snap-lEvening / whatever comes after evening02:18
snap-lPixel is very much not into the fourth of july02:19
rick_hlmorchard: please find out who we need to lynch for the scrolling behavior of this site http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/os/11:39
rick_hbut yay! on the os itself11:40
snap-lI'd love to know why I need to fill in more information in order to unsubscribe from your mailing list.12:02
snap-lStupid realtor12:02
brouschPeople are gushing over last night's Rush concert12:04
snap-lbrousch: It was a hell of a show in Detroit last year.12:06
snap-lThis is not the Rolling Stones. :)12:07
brouschI don't know what that is implying12:07
brouschsnap-l: Are you going to pyohio?12:10
snap-lYeah, that's the plan12:12
snap-land bringing JoDee as well12:12
snap-lshe's a bit bummed that PyCamp is earlier in the week. I think she wanted to go12:13
snap-lbrousch: Rush is a band that has been at the height of their powers since their first record and hasn't stopped improving12:13
snap-lIn the induction ceremony for the RnR Hall of Fame they were one of the few still touring bands (I'd say only, but I don't know what Public Enemy is up to these days)12:14
brouschPublic enemy is is Rock and Roll?12:16
snap-lQuincy Jones gets a pass because he's 80 and, well, Quincy Jones.12:16
snap-lbrousch: As much as Quincy Jones, apparently.12:16
snap-lAnd Donna Summer12:16
brouschI don't even know who those people are!12:17
snap-lI find that surprising, but here we go12:17
snap-lQuincy Jones was responsible for Michael Jackson, worked with a who's who of music (Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, etc.)12:19
snap-lYou'd have to work really hard to not hear a Quincy Jones album12:20
snap-lDonna Summer was a disco superstart12:20
snap-lAnd now you know. :)12:24
brouschAnd knowing is half the battle12:25
snap-lYou did it, not me. :)12:25
snap-lWow, didn't realize Saviour Machine was on Bandcamp12:55
snap-lAmazing goth-rock band12:56
brouschsnap-l: My boss went to Rush. He says sweat was flung upon him13:31
ColonelPanic001are there any linux twitter clients that didn't become non-functional when Twitter shut off v1 of the api?14:42
rick_htweetdeck, but that's more a chrome web app vs a 'linux' client14:42
brouschYeah, I use hootsuite, which is browser and mobile apps14:44
ColonelPanic001I guess I'm not really picky. Not a big twitter user anyway14:45
snap-lI use twitvim14:49
snap-lYeah, it's still working14:49
rick_hdidn't you used to make fun of me for using that back in the day?14:49
snap-lI have no recollection of this, but it's highly likely. ;)14:49
rick_hhttp://media.dirtymonkey.co.uk/zen_poster.pdf ftw14:50
rick_hjrwren: we need to get a print order in and hang them everywhere14:50
rick_hmaybe hand them out at michipug if we can get to one of them14:50
snap-lI'd be willing to go in on an order14:50
ColonelPanic001heh, already had a tweetdeck account. Must have tried it a while ago15:00
jrwrenha! cool poster.15:29
jrwrenthe coolest thing about zen of python IMO, is that each line keeps getting more and more relevant.15:32
snap-lgreg-g: Happy "no train for you" day.15:54
greg-g:) that's every day snap-l15:59
greg-gwell, now that I don't Caltrain down to MV16:14
greg-g(thank god)16:14
snap-lI think the BART strike is a good rason for companies to revisit their telecommuting policies. :)17:01
greg-goh snap-l, don't you remember that Yahoo! has stupid purple buses to shuttle their employees down to SV?17:02
* greg-g grumbles17:02
snap-lI was not aware17:03
greg-gI bike down this street, valencia, every day. It's the bike route street (lights are timed for 11mph). Full of fucking fancy school buses for the overpaid weenies17:03
snap-lCongratulations Yahoo! on finding a perfectly servcable and ultimately unsustainable solution to the problem.17:03
snap-lgreg-g: We need to get you back to Michigan17:04
greg-gYahoo and Google and Apple and EA and Genetech17:04
snap-lyou're becoming a very grumpy old man. :)17:04
greg-gall have their fleet of school buses17:04
greg-gand then there is Bauer transportation that many companies use as a private bus service (one bus has a mix of companys' employees)17:05
greg-gand this is why we can't have nice public transport17:05
greg-gjust saying17:05
greg-gsee what happened in Brazil?17:05
* greg-g holsters his gun17:05
snap-lAt least you don't have a whole economy designed around not having public transportation17:05
greg-ghahaha, true 'nough17:05
jrwrenwtf are you fools talking about?17:06
snap-lBART is on strike this morning17:06
rick_hlol https://vine.co/v/blrW6wMzEpa18:32
brouschHow greg-g got to work today http://valleywag.gawker.com/startup-to-sf-just-avoid-that-pesky-transit-strike-via-63489180818:39
greg-gbrousch: reason #183719130318 why I want to move out of here18:49
rick_h#183719130318...getting to be quite the list. at #190000000000 do you just jump off the nearest bridge? :P18:51
brouschYou don't like riding a helicopter to work?18:51
rick_hooh, jump from the helicopter. Why limit yourself to bridge availability18:51
greg-grick_h: hah, we have plenty of bridges for that18:53
snap-lI'm surprised more people in startups don't have "jump off a bridge" day. :)18:54
snap-l"I'm going to the Bay Office"18:55
snap-l"Oh, I didn't realize we had an office in the Bay Area"18:55
snap-l"If more people found out, we'd have to make a suicide pact"18:55
jrwrenfor a sec, I thought rick_h was linking this https://vine.co/v/huwQ1dOVUe720:18
greg-gwhat the20:21
jrwrenerr, trying to say yah. as in "um, yup, crazy eh?"20:22
rick_hjrwren: umm, not quite21:02

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