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Kilosmorning inetpro ThatGraemeGuy and others06:34
superflyhi Kilos07:02
Kilosmorning superfly charl tonberryE352 07:03
charlgood morning07:23
charlHi superfly, Kilos, tonberryE352 07:23
charlMaaz: coffee on07:23
* Maaz flips the salt-timer07:23
inetprogood morning07:23
inetproand hi Kilos07:23
charlhi inetpro 07:24
charllong time no speak to07:24
charlhow's it going07:24
superflyhi charl07:24
HawkiesZAMorning folks07:26
MaazHawkiesZA: By the way, magespawn on freenode told me "tell HawkiesZA http://znmeb.github.io/Computational-Journalism-Publishers-Workbench/" 1 day, 23 hours, 20 minutes and 32 seconds ago07:26
charlhi HawkiesZA 07:26
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!07:27
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 07:27
inetprocharl: hi, good and yourself07:28
HawkiesZAHi Kilos, charl 07:28
KilosHawkiesZA, hows the greeter script going?07:28
Kilosyou forgot hey07:29
Kilosyo JoTraGo 07:29
inetprohi HawkiesZA, superfly, tonberryE35207:30
magespawngood morning 07:30
inetprohi magespawn07:30
Kilosso inetpro have you guys finished the moves setups and upgrading yet07:31
Kilosso you can get back to normal07:31
inetproKilos: good question, will have to find out today07:31
Kilosmage aint there yet07:31
magespawnjust got it Kilos07:32
Kiloshiya magespawn 07:32
magespawnnot so good, have manflu07:33
inetprohmm... magespawn: at least it's not birdflu07:34
HawkiesZAhi inetpro 07:34
superflyI never get manflu07:34
superflyhi inetpro, magespawn07:34
HawkiesZAKilos, the fly said they were working on it :/07:34
magespawnmanflu is the worst kind, can take an otherwise strong independant man and reduce him him to sniviling, self pitying mess07:36
trendermanflu is like a woman then07:36
superflymagespawn: that's why I don't get it.07:37
charlinetpro: very good thanks07:38
ThatGraemeGuy'ello :)07:45
inetpromagespawn: you found it through self-diagnosis?07:45
inetprohi ThatGraemeGuy07:45
superflyhi ThatGraemeGuy07:46
magespawninetpro indeed, that and i am friendly with the local pharmacist07:46
magespawnhi trender ThatGraemeGuy'07:46
trenderyo mage...hoe gaanit07:51
magespawngood and you trender?07:54
trenderno complaints man nobody listens07:56
magespawnHawkiesZA: i thought you might know some people who could use that software in the link07:56
magespawntrender: i think lots of people would listen, but that is about all most can do anyway07:58
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy trender 07:59
Kilosmagespawn, you gotta read logs man08:01
Kilosneeded help yesterday with a tablet08:01
magespawnyour sisters one?08:01
Kiloseventually got pc to see it with nokia cell data cable08:02
Kilosbut dunno how to make it use my 3g08:02
magespawni think you have to share the internet connection from the pc08:03
Kiloswith nm?08:04
magespawnnot sure how to08:05
Kilosall links i found was to use either a fone or tablet as the 3g08:06
Kilosnothing from tab to pcs 3g08:06
magespawnlet me go look08:08
magespawnsorry Kilos brain is offline today08:15
Kilosty magespawn 08:15
Kilosim connecting the tab with data cable so will that route creatind adhock in wireless work?08:20
magespawnnot in wireless, that would need both the pc and the tablet to be connected through a wireless network08:22
magespawnnot sure how/if it will work through the usb cable08:23
Kilosi always have new probs08:24
Kilosmaybe it will work once i got a wireless card in pc08:24
SquirmI need one of those08:27
magespawnKilos:  that might work better08:30
Kilosyeah lets hope08:30
magespawnSquirm: c is for coffee08:31
magespawni saw a contraptioo of a coffee maker and something like a pi, so the owner could control it over the network08:32
tonberryE352if I only had the time...08:32
tonberryE352should be a fun project08:32
charlhi smile4ever 08:39
smile4everhi charl :)08:39
charlhow's it going down south :)08:39
Kiloshi smile4ever 08:39
smile4everHi Kilos :D08:40
smile4evercharl: great! :D08:40
smile4everI'm updating the exchange rates of foreign currencies on wikipedia08:40
magespawnhttp://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2324.txt okay then08:41
magespawnhi smile4ever08:41
charlsmile4ever: shouldn't that be done automatically?08:41
smile4evercharl: it isn't done automatically08:42
smile4everhi magespawn :D08:42
smile4everYou didn't know that one? :o08:42
charlsmile4ever: i don't know how to write bots for mediawiki but i think it should be fairly easy (in principle)08:42
charlthere are a bunch of forex apis08:42
smile4evercharl: It's not easy to get info from a website which doesn't provide an api08:43
smile4everbecause you'll need to parse the html08:43
magespawnwith the rand that could be a day long job08:43
charlsmile4ever: there are a bunch of forex apis but html scraping is simple, i used to do it a lot08:43
charlsmile4ever: all you need is a powerful tagsoup parsing lib like jsoup08:43
charlsmile4ever: i used jsoup in both java and python (jython)08:44
smile4evercharl: in order to edit, you also need an api key08:45
smile4everwhich I'm not familiar with08:45
charlthat's the problem08:45
charli don't know how to do that either08:45
smile4everI know how to get results from the api, but not how to edit with the api :)08:45
smile4everYou can't do everything with a bot though, there were two articles where I had difficulty to fix them :)08:47
smile4ever(out of 15)08:47
charllooking at https://github.com/MediaWiki-Bot/MediaWiki-Bot08:47
charlit's perl unfortunately08:47
Squirmmagespawn: and Arduino would control it08:48
magespawnSquirm: and if you could link it to Maaz it really would make the coffee when you asked it to08:50
Squirmdefinitely doable08:50
smile4evercharl: isn't perl difficult to read? :)08:50
trender*coff* ardiuno ...why cant people program proper microcontrollers why all the modern laziness ?08:51
charlyeah i hate it with a passion08:51
charlperl i mean08:51
charlbut you can also write clean perl code if you have dicipline08:51
charli'm reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Creating_a_bot now08:51
charlthis definitely looks doable08:51
charlbut it will require some time08:51
charli'm not really involved with the wikipedia project so i'm not "in it"08:52
Squirmthe hardest part will be actually controlling the coffee machine08:52
charlwhat kind of coffee machine are you looking at? a simple drip-filter machine?08:53
charlit can't be that difficult - it has two states - on and off :)08:53
Squirmjust realised that08:55
Squirmthinking you could just hack the on/off switch08:55
Squirmconnect a Pi powered relay08:55
charlthere are power plugs you can buy that will do this08:56
charljust connect the coffee machine to the adapter and then the adapter to the wall08:56
charlyou switch the coffee on using a remote control08:56
charli'm sure you could hack the remote control and operate it from a microcontroller08:57
charlit's just a button you press08:57
SquirmI bought a few Solid State Relays off of ebay(like 3GBP each incl. postage)08:57
Squirmbusy making an app in python for android that will turn a few lights in my house on/off and my geyser08:58
charlyou want to put the microcontroller inside the coffee machine?08:58
charlyou will need to find enough space08:58
Squirmno no08:58
Squirmthink of an on off switch on the coffee machine08:58
charlif you do it external you have a mess of electronics in your kitchen, an environment with water everywhere08:59
Squirmthat's what an SSR is08:59
Squirmbesides - I don't own a coffee machine08:59
charlyes i know what an SSR is but you will need to control it08:59
charlthe control signal09:00
Squirmvia network cable connected to my Pi09:00
charlthat's possible09:00
Squirmusing it just to drive the 3v09:00
charlyou will still need to run the network cable, that's why i was thinking it would be better to do with with a wireless remote control09:01
smile4everSquirm: cool, pi model B? :)09:01
charlbut if you want to do it for lights, geyser etc, a cable is perfect09:01
Squirmcharl: that is true09:02
tonberryE352are we arguing about microcontrollers and i missed it?09:02
Squirmsmile4ever: model B, Rev A09:02
smile4everSquirm: so 256MB ram? :p09:02
Squirmrev 1*09:02
Squirmsmile4ever: indeed :/09:03
charltonberryE352: shame on you :)09:03
tonberryE352trender because sometimes it is better to have slow working code that was quickly developed09:03
tonberryE352but in general I love avr but avoid ardiuno09:03
smile4everSquirm: Oh. :(09:10
Squirmbut I seem to have broken my SD card slot :/09:11
tonberryE352how do you break an sd card slot?09:12
Squirmtried gluing a Micro Sd adapter to it, but seems to have not made proper contac09:12
tonberryE352superglue I assume?09:13
Squirmanother form of contact adhesive09:13
Squirmhope I can pull it off nicely09:13
tonberryE352otherwise find another adapter and deadbug it on top of the slot09:14
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magespawnlater all home time, taking wife to doctor 10:24
psyatwhello magespawn10:24
psyatwsee you later, good luck with the wife10:24
magespawnhey psyatw, thank you10:25
Kilosaw sup magespawn 10:31
Kiloshi psyatw 10:31
psyatwhi Kilos10:32
charlhi psyatw 10:32
charlhow's it going in poland10:32
psyatwhi charl10:33
psyatwit´s going quite well actually10:33
psyatwI work and I survive10:33
Kiloslife goes on10:34
psyatwyesterday I downloaded lots of books on Oracle, SAP and Linux10:34
psyatwand I will download even more when I am back at home tonight10:34
charllinux ok great but oracle and sap?10:34
psyatwI intend to study these things of course10:34
charlwe use a lot of oracle and sap where i work, i would not encourage it :)10:35
psyatwwell, I work at Ciber, a cloud company10:35
psyatwI know :)10:35
psyatwbut it´s always good to know about that stuff, I think10:35
psyatwI want to move away from service desk as soon as possible10:35
psyatwit doesn´t add anything to my life or experience, even though it´s been interesting so far10:36
charli have a lot of respect for service desk people because their job is not always easy dealing with angry users10:36
charlbut it's definitely not something i would consider a career for myself10:36
charli think i would go nuts in a week10:37
psyatwI know, that´s why it´s a good thing that I have been doing this for two months now10:37
psyatwand I know too much to be actually working here10:37
psyatwbut as I said it allowed me to come to Poland to explore my opportunities from relatively humble beginnings10:38
charltook a look at ciber - interesting company but the term "cloud" seems to have been watered down now to a point of meaninglessness10:39
charlit's a case of "just do whatever you have been doing before and call it cloud"10:39
charlthen you're also Hype Approved (tm)10:40
charltaking a look at https://www.linuxliteos.com/10:41
charlvery promising lightweight ubuntu derivative10:42
psyatwI have mostly been dealing with system stuff myself and I find that most interesting10:42
psyatwbut I also need to provide the skills that are asked for in the market, so I will be working on that for the time being10:42
psyatwnot to mention wanting to get back into university after leaving delft, I guess I´ll continue my studies at open universiteit10:44
charli saw this the other day: http://www.universiteitvannederland.nl/10:46
charli hope they will do some good ict-related stuff10:46
Vince-0psyatw, why not LPI and ITIL ?10:47
charlVince-0: ITIL ?!?!10:47
psyatwVince-0: I am a programmer at heart, but I know system administration too, so I will do those too at some point10:48
charlis that becoming popular in .za now too?10:49
charli feel so sorry for you :)10:50
Vince-0see some of the Amazon support role specs 10:50
psyatwbtw, hi Vince-0 :)10:51
charli had my own version of ITIL, i call it "KITIL" (sounds like "kietel" which in dutch means to tickle someone)10:52
Vince-0LPI is a piece of cake10:52
charlwhy do it then?\10:53
Vince-0LPI 2+3 are being revised in November10:53
Vince-0charl, just a piece of paper so I can rightfully call myself a Linux admin10:53
charlhave you heard of PRINCE2 yet?10:54
Vince-0two 90 minute multiple choice exams online @ R1125, gets your Comptia Linux+, LPI1 and Novel Cert Admin10:54
Vince-0PRINCE2 yar10:54
Vince-0but that's heavy weight when compared to a ITIL foundation course10:54
charlregrettable, i'm so sorry to hear10:55
Vince-0think the PRINCE2 stuff is based on US processes, ITIL comes from UK IT office10:55
charlno prince2 is from the uk as well10:55
charlsame people that developed itil10:55
Vince-0the ITIL foundation course is a piece of cake too - so LPI1 and ITIL foundation are quick wins for getting certs10:57
charlyeah i know i am itil v3 certified10:57
charljust study through the mock exams10:57
charland pay attention in class10:57
Vince-0class! that's a costly exercise10:58
Vince-0I just got the books10:58
psyatwI guess I will study ITIL v3 too, just to have it10:58
Vince-0there are local test centers so its easy10:59
charli don't know if you really need it but i got it along with a group at work10:59
charldo people really care about certifications that much in ict?11:00
charlmy experience has been quite the opposite11:00
Vince-0usually, depends on the company11:00
charlafaik nobody ever asked me about my qualifications, i don't care, i have a bachelors11:01
charlthat's all i need :)11:01
Vince-0ya that gets you in the door11:03
Vince-0RHCE is on the cards for me next year11:04
psyatwI will work on getting mine too11:06
Vince-0yoh, Gnome3 GUI just froze on desktop preview - 11:08
charli ran gnome3 for about a year - it wasn't very stable11:12
charleventually moved away to kde4 and then to i311:12
Vince-0Still Fedora 17 here, very nice other than that - haven't updated in a while11:13
charloh yeah i remember it11:13
charltried it out but am not a big redhat fan11:14
psyatwneither am I11:14
psyatwthey work on cool stuff but I usually find their distribution unusable on the desktop11:14
charli just think apt is miles ahead of yum11:16
charlon old pcs yum also used to be super slow11:16
psyatwthat is the case too, yes11:19
Vince-0nort ey, RH for the win11:20
charlfood looks delicious11:21
charlwatched the video11:21
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Kilos2400000 is that 2.4 gig11:49
* Kilos gets mixed up with how many zeroes are needed11:49
Kiloscharl, whats with http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4830&context=etd11:54
Kilosthe bot says its forbidden11:54
Kilosinetpro, hehe cheap android fone??12:05
Kilosover a grand12:05
inetproKilos: where did you look around?12:11
Kilosi googled cheapest android fones and it came up with best android phones12:12
inetproVodacom used to have cheap Vodafone branded android phones12:20
inetprocan't find one now12:21
Kilosnp ty sir12:22
inetprothe Samsung Galaxy Pocket = R 899 .00 at Vodacom12:23
inetprothere should be something more in line with that12:23
Kiloseish i think ill try with a wireless card in pc first12:23
Kilosif it works its only R250 used12:24
inetproKilos: get the specs before you buy12:25
Kiloswell it must work on either ubuntu or win 7 so i gotta take a chance12:26
Kilospeeps dont wanna gives specs in mail;12:26
Kilosthey think you gonna then shop around i spose12:26
Kiloswe gotta go to closest shop12:26
Kiloswhen we can swaar blew head gasket on sis's car when heater pipe burst sunday12:27
inetproKilos: you should perhaps look at getting a USB dongle rather than a PCI card12:27
inetprounless others disagree12:27
Kilosusb dongle for?12:28
inetprousb wifi dongle12:28
Kilosoh my12:28
Kiloseverything coming in usb12:29
inetproa PCI adapter may give many headaches to make it work on Ubuntu12:29
Kilosill check what i find in them ty12:29
Kilosoh my12:29
inetproa USB dongle would most likely be just plug and play12:30
inetprobut I can't tell for sure because I haven't played around in this area12:31
inetprojust going on what others have told me12:31
Kilosi see one for R23612:31
Kilosah ty for the info12:31
inetproKilos: they tell me you must look around in the small electronics shops12:33
inetproR236 sounds a bit much12:33
plustwoKilos: how soon you want this?12:34
plustwoi can check for you tomorrow, how much they go for. lower than that price12:35
Kiloshehe funny question12:35
plustwooh! hi everyone12:35
Kilosgot sis chafing at the bit to get tab working12:35
Kiloshi plustwo 12:35
inetproahh thanks plustwo, I knew you would be able to help with this12:36
Kilosinetpro, also then there is also the sharing to figure out12:36
charlcongratulations, i see south africa has joined the european union http://www.efnet.org/?module=servers&server_id=9312:36
plustwono problem, will update you tomorrow.12:37
Kilosso i will need to share usb 3g and usb wireless from tab12:37
charlisrael too http://www.efnet.org/?module=servers&server_id=3312:37
Kilostalk to me plustwo 12:37
charlKilos: i can open the above url fine12:38
charlKilos: this one: http://scholarcommons.usf.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4830&context=etd12:38
plustwoi think you'll need to access wireless from tab to 3g.12:38
Kilosif thats possible thats good plustwo price?12:39
inetproKilos: your phone will be your 3g and the wifi dongle will be the AP for the tab12:39
Kilosmy 3g modem must be the internet12:39
Kilosstupid tablet should come with that in the swines12:40
Kilosim not buying a fone as well so she can get a couple of books a month and emails12:41
inetproKilos: might be a bit tricky, that is why I prefer keeping these things separate 12:42
Kiloswhen one data cable connects a tablet to a pc should you have full control of the tablet from the pc12:42
plustwothat would be a wired connection from the pc to the tab. not a wireless one12:43
Kilosor just the ability to drag drop stuff to it\12:44
plustwodrag and drop, yes.12:44
Kilosyes plustwo but i dunno how to make the tablet then use the 3g12:44
Kilosand it needs to get an ebook reader12:44
plustwoebook reader application you mean, oom?12:46
inetproKilos: take one step at a time12:46
inetproyou need internet access first12:47
Kilosya maybe first get wifi working i think12:47
Kilosoh ya12:47
Kilosi googled last night but everything shows tethering etc to a cellphone12:48
Kiloscant find how to do something similar to ssh with masquerading12:49
Kiloscharl, what does it say there for formula for wifi antenna12:50
inetproKilos: obviously you should be able to connect to the internet from any other hotspot out there12:51
Kilosthere arent any near inetpro 12:51
Kilosthat one i told you about last night is the closest and it behind the mountain12:51
Kilosthat park place12:52
inetprovisit any McDonalds12:52
inetproor Wimpy12:52
Kilosnee man12:53
inetproor the library12:53
Kilosi must make it work from here12:53
Kilosno other option12:53
inetproor some filling station12:53
Kilosdo filling stations have wifi?12:54
inetprosome of them have these days, just ask around12:54
Kilosok ty13:00
Kilosyes plustwo the ebook reader. ive download some epub boots here for her but the thing cant open them13:01
Kilosthought at least id give her something to read13:02
SuperhumanKilos: is it an Android tab?13:02
Kiloskeep her busy for a while13:02
plustwook, try ireader or moon+ reader...13:02
Kilosyes superfly a blaupunkt etab 050713:03
plustwoif it's an android tab13:03
Kilosi looked at some readers for the thing from here but they want to directly install not download here and drag/drop there to install13:04
Superhumanok, I personally use Aldiko ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aldiko.android ) but on some devices it doesn't work, then try eBook Reader ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ebooks.ebookreader ) 13:04
Kilosas inetpro says i gotta get it to connect to the internet first13:05
Kiloswhat a schlep13:05
Kilosin the book it even says linux compatible13:06
SuperhumanYou connecting 3G and/or Wifi (if I scan the convo correctly), what seems to be the issue?13:06
Kilosnow i hear you got linux fix it13:06
Kilosit has no built in 3g13:06
Kilosonly wifi13:06
SuperhumanEish, pain in the @..13:08
Kilostell me about it i cant even sit down anymore13:08
SuperhumanI suppose you don't have a wifi router for it to connect to?13:09
Kilosno router at all13:09
Kilosonly 3g dongle here13:09
SuperhumanOuch, yeah, the only way tethering works at the moment is pc-to-mobile-device13:10
Superhumanso at the moment you can't connect it to a pc and then use the pc's internet connection...13:10
Kilosya thats all i found too13:10
SuperhumanI've tried it a million times.13:11
Kilosoh my13:11
SuperhumanThe best solution is to get a cheap wifi router, and connect it up to the pc with a lan cable, and use the pc as the gateway for the tablet.13:11
SuperhumanSo basically connection the tablet to the router, then setting the settings via dhcp (dhcp server: router or pc).13:12
Kiloswell if anyone here has one for sale they must just shout13:12
Superhumanyou a neasily pick up a cheapy between R250 and R500. I wouldn't trust the R250 one, but it can be a good start, as long as it is a known brand.13:14
Kiloswhew where13:14
Kilos250 is good13:14
SuperhumanI have the same situation at home. Just haven't had the chance to actually do someting about it.13:14
Kilosspeed dont matter13:14
Kilosthe pro said ask if someone has upgraded to a better router and wants to sell the old one13:15
inetproKilos: Superhuman actually has a good suggestion that I didn't even think about13:21
SuperhumanThere used to be a cheap TrendNet one, but it seems to have been discontinued. New ones: http://www.pricecheck.co.za/search/?search=wifi+router&search_category_id=191&sort=price%20asc13:22
SuperhumanOtherwise look for secondhand ones on JunkMail or Olx.13:22
inetprothose older routers without 3g but with wifi should work just fine with your PC acting as a gateway13:22
Superhumanbid or buy might have a s well.13:23
Kilosah ty13:23
SuperhumanWhen I want to try out something like this, my first stop is a dodgy electronics shop (the cheap ones that sell airtime, cellphones, radios and teddy bears).13:24
SuperhumanThey normally have import electronics that are cheap and work for about 6months depending on quality.13:25
SuperhumanI got away with 7.1 surround sound headset from one for about R200. They are still working, 3 years later.13:25
inetproSuperhuman: or they might even have cheap 2nd hand stuffs13:26
Kilosi dont get around do do shop so dont even know where them places are anymoreping 13:26
Kiloswhere did that ping come from13:26
Kilosi didnt type that13:26
Kilosoh anymore shopping13:27
SuperhumanMy local one is next to our spar.13:27
inetproKilos: what ping are you talking about?13:27
SuperhumanEvery mall/shopping centre has one. You just gotta know where to look. They are ussually disguised as cellphone shops.13:28
Kilosi dunno what happened to that sentence13:28
inetprohmm... my eyes didn't even see it :-)13:28
Kilossigh power went13:53
Kilosinetpro, found a solution14:02
Kilosjust need someone to go get it14:02
* Kilos ducks14:02
Kilosis it on your way home?14:03
Kiloseish we cant even get to fone him. sigh14:12
Kilosmaybe he is busy with his fone14:12
inetproKilos: sounds like a good deal, just keep calling, or try another similar option 14:15
Kilosi mailed him too14:16
Kiloshope it aint sold14:16
Kiloseish he has someone coming tonight to look at it14:24
Kiloshe couldnt get it working so bought another one which he cant get working either14:33
Kilosgi georgelappies theblazehen 14:50
Kiloshi as well14:50
theblazehenhi Kilos 14:51
Kilostoo much googling flattens head14:51
Kiloshi Cantide 15:18
Cantidehey Kilos :)15:18
magespawnevening all15:55
Kiloshi magespawn 15:55
Kiloshi neo31 15:55
Kilosyou a linux guru or you need help?15:56
Kiloshi Vince-0 15:56
neo31hi Kilos 15:57
neo31hello folks :)15:58
magespawnhi neo31 15:59
magespawnKilos: i think if every one was like you people like me would be out of a job16:00
Kilosoh my what did i do now16:01
magespawnyou now going on about a router just to set up a shared internet connection16:01
magespawnif that is not geeky, then i do not ono16:03
magespawnif that is not geeky, then i do not know what is16:03
Kilossistersare like wives man16:03
Kilosif they not happy you eat bread only16:04
magespawnhey Vince-0 16:05
Vince-0Blerry Monday is over, whoot16:05
Cantidei finished work at 2 pm today :)16:06
Cantidenicest Monday everrrrrrrrr16:06
Kilosso where are all our hams16:28
Cantidei ate them16:28
Kilosis the formula 492/freq in meg still the same for a 2.4g antenna16:29
Kilosradio hams man16:29
Kilosamateur radio guys16:29
Cantidei have no idea about that stuff :p16:29
Kilosi dunno what to google for, my radio notes are from 197916:33
georgelappieshi Kilos16:49
magespawnlater all, bed time17:49
Kilostoods magespawn 17:50
Kilossleep tight17:50
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Kilosmethinks only leaks can be from peeps riding past looking for wifi connections hey?18:52
inetprogood evening19:16
inetproKilos: have you found a router yet?19:16
Kilosso that one aint sold. inetpro sis picking it up tomorrow19:17
Kilosand good evening19:17
inetproKilos: you mean the d-link?19:17
KilosBillion 3G Wireless 7300nx router19:17
Kilosthen we start all over to get it working19:18
Kilosive never seen a router even19:19
Kilos but its progress in the pc world19:20
inetprodon't worry, no need to have a helicopter pilot license19:20
Kilosi send that script i use to get 3g working here to that johan on the list but no reply yet19:22
inetproI see that is not a 3g router like the new ones but it should work perfectly the way Superhuman described this afternoon19:23
Kiloswhew i better go find that and save it19:24
Kilosyo deegee_1 19:24
inetprofor 3g connectivity in this router it looks like you need a 3g usb modem19:25
deegee_1oi Kilos; i'm using a telkom routerADSL or 3g  usb modem19:25
inetprobut your pc will act as a router19:25
deegee_1the router is connecting my pcduino via wireless19:25
Kilosoh dont the tablet see the 3g19:25
inetprodeegee_1: wb19:25
deegee_1inetpro: hi19:26
inetproKilos: don't stress about things now, just get the thing and peeps will start helping when you have it19:27
Kiloscool ty19:28
Kilosdont it take the sim in it19:28
inetproif there's no hardware issues you should be fine19:28
Kilosor does the 3g dongle have to stay on pc?19:28
inetproKilos: nope, looks like it doesn't take a sim19:28
Kilosoh my19:28
Kiloswhats the good of calling it a 3g modem then19:29
Kilos3g router19:29
inetproUsing the integrated USB 2.0 ports, the device allows you to share a blistering wired or 3G-based wireless Internet connection with multiple computers or laptops.19:30
inetproit has a usb port where you could plug in a 3g usb modem19:30
inetprobut I don't think you'll need that19:30
Kilosif i put the 3g in there will the tablet then go via the router to the internet19:31
deegee_1need help to setting up freeradius on ubuntu, google just gives out a lot of dead end links on some info. any help with links will help greatly. tnx in advance.19:32
inetprocould almost be false advertising if you ask me19:32
inetproKilos: we will have to help you to set up your PC as the router19:32
Kilos• 3G network sharing19:33
Kilos • Storage: FTP server, samba server19:33
inetproactually you've already done exactly that when you connected your 2nd PC19:33
Kiloswhat does that mean19:33
Kiloslong way down19:34
Kilosby usb application server19:34
inetprowell you could use that but I doubt you need all that19:35
Kilosoh well when its here ill start thinking about it19:36
Kilosdo those things come with install cds for winsucks19:36
Kilosi might have to change some things in nm setup19:36
Kilosnow it must just be locked to cellc or voda and ill cry19:37
inetproit shouldn't19:38
inetprowell actually I don't see how they would do that19:38
Kilosoh not like 3g modems19:40
Kilosand some wireless dongles like the vodafone one19:40
Kilosim sure the vodafone  one wont take 8ta'19:41
inetproKilos: actually I'm not sure whether it is worth paying R250 for this thing but it will be good enough for your current needs 19:41
Kiloswhew explain inetpro 19:42
inetprowell it is 2nd hand after all19:42
Kilosoh you didnt read19:42
inetproI'm not quite sure what similar devices go for these days19:43
inetproI didn't read?19:43
Kilosthe okey bought it and he couldnt get it working so bought another one and couldnt get that working either19:43
Kilosi think their price is 900+19:43
inetproah, ok19:43
Kilosi thought its a good price if he is telling the truth19:44
Kiloshe works at club motors19:44
Kilosso i can always go visit with a baseball bat19:45
Kilosor send you okes19:45
inetprowell sounds like a good deal then19:46
Kilosi think so19:47
Kilosdeegee_1, does ubuntu see the router and the router the 3g or does ubuntu still see the 3g19:48
deegee_1yes, it does see the router wirelessly.19:50
Kilosoh my19:50
Kiloshere the router will be over eth19:50
deegee_1router is connected  to 3g usb dongle to the internet19:50
Kilosso ubuntu dont worry about the modem then19:51
deegee_1your router will have eth ports and wireless aerials.19:51
deegee_1you controll the router via web interface19:51
Kiloshope the router recognises my modem19:52
Kilosotherwise ill have to leave the 3g in the pc19:52
deegee_1you tell your router to allow wireless clients (tab) to access the internet via the router19:52
deegee_1if the router has a usb port on it, then you can attach the 3g usb on the router19:53
Kilosand how do you block neighbours from using you wireless19:53
deegee_1then your wired pc to the router19:53
deegee_1you hide the ssid19:53
inetproKilos: in your case the router will just act as a switch with you phone still connected to your PC as always19:53
Kilosya router has usb ports19:53
inetproyour PC will be the router19:53
deegee_1with a strong password as well19:54
deegee_1no, pc will be wired client to the router19:54
deegee_1your router whas the ability to distribute ip addresses automatically, dhcp.19:55
Kilosoh so i can use modem in pc or router19:55
Kilosoh ok19:55
Kiloswhew head spinning all this new info so fast19:55
deegee_1you'll manage your internet connectivity from the web interface of the router.19:55
Kilosoh my more to learn19:56
inetproKilos: currently, as far as I understand, your pc initiates the 3g connection on your phone, am I right?19:56
deegee_1hope i explained in a basic way and not confusing way. i stand under correction.19:56
Kilosnot fone man that arab 3g dongle19:56
Kilosalcatel dongle19:57
inetproKilos: ahh, ok I forgot about that arab thing19:57
inetproso maybe it will just work19:57
Kilosold age19:57
Kiloslets hope19:57
Kilosthanks for all the info guys19:58
Kilosmethinks bed time for ballies19:58
Kilosnight all sleep tight19:58
inetproKilos: good night oom19:58
* deegee_1 continues with research ...20:00
inetprosorry deegee_1, am to tired to even think about radius let alone help20:01
* inetpro sal jou van die wal af in die sloot in help20:02
deegee_1no stress, will keep searching inetpro20:02
* deegee_1 naps20:11
deegee_1inetpro: will look at this tomorrow; http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/print/tutorials/article.php/3834676/How-to-Use-FreeRADIUS-for-Wi-Fi-Authentication-Part-1.htm20:11
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