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Unit193Thursday? Nope, Saturday!04:15
skellatUnit193: WEWS NewsChannel5 had reports of communities in Cuyahoga shutting down their shows due to financial pressures04:17
skellatWe might not have any in Ashtabula County this year unless $8.5k mysteriously shows up in Geneva-on-the-Lake to bridge their funding gap04:17
Unit193Sadly, two best around here are on the same day.04:18
skellatMentor in Lake County is supposed to have a show this year04:18
skellatBut you know the economic troubles are bad when they're being blamed for July 4th fireworks being canceled.04:18
Unit193(Or people are.)04:19
skellatThis isn't much: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/entertainment/around_town/NewsChannel5s-list-of-Fourth-of-July-summer-2013-fireworks-in-northeast-Ohio04:20
jenni[ NewsChannel5's list of Fourth of July, summer 2013 fireworks in northeast Ohio ] - http://j.mp/12fw6GJ04:20
skellatAnd the ones in Garfield Heights back when I was a kid growing up were always spectacular04:21
skellatA goodly chunk of that list aren't even July 4th events04:22
skellatAs I don't think you can call something in late August an Independence Day event04:23
skellatHere's the story about the problem in Geneva-on-the-Lake: http://starbeacon.com/local/x1763646407/Geneva-on-the-Lake-needs-funds-for-July-4-fireworks04:24
jenni[ Geneva-on-the-Lake needs funds for July 4 fireworks » Local News » The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio ] - http://j.mp/12fwzIL04:24
jandruskLinuxlibre 3.10 (the freedom-respecting version of !linux) is now available in APT repository: 266:[http://ur1.ca/5bw47]19:21
jenni[ ur1 Generator ] - http://j.mp/12zG5d019:21
skellatjandrusk: I've been out most of the day in Lake County acting as chauffeur.  That linked is quite borked.  Could you please try again?21:49
Unit193Works for me™21:50
skellatUnit193: I just get ur1.ca telling me the link isn't found.  I suppose I could bug Evan Prodromou to find it though.21:52
Unit193...or google.21:52
jenni[ APT Repository for Linux-libre ] - http://j.mp/13i2gHR21:52
skellatIf memory serves, linux-libre doesn't play nice with ARM boards21:54
skellatUnit193: Here's a fun one for ya: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Ubuntu-s-Mir-plans-cause-divisions-1909163.html22:00
jenni[ Ubuntu's Mir plans cause divisions - The H Open: News and Features ] - http://j.mp/13i2UoQ22:00
Unit193Why is it fun?22:02
skellat.weather 4400422:34
jenniCloudy, 73.4°F (23°C), 29.96in (1011mb), Light breeze 6kt (↑) - KYNG 21:51Z22:34

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