via bootloader flashing of img files (versus that actual flashing process that uses zips which contin these img files)14:55
cjwatsonSo IOW this never worked in ubuntu-touch?14:55
ogra_we never used the files from ubuntu-touch for botstrapping yet14:56
cjwatsonIt's easy enough to rename them, or to create links.  Which do you prefer?  Does anything currently look at the *.bootimg-* names?14:56
ogra_but with the full switch and ubuntu-touch-preview going away we need to switch over14:56
ogra_the do-zip script did ... nothing apart of that14:57
ogra_links woudl be fine14:57
cjwatsonIf nothing other than do-zip-android cared, then we should rename14:57
cjwatsonBecause that's now fully incorporated into cdimage14:57
ogra_i wanted to keep the boot.img files that contain an ubuntu initrd easily distinguishable, until we fully switch14:57
ogra_thats why i chose a different name14:57
cjwatsonIs that an argument against renaming now?  (Sorry, finding it a bit hard to follow.)14:58
ogra_cjwatson, no, just rename or link as you like14:59
cjwatsonOK, thanks.  I'll grab some coffee and sort that out15:00
ChristWahyuhi ;)15:01
cjwatsonMuch easier to be sure of things now that this has test cases15:01
cjwatsonWell, a test case15:01
ogra_and much better to only have one image too :)15:02
ChristWahyuhello ? anyone ?15:03
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mhall119hello ChristWahyu15:05
ChristWahyuoh, how are you ? :)15:05
esigolofine and you?15:06
ChristWahyume too :)15:06
ChristWahyubut i wan't to ask how do i adding content like images, videos,etc on my ubuntu touch device ? :)15:08
esigoloChristWahyu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes#Adding_Content15:10
esigoloChristWahyu: is a tutorial very easy to follow15:10
esigoloif you need some more help15:10
esigolojust ping me15:10
ChristWahyuok ;) i will ping you15:11
esigoloi'm gouing to grab some food now ! but brb15:12
ChristWahyuall right be careful esigolo :)15:13
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ZDmitryballoons: ping15:16
balloonsZDmitry, pong, but I might need a min ;-)15:17
ZDmitryballoons, no problem )15:17
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balloonsZDmitry, go for it ;-)15:19
ZDmitryballoons, we have MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~hiroshidi/ubuntu-terminal-app/autopilot-header-and-settings/+merge/17228715:21
ZDmitrybut I have some qestions15:22
balloonsZDmitry, alright, ask away..15:23
balloonsohh sqlite3 I see15:23
ZDmitryballoons, first of, is it correct to emulate chanching of orientation by expanding width?15:24
balloonsThat's a really good question ZDmitry! I don't think I should answer that myself. We should discuss with the autopilot folks15:24
balloonsI would say yes, but I'm curious what they might say15:25
balloonsSo I wouldn't hold anything up and run with that for now, but we'll take it as a question to ask15:26
ZDmitryballoons, ok. Next question: I wrote functions to work with slider. Unfortunately dragging work in some weird manner, which cause using magic nums in lines 405-40815:31
balloonsZDmitry, "magic nums"?15:31
balloonsThe slider functions are an excellent idea, and I'm going to look to get them added to the sdk emulator15:32
ZDmitryballoons, I mean slider works perfect, but I want to slide it by 1 value per each iteration15:33
ZDmitryI have min value - 8 and max - 3215:33
ZDmitrytotal 14 values15:34
ZDmitryballoons, and as you see by code, I have non integral value (1.4 instead of 1) for teration to  get 18 and 19 font size values.15:36
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ichigo-rokuUbuntu Touch will be Android based or more like GNU/Linux on PC ?15:38
popeyNeither ☻15:38
ZDmitryballoons, so this is the problem. If we throw out condition "1 value - 1 iteration" and make just sliding of the thumb - all works fine!15:40
balloonsZDmitry, ahh ok.. So the slider really doesn't match up with the values rendered15:40
balloonsZDmitry, I'll have to run through it myself but I think I get what your saying15:41
ZDmitryballoons, ok15:42
ogra_ichigo-roku, ubuntu touch makes use of some android binary drivers and the android kernel, it isnt "android based"15:43
ogra_apart from the above it is a plain Ubuntu like you have on a PC15:43
balloonsKaleo, ping. elopio and myself have been working on the ubuntu sdk autopilot emulator and trying to get a couple merge requests in. Thanks for your help in having Juhapekka look at the merges, but he's now out for the week. Is there another person on your team who could help finish the reviews?15:43
balloonselopio, meet Kaleo .. Kaleo meet elopio :-)15:44
elopiothanks balloons. Nice to meet  you Kaleo.15:44
ichigo-rokuogra_, thanks15:48
ogra_while in the first images this was actually true, in the latest ones android just runs as a process in an lxc container15:49
ogra_(booting into ubuntu instead of android like it did in teh beginning)15:49
cjwatsonogra_: OK, I've done that renaming.  Are the other file name discrepancies between ubuntu-touch-preview and ubuntu-touch known and OK?15:59
ogra_cjwatson, which ones ?16:05
* ogra_ check16:05
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Kaleoelopio: nice to meet you!16:07
Kaleoballoons: unfortunately no16:07
Kaleoballoons: sorry about that16:07
cjwatsonogra_: saucy-preinstalled-armel+*.zip only in ubuntu-touch-preview; saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.* renamed to saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.*, I think; saucy-preinstalled.changelog only in ubuntu-touch-preview; ubuntu_stamp only in ubuntu-touch-preview16:07
ogra_changelog needs cdimage integration afaik16:08
cjwatsonSure, my question is whether it's a blocking problem if it isn't there :)16:08
elopioKaleo: here I got the review, but he left it in 'Needs information'. We just need somebody to land it.16:08
ogra_ubuntu stap shouldnt be needed anymore ... phablet-flash should use the dirname and internally (once the RT is processes) we will use /var/log/installer/media-info16:08
elopioI already changed the bits about the objectName that he suggested.16:09
ogra_shouldnt be blocking ... just inconvenient until we have it16:09
cjwatsonsaucy-preinstalled-armel+*.zip and saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.* -> saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.* were the main parts of my question, really16:09
elopioKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/toolbar_emulator/+merge/17172016:10
ogra_yeah, thats fine, phablet-flash already covers these16:10
cjwatsonOh, in fact saucy-preinstalled-armel+*.zip -> saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+*.zip16:10
ogra_thats ok16:11
ogra_i'm a bit wonderig if we shouldnt make boot be armhf+$subarch ... technically there is no armel in it anyore ... but i guess that needs sergiusens to fix that bit in phablet-tools too16:11
cjwatson/usr/share/pyshared/phabletutils/settings.py:boot_file_img = '%s-preinstalled-boot-armel+%s.img'16:12
cjwatsonlooks like it16:12
sergiusensogra_: change it16:12
xnoxhmmm?! ogra_ android bits compiled to armhf?16:12
sergiusensxnox: no16:12
ogra_xnox, no, but boot.img being fully ubuntu16:12
ogra_the android armel boot.img is shipped inside the zip in /system/boot nowadays16:12
ogra_we only use it for the container now16:13
sergiusensogra_: only the ramdisk is in /system/boot... boot.img == ramdisk + kernel16:13
Kaleoelopio: let me see16:13
ogra_sergiusens, oh, indeed16:13
ogra_well, tegh armmel bits from boot.img then :)16:13
ogra_*the armel16:14
Kaleoelopio: did he finish his review?16:14
* ogra_ wonders whats up with his chromebook kbd ... 16:14
Kaleoelopio: or do you think he had other comments coming?16:14
cjwatsonsergiusens: It'd be good for the phablet-tools changes that are necessary to fetch the new armhf-ish boot.img path to land before I change cdimage to publish those file names for ubuntu-touch, perhaps?16:18
elopioKaleo: yes, he finished and I think there were no more comments. We were talking on friday before he left.16:19
elopiohe said "i will be out of office next week and i am about to eod. i trust you to review and discuss with the sdk people on this :)"16:19
om26ersergiusens, Hi!16:19
sergiusenscjwatson: it's not actively used, so it's easier for you to change first, but I'll ping you for good timing in when to do it16:19
elopiohe was refering to the objectName, which I finally worked around, so nothing to discuss :)16:19
sergiusensom26er: hey16:20
om26ersergiusens, can we have new release of phablet-tools in saucy (precise ppa as well). please16:20
sergiusensom26er: what do you mean? that is daily released16:20
sergiusensom26er: if it failed to do so during the weekend, look at fginther's email ;-)16:21
om26ersergiusens, seems its not, last release to saucy was 2013-06-2216:21
sergiusensom26er: on saucy?16:21
om26ersergiusens, yep, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phablet-tools16:21
cjwatsonsergiusens: OK, well, I can do it now (for tomorrow's build), if you like16:22
Kaleoelopio: I see16:22
Kaleoelopio: approved then16:22
sergiusenscjwatson: sure, sounds good to me16:23
sergiusensom26er: strange, let me check in a bit16:23
om26ersergiusens, sure, thanks16:23
elopioKaleo: awesome. Thanks. He didn't review the other one, so I guess we should wait there.16:24
Kaleoelopio: which one?16:24
elopioKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/tabs_emulator/+merge/17215316:24
Kaleoelopio: right16:24
cjwatsonogra_,sergiusens: just to double-check, you mean http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817216/ ?16:25
esigoloChristWahyu: i'm back ! success?16:26
sergiusenscjwatson: yes16:27
sergiusensom26er: the last two merges are from this weekend prior to the release, given the network issue I'm guessing it should land soon-ish16:28
cjwatsonsergiusens,ogra_: thanks, done16:28
om26ersergiusens, ok, still you would need to copy stuff to the ppa manually ?16:29
sergiusensom26er: saucy goes to archives16:29
om26ersergiusens, we also want for precise since the host in the lab has precise installed on it16:30
sergiusensom26er: I know, don't worry about it ;-)16:30
om26ersergiusens, cool16:30
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esigolowhere can i read the ubuntu-touch roadmap?16:37
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lgp171188Hey, I read Nicholas Skaggs' post on Planet Ubuntu calling for people to write autopilot test cases for the Sudoku game. Is this the right channel to ask questions regarding that?17:07
ogra_balloons, ^^^ for you :)17:09
balloonslgp171188, yes, fire away!17:09
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zoktarHello is there any command line battery monitor that would work on a nexus 7? , id like to check the battery status over ssh.17:13
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manoelramon\msg rsalveti "Oi Ricardo.. tudo bem ?"17:20
esigolozoktar: i don't now if upower is working on touch yet17:22
esigolozoktar: if you want to give a shot http://askubuntu.com/questions/69556/how-to-check-battery-status-using-terminal17:22
esigoloor cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state, cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info17:23
esigoloit work on ubuntu don't know if it is working on touch17:24
esigolozoktar: ope17:35
AskUbuntuUbuntu Touch Install Problem | http://askubuntu.com/q/31509517:36
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esigolo http://askubuntu.com/q/31509517:41
xnoxrebootstrapped nexus7 from a full scratch and I'm loving the ubuntu logo and purple background in the clockwork mod.17:44
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lgp171188Hey all, I read Nicholas Skaggs' post on Planet Ubuntu calling for people to write autopilot test cases for the Sudoku game. Is this the right channel to ask questions regarding that?18:09
ogra_lgp171188, he answered you above when you asked the same the last time18:10
lgp171188ogra_: I'm sorry I got disconnected and didn't get to see the reply. :(18:11
ogra_he is "balloons" in here18:11
balloonsogra_, :-) Thanks18:12
balloonslgp171188, yes, this is the right channel to ask. what questions do you have? Glad to hear of your interest; I'm happy to help18:12
lgp171188balloons, I am totally new to Ubuntu touch, seen some demo videos of it, read that apps are being developed for it using the SDK which is based on QML, which I am yet to learn. In case it helps, I have a Galaxy Nexus phone on which I can run Ubuntu touch and the apps. Where and how do I get started?18:14
lgp171188I will for starters read about the SDK, QML and autopilot. But is there a comprehensive guide that'd help me?18:14
balloonslgp171188, you sound like a perect canindate :-)18:14
balloonslgp171188, yes there's a lovely site to get you started18:15
balloonsfor qml and sdk apps; http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/getting-started/currency-converter-phone-app/18:15
ogra_hmm, is the claculator app broken today ?18:15
balloonsand for autopilot; http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/quality/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/18:15
* ogra_ gant get it started when testing todays flipped image18:15
balloonslgp171188, then for testing specifically this page has the full details, linking to the tutorial and the list of what's needed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Testing18:16
lgp171188balloons: I will start reading them one by one. Do I need a Ubuntu system running for any of these? Right now I am running Debian unstable and I am ready to create a Ubuntu Saucy VM if needed.18:17
balloonslgp171188, first things first though right? Have you flash your device? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install18:17
balloonslgp171188, yea, a saucy vm should suite you just fine. Autopilot (the testing tool) and the sdk are both built against ubuntu saucy18:18
balloonslgp171188, the folks involved in writing and testing sdk apps hang out here and a few other places #ubuntu-autopilot, #ubuntu-quality. Feel free to work your way through things, asks questions and help out18:19
balloonsglad to have you18:19
lgp171188balloons, right now I am using Cyanogenmod 10.1 nightlies and I'm slightly scared to switch to Ubuntu touch full-time. Since I am just getting started is there an emulator of sorts that I can use? Of course I could make a Nandroid backup of my cyanogenmod and install Ubuntu touch if that is really needed.18:20
esigoloogra_: qemulator is already operatiol?18:21
balloonslgp171188, if you want to save the phone stuff for later ,you can develop and test ubuntu touch apps from the desktop.. everything works on the desktop too ;-)18:21
balloonsI believe there is also flipped images allowing you to swap between touch and android, but someone else here should explain those18:22
ogra_blaroche_, lol ... no18:22
ogra_flipped images mean that you boot into the ubuntu root and android gets started in an lxc container18:22
balloonslgp171188, so writing a ubuntu sdk app, running it, and testing it using autopilot can all be done on the desktop18:23
ogra_vs the original approach of booting into android and running ubuntu in a chroot18:23
ogra_it has nothing to do with switching back and forth or so18:23
lgp171188balloons, that is great to hear. So I will just setup a Saucy VM and then get started. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.18:23
ogra_(flipped is supposed to be the default from tomorrow on btw)18:23
lgp171188ogra_: So is there a concept of dual boot there?18:24
balloonsogra_, ty.. I thought so, I was just hoping for more :-)18:24
ogra_lgp171188, nope, and not planned ...18:24
lgp171188oh then let me do all my work on the desktop for now :)18:24
ogra_with every step we go forward the ubuntu stuff will even get more intrusive so planning for dual boot would not allow us to do a bunch of stuff18:25
esigoloogra_: i can't see any point to dualboot since we have backup images18:27
ogra_esigolo, right, but people ask about it from time to time18:27
fgintherpopey, is there a weekly core-apps meeting?18:30
popeykinda. we have meetings between dpm mhall119 and myself on monday, and then separate meetings for each team through the week18:30
esigoloogra_: we have alot of updates every week18:30
popeyfginther: what do you need?18:30
* Qball likes 13.04 on nexus 718:31
esigoloogra can you imagine installing and configuring the dualboot every ypdate?18:31
fgintherpopey, I thought it might be useful to be a part of your regular meeting to discuss jenkins needs18:31
popeygreat idea18:32
popeyfginther: invited18:33
fgintherpopey, thanks18:33
fgintherpopey, is there a meeting for stock-ticker?18:34
fgintherthis week?18:34
lgp171188I am trying to install the daily image of Ubuntu touch on my Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro) just to try out Ubuntu. I'm trying to follow the instructions in the manual installation section and there the image corresponding to my device is required. But when I check the cdimage.ubuntu.com link I find there are multiple images for my device. Which one should I use?18:34
popeyfginther: there are separate meetings for each individual app, listed on the page:- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Meetings18:35
mhall119fginther: 14:30 UTC on wednesday18:35
lgp171188for example the images have the name preinstalled-maguro, preinstalled-recovery* and preinstalled-system*18:35
fgintherpopey, mhall119 thanks18:35
esigololgp171188: it is alot more simple with phablet-flash18:35
esigololgp171188: i'm flashing using a ubuntu virtual machine18:36
lgp171188esigolo: I got that by reading through the document, but I am on Debian Jessie and I don't have my Saucy VM ready yet.18:36
esigololgp171188: is a galaxy nexus right?18:36
esigololgp171188: zip files :)18:43
esigoloif you want to do it with CWM18:43
greyback_sergiusens: ping18:44
sergiusensgreyback_: what up?18:45
greyback_sergiusens: hey, having trouble flashing flipped saucy to my Galaxy Nexus18:45
sergiusensgreyback_: checksum errors?18:46
greyback_sergiusens: ah possibly, yes. "Error while downloading, ensure connection"18:46
lgp171188esigolo: There are references to 2 images in the manual installation. should I use saucy-preinstalled-armel+maguro.zip for both? I am using CWM.18:47
greyback_sergiusens: I'd read that as it's trying to download something new and fails18:47
sergiusensgreyback_: yeah, the checksum file on the server has a wrong path and my latest_build detection fails to find .x iterations18:48
sergiusensgreyback_: error message could be fixed18:48
greyback_sergiusens: so it's fixed? I'm downloading again now18:48
esigoloyes zip for both18:48
lgp171188esigolo: the same zip?18:49
sergiusensgreyback_: well you can fix the .md5sum files from your download and it should work18:49
esigololgp171188: no18:49
greyback_sergiusens: okay18:49
esigololgp171188: i think is saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip18:50
lgp171188which one should I use for the 2nd step? the one named phablet?18:50
lgp171188oh ok I will use that18:50
esigoloogra_: can you confirm that?18:50
esigololgp171188: for me (nexus 4 ) is saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip i just want to be sure if that image is for all devices18:52
ogra_esigolo, sorry, what should i confirm ?18:54
QballI am god!18:54
Qballgrass is green?18:54
lgp171188Got one more doubt here. The manual installation just involves copying files to /sdcard/ as autodeploy.zip and rebooting to recovery? Nothing to flash?18:54
esigolosaucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip         is a universal image right ?18:55
esigololgp171188: just copy both to the sdcard18:55
esigoloflash maguro image first and the armhf18:56
esigolorebot and enjoy !18:56
esigolojust remember to copy you backup image to your pc with adb just in case18:56
ogra_esigolo, right, the armhf.zip is the ubuntu rootfs and has no hardware related bits in it18:56
esigoloogra_: thanks18:56
ogra_the armel+$subarch.zip files are the corresponding HW specific parts18:57
esigololgp171188: got it ?18:59
lgp171188downloading the phablet image now. Will flash both one after other and see if things work for me.18:59
esigololgp171188: are going to backup you device with cwm also?19:00
lgp171188I have taken a nandroid backup19:00
esigololgp171188: great19:01
esigologood luck19:01
lgp171188thanks for the help ogra_ and esigolo :)19:01
lgp171188I flashed the phablet image without any errors. Then on rebooting the phone I got the Google logo and the screen just turned blank after that. What could be wrong? :(19:06
pmcgowanlgp171188, just reboot again19:07
pmcgowanthere is a race we are fixing19:07
lgp171188pmcgowan: On rebooting, same thing happens.19:08
lgp171188but the OS booted successfully now19:08
lgp171188I tried to login into the Gmail app and it asked me to install the app. Clicking that gives a network error for an itunes URL. How do I go back to go to the mobile Gmail site?19:12
esigololgp171188: is easy to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL9g-v4ngqE watch a hands on to learn how to slide foward and back :)19:15
lgp171188ok one more question  how do I change the time? It shows that I am in London shows the time in London. I am in India. :)19:19
esigololgp171188: toy have to change it from command line https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes search for time zone for instruvtions19:21
Gab9281hello ^19:21
Gab9281okay do someone know some bugs about the touch ubuntu flash on nexus 419:21
Gab9281when i do the phablet-flash -b command on the nexus 4 he stay stuck waiting the device19:22
esigoloafter the initial flash?19:22
esigoloGab9281: just reboot it manually19:23
Gab9281i ve already tryed and it stay stuck19:24
Gab9281i am still gonna do it again19:24
Gab9281device is found on the adb19:24
Gab9281but the phablet-flash is still waiting for the device19:25
esigolohow did you the flash19:25
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Gab9281ive did the flash the same way explained on the website19:27
Gab9281with the automatic phablet19:27
Gab9281i ll go verify the unlock mode19:27
esigoloGab9281: from the stock rom?19:27
Gab9281stock rom 4.2.219:27
esigoloafter flash19:28
Gab9281it didnt flashed19:28
esigolothe ubuntu phone don't boot up ?/19:28
Gab9281it just dont flash19:28
esigoloare U in recovery mode?19:28
Gab9281going in recovery mode19:28
Gab9281ubuntu droid with a red triangle with an exclamation mark ^19:29
esigoloGab9281: Note, 'adb devices' should not show the device as 'offline'. If it does, unplug the device, run adb under sudo on the workstation (sudo adb kill-server; sudo adb start-server), then plug the device back in19:29
esigoloGab9281: nexus 4 right ?19:30
esigoloGab9281: download the recovery image https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images#occamjdq3919:31
Gab9281when i go in recovery mode, theres a droid with a red triangle and an exclamation mark19:32
om26er_Gab9281, you need to enable android debugging from within android. and then accept the key that appears in the dialog, else adb will show it offline19:33
Gab9281it is normal ^19:33
Gab9281it is shown when it is started19:33
Gab9281as soon he restart with the phablet-flash command19:33
Gab9281and goes to the bootstrapper menu, it is no more19:33
Gab9281my phone is opened and it is in the adb devices command19:34
esigoloGab9281: are you able to get on the bootloader screen19:35
Gab9281well it goes automatically with the flashing command19:35
Gab9281and i know how to get to it manually19:35
esigolowait are you able to boot up the phone on android ?19:36
Gab9281what is it ^19:37
esigolohave u boot it up and see19:37
esigoloif debug mode is enabled19:37
Gab9281thats what i did19:37
Gab9281and it was still waiting19:37
esigoloremove usb19:38
esigoloenabloe it again and plug19:38
esigoloaccept on dialog box19:38
esigolorun an adb devices19:39
Gab9281other terminal with the flash : waiting for device19:40
esigolois not listed?19:40
Gab9281it is listed19:40
esigolocancel the other terminal please19:40
esigoloGab9281: run it again19:41
Gab9281phablet-flash -b ^19:42
Gab9281device restarted on bootstrap19:43
Gab9281terminal showing waiting for device19:43
Gab9281whats next ^19:44
esigolocancel and run it again please19:44
Gab9281device not on the ad19:45
Gab9281ps : on bootstrap19:45
Gab9281the device is on the bootloader and no adb19:45
Gab9281command do not work19:45
esigolosudo adb kill-server; sudo adb start-server19:45
esigolorun it again19:46
Gab9281device not on adb19:46
esigolopmcgowan: can you give me a hand here?19:47
esigoloGab9281: boot it up19:47
esigolorun sudo adb kill-server; sudo adb start-server19:48
Gab9281to put it brief : adb isnt working while in bootloader19:48
esigolorun the phablet again please19:48
Gab9281i ll do19:48
Gab9281working until bootloader pop up19:49
Gab9281stuck on bootloader19:49
esigoloSweet Jesus19:49
esigolosudo apt-get update19:50
esigolosudo apt-get upgrade19:50
esigolosee if there is any update to phablet-tools19:50
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Gab9281ubuntu core only19:51
Gab9281running on ubuntu gnome 13.0419:52
esigoloGab9281: let me see something hold on please19:52
esigologet it back to bootloader screen19:55
esigolorun and adb devices19:55
ogra_cjwatson, hmm, there seems to still be an issue with the .md5sum files ... they dont match whats in MD5SUMS19:56
esigoloGab9281: have you added the proper ppa ?19:57
esigolosudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools right ?19:57
Gab9281do the phone flash via bootloader ^20:03
ogra_Gab9281, you can flash the recovery img via bootloader (fastboot)20:06
Gab9281doing it manually ^20:06
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ogra_Gab9281, download http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130701.2/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+mako.img20:08
ogra_then: fastboot flash recovery saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+mako.img20:08
ogra_while the phone is at the bootloader20:08
ogra_afterwards: fastboot reboot recovery20:08
ogra_that should get you into a recovery session (with ubuntu logo on the screen)20:09
ogra_then just follow the install wikipage for manual installation20:09
* popey thinks perhaps we should add a section to the wiki about what to do in these circumstances? ogra_ ?20:13
popeygiven it seems to be a bit of a FAQ20:13
ogra_popey, yeah20:13
pmcgowanpopey, shall we add it to the install page?20:15
popeythe install page needs to be broken up i think20:16
popeyit seems to cover too much at the moment20:16
popeymaybe a /Touch/Install for the absolute basics and /Touch/Troubleshooting which has very specific error conditions20:16
popey(and their solutions)20:17
popeye.g. putting android back on a device shouldn't be on the install page20:17
pmcgowanpopey, sure as long as its clearly linked, I expect folks to be using the install page when they run into these problems20:17
popeyyeah, we can link to the other pages20:17
popeyI'll take a look at re-working it in the morning20:17
pmcgowanpopey, ok, the need hep section is pretty obvious for this20:18
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esigoloGab9281: sorry i had a problem with power cord twice20:19
Qballthey are so hard20:19
Gab9281when i write flashboot flash recovery *image*20:21
Gab9281it says " waiting for device "20:21
Gab9281thats where i was stuck with the phablet-flash command xD20:22
ogra_Gab9281, but you are in bootloader mode on the device ?20:22
Gab9281i was20:22
* Qball hums spinning wheels20:22
ogra_(giant android on the screen, huge "START" at the top)20:22
ogra_try to prefi it with sudo then20:23
Gab9281maybe O.o20:23
gab9281back sorry20:24
gab9281-_-" sudo brought the recovery20:26
gab9281it is really the joke O.lo20:26
gab9281seems like it is -_-"20:26
gab9281i felt stupid on this one guys : the only problem was the sudo20:27
esigolopower cord is killing me20:27
esigolosorry gab928120:27
gab9281its okay : reminder for the touch/install website : mention sudo when theres need to be20:28
ogra_there shouldnt (only for fastboot)20:28
gab9281there was a need of it20:28
ogra_if you need sudo for adb thats a bug with the udev rules20:28
ogra_(and should be fixed)20:29
ogra_please file a bug against android-tools20:29
ogra_(if you can confirm that adb with sudo works indeed)20:29
binmosaI just started to write my first app for Ubuntu touch , but I didn't find the option : Projects > Ubuntu > Simple Touch UI in my SDK ?20:34
pmcgowanbinmosa, run the qtcreator from the SDK icon in the dash20:38
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balloonsnik90, ping20:45
seanfellwhen i connect my nexus to qtcreator on ubuntu 13.04 i am getting this error20:50
seanfellDetecting device.. /usr/share/qtcreator/ubuntu/scripts/device_search List of devices attached  ????????????no permissions * found 1 devices. Check device image version.. /usr/share/qtcreator/ubuntu/scripts/device_version20:50
popeyseanfell: try maybe "adb kill-server" then "sudo adb devices" - do you see it listed?20:52
popey(hi btw)20:52
seanfellhi, it can see the device20:53
seanfell* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * List of devices attached  04cdae35e28ea4afdevice20:53
seanfellwill try it again mow20:53
seanfellthank you its conneted must do an update, sean20:54
popeyseanfell: sweet!20:56
seanfellthis is a great place.20:56
popeyYes, yes it is! ☻20:56
cjwatsonogra_: They seem to match for me.  Example?20:58
ogra_cjwatson, i just fixed them manually :P the armhf.zip had the full path in both builds in .md5sum20:59
seanfellhow can i get the sudoku game on it.20:59
cjwatsonogra_: Ah, well I wish you'd waited so I could see, but perhaps I can fix it based on that21:00
ogra_cjwatson, had i waited more people would have come here, not being able to install ... i'll save a backup next time21:00
cjwatsonFair enough21:02
pmcgowancjwatson, need that md5sum file? I think I have one21:02
cjwatsonpmcgowan: nah, I see the bug21:02
cjwatsonif somebody could fix bug 1196585 then this sort of thing will be prevented :)21:03
ubot5bug 1196585 in Phablet Tools "Fetch checksums from MD5SUMS file rather than foo.md5sum" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119658521:03
ogra_cjwatson, sergiusens is on it ...21:03
cjwatsonogra_: fixed in cdimage r131221:03
ogra_thanks :)21:03
cjwatsonI expect21:03
cjwatsonmight want to check that that matches your expectation based on what you say21:04
ogra_well, it should just look like the others :)21:04
nik90balloons: ping21:05
ogra_<sum> *<filename>21:05
cjwatsonsure, I just meant to check that that corresponded to the file you had to fix manually21:06
ogra_will take a look in the next build21:06
cjwatsonthanks for fixing it up, in any case21:07
cjwatsonspecifically, that patch fixes saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip.md5sum21:07
ogra_well, i could have fixed the code too ... thanks for doing that21:07
ogra_yeah, all others are fine21:07
popeyseanfell: add the PPA then install touch-collection21:07
seanfellok will give it a go21:08
popeyseanfell: add-apt-repository -y ppa:ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/collection21:08
cjwatsonmaybe cdimage.checksums should use os.path.relpath to defend against this in depth; dunno21:08
popeyseanfell: apt-get update21:08
popeyseanfell: apt-get install touch-collection21:08
popeyseanfell: you'll get a bunch of stuff ☻21:08
sergiusenscjwatson: I'm on it21:12
sergiusensbut it will use the SHA ones21:13
ogra_saftey first :)21:14
seanfellsuper that worked a treat, playing checkers. thanks again.21:19
jondecker76can I get some help installing Ubuntu Touch on a nexus 7?  I'm following the wiki, but I can't get past the first step of unlocking..  I run `sudo fastboot oem unlock` but I only get the message <waiting for device>.  The tablet is plugged in and developer options turned on and usb debugging turned on.21:21
popeyseanfell: great!21:22
seanfellmust write my first app now. it could take some time.21:23
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jondecker76I'm looking for help getting Ubuntu Touch installed on a Nexus 7.  I'm following the wiki.  ADB can't find my nexus 7, though it shows up in lsusb22:28
jondecker76I've followed every udev tutorial I could find but adv still can't find the device22:29
jondecker76i'm trying to do the Ubuntu Touch installation from Ubuntu 13.0422:30
jondecker76can anyone here help me out??  Its kind of hard to test and develop software for a growing platform if nobody is willing to help people get set up and running22:33
popeyjondecker76: hey22:33
popeysorry, you just happen to have dropped by when most people have just gone to bed or left work22:33
popeyjondecker76: try "adb kill-server" followed by "sudo adb devices"22:33
jondecker76popey - thanks.  Just tried, but it still doesn't show up22:35
popeyis it running android at the moment?22:36
popeyand you've enabled the developer mode etc as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install ?22:36
jondecker76yes, it's currently running android22:37
jondecker76I've been following that exact wiki.  I have added the PPA and installed the required packages22:37
jondecker76developer mode is enabled, and usb debugging is inabled on the Nexus 722:38
popeystrange, not seen this. usually killing adb and restarting under sudo works around this22:38
jondecker76I've completed step 1, I'm currently on step 2 "Device unlock"22:38
jondecker76I've added some udev rules since nothing would work.  Perhaps I will remove those and give it a fresh start by killing the server first22:39
jondecker76ok, removed the rules I added to /etc/udev/rules.d, performed a `sudo service udev restart`, then killed the adb server and tried again.  Still no luck22:41
jondecker76I've been at this all day... I'm absolutely stumped22:42
popeyWell, you've got me beat. Best thing to do would be to post a question on AU..22:42
popeyor return tomorrow in the EU & US mornings when more people will be around22:43
jondecker76ok, thanks. Will do22:43
popeyI'd like to know what's wrong because we would like to document these kind of edge cases22:43
popeyso do let me know if you figure it out!22:43
jondecker76Ok I will.  I'll be messing with it all night most likely.22:44
popeythat's the boy!22:44
nate_hi, can anyone tell me about porting the P5110 Galaxy Tab2? I am trying to build it and always get an error regarding "/out/target/common/obj/APPS/GalaxyTab2Settings_intermediates/src/R.stamp" this file isnt even in located in my local repo22:55
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jondecker76anyone else with ideas as to why adb/fastbood can't see my Nexus 7?  It shows up clearly in lsusb: Bus 001 Device 008: ID 18d1:4e40 Google Inc.23:01
jondecker76this is on Ubuntu 13.0423:01
nate_have you set up USB debugging, jond?23:03
jondecker76yes, usb debugging is on23:03
nate_try unplug the device, disable usb debugging, then renable it, and plug it back in23:05
nate_watch for an RSA notification on the device23:05
jondecker76hmm.. Now that I'm fully booted, it shows up in adb as "offline"23:06
jondecker76List of devices attached  015d25685134000coffline23:06
nate_are you using a virtual OS?23:06
jondecker76but when I am in the bootloader (power+vol up + vol down) it does not show up23:06
jondecker76no, fresh install of ubuntu 13.0423:06
nate_adb doesnt show up in the bootloader i dont beleive23:07
ali1234it should do23:07
nate_it's never worked for me for some reason, only fastboot23:07
jondecker76fastboot only ever outputs <waiting for device> for me, which is why i'm trying `adb devices` to see if it can even see the nexus23:08
ali1234make sure you have the latest adb version23:08
jondecker76it was installed from the PPA in the wiki, so I'm assuming it must be current23:08
jondecker76now that i'm back at the bootloader, adb devices just returns a blank list again23:09
AskUbuntuqtcreator adb no permissions | http://askubuntu.com/q/31519223:10
jondecker76but if I boot up into android, adb devices returns the device in the list (but its listed as offline)23:11
jjohansenogra_: so the maguro kernel trace you pointed me at comes from a debug check not taking a condition into account, its not doing anything bad (thankfully)23:16
jondecker76popey: got it to work.  I didn't realize that when I enabled USB debugging, that I had to be connected to USB to accept a  key.  After I did that everything seems to be working now23:29
chamunkshow painful is the install for this on the nexus4?23:58
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