knightwisehey TheOpenSourcerer06:34
knightwisehow are you today06:34
redtape|renegadeMorning folks !06:52
knightwisehey redtape|renegade06:55
knightwisehow are you06:55
redtape|renegadeNot too bad .. maybe I will get a £899 macbook air like you said (from PCWorld) .. sometime this month for Ubuntu .. although I hear it works with debian too.06:58
TheOpenSourcererMorning all.06:58
redtape|renegadeknightwise: Still there ... | Good morni TheOpenSourcerer .. sour day here weather wise so far.07:00
knightwiselooked sunny when I left , but all cloudy now07:00
knightwisedecided to be bold and throw LMDE on my machine this morning07:00
knightwisestill have to reconfigure the system to get everything working.07:01
redtape|renegadethe macbook air ?07:01
knightwisenope , on the work machine ,07:01
knightwisemacbook air is running 12.0407:01
redtape|renegaderight oh.07:01
TheOpenSourcererNice here this morning. Sunshine and quite warm07:01
knightwisewant to give "rolling releases" a try and get a little closer to debian to expand my knowledgebase of OS'es :)07:01
knightwisemorning TheOpenSourcerer07:01
knightwiseredtape|renegade: Working on a new podcast episode for tonight "Making your mac slider friendly"07:03
knightwisewhere i focus on bringing linux and osx a little closer together07:03
redtape|renegadeknightwise: I dunno if you like looking at 3 days old logs but if you scroll down to 19:38pm (on the log : http://bit.ly/11TBMJQ ) & click the two Links you'll see my new project for Africa.07:03
redtape|renegade(joint project actually) but I'm paying for it.07:04
knightwiseArch on a 50 bucks netbook ?07:05
knightwiseAwesome !07:05
redtape|renegaderight but the test machine cost £29.00  Whereas the actual netbooks (v. poss. x150 of them ) are £5 each .... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271221443278&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:112307:06
redtape|renegadeanyway .. I've said too much ..07:07
redtape|renegadeI'm counting my dinosaurs before they've hatched .. or however it goes .07:08
directhexredtape|renegade, don't buy a mac for linux. just don't07:08
knightwiselet me know how it workds out07:08
knightwisedirecthex: correct there07:09
redtape|renegadeknightwise: Definately.07:09
directhexe.g. half the ports won't work07:09
knightwisedirecthex: As i wrote in my post for HPR : this is no longer the default07:09
knightwisehowever on the mb air its screaming fast07:09
redtape|renegadedirecthex: Even on debian .. knightwise is that troo.   ?07:09
directhexredtape|renegade, linux. not ubuntu, not debian, linux07:09
directhexthere are no drivers for lots of apple's shonkiness07:10
directhexat all07:10
knightwiseI think i bought my last mac (at least for a non production workstation)07:10
knightwisegot a second hand lenovo 11.6 inch couple of months ago07:10
knightwisenow running LMDE on it. Amazing little machine07:10
knightwisejust need to shove an SSD inside it07:10
directhexyou might be okay, as long as you e.g. never want to attach any external displays07:10
redtape|renegadeRight so . just to be certain here before I part with £££'s .. you are telling me that a modern macbook air using debian or Ubuntu is a complete No-No ... ??07:11
redtape|renegadeoh ok . so it may e ok now ?07:11
redtape|renegadecome on ppl .. make yur minds up.07:12
directhexlet me put it this way07:12
MartijnVdSredtape|renegade: Newest macbooks + latest released ubuntu might be problematic07:12
directhexi have budget control over IT at my company, and apple hardware is banned07:12
MartijnVdSdirecthex: because £ or because Linux?07:12
directhexi've aready got one person whining "waa waa waa i bought a macbook pro, but it doesn't work for what i need it to do, waa waa waa"07:12
directhexso wants me to say "oh, never mind, i'm happy to waste £1k5 of my budget to replace it with a lenovo"07:13
directhexMartijnVdS, the latter07:13
knightwiseredtape|renegade: mine works fine under ubuntu 12.04 but it is a lot of money07:13
redtape|renegadethat sounds more like a company internal issue than a test driven competance test with the macbook air in question.07:13
knightwiseyou are perhaps better of buying a different ultrabook from a brand like samsung or acer07:13
knightwisebut they are quite procey too07:14
directhexyou have already made your purchasing decision07:14
directhexand no amount of us saying "it won't work fully" will change your mind07:14
redtape|renegadeBut i want a macbook air .. i <3 them.07:14
directhexso enjoy your mac07:14
knightwiseredtape|renegade: why not then , the form factor is indeed awesome07:14
knightwisewhat OS are you planning on running ?07:14
directhexthere are plenty of ultrabooks on the market with more conventional hardware, i.e. which don't screw up with linux. we've had success with the lenovo x1 carbon07:15
knightwiselenovo's are indeed quite pretty too07:16
redtape|renegadeI suppose i could back up the macbook air and try it to see .. and if it doesn't work then re-install OSX and get a refund via ebay/paypaL .. i WANT TO RUN 14.04 WHEN IT COMES OUT.07:16
redtape|renegadesoz 4 caps .. oops.07:16
redtape|renegadeI do /perhaps/ also like the idea of a YOGA-S  ,... the orange one .. saw it on youtube 3 months ago.07:17
redtape|renegadeI think it's Lenovo..07:18
knightwiseredtape|renegade: beware . if you want the bleeding edge on apple hardware .. its tricky sometimes07:18
redtape|renegadebut that's only if macbook air is being a silly billy with me.07:18
directhexwindows 8 touchscreens do not work in linux yet07:18
directhexlast i checked, there were no drivers07:18
redtape|renegadeoh ok then.  I will await a good blog entry as I scavenge the blogosphere .. (wow I'm using big words at 8am .. must be the Alpen porridge :)  )07:20
redtape|renegadeDo we still adverise Hen-cams on this channel ? (webcams) ..07:21
redtape|renegade**advertise ..07:21
redtape|renegadeanyway .. let me know when i get back .. yahoo finance has just updated .. my millions in the virtual a/c needs me ..07:22
knightwiseredtape|renegade: you are looking for a good post on how to install ubuntu on a macbook air ?07:23
redtape|renegadeknightwise: I've already seen yours .. thankyou .. I also found the debian version of a similar Ilk  .. but if you see one other than these By all means .. pass it on to me.  :)07:31
redtape|renegadeOT : Just found a new word that seems pertinent. | YUGOSPHERE | Apparently it has been assimilated into the EU as of today .. (i.e. **Croatia** ) ::  яedtape welcomes our new Croatian cousins to Ubuntu ! Hurrah \o/07:41
MooDoomorning all07:53
diploMorning all07:54
redtape|renegadehowdy MooDoo   I see the Pirillo has quietened down since Laaandon..07:54
hoovergood morning07:55
MooDooredtape|renegade: yeah not seen a lot, we must of worn him out.07:58
redtape|renegade.. MooDoo I think he forgets his travels soon enough .. he's 40 AFAIK.08:12
redtape|renegadeAnyway .. I've a Linux Firewall question .. prob.ly won't get anywhere but here goes ..08:13
redtape|renegadeDoes anyone know of a 'black box' (lit.) piece of hardware that snoops on all incoming and outgoing traffic on a home computer that you use as a firewall .. As Far As I recall it was called Zorg or Zork (not the game) or something and it was very 'Defcon' like (as in the conference) as it was American .... I'd just ike to know how there product worked out in the end. It basically sniffs out...08:17
redtape|renegade...your network. (?)08:17
redtape|renegadeI'm probably cometely 'off' with the name thou08:18
dwatkinsipcop might do that, redtape|renegade08:19
* redtape|renegade scans for ipcop ..08:20
dwatkinsin any case, you could setup a silent proxy and just log everything, I'm sure there are instructions for that for most firewalls08:21
BigRedStcpdump -i eth0 > traffic.log08:22
diploCan also use wireshark on the cli as well ?08:24
diploLots of ways08:24
redtape|renegademmm-Ok I was looking for that particular hardware company (as I found them in 2006) .. but the WebLink you gave is interesting solution . thanx.08:24
mungbeandid anyone get a message from giffgaff over the weekend saying their payment details has been updated?08:25
redtape|renegadenot me mungbean .. mobiles don't suit the traa-dy-lioarr .. Can't wait till the Über phone takes shape here though.  .. I hear the Ü-tele division is pretty much spun - out .08:29
mungbeannurse, more pills over here plaese08:30
diplomungbean: Nope, had something last week08:31
mungbeanmy goodybag recurrence had been turned off08:31
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:31
mungbeani did change my gooddybag last month though08:31
* diplo checks his account08:33
diplomorning brobostigon08:33
brobostigonmorning diplo08:33
brobostigonmorning czajkowski08:34
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:35
brobostigonmorning bigcalm08:35
diploHmm, looks ok to me mungbean, last updated 17/6 and next one is there ready08:36
mungbeanpayhback confuses me08:36
mungbeani had some to claim, but now it says 0 points (probably for this season) but i didn't claimthe old point yet08:37
diplothere was an email about that a while ago i think about it being reset ( financial year maybe ? )08:37
mungbeanf you don't make a selection during the selection window, points will roll over to the next points period. If they are not then claimed during the following selection period they will expire.08:38
mungbeanthey were in the last period so should be ok08:38
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Second Half of the Year Day! :-D08:38
* Laney shivers08:39
xnoxhay fever08:39
BigRedSJamesTait: that's contrived!08:40
BigRedSxnox: where were you on saturday! I wanted to grumble about online-accounts and Touch :)08:40
JamesTaitBigRedS, I can't disagree, but that seems to be the general case with these things. ;)08:41
BigRedShaha, surely *something* more notable is celebrated on the 1st July...08:41
* BigRedS watches as his morning disappears into wikipedia08:42
BigRedSIt's Rwandan independence day08:42
bigcalmJamesTait: apparently it is Scott and Charlene's silver wedding anniversary. Isn't that a better thing to celebrate today?08:43
JamesTaitbigcalm, for some definition of "better", sure. :)08:45
xnoxBigRedS: I was at http://londoncommunitypride.org/ instead.08:47
xnoxBigRedS: bug you can grumble about online-accounts and Touch to me anyway =)08:48
BigRedSI've found that if I don't use them they're less irritating :) And my Touch is a community-port installed on broken hardware08:49
BigRedSso it seems unfair to grumble too much about that :)08:49
czajkowskiBigRedS: morning08:50
czajkowskiyou not grumbble08:50
czajkowskisurely not08:50
BigRedSczajkowski: Goood Morning!08:50
dwatkinsI saw someone grumbling online about a particular company not being at the San Fransisco Pride march, not sure why they expected a software company to be there, though.08:50
czajkowskixnox: oi you!08:50
BigRedSczajkowski: I don't *always* grumble! Sometimes I'm using Debian :)08:51
czajkowskithen you grumble elsewhere :)08:51
BigRedSczajkowski: dammit. rumbled :)08:51
MooDoodwatkins: seriously?08:55
dwatkinsMooDoo: yeah, I thought it was a bit pointless to complain like that08:56
MooDoodwatkins: +1 sounds daft to me08:56
MooDoodwatkins: it's my birthday next year, i'll be well miffed if canonical aren't there. ;)08:56
dwatkinsSince starting to follow Twitter for work, I've learned that people like venting.08:56
BigRedShaha, I mostly use it to vent08:57
dwatkins"Curse you $COMPANY, your software doesn't work properly on my 6 year old Windows XP machine" etc.08:57
mungbeaneverybody's angry online nowadays08:57
mungbeantwitter more so08:57
dwatkinsindeed, mungbean - it's a minefield08:57
BigRedS"A bunch of volunteers made this in their spare time and they didn't finish it! The charlatans!"08:57
mungbeanangry liberals are angry08:57
MooDooOMG i just installed Ubuntu and there are 400MB of updates, you're software sucks.....08:57
dwatkinsgetting annoyed at free software developers is insanely rude, imho08:58
dwatkinsanyway, I have to go see my manager about ciroc classes, back later ;)08:58
mungbeansomebody on Question Time has a different opinion to me. disgusting!08:58
redtape|renegadeOT : I was listening to 'Code Club' of the Ubuntu Uk Podcast last week and found this video ::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxhGIajRsq4  ::: Don't worry it's safe for work, but best viewed on a bicky-break.08:59
BigRedSmungbean: to be fair, the only reason to watch QT is to get annoyed at it08:59
BigRedSit's Jeremy Kyle with the occasional politician08:59
mungbeani never watch it but jut see angries on twitter ranting09:00
mungbeanpolitics seems to attract the dullest and the weirdest types09:02
BigRedSmungbean: its format is very populist - basically they get two opposing-but-not-informed sides to have an argument09:02
BigRedSwith occasional input from a livid audience member09:02
popeyredtape|renegade: I'd not seen that, it's excellent, thanks09:09
* redtape|renegade likes Question Time , except for David Dimleby is a toff. Does anyone not get 'irked' by him ? popey, yur welcome ..09:11
popeyxnox: you had lovely weather for it!09:15
xnoxyeah, was good.09:18
redtape|renegadepopey, here's the blog, sorry to leave it out .. ::: http://laurakirsop.com/post/44287953611/still-the-funniest-thing-ever#_=_ :::::09:22
redtape|renegadebit of an overkill popey, but here's the press review (to put on the back burner) :: http://laurakirsop.com/post/44284927193/press#_=_ :: Right, back to the ironing of anorak/s09:27
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
mungbeanwow, scp has tab completion on the far host :-|09:58
BigRedSyeah, i keep being surprised by that10:00
bigcalmI'm guessing that only works if you're using keys and they are already unlocked10:03
BigRedSOr if you've the shared master session thing going on10:04
redtape|renegadeRSS feeds | What happened ? https://twitter.com/ianvisits/status/35129035765017805010:05
czajkowskidavmor2: ello............. so on new install I have some U1 quirks10:05
czajkowskidavmor2: http://ubuntuone.com/3xVucjp27NPPL2EcndZeg2 ever seen something like that10:07
mungbeanBigRedS: probably why i didn't notice10:07
mungbeanbefore. but when i tabbed it prompted me for the key password in a separate window :)10:07
BigRedSredtape|renegade: not much happened to RSS. An online RSS reader has been closed down10:09
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
bigcalmmgdm: do you know of a Fiona Burrows in the PHP community?10:14
mungbeananyone know of a HPC cluster admin looking for work?10:15
dwatkinsHPC as in high-performance computing?10:19
dwatkinsWhereabouts, mungbean?10:19
davmor2Morning all10:19
mungbeanqueue manager, xcat provisioning10:19
mungbeanmaybe cloud/openstack in future10:19
dwatkinsaw shame, I'm 450 miles north of there10:20
mungbeanany mailing lists i should publicise it on?10:21
mungbeangot a couple of weirdos before apply via there10:22
mungbeanbut would try again10:22
mungbeanthink i'll investigate hpc lists10:22
mungbeanone guy, all he was interested was how little he could get away with working10:22
mungbean(he'd probably fit in here)10:22
mungbeanno names metnioned as you might even know some of them10:23
bigcalmWow, my sister is hiding her pregnancy well https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/1001157_10152999200325096_1833102372_n.jpg10:24
popeywhat, going abroad so you don't see it?10:25
* dwatkins still can't quite believe he got a job through Gumtree10:25
mungbeana "job"?10:25
mungbeancarrying a "package"?10:25
dwatkinshaha, no, enterprise support job10:25
mungbeanwhy were you even looking on gumtree for a jbo?10:26
dwatkinsI'd searched everywhere else that you normally look.10:26
dwatkinsthe timing was getting troublesome, suffice to say I wanted to move as soon as possible up here to Edinburgh10:27
dwatkinsit all worked out well in the end, at least until after my ex started her course at uni, but that's another story ;)10:27
dwatkinsit's all good, we're still friends, I kept custody of the hamster and the rats10:28
mungbeanhow does it work if the person offers to post stuff on gumtree?10:30
mungbeanthere's no contract as such10:30
dwatkinsI assume you should secure payment before providing the goods10:30
dwatkinsbrb, giving a colleage a send-off10:31
popeyOh, not that kind of send-off?10:32
mungbeanhow do i contact a gumtree persion?10:33
mungbeanvia their mobile?10:34
mungbeani can't even list all ads by a seller. weird10:37
mungbeanfail. i'm in london and taltalk fibre is not available10:56
BigRedSthe streets are paved with gold; laying fibre is *really* expensive11:02
MartijnVdScome to the Netherlands11:25
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mungbeani keep getting spammed about it by them12:13
czajkowskiohh just seen someone wear a pair of Google Glasses here! so want to try them!12:14
popeyask them ☻12:16
popeyi know some people are fine with letting people use their Google Glass.12:16
MartijnVdS^ google glass video reviews12:16
czajkowskipopey: I intend to after this talk12:17
czajkowskilook rather cool tbh12:17
czajkowskioh spotted a UDS raring ringtail t-shirt in the wild12:18
popeyprobably a canonical person ☻12:19
davmor2czajkowski: I'm betting mfoord is there12:22
czajkowskiit's not dimitier12:25
czajkowskias she's rooming wiht a mate of mine keith from ireland12:25
czajkowskismall world12:25
diplo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       13:06
mungbean 13:06
diplo 13:06
diploBook had been leaning on the space bar I guess :)13:06
MartijnVdSdiplo: BooK? http://search.cpan.org/~book/13:19
bigcalmmgdm: ping13:27
diploMartijnVdS:  :)13:30
=== emmy is now known as Guest62865
mungbeanwho'd have thought trying to give the bank money would be so hard?14:43
mungbeanwondered why the map looked weird. somehow i was using bing maps14:48
SuperMattgoogle maps is changing soon14:49
SuperMattthe new interface is quite good14:50
mungbeanin what way is it changing?14:51
SuperMattit uses more of the screen realestate, and I think they've cleaned up the way it looks14:51
popeyit generates locally14:56
popeyrather than using cloud hosted tiles14:56
popeyeats the cpu and caused graphical corruption here14:56
SuperMattah, no wonder it goes so much slower14:57
mungbeanclosed screen after "request an invite"14:57
mungbeanstupid hype14:57
popeyi deactivated it14:57
mungbeangave feedback?14:57
mungbeandear googz stop being crap14:57
mungbeanwow, lots of xbox 360 coming up on teh selling sites15:00
mungbeanwildly varying prices15:00
SuperMatty'mean ebay?15:04
mungbeanwell, the facebook local equivalent15:04
SuperMattI guess people are trying to get money for an Xbox One15:04
mungbeani'm on a few buying/selling/home clearance stuf on fb thats v local, to avoid postage15:04
popeymungbean: yes, gave feedback to upstream dev15:05
popeymy wife is on a "local mummies" group on facebook. it's very interesting. lots of varied content15:05
popeypretty much what I'd expect on forums15:06
popeybut all nicely locked up inside fb15:06
mungbeanyeah, it's mostly chavs and mums15:06
mungbeanselling clothes, baby stuff, mobile phones, laptops, etc15:06
popeythis one is more people asking for help15:06
mungbeani bought a wii fit, and a massive lego pirate ship recently15:06
popeylike "my child wets the bed, what do I do"15:06
mungbeanyaeh, shes on that too, its a bit "daily mail" scare stories etc15:07
mungbeanopionated mums15:07
mungbeanthe buying and selling page is good though15:07
mungbeantype buying and selling in ...15:07
mungbeanthe moderation is terrible, loads of spam/crap15:07
mungbeanthere should be a geek version , but there's not a local one15:08
mungbeanthere's also a free stuff one15:08
popeythe only one near me is buying and selling animals!15:09
mungbeanu infarnham?15:09
popey"- NO GUNS, KNIVES or WEAPONS of any kind15:10
mungbeanno chavs15:10
popey"only one bump per 24 hours"15:10
mungbeanall the things i've bought smell of smoke15:10
mungbeankeep forgetting to check15:10
popeyaaargh.. "if your going to bump"15:11
popeyaha, found one15:11
popey"Members (1,301)"15:11
mungbeanthere's diamonds i a lot of rough15:11
* redtape|renegade pokes daftykins15:12
AlanBellso if you are in a facegroup group does it tell all your friends and family you are in it and what you are talking about?15:12
dwatkinsAlanBell: nope15:14
dwatkinsat least that's not my experience, not sure if there's a setting to make a group private15:14
popeydepends if its a private group15:14
mungbeanAlanBell: only if your friends are in it15:14
redtape|renegadeHas anyone actually ever 'bought' anything off facebook ? (not including buying into the vanity).15:14
mungbeanand its private (they are)15:15
mungbeanno fees, no P&P15:15
dwatkinsfacebook sell things?15:15
mungbeanalso good incentive for house clearance15:15
redtape|renegadei does it sells drugs , i know a shop ..15:15
AlanBellnever even thought of being friends with Farnham15:15
AlanBellhttps://www.facebook.com/FarnhamSurrey <- is that a group or a person or something wrong?15:16
redtape|renegadeopening ...15:16
mungbeanAlanBell: ^^15:17
popeyits a person15:17
popeypeople are dumb15:17
popeyif it says "+1 Add friend" then it's a person15:17
mungbeanoracle didn't send me the replacement disk, its now 2 weeks15:17
AlanBellindeed, so a town shouldn't look like that then15:17
dwatkinsI have enough issue with random people on Facebook, let alone selling things to random people on Facebook.15:18
mungbeanits not random if you go to their house15:18
popeythey should change it to a page15:18
dwatkinsmungbean: I wouldn't go to any random person's house ;)15:18
AlanBellhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Farnham/108322399188757?fref=ts so is this something I should like?15:18
popeythey should go to https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=213602951994043 and fix it to be a page15:19
AlanBellso pages you like, groups you join and people you friend15:19
redtape|renegadeoh yes, AlanBell I guess that idea of sending me the discs, left over, was a bit too big a wishlist ?15:19
* popey reported that one15:19
AlanBellredtape|renegade: ah heck, let me sort that out15:20
redtape|renegadeit's ok .. It's just the IoMLUG guy is on the radio giving out discs in 2 weeks .. and we don't have any ..15:21
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
redtape|renegadeWow .. just heard 'open source' in a real song .. at 1:05MINS :::: http://open.spotify.com/track/58cCnMoXzeQNEX6m3aCwbW :::: 'Best leave it if you don't have Spotify.15:37
MartijnVdSI had something that started with "indicator-session" taking up *26GB* of RAM and swap15:45
MartijnVdSbefore it got murdered by the kernel15:45
popeyfile a bug pls!15:46
popeymight be bug 57533515:47
lubotu3bug 575335 in indicator-applet (Ubuntu) "indicator-applet uses extremely large amounts of memory" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57533515:47
MartijnVdSI don't have a crash log15:47
* DJones wonders if 6 weeks is long enough for a website/messageboard to be started again after the original web host went bust, or whether it just shows a complete failure by the site administrators to have external backups and control over the site name15:48
mungbeanrarely have i seen a forum that has had backups15:48
mungbeanit might be too big a job to resuurect given busy lives15:48
MartijnVdSDJones: if they're serious about it, their hoster going bust would give them ~1-2 days downtime15:48
MartijnVdSat most15:48
DJonesmungbean: People actually pay to be members of the site15:49
DJonesMartijnVdS: My thoughts as well, I'd have thought a week at most15:50
=== emmy is now known as Guest92121
mungbeanoh, a paid site is different15:54
mungbeanbackups, and restore within a week15:54
MartijnVdSunless it's some kind of paid warez forum or something15:54
MartijnVdSthen they deserve downtime15:54
* mungbean intrigued15:54
DJonesHeh, nope, just a sports club forum to discuss results etc15:55
mgdmbigcalm: not ringing any bells16:08
bigcalmmgdm: ah, there you are :)16:08
bigcalmmgdm: ta. How about Simon Emms?16:09
mgdmbigcalm: nope16:09
bigcalmmgdm: more people need to be on IRC!16:10
bigcalmmgdm: ta. Trying to sniff out people who have applied recently16:10
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beduzuHello i need help with my ubuntu partitions17:46
beduzuis there anyone who can help me17:46
lubotu3Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/17:46
popeybeduzu: wassup?17:50
beduzui need some help with ubuntu partitions17:55
MartijnVdSbeduzu: can you describe the problem you're having with ubuntu partitions?17:55
* MartijnVdS feels like ELIZA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELIZA)17:55
beduzuYes i made clean installation over my windiws partition for ubuntu and them i made my other partition when it was all of my information for swap and now when i log in i cant see my partitions with all of my information17:56
MartijnVdSbeduzu: so you installed Ubuntu and selected "Wipe disk and replace"?17:58
beduzuwell i choose something else17:58
beduzuand then i install it and formated the partition with my windows but i needed a swap partition17:59
beduzuso i choose my other hard partition for the swap and on this other partition was all of my data but now when i log in on ubuntu i can only see the partition when it was installed ubuntu17:59
MartijnVdSif you format a partition, it will become empty; everything on it is lost17:59
MartijnVdSbeduzu: can you put the output of "fdisk -l" on pastebin?18:00
lubotu3For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:00
beduzuthe swap partition is inactive and i cant use it18:00
beduzunothing is happening when i write fdisk -l18:02
MartijnVdSbeduzu: try "sudo fdisk -l"18:02
MartijnVdSit will run it as superuser (root), which has enough rights to read partition tables18:03
lubotu3For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:03
beduzu!pastebin Disk /dev/sda: 750.2 GB, 750156374016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 91201 cylinders, total 1465149168 sectors Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes Disk identifier: 0x7c12e647     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1   *        2048      206847      102400    7  HPFS/NTFS/exFAT18:04
lubotu3beduzu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:04
beduzuhow does pastebin works18:04
beduzudid you see18:09
diddledanso if I'm reading that right beduzu has a 500GB SWAP partition?18:18
beduzuyes that was my drive with all of my information and now i cant see in after i isntalled ubuntu18:19
diddledanwhichever partition you set as swap will get overwritten by the installer. a swap partition isn't meant to store files so it doesn't appear in the tree18:20
beduzuyou mean all of my data on that drive is gone now18:21
diddledanquite probably. you can try running something like photorec from an external disc to try to recover as much as is still present physically, but filenames and things like that will all be mangled18:22
diddledanand likely anything you recover will be corrupt18:22
beduzuif i return to windows is there a chance my files will be there18:22
beduzubecause i didnt format the swap partition18:23
popeyit's not looking hopeful18:23
diddledanyou can try resetting the partition id to 7 to be able to boot it but I'm not expecting it to work18:24
beduzui am so screwed up18:24
beduzuis there a way at least to find is there is something on this partition18:25
diddledanyou can try in the terminal something along the lines of: `sudo swapoff /dev/sda2 && mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt` which if it still has a valid filesystem will mount it to /mnt18:27
diddledansudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt18:27
diddledanforgot the sudo18:27
beduzuwhich one should i write first18:27
diddledanjust use: sudo swapoff && sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt18:28
popeyi would not be inclined to try to mount a filesystem read-write, which I hoped to recover data from18:28
popeymaybe mount readonly18:28
diddledangood point, popey18:28
diddledanin which case add "-o ro" to the mount command18:29
diddledanmeh, I can't type for poo18:29
diddledansudo swapoff /dev/sda2 && mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda218:29
diddledanI missed a bit in the command beduzu , try with the one I just typed18:30
beduzuthrows error only boot can do that18:30
beduzuroot i mean not boot18:30
diddledanoh ffs fingers!18:30
diddledansudo mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda2 /mnt18:31
diddledansudo makes you root18:31
beduzuThe device '/dev/sda2' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS. Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a partition (e.g. /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)? Or the other way around?18:32
diddledanin that case then the filesystem is gone18:32
bigcalmI thought you could have mount detect the fs type?18:33
diddledanyou'll be unable to use it in windows or linux in that state18:33
diddledanbigcalm: it's a swap partition18:33
bigcalmThis is what I get for stepping half way into a convo18:33
diddledana 500GB swap partition, but a swap partition nontheless :-)18:33
beduzuso this part of the drive i cant use anymore18:34
beduzucan i change it back to NTFS18:34
beduzuplease dont tell that i screwed up my hard drive18:35
popeyyour physical drive is almost certainly fine18:35
popeycan't say the same about the data on it18:36
beduzuand i was so excited about ubuntu18:37
popeyUbuntu is still exciting. With or without your data ㋛18:38
beduzui really like this os and i want to learn it to get familiar with linux and so on18:39
beduzui will try tomorrow again with windows and if my data is gone i guess i switch to ubuntu18:41
beduzuwhich version is better to have i installed 13.04 i think and there is 12 something18:41
popey13.04 and 12.04 are both good18:43
popeypersonally I'm on 13.0418:43
beduzudo you have gmail so i can add you for further communication i will need someone with knowledge like you18:45
popeyit's easier to either drop back here or go to http://askubuntu.com/ and ask your question there18:47
popeyit's not very scalable for everyone to just have my email address18:47
beduzui see18:48
beduzuwell thank you for the help and info18:48
AlanBellwe tried to clone popey, but the technology just isnt there yet18:48
MartijnVdSwhere's TheOpenSourcerer if you want to thank him :P18:50
AlanBellhe will be around tomorrow18:51
AlanBellI am off to Brussels tomorrow18:51
MartijnVdSAlanBell: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/12/how-to-install-openerp-7-0-on-ubuntu-12-04-lts/ is proving very useful :)18:52
AlanBellah cool!18:53
beduzuyou guys work on ubuntu i mean i am using a lot of windows apps for my work i am in search marketing area can i be able to work on ubuntu as well18:53
AlanBellI am off to brussels tomorrow for the openERP user conference MartijnVdS18:53
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Oh cool :) I think I might have increased the user count by then18:54
AlanBellbeduzu: there are loads of business applications that run on Ubuntu, we work with a bunch of web based applications18:55
diploevening all19:13
diploMartijnVdS: Private jobs for openerp?19:14
MartijnVdSdiplo: My brothers and their brewery :)19:24
diploOh nice, I used Alans set up for a friends new business19:24
diploBut they decided against the business in the end, would like a project to play some more19:25
diplopopey: Are you about ?19:25
popeyi am19:26
diploI read your post about tt-rss the other day, was more interested in the lxc/juju part.. was just wondering are they easy to use set up ?19:26
popeysetting up on your local machine for only local access is very easy19:27
popeyif you want it shared (as I did) it's a little more complex, but not much19:27
diploBasically want to test a few things and wondering if it's the best way, can't see the need for virtualisation stuff yet, do i need virtual extensions for it to work. reading the server guide atm19:27
popeyits not virtualisation really19:27
popeyits more like chroot19:28
diploI basically want to try a few webhosting panels on one machine but it doesn't support virtualisation19:28
popeyoh, lxc would be fine for that19:28
diploAnd after seeing your post I thought it may be worth a try ( with the network access part )19:28
diploA good guide to follow ?19:29
popeyway more complex than i did ☻19:29
popeybut yeah, sure ☻19:29
diplooh it's a lot easier than that, only quickly scanning atm going to try at work tomorrow19:30
diploThat makes me happier then :D19:30
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diplothanks btw :)19:32
diploheh sad, I'm doing it now and it's work!19:41
diploGot myself interested19:41
knightwisehey guys19:51
MartijnVdS\o knightwise19:51
knightwisesmall question i just created a new user in ubuntu , but he doesnt seam to have cool stuff like shell history and stuff.19:51
MartijnVdSknightwise: how did you create the user?19:52
MartijnVdSknightwise: adduser or useradd?19:52
ali1234you probably want the other one19:55
MartijnVdSuseradd is the low-level one19:55
MartijnVdSadduser has some more fluff around it (copies /etc/skel, for instance, and knows about uid ranges)19:55
knightwiseah , but i have created the user allready.19:56
MartijnVdSyou can remove them again19:56
knightwiseso i just need to give him the same shell I have19:56
knightwise(like the default shell)19:56
knightwiseare you sure I won't delete his home directory ?19:56
diddledansudo chsh username19:57
diddledanor as the user itself just chsh19:57
MartijnVdSknightwise: you can always back up the homedir and password hash19:57
knightwisediddledan: i'll try the chsh19:57
MartijnVdSknightwise: also, copy everything (including hidden files) /etc/skel/ to ~19:58
knightwisewhats the default shell again in ubuntu /bin/bash ?19:58
MartijnVdSfor normal users, I think so, yes19:58
knightwisehmmm. tried the chsh .. but the user appears to have to shell history (like arrow up for the last command and displaying his username)19:59
MartijnVdSknightwise: grep ^username: /etc/passwd20:00
MartijnVdSknightwise: I think the shell is OK20:00
MartijnVdSknightwise: it's just that the default RC files aren't copies by useradd20:00
MartijnVdS(as they are by adduser)20:00
knightwiseGot it !20:01
knightwisechsh /bin/bash astromech :)20:01
MartijnVdSknightwise: for next time, adduser+deluser ("de luser"!) > useradd+userdel20:01
knightwiseMartijnVdS: :) thanx , will adduser also create the home dir ?20:10
mungbeanheard about the centos dojo in aldershot> looks good20:58
mungbeanpopey: AlanBell might be interested20:58
popeyI have.20:58
mungbeanmight ask work if they will let me go on work time20:59
mungbeanbit of a beast of journey round m25 on a fri morning though20:59
popeyfrom where?20:59
mungbeanjunction 2520:59
popeyis that essex?20:59
mungbean12 o'clock on the m25 clock21:00
popeydirecthex: how do you make monodevelop _not_ autocomplete a word?21:01
popeyoh, click outside rather than press enter21:01
directhexyou want to turn off intellisense?21:02
popeyno, i wanted for one occasion to type something and it not autofill21:04
popeybut the reason for this was because I had not defined the object21:04
popeyif I had, this would not be a problem ☻21:04
popeyso fixed ㋛21:04
mungbeanfirefox beating chrome for performance :-|21:14
daftykinsmungbean: why's that bad? because of how bad firefox seems to be on Linux?22:01
popeyMuhahah! Just made my first cross platform game \o/22:02
awilkinsTBH, Chromium crashed so much for me recently that I switched back to FF22:06
popeyWindows, Ubuntu, Android, OSX and potentially iOS \o/22:06
awilkinsNot just one process either, the whole stack22:06
popeychromium hasn't crashed for me for months22:06
popeyand i have zillions of tabs open22:06
popeyactually thats not true, it locked up on friday but i blame the google hangout plugin22:06
diploawilkins: Me to, I do use both but more so FF recently22:07
diploIt's also using more resources now, makes fans go with same tabs in FF it hasn't been22:07
awilkinsI get this thing where it half-opens a new tab and then refuses to open any more22:07
diploSure it's to do with G+ tab22:07
daftykinsi tend to run signed into gmail with Chrome, then browse with firefox so my actions aren't tied to my account22:11
hamitrondaftykins, scary how there is reason and logic to that22:17
daftykinssorry to beat a dead horse for anyone that's seen me rant about this before22:19
daftykinsbut if anyone has any suggestions as to what could cause the funky colours on an attempt at swapping an LCD screen on a samsung laptop there, i'd be interested22:20
daftykinsi'm getting close to having to give up and give it back to my mates sister and say i can't work it out22:20
hamitronwhat funky colours?22:21
popeyhmm. the usb dongle for my mouse shows up as a joystick in linux22:21
popeywhich is annoying22:21
popeyas this pushes the real joystick onto /dev/input/js122:22
redtape|renegadepopey, Go on - Wats this game , then ?22:22
popeyhaha, and the touchpoint on the keyboard also shows up as a joystick!22:22
popeyredtape|renegade: oh, just a little demo play thing to make sure it all works. will make something actually playable a bit later22:23
popeycheck that lunacy out22:23
redtape|renegademmm .. is it a Unity engine game ?22:24
popeythey made it so you can spit out binaries for android and ios for free now22:25
popeypreviously you had to pay for an extra22:25
redtape|renegadeI hope to see it in the chrome browser store, sometime then ;)22:25
popeyyeah, export to chrome too!22:25
popeynot tried that22:25
redtape|renegadewell, i played a unity fps yesterday.22:26
daftykinsare the tools to make these games easy?22:26
popeythere's a bit of a learning curve22:26
popeybut it's actually pretty easy once you get going22:26
popeyand loads of tutorials online22:26
redtape|renegadegood luck popey.22:27
popeyheh thanks22:27
popeyit's just a spare time play thing22:27
popeywas somewhat amazed you can easily spit out an .apk for android and it just worked on my phone22:27
hamitronI can't seem to even get ubuntu running smoothly these days, so decided I'm a newb who should not look into anything beyond word processing22:28
daftykinsis your hardware old school or something?22:28
daftykinsi've not even run bare-metal desktop Ubuntu since 10.04.2 or so22:28
hamitronwell, quad core cpu, 8GB memory22:28
daftykinssounds like my desktop22:29
hamitronI used to run lighter things, but I just don't feel like bothering or caring these days22:29
hamitronso just go default22:29
popeysame as my laptop/desktop spec, both i7 quad core 8GB22:29
popeyboth default ubuntu installs22:29
hamitronthis is amd phenom II22:30
popeyalthough running Windows right now to use Unity ☹22:30
daftykinshas anyone tried deepin? i put it in a VM the other day22:30
popeynot I22:30
popeysaw a video about it recently22:30
daftykinsit's a chinese distro though, i don't feel i can trust it XD22:30
hamitronI blame web browsers for EVERYTHING22:30
daftykinspopey: yeah from that LAS vid :)22:30
popeylike we can trust american ones22:30
popeyno, spatry22:30
daftykinswhat's that?22:31
popeya guy who calls himself spatry, he does distro review videos22:31
popeyi sometimes jump on a G+ hangout with him and some others and shoot the breeze22:31
daftykinsah right22:32
hamitronis there actually a light distro that "just works"?22:32
popeyit's funny, there's so many people making linux distro review videos22:33
hamitronmay give it a go22:34
hamitronI had decided to remove ubuntu and install win 8 pro22:34
popeyit's pretty lightweight22:34
hamitronbut can't bring myself to do it22:34
popeyi dual boot ubuntu and win7 on both my machines22:35
popeycan't see myself using win8 unless "forced" to22:35
hamitronI've never liked win7, so it doesn't have a lot to live up to22:36
hamitronin fact, the last version of windows I liked was win2k22:36
daftykinsi'll try 8.1 with a proper program to put the original start menu on it at some point22:36
daftykinsbut imo 7 is great22:36
popey7 is ok. I dont have many issues with it22:37
popeyother than performance is terrible and it refuses to suspend22:37
hamitronshame ubuntu 8.04 is "dead"22:37
popeyshame DOS + Win 98 are dead ㋛22:38
popeyhappy days with config.sys22:38
* popey glazes over22:39
hamitronbut 8.04 was the time I felt everything was "right".... worked well, and easy enough for new users22:39
daftykinsperformance terrible? really?22:39
hamitronI'd have agreed with popey on that, till I installed the default ubuntu 12.0422:40
daftykinsi've not encountered issues with 7 other than when it's been on dire hardware, but even then it performs quite admirably given little22:40
redtape|renegadepopey: dos dead (?) .. freedos never took off , then ?22:40
popeyi have trouble with chrome + flash on windows which i don't on ubuntu22:41
popeywhich seems deeply wrong (but right of course)22:41
popeyyou can still buy Dell laptops with freedos pre-installed22:41
daftykinsi noticed that super cheap Lenovo Q190 comes with FreeDOS22:42
hamitronoh, ubuntu > windows for ease of use now, for sure22:42
daftykinsthe £150 celeron tiny thing22:42
daftykinsi've never attempted to give ubuntu to any - casual users to know22:43
daftykinsso many of the people i encounter chain themselves to MS Office22:43
hamitronmy Father loves it22:44
hamitronjust painful for me watching him slooooooooooowly type22:44
daftykinssure but is there understanding behind that 'love' ? :)22:45
AlanBellmy dad loves it too, especially shotwell22:45
AlanBellrhythmbox doesn't do the ipad sync well enough apparently22:45
hamitrondaftykins, he understands it just works and feels faster than windows22:45
hamitronbut he mostly does web browsing22:45
AlanBelland there is better software for ripping vinyl to MP3 on windows, that looks at the track gaps and chops it up into separate tracks correctly22:46
daftykinsmost people i encounter's perception of computer speed is more internet access responsiveness and thus out of the PCs control, assuming it has a good connection to their router22:46
hamitrondaftykins, this is the same machine dual booting22:47
AlanBellyeah, it did help that I gave him a big hardware upgrade at the same time as the xp > ubuntu upgrade22:47
daftykinshamitron: i'm talking generally22:47
daftykinshehe i can't stand using anyones system with a mechanical HDD these days :D22:48
daftykinstoo spoilt by lovely SSDs everywhere22:48
AlanBellme too22:48
AlanBellcan't go back22:48
popeyi have a friend who refuses to use SSDs22:48
popeynot reliable enough for him yet22:49
popey(yet he uses btrfs)22:49
AlanBellhdd is far too noisy22:49
AlanBellI had a play with a chromebook pixel at the weekend22:49
AlanBellit is *lovely*22:49
daftykinspopey: in fairness i had my Intel X25M 160GB go wonky. i could make win7 BSOD / reset if it read a certain area. support told me to secure erase before RMA and sadly that fixed it :( but of course i had to reinstall to find out22:50
hamitronactually, thinking about it..... his machine runs ubuntu faster than mine.... something must be wrong22:50
hamitronmost likely user error on my part maybe22:50
daftykinsso i can understand some hesitancy - but yeah the benefits are too great to ignore22:50
AlanBelljust need the next generation ARM powered chromebook that runs cold and silent all day with an epic screen resolution22:50
popeyyeah, i backup religiously22:50
daftykinsah wait i tell a lie, it didn't BSOD or reset - instantly - it just totally froze first :)22:50
hamitronI haven't gone SSD yet :/22:50
daftykinsmouse pointer would move, some browsers would even carry on working22:50
daftykinsbut the OS had frozen behind22:51
popeyAlanBell: why arm?22:51
daftykinshamitron: missing out!22:51
popeyhaswell has got that now22:51
popeythe new macbook air does ~12 hours22:51
ali1234ARM chips don't run cold22:51
ali1234neither do batteries for that matter22:51
popeyi expect other ultrabooks to come along to match it, for those that hate apple22:51
hamitrondaftykins, keep playing with the idea.... but £70 for 120GB..... I'd rather get another 2TB hdd22:51
hamitronI'm always struggling for storage space22:52
daftykinshoarding data is certainly tempting22:52
popeyOoh, it's OOOOOYAAAAA oclock22:52
hamitrontoo true22:52
daftykinsi should know, got 4.75TB of the stuff :(22:52
hamitronbut once you start hoarding, how do you fix the issue?22:52
daftykinsheh in my case i built larger and larger RAID arrays22:53
hamitronyeh, exactly22:53
daftykinsbut that requires continual great investment22:53
hamitronI don't do RAID22:53
daftykinsso it's ok if you can drop a grand or two on it every say, 5 years22:53
hamitronI tend to get 2 new drives at once, use 1 for data, and another for backup22:54
hamitronbut then as I struggle, I run out of space.... so remove some of the data off the backups22:54
popeywow, the Ouya update process is pretty funny22:54
* popey takes pictures22:54
hamitronthen I always get a hdd failure22:54
hamitronthen the same cycle is repeated22:55
daftykinsHDDs seem terrible now =|22:55
AlanBellwell I am kind of assuming the ARM chromebook would be a bit cheaper, a bit more battery life and a bit cooler, but maybe not22:55
daftykinsseems to only be WD that offer 3+ year warranties?22:55
hamitronI'm not happy with ANY storage atm22:55
AlanBellless cpu grunt, but I don't need that really22:55
hamitrondaftykins, WD give you more if you splash the cash, basically22:56
daftykinswith the extensions?22:56
daftykinsor with the RE lines?22:56
hamitronblack has 5 years iirc22:56
popeyOMG! Kainy on the OuYA22:57
popeyyou can stream games from a PC to the telly22:57
daftykinsyeah but black is more performance orientated22:57
daftykinsi still don't see that ouya getting far22:59
hamitronwhat I want... is 2TB+ optical storage22:59
popeydaftykins: its great for emulation if nothing else ☻23:00
daftykinsa new medium doesn't guarantee better reliability though23:00
AlanBellI am still waiting for my somewhat pointless parallela board23:00
daftykinspopey: how's that? does it run older-system games?23:00
hamitronbut we need new, large reliable and convenient23:00
popeygameboy, ds, n64, c64 etc23:01
daftykinsAlanBell: is that something akin to a beagle/arduino?23:01
AlanBellmore of a raspberry pi, with a weird parallel processing chip attached to it23:02
popeyhave they not been shipped yet?23:02
popeyi thought they had, oh ☹23:03
AlanBellthe epiphany thing is more like a GPU than a CPU23:04
AlanBellcan't really see the point of it23:04
daftykinsomw i'm being forced to scroll through a tiny list and find the exact model # of this laptop on samsung's support site before i can email in23:04
AlanBellhowever it will be a nice little dual core ARM board, even if I never do anything with the parallel bit23:05
daftykinsphew found it on ~page 20+23:07
daftykinswell, just wrote to Samsung asking if they can tell me how to buy a compatible replacement screen for this laptop :D23:18
daftykinshere's hoping i get someone useful23:18
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