waltmanFor the record, I blamed JonathanD for our bad weather, not pleia2.01:06
ProfessorKaos64anyone have an opinion on XBMC performance of RaspBMC vs. Ouya?01:32
waltmanWow, I'm at like 35 KB/sec downloading from http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ on my linode.01:44
jjmivi need to redo my linode01:47
jjmivi should probably copy the apache confs first. hmm01:48
ProfessorKaos64Sorry If I am naive, but what is linode02:27
rmg51ProfessorKaos64: ^02:34
waltmanThey provide virtual linux machines. Basically you pay $20/month and you get a small linux box on the net with a fast pipe and a static ip.02:34
ProfessorKaos64Very cool02:35
ProfessorKaos64Ill have to check that out in the morning with a cup o' joe02:35
waltmanThey're very good friends of open source. I've got about 10 of their t shirts. :)02:35
ProfessorKaos64Nice, def. will check it out02:35
ProfessorKaos64I just got a new Linux shirt today02:36
ProfessorKaos64but I think I will start making my own02:36
pleia2the website for this team runs on a linode they donated to us02:36
ProfessorKaos64on zazzle etc02:36
ProfessorKaos64have it bookmarked :)02:36
pleia2they take care of us :)02:36
ProfessorKaos64Although I am mainly a Mint user02:36
pleia2good folks02:36
ProfessorKaos64Does that make me a bad man?02:36
waltmanProfessorKaos64: yes.02:36
pleia2no, but you are in an ubuntu channel, so don't be surprised when we give you ubuntu links ;)02:37
waltmanok, no.02:37
ProfessorKaos64I know I know02:37
ProfessorKaos64It's mainly a gnome thing02:37
ProfessorKaos64I just like cinnamon02:37
rmg51or Unity02:37
ProfessorKaos64They are essentially interchangable software wise02:37
waltmanProfessorKaos64: Who am I to talk? I spent the morning watching videos from wwdc. :)02:37
ProfessorKaos64nice waltman02:37
ProfessorKaos64We all love linux, I did start out on various distros and used Ubuntu unitl 10.0402:38
pleia2waltman: I saw the apple store in manhattan02:38
ProfessorKaos64The manhattan store is awesome02:38
pleia2was trying to find the FAO Schwarz, which is right behind it02:38
waltmanwhich one? the glass one up on 5th ave, or the one in grand central station?02:38
ProfessorKaos64I felt bad when I switched to Plex mainly instead of XBMC too, but I'm glad I did02:38
pleia2glass one on 5th02:38
ProfessorKaos64The glass one02:38
pleia2I didn't go in it02:38
ProfessorKaos64Its always* packed02:38
waltmanI've heard the one in grand central's pretty cool, too.02:38
waltmanthe newly remodeled one in the king of prussia mall's pretty awesome02:39
waltmanit's ginormous, and it's right next door to the Tesla store :)02:39
pleia2the SF store is pretty spiffy, but aside from not really liking Apple, their staff is a bunch of snobs02:39
ProfessorKaos64The elevator was the only cool part02:40
pleia2it looked cool02:40
* pleia2 preferred the real toy store02:41
waltmanI recently learned that there's a second keynote just for devs where they talk about the *real* stuff that's changed. :)02:41
pleia2I am tired :(02:41
rmg51pleia2: it's still early02:42
waltmantell you the truth, I don't get all that excited about apple stores. they all sell the same stuff. the one up on 5th ave is pretty, but unless I'm buying something I don't have any reason to go into there.02:42
ProfessorKaos64I'm still screwing around with the Roku I got02:42
ProfessorKaos64I am on a Mac pro right now02:42
pleia2rmg51: here it is :\02:42
ProfessorKaos64Running Mint02:42
ProfessorKaos64I just thought it was a solid hardware piece, then took mac os x off02:42
pleia2I have a MBP, but now that my fitbit syncs with my phone I never use it02:42
pleia2waltman: 25k steps!!!02:43
ProfessorKaos64Although I have yet to get a reliable method for brightness control02:43
ProfessorKaos64Fedora 19 beta works perfect though02:43
waltmanI barely got 15k for saturday *AND* sunday :(02:43
pleia2waltman: lost1 was mad, my fitbit is on west coast time so I continued getting points well after midnight02:43
* pleia2 cheating02:43
* pleia2 grumbles about having to get on the work vpn to look up holidays02:45
ProfessorKaos64I am trying to find a reason to switch back to XBMC, but so far have yet to find one02:45
ProfessorKaos64pleia2: thankfully citrix receiver for Xenapp works great on Linux02:46
* waltman wonders if Drexel's closed on Friday02:46
pleia2ProfessorKaos64: HP uses openvpn, so it works fine in linux02:46
waltmandoesn't look like it :(02:46
ProfessorKaos64pleia2: meant no disrespect, it is just what our hospital uses02:46
ProfessorKaos64I work for a "major" pennsylvania hospital02:47
ProfessorKaos64wink wink02:47
pleia2heh :)02:47
ProfessorKaos64I can neither confirm nor deny it is the biggest02:47
waltmanProfessorKaos64: but not, I'm guessing, a "private" hospital02:47
ProfessorKaos64Not sure what you mean by private02:48
ProfessorKaos64Still "non profit"02:48
ProfessorKaos64very loosly me thinks02:48
pleia2heh, yeah, I just get off on the 4th02:48
ProfessorKaos64Same here02:49
ProfessorKaos64then I have to work fri, then to the outdoors at the parents cabin02:49
ProfessorKaos64bummer, but I have to save my PTO02:49
waltmanProfessorKaos64: I meant what one "general"ly means by "private"02:49
ProfessorKaos64I suppose, all I can say is it's the biggest hospital in Pa02:50
waltmanor maybe I'm completely guessing wrong :)02:50
pleia2I don't actually have plans and I like my job (and work from home anyway), days off are just nice because I can go on adventures ;)02:50
ProfessorKaos64Pinapple Express is on crackle, not a bad free channel for the Roku02:51
MobileTurkeyProfessorKaos64: xbmc works fine on my Rasp, but it definitely chews up the cpu02:51
MobileTurkeyvideo acceleration is seamless though02:51
ProfessorKaos64MobileTurkey: I know I have used it a ton, but often it leaves me unsatisfied with its performance on 1080p videos among other things.02:52
ProfessorKaos64I know you can load netflix with the bluecop repo02:52
MobileTurkeyah I haven't the need with my old tv :-)02:52
MobileTurkeythat'd be sweet02:52
ProfessorKaos64But Plex just transcodes like no other beast on this planet02:52
MobileTurkeyI just started using amazon prime with my xbox so 'm on that for a while02:52
MobileTurkeyanyone going to the Jul 4th show on the parkway?02:52
ProfessorKaos64I don't know how the hardware decoding is so amazing on the Roku, but it is slick02:52
ProfessorKaos64What show02:53
waltmanThey just added ESPN3 to my apple tv, and I wasted far too much time this weekend watching cricket.02:53
MobileTurkey'party on the parkway'02:54
MobileTurkeyJohn Mayer is playing... giant concert02:54
waltmanThe best part was yesterday. This match was coming from Kingston, Jamaica. It was being sponsored by the Jamaican tourist board, and these attractive young ladies who were basically the Jamaican bikini team were on hand.02:54
MobileTurkeyevery year is a lot of fun02:54
ProfessorKaos64Ah, sorry Im central Pa02:54
MobileTurkey'largest free concert'02:54
MobileTurkeyah o well!02:54
ProfessorKaos64I will be there for Fosscon as my next trip to philly02:55
ProfessorKaos64and chinatown the day after02:55
ProfessorKaos64Italian market02:55
waltmanThe cameras kept cutting over to them every time there was a lull in the action, and there are a LOT of lulls in the action in cricket.02:55
waltmanAnd the announcers kept trying to comment on them using the same hushed tones they normally use for the match.02:55
waltman"Lovely wildlife here in the West Indies." "Yes, especially the birds."02:56
waltmanthen when they got tired of the young ladies, they starting talking about all the delicious food you could buy there.02:57
ProfessorKaos64Next up I have the Indycar 400 in the Poconos02:58
waltmanNice! Do you know if they're doing the triangle or the road course?02:58
ProfessorKaos64I can look up my ticket , hold on02:59
ProfessorKaos64Looks like the triangle02:59
ProfessorKaos64Closest i'll get to F103:00
ProfessorKaos64Other than the US grand prix, which would be nice to see at some point03:00
MobileTurkeytokens go up tomorrow btw... 1,8003:01
waltmanI flew right over the Circuit of the Americas on my way home from Austin last month.03:01
MobileTurkeyyou can still get them online now for 1.5503:01
MobileTurkey@ shop.septa.org03:01
waltmanyeah, my trailpass went up :(03:01
waltmanwow, free minigolf on the porch at 30th st station every day in July!03:03
ProfessorKaos64Gotta love septa :)03:04
MobileTurkeywaltman: I challenge you!03:05
waltmanAndy's lab vs Gail's lab!03:07
MobileTurkeybring it...03:07
MobileTurkeyme and cricket will take you down03:07
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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:09
MutantTurkeyzzz biking to work in the rain was a bad idea13:17
MutantTurkeypants look like crap... but I brought a spare!13:36
ChinnoDogIt is raining here too. I got wet when I went to Dunkin this morning.14:04
MutantTurkeyI hope it isn't raining thrusday.14:05
MutantTurkeyI hope it isn't rain thur thrusday14:05
ChinnoDogMy new apt is so high I get 4G on my phone. I can't get 4G anywhere nearby on the ground.14:05
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog: how many stories is ti?14:05
MutantTurkeygrr, I am readjusting to my work keyboard after working from home14:05
MutantTurkeydis is what I need: http://www.cs.grinnell.edu/drupal6/sites/default/files/museum/Dell_Quietkey_Keyboard.jpg14:06
ChinnoDogI am on the 15th floor and it is the top of a hill.14:06
ChinnoDogThe 4G up here feels faster than my cable Internet downstairs.14:08
MutantTurkeyyeah around 30th street I get amazing bandwidth... faster than at my home14:08
waltmanwifi at drexel (dragonfly3) is faster than my wired comcast nets at home.14:09
MutantTurkeydragonfly3 and most other networks similar don't play nicely with my laptop14:10
waltmandf3 ROCKS my old macbook14:11
MutantTurkeyi've got a crappy wireless card in my thinkpad14:11
MutantTurkeyacidentally got it instead of the awesomely supported intel14:11
MutantTurkeybut lately it's been better14:12
ChinnoDogYou could replace it14:14
ChinnoDogI saw an N minipci card on Amazon a few weeks ago I was considering buying to upgrade my T40014:14
MutantTurkeyyeah they are cheap14:15
MutantTurkeyI have a 1080p broadcom decoder I was thinking about putting in it14:16
ChinnoDogYour laptop is too slow for software decoding?14:17
MutantTurkeyi have no idea why14:19
MutantTurkeyno it's not that14:19
MutantTurkeyit's just like.... hsync is f'd up or something14:19
MutantTurkeyi meant putting my broadcom decoder in my intel atom sorry!14:19
waltmanMutantTurkey: You should just get one of those new macbook airs. 12 hours of battery life, so you won't have to worry about micromanaging your disk activity any more. :)14:20
waltmanalso they're light enough to pick up with turkey wings. :)14:21
MutantTurkeymacbook airs are a piece of junk14:22
MutantTurkeymy roommate has one14:22
MutantTurkeyto small to type on, to small of a screen to bother with, battery life on his certainly isn't 12 hours, and touchpad is a pita, using OSX is a pita,14:22
MutantTurkeyno ethernet ports14:22
MutantTurkeyno ports of anykind really!14:22
MutantTurkeyundervolted and underpowered14:23
MutantTurkeynow an X230, small, has all the ports, all the power, a really good matte screen, excellent keyboard...14:23
MutantTurkeyactual 12 hour battery life14:23
ChinnoDogLow resolution screen14:26
ChinnoDogI'd rather have X1 carbon. Wish it came in quad core.14:27
MutantTurkeylow resolution? they have the 1600,900 now right?14:28
MutantTurkeyX1 carbon is sexy14:29
ChinnoDogThey have 1600x900 now? Last I checked the X230 resolution was lower.14:34
ChinnoDogI like watching all the little people on the street.14:42
MutantTurkeyoh maybe not14:54
MutantTurkeythey do have a higher def option though14:54
MutantTurkeymaybe better colors?14:54
MutantTurkeyIPS I tihnk14:54
waltmanI'd suspect the 13" mba to have a reasonable keyboard and screen size.14:55
MutantTurkeythen how is it an AIr?14:59
MutantTurkeyif it's so big!14:59
waltmanBecause it's < 3 lbs and is thin enough to give you a paper cut? :)15:08
MutantTurkeyand so is the x230...16:31
MutantTurkeydoes it have 4G capability? is it rugged to stand hundreds of hours of heavy usage?16:32
MutantTurkeydoes it allow you to swap batteries?16:32
MutantTurkeyor futhermore, swap anything?16:32
MutantTurkeyi don't trust a computer with all soldered on components...16:32
MutantTurkeywaltman: btw, have you ever used Octave?16:32
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waltmanMutantTurkey: a few times17:18
* ChinnoDog yawns19:37
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