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mlankhorstHello, world!\n06:49
llstarkshey mlankhorst 06:50
llstarksdid your fencing work make it to sumit and airlied in time for 3.11?06:50
mlankhorstnot the fencing itself, it wasn't planned for it06:50
mlankhorstbut the wound/wait mutexes did06:50
llstarksdoes this allow in-order frames?06:51
mlankhorstnot yet06:52
mlankhorstintel needs to be modifiied to support fencing internally first06:52
mlankhorstand what I did was a hack to only support it on the command submission buffers06:55
mlankhorstbut it should be possible, it just means disintegrating the dev_struct lock in intel that currently protects everything06:56
llstarksyou lost me heh. drm and 3am don't mix06:57
llstarksgoing through your just-now commits and the 3.11 merges. looks nice06:58
mlankhorsteverything in for-airlied and for-airlied-next is queued07:01
mlankhorstrework-v11 is going through core/locking07:01
llstarksi'll go through the mutex stuff in the morning when i'm rested enough to trace it. always enjoyed mutexes and spinlocks when learning c07:03
mlankhorstllstarks: https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/tip/tip.git/log/?h=core/mutexes07:04
mlankhorstThose lockdep tests saved my life once already, when one of the core maintainers had a locking selftest failure when he merged another mutex patch that wasn't adjusted for the w/w mutex changes. :P07:06
RAOFmlankhorst: Oh, hai! You wouldn't happen to know off the top of your head how I stop the outputless x-x-v-ati from binding on my hybrid system?07:36
mlankhorstRAOF: erm not from head, you could disable autoAddGPU07:51
mlankhorstthat disables the initial scan at least :P07:54
tjaaltonhmm the soft cursor with mir is kinda distracting :P08:31
tjaaltonalso doesn't seem to use mouse acceleration08:32
RAOFtjaalton: It should use acceleration; it's using the full X input stack.08:45
tjaaltonRAOF: the x cursor does, but the big soft one doesn't08:45
RAOFYou mean the big partially-transparent one?08:46
RAOFThat's the hardware cursor. Yes, indeed, it doesn't have mouse acceleration.08:46
tjaaltonah, i heard it was software.. anyway, ok08:46
RAOFThe X cursor is software.08:46
tjaaltonso I got it backwards then08:47
RAOFAlso, does that cursor move for you? It doesn't with synaptics. At least once X starts.08:48
tjaaltonit does with the thinkpad nipple08:48
RAOFAh, evdev's not exclusive then.08:48
tjaaltonsuspend seems to fail with xmir09:23
RAOFAs in: fails to suspend, or fails to resume?09:34
tjaaltonfails to suspend09:34
RAOFThe latter might be failure on our part to do the intricate VT dance09:34
tjaaltonthough this is a quirky old thinkpad so it might be something else09:35
RAOFDoes it try to suspend?09:35
tjaaltonyeah, the crescent moon is blinking09:35
tjaaltonhmm, hitting the hotkey-combo "freezes" the machine, meaning it changes vt09:38
tjaaltonoh, now it suspended fine09:38
tjaaltonresume worked09:39
tjaaltonso.. quirky old laptop :)09:46
ricotzmlankhorst, hi :)10:14
ricotzmlankhorst, i am hoping you can get pixman updated to 0.3010:15
mlankhorstricotz: ideally through debian first10:19
ricotzmlankhorst, right, altough you updated 0.28 in debian git for ubuntu only too10:20
mlankhorstyeah but that was due to freeze10:20
RAOFHah. xf86-video-ati doesn't work particularly well when you hand the fd of an i915 device.11:04
RAOFWho'd've thought?11:04
mlankhorstRAOF: I caught a kernel panic in nouveau that way11:05
RAOFmlankhorst: What, handing a nouveau fd off to i915 or something?11:05
mlankhorstI'm running a torture test on nouveau for some fun13:09
mlankhorstrunning the max-texture-size piglit test until things break13:11
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smartboyhwbryce, private message?15:29
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Sarvattricotz: go figure, right after you updated https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/54915517:12
llstarksdammit nvidia, still no egl?17:20
llstarksthey put out wddm1.3 drivers for windows 8.1 but oh no, experimental stuff for linux is offlimits17:21
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ricotzSarvatt, hehe, i knew it20:26

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