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pleia2anyone here for the meeting? :)02:00
pleia2hey philipballew02:00
philipballewwell hello02:01
pleia2#agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13June3002:01
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pleia2empty :)02:01
philipballewI guess that means we already did all the work?02:01
pleia2got a couple of events coming up, Ubuntu Hours in SF and Berkeley http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california/events/02:01
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pleia2that's pretty much it though02:01
pleia2I did also want to mention that we had a bug report filed to work with the LoCo Council to get reapproval done this cycle02:02
philipballewpleia2, I saw that I think.02:02
pleia2we expire in september02:02
pleia2philipballew: yeah, i think all three leaders are subbed02:03
pleia2no rush, but I will probably start working on the reapproval app soon (not too hard to do since we do monthly reports)02:03
philipballewpleia2, alright, anything I can do just let me know. There are many ways to get a hold of me and all work.02:04
pleia2cool, thanks ;)02:04
pleia2that's really all I had for the meeting02:04
philipballewI currently have nothing myself. I am out of town.02:05
pleia2floor's open for anyone who wishes to bring anything up02:05
* eps is happy not to be in Walnut Creek -- it's hot enough to fry bacon. ;-)02:05
philipballewI'm headed to auburn on Tuesday. It's 104 there today iirc.02:06
pleia2oh dear02:06
philipballew108 tomorrow02:06
pleia2supposed to get to 79 in the city tomorrow (but I just got home from NYC, where it was in the 80s and humid the whole time I was there)02:06
philipballewbut you learn to deal with it.02:06
philipballewpleia2, I might need to come to the city to escape the heat or something.02:07
pleia2philipballew: should do, it's nice!02:07
pleia2maybe go to the beach02:07
philipballewthat actually sounds like a great idea. Something to do once I get back into the states.02:08
philipballewI also found out my flight cuts through Atlanta. Not sure about this...02:08
pleia2ok, I think we can wrap this up :)02:13
pleia2thanks eps and philipballew02:13
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rwwpleia2: "I did also want to mention that we had a bug report filed to work with the LoCo Council to get reapproval done this cycle" Is that on Launchpad? If so, link? I couldn't find it.05:45
pleia2rww: the bugs aren't public, they're simply a tracking mechanism for the council and it's shared with the team leads05:49
rwwAh, okay.05:49
pleia2it's not really used for anything, so there isn't info in it05:49
pleia2just "need to renew this cycle" kind of thing05:49
* rww nods05:49
rwwI couldn't find the process on wiki.ubuntu.com, so I wasn't sure what it involved.05:49
rwwreapproval app would be on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ReApprovalApplication2013 when it's created, right?05:50
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pleia2rww: I haven't kept "Re" - just https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication201316:53
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darthrobotTitle: [Kubuntu v Ubuntu: looks like the house is dividing]17:50
pleia2ah Sam Varghese17:51
pleia2(he's pretty notorious for these kinds of posts)17:51
pleia2but sensationalism works for page clicks, C'est la vie :)17:53
GNUdruin my opinion now that Shuttleworth is putting all his eggs in the Mir basket all the derivatives will be forced away from being derivatives.   hear no one but Canonical has been able to get Mir working.  C'est la vie.  Ubuntu will no longer be the leader.  It'll be out standing in (Shuttleworth's) field. :-)17:54
pleia2GNUdru: have you been following the threads on the devel mailing list?17:54
GNUdruno sorry i haven't17:55
pleia2the discussion is ongoing and progressing, benchmarks for the flavors have been created and shared17:55
GNUdrugotta run sorry17:55
pleia2it's worth a read if you want to build an informed opinion17:55
pleia2lots of cool datapoints17:55
GNUdruyeah i don't think it'll be successful.  even if some of the flavors follow, in general it can't work17:55
GNUdrulaws of physics.  it can't work17:56
pleia2anyway, stay cool :)17:56
pleia2(warm day!)17:56
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rwwGNUdru: not sure what the laws of physics have to do with it. As far as I know, XMir should be able to handle X compatibility just fine, even for flavors that don't end up with a Mir backend. That said, I know that at least Kubuntu is just switching with Xorg, but I'm not sure why that implies they'll stop being Ubuntu derivatives.21:43
pleia2the real problems actually begin to arise when the environments stop building for xorg and target wayland instead, xorg compat should be fine21:44
rwwPerhaps we'll end up with a WaylandMir or something ;)21:44
pleia2I'm not losing sleep over it21:44
pleia2wayland still has a long way to go before anyone defaults to it, I don't really see any writing on the wall at this point21:45
pleia2and x will be around for a long time21:45
pleia2s/anyone/anyone sane :)21:45
rwwI really don't see non-Ubuntu stuff going to Mir, but yeah, I'm not particularly concerned about it. Ubuntu has a long tradition of patching the heck out of packages to support Canonical projects, not like much will change.21:46
rwwso yes. storm in a teacup.21:46
rww(Varghese's favorite type of storm >.>)21:46
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GNUdruoh, I had to run earlier (and I'm just dropping in for a sec now), but what I meant by "laws of physics. can't work" is that in Mir, Shuttleworth is not providing a followable trail for the derivatives, so of course they will not follow.  Maybe some of the flavors (as opposed to nonShuttleworth-supported derivatives) will try it, and maybe even keep it up for awhile, but i doubt they can sustain it.  The thing that23:58
GNUdrucould change that would be if Shuttleworth is fantastically successful in his go-it-alone gambit and then has so much money coming in he can afford to really support downstream development and bothers to really expend effort to sell it.  Otherwise look for Ubuntu to lose its role as upstream distro for so many other distros.  The lot of them will be practically speaking forced to go X and Wayland.  No real choice.23:58
pleia2not sure what you mean about "not providing a followable trail" - Mir is open source and on the mailing list the Mir developers have been aggressive about offering to help the flavors support Mir23:59

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