Boneheads1999pfifo yeah (sorry I'll keep using the username at the start)00:00
pfifocristobal, no /sbin is not encrypted, shutdown is a program not a script, only a computer can read it, for more info on chmod or chown reference the manual, 'man chmod'00:00
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/00:00
jackipfifo ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815409/00:00
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cristobalthanks pfifo ... appreciated00:00
jackisorry for delay , I have trouble with my vm00:01
pfifoBoneheads1999, well as far as I know, shockwave doesnt have a linux player, only flash, I was hoping you meant flash00:02
Boneheads1999sorry I meant Adobe Flash Player00:02
Boneheads1999pfifo sorry i meant Adobe Flash Player00:03
Boneheads1999(sorry again)00:03
pfifojacki, your gateway is wrong, change it from to the address of your router00:03
pfifoBoneheads1999, can you view other flash animations?00:03
jackiI changed it but it didn't work00:03
jackiactually at first it was
pfifojacki, remove gateway from the loopback, it doesnt have gateways00:04
jackiI did00:04
Boneheads1999pfifo you mean like .swf urls?00:04
jackistill I am having same problem !00:04
pfifoBoneheads1999, can you watch youtube vids?00:04
pfifojacki, can you ping your gateway?00:04
Boneheads1999pfifo no, when I rollover a youtube video it says "couldn't load plug-in"00:04
jackipfifo ; this is my configuration when it is on auto ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815418/00:05
jackiI did the same but it didn't work !00:05
jackican I send you private ?00:07
pfifoBoneheads1999, are you sure you installed flash? 'sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer'00:07
Boneheads1999pfifo I'll run that command00:08
pfifojacki, can you ping your gateway?00:08
Boneheads1999user@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer00:09
Boneheads1999[sudo] password for user:00:09
Boneheads1999Reading package lists... Done00:09
Boneheads1999Building dependency tree00:09
Boneheads1999Reading state information... Done00:09
FloodBot1Boneheads1999: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:09
Boneheads1999flashplugin-installer is already the newest version.00:09
pfifoBoneheads1999, have you ever had this working?00:10
Boneheads1999pfifo no00:10
pfifoBoneheads1999, did you just now install it and forget to restart the browser?00:10
Boneheads1999pfifo no00:10
Boneheads1999pfifo I Installed it a looooong time ago (3 days ago when I got the computer hehe)00:11
jackipfifo , I am able to ping when it is in auto mode !00:12
ef5c_ef5cVec_, will you be wanting that filesystem to mount automatically when you reboot?  You'd need to add an entry to /etc/fstab for that00:13
`Kyan`someone that can explain to me what iptables are and how to use them without sending me to links on somewhere website?00:13
pfifoBoneheads1999, 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure --force flashplugin-installer'00:14
Vec_ef5c_ef5c: Yeah i do, oh i didnt know that. *looking into fstab*00:14
hellierJust updated to 13.04 and noticed when I hover over the top black bar, there is no longer an SSH/FTP login connection dropdown?00:14
xanguaBoneheads1999: does it work on firefox¿00:14
zykotick9jacki: if you aren't using N-M, i'm pretty sure you should have a "real" gateway, instead of the address...  just a guess.00:14
Boneheads1999xangua no00:14
pfifojacki, have you been restarting the network service? You need todo that every time you make a change 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart'00:15
Boneheads1999pfifo ok ill do that00:15
th0r`Kyan`, it isn't that simple. You would be much better off with the website00:15
`Kyan`i'm tryin' to understanding somethin' but it's too complicated :\00:15
ef5c_ef5cVec_, For my /media FS in VG data2vg, LV medialv, for example, I have "/dev/mapper/data2vg-medialv /media      ext3    defaults              0       2"00:16
jackii did ; "ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"   !!!00:17
pfifo`Kyan`, iptables is the kernels built in firewall, used to block and shape network traffic00:17
ef5c_ef5cVec_, you should have some other examples in your /etc/fstab.  You'd have to change the VG & LV name and mountpoint, and I think you mentioned ext4 instead of ext300:17
pfifojacki, ok so whats your updated interfaces file look like?00:17
`Kyan`pfifo, and what about netfilter? O.o00:18
zykotick9jacki: you probably DON'T want the "auto eth0" commented out!00:18
jackiwhat does ignoring mean ?!00:18
Vec_ef5c_ef5c: ext4 yes, thanks for the example. Im looking at ur example, fstab entries and some googled guide atm. This seems doable within some minutes :)00:18
Boneheads1999pfifo when I dont put in a directory for the tar.gz file, because there is none I never downloaded a tar.gz, it does  nothing after I skip the directory00:18
ef5c_ef5cVec_, Adding the filesystem to /etc/fstab has 2 advantages: 1) automount at boot, and 2) ability to mount and umount the filesystem just by naming the mountpoint: umount /media ; mount /media00:18
zykotick9jacki: # at the beginning of a line is a comment00:18
Fandshould i have both windows and ubuntu, for a newbie? or only ubuntu?00:18
Vec_ef5c_ef5c: nice, ok00:19
Boneheads1999pfifo it just goes back in terminal and brings up the "user@ubuntu:~$"00:19
clue_hpreferably ubuntu alone00:19
zykotick9jacki: auto just means to bring the device up automatically, not auto configuration.00:19
jackiI will do it ,00:19
pfifo`Kyan`, netfilter is the actual code that iptables modifies00:20
zykotick9jacki: you should remove the # from "auto lo" as well00:20
pfifoBoneheads1999, does flash work now? dont forget to restart browsers00:21
`Kyan`ah ok.00:21
`Kyan`the problem is the working of iptables.00:21
`Kyan`doesn't exists two simple rules? ALLOW and BLOCK?00:22
Boneheads1999pfifo new message now. "Adobe Flash Player is required to display some elements on this page. [Install plug-in...]"00:22
wilee-nileeBoneheads1999, Did you install the restricted extras?00:22
Boneheads1999a while ago I think00:22
pfifo`Kyan`, your going to need alot of coffee and aspirin, iptables is a complicated program, you should tackle it over several sittings00:23
wilee-nileeBoneheads1999, Make sure there are codes in it.00:23
rypervenche`Kyan`: There are three. ACCEPT, REJECT, DROP00:23
`Kyan`pfifo, :\00:23
`Kyan`rypervenche, ACCEPT = ALLOW, REJECT = BLOCK................ DROP = ?00:24
Boneheads1999pfifio ? what00:24
rypervenche`Kyan`: Let's talk in a PM so we don't disturb others.00:24
Boneheads1999pfifo what does that mean00:24
hellierUrgh why did Ubuntu remove the connect to server function.00:24
pfifoBoneheads1999, im thinking, hold on a few00:25
jackipfifo ; this how it looks like right now ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815454/00:25
trismhellier: it is still there, File/Connect to Server in the file browser menu00:25
pfifojacki, pastebin the output of 'ip addr'00:25
zykotick9pfifo: the auto lines being commented out are probably jacki's problem... just sayin'00:26
helliertrism, they have completely changed it.00:26
hellierBefore all I had to do was enter the server ip, pass, user and done00:26
Vec_ef5c_ef5c: This seems alrght like an entry? "/dev/mapper/data--vg-data /mnt/data ext4 auto 0 2"00:26
helliernow I have nfi00:26
trismhellier: yes, the new one is terrible, I agree with that00:27
jackithis is the output ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815465/00:27
Vec_ef5c_ef5c: 3 at the end instead of 2, since an earlier entry had 2 as its fsck priority00:27
jackishould I reboot ?00:28
jackipfifo ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815465/00:29
ef5c_ef5cVec, You should use 2 there.  The root filesystem (/) should be 0 and all others 2 (according to 'man fstab's description of the field)00:30
pfifojacki, zykotick9 is right remove the # in fron of auto lo and auto eth000:30
pfifoBoneheads1999, still working00:30
Vec_ef5c_ef5c: Ok ill change it to 2 then. I just rebooted and the disk was properly mounted :) You've been a great help!00:30
jackiso if I remove it will still automatically get the configration from DHCP . !00:31
jackiisn't it right ?00:31
Boneheads1999pfifo ok Ill check for msgs from you in a few00:31
zykotick9jacki: "auto eth0" does NOT mean DHCP, it means start eth0 automatically on boot.00:31
jackioh I see00:31
ef5c_ef5cVec, Glad to be of service.  '/mnt' is traditionally used for stuff that's only mounted temporarily.  If this is going to be a permanent filesystem, you might want to adjust its location.  No harm in leaving it under /mnt, but it unusual00:32
zipyhow can i turn off  saving data to hd first in brasero00:32
Vec_ef5c_ef5c: Hm, makes sense.. Ill see if i can find a more suitable location for it00:33
Vec_Well im off, good night and good luck everyone00:33
wilee-nilee!details > zipy00:34
ubottuzipy, please see my private message00:34
ocooelHotspot iOS6. Any instructions or articles please?00:34
reisiozipy: s/CD/USB/ done00:35
zipywhen i burn a data dvd with brasero, it saves it first to the temp folder. how can i disable it00:35
jackipfifo and zykotick9 ; Thank you very very much indeed00:36
jackiit's working00:36
iLogicalI can't delete a folder inside my external usb HD drive, everything else about this HD works00:36
wilee-nileeiLogical, Where is it?00:37
anton01from the grub menu, after I press enter to boot ubuntu, im at my desktop in less than a second (literally). Why does it boot so fast?00:37
wilee-nileeon that deivw00:37
pfifoBoneheads1999, I dont like todo it this way, but since dpkg-reconfigure isnt doing what I expected, close all your browsers and run this 'sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-installer && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree' then retry over at youtube00:37
reisioanton01: because you have an SSD00:37
reisioanton01: or lots of RAM00:37
anton01reisio: windows takes quite a bit longer. Why would RAM make it boot fast anyway?00:38
Boneheads1999pfifo ok one sec.00:38
reisioanton01: that goes down to the whole purpose of ram00:38
reisioanton01: is your question just why it boots faster than windows?00:38
reisioit's leaner and more efficient, and undoubtedly superiorly coded00:39
anton01reisio: i suppose so. btw ram is volatile random access memory, the data has to be loaded into it from somewhere first (ie. the harddrive)00:39
reisioit also probably was compiled with more optimizations for your specific hardware than Windows00:39
anton01I prefer windows 8 over linux. I've used these distros over the last 8 years: Red Hat, Fedora, Suse, Gentoo, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu00:41
reisioanton01: everyone has a right to be insane :)00:41
zipythen use windows ^^00:41
wilee-nilee!tmi | anton0100:41
ubottuanton01: Um thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...00:41
anton01well I'm just saiyan00:41
reisioignoring the Windows tidbit, just the fact that you've done that much distro hopping is a sign that the problem exists somewhere between your chair00:42
reisioand your keyboard :D00:42
RalieghFhangI'm getting this error when auditing my packages, and "apt-get install --reinstall" doesn't fix it. Is it really even an issue? http://pastebin.com/z59xegsL00:42
reisiounless you use a laptop and a hammock00:42
anton01well it was 8 years, one distro change a year isnt too bad00:42
reisioin which case PEBKAH00:42
Boneheads1999pfifo ok, this happened: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815492/00:42
zipyI prefer windows 8 over linux. I've used these distros over the last 8 years: Red Hat, Fedora, Suse, Gentoo, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu00:42
reisiozipy: hehehe00:42
zipyi cant play my games00:42
Boneheads1999pfifo and it still shows the message "Adobe Flash Player is required to display some elements on this page"00:43
RalieghFhangAnyone? Heh00:43
anton01though I suppose linux was fun during the learning phase but after you've learned it, what's the point? It just becomes unneccessarily time consuming00:43
pfifoBoneheads1999, ahh use this 'sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer'00:44
pfifoanton01 for 'dd' of course so you can image you win 8 partition and do a quick restore when it gets a virus00:44
clue_hthe windows 8 tiles thing its got going on is comparable to the gui of a vtech its patronising00:45
RalieghFhangI'm getting this error when auditing my packages, and "apt-get install --reinstall" doesn't fix it. Is it really even an issue? http://pastebin.com/z59xegsL00:45
anton01yeah I use it for recovery purposes occassionally, but im more referring to Desktop00:45
Boneheads1999pfifo Ok, now it does the Could not load Shockwave Flash message.00:46
rypervencheHow does one save iptables rules once configured? SO that it will survive a reboot.00:46
pfifoBoneheads1999, please pastebin the output of 'lsb-release -a'00:46
pfifoBoneheads1999, sorry 'lsb_release -a'00:47
rmobenchainI'm having some difficulties running iced tea java on a website.  Am using 13.04, and used the sudo apt install iced tea option, and still not having success00:47
adieI got a problem here, and maybe someone can help me out :<00:47
* RalieghFhang shrugs and goes away again00:47
thedudez0rHello, I'm trying to install git and I get some warning about broken dependencies. Don't know what to do next, please check http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815503/00:47
adieI am trying to make an IRC plugin which adds a count to unity launcher00:47
anton01though a good way to store porn on an external HD without worring about anyone connecting to their computer to see what's on it would be to format it with a linux FS, and access it from linux only00:47
adieit works at first, but if I unload the plugin and reload it, it crashes00:48
Boneheads1999pfifo http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815505/00:48
th0ranton01, this qualifies as tech support exactly how?00:48
adieis there something I need to do to clear it out so the program can be reloaded?00:48
Ohgahi, I want to add /root to the PATH. I put "PATH=$PATH:/root" at the end of .profile but its not working.. am I doing something wrong?00:48
cicero36server -ssl irc.anonops.com 669700:48
zykotick9Ohga: ahhh /root in PATH makes no sense...00:50
pfifoBoneheads1999, are you running 32 or 64 bit?00:50
Ohgazykotick9: because..?00:50
Boneheads1999pfifo 32-bit00:51
zykotick9Ohga: well for starters 1) ubuntu doesn't even use the "root" account (the account that has permission to enter /root) and 2) /root is NOT a place to install ANYTHING00:51
mnemonOhga: that should work.00:52
pfifoBoneheads1999, im out of ideas here, and im hungry, i need to get some food, ill be back in an hour if you want to ask again00:52
Boneheads1999ok it's 6:51 for me right now.00:52
Boneheads1999pfifo how about 7:00 my time (1 hour and 10 minutes from now)00:52
Ohgazykotick9: what I'm after is to put utility scripts there and have them globaly available00:52
Ohganow, should the line be in .profile or .bash_profile?00:52
mnemonOhga: why don't you put the in bin or sbin? :|00:53
zykotick9Ohga: ya, use /opt for out of repo program installations00:53
rmobenchainI'm trying to play a game on chess.com but it says I need the iced tea java plugin.  I installed what I thought I needed via the terminal, but no luck.  am on 13.0400:53
th0rOhga, put the scripts in ~/bin and then link them to /usr/local/bin00:53
zykotick9Ohga: mnemon's suggestion is bad, but it's bettern then /root that's for sure.00:53
zipyanton01, there is a windows channel #windows00:54
zipyit has 500 users :D00:54
anton01but if they need tech support and theyre using windows they wouldnt exactly be the smartest bunch00:54
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zipyi prefer opensource00:55
mnemonanton01: they probably aren't there for normal "tech support"00:55
zipyon my windows partition i wont even save passwords00:56
anton01but seriously, what is there to discuss about windows, you just use it to get stuff done, and you think about the OS itself hardly ever. And that's what I like about it00:56
zipythe only thing i use windows for is games maybe00:57
zipynothing else00:57
mnemonanton01: if you use it to browse the internets or play some windows games then yeah.00:57
wilee-nileermobenchain, You did have the browser closed or at least restarted to try again right?00:57
wheatthintech support related to ubuntu?00:57
thedudez0rhow an i start ubuntu update manager via temrinal?00:57
wheatthinthedudez0r, sudo apt-get update00:58
reisiothedudez0r: the actual gui?00:58
zipyi think he wants the gui00:58
tannjiMy name is Tannji.  I am a windows user.  I have been clean and secure for 90 days now.00:58
thedudez0rreisio, yes00:58
rmobenchainwilee-niles: I've had it open, then closed it and restarted numerous times to no avail.  Done it a few times00:58
wheatthinor, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:58
reisiothedudez0r: need to know the proc name; try running it and then running 'ps aux' in a terminal to find its name00:58
thedudez0rI've gotten the message beforeasking me to upgrade 12.10 to 13.04, but I've always clicked "later"00:58
reisiothedudez0r: heh00:58
wilee-nileermobenchain, If you have more than one browser have you tried others, I would contact them maybe.00:58
thedudez0rsudo apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't work00:59
thedudez0ri mean it works but it offers no possible upgrades00:59
zipyit wont update distro00:59
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reisiookay, so actually a different problem :)00:59
zykotick9!dist-upgrade | thedudez0r that is normal, dist-upgrade is very misunderstood.00:59
ubottuthedudez0r that is normal, dist-upgrade is very misunderstood.: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.00:59
rmobenchainwilee-niles: I did forget to mention I am trying to do this on Chrome, and have Firefox on the computer as well00:59
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:59
wilee-nileethedudez0r, You can set software sources for all releases if it is a upgrade you want.01:00
thedudez0rwilee-nilee, I hate sources.list, I somehow always end up with one that gets me in trouble, and I don't have the sklightest clue about what each repository does and which ones i need01:01
wilee-nileethedudez0r, I don't mean the sources.list01:01
thedudez0rso i don't fiddle with the sources.list unless im sure what im going to do (eg. read it somewhere)01:01
zipyi stick to lts only01:01
zipybut i always update to the newest ^^01:02
zipyi had to many problems the first days of a new non lts release01:02
zipyand got tired of it01:02
wilee-nileethedudez0r, open ubuntu software center-edit-updates-bottom line-choose for any new vwrsion, then run a update with the update manager.01:03
wilee-nileethedudez0r, I left out one thing software center-edit-software sources updates-bottom line-choose for any new vwrsion, then run a update with the update manager.01:04
zipysudo apt-get update && sudo do-release-upgrade01:04
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zipythats for release upgrade01:04
zykotick9thedudez0r: i'd strongly recommend just using ubuntu's tool to upgrade to a new version...01:05
zipyme 201:05
wilee-nileemarawan2.. /j #ubuntu-beginners01:05
thedudez0rzykotick9, and ubuntu's tool to upgrade is?01:05
zipybut he asked for terminal cmd :D01:05
zykotick9thedudez0r: ? i dunno, read the link !upgrade gave you01:06
thedudez0rzykotick9, already did. doesn't work01:06
zipyjust type in update in dash01:06
zipythen go preferences01:06
thedudez0rgoing to try the do-release-upgrade thing01:06
marawan2<wilee-nilee> thanks bud01:06
wilee-nileethedudez0r, For the record I gave you the standard upgrade with a gui.01:07
thedudez0rwilee-nilee, yes but you didn't mention how to open the UPDATE MANAGER, which is exactly what I asked at the start...01:07
zipyu can go to software center too01:07
zipythen edit01:08
zipysoftware repo01:08
marawan2does any body know why gnome mplayer doesn't save video adjustments01:08
wilee-nileethedudez0r, In the words of BuckWheat "Otay"01:08
rmobenchainstill lost01:08
marawan2why gnome mplayer doesn't save video adjustments01:09
thedudez0ri always get this error when i do apt-get update01:09
reisiomarawan2: adjustments?01:10
marawan2reisio: ya like the ones for the video contrast and britness, etc01:10
marawan2reisio: gnome mplayer always starts video missed up in color and cotrast and i have to fix it every time01:11
monkeyjuicethedudez0r:  what error01:11
zipythedudez0r, sudo update-manager-d01:11
zipythis should get ur gui back01:12
reisiomarawan2: probably have to find an rc file01:12
zipywith a space01:12
marawan2reisio: what is rc? where do i find it?01:12
zipythedudez0r, sudo update-manager -d01:13
thedudez0rE:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_quantal_main_binary-amd64_Packages, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.01:13
zipythedudez0r, sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf && sudo apt-get update01:14
zykotick9marawan2: personally, i just use the terminal mplayer, BUT you might want to try smplayer in place of gnome-mplayer01:15
thedudez0rwhat was the problem exactly?01:15
zipybroken merge list01:16
reisiomarawan2: man mplayer, /CONFIG01:16
marawan2zykotick9: what is terminal mplayer01:16
zipyso we just removed it01:16
zipynow u can try again update-manager -d01:16
marawan2<zykotick9. reisio i am using lubuntu01:16
zykotick9marawan2: i run mplayer (technically mplayer2) from terminal, no GUI frontends01:17
reisiomarawan2: then stick with gnome-mplayer/mplayer01:17
thedudez0rok. it's still updating01:17
zipydont u like lts versions? :D01:18
zipyi feel like all the distros between the lts's are kind of testing out sth new distros ^^01:18
* zykotick9 recalls gnome-mplayer as being rather "weak"...01:18
marawan2reisio: stick with it, no other choice01:18
reisiomarawan2: you should be able to configure it to have the default you desire01:20
reisioor alias the application to always run with the settings you desire01:20
marawan2reisio: i doesn't! what is alias?01:21
reisiolike if you tell the system to run 'foo -bar -baz' any time something asks to run 'foo'01:21
zipyalias aka same xD01:21
zipychatzilla x)01:23
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Guest69410Hi all, I am trying to upgrade my distribution from 12.04, but 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' doesn't do anything.  How can I upgrade?01:26
=== Guest69410 is now known as JW1
pfifofor some reason im getting a timeout error here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cve01:28
JW1Any ubuntu wizards out there tonight?01:29
zipypfifo, same here01:29
pfifohow am i supposed to be a 1337 hacker if I cant even read the cve01:30
zipyguess it will be up again later01:30
wilee-nilee!eol | Guest69410 checl the end of life upgrades01:32
ubottuGuest69410 checl the end of life upgrades: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:32
wilee-nileeDoh, from 12.04 heh at least the are gone01:32
wilee-nileeJW1, If you have an issue the channel works with you stating it.01:33
zipy3:30 am01:34
zipytime to sleep xD01:34
zipycyas 1337 h4xx0rz01:35
JW1Never mind, I think I found what I am looking for, I didn't know about do-release-upgrade01:36
ubuntu890is it ubuntu room?01:37
clue_hubuntu890, yes01:37
ubuntu890plz i need help necessarily01:37
JW1Okay so I will upgrade to quantal now01:37
ubuntu890how to avoid online scripts?01:38
reisioubuntu890: hrmm?01:38
clue_hubuntu890, don't run them.01:38
ubuntu890i do use firefox01:38
ubuntu890i'm a member in an facebook app01:39
wilee-nileeubuntu890, noscript addon will block flash01:39
ubuntu890plz see the pic and tell me what to do01:39
reisioubuntu890: that means the file facebook.js is inferior01:40
reisiojust hit stop script if you don't think you need it01:40
ubuntu890its a chat room in an app called "neatchat"01:40
reisiowhich is quite likely01:40
pfifoubuntu890, i would click stop01:40
ubuntu890a member send me something straight as a text then i find firefox hang out01:42
jackishould I restart iptables after I modify it ?01:42
ubuntu890pfifo:when i get into the room and he sends me that words on private,,,it suddenly stop working01:42
=== kcristiano is now known as kcrist
pfifoubuntu890, your best bet is to not use neatchat at all, it looks broken01:42
ubuntu890so the mistake is in firefox or the app?01:43
jackipfifo ; should I restart iptables after I modify it ?01:44
pfifoubuntu890, I think that guys is flooding you, and if so, then neatchat isnt blocking floods, which means its neatchats fault01:44
reisioubuntu890: the mistake is most likely in the .js file itself01:44
ubuntu890is it danger on me that this guy can hack my facebook account?01:45
reisioubuntu890: not particularly, no01:45
pfifojacki, nope, changes take effect right away, all you may want todo is save the changes so that their applied on the next boot01:45
tannjianyone familiar with Rutebook?  is there something similar currently available?01:45
ubuntu890pfifo,reisio,wille-nilee:thanks :)01:46
reisiotannji: ?01:46
clue_htannji, a linux manual?01:47
tannjisorta, ya...  more a list that works in a distro....01:47
roastedQuestion - the B43 driver, as I understand it, is an open source driver. It worked automatically out of the box on Ubuntu. I just installed kernel 3.9.4 but I lost wireless. Is B43 only included in the Ubuntu-based kernels or something?01:48
tannjireisio,  from what I understand Rutebook works like a tutorial...  but it is outdated and not maintained01:49
pfifotannji, thats a cool book, thanks for sharing01:50
reisiotannji: which parts are outdated?01:50
FoxhoundzI changed my GPU's PCI slot from the x8 to x1601:50
Foxhoundzstarting linux causes it to show 640x480 resolution01:51
Foxhoundzas if there were no drivers installed01:51
Foxhoundzwhat gives?01:51
tannjireisio, dont know... didnt force the install because it is not current, and I read comments that said parts were outdated01:51
pfiforoasted, that is correct, the b43 module is compiled for specific kernels, if you built your own kernel or used a ppa you will need to get matching modules01:51
roastedpfifo: perhaps if I used the saucy kernels I'd have better luck?01:52
reisiotannji: anything written is outdated01:52
jackiwhich command shows me the current iptable rules ?01:52
jeffmrdoes anyone know what the appropriate url from source would be to feed get_flash_videos from http://viooz.co/movies/11633-the-dark-knight-rises-2012.html?01:53
tannjireisio,  true enough  = )01:53
pfiforoasted, sometimes you can get a module to load into a kernel its not made for, but at the cost of stability01:53
deckardhello. in my home folder there is an example.decktop file. can i delete it? what is t?01:54
varunendraroasted, the b43 driver actually never works out-of-box. It always needs proprietary driver to work. It would have been the alternate brcmsmac that worked instead.01:55
varunendrasorry, proprietary firmware01:55
Fandhow can i install ubuntu with only with cli and no gui?01:55
roastedvarunendra: whatever it was, I did nothing. It worked out of the box.01:55
pfifoFand, your looking for either the alternate install cd or simply the debootstrap program01:55
varunendraroasted, do you know exactly what chip you are using? (lspci -nn)01:56
darkfrogI'm currently running Ubuntu in vmware on Windows 8 and was testing trying to run it outside of the VM but I have three monitors and cannot seem to get them to lay out like they do in vmware.  I simply want a primary desktop and the ability to drag windows between the screens...is this simply not possible in Gnome 3?01:56
roastedvarunendra: 4322401:56
lfaraoneI have two PDFs of the same document; one generated by a word processor (so with selectable text), and one scanned (with physical signature). Can I combine them so the image shown is the former but its still searchable etc (has a text layer)?01:56
Fandpfifo: okey thank you01:57
varunendraroasted, run "lspci -nn". Is it's id "14e4:a8d8" ??01:57
roastedvarunendra: I might try swapping this out with an intel chip I have handy. Last time I tried this on another Lenovo it failed because Lenovo whitelists their wifi cards.01:57
roastedvarunendra: no, 14e4:057601:57
pfifo!xrandr | darkfrog01:58
ubottudarkfrog: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1201:58
varunendraroasted, it is not yet tested with b43 it seems, but is supposed to work with both the brcmsmac and the sta (wl) drivers : http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b4301:59
roastedvarunendra: I understood B43 was used by the 43224.01:59
roastedvarunendra: which stands to reason against the fact I did nothing on a fresh install and I had wireless magically working.01:59
roastedunlike STA which requires installation.01:59
darkfrogpfifo and ubottu: thanks guys!01:59
darkfrogI tried the xrandr graphical utility but it seemed seriously lacking...command-line should work better.02:00
varunendraroasted, it gets loaded, but needs firmware to work. In such case, the brcmsmac gets loaded (as much as I understand) and gets listed as "brcm-pci-bridge" (or something similar) in "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net".02:01
roastedvarunendra: is that to suggest I just need to install some firmware over hardwire, reboot, and it'll work?02:02
varunendraroasted, in any case, if it is not working out-of-box, you may try the wl driver. Do you have a cable connection available?02:02
varunendraroasted, since b43 is listed as "Not tested yet", I can't say if it'll work yet.02:03
roastedvarunendra: I do, but I've had issues with the STA chip in the past.02:04
varunendraFYI, b43 is reverse-engineered driver, brcmsmac is open source and wl is closed source proprietary one. Some chips are supported by all of them.02:04
roastedvarunendra: I think what I'll do is swap the wireless card out and *hope* Lenovo didn't foolishly whitelist only 1 wifi chip to work in this laptop like they do countless other models.02:04
roastedvarunendra: and, if it is whitelisted, trash it because lenovo is lol.02:05
PashaPastalenovo is better than HP, Gateway, Sony, Acer and several others :)02:05
varunendraroasted, well, if you wish to try b43 itself, you can install the "linux-firmware-nonfree" package.02:05
roastedPashaPasta: keep telling yourself that. I deal with them on an enterprise level. It aint pretty.02:06
varunendraPashaPasta, but the "whitelist" things tick me off, be it lenovo or anything else.02:06
PashaPastaroasted: as do I02:06
roastedvarunendra: nailed it.02:06
roastedVery foolish tactics by that company.02:06
roastedBut this is going OT, so, I'll fold here.02:06
Boneheads1999pfifo are you online?02:06
pfifoBoneheads1999, yeah02:07
rick_hello all, can I use pivot_root to make one program reference glibc and related libraries in a new root and return it's display to Xorg that runs in old root?02:07
Boneheads1999pfifo Ok so any ideas?02:07
pfiforick_, i think you might need vnc for that02:07
Boneheads1999pfifo By the way I'm the guy with the flash problems. "could not load shockwave flash" in chrome02:08
varunendraroasted, I'd suggest to give b43 a try first, if it fails to work, then try wl. For the firmware - "sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree"02:10
rick_pfifo, I have a binary that comes with a bunch of libraries and a glibc, I use ubuntu 10.04 that uses another glibc. I don't know exactly how to use my 10.04 but run that binary and make it reference it's original libraries and glibc.02:11
roastedvarunendra: I already got my atheros card out I had stashed away. Thought it was Intel, but Atheros is equally awesome. I'm going to swap it out first and see if they have this unit ridiculously whitelisted as well. IF not, win, if so, another reason to avoid Lenovo or do some intense research before ordering next time.02:11
roastedvarunendra: gotta power down for this though, brb in a few.02:11
bashangi'm having trouble getting right click to work on my laptop touchpad.02:12
bashangI looked in the forums and couldn't find anything.  Anybody have this same issue?  I'm working with a clean install.02:13
pfiforick_, ld will use libraries that it finds in the directory the program is in before using system libraries, so just put all of it in its on directory and run it from there02:13
pfifoBoneheads1999, for the life of me i cannot find libflashplayer.so on my system, let me run a search02:14
roastedvarunendra: oh look at this. This one is whitelisted too. Yet another Lenovo tossed aside on the shelf.02:15
Boneheads1999pfifo Lol ok xD02:15
Boneheads1999pfifo By the way thanks for all the help so far, most people give up on like the 3rd solution02:15
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
rick_pfifo, should I do chroot related things?02:16
bashanghello?  can anybody see this?02:17
bashangam i invisible02:17
pfiforick_, no02:17
wilee-nileebashang, Details are the key, what you have done so far...etc02:17
bashangi did a clean install off the latest binary on a PC laptop, and the click doesn't work at all02:18
bashangi'm a newbie02:18
wilee-nileebashang, latest binary, what release?02:18
bashang12.04 LTS02:18
torresst63Olá galera, boa noite!02:19
rick_pfifo, thanks!02:19
wilee-nileebashang, Have you looked in mouse & touchpad?02:19
jackipfifo ; I have add a rule to allow ssh on port 22, but I cannot make ssh connection02:20
bashangyea.  i didn't see any options for right click02:20
bashangor rather, there were02:20
bashangbut no "on/off"02:20
wilee-nileebashang, What is the computer model?02:21
torresst63alguém pode me dizer se há como mudar o lançador do ubuntu para a parte inferior da tela?02:21
bashangAsus A55C02:22
bashangwilee-nilee, i really appreciate the tech support, but i don't want to make you do that.  i'm more interested in knowing if anybody else has had this issue02:22
bashangbecause it's a clean install so i'm sure it's gotta have a fix already published02:22
kostkon_!pt | torresst6302:23
ubottutorresst63: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:23
wilee-nilee!pt | torresst6302:23
wilee-nileebashang, That is polling the channel is support.02:24
wilee-nileenot the same02:24
pfifoBoneheads1999, well, flash player isnt working on my system either now, it looks like the package is broken02:24
Boneheads1999pfifo Oh man02:25
varunendrabashang, what02:25
varunendrawhat's the problem? bashang02:25
pfifoBoneheads1999, luckly doing it the unofficial way is SUPER easy compared to all the crap ubuntu puts us poor users through02:25
Boneheads1999pfifo Ok well what should I do to get flash woRKING02:26
Boneheads1999pfifo lol sorry I'm sorta high02:26
jackiplease someone help me, I am not able to ssh to my server02:26
jackiI have a virtual ubuntu 12.04, it is accepting port 22 but I cannot make ssh connection02:27
bashangwilee-nilee, what's polling the channel?02:28
KernelPanicMK2check ufw status02:28
pfifoBoneheads1999, go here, from the drop down select the "tar.gz for other linux" http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect02:28
pfifoBoneheads1999, download it02:28
Boneheads1999pfifo Sorry was in the restroom02:29
Boneheads1999pfifo Ok, one sec02:29
Boneheads1999pfifo I downloaded it now what02:31
pfifoBoneheads1999, make a tmp folder and mv the tarball into it, then extract the archive02:31
jackihow can I stop ufw ?02:32
Boneheads1999pfifo I'm sorry but all I got from that was make a tmp folder02:32
Boneheads1999pfifo I'm very (few days) new to linux sorry02:32
jackiI don't even have ufw running on my machine02:33
pfifoBoneheads1999, navigate to the directory you downloaded the file to then something like so 'mkdir tmp' then 'mv install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz tmp/' then 'cd tmp/' then 'ar xzf install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz'02:34
pfifoBoneheads1999, that last command should be 'tar xzf install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz'02:34
Boneheads1999pfifo K thanks02:35
derp_sup fools02:35
Boneheads1999pfifo after doing the 'mv -install flash file-' it gives me:02:38
Boneheads1999pfifo mv: cannot stat `install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz': No such file or directory02:38
pfifoBoneheads1999, navigate to the directory you downloaded the tarball to, most likely 'Downloads'02:39
Boneheads1999pfifo, I know it's open in file manager.. thats what I have to do right?  Or should I navigate to it in terminal02:39
pfifoBoneheads1999, you can do all this in a file manager if you want02:41
Boneheads1999pfifo ok02:41
Boneheads1999So just open it with archive manager02:42
pfifoBoneheads1999, cant help you there, I dont use a GUI02:43
pfifoBoneheads1999, extract the tarball however it is done in GUI02:43
Boneheads1999extract to where?02:43
Boneheads1999pfifo Extract to Where?02:43
pfifoBoneheads1999,  anywhere02:43
Boneheads1999pfifo k02:43
SonikkuAmericaBoneheads1999: Hopefully not in /02:44
pfifoBoneheads1999, your going to delete it on step 702:44
marawan2could someone just give me more info about this nepomuk cleaner software?02:44
SonikkuAmericaBoneheads1999: Does flashplugin-installer not work for you?02:44
SonikkuAmericamarawan2: I have a feeling that #kubuntu might help you more, as nepomuk tends to be a KDE sort of thing.02:45
pfifoSonikkuAmerica, nope, not for me either02:45
Boneheads1999SonikkuAmerica not sure02:45
SonikkuAmericapfifo: Odd... 12.04 ?02:45
Boneheads1999SonikkuAmerica I don't think it does02:45
SonikkuAmerica!info flashplugin-installer02:45
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (raring), package size 6 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)02:46
SonikkuAmericaBoneheads1999, pfifo: Have either of you enabled multiverse to begin with?02:46
pfifoSonikkuAmerica, yep 12.04 32 bit, fresh install 100% updated, adobe must have moved theri tar.gz file02:46
pfifoSonikkuAmerica, yes, main, uni and multi02:46
SonikkuAmericapfifo: Weird. (I couldn't tell you because I use pepflashplugin-installer with Chromium.)02:47
SonikkuAmericapfifo: How about Canonical Partners?02:47
Boneheads1999SonikkuAmerica I just got this computer 3 days ago so it might have multiverse on it.  I haven't so probably no02:47
SonikkuAmericapfifo: (I believe that's where it's hiding these days)02:47
pfifoBoneheads1999, you should have gotten a file out of the archive, libflashplayer.so02:47
Boneheads1999Ok what do I do with libflashplayer.so02:47
pfifoBoneheads1999, make a directory in your home folder, "mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/plugins"02:48
Boneheads1999Ok now what02:48
pfifoBoneheads1999, then move it into that folder, 'cp libflashplayer.so ~/.mozilla/plugins/'02:48
pfifoBoneheads1999, restart browsers and hopefully, it doesnt crash like mine is (i suspect yours will work i have too many plugins)02:49
ubuntu890How to Add Firewall Rule:net.ipv4.tcp_synack_retries = 102:50
Boneheads1999Should I just stick libflashplayer.so in mozilla/plugins02:50
Boneheads1999because terminals being weird02:50
James_EppMaking a bash script. What is the equivalent of winblows 'pause' ?02:50
SonikkuAmericaBoneheads1999: Yep. Dump it into your ~/.mozilla/plugins/ dir.02:51
jribJames_Epp: sleep?02:51
Boneheads1999SonikkuAmerica lol sorry but whats ~? Like where's the .mozilla folder02:51
pfifoBoneheads1999, take careful note of the period pefore mozilla02:51
James_Eppjrib: I hoping for one that waits for user input.02:52
jribJames_Epp: read...?02:52
SonikkuAmericaBoneheads1999: ~ is your home folder.02:52
pfifoJames_Epp, use 'read' then02:52
Boneheads1999SonikkuAmerica all thats in the home folder is user02:53
James_Epppfifo: jrib TY :D02:54
pfifoBoneheads1999, ~ is a cli shortcut, navigate to your home foler manually in your file browser02:55
Boneheads1999pfifo OOHH The problem was .mozilla was hidden02:56
pfifoBoneheads1999, ohh, yeah, the period at the beginning hides stuff02:57
James_Eppso I have a question. I'm in a user terminal in home directory. There is a file that exists called Backup.sh. If I enter the capital 'B' and press tab, it finds nothing. I get not found if I do exec Backup.sh. However, if I do exec /home/user/Backup.sh it works. Why is this?02:57
Boneheads1999pfifo Ok I've done it.  libflashplayer.so is in ~/mozilla/plugins02:57
Boneheads1999but Now02:57
bashanghey has anybody had trouble with righ click on ubuntu?02:57
Boneheads1999will that do anything for chrome02:57
Boneheads1999bashang no02:57
pfifoJames_Epp, its not offering it up as a option since its not executable02:58
James_Epppfifo: But I am in the home folder where the file also is. Therefore, it should autocomplete regardless.02:58
pfifoBoneheads1999, chrom is smarter than firefox, it will find it02:58
Boneheads1999pfifo lol k02:58
pfifoJames_Epp, its not going to auto complete with something thats invalid02:59
djshotglasstrying to build compat-wireless02:59
Boneheads1999pfifo I shall brutally take somebody's head off.  It doesnt work02:59
djshotglassneed kernel sources02:59
James_EppHmm. Interesting. I dislike that design :/02:59
Boneheads1999pfifo could. not. load. shockwave. flash.02:59
djshotglassis this linux-source package?02:59
Boneheads1999pfifo Dang what next02:59
James_EppBoneheads1999: Are you trying to get flash working?02:59
=== ese is now known as wey
pfifoBoneheads1999, download an older tarball and do the same thing03:00
Boneheads1999James_Epp yeah03:00
Boneheads1999pfifo Where's an older tarball03:00
James_EppBoneheads1999: I use this string on new installations: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install ubuntu-restricted-extras openjdk-7-jre icedtea-7-plugin && sudo reboot03:00
Boneheads1999pfifo Should I do what James_Epp said03:01
Boneheads1999James_Epp thanks I might try it03:01
James_EppMaybe remove the sudo reboot and do that manually, though.03:01
pfifoBoneheads1999, if the package wasnt broken then what James_Epp said would usually work03:02
pfifoBoneheads1999, http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html03:02
Boneheads1999pfifo k03:03
James_Eppperhaps an apt-get -y autoremove or an apt-get install -f ?03:03
James_EppHeck, maybe an apt-get -y purge ubuntu-restricted-extras would help03:03
pfifoBoneheads1999, im not wasting 60 megs of my mobil bandwith to download an archive, I would try
pfifoJames_Epp, we did03:04
James_EppYou did reboot after the purge, right?03:04
pfifoJames_Epp, for flash, no, wouldnt do anything03:04
James_EppCan't hurt, can it? I'm thinking with the amounts of purging you guys are doing it may help...03:05
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
pfifoJames_Epp, in the end, after doing the install again, no where on my system is there a libflashplayer.so, there isnt even an entry in /etc/alternatives03:06
James_EppBeyond my knowledge03:06
* James_Epp backs out03:06
bashangis there a version of ubuntu for homosexuals like me?03:07
bashanglike, rainbows and stuff03:07
bashanglots of pink03:07
bashangmap of highway rest stops in my area03:07
Boneheads1999pfifo the playerglobal.swc archives or what03:08
pfifobashang, have you checked gnome-loog.org03:08
=== derp_ is now known as derp_lappy
pfifoBoneheads1999, further down03:09
delinquentmecan a dir have multiple owners per chown?03:09
bashangpfifo thanks i'll check it out!03:09
ubuntu890plz,how to get rid of DDos attacks?03:09
pfifodelinquentme, not with ext2/3/4 or reiserfs03:09
pfifoubuntu890, call your ISP, they have todo it03:10
Boneheads1999pfifo I'll do it tomorrow morning03:10
Boneheads1999pfifo If I need your help tomorrow what time do you think youll be on03:11
pfifoBoneheads1999, before you do, try 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure --force flashplugin-installer' it could be fixed by then03:11
pfifoBoneheads1999, I plan to be on tomorrow03:12
Boneheads1999ok cool03:12
Boneheads1999pfifo ok cool03:12
RalieghFhangCan't hurt to ask since #PHP is invite-only; anyone here any good with said language?03:18
bazhang!register | RalieghFhang03:18
ubottuRalieghFhang: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:18
xangua!register | RalieghFhang03:18
fatNERDhow can I install ubuntu 12.04 to my kindle fire hd03:19
DiazoIn Ubuntu is there anyway to check for crash reports?03:19
bazhangit is not invite only RalieghFhang03:19
xanguafatNERD: you don't03:19
fatNERDis there a way?03:19
RalieghFhangAh, server didn't tell me that I wasn't registered.03:19
fatNERDcuz I want to run a server on it03:19
SonikkuAmericaDiazo: To check for them? As in...?03:21
DiazoSonikkuAmerica, As in I noticed if I'm downloading such a distribution through a torrent and the aspect of my network crashing. A small notification pops-up saying something about Whoopsie.03:22
DiazoTrying to see what's making my network crash cause when it crashes I have to reboot in order to continue using the Internet.03:23
GolfgeoHi all, is there an "official" type of webcamstudio/manycam availible for ubuntu 12.04?03:23
SonikkuAmericaDiazo: Did you click on Whoopsie?03:24
DiazoSonikkuAmerica, I would but it wasn't a graphical dialog more like those transparent notification pop-ups.03:25
djonohello my wireless randomly disconnects in ubuntu03:25
DiazoSonikkuAmerica, This is somewhat like the issue I'm having: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/109828603:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1098286 in linux (Ubuntu) "Network freezes when downloading torrent" [Medium,Expired]03:25
DiazoI know it's a bug but I'm trying to find out if there's a workaround temporarily.03:26
SonikkuAmericaDiazo: Run [ ubuntu-bug linux ] and see if you can generate a backtrace.03:27
JW1Hi all, I have just upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 and now my display is all messed up, there is no sidebar or top bar, I had to use the Ctrl-Alt-T shortcut to launch terminal.  How can this problem be fixed?03:27
DiazoSonikkuAmerica, Hehe is that like a command or something?03:28
SonikkuAmericaDiazo: Yep03:28
Diazokk checking03:28
JW1I guess the problem is with my display manager.  How can I fix the display manager so that I get a sidebar and a top bar menu again?03:30
DiazoRan it but don't know what I'm looking for.03:31
ur0plhi there03:41
ur0plis there a GUI program for mounting windows shares?03:41
somsipur0pl: most of the file managers will do it03:41
splinter701ur0pl 'disk utility' (12.04) or 'disks' (13.04) should help as well03:42
ur0pli am using thundr03:42
ur0pli guess it isn't a good one03:42
ur0plcause it aint got it03:42
somsipur0pl: what version of ubuntu?03:43
ur0plxubuntu 12.403:43
ur0plhat is a better file maanger?03:44
somsipur0pl: have you tried this: http://is.gd/BI449803:44
RarrikinsHow do I set up UPnP so that a router will forward port 22 to the SSH server on a computer?03:45
ur0plsomsip thank you, that is most helpful03:46
somsipur0pl: np03:47
Programmer_host    "*"             "msf"             md503:48
Programmer_why is that wrong?03:48
somsipProgrammer_: what is it? Reminds me of postgres conf...03:49
SeegeeHey there, does anyone know where I can ask about networking, hardware firewalls, switches, and such?03:49
somsipSeegee: try ##hardware03:49
Programmer_it is postgres03:50
somsipProgrammer_: then it's best to ask in the postgres channel03:50
somsip!alis | Programmer_03:50
ubottuProgrammer_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:50
SeegeeI cant send messages in ##hardware ;(\03:50
=== K350 is now known as s0m3dud3
wilee-nilee!register | Seegee03:52
ubottuSeegee: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:52
wilee-nileeSeegee, Some channels require you to be registered, after a couple of weeks you can ask #freenode for a cloak as well.03:54
SeegeeThanks, I got it :D03:54
wilee-nileecool, enjoy03:54
rypervencheProgrammer_: Are you running Backtrack?03:55
KriShaNsinonce  we have our 13.04 desktop installed. i know that if i terminal sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop , then on reboot i can choose it from the login menu. is xubuntu the same way? can i just install it from terminal and then shoose it if i want from login? and can i still run the unity desktop if i choose?03:59
greg__ Hi all... I just now today finally broke free of windows and have lubuntu running without a hitch....except... I'm having a very difficult time getting executable files to actually execute.  Is there a plugin or something that I'm missing04:00
somsipKriShaNsin: yes04:00
KriShaNsingreg__: you need wine to run exe files i think04:00
somsipgreg__: what do you mean by 'executables'?04:00
greg__like unetbootin, copy trans manager...things like that04:01
KriShaNsingreg__: you should be able to "launch" any application from your "dash"04:01
somsipgreg__: explain what problem you have with unetbootin04:01
greg__I've been trying to use pacman, but it seems picky04:01
greg__I resolved unetbootin04:02
somsipgreg__: pacman is an arch package manager. Why are you using that in ubuntu?04:02
greg__but had to use terminal to do it04:02
somsipso tell us a problem you are having and what it looks like04:02
greg__I could only manage that because I found step by step instructions specifically to that04:03
greg__I thought it came default04:03
greg__I don't recall adding it04:03
somsipgreg__: and copytransmanager appears to be windows or mac. So you're maybe missing a point somewhere here04:04
KriShaNsinif i install Xubuntu from terminal, and after using it decide that i dont want it, should i just leave it there for if i change my mind? can i remove Xubuntu if i decide not to keep it? what packages will i have to manually remove if so? basically is it a big deal if i get it and dont like it? can it easily be removed or if i keep it on my system will it cause any problems? has it caused any issues for others?04:04
greg__I download an executable file... something intended to install a program...if I double click it may do nothing or may default to archive manager, which usually give an error since it's not a zip file its an .exe04:05
greg__ah...maybe... I thought it was to good to be true that it's universal04:05
somsipKriShaNsin: I can only point you here for limited info on unistalling http://is.gd/NBnwb004:05
KriShaNsingreg__: .exe can only run in wine on ubuntu i think04:05
greg__..thanks everyone04:05
coolbuddyhow can i solve """ required kernel toshiba support not enabled. """04:05
somsipgreg__: .exe files are windows executables. see !wine04:06
somsipcoolbuddy: install the toshiba module possibly. What model?04:06
coolbuddysomsip: satellite pro c65004:07
somsipcoolbuddy: what version of ubuntu?04:07
coolbuddysomsip: 12.04 lts04:08
coolbuddysomsip: i'm trying to run toshset04:08
=== ashish is now known as initrd
somsipcoolbuddy: This came up recently here. This was the thread I pointed the user to, but you'll have to see what you can dig out of it to help in your case http://is.gd/eERaU004:12
coolbuddysomsip: digging from yesterday... thanks for the help though04:14
somsipcoolbuddy: np04:15
=== jack is now known as Guest61889
=== gct is now known as Ari-Yang
KriShaNsinhey somsip, i am runnin 13.04 just fine with no issues. i am not sure about installing Xubuntu. it seems that there may be some issues with pakage dependecies upon removal that i dont want to deal with. that being said, i am on a netbook and using less RAm would be cool. I tried Lubuntu and it was cool at first, but it had some bugs , netbook version. didnt work for me for some reason. i am excited about its future , but not now. so if ringtail04:16
KriShaNsinmain is running ok then, im 50/50 on trying xubuntu. what do oyu think?04:16
somsipKriShaNsin: what are you wanting to establish in running xubuntu?04:17
KriShaNsinsomsip: just trying to test drive it is all really. but if doing so requires me to have to do a lot of stuff  to remove is later then i will wait for my othger laptop to get here i think.= test drive04:18
somsipKriShaNsin: for a test drive, maybe installed to a VM and see if you like it. No harm done then04:18
=== root is now known as Guest32996
somsip!root | root (if you are)04:19
ubotturoot (if you are): Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:19
KriShaNsinsomsip: right. so then today i will be learning how to do a VM install. god i love this Ubuntu stuff. there is never an end to what i need to learn and i embrace it all. thanks then and bbl04:19
somsip!ircroot | root04:19
somsipoh I give up04:19
somsipKriShaNsin: np04:19
somsip!rootirc | root04:21
ubotturoot: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.04:21
wheatthin hey, I've been looking all over the place, but there's menu.lst so I can set my framebuffer resolution in 13.0404:23
babinlonstonHow to set a static ip in ubutu 12.04 , always resolv.conf was overwritten by dhcp how can i set it permently after a reboot , tried googling for last 2 days each and every solutions not fixing for me04:28
somsipbabinlonston: edit /etc/networks/interfaces04:29
babinlonstonalreay done04:29
somsipbabinlonston: paste it then04:29
somsip!paste | babinlonston04:29
ubottubabinlonston: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:29
babinlonstonaddress netmask gateway network broadcast dns-nameservers
babinlonstonthis is my manually configured one04:31
somsipbabinlonston: that's not the full file. Please use pastebin and post the full file04:31
babinlonstonoh its in other PC04:32
babinlonstonso i typed here04:32
babinlonstonat first line auto lo , iface lo inet loopback , iface eth0 inet static04:33
somsipbabinlonston: missed line "auto eth0" before "iface eth0 inet static"04:33
babinlonstonk lrt me try04:34
Ari-YangI have a question, what does it mean when my broadcam card says is marked as "no (WIP)" in this chart? http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#Supported_devices04:36
Ari-Yangit's a BCM431304:36
Ari-Yangdoes it just mean that the driver won't work (I won't have wifi or anything)04:36
somsipAri-Yang: Work In Progress maybe?04:37
Ari-Yangah, is that what it stands for? okay04:37
somsipAri-Yang: I'm guessing, but it does make sense04:37
babinlonstonresolvconf:Error:/etc/resolv.conf isn't a symlink, not doing anything  reciving this error now while i restart the network using command /sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:38
somsipbabinlonston: and is /etc/resolv.conf a symlink?04:38
babinlonstoni deleted it and now created a new resolv.conf04:39
somsipbabinlonston: On mine: /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf04:39
somsipbabinlonston: do you still have the file at /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf?04:39
babinlonstonyes i have04:40
somsipbabinlonston: and is it the one you created or does it look complete? If it might be the complete correct one, remake the symlink04:41
babinlonstonits created by me04:41
somsipMine has one entry which is probably picked up from /etc/networks/interfaces: nameserver
somsipSo maybe if you recreate the symlink to a file that has a similar entry in /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf it might work. Lots of nasty fiddly messing about though...04:42
babinlonstonhow can i do04:42
somsipbabinlonston: which part?04:43
babinlonstonnow im facing the error na how to solve it04:43
somsipbabinlonston: I'm not understanding what you need now04:43
babinlonstoni created the resolv.conf file manually , now its showing error as symbolic link04:43
somsipbabinlonston: because it should not be a file. It should be a symlink to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf04:44
babinlonstonoh how can i create it guide me pls04:44
=== sec is now known as Guest84401
raveni made a while loop to display changing playlists with mplayer but randomly it does not restart any more and script hangs up with "exiting... (End of file)" - any idea?04:44
somsipbabinlonston: does a file exist at /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf and what is the contents?04:44
babinlonstonno file under run/resolvconf04:45
RalieghFhangOkay! Very weird stuff going on here. I have a directory listed under home/user right? Filezilla shows it perfectly. However I cannot enter it or delete it. Yet using mkdir I cannot create that directory name either04:46
somsipbabinlonston: so create one with a nameserver entry in it like I just pasted04:46
RalieghFhangYes I've refreshed, no it's not a shortcut/symlink, I've even rebooted.04:46
babinlonstonthen i have to create a link towards ln -s /etc/resolv.conf04:47
somsipbabinlonston: you got it04:47
babinlonstonthx sir04:47
somsipRalieghFhang: what are the dir permissions?04:48
somsipRalieghFhang: user:group ?04:48
RalieghFhangI'm running as root on SFTP and terminal anyhow.04:48
somsipRalieghFhang: then SFTP maybe does not have write access out of a protected directory04:49
RalieghFhangThat I'm unsure of. Nor how to find it.04:49
RalieghFhangNo it does, I've moved and tinkered with many things in it's parent directory /home/shoutcast04:49
somsipRalieghFhang: some config file somewhere. I'd guess /etc/sftp.conf but that's just a wild guess based on common sense04:49
RalieghFhangCan even right now. Just this folder that exists but can't be removed or accessed.04:49
babinlonstonshowing as grep: /etc/resolv.conf : Too many leveles of symbolic links04:49
somsipbabinlonston: what has caused that error?04:50
babinlonstonafter creating a resolv.conf file under /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf    , i maked a link file using command ln -s /resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf after restarting im getting this error grep: /etc/resolv.conf : Too many leveles of symbolic links04:51
somsipbabinlonston: ln -s /etc/resolve.conf /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf (though I often get these two the wrong way round first time I do it)04:52
babinlonstonthen how can i do it04:53
somsipbabinlonston: I just posted it for you. C'mon....04:53
zactsdoes dist-upgrade actually work?04:53
zactsI preferably would like to install ubuntu once, and never have to install it again04:54
babinlonstongot it04:54
somsipbabinlonston: just ls -la /etc/res* to make sure it points at /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf04:54
zactsI'm currently using arch linux, but don't like the breakage.04:54
somsipzacts: I installed 10.10 and have do-dist-upgrade on each release to 12.04 and only had a few problems easy to fix. Most people recommend a fresh install and not a do-dist-upgrade04:55
zactswow ok, cool04:56
RalieghFhangSomeone PLEASE help me out with this.04:57
ninjaaroneh, I'm a totall ftp newb, and I just installed vsftpd on my 12.04 server. set "local_enable=YES" and "write_enable=YES". I can connect to the server and transfer files from it, but trying to transfer to it fails. I'm not sure what the problem is. It could be clientside, I guess (Filezilla on Arch).04:57
v1c3Hello, I cant ping my ubuntu-server in my laptop. I have internetaccess from the server.04:57
v1c3Hello, I cant ping my ubuntu-server in my NETWORK. I have internetaccess from the server.04:57
somsipRalieghFhang: paste ls -la on /home/shoucast04:58
v1c3What can I do, I have no idea. I dont have access to sambaservices either04:59
RalieghFhangsomsip: http://pastebin.com/Nuye8wm6    This is without a real Test folder in there. Just the fake one.05:00
RalieghFhangAhh, it shows Test?05:00
RalieghFhangHow the hell do I go about deleting that? Haha05:00
babinlonstonresolv.conf created05:00
babinlonstonbut the IP overwritten now too after a restart05:00
=== Chenzw|away is now known as Chenzw
somsipRalieghFhang: what does sudo rm -rf Tes* do?05:00
somsipbabinlonston: what do you mean that the IP is overwritten? What IP, where?05:01
RalieghFhangrmdir actually worked once I appended it with that question mark05:01
babinlonstonsorry not IP05:01
RalieghFhangDo you perhaps know what's wrong with my script then?05:01
somsipbabinlonston: Is the IP now static? Isn't that the end goal?05:02
babinlonstoni set the name server as but after restart its changing and its05:02
babinlonstonno i want to change the nameserver to cos the net is too slow while i browse05:02
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
=== setzer is now known as Guest80324
babinlonstonneed to set static nameserver too sir05:03
somsipbabinlonston: 11:28 < babinlonston> How to set a static ip in ubutu 12.0405:03
somsipbabinlonston: so I'm not wasting my time any more. Good luck finding a solution05:03
somsipRalieghFhang: have you reran the script now the dodgy dir is gone?05:03
babinlonstonyes i setted sir and that was worked for me , but when ever i use command ifconfig  its shows as or 107 as my ip05:04
babinlonstonlol thanks for that05:04
babinlonstonSorry for wasting ur time and knowlege bye05:04
wheatthindoes ubuntu kernel have load balancing for network devices? or is there another way to configure it?05:15
somsipwheatthin: linux kernel seems to support it. You may need to read more http://is.gd/QkNjka05:17
v1c3Hello, I cant ping my ubuntu-server in my NETWORK. On the ubuntu-server I have full network access. Can anybody help me please? I05:19
wheatthinv1c3, do you have a firewall enabled?05:20
v1c3wheatthin: i didnt. maybe the standard ubuntu-server installation did?05:20
wheatthinv1c3, dmesg | grep ufw05:21
v1c3wheatthin: nothing..05:22
v1c3wheatthin: I am not able to ping other hosts in my LAN05:22
wheatthinare you currently on the machine you're trying to ping?05:22
v1c3from ubuntu-server..05:22
v1c3yes, I am currantly on a host in my LAN trying to ping to ubuntu-server05:23
wheatthindo you have a valid IP address on the server?05:24
v1c3ip addr didnt show an ip. but networkmanager-applet did..05:24
=== linuxuz3r_ is now known as linuxuz3r
wheatthinv1c3,   ifconfig05:25
v1c3shoes the correct address..05:25
=== `Kyan` is now known as Kyan`Away
wheatthinv1c3,   cat /var/log/ufw.log05:25
wheatthinv1c3, route05:26
v1c3Metric = 205:28
wheatthinv1c3, can you pipe it to pastebinit?05:29
v1c3on current system metric = 005:29
wheatthinroute | pastebinit05:29
wheatthinseems good.. does ifconfig relate to
wheatthinshow me ifconfig in pastebinit05:33
v1c3ifconfig | grep showes no output05:33
dual_v1c3: can you ping your workstation from the ubuntu-server?05:33
=== Mark_ is now known as x6d61726b
wheatthinno show me   ifconfig | pastebinit05:34
v1c3dual_: no I cant05:34
dual_Can you ping google or
v1c3wheatthin: mom05:35
v1c3one MOMent please ;)05:36
v1c3dual_: yes can ping and browsing the web..05:36
wheatthinaight well it looks good. This is your server?05:36
wheatthinmay I ask why wifi connection for your server?05:36
v1c3server lives behind a TV..05:37
wheatthintv your router?05:37
v1c3a flatscreen for television05:38
wheatthinright, but your flatscreen a router or something? I don't get what you mean behind tv05:38
dual_can you ping your default gateway (router)?05:39
wheatthinI'm thinking his router has wan partition for wifi devices05:39
v1c3its wifi because i dont want cables because its behind a flatscreen which is a TV in my country :P05:39
dual_yeah thats my guess as well05:39
tannjican someone give me an example of how you would use the modifier "..." in a bash command?05:39
v1c3Yes i can ping the router05:40
wheatthinv1c3, then there's a config in your router about wan partition05:40
=== nothing is now known as Guest23897
adieI need help :<05:41
wheatthinadie, just ask, someone will help automatically05:42
v1c3I am searching for it.05:42
adieI WORKIN on it :<05:42
adieI accidently executed a python script from nautilus, which contains an infinite loop05:42
adieI don't know how to kill it05:42
wheatthinwhat's the script called?05:42
v1c3adie: Did you try to turn your pc off and on again?05:42
Guest23897what is diffence between & and ;05:43
wheatthin& backgrounds05:43
v1c3adie: Just kiddin.. pkill PROCESSNAME05:43
adieidk what the process name is apparently, because pkill python doesn't do it05:43
wheatthinadie, ps aux | grep test-xy-stress05:44
adieadie      2370  0.0  0.0   4428   832 pts/0    S+   00:44   0:00 grep --color=auto test-xy05:44
wheatthinps aux | grep .py05:45
x6d61726balternatively, top it to see it chew up system resources and kill it from there.05:45
adiewheatthin, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=uDnyB8UG05:46
wheatthinI think it's called emense05:46
adienope, that's not it05:47
wheatthinwell then do what x6d61726b said05:47
adieWell, it's not killing resources05:47
wheatthinis it ran by root?05:47
adieIt's an example script from /usr/share/doc/python-notify/examples that has a loop that just keeps popping up random number notifications05:48
adiebut it's a sleep() loop, not something that just keeps grinding away05:48
wheatthinadie, just reboot, simplest way05:48
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
wheatthinv1c3, find it yet?05:49
adieit stopped :|05:49
adiemaybe I killed it a while back, but notifications were queue'd up in notify-OSD05:49
v1c3wheatthin: dual_: I restarted the router and now its working05:50
dual_v1c3: cool05:51
v1c3odd and disturbing ;)05:52
michael87Hi I'm having a problem. for whatever reason I tried out windows 8.1. I still hate it and I am never going back to that crap again. But now I am on ubuntu 13.04 on my flash drive an am attempting to dualboot windows 7. problem is I can't find the winusb program after downloading and installing. Please help me. I already wiped my hardrive and set it up.05:55
adieis there a reason notify-OSD notifications are this far down? http://cloud.addictivetips.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/NotifyOSD.png05:56
adieI would think it'd be logical for them to nearly touch the top :/05:56
adiemichael87, you are trying to make a windows 7 USB install disk from ubuntu?05:57
michael87adie, yes05:57
adieI don't know if this helps you cuz I dunno how hard this is to do from ubuntu but uh....05:57
wilee-nileemichael87, What OS to load the usb with?05:58
adieif you wipe out the USB drive, and repartition it with one single active primary NTFS partition, if you copy/paste the contents of a windows 7 ISO to it, it will boot05:58
wilee-nileeadie, YOu have to mount that iso it will not just copy and paste.05:58
adiecopy the contents of the iso05:59
michael87wilee-nilee, windows 7. I am dualbooting win7 with ubuntu for now on. 8.1 is just not worth it and save for gaming I'm done with microsoft05:59
wilee-nileethe ntfs needs a boot flag as well05:59
adieyeah, that too!05:59
adieI have certainly done this manually from ubuntu myself, you just gotta make sure it's partitioned/configured right05:59
adiebut that should be about it05:59
wilee-nileemichael87, https://wudt.codeplex.com/06:00
wilee-nileehere is the win7 loader06:00
adiewilee-nilee, he's trying to make a bootable win7 installer from within ubuntu06:01
michael87wilee-nilee, thanks but this is a windows application. I'm going to need to run something like this in wine if I can't find one native in ubuntu06:01
adiemichael87, http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html06:02
adiethat will lead you through the steps to make a bootable NTFS partition on a flash drive06:02
wilee-nileemichael87, This works great besides what adie suggested. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/06:02
adiepast that, it's just copying the iso contents to it06:02
teamyanyone good at NAT64/Tyaga06:03
michael87wilee-nilee, and this will for for windows 7?06:04
wilee-nileemichael87, Yep and W8 and 8.106:05
wilee-nileemichael87, Format the usb with gparted if you have any problems it is picky with block size06:05
michael87wilee-nilee, cool. But 8.1 is not at all what I hoped it would be. Its speed is not that much greater then 7 and gaming doesn't do jack despite what they say about 8 being lighter on your graphics. I call bull. I am far more impressed with ubuntu. And I don't think I can live without that hot corners feature now lol06:06
wilee-nileemichael87, Yeah use what works, I have windows for word to write papers and use ubuntu otherwise06:08
michael87wilee-nilee, I use what is fast and inovative and gives me the freedom I want or need and linux has given me that. In the past in only held promise to me. The speed was wanting. 7 was the best for everything. But after 13.04 its hard to go back to windows save for 7. After a while though you want to look at something different. So I am going to setup booth on my laptop06:10
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macgugesI'm attempting to coach my dad to turn to ubuntu forums or IRC for support.  Would anyone have advice on how to teach novices to form more effective questions?06:13
RalieghFhangOkay, I'm trying to get my www-data user to create directories in the /home folders (and everything therein recursively). Is it a bad idea to set my entire /home directory to 755? All that will be held in there are a few bash scripts, shoutcast icecast and liquidsoap files.06:14
Ari-Yangmacguges, this is kind of a support channel... (for ubuntu specifically)06:15
RalieghFhangAnd on that note, will any new files placed in or created in the /home directory be 755?06:15
=== Kyan`Away is now known as `Kyan
macgugesMy dad just described a situation that he can now play sound with applications, though (he claims) sound is not present when he looks for it under System Settings.06:16
michael87stupid .sh file won't open up in terminal XD06:17
michael87never mind I think I got it06:18
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=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
macgugesAri-Yang: I may end up answering my own question.  A poor question would meander through random weird observations, but a more effective question would describe a specific expectation that was unmet.06:21
Flannel!goodquestion | macguges06:22
ubottumacguges: Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.06:22
=== BJfreeman is now known as Guest2866
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
michael87well I'll be damned. I manually found my winusb after following your guys instructions XD06:24
macgugesubottu: thanks, this could be useful.06:24
ubottumacguges: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:24
ntzrmtthihu777ubottu: you just passed the turing test ;)06:25
ubottuntzrmtthihu777: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:25
ntzrmtthihu777alright, joke aside anyone here a ruby dev? I'm looking into redcar as an IDE for it, but cannot find install instructions for ubuntu :P06:26
michael87anyway I am freaken proud of open source and so glad we have options. 8 is flat and stupid. I thought those tiles would be kinda nice but getting rid of aeroglass and ANY texture at all was a last straw for me. ubuntu forever06:28
ntzrmtthihu777heh, xubuntu forever \m/06:28
michael87ntzrmtthihu777, see that is nice too. Everyone has choices and for noobs like me theres unity and newwer stuff. But people who are technicol or have older hardware xubuntu, lubuntu, or mint is around. I really do like mint and kde though06:29
ntzrmtthihu777disregard previous question, I found my answer :P06:30
ntzrmtthihu777michael87: true dat. even if I had a super souped up machine I'd still use xubuntu, as I don't need pretty pretty, just performance :P06:30
=== canonic is now known as admincheg
michael87ntzrmtthihu777, I'm an eyecandy guy can't lie. But 8 is only a flatter stupidder version of 7 thats all. The speed isn't even that much faster. I'm only relying on microsoft for gaming for now on damn06:32
RalieghFhanghttp://pastebin.com/pRRK3CG6    <--- Could use a hand with this.06:32
ntzrmtthihu777michael87: lol, what games do you play? I personally play quite alot of games on ubuntu, both native and wine based :P hell I even have a few scripts in the PlayOnLinux repos06:33
FlannelRalieghFhang: Why are you running a PHP script in your home directory?06:34
tannjiok, for anyone who is good in bash,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5815972/    this is an example of how to make a set of directories with operators so you dont have to manually create a directory for every month of every year.  Why the second part for months 10-12?  that string cant deal with both single and double digits?06:34
ntzrmtthihu777RalieghFhang: yeah I'm gonna be of no use on that matter, I know no php.06:35
RalieghFhangI'm not. The PHP script runs a bash script in my home directory. Since www-data cannot sudo it tries to run that mkdir command as the PHP user (www-data).06:35
FlannelRalieghFhang: Alright, that's semantics.  Why are you trying to use apache to run a script in your home directory?06:35
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: {01..12} is what you want.06:36
RalieghFhangNot semantics. I could place that script anywhere and it would still run. It's the script itself that gives me permission errors.06:36
tannjintzrmtthihu777,  so that WOULD work?06:36
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: if I guess your aim right then yes06:36
RalieghFhangAnd because I need a web-end to create directories, move files, modify files and run bash scripts in general.06:37
RalieghFhangIt does the latter fine.06:37
FlannelRalieghFhang: It would only give permission errors if www-data doesn't have permission to create a directory.  Why are you trying to use www-data to do things in places other than where www-data should be doing things?06:37
RalieghFhangBecause PHP user is www-data.06:38
RalieghFhangPHP is my front-end to do back-end things.06:38
RalieghFhangIf I can change PHP user and still have things work.06:38
tannjintzrmtthihu777,   lol, my aim is to understand this tutorial on bash...   but I couldnt understand why the example was written that way06:38
RalieghFhangThen I'll gladly do that.06:38
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: hmm, is this gregswiki?06:38
tannjintzrmtthihu777,  linuxcommand.org06:39
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: can you point the exact tutorial out? link?06:41
tannjintzrmtthihu777,  here ya go;  http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_lts0080.php06:42
tannjintzrmtthihu777,  bout halfway down06:43
CarlFKhttp://www.linuxconsulting.ro/picturegrabber/   "Picture Grabber is a video 4 linux capture application able to read raw data from a V4L compatible device and output to a jpeg file."     not in the standard repos and I can't find it in a lp ppa.  anyone know of something similar?06:43
ntzrmtthihu777wow. very strange, but yeah, doing mkdir {07-09}-{01..12} will do exactly what you need in a shorter time :P06:43
ntzrmtthihu777hell mkdir 200{7..906:45
tannjintzrmtthihu777,  lol, ok... maybe the guy was just making the point that under different circumstances with more complex sorts, you could still express the arguement06:45
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: hell mkdir 200{7..9}-{01..12} would be even shorter.06:45
tannjintzrmtthihu777,  right06:45
Kartagisany idea when cifs-utils will be debugged?06:46
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: just gotta find the lcd, least common denominators, of the expressions :P06:46
michael87thank all you guys for your help you have been awsome06:47
tannjintzrmtthihu777, simplify, always simplify.....  got tired of hearing that as a kid06:47
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: heh, but many things you learn as a kid are of great use as an adult, re: napping XD06:47
tannjintzrmtthihu777,  or in my case, the varied uses for electrically charged capacitors.....  ( didnt go to school as a kid)06:49
=== canonic is now known as admincheg
ntzrmtthihu777izzat so. I got my ged, thats about all :P some college cred,06:49
tannjiya...  I went back in HS, went on the nuke power mechanics in the navy....  now teaching myself linux  = )06:50
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TariusHello people , I have arabic numbers in skype and Psi+ where is the problem ?06:50
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
deanrock0hi, i have a server at home for file sharing, VMs, etc. ... can i also use it as firewall between WAN and LAN, or is it better to have a seperate box for that?06:51
ntzrmtthihu777Tarius: um, I fail to see the issue as 1,2,3,4... etc are arabic numbers. is there something I'm missing here?06:51
histodeanrock0: depends on how much of your resources you are using.06:52
foo357_Hello. I've got a few machines running ubuntu, right now the task of package updating is performed manually but I would like to set up an automatic mechanism that handles this. I did a quick check and saw that there's some support. One thing I'm particularly keen on is logging and getting reports.06:52
deanrock0histo: resourses aren't the problem, i am more interested in security aspects06:52
foo357_so my question is: is anyone familiar / expoerienced with setting up auto updates of packages?06:53
CarlFKdeanrock0: giving the public access to that box's nic is a bigger risk than not doing that.06:53
wilee-nileefoo357_, we all are state your problem.06:53
Tariusntzrmtthihu777: But i see numbers in other format that I not understood not in this format ...06:54
CarlFKdeanrock0: I used to, but stopped mainly because now I don't have to worry about it.  not really sure what my gateway box is running, and don't really care06:54
ntzrmtthihu777Tarius: screenshot?06:54
wilee-nileefoo357_, Heh, I missed the first post, sorry.06:54
foo357_wilee-nilee: ideally I'd be looking for a guide on how to setup auto updates and also getting good logging and reports of what's happening on the machine.06:55
=== BJfreeman is now known as Guest88069
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
deanrock0CarlFK: i am not really convinced which way to go :)06:56
Tariusntzrmtthihu777 I see numbers like is shown in this table : https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSD-0sL59RGl45xuEx6-sI-jNc4rr4ISE3lmC8C3ZWJG7L2b6yVkw06:56
ntzrmtthihu777foo357_: I believe the unattended-updates package is what you want06:56
ntzrmtthihu777Tarius: mhmm. ok, what locales does your machine have installed?06:57
Tariusntzrmtthihu777 : SK06:57
ntzrmtthihu777and that is?06:57
Tariusntzrmtthihu777 : This issue i detected on Ubuntu and on Mint (ubuntu clon) in some apps : Skype , Psi+06:58
CarlFKdeanrock0: assume the box will get hacked and you will lose everything.  if that is a problem, don't do it.  If it is just for goofing around and you wouldn't care, do it.06:58
Tariusntzrmtthihu777 : Ubuntu 12.10 , Language : Slovak06:59
deanrock0CarlFK: ok, thanks06:59
bipul_How to install EvalVid in ubuntu.07:00
histo!info evalvid07:01
ubottuPackage evalvid does not exist in raring07:01
aeon-ltdbipul: well now you need to find .deb(s)/a PPA/or compile the source07:03
bipulIs it not there in ubuntu repository.07:03
aeon-ltdnot according to the bot07:03
aeon-ltdunless it has another name07:03
bipulaeon-ltd, I have to use it with ns-2 on ubuntu.07:04
=== julien is now known as Guest11444
ntzrmtthihu777Tarius: what locale are you using?07:04
theadminbipul: http://www.tkn.tu-berlin.de/menue/research/evalvid/ - there are binary tarballs here.07:04
Tariusntzrmtthihu777 : As I write : My System language is : Slovak , and App language is : Slovak , in app I later switch to English but no luck with this problem07:06
=== Guest11444 is now known as julienisageek
theadminTarius: Check under System Settings -> Language Support -> Regional Formats07:06
ntzrmtthihu777Tarius: what theadmin said07:07
=== jack is now known as Guest38710
CrawfordIs there something like logger that I can use to pipe output from my script into its own /var/log file?07:08
FragUPlentyok so im on my netbook running lubuntu 13.04 and I swear to you there are like occasionally icons appearing and moving themselves the dissapearing really quick and I am not doing anything to cause it07:08
Guest38710hw do i chng nick re07:08
CrawfordGuest38710: type /nick <yournewnick>07:09
FragUPlentyI am not joking I know I am not crazy07:09
theadminFragUPlenty: Probably something like a window manager restart/crash07:09
Crawfordwithout the <>07:09
theadminFragUPlenty: If it works fine afterwards, no big deal07:09
Guest38710nt chnging07:09
FragUPlentyit is working fine and it is happening as we are talking07:09
FragUPlentylike I am sitting here and there is an icon of a document that just went from the bottom of the screen to the top and then boom gone but everything is working fine07:10
Guest38710my laptop has 1gb nvidia graphics card but this os not showing it in additional drivers ...why?07:10
theadminFragUPlenty: Huh. That's odd, that I've never seen before07:10
theadminFragUPlenty: Maybe you've got some sort of a prank/joke app running07:11
FragUPlentythis is a brand new install07:11
theadminGuest38710: Maybe you don't have a card supported by nvidia's proprietary drivers.07:11
theadminFragUPlenty: ...weird.07:11
Guest38710lol  i cant control screen brightness too...07:12
FragUPlentywhats a good screen recorder for linux07:12
Guest38710with fn+up/dwn arrow07:12
theadminFragUPlenty: Try kazam07:13
Guest38710hw do i control screen brightness ....07:13
theadminGuest38710: You can go to System Settings -> Brightness and Lock07:14
theadminGuest38710: Function keys fail sometimes sadly07:14
FragUPlentyima go ahead and upload a video to youtube of it happening07:14
Guest38710it didnt work07:14
devslashi formatted a usb drive usingf gparted as a fat partition. the write time to the flash drive is unbearably slow all of a sudden07:14
theadmindevslash: fat is old, use fat32 :/07:14
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
theadmindevslash: (vfat)07:15
devslashit is07:15
devslashits formatted as fat3207:15
theadmindevslash: Maybe you should set another cluster size then, not sure what's the most optimal choice but still07:15
devslashhow ?07:16
Guest38710hw do i controll screen brightness .....07:16
devslashyou mean when you format it ?07:16
theadmindevslash: No idea how to do so from gparted, but mkfs.vfat /dev/sdz1 -s size_here07:16
devslashahh ok07:16
Guest38710damn tried controlling from system settings .... it didnt work....07:17
theadminGuest38710: Repeating every minute isn't going to get you any help, be patient, not everyone knows everything. We're volunteers here07:17
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Guest38710ok .... got it..... sorry07:17
FragUPlentyok I got screen recorder on now its not happening07:18
theadminFragUPlenty: hehe. Murphy's law eh07:18
FragUPlentyima get it on video07:18
ntzrmtthihu777FragUPlenty: you should check out recordscreen.py, its damn good :P07:18
circleGorDon GeCkO07:19
FragUPlentyok so it seems to happen after my netbook comes out of hibernate07:19
=== caleb_ is now known as bleb
FragUPlentyat first I thought lack of sleep was causing me to like see things and so I brushed it off07:20
blebHow can make a window manager show up in my login screen so I can use it? I am trying to use rio, and I don't know how to start it before starting another desktop environment.07:20
FragUPlentynow im like it totally is happening07:20
theadminbleb: Eh... Standalone login manager, you mean? You'd need to add it to the X sessions list, wait, let me remember where that is...07:21
theadminbleb: Create a file /usr/share/xsessions/rio.desktop with the following content: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816049/07:24
theadminbleb: (edit the binary path appropriately, I've no idea where it resides)07:24
theadminbleb: (not the actual link, mind you, the stuff shown on it)07:24
blebtheadmin: thanks07:25
theadminbleb: If you want, you can also add a line stating Icon=/path/to/some/pic.png to have an icon displayed as well.07:25
ntzrmtthihu777bleb: if you place said icon in /usr/share/pixmaps/ you don't need to specify the path, or the extension, I believe07:26
theadminntzrmtthihu777: You mean /usr/share/icons, pixmaps is for... well... pixmaps07:27
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: that too. I believe both would work, depending on the icon type. heck ~/.icons/<iconschemename> would do the trick too, right?07:28
jack_yeppiiii..... found d solution on controlling screen brightness...07:28
theadminntzrmtthihu777: Not for lighdm...07:28
theadminntzrmtthihu777: It starts before the user's session07:29
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: izzat so...07:29
=== wey is now known as gringoloco
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: oh yeah, this is for a before login thing, eh?07:30
jack_cant access bluetooth07:32
kellyhello guys07:33
jack_theadmin: bluetooth is not wrking...07:34
tonesjack, wjat solution did you find for controlling screen brigtness?07:34
kellyi installed Lubuntu 13.04 64 bit , there is a black screen says kernel panic , any idea07:35
Tariusntzrmtthihu777 : Numbers are seem ok here07:38
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=== elixir_ is now known as elixir
dazzleI have 3 x 2TB. What should I do - raid1 + spare or raid5?07:42
ole`01dazzle, send one to me and configure raid1 without spare with the two others ;)07:44
dazzleole`01: how about you send me one 2 TB so I can do raid1007:46
lllsondowlllHello is anyone available? I have just a few questions I want to ask.07:46
ole`01I don't have any 2TB hdds. ;)07:46
ole`01lllsondowlll, don't ask for availability, ask your questions.07:47
lllsondowlll<ole'01> haha well excuse me07:48
histo!md5sum | kelly double check your iso and installation media's md5 matches07:49
ubottukelly double check your iso and installation media's md5 matches: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:49
kellyi checked it , it's identical07:49
histokelly: identical to the md5 sums on lubuntu's download page?07:49
markclhi! i want to install ALL PHP modules in ubuntu07:49
markclwhat to type?07:49
kellyi tried ubuntu 13.04 , lubuntu 13.04 same problem07:49
markcli already got the lamp server set up07:50
kellyyes histo07:50
markcli just want a code to download ALL PHP modules07:50
histokelly: what type of hardware?07:50
ubuntu890there is a room concerned to networking on freenode?07:50
histo!alis | ubuntu89007:50
ubottuubuntu890: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:50
On3453v3nhello, how i can configurate the tty?07:50
markclwhat do you mean by configure tty?07:51
kellyintel core i3-2100 , 10GB ram ddr3 , intel vga 3000 hd , ssd 256gb07:51
wilee-nileeubuntu890, ##networking07:51
histokelly: shouldn't be and issue how did you verify your installation media?07:52
lllsondowlllOkay down to the question. I have a 120gb SSD and a 1TB HDD. I am doing this from a fresh install so we don't have to worry about any reallocating of of storage or moving of data. My goal is this. I understand how to partition out the file systems but I would like another approach. My goal is to have SSD: "/ OS and dependencies + /boot" & HDD: /home & one a seperate SINGLE partition /user /var /opt /swap07:52
=== Maax is now known as xxaM
kellyhisto: do you mean what is the way i checked the md5 ?07:52
lllsondowlllCorrection on my original statement. I am doing this from live USB flash drive not inside a fresh install07:52
On3453v3nmarkcl, when you use CTRL+ALT+F(n) you can axes to one of the 6 tty07:53
lllsondowlllDoes anyone know how to achieve this07:53
histokelly: yes how did you get the md5 hash of the DVD or USB you are using to install with?07:53
=== yann is now known as Guest46550
=== troy_ is now known as Guest26101
kellyi previously used pclinuxos , when the download it finish i open the terminal and type md5 name.of.the.iso.file07:53
kellythen i compare it with the number on lubuntu 13.04 md507:54
MonkWitDaFunkI would like to visit distrowatch.com for the md5sum calculation07:54
Ben64lllsondowlll: you can't have /usr /var /opt and swap as one partition if / is a different one07:54
ole`01lllsondowlll, what is /user?07:54
histolllsondowlll: don't believe you'd be able to do that /user /var /opt and /swap all on one partition on the HDD with the OS on antoher partition07:54
kellyhere http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/13.04/release/MD5SUMS07:54
MonkWitDaFunkI had a problem with md5sum myself07:54
histokelly: no you have to get the hash of the installation media.07:54
ole`01Ah, /usr :D07:54
lllsondowlllWell here is the thing07:54
histokelly: because it's possible that your iso is fine but your burned dvd or USB you created is bad07:55
histo!md5sum | kelly look a tthe dd part for how to do it07:55
ubottukelly look a tthe dd part for how to do it: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:55
lllsondowlllI am very aware that this can be achieved using binds and symlinks via within the OS I am attempting to avoind that07:55
kellyhow can i know then ? i used dd command to make a bootalbe usb07:55
histolllsondowlll: what's the problem with just having them all on their own partitioins?07:55
lllsondowlllSince after I install this on my USB I will be backing up the fresh install via gparted images07:55
Ben64lllsondowlll: either make multiple partitions or don't separate it out so much07:56
kellyhisto: i use dd command , i just type dd if=name of the iso file of=/dev/sdc07:58
kellyis that wrong way ?!07:58
Ben64kelly: that should work on newer ubuntu isos07:58
histokelly: no that is fine. You need to get the size of the iso file now and md5sum the installation media using dd to pipe that amount of blocks to md5sum now.07:59
lllsondowlllhisto: Well the initial issue is that, I from time to time reload the OS or change something. Firstly I do not really think it's a good idea to partition out so much on a 4 year old 1TB hdd, /home and /swap are the only things I wish to have seperate. I format a lot and the read/writes would be unaccaptable in relation to HDD degradation when re-formatting or writing back images as well as formatting and /var /usr  filesystem's07:59
kellylike this ? dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 count=732766208 | md5sum07:59
ole`01lllsondowlll, maybe lvm will do the trick07:59
histokelly: yes08:00
lllsondowlllole'01: LVM is a possibility but that still requires more than one partition for the filesystems I am assaigning to it does it not?08:00
histokelly: assuming you are using /dev/cdrom in yourcase it would be /dev/sdc08:00
histolllsondowlll: what is the problem with multiple partitions?08:01
kellyok i'll do it again and see08:01
ole`01histo, he already wrote the answer above08:01
Ben64lllsondowlll: why do you even need separate /usr /opt /var ?08:01
histomarkcl: there is no magic command or meta package that I'm aware of.08:02
histolllsondowlll: if you are just trying to reduce writes to the SSD you are going way overboard.  You can mount certain things from var to tmpfs and use any swapfile on the HDD you want as your swap.08:03
lllsondowlllhisto: 1 being that my 1TB is old and the combination of what I do on linux could degrade it very fast. Such as formatting often as well as the strain of reading and writing to multiple partitions and the concern of partitions sizing however as ole'01 pointed out the resizing can be done via LVM but I wish to avoid those issues. Using those directories that I may need to format later on a SSD can cause uneeded stress in the bul08:04
lllsondowlllhisto: perhaps but the issue with var being on ram causes crash logs to be wiped in the case of a crash. This is not ideal08:05
=== jack is now known as Guest59996
histolllsondowlll: I would put / on the SSD /home and /swap on the HDD.  reduce swappiness to avoid using swap and mount certain /var stuff in tmpfs that you don't need after reboot08:05
Ben64a hard drive does not care how many partitions it has, it doesn't increase stress.08:05
histolllsondowlll: not all of /var08:05
histolllsondowlll: also as Ben64 has said the added partitions don't matter.08:05
Ben64and i would do what histo suggests, putting /usr on the hard drive negates a lot of what a ssd is good for08:06
histokelly: also a memtest wouldn't hurt08:08
lllsondowlllBen64 & histo: I was unaware that multiple partitions on the HDD did not cause wear I must be uninformed I believe I read and article that said multiple partitions increase the strain on HDD's as well as slowing performance08:08
histolllsondowlll: not if they are properly aligned08:08
lllsondowlllBen64 & histo: are you indeed sure of this?08:09
histolllsondowlll: yes08:09
lllsondowlllhisto: I use gparted which alligns them08:09
lllsondowlllI see08:09
histolllsondowlll: data is data partitions aren't some mythical magic fairy dust on the disk.08:09
lllsondowlllhisto: I am very aware of this. I do understand these concepts I am a technictian it is just I was misinformed on the wear of the HDD. It made sense to me since the HDD head would have to move back and forth between writes especially if writing between the two partitons at the same time.08:11
kellyhisto: what i i want to burn it to dvd or cd how can i check if the cd or dvd is good ?08:11
histolllsondowlll: That's why I would not create a billion partitions there that are needed at the same time.08:11
ntzrmtthihu777kelly: assuming you have the md5sum of the iso you can check them against the cd. brasero does this automatically08:11
=== dk is now known as Guest66912
histolllsondowlll: I would just put /home and /swap there as I've suggested and mount non essential stuff like browser cache and various things from var into tmpfs08:12
lllsondowlllhisto: Isn't var directory the location of crash logs?08:13
histokelly: then you would dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 count="size of iso file" | md5sum08:13
histolllsondowlll: /var/log is08:13
Guest66912hello evveryone how do i get a desktop clock my ubuntu studio?08:13
kellywhat about k3b , i installed it08:13
histolllsondowlll: there is more than just log/ in var take a look08:13
histokelly: just ls -l some_iso_file   get the count then dd if=/dev/sdc bs=1 count=that count | md5sum   Since you already made a usb and see if that md5sum matches the one on the download page.08:14
lllsondowlllhisto: I am aware there is more, it stores logs as well as other data the fill up very quickly. So if I understand you correctly I should place  the var/log through symlink or another linking method on the hdd?08:15
histokelly: I understand that is /dev/sdc  your thumb drive or something?08:15
kellyyes /dev/sdc the usb08:15
histosry was reading scroll back and replied lol08:15
histokelly: then my instructions above should work for properly getting the md5sum of the usb08:15
foo357_Hello. I'm looking for some good resources on "unattended-upgrades", documentation, guides et.c.08:16
histolllsondowlll: do whatever you want. I'm merely offering you a suggestion. It's your system.08:16
histofoo357_: https://launchpad.net/unattended-upgrades08:17
kellythank you histo , i appreciate you help08:18
TrDhi all08:18
TrDhow to find a video stream URL in Ubuntu please ?08:19
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
lllsondowlllhisto: I appreciate the information and It is definately something I am looking at now if it does tackle some concerns with this configurations. One moment while I look at my situation and I will get back to you with questions as they come to mind concerning this configuration.08:20
rijackI would like something similar to nepomuk for ubuntu in that i can add custom tags from the file manager to files for searching. is there any thing like that for ubuntu?08:21
tonesdd if=name of the iso file of=/dev/sdc   this is the only command needed to create a live usb thumb drive?08:21
histolllsondowlll: also keep in mind that reducing writes to your SSD will help it's longevity although current disks will last a long long time compared to the first models that were available.08:22
histotones: yes assuming /dev/sdc is your USB device08:22
histoTrD: video stream of what?08:22
TrDa TV p2p histo08:23
=== kriss__ is now known as Kriss3d
ntzrmtthihu777rijack: erm, you mean for something not ubuntu?08:23
TrDi want to play the stream in VLC08:23
histoTrD: what?08:23
histoTrD: no idea what you mean by tv p2p08:24
histo!details | TrD08:24
ubottuTrD: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:24
ntzrmtthihu777histo: its a way of watching televised events online, usually sporting events.08:24
luigi69I have 12.04, and just compiled gvim from source - and I would like to make it work with unity icons bar. I've created gvim.desktop with contents same as in original gvim package, but it doesn't behave same. It lacks window position/sizing memory and it displays app menu (it shouldn't due to vimrc config file settings). Any ideas?08:25
TrDi have a problem runnig Tv  streaming under SopCast player, i want to add an URL inside the player, but couldent find it in the HTML of the web page08:25
DaughainMorning, all.08:26
TrDthat is histo08:26
histoluigi69: is there something wrong with gvim in the repos?08:27
lllsondowlllhisto: I am aware of this, linux has a unique way of storing data that is mor efficent than other OS's in that it does not contain a registry or a directory that require checks if a program has registry or Property List so transference of these directories are seemless however this does cause issues with SSD in the essense of not having one unified file system like "program Files" and "Windows" that can be seperated out causing08:27
rijackno i mean im coming from kde and there was a feature where you could highlight a file( music, archive, directory, whatever) and then write custom tags which would allow yo to find it from the search bar08:27
lllsondowlllhisto: to draw more writes08:27
luigi69histo, old - its 7.3.4xx, from 13.10 it's 7.3.9xx, building from source makes it 7.3.1280 - that's a lot of patches08:28
DaughainI seem to be having an issue with editing fstab. Specifically, I am trying to mount my box.com shares, And I keep getting the error:[mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab08:28
Daughainmount: can't find /home/daughain/Box.com in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab08:28
Daughain 08:28
histolllsondowlll: I'm saying I wouldn't really worry about "more writes" with modern SSDs as much as you are. Yeah try to reduce them but you are going way overboard. If you look at specs on current SSDs especially one of your size I bet you will find that if you wrote 10GB a day to every day it would last like 10 years08:28
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: try using the ip instead, and make sure to add the proper info to /etc/hosts if you must use the box.com host :P08:28
histolllsondowlll: keep in mind that all disks fail eventually and you should create backups if your data is essential08:29
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: here are some examples of my working setup: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816152/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816153/08:30
alainushi , my server requires a .pem file to authenticate for ssh connections, always. I need to disable that for just one user, is it possible ?08:30
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I'm using https://www.box.com/dav08:30
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: ping the url, get the ip, and use that, see if it works :P08:31
skeuomorfguys I am running Kali in a virtualbox with ubuntu as the host system, the resolutions offered in the display settings in kali do not fit with my system. How do I fix that?08:31
ntzrmtthihu777skeuomorf: install virtualbox guest additions?08:31
skeuomorfntzrmtthihu777, did that, but no avail08:32
lllsondowlllhisto: It's seems that way I am aware but my reasoning behind this is about how I use my system and the ammount of times I may need to re-format. Since the OS and it's boot dependencies are much less on linux based systems it is ideal if I format a small portion to not cause my SSD stress in comparison to a fully unified system on the SSD which requires a format to equal the the size of the partition08:32
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Getting a return of unknown host08:32
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: hmm.08:32
lllsondowlllhisto: I'll explain my situation a tiny bit better and maybe you can share your final thoughts before I proceed.08:33
Daughainping http://www.box.com08:33
ntzrmtthihu777i've never used this service, so I cannot say for sure. I personally just have a small ubuntu server functioning as a samba server (read: glorified external hdd)08:33
ActionParsnipskeuomorf: kali is not supported here08:33
skeuomorfActionParsnip, ok08:33
ActionParsnipskeuomorf: ask in #kali-linux08:34
skeuomorfActionParsnip, there are no channels with that name08:34
skeuomorfActionParsnip, sorry about that, mistake08:34
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I'm too poor for that. :P I just happen to have 50gb thorugh them, so trying to make some use of it.08:34
ActionParsnipskeuomorf: its cool08:34
histoskeuomorf: yes there is #kali-linux08:35
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: don't talk to me about poor, lol. I work for $25/wk at a homeless shelter in corpus XD08:35
skeuomorfhisto, yes yes08:35
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, thats more than I make.08:36
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: say true?08:36
Daughain20yr mechanic, tore both rotator cuffs, now cant find a job.08:36
ntzrmtthihu777ouch. literally, in this case.08:37
ntzrmtthihu777don't take much to set up a server, any old junker pc you have sitting around/find on craigslist can do the trick.08:37
DaughainAnyway, Shit, happens, right now I'm trying to get this stupid cloud server to be useful to a linux user.08:37
lllsondowlllhisto: Once I format my 2 HDD's with my configuration my goal is of that to the Image files of the 2 drives from within my live USB. From there in the case of a mistake (which is bound to happen as I do tweak ubuntu often) I can restore that image to either drive without re-running the installation. The reason behind the /home partition and the /usr /opt /var partition is that /usr /var can fill a drive up if programs are downl08:38
DaughainBox doesnt offer a linux a[pp of any kind, just windows and mac08:38
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: try wine?08:38
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Thats absolute last ditch. Using davfs, there is supposed to be a way to do it, but this fstab issue kills me.08:39
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: you need to add box.com to your /etc/hosts file, and you'll need an ip for that, methinks.08:40
Daughainlet me look....08:40
lllsondowlllhisto: thus /home remains untouched. Further I don't wish to sacrafice performance with multiple partitions. Which is why my solution of having 2 seperate unified filesystems came into play. Does this explain a little better of my situation? What are your thoughts before I take my leave as well?08:40
ntzrmtthihu777unless you tell it what box.com means, its just a string fstab knows not what to do with. are you using a guide of some sort? if so, do you mind linking me so I can "read along"?08:41
ycli'm a greener for gtk gio glib gobject . i need some suggest to study them . thanks08:42
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I've been through about 5 guides so far, the edits to fstab dont seem to change nthe issue I am having.08:42
histolllsondowlll: My setup is similar to yours and I went with / on SSD with /home and swap on HDD in their own partitions. I then mounted some of the things from /var/.  that I didn't care about after reboot in tmpfs as well as browser cache for speed.08:42
histolllsondowlll: I would image with clonezilla btw also.08:42
DaughainIt seems to be balking at the sitemask.08:42
ActionParsniphisto: /var on the platter based drive helps too :)08:42
DaughainSince it wont even ping it.08:42
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: webdav is what you were looking at?08:43
jony_easyriderit is possible to Ubuntu consume more battery on my laptop like it consumes in WIN?08:43
DaughainbtzThats what I am supposed to be using, yes. Unfrtunately, I dont know anything about it.08:44
llutzjony_easyrider: yes, that's a common problem. good luck finding tweaks ...08:45
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: save yourself some time, type ntz<tab>, replacing <tab> with a tab key ;)08:45
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, The edits to the davfs2 files dont seem to be coming into play, aince it appears to be failing to connect to the server.08:45
lllsondowlllhisto: I have taken this into conscideration and believe this is the route I will be taking after a little more research. I have two more questions if you would be willing to ablige. 1. Storage. I am a very heavy user in the sense that I will be using as many tools and programs at my disposable. Do you anticipate filling the 120 GB SSD with the exception of the /home system?08:46
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Been on irc for decades. Know that trick, dont type well. =)08:46
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: what version of ubuntu you useing? release and desktop, say Xubuntu 12.04/Lubuntu 12.10, etc08:46
Daughain12.04 satanic08:47
ntzrmtthihu777dawhat is dat?08:47
histolllsondowlll: 120GB for / is quite a bit when /home is elsewhere08:47
histolllsondowlll: I'd challenge you to fill it08:47
ntzrmtthihu777histo: no doubt, lol. I only dedicate 16gb to / on my system :P08:47
Pumpkin-stemid: /win 2108:48
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, call it a micro fork with heavy metal themed icons and wallpapers.08:48
deanrock0how much would be more than enough for / partition?08:48
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: ah. but what is the major de? unity, xfce, lxde, ?08:48
minthi iam a4channer08:48
DaughainUnity is what I am using.08:48
MonkeyDust!partition | deanrock008:48
ubottudeanrock0: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap08:48
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: 16gb is enough for me, 32 would be far more than enough for common uyse :P08:49
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: any kinda trust my way?08:49
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Define trust..08:49
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: or better yet, does box.com cost anything?08:50
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I honestly dont know. I got this account with my Touchpad.08:50
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: see above alternet question :P08:50
DaughainNtzsee above as well.08:51
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: basically do you think I'll screw you over just for the fun of it :P08:51
anthony_ /server irc.servercentral.net08:51
ntzrmtthihu777anthony_: no space XD08:51
anthony_getting used to this netbook keyboard08:51
lllsondowlllhisto: I will be playing devils advocate in relation to your solution on launchpad answers to see if this configuration would be right for me (which I am now leaning to since my concern about my SSD have been eased). vs the configuration I initially anticipated. Given that my last question is this. In the event I need to format my SSD due to an OS breaking action on my part. Assuming these directories are very extensivly used o08:51
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I dont thikn most poeple here are that way. I've been coming to this channel fopr help for years.08:52
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: because I honestly cant make heads or tails of this procedure without some sort of test action againsta a box.com account, but if its free I can make one and give it a shot myself08:52
lllsondowlllhisto: do you believe formatting the SSD with a large amount of partition use will contribute more degradation to the SSD vs a smaller partition such as the bare requirement OS structure?08:53
DaughainSure, if not, yes I would trust you with my L/P08:53
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I appreciate the trust. let me investigate cost first, then maybe we should move this to a /q session08:53
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I dont keep anything important in the cloud anyway. =)08:53
histolllsondowlll: I though you were going to use one partition on the SSD?08:53
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I dont know what a /q session is, but willing to try/.08:54
llutzDaughain: what is your problem with mounting a webdav-share? did you install davfs2, did you add your user to the davfs2-group and relogin after?08:54
lllsondowlllhisto: I am but what I mean by this, formatting a SSD that has 3GB of storage use vs one that may have 60GB08:54
histolllsondowlll: Either way the data will be spread across the SSD it doesn't work like a mechanical disk there is also controller wear leveling taking place on the drive.08:55
llutzDaughain: do you know the webdav-URL of your cloud-service and what is your /etc/fstab line for it? did you add your credentials to ~/.davfs2/secrets?08:55
Daughainntzrmtthihu777,  Yes, yes, and was never asked to login in the first place, the guides all used a L/P file in davfs/secrets08:55
histolllsondowlll: so if you write 60gb to an ssd vs 3gb yeah you are writing to more cells08:55
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, I see that :P08:55
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: seems a 5gb account is free, so I can test freely08:56
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I only know what the guides gave me, other than knowing that the company changed from a .net address to a .com08:56
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I've joined up, giving it a shot right now :P08:57
ravenmplayer: another problem: want to use a matrox with nvidia gforce fx5200 for hardware decoding. nvidia drivers installed but mgx and vdpau and gl "no video" - how to?08:57
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, All the guides say to use 'https://www.box.com/dav'08:57
Ben64raven: i don't think that card does that08:57
ravenBen64, hm what would be the best solution to geht most performance?08:58
elmacenderesiturk musun08:58
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
lllsondowlllhisto: see that is my main concern. By placing the entire filesystem (minus home) on the SSD I may be contributing accelerated degradation during format and re-write (which is discouraged on SSD's anyway) Hmm. Well IF you have no further input I do thank you for your patience and sorry if I have been talking your ear off.  In the case I don't wish to bother you further I can take the rest of my questions to launchpad.08:59
Ben64raven: does it not play correctly with "xv" ?08:59
lllsondowlllhisto: Also please excuse any spelling or grammer mistakes during our conversation as I was trying to run the scenero by you quickly.09:00
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: hmm, I use thunar, so this seems to not be a quick option for me...09:00
ravenBen64, problem is i have 9 simultaneous players09:00
Ben64raven: you can watch 9 things at a time?09:01
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, No worries, I dont need this soon anyway, just something I was trying to get done while I had a lot of 'downtime'09:01
DaughainMaybe you could help me with another confision of mine?09:01
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: honestly I like this, maybe if I get some cash I'll get a premium service for them :P09:01
ravenBen64, i have to ;)09:01
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: sure, I'm up for anything.09:01
DaughainHow do I relocate a folder to the Bookmarks list?09:02
MonkeyDustDaughain  ctrl-D09:03
DaughainActually, which file manager does Unity use?09:03
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: easy as pie on thunar, and likely so on nautilus too :P09:03
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: nautilus09:03
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Thanks.09:03
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: MonkeyDust was correct, also. ctrl+d should bookmark the folder you currently are inside of :P09:03
DaughainThanks,  both of you. I went from kubuntu 10.04 to ubuntu 12.04, so still learning stuff.09:05
historaven: what are you watching 9 of ? security cameras?09:06
ActionParsnipDaughain: Nautilus bookmarks can be added in the cog menu in the top right corner (if memory serves)09:06
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: should check out xubuntu ;)09:06
jony_easyriderit is possible to Ubuntu consume more battery on my laptop like it consumes in WIN?09:06
DaughainActionParsnip, I switched because I had to replace the computer. =)09:06
jony_easyriderllutz, ty for the answer09:07
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: hah, I've done it :D09:07
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, xubuntu?09:07
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntu + xfce desktop09:07
DaughainI looked at xfce once, and it confused me.... =) But then, I was seeing what DE my wife liked.09:08
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: see, check mah screenie: http://imagebin.org/263073 , in the lower left hand corner terminal09:08
histojony_easyrider: do you have a dual GPU system?09:08
histojony_easyrider: like a regular video card and a discrete card?09:08
pschyskajony_easyrider: If you have a thinkpad, I would check out http://linrunner.de/en/tlp/tlp.html (might also work well for non-thinkpads, but I never tested it). Also you could install powertop to check your power usage, get some power tuning tips and soo what processes or device are using a lot of power09:09
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: thanks for the challenge, this was fun and cool :P09:09
ntzrmtthihu777now I just need to try out the secrets method :D09:09
pschyskaI get my usage down to 8-10w09:09
ActionParsnipDaughain: could just use a stand alone WM :). No DE needed :D09:09
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, This was nothing. Should have been here the time I needed help networking a netbook I needed to install ubuntu on. =)09:11
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: heh, I'm quite taken with xfce, but I *had* to install some main ubuntu defaults (brasero, gedit, etc :P ), some of the xfce stuff just doesnt cut the mustard in my book :P09:11
sindriHi, running a 12.04 ubuntu serv, and have never untill now had trouble connecting to it via filezilla. Any ideas what I might have botched up?09:11
NikThActionParsnip : Hi dude :)09:11
histosindri: is it listening?09:11
gordonjcpgedit frw09:12
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: this could be very usefull info in the future. on another note, did you try using it without the .davfs/secrets file?09:12
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Not yet.09:12
DaughainGive me a sec.09:12
ntzrmtthihu777gordonjcp: yeap, and I have a custom built version that doesn't need that resource hoggin, privacy breaking, waste of hard drive zietgeist either :P09:12
sindrihistro: Yes, I'm pretty sure it is09:12
ActionParsniphi NikTh09:13
histosindri: can you connect to it locally?09:13
sindrihistro; no that's the thing - even allowed local users in the vsftpd.conf (can't remember me ever fiddling with that file before)09:14
histosindri: so ftp localhost   doesn't work on that box?09:14
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: also, would you mind pastebining your /etc/fstab file ?09:15
gordonjcpntzrmtthihu777: you couldn't pay me to care about the "privacy issues" with Zeitgeist09:16
gordonjcpntzrmtthihu777: it's useful09:17
sindrihistro: it has worked right out of the box, can't imagine why it stopped working09:17
ntzrmtthihu777gordonjcp: eh, I've never found use for it, and in general thats enough for me to apt-get purge it :P09:17
ntzrmtthihu777gordonjcp: but for each his own, lol.09:18
histosindri: my nick has no 'r' in it btw09:18
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, http://pastebin.com/NcGf7kTY09:18
histosindri: netstat -tan | grpe :2209:18
histosindri: sory typo netstat -tan | grep :2209:18
=== alainus is now known as alainus[-_-]
sindrihisto: hehe, sorry - isn't port 22 ssh?09:18
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: ok, and I assume you have a folder ~/Box.com, literally?09:19
histosindri: sorry yeah grep :2109:19
histosindri: i'm tired bare with me a bit09:19
DaughainAnd, even with the user line commented out of the davfs2/secrets file, nothi8ng changes.09:20
sindrihisto: command doesn't return anything though :S09:20
histosindri: please pastebin the output of netstat -tan09:20
DaughainAnd, I think I forgot my pastebin credentials....:(09:20
BHLEGHELPhi guys im in ubuntu 13.04 on a retina macbook pro 15inch and the screen sometimes flickers anyone got any ideas why this is? I already tried to install new nvidia graphics drivers but it made my system fail to boot just to a black screen, so i had to uninstall them in terminal and purge them in the refit terminal bit, so now im scared to do anything else....09:21
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: what is the exact command you used attempting to mount ~/Box.com?09:21
DaughainMount ~/Box.com09:22
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: does it use an nvidia gpu?09:22
BHLEGHELPhey action parsnip mate u helped me the other day with the wireless stuff i was called HLEP then09:22
sindrihitso : http://pastebin.com/W5vE53KP09:22
DaughainDamn, are we still having issues with nvidia gpus?09:22
BHLEGHELPurm re your question i dont know09:22
BHLEGHELPhow can i find out09:23
histosindri: thats the netstat output from the server right?09:23
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: sh -c "echo $LINUS_NVIDIA_QUOTE" XD09:23
sindrihisto: yes*09:23
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: if you dont know, why did you install nvidia drivers?09:24
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Yeah, I remember that/.......09:24
BHLEGHELPwell im pretty sure it does use gpu lol because on mac i was mining my gpu for bitcoins albeit unsuccessfully09:24
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: you can mine bitcoins on an Intel GPU if you want09:25
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I hope you mean mount ~/Box.com and not Mount :P09:25
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: bitcoins means absolutely nothing09:25
histosindri: sudo service vsftpd status09:25
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: if you run:  sudo lshw -C display    you will be shown09:25
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Yeah., vaps are a bad habit when conversing.09:25
BHLEGHELPbut i must have gpu if i was mining it09:25
BHLEGHELPye kl09:25
DaughainCaps, even/'09:25
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: depends on who you ask, lol.09:25
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: you can mine with INtel GPUs if you want09:25
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: again, means nothing09:26
BHLEGHELPis not an intel mac tho09:26
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: and what is the exact output of the mount command?09:26
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, [mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab09:27
Daughainmount: can't find /home/daughain/Box.com in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab09:27
BHLEGHELP  *-display                       description: VGA compatible controller        product: GK107M [GeForce GT 650M Mac Edition]        vendor: NVIDIA Corporation        physical id: 0        bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0        version: a1        width: 64 bits        clock: 33MHz        capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom        configuration: driver=nouveau latency=0        resources: irq:16 memory:c09:27
ntzrmtthihu777try "mount Box.com" from ~, without the proceeding ~09:28
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: ok it is an nvidia, and what is the output of: cat /etc/issue09:28
=== bullicon is now known as teeceepee
sindrihisto: It's running alright, but I guess I'll have to really take a better look at the config; noticed I shouldn't be using my "normal" login user/pass according to a guide09:28
* ntzrmtthihu777 is so glad he has an amd/ati video card :P09:28
histosindri: I'm sure there is a vsftpd channel on freenode09:29
BHLEGHELPUbuntu 13.04 \n \l09:29
teeceepeelog files eating up my disk space09:29
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: you do know that releas is only supported til January2014..09:29
histoteeceepee: which logs?09:29
teeceepeehow do I zip them up ?09:29
BHLEGHELPshould i swith to 12?09:29
histoteeceepee: logrotate should handle that for you09:29
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: yes, it is not LTS09:29
teeceepeehisto app logh09:29
ntzrmtthihu777teeceepee: man zip and zip --help are your friend here :P09:30
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: 12.04 is LTS and supported til April 201709:30
BHLEGHELPah cool i didnt know that, is it hard to downgrade/will i lose everything09:30
teeceepeehow does log rotate works? I once used it, can't remember09:30
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: 12.10 although released before 13.04 is end of life in April 2014 (after 13.04)09:30
syqhowto write a upstart conf to run a script that will not exit as service?09:30
ActionParsnipBHLEGHELP: you will need to reinstall to get the older version09:30
ntzrmtthihu777BHLEGHELP: depends on how you downgrade. a proper backup will keep your personal files, and you can clone your programs with this:09:31
ntzrmtthihu777!cloning | BHLEGHELP09:31
ubottuBHLEGHELP: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate09:31
sindrihisto: Thanks for help! I'll get to it later though :D09:31
BHLEGHELPsweet il do that09:31
BHLEGHELPwill downgrading to 12 fix my screen issues do you think?09:31
histoteeceepee: gzip somefile09:32
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: did you give the mount without ~/ a shot?09:33
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, No variation does anything but retrun the same error.09:33
=== ashish is now known as initrd
ntzrmtthihu777very strange, as I can clearly see your fstab is set up what looks properly :/09:34
xjkxI installed tightvncserver and when I run the server, it like creates a new enviorment for me, I mean, when I connect with the viewer from another pc, it's not like I am controlling what is being seen in the machine, its like everything is happenning in background. But I want to see, and modify what is going on in the logged in session, what am I doing wrong ?09:34
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, And considering that when I try to ping the address I get an 'u nknown host' error, I thikn the whole line is failing there.09:35
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: only difference between my setup and your setup is I put my folder as ~/.box.com and the obvious username difference.09:35
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: you can forget the ping thing, lol. I was thinking along the lines of a samba server.09:35
Daughain.NtzThats why I came here asking questions.09:35
sanavi have a simple and stupid question .About Ultrabooks : 2 GB switchable graphic card and intel core i5 , backlit , 15' screen (Dell 15 z) .Now Question : When i run and install ubuntu its battery life is around 1 hour 25 minutes .I don't understand how to increase battry backup .Please tell me whats going wrong ! thanks09:36
=== root is now known as Guest59809
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: this is my fstab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816277/ seems there is no diference here....09:36
llutzDaughain: edit your /etc/fstab, press ENTER after the last line, save. try again09:36
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, My fstab is the same as the one used on three guides as well....09:36
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: did you add yourself to the davfs group?09:37
ntzrmtthihu777llutz: a newline? is that all, for real?09:37
DaughainThe adduser command? Yes.09:38
=== withnale_ is now known as boris66
DaughainOr, is there someplace else I need to add myself?09:38
Daughainntzrmtthihu777,  Added a garriage return to the line, and still nothing09:38
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I used sudo usermod -ag davfs2 ntzrmtthihu77709:39
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Let me try that. I nknow I havent used that one.09:39
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: in fact, here. I used this link and it worked for me 100% no issue first try, so give it a shot: http://is.gd/bbh6M309:40
dopiehello all09:40
cfhowlettdopie, greetings09:40
dopieok have a quick chmod 0666 question here09:40
dopieI get this error09:40
dopieRails Error: Unable to access log file. Please ensure that /var/www/helloworld/releases/20130701092456/log/production.log exists and is chmod 0666. The log level has been raised to WARN and the output directed to STDERR until the problem is fixed.09:40
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, This is a lkink I hadnt seen before. I'll try it.09:40
dopiethan i do09:40
dopiechmod 0666 /var/www/helloworld/releases/09:41
dopienow i cant even get inside releases09:41
ikoniadopie: you can09:41
ikoniadopie: why are you changing the directory permissions, it's a file permission09:41
ikoniadopie: you need execute to be able to list the directory permissions09:41
varunendradopie, a directory has to have the x bit to enable file listing.09:42
dopie cd: releases/: Permission denied09:42
ikoniadopie: look at the error /var/www/helloworld/releases/20130701092456/log/production.log09:42
ikoniadopie: please do "ls -la /var/www/helloworld" and put the output in a pastebin please.09:42
=== pete_ is now known as cciesp
dopiethats what it says09:43
KrizOnehi guys, im using 12.04 LTS and i need to setup with the usual apache mysql php stuff, is it better to do using the LAMP stack or is it better to install each package manually?09:43
ikoniadopie: ok, now please do "id" and show me the output in the channel09:43
dopieuid=1000(deployer) gid=1000(deployer) groups=1000(deployer),27(sudo)09:44
cfhowlettKrizOne, can't see as how it'd make much difference.  either way, dependencies must be satisfied, etc. etc.09:44
ikoniadopie: ok, so chmod -R 0766 /var/www/hellowworld/releases09:44
dopiedid that09:45
KrizOnecfhowlett, i was imagining it similar to a cpanel setup, it works great until something goes wrong and then you have no idea how its working :P09:45
vltKrizOne: I didn’t know there’s a LAMP pkg, is there?09:45
dopieim in the releases now09:45
cfhowlettKrizOne, that's why god invented logs ...09:45
ActionParsnipKrizOne: I'd use the taskel method. It is tried and tested09:45
ikoniadopie: ok, so now your directory permisions should be fixed, now you need to fix the log file09:45
KrizOneok thanks :)09:45
ikoniadopie: the error complains about the log file permissions, so fix the logfile permissions, not the random directory above it09:45
ikoniadopie: it's important going forward, that you read the error properly,09:46
Daughainntzrmtthihu777,  Well, the GUI method works for now, but I am still having the fstab issue.09:46
llutz_Daughain: have you added the newline at the end of fstab?09:47
sanavwhen i use win8 (preinstall OS) on my ultarbook (Dell 15 z 5523) its battery backup around 6 hours (without internet) .But when i install ubuntu , it gave me hardly 1 hour 25 minutes (without internet ) .My system specifications is http://www.lapspecs.com/detail/dell+inspiron+15z+ultrabook+-+5523 .Help me out ! please09:47
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Carriage return, yes.09:47
DaughainTwo actually.09:47
ntzrmtthihu777quickie question, I want to replace all occurances of /home/ntzrmtthihu777 with $HOME to conserve space in my .bashrc, but I think sed 's:/home/ntzrmmtthihu777:$HOME:g' will insert the contents of $HOME , changing nothing, instead of the literal string $HOME. what should I do?09:47
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: did you do dpkg-reconfigure davfs2? and change the /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf file to disable locks?09:48
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Yep.09:48
ntzrmtthihu777ignore sed question, a quick test fixed me :P09:49
llutz_ntzrmtthihu777: it shouldn't expand $HOME if you use single-quotes09:49
DaughainThough, theres a chmod in this guide I dont remember doing.......But that relates to the /secrets file09:49
ntzrmtthihu777llutz_: yeah, I just did a dry run, it worked fine :P09:49
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
DaughainI still have my L/P commented out as well.09:50
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I have no idea why this is not working. I followed that guide to the tee, stopping short of the secrets file, and it worked no issue at all :/09:51
ntzrmtthihu777also I did not try the nautilus thing, as xubuntu does not have it, lol.09:51
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: ask in #bash too. I believe you need to escape the dollar character. Unless you have a LOT of instances of the text you are saving very little space09:52
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: however, you will be able to use the same bashrc file in multiple users as the $HOME will expand correctly09:52
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: quite a lot, actually XD. the rvm setup I use has quite alot of rubies and gemsets, and each one comes with /home/ntzrmtthihu777/ XD09:53
=== dan_ is now known as Guest68746
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: and I don't intend to have anyone else use this pc, so that is moot :P09:53
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: oh well09:53
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: the guys in #bash may be able to advise too, my bashfu is only yellow belt09:53
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: and, as I stated, ignore the sed question, I did a dry run and it worked fine with single quotes "''" :P09:54
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, If I add a line to fstab, and comment it out, it should still be read as there, just not actionable, correct?09:54
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: honestly I think commented lines in /etc/fstab are ignored completely.09:54
ntzrmtthihu777as with commented lines in almost all programming/scripting languages :P09:55
ActionParsnipDaughain: comments will be ignored.09:55
Daughainntzrmtthihu777,  :P I fix semis, not code computers.09:55
ntzrmtthihu777lol, fair enough. I code and kill bedbugs XD09:56
cfhowlettDaughain, I think you meant to say "Dammit, I'm a mechanic not a coder!"09:56
gordonjcpDaughain: commented lines are just plain ignored09:56
ntzrmtthihu777XD sounds about right :P09:56
DaughainBut, the newline/carriage return should be noted...??09:56
Daughaincfhowlett, lol.09:57
llutzDaughain: the file has to end with a newline, so not with "#<nonewlinefollowing>"09:57
dfrankhi. I mistakenly upgraded apache2.2 to apache2.4, now I'm trying to get things back. But now apache fails to read configs, and I can't even delete it: apt-get tries to stop apache, got errors, just said "Errors were encountered while procssing: apache2", and does nothing useful. How to do that?09:58
DaughainTrying to figure out why I am still getting a 'no final newline' error. I added the commented line to add another newline.09:58
dfrankmore, I have some troubles with locale =(  here's output of 'apt-get remove apache2' http://pastebin.com/ncAHjWG509:58
ikoniadfrank: how did you do it by accident09:58
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: try 2 blank lines at the end :P09:58
llutzDaughain: what is so hard to understand with "just add a newline"?09:58
ActionParsnipDaughain: go to the end of the last line and hit ENTER09:58
DaughainNo nshit I keep doing that!!!!!09:59
llutzDaughain: you don't need # (comment-signs), any empty line in fstab will be ignored09:59
ikoniaDaughain: control the language please.09:59
DaughainSorry, getting a bit frustrated is all. I've added 7 newlines already.09:59
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: what text editor are you using?09:59
DaughainGedit as su09:59
ikoniaas "su"....10:00
llutzDaughain: pastebin your fstab-file pls10:00
dfrankikonia: well, I tried to install pecl_http and following instructions from there http://www.php.net/http.install.php10:00
ntzrmtthihu777llutz: he has done so, it looks to be all in order :/10:00
dfrankmy bad10:00
llutzntzrmtthihu777: the last one was still missing the newline at the end10:00
ikoniadfrank: there is nothing in there that will upgrade apache10:00
dfrankikonia: well, I really not sure why10:01
ikoniadfrank: what version of ubuntu are you running10:01
=== Fellipe is now known as FfoO
ikonia!info apache210:01
ubottuapache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.22-6ubuntu5 (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB10:01
ntzrmtthihu777ah, this makes me happy. finally got redcar running :P10:01
dfrankikonia: and, actually, I use debian. I'm sorry for not saying it in my first post.  I just hoped that ubuntu people might help for debian too. I asked on #debian too of course, but no one replied, and I need to solve this as fast as possible.10:03
llutzDaughain: are you joking?10:03
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: don't get upset, but this paste shows no blank line at the end of the file.10:03
ikoniadfrank: ok, please don't bring debian support questions in here10:03
llutzDaughain: there is no newline at all following the https:/..... line10:03
dfrankikonia: ok, I will not. sorry10:03
ikoniadfrank: not a problem, thank you10:04
Daughainlets try a new paste then. I tend not to copy blank lines.10:04
FfoOGood day to every one.10:04
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: should use pastebinit :P in a terminal run pastebinit /etc/fstab and it works wonderously :P10:05
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Thanks for the tip. I'm still a greasemonkey, not a codemonkey.10:06
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: np, I'm only barely a codemonkey, more emphasis on the monkey :P10:06
DaughainAt least you go home clean.10:07
DaughainSo, does that paste show newlines?10:08
FfoOI need help: I have two ubuntu based OS and I would like to switch management of boot to the second one. Should I just command to install GRUB on the second one?10:08
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: it seems not :/10:08
FfoOThere is no partition for only GRUB, by the way.10:09
DaughainOk, lety me try editing it in nano10:09
ikoniaFfoO: which OS's are they10:10
ntzrmtthihu777llutz: to be honest I see no newline in my pastebinned fstab :/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816368/ but as I've stated, mine worked 100% out of box :P10:10
dopielrwxrwxrwx 1 deployer deployer   43 Jul  1 09:51 current -> /var/www/helloworld/releases/2013070109454410:11
dopiewhat does that mean?10:11
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, forgot to mention pastebinit needs to be installed. :P10:11
ikoniadfrank: you've created a symlink10:11
ntzrmtthihu777dopie: it means its owned by deployer, group deployer, with permissions 777 :P10:11
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: oh wow, thought that was default XD10:12
FfoOikonia: ubuntu 12.04 LTS managing boot, 12.10 Studio.10:12
dfrankikonia: which symlink did I created?10:12
DaughainAfter using nano to add two newlines10:12
ikoniadfrank: sorry, that was for dopie10:12
ikoniadopie: it means you've created a symlink10:12
ntzrmtthihu777hmm. not to demean you, but are you 100% certain that there are no typos in the davfs line?10:13
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Its cool, and thanks for letting me know about it.10:13
dopiebecause im running nginx10:13
dopieand it just messed up10:13
ikoniaFfoO: basically you change the default entry in your grub config in /etc/grub.d or /etc/grub and run update-grub to rebuild your grub config10:13
DaughainSO, do newlines show up in that paste?10:13
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: nope, but I'll take your word for it as my paste shows no newline either but it works 100%10:14
DaughainAnd, still getting that error/.10:15
=== wojciech_ is now known as wojciech
DaughainDoes it make a difference if I add the needed line in mtab?10:17
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: mtab seems to not come into this equation at all. I never touched mine10:18
narcosAny protips on speaking USSD to a 3G modem? e.g. *#101#10:18
FfoOI already did that; but I would like to switch management so I would have to do this often every time they update. Nevertheless, I was thinking of leaving GRUB to LTS Server anyway, he is the server, he deserves =b . Thank you so much, ikonia.10:18
Daughainbrb, gonna reboot.10:18
dazzleI have 3 x 2TB. What should I do - raid1 + spare or raid5?10:19
ikoniadazzle: depends on your needs10:20
dazzleikonia: Very long term storage, not much reading/writing10:20
ikoniadazzle: that's not really clear, though as the differences you've just given are 2TB mirrored + space, or 4 TB striped with a parity disk10:21
dopie-rw-rw-r--  1 deployer deployer  160 Jul  1 08:22 config.ru10:21
dopiedo need anymore settings10:21
dopiefor this file10:21
FloodBot1dopie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:21
ikoniadopie: it depends on what you need10:21
ikoniadopie: I suggest talking to the person who wrote the guide you are using10:21
wzjhello geekers10:22
dazzleikonia: So basically neither is notably better than the other?10:22
ikoniadazzle: no, they are different, you pick the one that meets your needs best10:22
wzjok, i'm the air10:23
FfoODoes anyone know how to save a text file with a hidden connection (ESSID) info so I wouldn't need to type on terminal every time I log in?10:23
ikoniawzj: what ?10:23
dazzleikonia: Where would raid5 be better? As I see it, both give about 4 TB of space.10:23
DJoneswzj: Do you have an Ubuntu support question, please remember this channel isn't for general chat, it deals with support issues10:23
ikoniadazzle: no they don't10:23
cfhowlett!topic|wzj, methinks you just might be in the wrong channel ...10:23
ikoniadazzle: raid 1 will give 2TB of disk space10:23
ubottuwzj, methinks you just might be in the wrong channel ...: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:23
wzjjust poor english. ....10:24
dazzleikonia: Argh, you are correct, I misunderstood >.<10:24
FfoOwzj, what's your mother language?10:24
lunix_hello. im trying to install ubuntu from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD. I'm installing 12.04, but when i get to set Download Installer Components, installing freezes. The ethernet leds blink some seconds and then stop.10:24
ubottuwzj,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:25
sirmioHello room10:26
lunix_I checked the md5sum. i tried the cd and iso file on virtualbox, the cd also on 2 machines.10:26
cfhowlettsirmio, greetings10:26
dopiePlease ensure that Nginx has permissions to access /home/test/test.10:26
DaughainWEll, that didnt help anything.10:26
dopieis what i get10:26
dopiewhen i search for it10:26
dopiebut isnt r-w permission enough?10:26
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: this is really starting to irk me :/10:26
dopiehow do i give that file full permissions?10:26
ikoniadopie: right, so you need to make sure the user running nginx can access that directory10:26
dopiewhich is deployer10:27
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I spent an hour on my own before I stopped in here/10:27
ikoniadopie: ok, so what user is running the nginx process ?10:27
dopiedeployer is running10:27
dopie-rw-rw-r--  1 deployer deployer  160 Jul  1 08:22 config.ru10:27
dopieand thats the info on him10:27
ikoniadopie: ok, so deployer can read and write to that file10:27
ikoniadopie: so if ngnix can then read and write to that file10:27
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I fail to see why this is not working. perhaps I set something up when setting up my samba mounts that you are missing....10:28
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I even relocated the entire line, and still getting the same error.10:28
foubarreHello. Is there a way to reverse the order of boot options generated by update-grub?10:28
foubarreor force them beforehand?10:28
ikoniafoubarre: why does the order matter ?10:28
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I'ma chheck something, so gimme a sec k?10:29
Daughainntzrmtthihu777,  No worries, take all the time you need.10:29
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: I believe he wants to switch primary os's :P10:29
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: so the order doesn't matter than, just selecting the default is all that's needed10:29
dopieikonia,  yes it can so i dont know the 2nd part?10:29
ikoniadopie: what second part ?10:30
dopienot sure10:30
dopiethought you were going to say something else10:30
foubarreikonia: i'm using the GRUB_DEFAULT=save option, so that i can do a grub-reboot that works. I would need the last boot option to be the default one and it is the first one currently. Result of that is that it boots on wrong partition by default.10:30
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: run the command "groups" and give me the result here. should only be a line10:30
Daughaindaughain adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare davfs210:31
ikoniafoubarre: sorry, I don't understand why the display order is a factor here10:31
ntzrmtthihu777wow, strange. I don't even have davfs2 on mine.10:31
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
sirmioLet me ask. How can i install aclocal-1.13 on my Ubuntu ? because when a entry:10:31
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: aesthetics :P10:31
sirmio$]aclocal --version10:32
sirmiooutput :10:32
sirmioaclocal (GNU automake) 1.11.310:32
sirmioAnyone for help ?10:32
ikoniasirmio: that's not a question10:32
ikoniasirmio: that's just stating your version10:32
foubarreikonia: grub-reboot works if GRUB_DEFAULT=save is set and the result of such an option is that grub autoselects the last boot entry.10:32
cfhowlettquitter, greetings10:33
frankwho is Kenya on this chat room need some help10:33
ikoniafoubarre: the last as in "last used" not last in the menu10:33
sirmioHow i can stating my aclocal version ?10:33
ikoniasirmio: you just did10:33
quittertrying to sweet talk my gf into running ubuntu10:34
foubarreikonia: hm. that's not the behavior i saw. Testing some more.. thanks.. brb10:34
sirmioikonia: what is the command ?10:34
ikoniasirmio: you've just pasted it into the channel !10:34
sirmio(cd automake-1.13 && make && make install ?)10:35
ikoniasirmio: no10:35
ikoniasirmio: aclocal --version10:35
ikoniasirmio: you just typed it into thc channel, it showed your version10:35
ikonia11:32 < sirmio> aclocal (GNU automake) 1.11.310:35
ikoniasirmio: you are using aclocal 1.11.310:35
cfhowlettquitter, why talk.  install virtualbox to windows, put ubuntu in virtualbox or boot a live usb and him/her/it play with ubuntu10:35
MonkeyDustquitter  start here http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings10:35
sirmioBut i want the version 1.1310:36
ikoniaquitter: why not let her run what she wants to run, it's her machine and her choice10:36
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: I'm at a loss :/10:36
ikoniarather than trying to talk her into something you want her to do10:36
lunix_hello. im trying to install ubuntu from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD. I'm installing 12.04 x86, but when i get to step Download Installer Components, installing freezes. The ethernet leds blink some seconds and then stop. I checked md5sum and tried the iso on virtualbox and the burned cd on virtualbox, on this machine boot, and on another machine.10:36
foubarreikonia: still boots last entry, while i previously manually selected the first one. Should manually selecting the first boot entry save it?10:36
ikoniafoubarre: sounds very odd behaviour10:37
foubarreikonia: true..10:37
ikoniafoubarre: try it10:37
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, So am I, so nothing new there.Half tempted to rewrite my fstab, and save the old one under a new name10:37
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: just used the ~/.davfs2/secrets option, also works fine.10:38
ntzrmtthihu777channel: I'm a member of netdev, but Daughain is not, would this make a difference?10:39
ubottuwzj,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:39
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I cant even get that far. My problem seems to be in my fstab.10:39
mat619Hi there. Recently I installed 12.04 on an ancient Pentium II laptop, a Fujitsu LifeBook C345 - for use as a text only system. When I issue a poweroff command or "shutdown -h now" it seems to end all tasks, etc., and stops at "System halted", without actually powering off. Any ideas why?10:40
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: which is what puzzles me. aside from the obvious needed differences between mine and yours they are the same :/10:40
mat619Arch Linux and SuSE 9.0, which were running on that brick before, didn't have that issue, for some reason10:40
ActionParsnipmat619: are there any bugs reported?10:41
mat619ActionParsnip: for this old hardware? none of which I'd know10:41
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: add yourself to the netdev group, running mount on my box with .box.com mounted gives me this bit of info: https://www.box.com/dav on /home/ntzrmtthihu777/.box.com type davfs (rw,nosuid,noexec,nodev,_netdev,user=ntzrmtthihu777)10:41
ActionParsnipmat619: for the OS on that hardware, etc10:45
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, netdev?10:45
mat619ActionParsnip: no, not a single one for LifeBook Cxxx devices and only one regarding a HP micro server which didn't powerdown with "poweroff", but did with "shutdown -h now". My dinosaur does neither10:46
ActionParsnipmat619: try adding the boot options: acpi=off apm=on10:46
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: try this: "sudo addgroup netdev daughain"10:46
ActionParsnipmat619: http://askubuntu.com/questions/223185/system-shutdown-stopped-working10:47
Daughain"user netdev does not exist"10:47
theadminDaughain: Don't do that, it's not of any use10:47
ntzrmtthihu777hm. perhaps I had that backwards :P10:47
theadminntzrmtthihu777: You're looking for "adduser", not "addgroup"10:47
foubarreikonia: GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT was missing in the grub config file. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of an incorrect behavior.10:48
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: its the only difference I can see between his non functioning and my functioning box.com fstab entry10:48
theadminntzrmtthihu777: adduser daughain netdev10:48
theadminntzrmtthihu777: Oh. Huh.10:48
sirmioThank you for you attention. I have solved my probleme. I can use aclocal-1.13 on ubuntu 11 by installing automake-1.13(by ftp://...1.13.tar.gz) and adjusting PATH variable environnement.10:48
Daughaintheadmin: My problem is in my Fstab file not reading an eol10:48
sirmioHave a  good day :)10:48
theadminDaughain: Can I of seeings the fstab (the whole file)?10:49
mat619ActionParsnip: does not apply to my problem, unfortunately. 1), wrong OS version, and 2) different outcome. mine stops at "System halted", not "Power down"10:49
theadminmat619: What's your problem? Not being able to shutdown properly?10:49
ActionParsnipmat619: worth a try10:49
Daughaintheadmin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816438/10:49
theadminmat619: That's normally a fairly easy fix, add reboot=bios to your GRUB kernel command line (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT)10:50
ActionParsnipmat619: just apply it to boot the one time, if it works then modify grub so it is a long term fix10:50
mat619ActionParsnip: that's true. will try to disable the NICs before shutting down10:50
ikoniatheadmin: thats a nice trick, is that grub2 only ?10:50
=== Mark___ is now known as x6d61726b
ActionParsnipmat619: strange you are so dismissive when its easy to test and is free....10:50
theadminikonia: Nah, it's in the Linux kernel, has a few differet ways of trigerring reboots10:51
mat619ActionParsnip: I'm not dismissive, I just doubt that my issue is exactly the same as posted in that bug report10:51
theadminikonia: Normally relies on ACPI but can call to BIOS too which *sometimes* works better10:51
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: and my working setup  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816442/10:51
mat619ActionParsnip: as I said I'll give it a try10:51
ikoniatheadmin: ahhh, it's the kernel boot parameter "reboot" not a grub option10:51
mat619theadmin: I will try that as well, good hint10:52
mat619thank you both for your input10:52
ikoniatheadmin: I thought you where saying there is a grub option - which I thought was very cool10:52
=== Subo1978_ is now known as Subo1978
theadminntzrmtthihu777, Daughain: Think I see the problem :P The lines in fstab are processed in the order they are met, doing stuff before something as critical as /proc is mounted may be a bad idea. Daughain move the line to the end of the file.10:52
mat619theadmin: and regarding your question (didn't see it first), yes, my FSC Lifebook dinosaur doesn't actually power off, it just stops at "System halted"10:53
Daughaintheadmin, When it was at the end of the file, it had the same error. No matter what I do, I get the same error:10:53
Daughain[mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab10:53
Daughainmount: can't find /home/daughain/Box.com in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab10:53
mat619theadmin: which is double annoying since the power button on that model puts it to sleep, regardless of the system state (it can even suspend a booting kernel, very funny!) and the only way to power if off then is suspend, power on, suspend, power off. weird bios bug maybe, dunno10:54
narcosAny savy with AT command and USB modems? I'm trying to send   AT+CUSD=1,"*#10#",15   to get my balance, but just get "ERROR" back10:54
varunendramat619, have you also tried "sudo shutdown -P 0" ?10:55
theadminDaughain: That's very strange error. Can you load the file in vi and then :set list? It should display dollars ($) at the end of every line. Does it?10:55
mat619varunendra: uhm no, didn't know that one. what's the difference to "-h now"?10:55
Daughaintheadmin, Let me check.10:55
Ben64mat619: have you checked the man page for shutdown?10:56
varunendramat619, it explicitly tells the command to power off after bringing down the system.10:56
varunendrain fact I sometimes have to use it, I never tried -h though.10:57
circlei need to return some video tapes10:57
Daughaintheadmin, For me, I have ~ characters for newlines, but I am showing 8. I'm also getting an "incomplete last line" error in vi.10:57
mat619Ben64: not recently :)  I'm not sitting in front of a *nix box right now, that's why I asked10:57
mat619varunendra: good point, will give it a try. thx for the hint10:58
varunendrapleasure !10:58
theadminDaughain: GA<enter><esc>:wq10:58
theadminDaughain: That is, add a new line at the end. Empty one.10:58
theadminDaughain: Also, is the file properly encoded? What did you edit it with?10:59
theadminDaughain: That is, when you added that line10:59
Daughainsudo gedit10:59
=== elixir is now known as elixir_
theadminDaughain: Ah, should be fine. Still, though, need a newline at the end I think11:00
Daughaintheadmin, And I have no clue what that first  thing you said to me means/.11:00
theadminDaughain: First thing? Which one?11:00
varunendraDaughain, gedit should be opened with gksu or gksudo. No GUI app should be run with sudo.11:01
Daughaintheadmin, GS<enter><esc>:q11:01
lagbunhello. sorry for my bad english, can you tell me how can I disable the open effect on ubuntu?11:01
theadminDaughain: G = go to end of file, A = add at end of line, Enter = enter key, Escape = return to command mode, :wq = save and exit11:02
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: and for furture reference always use gksudo gedit, not sudo. sudo is for command line programs like nano only, graphical programs like gedit should be ran with gksudo :P11:02
theadminDaughain: That's a vi command11:02
Daughaintheadmin, I dont know how to use vi.11:02
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, So whats the difference11:02
theadminDaughain: Eh, you get the point, though, add an empty line at the end. With any editor.11:02
Daughaintheadmin, This will be the 9th line I am adding.11:03
MonkeyDustlagbun  i guess you mean the animations. use unity-tweak-tool, window manager, general11:03
histoCouldn't he just echo /n >> somefile11:03
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: using sudo with a graphical application can change ownership of files in ~/ that will cause you problems down the road :P11:04
DaughainnytzOk, thanks for explaining that.11:04
DaughainStill not accepting a newline.11:05
lagbunMonkeyDust: I mean the open animation, when you open any program11:05
DaughainUsing gksudo gedit this time.11:05
histoDaughain: echo >> somefile  would put a new line at the end of the file11:06
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: no prob. I was all "huh?" the first time I heard it, but its become second nature now :P11:07
Daughainhisto, HUnh??? I'm a mechanic.11:07
Gigajoulewhat's the cmd for renaming?11:07
histoDaughain: did you get the new line at the end of the file?11:07
histoGigajoule: mv someold somenew11:07
Daughainhisto, aparently not.11:07
Gigajoulein irc11:07
ntzrmtthihu777now what would be nifty is a .bashrc alias that checks if the program being run sudo someprogram is graphical and run instead gksudo someprogram11:08
histoGigajoule: renaming what?11:08
Gigajoulechange the name from my irc account11:08
ubottuGigajoule,: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.11:08
histoGigajoule: /nick some_name11:08
Gigajoulek ty11:08
circlei need to return some video tapes11:08
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: echo >> file echo's (prints) nothing into the end of (>>) a file11:09
histoDaughain: you could  type "echo >> somefile" in a terminal to put a new line at the end of the file11:09
histontzrmtthihu777: no it prints a new line11:09
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: for example, echo "foobar" >> somefile will add the words foobar to the end of somefile.11:09
ntzrmtthihu777histo: was getting to that :P11:09
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Now, that makes sense. =)11:10
=== Gigajoule is now known as Test032489
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Permission denied.11:10
=== Test032489 is now known as Gigajoule
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: ah, forgot it was a system file.11:11
Daughainntzrmtthihu777,  At least when trying to write it to fstab11:11
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: in this case "echo "" | sudo tee /etc/fstab" is what you need, without the outer quotes.11:11
histoDaughain: echo | sudo tee -a somefile11:11
varunendrantzrmtthihu777, forgot -a :)11:12
ntzrmtthihu777varunendra: so it is :P11:12
histontzrmtthihu777:  his file will be overwritten without it11:12
Daughainhisto, thanks, that seemed to work.11:12
blazemoreDoes anyone know if gksu (and family, such as kdesu) can respect the NOPASSWD option of /etc/sudoers ?11:12
ntzrmtthihu777histo: holy crap.11:12
ntzrmtthihu777k desu ka?11:12
histoDaughain: what file are you editing by the way?11:13
ntzrmtthihu777histo: /etc/fstab11:13
histoDaughain: did you use my command or ntzrmtthihu777's without the -a ?11:13
blazemore"kdesu" could be an anime imageboard-reader for KDE...11:13
Daughainhisto,  ntzrmtthihu777  that solved the eol issue. Now confused by this error:11:13
ntzrmtthihu777histo: trying to add a davfs to it. he recently pastebinned his /etc/fstab so its available were I to have screwed him :/11:14
Daughainmount: can't find /home/daughain/Box.com in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab11:14
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: a thousand pardons for my almost catastrophy11:14
Daughainhisto, I used your command11:14
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, No worries, I dont even nknow what it might have been.11:15
llutzDaughain: grep box.com /etc/fstab11:15
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: a screwed up /etc/fstab basically screws *you*11:15
varunendrantzrmtthihu777, it's just a "-a", happens ;D11:15
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: Don't worry too much about your almost catatrophe: I once had someone dd to /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda2. That was fun11:15
histoDaughain: any reason you are adding blank lines to the end of your fstab?11:16
varunendrablazemore, :O11:16
ntzrmtthihu777histo: because it kept complaining about missing newlines11:16
Daughainhisto, Yes, I was getting a 'no newline" error, and trying to fix it.11:16
histoDaughain: where was it complaining?11:16
blazemorevarunendra: It was OK, I also forgot sudo, so it wasn't actually catastrophic11:16
varunendraXD fun really then..11:17
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: ... dayum. thats bad XD11:17
blazemoreI was tired11:17
histoDaughain: blank lines in fstab are ignored11:18
Daughainhisto, Ok, I am trying to mount my Box.com acct. I followed the guides I found, and keep getting fstab errors. ntzrmtthihu777  decided to duplicate my issue, and had no errors at all, even though we used the same guide to mount the share.11:18
llutzhisto: but you get a warning (not an error) if the last line from fstab isn't ended with a newline11:18
DaughainI am still getting fstab errors trying to mount this acct.11:18
blazemoreDaughain: Are you sure it's not something embarrasing like the wrong box.com password?11:18
ntzrmtthihu777histo: I used this guide, worked 100% no problem http://xmodulo.com/2013/02/how-to-mount-box-com-cloud-storage-on-linux.html11:18
llutzDaughain: grep box.com /etc/fstab11:18
Daughainllutz, I did, it didnt help.11:19
blazemoreDaughain: What does it say, though?11:19
llutzDaughain: what is the output?11:19
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: it seems to not even get passed it.11:19
histoDaughain: no idea what a box.com account is. But my suggestion to you would be to mount it via command line to figure out options etc... then add the working ones to your fstab11:19
DaughainblaIt doent even get that far.11:19
histollutz: grep -i box.com from what he keeps typing11:19
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: for future reference when someone wants you to grep a file it means grep search-for-this in-this-file'11:19
blazemoreyes Daughain try to get it mounted manually before you add it to your fstab - that way you only have one set of problems to contend with11:19
DaughainMount: can't find /home/daughain/Box.com in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab11:19
llutzDaughain: grep -i box.com /etc/fstab                 what ouput of this command?11:20
blazemoreDaughain: What command are you running to give you that error?11:20
DaughainMount ~/Box.com11:20
histollutz: where would you see a warning from fstab not ending in a new line?11:20
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: he means mount. he tends to capitalize here.11:20
blazemoreDaughain: grep -i box.com /etc/fstab                 what ouput of this command?11:20
llutzhisto: scroll back11:20
histollutz: scroll back in what?11:20
DaughainNo output.11:20
blazemoreDaughain: There's your problem then11:20
DaughainYou spelled it wrong.11:21
llutzhisto: here, he pasted the warning earlier11:21
blazemoreDaughain: You're saying to your computer "please mount ~/Box.com using the information I've provided in /etc/fstab" - but you haven't actually added anything to /etc/fstab11:21
llutzDaughain: so you haven't added the line to /etc/fstab. i don't know WHAT file you edited, it was the wrong one11:21
blazemoredat satisfaction when it turns out to be something obvious :)11:22
histollutz: the error he received was in regards to vi not fstab11:22
DaughainStrangely, the line shows in vi, nano, and gedit.11:22
histoDaughain: pastebinit /etc/fstab11:22
ntzrmtthihu777histo: [mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab11:23
=== ashish is now known as initrd
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: red herring11:23
ntzrmtthihu777histo: he's pastebinned his fstab about a million times already :P11:23
histontzrmtthihu777: What is giving him that warning message was my question?11:23
ntzrmtthihu777mount ~/Box.com11:23
DaughainAnd, for the fifth time tonight: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816503/11:23
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: what is?11:23
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: eep, nothing in it.11:24
histontzrmtthihu777: when the system processes the fstab files blank lines are ignored.11:24
blazemoreDaughain: That paste is empty...11:24
llutzntzrmtthihu777: obviously he pasted the wrong file then11:24
ntzrmtthihu777llutz: or perhaps he mistakenly followed my tee without -a :(11:24
Daughaingive me a few minutes.11:24
histontzrmtthihu777: llutz From man: Each filesystem is described on a separate line; fields on  each11:24
histo       line are separated by tabs or spaces.  Lines starting with '#' are com‐11:24
histo       ments, blank lines are ignored.11:24
kellyhi guys , I've some clips with vob format , which program read this format , i want to edit the clips.11:24
histokelly: I would convert them to something else using ffmpeg11:25
ntzrmtthihu777histo: don't tell it to me, mine worked :P11:25
llutzhisto: i know that, the point is: the last not empty line of fstab has to be followed by a newline11:25
blazemoreDaughain: Try "mount /home/daughain/Box.com" just humour me11:25
histollutz: Mine isn't on any of my systems11:25
ntzrmtthihu777histo: ffmpeg is depreciated. avconv is the new thing :P11:25
deepuany one whats the difference between linux and unix11:25
kellyi don't know how can i use ffmpeg , could you please give an example11:25
deepuany one whats the difference between linux and unix ??11:25
blazemoredeepu: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Linux_vs_Unix11:25
ntzrmtthihu777deepu: unix came first. linux made linux, modeling it after unix.11:26
ikoniaffmpeg is still active11:26
blazemoredeepu: Kinda like the difference between DOTA and LoL11:26
histowhen did ffmpeg get deprecated11:26
ikoniadeepu: many things - it is very specific11:26
ntzrmtthihu777histo: using an old version of youtube-dl that uses ffmpeg gives said warning.11:26
DaughainWhats the command to rename a file?11:26
deepucan any one tell any fast converssion tool for ubuntu11:26
blazemoreDaughain: mv oldfile newfile11:27
blazemoredeepu: COnvert what?11:27
ikoniadeepu: conversion of what ?11:27
ntzrmtthihu777histo: infact, just run ffmpeg in your terminal without anything else and see what it tells ya :P11:27
deepuvideo to android11:27
caodepalhahi everyone! just installed ubuntu 12.04... its running quite slow... how can i fix this?11:27
ikoniadeepu: handbrake11:27
ntzrmtthihu777ffmpeg version 0.8.6-4:0.8.6-0ubuntu0.12.04.1, Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the Libav developers11:27
blazemoredeepu: Handbrake is "the" video converter for every platform11:27
ntzrmtthihu777  built on Apr  2 2013 17:02:36 with gcc 4.6.311:27
histontzrmtthihu777: that has to do with the version in the repos11:27
ntzrmtthihu777*** THIS PROGRAM IS DEPRECATED ***11:27
ntzrmtthihu777This program is only provided for compatibility and will be removed in a future release. Please use avconv instead.11:27
FloodBot1ntzrmtthihu777: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:27
jribhisto: it got forked and maintainers prefer the fork (avconv)11:27
ntzrmtthihu777Use -h to get full help or, even better, run 'man ffmpeg'11:27
histojrib: ahh11:28
deepuis handbreak in ubuntu11:28
deepusoftware center11:28
ikoniadeepu: its available11:28
ntzrmtthihu777deepu: we would not suggest it if it wasn't11:28
blazemoredeepu: Yes, it is in the repositories; use the Software Centre to search for it and install it11:28
DaughainGoody, I'm screwed.11:28
blazemoredeepu: Make sure you search for "handbrake" not "handbreak"11:29
caodepalhaubuntu is running very slow11:29
blazemoreDaughain: How so?11:29
ntzrmtthihu777histo: ah, so installed from source would be newer?11:29
DaughainMy fstab is now blank.11:29
histoDaughain: don't reboot11:29
kellycan "handbrake" convert vob format ?11:29
blazemoreDaughain: Don't reboot11:29
DaughainNo #$%^&11:29
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816438/11:29
varunendraDaughain, "cat /etc/fstab" gives any output?? Time to search back your previous pastebin links ??11:29
histoDaughain: did you make a back up of your fstab?11:29
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: your fstab, saved by pastebin :P11:29
ikoniaDaughain: use the pastebins of your fstab you've posted to restore it11:29
blazemoreDaughain: Find one of your many many pastebin links. To be 100% sure use "sudo gedit /etc/fstab" to edit11:29
deepuits not available11:29
deepuin ubuntu soft center11:30
blazemoredeepu: Did you spell it right? "handbrake"11:30
llutzhisto: "tail -1 /etc/fstab|hexdump" shows your fstab not ending with "000a"?11:30
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, I guess all those pastes are useful now.11:30
ikonia!info hanrbrake11:30
blazemoredeepu: It's just you called it "handbreak" earlier11:30
ubottuPackage hanrbrake does not exist in raring11:30
varunendrablazemore, gksu, not sudo.11:30
deepui corrected11:30
blazemorevarunendra: End result is the same, surely?11:30
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: heh, yep. sorry I screwed yah :P11:30
DaughainDunno if it was you or me, so, no worries.11:30
ikoniaah, it's hosted in a PPA, not the core repo11:30
histoDaughain: does sudo mount -t davfs https://www.box.com/dav /home/daughin/Box.com   in a terminal work?11:30
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: but in the end it ends up causing issue down the line.11:31
DaughainNow, how should I go about fixing this?11:31
varunendrablazemore, in this case the end result will be same, but it is just a bad habit.11:31
blazemore!info handbrake11:31
ubottuPackage handbrake does not exist in raring11:31
caodepalhamy ubuntu is running very slow can anyone help11:31
blazemoredeepu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/107915/how-do-i-download-and-install-handbrake11:31
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: sudo nano /etc/fstab && paste the contents back into it.11:31
ikoniahttps.....the certificates will probably block that unless they are valid11:31
histocaodepalha: check top to see what's sucking up everything.11:31
Daughainhisto, Let me fix my missing fstab first, please.11:31
ikoniaDaughain: have you actually looked at that link11:31
histoDaughain: click download as text from here http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816438/11:32
caodepalhawhere is top? first timer11:32
ikoniaDaughain: it requires username/password11:32
histocaodepalha: open a terminal and type top11:32
blazemoreikonia: He followed a guide to set up dav credentials11:32
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: yes, and it will ask for password in terminal upon mount.11:32
ikoniayou can't put it in the fstab like that11:32
histocaodepalha: or open system monitor from Dash11:32
Daughainikonia, Let me fix my fstab first please. ANd yes, I own a box account.11:32
DaughainHad it fotr a year now.11:32
blazemorecaodepalha: You don't have to do that in a terminal, there's a graphical utility similar to Task Manager on Windows - I believe it's called something like "System Monitor"11:32
ntzrmtthihu777/bin/sh: 1: echo ikonia: I got mine working 100%, following the guide http://xmodulo.com/2013/02/how-to-mount-box-com-cloud-storage-on-linux.html here, and my fstab http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816523/ works fine: not found11:33
caodepalhaok did it anyway. terminal opened11:33
caodepalhanow what can i do?11:33
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: I got mine working 100%, following the guide http://xmodulo.com/2013/02/how-to-mount-box-com-cloud-storage-on-linux.html here, and my fstab http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816524/ works fine11:34
ntzrmtthihu777misplaced " XD11:34
histontzrmtthihu777: he doesn't even have an fstab11:34
histontzrmtthihu777: and he's typing a malformed command anyhoot11:34
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: yes, look "noauto"11:34
ntzrmtthihu777histo: he does now. like I said.11:34
DaughainUmmmmmm......... ntzrmtthihu777 , it just  mounted the box acct fine...??11:35
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: yes, then after that I run mount .box.com and it asked for my credentials, and after I set up secrets it did not even ask for that.11:35
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: what did you do? full mount or short mount? exact command. copy paste.11:35
caodepalhagtk gnash 47%11:35
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: yes, howeever putting that in the fstab and expecting it to automount won't work11:35
histontzrmtthihu777: also did anyone check that he has davfs2 installed?11:35
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: were not expecting it.11:35
ntzrmtthihu777histo: time and time again, he has it.11:36
DaughainI copied my fstab, and used the basic mount ~/Box.com11:36
blazemoreDaughain: Have you fixed your /etc/fstab now?11:36
caodepalhagtk gnash 47%. what can i do?11:36
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: "mount ~/Box.com", letter for letter?11:36
DaughainI seem to have everything fixed now.11:36
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: weird. why it did not work before is beyond me. :/11:36
Daughainntzrmtthihu777,  Yes, thats all I did.11:36
blazemoreDaughain: I imagine there was just something screwy in your fstab11:36
histontzrmtthihu777: what is controlling the authentication of this?11:37
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: possiblly, lol. I've had rubyscripts screw up for one multibyte character.11:37
Daughainblazemore, Apparently. I guess losing the whole file helped me in this case.11:37
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: was this with or without the ~/.davfs2/secrets file setup?11:37
HexagoniteIs anyone using the Caffeine applet here?11:37
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Not sure at this moment. Need time to loo9k11:38
caodepalhagtk gnash 47%. what can i do?11:38
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: no need to look. when you ran mount did it ask for your credentials or not?11:38
ntzrmtthihu777!patience | caodepalha11:38
ubottucaodepalha: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:38
DaughainNo, it didnt. But, I dont remember commenting in the line in the /secrets file11:38
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: hm.11:39
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, In fdact, it is still commented out. Looking at it now.11:39
varunendracaodepalha, what is the problem? Is gnash stuck?11:39
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: perhaps it "remmebers" you from using the nautilus mount you did?11:39
histocaodepalha: are you playing some flash video right now?11:39
DaughainCould be.11:39
DaughainAnd, iuts mounted as a device for some reason.11:40
varunendrahisto, I think "gtk" is the standalone gui for gnash ??11:40
caodepalhano. i'm just on firefox and everything else is closed11:40
histovarunendra: what?11:40
histocaodepalha: does the page you are viewing in firefox have flash?11:40
histocaodepalha: who owns the gnash pid?11:41
varunendrahisto, I thought "gtk-gnash" is the standalond gui player for swf.11:41
DaughainThanks to everyone for your help.11:41
histocaodepalha: if it's owned by your user kill it11:41
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: no prob, and thanks for letting me get a new cloud storage :P11:41
caodepalhaclosed all windows now. i'm just on this irc room. checking if gtk gnash is owned by my user11:42
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Now, how do I make sure it automounts after a reboot?11:43
histoDaughain: it will if it's in fstab11:43
histoDaughain: well assuming the network is up when it tries11:43
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: it wont' with the noauto parameter.11:43
Daughainhisto, So, after a reboot, I wont have to manually mount it agaion?11:43
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: remove noauto, and it should be fine.11:43
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Thnaks again. =)11:44
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: again, the noauto will not cause it to :P11:44
histoDaughain: assuming you set it up without noauto it will mount on boot11:44
ntzrmtthihu777Daughain: and I'm not sure at what point you network is setup and the share is mounted, so if its the wrong order it won't work :P11:44
vnc786hello all11:44
vnc786i have broken my ubuntu 12.04 http://tinyurl.com/mt74o4m now i am trying to reinstalling  i have choosen "Something Else" option11:44
vnc786i just want to know i have assigned mount point(i got previous mount point with e2label) keeping Format option uncheck will that erased my home data or it will previous11:44
ntzrmtthihu777vnc786: I find *not* using the /home partition during install, and then adding it to fstab, to be safest.11:45
DaughainsWell, I removed the noauto param, guess I just need to reboot and find out.11:45
histovnc786: if you don't format it will not erase it.11:45
ntzrmtthihu777histo: I did that once, but it still overwrote my ~11:46
varunendravnc786, did you create a separate /home partition?11:46
vnc786varunendra: yes11:47
ntzrmtthihu777varunendra: yep.11:47
ActionParsnipvnc786: easier tio restore data from backup and do a clean install from scratch11:47
ntzrmtthihu777I think since I used the same username it overwrote my folder's contents.11:47
varunendravnc786, then just install only choosing / like ntzrmtthihu777 mentioned. Don't mention /home in the installation.11:47
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: I would not say easier, but def better :P11:47
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: but I lack the resources to do so, so I'm stuck :P11:48
varunendravnc786, you can later add the previous /home partition once the installation is finished.11:48
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: i suggest you look into a backup solution11:48
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: broke, no way atm to do so. most of my personal files are on my samba server, so they are relatively safe.11:49
vnc786and what it will do to other dir like etc,opt,etc if there are missing files then will it add those files because right now i have dialog box saying "Directories containing system files(/etc,/lib) that already exits will deleted11:52
Daughainntzrmtthihu777, Everything  mounts perfectly now. Thanks.11:52
varunendravnc786, yes they will be deleted.11:52
DaughainNeed coffee now.,11:52
ikoniavarunendra: if you are going to re-install, it will wipe your existing OS11:52
ikoniavarunendra: take backups of what you need11:52
varunendraikonia, it is vnc786 who is having problems :)11:53
=== alainus[-_-] is now known as alainus
ikoniaoops, sorry11:53
varunendranp ;)11:53
purezenHey guys..! Am running 12.10 64-bit.. updated.. on a 3rd gen i5 using integrated graphics..11:54
purezen.. and when I take a screenshot.. all I get is a blank black screen...11:55
ikoniapurezen: how are you taking a screen shot ?11:55
vnc786varunendra: i am with you but just wondering i am just leaving /dev/sda2(home) so will my partition order will be intact11:55
ActionParsnippurezen: how are you doing it?11:56
purezenikonia, ActionParsnip : Hey..! I am just pressing the PrntScr button..11:56
ntzrmtthihu777purezen: try installing scrot and using that11:57
purezenAm using Unity Standard btw..11:57
varunendravnc786, if you are not setting any mount points for /dev/sda2 during the installation, it will (and its order) will be intact.11:57
ActionParsnippurezen: try: sleep 10;  DISPLAY=:0.0 import -window root ~/Pictures/1stJul2013.jpg11:57
ActionParsnippurezen: you will need imagemagick installing11:57
vnc786varunendra: okay now hitting "Install Now" :)11:57
ikoniaor use the print screen application11:57
ntzrmtthihu777vnc786: all you will have to do is edit your /etc/fstab file after the install is done, and it will mount your /home for you :P11:57
ActionParsnippurezen: once you run the command you'll have 10 seconds to setup the screen :)11:58
varunendravnc786, your root (/) will get overwritten anyway (whether you choose to format or not).11:58
ntzrmtthihu777vnc786: part of the install process :P11:58
ActionParsnipvnc786: if you set the partition to be used as /home but NOT formatted, it will add the fstab line for you11:58
MonkeyDustpurezen  shutter is a nice tool for screenshots11:58
purezenntzrmtthihu777: Thanks..! Shall try that..:-)11:58
ActionParsnippurezen: does that give an image?11:58
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: I did that *once* and it screwed me over.11:58
purezenActionParsnip: On it..11:59
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: probably a bad option when you set it up11:59
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: which is why we're currently advising a super safe way to do it :P11:59
varunendraActionParsnip, I can confirm it deletes any existing files. It even explicitly warns the user before starting the installation.11:59
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: i see, but yet there is no backup, but you want to be super safe.....11:59
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: what part of "broke" don't you get?12:00
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ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: depends how valuable your data is to you...12:00
varunendraoh, but I never tried with separate /home, so I may be missing something :P ActionParsnip12:00
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: no amount of personal value I place on said files is going to trump a $25/wk salary12:01
KrizOnehi everyone, how do i give everyone in the www-data group access to everything inside /var/www and all future content too?12:02
zoraelWhich package provides the feature that allows you to compare config file changes before deciding if you want to overwrite, backup or ignore them? Is it built into debconf or does it have to be installed?12:02
zoraelas in, config file changes upon package upgrade12:02
llutzzorael: thats built-in in debconf12:03
purezenMonkeyDust: Oh.. Thanks..:-)12:04
hmamouchiPlease Help me ;) Lubuntu 10.10 no Upgrade :S12:04
MonkeyDust!eolupgrade | hmamouchi12:05
ubottuhmamouchi: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:05
llutzzorael: you specify your config-files in packagename.conffiles and debconf checks md5 on those file for changes on upgrades12:05
zoraelllutz: Thanks.12:05
zoraelllutz: right. For context, I have a package that seems to manually overwrite some config files in postinst, hence my wondering if this feature was provided by some other apt addon that I was simply missing.12:07
purezenActionParsnip: Hey.. That command works..12:08
purezenActionParsnip: But that doesn't  solve the problem with the default tool..12:09
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Gangstaanybody here12:10
Gangstaanybody here12:11
Gangstawhere the fuck is ActionParsnip12:11
FloodBot1Gangsta: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:11
Gangstaeverybody wake the fuck up yo12:11
ntzrmtthihu777I feel a floodbot action coming on XD12:11
toto_how to use arabic text in blender12:14
ntzrmtthihu777toto_: ibus daemon. install the arabic language pack and switch to it using ibus, you can type freely.12:15
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gpufreakdoes anyone know if MHGH28-XTC is supported by ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS ?12:19
blazemoregpufreak: It sounds enterprise-y, you might be better served in #ubuntu-server12:23
gpufreakwill do12:24
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coolbuddyhow to enable acpi_thermal http://goo.gl/wjXqv12:28
Captain_ProtonHaving a problem with remmina I think it use a bad key from a server. where does remmina keep server keys in 13.04? I thought it was seahorse but they are not there.12:28
coolbuddyhow to enable acpi_thermal http://goo.gl/wjXqv ? """ sysctl hw """ gives me nothing12:28
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=== Esor is now known as Pikachu
=== Pikachu is now known as Esor
coolbuddyhow to enable acpi_thermal http://goo.gl/wjXqv ? """$ sysctl hw """ gives me nothing12:32
vnc786after reinstalling i always getting grub screen12:34
ubottuvnc786: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:37
cfhowlettmanish_, greetings12:38
willtheri'm from Brazil, i wold help if someone needs.12:38
ubottuwillther,: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.12:38
NSA_AGENThow do you open a new server window in hexchat ?12:40
histoNSA_AGENT: and this has to do with ubuntu how?12:41
NSA_AGENTwell im using hexchat on ubuntu12:41
icerootNSA_AGENT: #hexchat or whatever there channel is12:41
NSA_AGENTsorry about that12:42
cfhowlettNSA_AGENT, no harm done.12:42
cfhowlettSirNeo1, greetings12:42
SirNeo1anyone can help me to set up a VPN on Ubuntu 12.04 ?12:43
iceroot!vpn | SirNeo112:43
ubottuSirNeo1: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN12:43
matematikaaditI accidentically uninstall unity12:43
icerootSirNeo1: if you have a detailed question, please feel free to ask12:43
icerootmatematikaadit: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop12:43
blazemorematematikaadit: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop12:43
SirNeo1for PPTP i don't neet to install other software on my windows to connect no?12:44
blazemoreSirNeo1: nope :)12:44
foo357_Hello, I want to change the time daily cron is run (currently 6:25 am, to midnight). Do I only have to edit the crontab file, should I restart any daemon?12:44
SirNeo1for OpenVNP i need to install some software on the machine12:44
SirNeo1ok, thanks ;)12:44
blazemoreSirNeo1: You're correct12:44
icerootfoo357_: only edit the file, no need to restart anything12:44
foo357_ok thanks iceroot12:44
ntzrmtthihu777I'm getting terrribly irritated at this .desktop file Xd12:45
ntzrmtthihu777anyone here use Redcar IDE/text editor? do you have a launcher file for it? could you please share, as this is kicking my tuchus XD12:46
suoreHello.  [x11grab @ 0x1433f20] Couldn't parse video size. What it mean?12:48
ntzrmtthihu777suore: are you trying to recordscreen with a script?12:48
suorentzrmtthihu777, yes12:49
ntzrmtthihu777suore: would you like my script? (my as in I possess it, I did not write it) it works wonderfully.12:49
suorehuhz okie dokie12:49
ntzrmtthihu777suore: instructions here: http://is.gd/dUyXdU12:50
suorehttp://pastebin.com/FDfgh6mN here is my script12:50
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ntzrmtthihu777suore: oh, are you trying a livestream?12:51
suoreidk what is wrong12:51
ntzrmtthihu777sorry, I don't know a thing about that, lol. I use the script i linked to record for youtube, not live stuffs :P12:52
suorethis script i found at google,12:52
suoreaa ok ok12:52
raubhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding defined eth0 and eth1 but http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1631796 seems to say not to. Who should I trust?12:53
matematikaaditit's like tf to forever to do apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop. although it's just 6mb to download.12:53
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: ubuntu-desktop is merely a metapackage. it points to a host of other packages.12:53
matematikaaditmaybe my apt-source is near enough.12:54
matematikaadits/is/is not12:54
matematikaaditis there a way to change apt source via cli?12:56
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: not sure. google for ubuntu apt mirrors, may help12:56
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: what could give you more info is apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop, this will show you *all* packages that are being installed., its quite alot :/12:57
SirNeo1pty "pptp YOUR_VPN_GATEWAY --nolaunchpppd"12:57
SirNeo1what should i type instean this? domainname? ip?12:58
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: well, i accidentically uninstall unity. I just have access to terminal via ctrl-alt-1.12:59
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: right now trying to reinstall ubuntu-desktop12:59
llutzSirNeo1: ip/hostname of your pptp-vpn-server/gateway13:00
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blazemorematematikaadit: however long it takes, reinstalling the ubuntu-desktop package WILL work13:01
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: ouch13:02
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: you can open more than one session with ctr+alt+f{1..6} :P13:02
shveloHi, I've just bought Asus Q200E, which has a touchscreen. I'm interested if desktop Ubuntu has good touchscreen support. Will it just move the mouse?13:03
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: yes, i know, i use irssi in ctrl+alt+f2.13:03
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: you may also want to look into the program screen :P13:04
ntzrmtthihu777shvelo: depends on the touchscreen.13:04
blazemoreshvelo: If it doesn't have good touchscreen support then idk what they've been doing for the last few releases13:04
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: I've had hell using mine, lol13:04
ubottushvelo,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:04
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: ahh... yes, i've installed tmux (screen alternatives) before.13:05
matematikaaditwhy i forget it.13:05
ntzrmtthihu777cfhowlett: not for a phone, did you even read what s/he said?13:05
shvelocfhowlett, it's for tablets13:05
funkyis there php channel that dont require invite?13:05
Picifunky: ##php.  You need to register/identify to join.13:06
ntzrmtthihu777shvelo: you may want to look into djin and grail13:06
Pici!register | funky13:06
ubottufunky: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:06
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cfhowlettshvelo, mulitple screens, missed the details.  sorry13:07
shvelontzrmtthihu777, thanks!13:07
RBRKSREWhat's the simplest script to decompress every file in a folder?13:08
RBRKSRE*every archive13:08
bawankhow do i change setp up for alt-tab effect on ubuntu 12.04 ?13:08
bawank*set up13:08
zamnHi, I'm trying to upgrade my system and I keep getting versioning errors. Could someone take a look? http://pastebin.com/jePEZYCJ thanks13:08
suorentzrmtthihu777, this script suck 1. Sound is asymetric 2. when recording games is like watcjhing video with 2fps....13:08
ntzrmtthihu777suore: good enough for me, lol. just trying to help man :P13:09
shveloRBRKSRE, more details?13:09
zamnit seems libldap-2.4.2 wont upgrade and I have no clue why -_- I keep getting errors saying that it breaks libldap-2.4-2:i38613:10
suoreoki oki13:10
suoreafter  redcord have 5gb ...13:10
ntzrmtthihu777RBRKSRE: <unzip program> *.<zip type>13:10
RBRKSREi have a folder with 1.7z, 2.7z, ... n.7z   . How can I compress everything?13:10
CalvinKleinHey guys, I need help on setting up a fake webcam in Ubuntu.13:10
CalvinKleinI use HP-WEBCAM 101.13:10
CalvinKleinI need HP-WEBCAM 101 to display an Animated GIF file.13:10
ntzrmtthihu777RBRKSRE: 7z x '*.7z'13:10
CalvinKleinany idea how can I do it?13:10
CalvinKleinI've used webcam-studio but no luck.13:11
ntzrmtthihu777RBRKSRE: or it may be double quotes, forget.13:11
RBRKSREntzrmtthihu777, thank you.13:11
CalvinKleinanybody here who can help in this particular situation?13:11
RBRKSREntzrmtthihu777, can it work with other programs as well?13:11
ntzrmtthihu777RBRKSRE: the context may be different, but in general yes. unzip does not need the x, it all depends on the program.13:11
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bawankhi everyone,how do i change setp up for alt-tab effect on ubuntu 12.04 ?13:12
RBRKSREntzrmtthihu777, cool! i didn't know you could do that13:12
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CalvinKleinRBRKSRE, ntzrmtthihu777, ActionParsnip, Math022, X-tonic, histo, bawank, lulz0r, Math-, I use HP-WEBCAM 101, and I want HP-WEBCAM to display an animated GIF file, like I want it to display a source like in ManyCam, since I use Linux, ManyCam doesn't run here, but I want my webcam to display an image instead.13:13
RBRKSREntzrmtthihu777, it worked the way you said.13:13
CalvinKleinhow can I do that?13:13
RBRKSRECalvinKlein, did you try to google it?13:13
zephyrI'm having an issue with date not returning a correct value in my bash script.13:13
ntzrmtthihu777RBRKSRE: glad to be of help13:13
CalvinKleindoes anybody have any experiences with v4l2loopback? I heard it can display images on my webcam?13:14
Pici!Google | RBRKSRE13:14
ubottuRBRKSRE: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.13:14
PiciCalvinKlein: Don't hilight people like that.13:14
CalvinKleinPici, can you help me?13:14
=== foo357_ is now known as foo357
CalvinKleinI've been asking for help on this since months.13:14
zephyrNOW=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d-%H%S")    <--- that returns the correct date, but the time is always incorrect.  Did I miss something?13:14
CalvinKleinand nobody has solved this yet.13:14
gordonjcpCalvinKlein: how would you display images *on a webcam*?13:14
gordonjcpit's a camera13:14
gordonjcpit captures images13:14
PiciCalvinKlein: No, but just be patient and ask your question with as much info as possible.  Mass hilighting people like that is going to get you kicked.13:14
CalvinKleingordonjcp, you know manycam right?13:14
gordonjcpCalvinKlein: no13:14
gordonjcpwhat's manycam?13:14
SirNeo1can i have more of this?13:15
CalvinKleinin manycam, you can display images on your webcam13:15
CalvinKleinlike a video source.13:15
SirNeo1for me one user, for my mom an user etch?13:15
CalvinKleinnot a webcam, but a video source.13:15
gordonjcpCalvinKlein: how can a webcam display images?  It's a camera13:15
histoCalvinKlein: webcamstudio ???13:15
CalvinKleinhisto, I tried it out.13:15
PiciSirNeo1: Do you have a vpn to connect to?13:15
CalvinKleinbut it fails to do so.13:15
jdelgadoCalvinKlein: Are you asking how overlay an image on a webcam?13:15
SirNeo1i'm setting it up now13:15
zephyrgordonjcp: he means that it outputs a different video stream than what the camera is recording.  To software accessing the camera, it will feed it a different image.13:15
histoCalvinKlein: http://superuser.com/questions/608521/manycam-like-software-for-linux13:15
SirNeo1that is the chap-secrets file13:16
CalvinKleinhisto, i've seen that.13:16
histoCalvinKlein: webcamstudio should be in the repo13:16
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: i think i know why it takes forever to reinstall ubuntu-desktop13:16
CalvinKleinhisto, I have it installed.13:16
zamnHi, I'm trying to upgrade my system and I keep getting versioning errors. Could someone take a look? http://pastebin.com/jePEZYCJ thanks13:16
zephyrgordonjcp: it's used, for example, in video chat rooms.  When someone views your webcam, you can have it show a recorded video or still images instead of a live iimage.13:16
CalvinKleinyes, zephyr.13:16
CalvinKleinyou're right.13:16
histoCalvinKlein: good then use it13:16
zephyrCalvinKlein: hope I clarified that a little better for you.13:16
CalvinKleinThanks zephyr!13:17
CalvinKleinhisto, it doesn't work.13:17
histoCalvinKlein: then file bug13:17
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.13:17
CalvinKleinI tried to show a image, but it doesn't show up in sources.13:17
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: when i try to wget the packages, it respond with connection closed13:17
ntzrmtthihu777zamn: I bet you have too many ppas that are conflicting with each other.13:17
CalvinKleinsource layer= HP-WEBCAM 101, (I want to display a image on this)13:17
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: how are you connected to the internet, wireless? wired?13:17
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: modem.13:17
ntzrmtthihu777can you ping the google dns?
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:18
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: or wait, you're using the machine in question huh?13:18
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: yes,13:18
CalvinKleinzephyr, any idea how can I do this?13:18
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: maybe it's the source that caused the problem13:19
zephyrCalvinKlein: No.  I've never needed it in linux.13:19
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: I'll tell you exactly why its taking forever. what you don't get is basically you are reinstalling *all* non-core ubuntu programs.13:19
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: s/source/apt-source/ or whatever its name13:19
CalvinKleinhisto: ?13:19
zamnntzrmtthihu777: so you're saying i should look at sources.list?13:19
CalvinKleinI want to add another video-source in linux.13:20
CalvinKleinlike ManyCam adds up MANYCAM-WEBCAM13:20
CalvinKleinwhich shows images.13:20
CalvinKleincan I do that in linux?13:20
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: open another tty, do apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop | grep Depends, and realize you are reinstalling *all* of these packages. of course its going to take forever.13:20
CalvinKleinzephyr, I want to add another video source in linux.13:20
ntzrmtthihu777zamn: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, actually.13:20
CalvinKleine.g: MANYCAM-WEBCAM13:20
zamnntzrmtthihu777: there is nothing in that directory13:21
ntzrmtthihu777zamn: really?13:21
histo!repeat | CalvinKlein13:21
ubottuCalvinKlein: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:21
zamnyes, really ntzrmtthihu77713:21
ntzrmtthihu777zamn: ok, then have you installed alot of packages via *.deb files?13:21
zephyrCalvinKlein: you can do ANYTHING in Linux.  It just depends on your knowledge and patience.13:21
zamnntzrmtthihu777: its just a default ubuntu server installation. All i've done since i installed it was apt-get update/upgrade13:22
kohvihoorzamn: it seems it's trying to upgrade to an older version13:23
zephyrAnyone know a workaround for Netflix?  VirtualBox a viable option?13:23
ntzrmtthihu777zamn: well I'll be a monkeys uncle. sorry, but I have not your answer. you could try apt-get purging the packages in question. I assume you've tried the obvious apt-get -f install?13:23
shveloWhat do you people think about disabling Apport . I always disable it after installing Ubuntu because it nags me all the time in the least user-friendly way13:23
ntzrmtthihu777zephyr: actually, there is a ppa that does it for you :P13:23
zamnyes ntzrmtthihu777. I tried running a whole slew of commands which cleans everything, purges things, etc13:23
kohvihoorzamn: can you maybe remove libldap, upgrade stuff and reinstall it after that?13:23
zephyrntzrmtthihu777: Oh, really?13:23
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: actually i just need to get 2.202kb of packages. If only i could show apt-get install --print-uris...13:24
ntzrmtthihu777zephyr: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-use-netflix-in-ubuntu-through.html13:24
zamnkohvihoor: well it seems that ab unch of other packages that depend on this would fail so apt doesnt want me to13:24
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: all I can tell you is to be patient, or use this as an opportunity to swap to a lighter weight de :P13:25
kohvihoorzamn: from what to where are you upgrading? from one ubuntu version to another or just a regular upgrade?13:25
zamnjust a regular upgrade kohvihoor13:25
zamnkohvihoor: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade13:25
Picizamn: Do you have precice-proposed enabled?13:26
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: do i need to change my source.list?13:26
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: as I've stated, you are *reinstalling* *everything* listed in "apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop | grep Depends". its *going* to take *a* *long* *time*. patience bro. and source.list does not change the server you pull from, I think.13:28
zamnPici: enabled it just no13:28
warfarendare i buy the MSI Z87-G45 motherboard that has a Killer NIC E2205 and expect it to work with ubuntu?13:28
warfarengoogled and found nothing at all13:28
ubottuwarefaren: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:28
warfarenit's new stuff.. socket 1150 (haswell i believe?)13:29
ntzrmtthihu777is CalvinKlein still going on? or has he got a solution?13:29
zamnPici: but not helping me much :p13:29
Asad2005When i have a power down and upon power restore my media drive restarts a little later then my PC. How  do i set up NFS mount on fstab to start after say 5 minutes elapsed?13:29
Picizamn: I didn't ask you to enable it. I just asked if it was enabled.13:30
warfarencfhowlett: they're not listing Killer under the wired network interfaces list13:30
cfhowlettwarfaren, in the absence of any other guidance, I'd say it's a roll of the dice.  The latest/greatest/shiny stuff is like that.13:30
ntzrmtthihu777Asad2005: you can pass it noauto and add the mount command to a startup script :D13:30
Asad2005ntzrmtthihu777: Can you please shed somelight? adding a noauto is ok but how to do it via a script13:32
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: ah, sorry. I'll be patience. it's just that this whole thing that get my nerves.13:32
Picizamn: Also, are you aware that you are trying to install both the amd64 and the i386 versions of that package?  Are you sure that you need the i386 version?13:32
ntzrmtthihu777zamn: and if you do use getlibs to do it :P13:32
aiten_44Asad2005, noauto wouldn't be part of the script you would have to write you would have to put that in fstab I believe13:33
kohvihoorzamn: can you pastebin what: apt-cache policy libldap-2.4.2 gives you13:33
ntzrmtthihu777Asad2005: yes, noauto goes in fstab.13:33
zamnkohvihoor: http://pastebin.com/7jwR3suF13:33
coopsanyone here know networking configuration on 12.10 server inside VirtualBox?13:33
zamnPici: I'm not specifying any version to install. I'm just upgrading packages13:33
ntzrmtthihu777Asad2005: like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816763/13:34
ntzrmtthihu777ntzrmtthihu777: then add "mount /path/to/mountpoint" to a startup script13:34
aiten_44coops: what are you looking to do?13:34
warfarencfhowlett: what about the other parts, CPU being haswell, could it be a problem? or are CPUs abstract enough for the OS not to run into such issues?13:34
TrDhow to catch a Video stream URL under Ubuntu please13:35
TrDi want to play the video in a standalone player13:35
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=== acc is now known as accc
coopsaiten_44: thx. i am trying to get a basic setup to work wih gitian-builder, but i think the 12.10 image starts w. no external networking config, just terminal login (whereas desktop image seems to work with its own NAT 'out of the box')13:36
ntzrmtthihu777tv-maxe may be what you want13:36
cfhowlettwarfaren, I can't speak sensibly on that ... I only install on OEM systems.13:36
MonkeyDustTrD  minitube13:36
warfarencfhowlett: ok thanks13:36
Asad2005ntzrmtthihu777: Thanks i know about noauto, I wanted some info on the script part, I dont think cron job is relavent here?13:36
TrDntzrmtthihu777:  is a player i want to retrieve link to add it to the player13:36
TrDi wana try that MonkeyDust13:36
TrDty :)13:37
coopsaiten_44: trying to get to ssh login from host machine to guest OS13:37
aiten_44coops: I'm not real sure what gitian-builder is but if you want to use nat you should be able to shut down your virtual image and then click settings and there should be a tab labeled networking where you can specify if you want nat or say a bridge13:37
ntzrmtthihu777Asad2005: edit your startup applications (how you do so depends on your *ubuntu version)13:37
coopsaiten_44: ok. i set it up same way (that way) as for Desktop, but i'm going to double-check everything. at this point, i know openssh-server is running on the server, but it never logs any attempt to login, while the client on the host gets disconnected after a timeout (the port forwarding to the guest is working on the host)13:39
aiten_44Asad2005: you could use a cron job on restart that calls a script which waits for 5 minutes then mounts the device you want mounted13:39
ntzrmtthihu777TrD: ah crap, you were in here earlier weren't you, asking about p2p13:39
aiten_44coops: can you ping your image from another computer on your network?13:40
ntzrmtthihu777aiten_44: thanks, I know next to nothing about cron atm XD13:40
Picizamn: I'm looking at one of my 12.04 systems here, it looks like (at least in us.archive.ubuntu.com) that the i386 and amd64 binaries of libldap-2.4-2 have different versions.13:40
TrDyeah ntzrmtthihu77713:40
Asad2005aiten_44: but how do you mean to issue mount -a every 5 minutes?13:40
coopsgitian-builder is a project for multiple developers to do identical builds on various OSes and then sign the same identical build (adding confidence)13:40
pfifoive tried a few other mirrors, but cant seem to work around the 404 for this url http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.233.orig.tar.gz any ideas for a different workaround13:41
pfifoPici, btw, the topic points to the wrong release notes13:41
Picipfifo: I'll take a look13:41
aiten_44Asad2005 depending on what cron version you are using some you can issue @reboot or some there is a folder in /etc called something like cron.reboot which you can add a script to13:42
coopsaiten_44: not even trying to support that - was only trying to map a host port (arbitrary) to the ssh port of the guest (22). had it working with the desktop image...13:42
NSA_AGENTanyone know any good rss feed/news argeigtors you can install from the terminal in linux ?13:42
coopsidea is the image is only used inside the host to build something, nothing from outside the host should be hitting it13:42
Picizamn: Actually, sorry, I misread.  You may want to do an apt-get update first and then check the outputs of apt-cache policy libldap-2.4-213:42
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aiten_44coops:  Alright so you don't want any external networking outside the image will it let you ssh localhost? and have you checked what the firewall rules look like might be something dumb set up that you didn't realize was there13:44
Picipfifo: thanks, updated.13:45
BluesKajHiyas all13:45
pfifoPici, now I feel obligated to actually read them.13:45
ntzrmtthihu777anyone here a *.desktop wizard? I'm having hell getting one to work for redcar :/13:47
Matt__Hey folks. I got the following problem: installed ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop. no network adapter recognized... found out that i need broadcom fireware. installed fwcutter. next i want to install firmware-b43-installer... problem is, that installation tells me that it wants to download new firmware.  connection to server, of course fails, because I got no working network adapter. I downloaded the requested file on another pc but dunno 13:48
ntzrmtthihu777oh my dear god, I got it 0_013:48
=== jinie is now known as jinie_
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: you may just want to unstall bcmwl-kernel-source13:49
aiten_44Matt_: I think the kernel supports those cards13:49
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: or wait, 13.04?13:50
blazemoreThat bloody package... I see firmware-b43-installer mentioned in here at least once a day13:50
Matt__i already read a lot about it13:50
Matt__but still got problems solving it13:50
blazemoreI'm not having a go at you, don't get me wrong :)13:51
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: care to give me the output of lspci -nn | grep -i network?13:51
* cfhowlett thinks he must be VERY lucky. He installs all the needed Broadcom stuff directly from the ubuntu ISO13:51
ntzrmtthihu777cfhowlett: said package is on the iso?13:51
cfhowlettntzrmtthihu777, depends on the specific broadcom chipset ...13:52
ntzrmtthihu777cfhowlett: true that.13:52
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  output lists the broadcom network controler13:52
cfhowlettntzrmtthihu777, broadcom 43XX is on the iso ...13:52
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: yes, gimme! :P13:52
cfhowlettntzrmtthihu777, 2 minutes at the terminal, no wifi required ... http://turbolinux.org/2011/07/ubuntu-broadcom-bcm43xx-chipset-pci/13:52
coopsaiten_44: will try the internal ssh, good idea. i did not configure any firewall on the image, but maybe it has something pre-installed.13:53
cfhowlettntzrmtthihu777, I used the No Internet STA option13:53
ntzrmtthihu777never heard of it, lol.13:53
pfifoive tried a few other mirrors, but cant seem to work around the 404 for this url http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.233.orig.tar.gz any ideas for a different workaround13:54
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  can't. typing on my win lap right now13:54
aiten_44coops: If that doesn't work check the sshd config file you wouldn't happen to be trying to login as root are you?13:54
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: what are you trying to do?13:54
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: install flashplugin?13:54
pfifontzrmtthihu777, install shockwave flash13:54
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: what command are you using?13:54
blazemorepfifo: did you try "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer" ?13:54
coopsaiten_44: not trying to log in as root ;)13:55
aiten_44coops: I didn't think so but it was worth asking just in case13:55
pfifontzrmtthihu777, actually ive tried all of them, everything I know that triggers its install... after all that failed, ive been working with just 'flashplugin-installer'13:55
blazemorehe got it in the end13:56
ANN-TechCoderGuys, need help finding Drivers for BroadCom Wireless card13:56
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer | tee apt.log, and pastebin apt.log13:56
blazemoreSorry ANN-TechCoder but you just made my day :)13:56
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: bwhahahahahah XD13:57
blazemoreVote for renaming #ubuntu to #broadcom ?13:57
pfifontzrmtthihu777, want me to uninstall or purge first?13:57
coopsaiten_44: ssh ubuntu@localhost works, after warning the first time about unknown host localhost13:57
coopsso ssh server up and running13:57
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: try it without, then with, purging :P13:57
Matt__to get things clear: I want to install firmware-b43-installer, but this requires another driver update, which i downloaded. but "make" gives me "no rule to create "wl_apsta/buildflags.mk"" any idea?13:57
blazemoresorry ANN-TechCoder not your fault, but I mentioned earlier how every day I see people with broadcom issues13:57
pfifontzrmtthihu777, ok13:57
aiten_44coops: well thats good did you check to see if there is a firewall in place by default?13:58
blazemoreMatt__: Do you have to run ./configure first?13:58
coopsaiten_44: ifconfig -a shows only eth1 and lo configured, no IP addr other than
ANN-TechCoderIt's an old Notebook. 13.04 has everything working fine but Wireless card13:58
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: and I *neeed* apt.log's output. details are your friend here, and that is a big detail.13:58
ANN-TechCoderWhat would be the best way of finding drivers for it?13:58
coopsi think prob more basic than firewall13:58
Matt__./configure -> no file found13:58
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ntzrmtthihu777ANN-TechCoder: lspci -nn | grep Broadcom, give the results here.13:58
blazemoreANN-TechCoder: Can you make that "grep -i broadcom" instead of just "grep Broadcom" ?13:59
coopsaiten_44: the desktop image came up with a 10.x.x.x address which it should if NAT running, no?13:59
coopsthis server image has nothing13:59
blazemorecoops: Try #ubuntu-server for support with Ubuntu Server13:59
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: I really doubt you need to compile from source. would you kindly give me the info I asked for and I can probly get you going. I've done several broadcoms the hard way for myself and others, and I've gotten fairly good at it :P14:00
aiten_44coops: Yes the 10.x.x.x is correct if thats what you have it set as.  I'm starting to think that the settings are messed up that its not getting a ip automatically like it should14:00
aiten_44can you force an ip to eth1?14:00
m_tadeuis this the right place to ask questions about packaging?14:01
blazemorem_tadeu: Probably, go ahead14:01
holsteinm_tadeu: if its relevant to the topic, just ask14:01
mumpitzelcoops: when you are trying to log in via ssh to the guest VM, how is your virtualbox network settings for this VM?14:01
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 ... [14e4:14:02
coopsaiten_44: to clarify, trying to use a new server image, vs originally tried desktop image. trying to figure out as quick as possible how to get server to behave like that desktop image14:02
mumpitzelcoops: you cannot log in if you use NAT14:02
PashaPastacoops: i.e did you config your VM to use NAT or a bridged adapter? You want a bridged adapter14:02
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: [14e4:4311]14:02
pfifontzrmtthihu777, http://fpaste.org/22105/37268733/14:02
=== mijn is now known as janisozaur
coopsmumpitzel: Adapter1 attached to NAT, cable connected is checked, port forwarding rule set up to map a port on my host to port 22 on the guest14:03
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: hm.14:03
PashaPastacoops: you need to set for a bridged adapter14:03
BoomboomHello i have little problems with installing realtek audio hd drivers... have somebody done it before and can help me a bit?14:03
m_tadeuif an application has a custom lib dir (like /usr/lib/myapp) to store .so files that are specific to the app, how should I proceed?if nothing is done, ldd doesn't find the .so files...adding the path in /etc/ld.so.conf.d works but, seems wrong by yhe debian specs14:03
NSA_AGENThow can i see how much memory an application is currently using , in the terminal14:04
MonkeyDustNSA_AGENT  with htop14:04
coopsPashaPasta: i will try this but the prior desktop image worked fine 'out of the box' with NAT configured. also following instructions from gitian-builder (which is not your problem, of course)14:04
janisozauri have exceed on demand instance that i use to connect to a remote system and launch X applicatons, but i do not have ssh connection. how could i copy files between the two systems? already tried using xclip with base64, but the files transferred that way end up being broken...14:04
PeyamNSA_AGENT: processes14:04
PashaPastaps -aux, top, htop14:04
aiten_44coops: "ifconfig eth0 netmask up" try setting the ip address and see if that will give you an ip address you should be able to use nat14:04
mumpitzelcoops: you can port forward any way you want: you need bridged to log in via ssh. VBox doesn't do a proper NAT14:05
PashaPastavirtualbox is el terrible14:05
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: do you have any sort of networking on this device?14:05
mumpitzelcoops: where did you portforward anyways? where did you set up the port forwarding?14:06
coopsmumpitzel: it will do it with my alternative image, but perhaps you are saying it's unreliable. I'm going to try your suggestion14:06
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: neither lan or wlan --> no14:06
mumpitzelcoops: how did you set up the portforwarding? where?14:06
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: otherwise it would be quite simple I guess :D14:06
BoomboomHello i have little problems with installing realtek audio hd drivers... have somebody done it before and can help me a bit?14:06
=== Koedh is now known as Ladon
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: this is fine, but it makes things trickier :P14:06
coopsmumpitzel: example command - VBoxManage modifyvm Gitian-lucid-i386 --natpf1 "guestssh,tcp,,2223,,22"14:07
ddsscanyone knows a good alternative to remmina? it's been unusable for a year as per this bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/remmina/+bug/1002363) and hasn't been fixed14:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1002363 in remmina (Ubuntu) "12.04 remmina full screen closes unexpectedly" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:07
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: i know... spent like all day on that shit14:07
coopsthat actually worked for a 12.10 desktop image, was able to ssh in (and may yet fall back to that… ;))14:07
MonkeyDustm_tadeu  ask in #ubuntu-app-devel14:07
m_tadeuMonkeyDust: cool....thanx14:08
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: lsmod | grep wl, is this module loaded?14:08
rypervencheddssc: I feel your pain. I still use it, but when it doesn't work I use vncviewer.14:08
coopsnote: when i refer to 'image' i mean a fresh download of a free image from virtualbox.org (i.e. 'out of the box')14:08
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  "1" written behind... guess that means loaded14:09
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: means 1 thing is using it, lol.14:09
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: I'm assuming your using the default network-manager?14:09
pfifontzrmtthihu777, im thinking about tricking this into using my local webserver to host the tarball (yes i have the tarball straight from adobe) and doing a reinstall, but this only helps me, and I suspect the guy who I was helping last night will hop back on later. This witchcraft wont work for him so I need a better solution.14:10
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  yes, which says "no network devices available"14:10
ddsscrypervenche: does it support shared dirs?14:10
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: sudo rmmod wl && sudo modprobe wl, check now.14:10
Boomboomsomeone have time to explain me a bit hwo to install from script  ? : P14:10
rypervencheddssc: No idea. It's VNC so I wouldn't think so?14:10
ntzrmtthihu777Boomboom: usually when you14:11
PashaPastaBoomboom: give a specific example14:11
PeyamBoomboom: what script?14:11
ddsscrypervenche: right didn't even notice. I need a rdp client tho14:11
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  error: module is in use14:11
BoomboomPeyam:  HD audio realtek14:11
ntzrmtthihu777Boomboom: usually when you're installing something not from the repos its a matter of ./configure && make && sudo make install.14:11
aiten_44coops:  I have a meeting in a few minutes I have to go to I'll be back later if your still having problems good luck14:11
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: what prompted this?14:11
PeyamBoomboom: on ubuntu? what is wrong with pulseaudio?14:12
Boomboomstrangely quite even when its put to the "maximum"14:12
Boomboomquiet *14:12
blazemoreBoomboom: Install pavucontrol and use it. Check that the "PCM" slider is on full14:12
ntzrmtthihu777pavucontrol <314:12
aiten_44boomboom: try adjusting with alsamixer in a terminal I found that I can turn my vol up louder that way instead of using the vol on the taskbar14:13
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  don't get it. theres nothing besides : Error : module wl is in use14:13
Boomboomi've put the slider to the max, still its missing about 20% loudness or something like that14:13
lokmaanhowto install medibutnu on ubuntu 10.04.414:13
MonkeyDustBoomboom  start from the beginning, what are you doing and what goes wrong... in one line14:13
Boomboommonkey can we talk private ? its just sliding fast in here14:13
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: ok. I suppose you have some sort of internet connection, as we are speaking right now :P14:13
Boomboommy eyes just go wild14:13
ntzrmtthihu777!eol | lokmaan14:13
ubottulokmaan: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:13
blazemoreWhile we're on the subject, does anyone know of a nice way to dynamically adjust the sample rate of Pulseaudio according to the maximum sample rate of the source file being played? Or should I just leave it on the maximum my DAC supports, and use speex 10 to just resample 44.1k to higher frequencies?14:13
rypervencheddssc: Ah, what's wrong with rdesktop?14:14
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  yeah, this is my win-pc14:14
blazemoreFor example, if I'm playing a CD, it'd be nice to have it actually setting my DAC to 44.1k, whereas if I'm playing a 96k source file I don't want it downsampled14:14
ddsscrypervenche: it doesn't have a gui?14:14
rypervencheddssc: Not that I know of.14:14
Gnjurachi does anyone know how to applay size command while in terminal  --geometry=195x20+0+014:14
MonkeyDustBoomboom  keep it in the channel, if you go pm and the person leaves, you have to explain it all over14:14
blazemoreAt the moment I have pulse set to 96k the entire time, and it just resamples 44.1k, but that's not ideal14:15
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: go to packages.ubuntu.com/<releasename>/14:15
Piciblazemore: You might want to ask that in #ubuntustudio as well, they'll likely have a better idea of how to do that. :)14:15
blazemoreThanks Pici14:15
coopsaiten_44: thx14:15
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  go ahead ;)14:16
ntzrmtthihu777and pick up the debs for dkms, fakeroot, patch, and bcmwl-kernel-source, and install them all with the sudo dpkg -i *.deb command ( you'll need a usb stick or the like to transfer them over)14:16
Boomboomi was missing about 20-30% loudness so i wanted to repair it with realtek hd audio drivers (i assumed it might work) , i downloaded it and everything was nice, i compiled as the .pdf instruction said the configure script but shows kinda error14:16
CalvinKleinntzrmtthihu777: I haven't got a solution yet, over 50,000 people face this problem of mine and NONE has managed to found a solution yet.14:17
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  i kinda already went through all of this ;)14:17
CalvinKleinso if you kindly help me, I shall share your solution to other people aswell.14:17
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: and they are installed?14:17
foo357Hello, I've got a ubuntu server where some process is stopping me from shutting down. How can I find out which process this is and how to shutdown?14:17
ntzrmtthihu777foo357: htop is good.14:17
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  then I executed modprobe wl.... and it went processing kind of forever14:18
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: have you rebooted since?14:18
foo357ntzrmtthihu777: unfortunately it's not available14:18
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: reboot to like 300120 mio years... aborted after a while14:18
ntzrmtthihu777foo357: you cannot install it?14:18
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  didn't seem to proceed14:19
pfifontzrmtthihu777, any other ideas? Maybe I should just search for a bug on LP and if not found create one?14:19
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: hmm. does your machine have a hardware wifi on/off switch? even a fn+fkey one?14:19
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: sounds like a plan?14:19
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  fn -> no. switch yes --> using has no effect14:20
PeyamHi my ubuntu people14:20
coopsmumpitzel: I am able to do "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" which reads package lists, etc, but it's already installed. is this completing without going out to the internet via my host. it would seem so. I ask b/c the Desktop image was configured in Vbox, with NAT, and I was able to ssh in from the host and also successfully install several packages with apt-get, which went out to the internet to get them...14:20
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: wlan light is constantly turned off14:20
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: so you've tried the on/off already :P14:20
ntzrmtthihu777or rather, off/on?14:20
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  guess what :P14:20
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: what?14:20
PeyamI wana give ubuntu a try BUT I 'm addicted to right click and see the applicationmenu like in XFCE. so is it possible in unity?14:20
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: as I said. no effect14:20
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777:  ;)14:21
foo357ntzrmtthihu777: ok I installed it. It says:  "Tasks 7, 3 thr; 1 running"14:21
Picicoops: It doesn't need to reach out to the internet if the package is already installed.14:21
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: rfkill unblock all (may need sudo)14:21
NSA_AGENTis http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/  down for anyone else ?14:21
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: executed14:21
coopsPici: yah, it just tried ping (doh!) and it can't find anything. don't know how it would with no network interface besides config'ed14:22
ntzrmtthihu777foo357: try finding whatever it was you used last and killing it with F914:22
PeyamPashaPasta: I wana give ubuntu a try BUT I 'm addicted to right click and see the applicationmenu like in XFCE. so is it possible in unity?14:22
ntzrmtthihu777foo357: something with a large cpu usage/mem usage.14:22
pfifontzrmtthihu777, can you pastebin you sources.list for me, I think I solved it but need to add an entry for 'updates' (I see there is a entry for a newer package
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: you can have xfce in ubuntu, I use it right now :P14:23
coopslooks like i'm going to have to install the desktop image again and do a side by side compare of config...14:23
PashaPastaPeyam: I hate unity almost as much as I hate winblows 814:23
Peyamntzrmtthihu777: yeah I use xubuntu now. but wana change14:23
PeyamPashaPasta: windows.. off to toilet.. gonna throw up14:23
PashaPastaPeyam: check out MATE...its an updated fork of gnome214:23
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: here you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816873/14:23
opalepatrickis it possible to configure the sites-available directory location? I know I can point at the alternative location in httpd.conf but a2ensite will only work on the one located in /etc/apache2/14:24
PeyamPashaPasta: MATe = wanabeWindows14:24
PashaPastathat's KDE14:24
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: not true in the least, but whatev.14:24
PeyamKDE = too configurateable...ewwww14:24
lglHi, I just installed Raring on the new Macbook Air 6,214:24
NSA_AGENTis http://cn.archive.ubuntu.com/  down for anyone else ?14:24
lglI have a few issues and also think I can help fix a few of them, with a little assistance14:25
lglIs there a specific ubuntu/macbook channel perhaps?14:25
Peyamso is it possible to right click and se the applicationmenu?14:25
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: here, if you hate mate, gnome, and xfce, why not just ditch the de and run gui-less?14:25
Peyamin ubuntu?14:25
suoreXFCE is best for ligh classical theme14:25
lglNSA_AGENT: works over here14:25
Peyamntzrmtthihu777: I like xfce very much! It is simple and elegent. but I have a good computer and why not challenge it before it is broken hahaha14:26
Peyamsuore: yes. Greybird theme is the nicest one14:26
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: why waste? I've got a decent machine, but I want it to work hard, not look pretty pretty XD14:26
suoreand good for gaming, programing, editing... for all :D14:26
Peyamntzrmtthihu777: well I dunno. just want to try something new14:27
arcanescuim on ubuntu ketnel version 3.0.0-32 ... trying to run nm-applet i get Message: using fallback from indicator to GtkStatusIcon ..... and WARNING **: Failed to register as an agent: (32) No session found for uid 014:27
arcanescuthe nm just doesnt start.... any ideas what is causing then and how to get the nm to start?14:27
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: any change?14:28
PeyamPashaPasta: ntzrmtthihu777 so what dist should I try?14:28
PashaPastaPeyam: debian7 :)14:28
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: I'm quite happy with xubuntu, but the final choice rests with you :P14:28
NSA_AGENTlgl, thanks14:29
Peyamntzrmtthihu777: I ve been doing xubuntu in 3 years14:29
Peyamit is boring now14:29
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: it skipped right away to the next input line... no changes. I'll try a reboot14:29
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: you asked my opinion, I gave it.14:29
PashaPastaPeyam: then run crunchbang or arch and set it up yourself ;)14:29
lglI have issues with Fn key, sound driver and isight on the new Macbook Air 6,214:29
foo357ntzrmtthihu777: I can't find anything that should stop me from shutting down.14:30
Peyamntzrmtthihu777: and I couldn't be more thanksfull my freind14:30
PeyamPashaPasta: nääää. Arch , good choice if I want people to be chocked on my linux14:30
lglI think I have the Fn key/media keys issue figured out (the keyboard has a new device ID) and I have an idea about the sound card but I need a few pointers14:30
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: it's again like stuck in the loading screen14:31
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: which loading screen, exactly?14:31
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntu has quite alot that could be considered that :P14:32
ddsscanyone knows how to make shared folder in KRDC ?14:32
Peyamthat ubuntu one. is it like dropbox?14:32
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: more or less. dropbox is pretty nice too :p14:32
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: the ubuntu loading screen, at startup14:32
Peyamyah.. is it free? that cloud thing14:33
ANN-TechCoderGoogle Drive now has 15 Gb free :) bettern then DB and SkyDrive14:33
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: ah, plymouth. press f1 I think, and it will show you background processes.14:33
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: you can see whats hitching it up14:33
PashaPastaANN-TechCoder: ownCloud is better...if you've got a spare box around14:33
Peyamgoogle makes me throw up.. they controll everything14:33
ANN-TechCoderowncloud is awesome! I use BytTorrent sync14:34
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: drobox and ubuntu one are both "freemium", they have a free service but they also have a better payed service.14:34
pfifontzrmtthihu777, it worked, added precise-updates, reinstalled, and everything went the way its supposed to.14:34
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: glad to hear it :D14:34
PeyamI get 53 GB from dropbox . my university gives it14:34
=== amiller_ is now known as amiller
ntzrmtthihu777Peyam: heh, I've got 11.9gb, stretched from 2.5 in various ways :p14:35
ANN-TechCoderI have 30 GB in Google Drive by sharing the folder from my seco9nd e-mail that i dont use :) love the ways you guys get free space !]14:36
ntzrmtthihu777ANN-TechCoder: wow, lol.14:37
ntzrmtthihu777I have a 332gb personal samba server I put together from free scraps :P14:37
gordonjcpntzrmtthihu777: I have a ~700GB HP DL380 I got for free14:38
ANN-TechCoderyeah, that is good. It comes with some extra digits on your electricity bill though14:38
gordonjcpntzrmtthihu777: my machines at home are named after aircraft manufacturers14:38
gordonjcpthe DL380 is called Pilatus because it's such a noisy turboprop beast14:38
ntzrmtthihu777gordonjcp: I could care less about the name, lol.14:39
ntzrmtthihu777ANN-TechCoder: i don't pay the electricity *muahahaha*14:39
gordonjcpeven when you issue poweroff to it, it just shuts down to "ground idle" and is still the loudest machine in the room14:39
pfifoI named mine pfifo-laptop, cause its my laptop... im changing it to something cool now, i want to be 1337 too14:40
ntzrmtthihu777gordonjcp: and you're bragging why? I never considered noisy to be a tech spec :P14:40
Matt__ntzrmtthihu777: got to continue another time. thanks for your help!14:41
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: ah, I know the problem now. I changed the repository source to http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/. and the 'apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop' finally completed in less than 1 minutes.14:41
ntzrmtthihu777Matt__: sorry I couldn't set you straight.14:41
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: afterall, the problem seems in my previoius repo14:42
ranjanHi all , is there anyone succesfully running ubuntu 13.04 on a HP DV4 Laptop.14:42
=== ranjan is now known as Guest91333
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
matematikaaditanyway, thanks everyone.14:43
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: np.14:43
julian37I'm using 12.04 and I have a custom script in /etc/init.d. when I run update-rc.d it appears to ignore the dependencies I set with 'Required-Start'. is it possible that dependency tracking is disabled and I need to set the priority manually?14:44
pfifoalso, still getting a timeout error here if anyone can fix it, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cve14:45
pfifojulian37, if its an upstart script, it belongs in /etc/init/  if its not an upstart script then your using the old sysVinit method and shoul;d convert to an upstart script14:46
gordonjcpntzrmtthihu777: well, it's not going to live in the house anyway, it's getting tucked away in a convenient high site14:49
julian37pfifo: the facilities it depends on are also in /etc/init.d and not in /etc/init. do I have to convert all of them to upstart scripts for dependencies to work, or can I make it work with sysVinit?14:49
gordonjcpntzrmtthihu777: where my microwave links break out, so it can be a proxy server and RADIUS14:49
NSA_AGENTi just installed penguintv but when i try to launch it nothing happens. no error or anything. anyone have any idea whats up ?14:51
holstein!info penguintv14:52
ubottupenguintv (source: penguintv): podcasts and video blogs for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2.0-0ubuntu2 (raring), package size 323 kB, installed size 2124 kB14:52
ActionParsnipNSA_AGENT: try running it from a terminal, the output may be useful14:52
NSA_AGENTActionParsnip,  i tried it just said command not recgonized lol14:52
lmatI'm looking for a server machine for small business. It will be mainly a file server, but also serve automated backup needs for employees, etc. What should I get?14:52
pfifojulian37, your deps are likely already upstart scripts and the old sysV scripts are there for compatibility... The old method doesnt use dependacies at all, you link your script to /etc/rcX.d (where X is the runlevel) and prefix the link with a S to start, K to kill, a number 00-99 and finally the name of the script. Then init simply runs the scripts in alphanumeric order. Upstart on the other hand uses deps to speed things up it can s14:52
pfifotart mutiple scripts at once when the deps are resolved.14:52
NSA_AGENTcommand not found rather14:53
ActionParsnipNSA_AGENT: use tab to complete commands, you can also grep the .desktop file in /usr/share/applications to see what command is ran, then run that14:53
NSA_AGENTi tried to install it again just to see , and it says its already installed14:53
holsteinNSA_AGENT: run whatever command it takes to run the application, and see what the output is14:53
haltHi all, I'm reading the help of the ssh here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring#Specify_Which_Accounts_Can_Use_SSH  and I'm wondering is there any way how i can limit the user login by login type, so A,B,C can login with they keys and D,E,F can login with they key and passord, is that possibel ?14:54
NSA_AGENThow do i figure out the command to run it, i dont see why it wouldnt just be penguintv14:54
matematikaaditi've done sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop14:55
matematikaaditnow, how i start unity14:55
ntzrmtthihu777sudo service lightdm start :P14:55
zmoehi weiss jmd wie ich irssi per terminal starte?14:56
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:56
ntzrmtthihu777zmoe: schrieb irssi14:56
jackiwhen I'm trying to restart networking "sudo /etc/init.d.networking" I am getting ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816953/14:57
julian37pfifo: are you sure? http://wiki.debian.org/LSBInitScripts/DependencyBasedBoot sounds like sysV can also support dependencies (presumably by setting the numerical priorities correctly)14:57
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: well, it just show my desktop now, no panel, no launcher.14:57
julian37pfifo: oh, perhaps using insserv instead of update-rc.d will work?14:58
jackiplease someone help me. when I'm trying to restart networking "sudo /etc/init.d.networking" I am getting ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5816953/14:58
resureI'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 and get14:59
wachin_Hi All14:59
Peyamjacki: ifup: failed to open statefile /run/network/ifstate: No such file or directory14:59
resure*installer freeze at some point. Log says it's "cd / && run parts --report /etc/cron.hourly"14:59
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: hm. reboot?14:59
wachin_I can a problem, some Wine App do not show the icon that is this for the app14:59
Peyamjacki: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=116228814:59
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: it's the second time i reboot my machine.15:00
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Peyamwachin_: usb stick?15:00
Peyamresure: usb stick?15:00
resurePeyam: yes15:00
wachin_No no is15:01
pfifojulian37, thats not something I was familiar with, but yes it looks like you have to enable the feature, which is likely disabled in ubuntu due to upstart15:01
wachin_Example PickPick, e-Sword,15:01
Peyamresure: make it again. use an other usb port! and be sure you using the right version. 64 och 32 bits15:01
julian37pfifo: that looks like it worked. but I think it converted everything to upstart automatically. so you're still right :-)15:01
julian37pfifo: thanks!15:01
resurePeyam: strange thing is that installation was done without any errors15:02
bawankanyone may help me to check CCSM?15:02
Peyamresure: does it work?15:03
Guest16776Hi.I have  Dual Monitor and the title bar on the second screen (which i only use use for viewing stuff) is alway on top how can I change that behavior.thanks.:)15:03
resurePeyam: I mean before freeze. It fails on trigger of update-notifier-common15:04
Guest16776Ubuntu 12.04 LTS15:04
Peyamresure: does the operative system work fine? or have you not been able to install the OS?15:04
pfifoGuest16776, you can move it to the bottom, then logout saving session, and it should default to the bottom then.15:04
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: how do i choose what DE in login? I could logout, but whenever i login the top panel and launcher never show up. just the desktop background.15:05
bawankanyone may help me to check CCSM?15:05
Peyamresure: reinstall it and make a new usb. if it not works come back again!15:05
resurePeyam: ok, thanks15:05
Stanley00bawank: what do you want do check?15:05
bawankCCSM for dirconf15:05
Stanley00bawank: can you provide more details15:06
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: honestly I have not a clue atm. I know little about unity anymore, as I loathe it :P15:06
bawanki wanna check my notebook supported CCSM or not15:06
bawankto run compiz15:07
Stanley00then just install and test it. It's not that hard :D15:07
=== swoody is now known as Guest2223
bawanknope, i mean before instalation, i'd check it first15:08
bawanki had some information : $ wget http://blogage.de/files/9124/download -O compiz-check15:08
bawankbut it dosnt work for me15:08
MonkeyDustbawank  can you not try it with a live usb stick?15:09
ActionParsnipbawank: what GPU do you use?15:10
bawankUbuntu 12.0415:10
Guest16776How to change top panel behavior to not be alway be on top (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Unity)15:10
bawanklive usb? i dont understand15:11
NSA_AGENTi installed PenguinTV and cant get it to launch. when i try to run it from the terminal i get this error. could someone help explain whats wrong?  http://pastebin.com/AeeSFWfQ15:11
ActionParsnipbawank: you can run Ubuntu from a USB stick if you use unetbootin and the Ubuntu ISO you wish to use15:12
Peiis there an apt-get package i can download that will download all the development tools i need to compile programs15:12
ActionParsnipNSA_AGENT: what is the output of:  sudo updatedb; locate run-mozilla.sh15:12
bawanki used wubi for dual booting15:12
NSA_AGENTActionParsnip,  one sec15:12
pfifoPei, I usually install the 'build-essential' package15:13
ActionParsnipNSA_AGENT: the error is pretty self explanatory, just read it15:13
NSA_AGENTActionParsnip,  i thought so too but im very new to linux (only 2 days) so i figured id double check15:13
bawankand i wanna to check about CCSM, my notebook spec supported or no, for compiz15:13
MonkeyDustbawank  how did you install ubuntu 12.04 ?15:14
bawankvia wubi15:15
MonkeyDustbawank  that not good, wubi is not a real installation, it's for testing purposes15:15
ntzrmtthihu777bawank: wubi is epic fail.15:15
ActionParsnipNSA_AGENT: you may get no output, then we will need to make some symlinks to humour the scrip15:16
bawanki see15:16
MonkeyDustwubi = will ultimately be inefficient15:16
bawankshould i re-install?15:16
MonkeyDust!dualboot | bawank15:17
ubottubawank: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:17
ntzrmtthihu777yes. you can test with the wubi install, but in the end you should have a real install.15:17
qurskguys i trying to create path for phonegap but i always get this error http://imgur.com/3IaqbZF15:17
qurskI have path the bin folder phonegap and later for cordova but getting this error all the time.15:18
bawankthanks a lot bro15:18
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ActionParsnipqursk: why an image for text, pastebin is much faster15:18
bawanki'll try to re-install15:18
=== mousey is now known as Guest13987
ActionParsnipqursk: do you need to make the folder you want to work in first at all?15:19
ntzrmtthihu777qursk: ./create means "execute file create in ./" which means current dir. obviously create does not reside in you home folder.15:19
qurski understand so where should i path to ?15:19
ntzrmtthihu777where does the create file reside?15:20
NSA_AGENTActionParsnip, yeah i had no output. right now im installing firefox. just waiting for it to finish15:20
qurskntzrmtthihu777: have no idea15:20
ntzrmtthihu777qursk: run "locate create" in terminal.15:21
=== Chenzw is now known as Chenzw|away
qurski ve done but still getting the same error no such file or directory15:22
ntzrmtthihu777qursk: this will tell you the location of create if it exists on your filesystem. so it must not exist. where are you getting these instructions from?15:22
NSA_AGENTActionParsnip, can i PM you ?15:22
qurskwell lots of codes has flow in terminal15:24
ntzrmtthihu777qursk: what?15:24
jackipfifo , can I ask you a question ?15:24
pfifojacki, shoot15:25
qurskwhen i type locate create lots of codes has generated in my terminal15:25
yownMy version of ubuntu is outdated, which version should I update to?15:26
ntzrmtthihu777qursk: locate create | grep "/create"15:26
NSA_AGENTholstein, can you take a look at the pastebin im still having problems launching PenguinTV http://pastebin.com/AeeSFWfQ15:26
ntzrmtthihu777yown: 12.0415:26
GunArmis it possible, through ssh, to start a long running process (like a big rsync job) so that it won't terminate/die if the ssh session is closed or loses connection?15:26
yownWhy that instead of 13.4?15:26
holstein!info screen | GunArm15:26
jackipfifo ; I am running ubuntu 12.04 on open vz . I modified "/etc/net.../interfaces" but when I run "/etc/init.d/net... restart " I am having ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817039/15:26
ubottuGunArm: screen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-14ubuntu9 (raring), package size 584 kB, installed size 885 kB15:26
holsteinGunArm: run screen, then run what you want, and you can connect back into it15:27
ntzrmtthihu777holstein: screen is da junk :D15:28
yownIsn't 13.4 is relatively stable and bug free?15:28
GunArmholstein: thanks15:29
ntzrmtthihu777yown: because its supported 5 years (till 2017)15:29
holsteinyown: they are all officially released. "stable" can be a matter of use case15:29
yownntzrmtthihu777: That is only a reason if you don't plan to update for 9 months or more, and why wouldn't you want to?15:29
holsteinyown: the reason to choose 12.04 over 13.04 is not "stablitly".. its the support cycle15:29
jackipfifo ; ?!15:29
ntzrmtthihu777yown: because experience tells me that updating usually goes badly.15:30
Vec_Hey guys, i'm trying to swap a 160g disk containing the entire linux system with a new 320g disk. I want the exact same files/system on the 320g disk as was on the original 160g. Is this doable for a linux newbie?15:30
matematikaaditi've no idea what to do now.15:30
matematikaaditi've reinstalling ubuntu-desktop15:30
yownholstein: Please elaborate on support cycle15:30
GunArmyown: why would I want to15:30
holsteinntzrmtthihu777: i prefer a fresh install... seems to take me much less time as well, though i test the upgrad paths when i have time15:30
DJones!cloning | Vec_15:30
ubottuVec_: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate15:30
pfifojacki, do a stop, then a start, instead of a restart so I can track down where this is happening, pastebin the results15:30
ntzrmtthihu777Vec_: anything is doable, my freind. easy is another thing altogether :P15:30
yowngunwant to what?15:30
yownGunArm: want to what?15:30
holsteinyown: 13.04 is suppported for 9 months.. 12.04 is supported for 5 years...15:30
ntzrmtthihu777holstein: same. which is why I say experience usually goes badly :P15:31
GunArmreinstall my OS multiple times per year15:31
matematikaaditwhat to do if unity panel, top-bar, etc doesn't show up?15:31
holsteinyown: if you want longer support, you use the long term support.. if you want newer packages, you use the newer version15:31
GunArmjust saying, some systems, especially servers, need to be heavily customized, and not "messed with" for as long as possible15:31
yownholstein: That doesn't tell me why you think I should choose 12.04 rather then choosing 13.4 and keep regularly updating15:31
jackipfifo ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817051/15:31
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: try alt+f2 inside the lightdm session and running unity-panel15:32
Vec_DJones: Does this copy EVERYTHING over? As in personal files, edited config files ect ect?15:32
GunArmyown: its up to you15:32
Vec_Basically i want everything to run as it was, except on this new disk15:32
yownholstein: Do you find upgrades break the system most of the time.15:32
ntzrmtthihu777Vec_: no.15:32
holsteinyown:  i never said you should choose 12.04 over 13.04.. im stating why i think one would15:32
DJonesVec_: No, that would only install the same packages you had installed15:32
yownGunArm: That is a obvious statement you just made15:32
Vec_ntzrmtthihu777: Any way to do this? Like make a snapshot or whatever15:32
ntzrmtthihu777yown: I said that, lol.15:32
babarhaqHi all , i m trying to map my laptop fn key to some key combination on my usb keyboard, can some one help?15:32
GunArmyown: its the obvious answer to your question15:32
ntzrmtthihu777Vec_: remastersys, clonezilla, there are a number of ways to do it.15:33
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: nope, alt+f2 doesn't work15:33
pfifojacki, see now that worked... you got hit by exactly what it said, 'restart' is borked... Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces15:33
DJonesVec_: You would still need to copy all the files in /home over to the new drive15:33
holsteinyown: i *always* try a live CD.. i see the live CD boot to the desktop on the *actual* hardware. if i choose to try and do an  upgrade, its after i hae my data backed up, so failure in the upgrade process literlaly doesnt matter to me.15:33
GunArmyown: no one is saying, "don't get the newer one", if that was "THE good advice" they just wouldn't release the 6 month versions.  so you are just asking about peoples opinions15:33
Vec_ntzrmtthihu777: maby the easiest way would just be to reinstall and backup my config files15:33
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: sudo service networking restart is the best way.15:33
matematikaaditntzrmtthihu777: or... is it window manager problem?15:33
holsteinyown: i find a fresh install takes me about 8 minutes.. and an upgrade, usually idealy finishes in under 5 hours15:33
ntzrmtthihu777Vec_: this, maybe.15:33
GunArmsome of us prefer the LTS so we don't have to do big risky upgrades every 6 months15:33
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: no clue, as I said know little about unity anymore due to strong loathing.15:34
holsteinit *is* a question of preference.. and its up to you to decide yown15:34
* Vec_ ponders, brb15:34
DJonesVec_: There are a few suggestion  on http://askubuntu.com/questions/151127/how-do-i-move-copy-my-entire-ubuntu-system-to-a-different-hard-disk that may help15:34
yownholstein: So you prefer to keep upgrading, and if the upgrade breaks, you do a fresh install?15:34
Vec_DJones: thanks15:34
jackipfifo ; thanks . but I still canot see my new configuration when I hit "ip addr"15:34
ntzrmtthihu777yown: no. he prefers clean installs, as he clearly stated previously.15:34
holsteinyown: i perfer a fresh install. i usually test the upgrade path, and report if there are issues, and still do a fresh install after that completes15:35
jackipfifo ; I had configured venet0:0 and it is not in the result !!15:35
yownholstein: It is a matter of informed decision, I am looking for the information, not to be told the obvious, that it is my choice...15:35
pfifojacki, pastebin 'cat /etc/networking/interfaces && ip addr && ifconfig'15:35
holsteinyown: this *is* the information.. if you prefer long term support, get the long term support.. if you prefer newer packages, get the newer version.. each has its unique pros and cons15:35
yownholstein: And what are those pros and cons15:36
GunArmyown: you asked "what should I use" and were given an opinion and then argue about it.  we are not here to write you an encyclopedia article on the pros and cons15:36
=== PocketDog is now known as Pock
=== Pock is now known as PocketDog
yownholstein: Do the latest usually work well right "out of the box" so to speak?15:36
GunArmwell enough15:36
holsteinyown: the pros and cons are unique to each system.. the LTS has older packages, so thats a con.. the regular release has a shorter suppport schedule, which is a con15:37
GunArmthey have gone through a beta cycle already15:37
holsteinyown: nothing is hiding from you here.. its just a matter of getting one and trying it15:37
yownGunArm: A few is not a encyclopedia article, this is not a choice between extremes15:37
jackipfifo ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817065/15:37
MonkeyDustyown  12.04 if you want long support, 13.04 if you want the latest stuff, it's up to you to decide15:37
holsteinyown: try the latest.. if you dont like reinstalling, or upgrading in a few months, try the LTS.. try it live.. keep in mind, 14.04 should, and likely will be an LTS15:38
pfifojacki, i suppose I asked for that15:38
pfifojacki, pastebin 'cat /etc/network/interfaces && ip addr && ifconfig'15:38
yownholstein: By shorter support schedule, you mean the 9months verses the 5 years?15:38
holsteinyown: you can try 13.04, see how the upgrade works to 13.10.. then do a fresh install.. *then* try the LTS, at 14.04.. and move on when you feel 14.04 is too "old"15:38
holsteinyown: yes.. that *is* the suppport schedule.. one is long term, and the other is not15:39
holsteinyown: is 5 years bettter thatn 9 months? its longer, and that is a fact.. better is a mattter of opinion15:39
ntzrmtthihu777short of something catastrophic in precise showing up before 14.04 hits I'm sticking with lts's :P15:39
yownholstein: Yes, but that matter is irrelevant if you keep upgrading since the next upgrade will come long before 9 months15:39
holsteinyown: and that upgrading process could be seen as a con15:40
ntzrmtthihu777irrelevant it is not, all facts are relevant to your choice. emphasis on *your* *choice*15:40
jackipfifo I did, wasn't it ?15:40
holsteinyown: as you are asking.. 'what if it breaks?' 'how is it done?'.. these "issues" happen *much* less often on an LTS release15:40
yownntzrmtthihu777: You might as well be emphasizing how the sun is hot, or that water is wet, please knock that off15:41
ntzrmtthihu777yown: nope.15:41
pfifojacki, its /etc/network, i told you /etc/networking oops...15:41
GunArmyown: are you a troll?15:41
jackio ok15:41
holsteinyown: is the LTS "better" thanthe regular release? better is a matter of opinion, but the fact is, one doenst need to upgrade the LTS as often15:41
yownGunArm: If you are not going to help me, at least don't rudely accuse me15:42
ntzrmtthihu777I'll stop emphasizing the obvious when you start listening to what is said to you. you asked, we answered.15:42
MonkeyDustyown  you can stick with LTS for 5 years; with non-LTS only 9 months15:42
MonkeyDust!it | marcello15:42
ubottumarcello: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:42
jackipfifo ; I am having ssh to it , and the result is too long, and i cannot highlight it to paste it here , is there anyway I can copy the result ?15:42
ntzrmtthihu777!it | matematikaadit15:42
ubottumatematikaadit: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:42
ntzrmtthihu777matematikaadit: my bad XD15:43
=== toto is now known as Guest94904
yownholstein: So when upgrading from one LTS to another, it is less likely to break then when upgrading to STS?15:43
holsteinyown: you should, as i said the other day, be prepared for breakage15:43
ntzrmtthihu777marcello: with what?15:43
yownholstein: Or do you just mean, more upgrades in general=more chance of breakage?15:43
pfifojacki, actually yes, 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit' then youll have the power paste script15:43
pfifo!pastebinit | jacki15:43
ubottujacki: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:43
MonkeyDustyown  why do you think it would break in the first place?15:43
PocketDogYown, I've been upgrading since Hardy Heron 8.04, I'm on 12.04 now. never had an issue after a dist-upgrade15:44
holsteinyown: if you cant handle breakage, dont use an operating system.. get an appliance that someone else maintains. like an android phone, or something with a support contract15:44
pfifojacki, the command changes  to this 'cat /etc/network/interfaces && ip addr && ifconfig | pastebinit'15:44
holsteinyown: otherwise, backup your data for when *all* hard drives fail, such as yours.. and you will be prepared for any breakage from anything15:44
yownPocketDog:  MonkeyDust Because ntz and other have told me that it regularly breaks15:44
MonkeyDustyown  who or what is ntz ?15:45
nasirhi my vlc crashes when i put it in full screen. my brightness can also not decrease. moreover what app can i use to save power.15:45
holsteinyown: *everything* regularly breaks15:45
PocketDogyown That's not my experience15:45
pfifojacki, just take note it needs a working internet connection of course15:45
holsteinyown: be prepared for breakage, and it wont matter. upgrades work. most prefer fresh installs15:45
MonkeyDustyown  does a car ever break? does it keep you from driving one?15:45
symb0lwhat amd/nvidia graphics card has best support for 13.04?15:45
yownMonkeyDust: ntzrmtthihu, person talking to me about this today and yesterday15:45
PocketDognormal updates can introduce problems *looks at goole earth* but distro upgrades are pretty solid15:45
PocketDogLTS ones, at least15:46
yownPocketDog: What is the difference between normal upgrades and distro ones?15:46
holsteinthe reason i dont like them is the time they take.. i find it much faster to just to a fresh install15:46
zero_coderi created an hotspot in ubuntu15:46
holsteinyown: the disto one upgrades the distro15:46
MonkeyDustyown  how many opinions do you want, before you can decide?15:46
zero_coderbut my mobile is not detecting that15:46
jackipfifo ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817107/15:46
ntzrmtthihu777PocketDog: in deference to your longer history with ubuntu, I must still state that this channel quite frequently has people complaining about upgrades getting borked :P15:46
pfifojacki, the command changes  to this 'cat /etc/network/interfaces && ip addr && ifconfig | pastebinit'15:47
MonkeyDustntzrmtthihu777  yes, afterall, this *is* the support channel, where people come when things go wrong15:47
yownholstein: So is there a reason for you to choose fresh installs verses upgrades besides time and some unnamed chance of breakage?15:47
PocketDogntzrmtthihu777 granted, but people rarely come onto a help channel if they're not having issues :p15:48
zero_coderhello , i need help with the hotspot15:48
ntzrmtthihu777PocketDog: true that, lol.15:48
holsteinyown: as i said, the time.. that is *excactly* and *precisel* why i choose and prefer a fresh install.. just as i said..15:48
yownholstein: I mean is there a reason besides those two reasons?15:48
holsteinyown: no15:48
holsteinyown: not for me.. that is the only reason i stated.. and its still current information regardiny my personal situation15:49
jackipfifo  ; I couldn't install the package , pastebinit !15:49
MonkeyDustyown  have you used your time here to download the iso's, so you can try them yourself?15:49
yownIs there a increased chance of breakage when upgrading to a STS release verses a LTS release?15:49
holsteinyown: the "chance" of breakage is not an issue for me on any level15:49
Vec_Ok guys, im reinstalling my server. I only have SAMBA, CUPS, OpenSSH installed. Im backing up my smb.conf, fstab, cups conf, openssh conf and the user files. Is there anything im likely forgetting that i might have configured and forgotten to back up? ><15:49
holsteinyown: no15:49
ActionParsnippfifo: or pipe the commands to tee -a file, it will output to the file and the screen, handy15:49
pfifojacki, no internet on the VM, are you sshing from a linux machine?15:49
yownholstein: You mean you didn't experience breakage, even when you wre upgrading verses fresh installing?15:49
ActionParsnipVec_: ssh keys if they are used.15:50
GunArmMonkeyDust: thats why I suspect hes a troll.  asking questions that have obvious answers, and then complaining when the answers are obvious.  seems to want an authoritarian answer to make the decision for but then rejects the answer15:50
ntzrmtthihu777Vec_: fstab may not work on new server, as the uuid may change with partitioning :P15:50
Vec_ActionParsnip: only using login so thats fine15:50
jackipfifo ; I have internet , and I am connecting through internet via ssh15:50
holsteinyown: i mean, i literally dont care if anything breaks at anytime, because i have planned for it, and expect it15:50
PocketDogBreakages are the fun part15:50
MonkeyDustVec_  /etc/network/interfaces   can be backed up, too, if it's very complex, for your server15:51
holsteinyown: as i said, if you dont want breakage, dont use a computer.. get an appliance or a support contract15:51
yownGunArm: If you answer questions not asked, then it is your failure to listen that is the issue15:51
c_smithPacktDog, then you'll like Arch.15:51
Vec_MonkeyDust: Ah thanks. Its very simple, i havent touched it so i guess thats fine to ignore15:51
PocketDogc_smith too set in my ways now mate!15:51
pfifojacki, are you using ssh from a linux machine15:51
GunArmyour question was "which should I use", and it is all a matter of hassle and preference15:51
GunArmwhat do you want from us15:51
c_smithPacketDog, touche,.15:51
yownGunArm: I never asked "is it my choose?"15:52
smart1hi, where do i set the env vars in ubuntu 12? allf .bash* files are missing15:52
jackipfifo ; I am connecting to ity using my mic windows !15:52
ntzrmtthihu777yown: you have become too much of an annoyance. I'm ignoring you. GunArm I suggest you do the same, lol.15:52
mumpitze1smart1: system wide ones?15:52
=== Vec_ is now known as Vec_afk
GunArmyou were told to use one over the other, (since you seem to need to be told what to do) but weren't happy with that either.  you are annoying the channel15:52
mumpitze1smart1: /etc/profile maybe?15:52
pfifojacki, instead of the long output from the command, would it be easier if it put all that info into a file and then pastebin or upload the file?15:52
GunArmyown: its like multiple paths from A to B.  well, why did you choose path 1?  why not path 2?  is that the only reason you chose it?  well is there rocks on one?  but there might be rocks on other, what about the chance of bird poop. just pick a path and go with it its basically the same15:53
GunArmyou will form a preference15:53
smart1<mumpitze1> no, just a  profile.d folder15:53
zmoehi weiss jemand wie ich bei lampp meinen Benutzername rausfinden kann das passwort weiss ich15:53
smart1unity changed everything15:53
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: you can also do command | pastebinit :P15:53
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!15:53
ntzrmtthihu777!de | zmoe15:53
ubottuzmoe: please see above15:53
ubuntu1101_1101hai world15:53
ntzrmtthihu777MonkeyDust: heh, same thougth :P15:53
zero_coderis there any software like connectify for ubuntu15:53
mumpitze1smart1: then use that15:53
ActionParsnipzero_coder: what does it do?15:53
pfifontzrmtthihu777, ohh wow, pastebinit works in absence of networking now :D cool15:53
ntzrmtthihu777zero_coder: what does it do?15:53
holsteinyown: i will be happy to repeat myself or whatever i need to do for you in #ubuntu-offtopic, but you have drifted from official support.. please /join #ubuntu-offtopic15:53
yownholstein: I get that you are unconcerned about breakage, but for awhile you did upgrade I assume, before deciding fresh install is better. If so, how often did breakage happen to you from upgrading?15:53
jackipfifo ; sure , but I don't know how !15:54
ntzrmtthihu777pfifo: XD sorry, musta missed that :P15:54
ActionParsnip!ics | zero_coder15:54
ubottuzero_coder: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing15:54
holsteinyown: breakage *always* happens.. in all kinds of different ways15:54
smart1<mumpitze1> you read thati said this is a folder, right?15:54
zero_coderActionParsnip, ntzrmtthihu777 : create hotspot15:54
MonkeyDustyown  stop the discussion, please, i guess you get the point: we cannot decide for you15:54
mumpitze1smart1: I know. and?15:54
holsteinyown: please /join the offtopic channel i reference15:54
ntzrmtthihu777zero_coder: network-manager can do this.15:54
zero_coderubottu : that willl be an ad-hoc network..but mobile phones wont detect that15:55
ubottuzero_coder: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:55
smart1the question was, where do i set the vars. and the answer will not be. place it in the folder.15:55
mumpitze1smart1: it is the answer. why can't you do that?15:55
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: what shell do you use prefereably?15:55
smart1because it's not possible to write text directly in a folder -.-15:55
mumpitze1smart1: you can put a file there, no?15:55
jackipfifo , I found a way ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817131/15:56
zero_coderntzrmtthihu777 : adhoc networks wont do the job15:56
smart1<ntzrmtthihu777> hmm, good question- ubuntu 12. unity base shell. called terminal15:56
zero_coderandroid phone wont detect ad-hoc network15:56
mumpitze1zero_coder: if you want to create an AP, use hostapd15:56
ActionParsnipzero_coder: the ics factoid shows how you can make a hotspot15:57
jackipfifo ; but it is still different from the modification that I made !15:57
smart1<mumpitze1> yes, for sure i can. you want to tell me , that i can choose every name? i'm sure this will not work15:57
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: within terminal you can have many shells, zsh, irb, bash, csh, etc. if you want use bash (generic default) you can save the contents of this pastebin in ~/.bashrc; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817138/15:57
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: in fact, you can just execute this command in a terminal "cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~/15:58
mumpitze1ntzrmtthihu777: and how does this answer his question for something systemwide? especially since when creating his user, this was already done, so why do it again?15:58
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: and save yourself some time. instead of typing that all out by hand just type the first few letters of a nickname and hit tab15:58
Dettorerhi, I'm having a problem using libnetfilter_log: I can handle packet under an certain size, but when the payload length is bigger than 4032, the function "nflog_handle_packet" immediatly returns -1, which means "internal error", how can I investigate that ?15:59
jackipfifo ; are you still willing to help me ?!15:59
Dettorermy iptables rule is iptables -A OUTPUT --destination -p udp -j NFLOG --nflog-group 115:59
Dettorerand my test program is http://paste.awesom.eu/rCb15:59
pfifojacki, what exactly is the problem here? I see it working as expected15:59
jribsmart1: the answer to your question is it kind of depends on what you actually want to do, so be more specific16:00
ntzrmtthihu777mumpitze1: ah. missed systemwide, lol. either way, there should(?) be a file /etc/bash.bashrc that he can place the values in.16:00
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest61317
mumpitze1ntzrmtthihu777: that's for interactive shells... /etc/profile (which can be created if it doesn't exist too btw) is systemwide for all bash shells16:00
smart1jrib: i need to  set some env vars, so that thunderbird can run an analyzation for me16:00
jribsmart1: what env var...16:01
jackipfifo ; if I reboot the system everything will be fine ?16:01
mumpitze1jacki: are you using network-manager or /etc/network/interfaces to configure your network?16:01
ntzrmtthihu777mumpitze1: actually he said there are no .bash* files in his ~16:01
pfifojacki, why would you want to reboot?16:01
jackiI am using /etc/network/interfaces16:02
jribsmart1: and what will you set them to?  They will have the same value for all your users (since you want to do this system-wide)?16:02
jackibecasue I want to make sure my configuration is persistant16:02
MonkeyDust!who| jacki16:02
ubottujacki: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:02
jackiI reboot the system and it is not responding !16:02
smart1NSPR_LOG_FILE=$HOME/tbtace.log and NSPR_LOG_MODULES=proto:level[5]16:03
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
jribsmart1: you can use /etc/environment then.  You can read more here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables16:04
jackipfifo ; I wanted to make sure if the network configuration is permanent , I reboot the system and it is not responding !16:04
the-ermjacki: That's horrible.  Any blinking lights?  with xubuntu sometimes the splash screen didn't show up.16:04
smart1<jrib>: i already read this chapeter, but i didn't know that it will work when i generate the files and folders manually because the are all missing16:04
jackipfifo ; I have to connect to it using web access from my "hyper VM"16:04
the-ermctrl+alt+f1 may show you a screen with the status, and where the init processes are at.16:04
pfifojacki, I see your interfaces are in state UNKNOWN, it should be UP16:04
ntzrmtthihu777jacki: you can add network config commands to /etc/rc.local (I did so to maintain a steady static ip connection to my samba server on eth0)16:04
jribsmart1: you have a strange (read: broken) install if all those files are missing16:05
smart1i thought this will come from unity16:05
smart1the skel files exist16:05
smart1but the bash config files and etc files are missing16:05
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: and your still making things hard on yourself and others. manually typing the name with < > 1. takes time, and 2. does not notify who you are talking to that you are talking to them.16:05
jribsmart1: presumably by "all missing" you include the system-wide files too16:06
jackiI will configure it again and I will contact you , I wish I had another contact from you16:06
jribsmart1: if you're just missing the files in a user's home, then you probably created the user in a strange way16:06
jackipfifo ; I will configure it again and I will contact you , I wish I had another contact from you16:06
the-ermHow do you tell if you have xorg misconfiguration or your graphics card just doesn't support higher resolutions?16:07
smart1ntzrmtthihu777: stupid question, but how do you refer fast to a name? i always write or copy it, but this need a long time by names like yours ;)16:07
mumpitze1smart1: nt<tab>16:07
mumpitze1most client auto complete it then for you16:08
pfifojacki, it looks like your setting venet0 down in the first entry16:08
mumpitze1the-erm: by looking at the Xorg.0.log16:08
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: I type 4 keys, maybe 5, per name, regardless of the lenght. its a feature in most irc clients called tab completion (also in most shell sessions)16:08
smart1mumpitze1, thx16:08
smart1ntzrmtthihu777, thx 216:08
pfifojacki, whay are you doing manual setup anyway?16:08
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: you can also do this for most terminal commands, as well.16:08
the-ermmumpitze1: log files ... *face palm* Why didn't I think of that?!16:08
ntzrmtthihu777the-erm: because its far to obviouse, lol. don't worry, we've all been there :P16:09
jackipfifo ; it is strange , it won't work other way !16:09
jackipfifo ; I rebbot the system and this is the result ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817178/16:11
smart1mumpitze1, ntzrmtthihu777 , jrib : thx for the answers, now my last question, will the env vars set withtout restarting?16:11
smart1i set it in /etc/environment now16:11
ntzrmtthihu777smart1: you may have to reload them, but idk about using /etc/environment. I just use my dotfiles :P16:12
smart1kk, if not i will be back in a min :D16:12
suorehey, exist any Linux communicator ?16:12
suorelegal communicator16:13
mumpitze1what is a legal communicator?16:13
jackipfifo ; please consider this ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817182/   what should I do !16:13
pfifojacki, on line 25 i notice your using a loopback for your ip address, why?16:13
jackican you help me configure it , this time together !?16:13
suorefx. using others communicator than native GG communicator is illegal :P16:14
suorebut GG havent linux port :P pidgin have16:14
ntzrmtthihu777the heck is gg?16:14
jackipfifo ; you tell me and I will add what ever you tell me .16:14
suorebut is illegal16:14
david_Hi, when i boot from live cd on laptop grub command line starts -___-16:14
ntzrmtthihu777david_: hit enter?16:14
mumpitze1ntzrmtthihu777: my guess is something like jabber or icq16:15
david_ntzrmtthihu777: Enter just moves to next line16:15
suorentzrmtthihu777, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gadu-Gadu this is GG16:15
mumpitze1suore: next time, write legibly and understable: gadu-gadu and not "GG"16:15
suoreGG is shotcut of Gadu-Gadu16:16
david_Grub>, Grub> etc16:16
ntzrmtthihu777mumpitze1: see, I've heard of icq and jabber. never used them, but have heard of them. GG is a void.16:16
suorejabber and icq.. i check it16:16
pfifojacki, I think you should use this as your interfaces file to start... http://fpaste.org/22154/72695354/ make the change and then stop/start networking16:16
mumpitze1suore: https://www.google.com/search?q=gadu-gadu+linux+client tells you kadu might be the linux client of choice. if it works with the current proprietary protocol, we can't know16:17
ntzrmtthihu777suore: you cannot assume what you *know* to not have a linux port to be known in a *linux* channel by abbreviation.16:17
mumpitze1suore: jabber and icq are different things, they are like gadu-gadu, but different protocols and networks16:17
suoremumpitze1, kk16:17
david_"GNU GRUB version 2.00-13ubunto3"       "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB list possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB list possible device or file completions" grub >16:17
suorebut using other clients are legit?16:17
suorefor this protocols?16:17
JamJarIs it in any way possible to instruct the ubuntu installer to use a specific version of a package, or to avoid the whole <release>-updates tree through the use of a preseed file? it's been driving me nuts.16:17
mumpitze1suore: we don't know and we don't care. ask the folks who run gadu-gadu, not us16:18
jackipfifo ; thanks I will tell you the result !16:18
suorei ask about IRC and Jabber16:18
mumpitze1suore: IRC and jabber are Free yes.16:18
suoreat GG using other clients with their protocol is allegal. so i ask about others like Jabber now16:18
mumpitze1suore: but you can't connect to your gadu-gadu contacts with them16:18
suoreaa okie okie its free, so ok16:18
david_Please help me16:19
david_I currently only have windows on the damn machine16:19
mumpitze1david_: are you using a CD or a usb stick?16:19
seednodeOh man Windows16:19
david_Both lol, results in same16:20
david_Yumi on usb gives same result16:20
mumpitze1david_: I'm not totally sure but I don't think ubuntu uses grub on CDs, does it?16:20
Dettorerdavid_: are you sure there is no error or other informations before the gurb command line starts ?16:20
chrohi, I have a cluster with 6 machines, how can I make my home to mirror through all machines ?16:20
mumpitze1david_: YUMI certainly doesn't use grub. you have a different problem16:20
pfifodavid_ livecd's dont use grub, so it seems your booting to harddrive or thumbdrive16:21
seednodeTry formatting and doing again16:21
david_I think its my wierd bios, it browses for something called "EFIs" on the ubunto cd theres a folder named EFI and in that grub16:21
mumpitze1david_: has there ever been linux installed on that machine besides windows?16:21
david_Even the windows installed is from when it was purchased in store16:21
david_Cant speak for hp tough lol16:22
Dettorerdavid_: are you sure it's a _grub_ command line ?16:22
david_It says exactly this : "GNU GRUB version 2.00-13ubunto3"       "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB list possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB list possible device or file completions" grub >16:22
david_I can do commands like ls in it16:22
pfifo!uefi | david_ start here16:23
ubottudavid_ start here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:23
tsbtmnDo any tigervnc users know if there is a way to hide or otherwise specify the appearance of the local mouse cursor?  I'd rather that only the remote cursor shows up instead of having both overlaid.16:23
david_THanks man16:23
NSA_AGENThi guys, can someone help me fix this error message when im trying to run an app i just installed...... Please export WITH_MOZ_DIR with the location of run-mozilla.sh to correct this issue16:31
gregmarkNSA: run "find / -name run-mozilla.sh" to get the full path of that script16:34
jackipfifo I did and this is the result ;  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817245/16:34
NSA_AGENTgregmark,  ok16:34
gregmarkNSA: then export WITH_MOZ_DIR=<directory of that script>16:35
jackipfifo ; but I cannot ping outside , I couldn't even ping network !16:35
hazardousdoes anyone know whats up with apt-xapian-index16:35
=== nitro is now known as Guest51379
hazardousand why it seems to be eating 200% cpu16:35
hazardousi didn't do an apt-get update or anything16:35
pfifojacki, something is autogenerating your /etc/network/interfaces16:36
david_Damn. It didnt help, all information on the page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI, takes for granted that i am able to get access to the installer somehow16:37
KionHow do I install Ubuntu one on a Windows 8 computer?16:37
jackipfifo ; how can I know ?16:37
jackipfifo ; what should I do ?!16:37
KionThey dont seem to have a binary for win816:37
david_Kion start by downloading the cd16:37
Kionany experiences?16:37
Kiondavid_: not the OS, I just want to install the ubntu one application16:38
pfifojacki, as you can see in the comment at the top of your interfaces file... I dont know what is causing this to happen, but if you really want to setup your interfaces by hand, youll need to remove this functionality.16:38
Fuzzles272anyone know when mir is coming to 13.10?16:38
david_Kion: lol thought you misspelled16:38
PiciKion: You may want to ask in #ubuntu-one16:38
Kiondavid_: No problem... I 've got Ubuntu for more than 5 years now... this is for my boss computer16:39
Kionnot mine.16:39
david_Why would you want a linux package manager on windows?16:39
jackipfifo ; how can I remove that functionality ?16:39
KionPici: Thanks! I will go there16:39
shivaniHello I am trying to install ubuntu from a bootable usb and getting this error ERROR: No configuration file found .16:39
shivaniCould anyone please help me ASAP16:39
pfifojacki, figure out what program is autogenerating your interfaces, and uninstall it16:40
shivaniI tried doing what is suggested http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1698744 , but doesnt seem to help16:40
Kionshivani: In the past I have had better results using unetbootin to create my USB's than with the "Startup disk creator"16:41
shivaniKion : yeah I used Startup disk creator16:41
shivaniis it possible to format a bootable usb ?16:41
Kionshivani: Try using Unetbootin16:41
smallfoot-I have a Radeon 5450, why does I not have compositing enabled?16:41
jackipfifo ; thanks, it is weird . it is virtual machine, and I don't know what is going n in the back ground . I just know that I if I don't have route to it's loopback interface , I cannot even ping my network16:41
Kionshivani: yes you can format16:41
shivaniKion , the whole right click < format doesnt work for me16:42
jackipfifo, sth must be going on, but I am not able to fix it16:42
shivaniI am on ubuntu 13.04 right now16:42
ntzrmtthihu777Kion: unetbootin is a bit hit and miss. if you have ubuntu installed already usb-creator-gtk is the way to go :P16:42
Kionshivani: use disk utility or gparted, (the usb filesystem must be unmounted to format)16:42
jackipfifo, this image of ubuntu was from scratch, and I don't think any app is installed on it16:43
shivaniKIon : got it thanks :)16:43
jackipfifo, but anyhow thank you16:43
mumpitzelntzrmtthihu777: does the ubs-creator-gtk overwrite the former content of the USB stick?16:43
Kionntzrmtthihu777: I have allways used unetbootin without any problems, but if the one you suggest works well, thanks!16:43
ntzrmtthihu777mumpitzel: formats, I believe. could be mistaken.16:44
ntzrmtthihu777Kion: its best to use native tools when possible :P16:44
shivanintzrmtthihu777 : formatting works for me here16:45
shivanistartup disk creator crashes in raring16:45
shivaniI think I will try what Kion suggested16:45
ntzrmtthihu777shivani: dunno what to say about that, lol. I stick with lts's myself :P16:45
Kionshivani: Yes, I have made many USBs that way...16:45
shivaniKion : yes thankyou :D16:46
Kionshivani: You dont have to worry about formatting, unetbootin will give you the option.16:46
shivanioh , formatted it already16:46
Kionshivani: ok good!16:46
* shivani goes to file a bug for startup disk creator :P16:46
Kionntzrmtthihu777: Yes, I understand, I did not know the existance of that tool, and I am only giving my own past experience16:47
jackiwhat does it mean ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5817285/16:48
pfifoohh yay, dist-upgrade is updating the kernel -_- my favorite... But onto my question, i use 'command | tee -a somefile.log' to log stuff (like apt-get dist-upgrade in this case) but it would be great if it also logged the command I ran, is there a way todo this?16:48
zonnei am a new ubuntu user16:48
Kionzonne: Welcome16:48
zonneand i need help learning how to install utorrent for downloads16:48
zonnehi, thanks16:48
Kionzonne: for torrents, use Transmission, it works perfect16:48
zonneso for example16:49
zonnei go to a movie download site and it asks me what application i want to choose16:49
zonnethen i choose transmission?16:49
Kionzonne: yo can open the software center and search for transmission, then click on install button16:50
Kionzonne: that is it!16:50
zonneok will try that thanks16:50
deanrock0what is the best way to move ubuntu settings/apps to new installation?16:53
ntzrmtthihu777!cloning | deanrock016:53
ubottudeanrock0: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate16:53
ntzrmtthihu777deanrock0: plus .files in ~ containing configs :P16:54
deanrock0yeah, i will copy my /home partition16:54
deanrock0what's the difference between aptitude export and dpkg --get-selections?16:54
chrohi, I have a cluster with 6 machines, how can I make my home to mirror through all machines ?16:56
david_Hey i have an usb that in properties says Contents :  totalling 40,1 MB, but only 105,7MB free when its 2 gig16:56
Kiondavid_: you probbably have partitions on that USB16:56
Kiondavid_: have you opened it with gparted?16:56
david_Yeah, single partion fat32, says used 913mb in gparted tough16:57
david_just deleted a large file on it, ejected and re inserted it16:58
fjodorsagmal kann man dieses computrace/anti-theft mit linux nutzen?16:59
deanrock0how should you know if you are ready to leave windows and use linux as the only OS? :)16:59
suorefjodor, #ubuntu-de16:59
Znooseydeanrock0, the day you don't play games that only work on windows and have stopped using microsoft office17:00
gregmarkdeanrock: when you both hate windows and are willing to get your hands dirty17:00
david_<Kion> had to empty trash lol, linux stores trash on ascociated drives o.O ?17:00
Catalysticwindows doesent even have windows anymore :)17:00
gregmarkdeanrock: Ubuntu is easy, relative to other Linux distros. You have to put in work to make it do exactly what you want.17:01
deanrock0i hate windows since i first tried linux, rarely play games and don't need MS office17:01
deanrock0still i just can't make myself delete my windows installation17:01
david_main reason that makes me keep mine is gamemaker not running on linux :(17:02
deanrock0gregmark: i've been using linux on/off since 2004 so do know a bit about it :)17:02
Catalystici think MS should be sued because calling a windowless system windows is missleading17:02
tuttione question, is xubuntu the most "light" ?17:03
bazhang!ot | Catalystic17:03
ubottuCatalystic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:03
bazhangtutti, lubuntu is17:03
david_Im gonna go install xubunto on my laptop know, only used ubunto before. Will i get lost?17:03
Kiondavid_: Thanks for reporting, now we know!17:03
bazhang!lubuntu | tutti17:03
ubottututti: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.17:03
bazhang!manual | david_ have a read17:03
ubottudavid_ have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:03
deanrock0windows 8 has windows ... but they are hidden :)17:04
tuttiso, should I install it? my netbook has an old intel atom and windows xp.17:04
someguyHi, does someone know how to get a vmlinux file that hasn't been stripped ?17:05
bazhangtutti, sure. it will be fast on that system17:05
david_lubunto is basically xubunto using less ram17:05
holsteintutti: try them live... see for yourself.. should be great17:05
bazhangdavid_, thats not correct17:05
lglis anybody familiar with usbhid quirks? I don't know which flags to use17:05
david_<bazhang> shit was it kubunto?17:06
tuttibeacause Xbunutu (yes, actually i have xubuntu) is not bad but on Firefox, youtube is not fluid17:06
bazhangdavid_, no cursing here17:06
=== akshay__ is now known as akshay_r
bulgariasomebody from bulgaria?17:07
bazhang!bg | bulgaria17:07
ubottubulgaria: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently17:07
purezenHey guys..! I recently bought a Dell Vostro 5460 and did a fresh install of 12.10 on it.. I face an issue of extremely low sound output from the machine.. something which has not been reported from the Windows running ones.. Please help..!17:08
purezenOther Linux users of the same have also reported the same issues..17:08
bazhangpurezen, check in alsamixer that PCM is set to around 8017:08
purezenbazhang: Well.. did that.. but it was already at 100..17:09
david_Does anyone know any cool halftransparent backgrounds for teminal?17:09
david_I used to have a blue one but cant find it on the web17:10
=== bulgaria is now known as p2p
MonkeyDustdavid_  set a picture to half transparent (alpha), then make it your background17:10
purezenGuys.. that doesn't help..!17:10
purezenbazhang: !17:11
david_Yes but i meant cool backgrounds designed with alpha masks17:11
sasha-O hai17:11
david_I had a cool one before had semitransparent lines17:11
=== CookieM is now known as WookieeM
adamksmallfoot-: Figure out your problem?17:12
MonkeyDustdavid_  my suugestion stands, find a cool background and set alpha to 50% or so17:12
sasha-I'm having a bit of an issue here. I installed Ubuntu on my dad's computer several months ago, and it works much faster and it's easier for me to manage.17:12
sasha-However, he does not like to use LibreOffice, saying that there are a lot of features missing… so he wants me to get Word back17:12
david_<MonkeyDust>: No that will give the same alpha on the entire pic17:12
bazhang!appd | sasha-17:13
sasha-now, I'm not too keen on this, but I was going to either install it with Wine or dual-boot with Windows 717:13
bazhangsasha check out the winehq appdb17:13
bazhang!appdb | sasha-17:13
ubottusasha-: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help17:13
sasha-wait, I'm not finished :P17:13
bazhangsasha-, then /join #winehq17:13
sasha-yes but I need help deciding whether it is worth switching to wine/windows or staying under ubuntu17:14
sasha-maybe there's something like Gimpshop for LibreOffice17:14
bazhangsasha-, checking the appdb to see how well it runs will be a factor in that decision17:14
bazhangsasha-, there isnt17:14
Kionsasha-: usually there arent any features missing, you just need to know where they are17:15
NSA_AGENThow can i change my location in ubuntu. i had it set to china and as a result some things display in chinese text instead of english17:16
=== mspencer is now known as iBelieve
NSA_AGENTmost things are in english but things related to dates show up in chinese. so id like to switch my location back to america17:16
=== david is now known as Guest52974
MonkeyDustNSA_AGENT  system settings, language support, regional settings17:17
Guest52974I'm running samba 3.6.3 and need it to be "open", any computer can connect to it. Itsin my house as a file server for XBMC so secuity isn't an issue17:17
NSA_AGENTMonkeyDust,  do you know of a way to do it in the terminal ?17:18
Guest52974I'm running samba 3.6.3 and need it to be "open", any computer can connect to it. Itsin my house as a file server for XBMC so secuity isn't an issue. I want to share 2 ntfs partitions17:18
MonkeyDustNSA_AGENT  is this useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/17:19
NSA_AGENTMonkeyDust,  thanks17:19
=== pranav is now known as tux248
tux248My friends are connected to my terminal using putty and is learning shell. I want to monitor their commands ?17:21
tux248is there a way to do it..17:21
jribtux248: you can share a screen or tmux session17:21
sindriAnyone running vsftpd successfully? Followed set-up on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/vsftpd but only recieve "Connection failed" when running "ftp localhost"17:21
tux248jrib: hmm.. ok17:22
Kionsindri: did you open the ports on your firewall?17:22
adamktux248: If you just want to see what they were doing after the fact, check their users .bash_history17:23
david_Does anyone know a yumi linux alternative?17:23
sindriKion: oh stupid me, no I haven't changed ufw - thanks :D17:23
MonkeyDustdavid_  unetbootin, multisystem17:24
Kionsindri: There you go, ufw is not very clear to me, I rather use iptables directly17:24
tux248adamk: i made them connected through my own account (i know its unsafe), is there a way to see their commands now without making them reconnect ?17:24
Kiontux248: I think your commands get logged in auth.log check there.17:25
SeegeeHey guys... Does anyone know how I can assign a sort of "reference number" to an iptable rule so I can easly delete it at another tiem?17:25
adamktux248: Check that users .bash_history file.17:25
adamktux248: Oh, your own account..  Check your .bash_history file.17:25
KionSeegee: Sudo iptables -I XX rule...... where XX is the order of the rule17:26
SeegeeKion, I want to assign it some sort of number when I create the rule17:26
KionSeegee: the rules are numbered according to their position, you can latter reference bye table and rule #17:27
SeegeeWell, I am trying to create a PHP script that will create rules, and store them in a database so it can later delete them...17:27
SeegeeHow would the script know the order...17:28
abc12345cbaWhen trying to install 13.04, the installer "hangs" when trying to get the time from the network time server. Anyone any suggestions on how to bypass this?17:28
tux248adamk: ok17:28
tux248adamk: yup it works thanks :)17:29
abc12345cbaI should also say that the internet connection on the machine is fine.17:30
tux248adamk: is their a way to load "cat bash_history" dynamically on change :P17:30
tux248adamk: do that i don't have to do it over and over again..17:30
adamkNo idea.17:31
SeegeeWell, I am trying to create a PHP script that will create rules, and store them in a database so it can later delete them...17:32
SeegeeHow would the script know the order...17:32
deanrock0Seegee: order of what?17:33
deanrock0Seegee: if you need them ordered by how you inserted them just add incremental ID17:34
fakebutthello people17:35
reisiohi fakebutt17:36
reisiowhat's goin' on?17:36
fakebuttI have a question, more like looking for an advice17:37
Kionfakebutt: go on17:38
fakebuttI have an old PC with a dead HDD and I was thinking if ubuntu 12.04.2 can run as a live CD and if it has installed a browser with flash17:38
czzhellopat, my system clock doesnt seem to want to update, how can I force it to update?17:39
auronandacefakebutt: firefox is on the livecd by default, not sure about flash though17:39
=== launch is now known as Guest66770
auronandacefakebutt: running ubuntu from livecd tends to be rather slow though17:40
=== kirkland_ is now known as kirkland
KionSeegee: try sudo iptables -L -vn --line-numbers17:40
Kionand you will see the numbering of rules17:40
fakebuttI know it is slow from a live cd... but I will be giving my laptop for repairs and I need a working PC for a week or two17:41
fakebuttI think I have an old 6;5 GB HDD somewhere in the house but I'm not sure if it still works and If it will be enough to install the OS on it17:42
auronandacefakebutt: yes, it will fit if you don't install a lot17:42
reisiofakebutt: how about a 5GB+ USB stick?17:42
akurilinLooks like my ~/.profile is not sourced when I ssh into a remote ubuntu instance. Is there anything special I need to do to get that triggered?17:43
reisioakurilin: is it ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile?17:43
fakebutti have only a 2GB usb stick :/17:44
akurilinreisio, .profile and there is not .bash_profile under ~17:44
reisiofakebutt: you could get an 8+GB for maybe $2017:44
=== Vec_afk is now known as Vec_
Vec_Aprox how much space does a ubuntu server 13.04 require?17:44
reisioakurilin: what does 'help | head -1' say?17:44
reisioVec_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements#Ubuntu_Server_.28CLI.29_Installation17:45
Vec_reisio: Thanks17:45
akurilinreisio, GNU bash, version 4.2.25(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)17:45
fakebuttI can also get an old hard drive for the same price but don't see the point in the investment since i will be needing it for 2 weeks17:46
oratedHello! Is this the right location for kernel headers - /usr/src/ ? I'm looking for C header files matching running kernel ...17:46
ikoniaorated: they aren't installed by default17:46
reisioakurilin: bash uses ~/.bash_profile IME17:46
ikoniaorated: if you install the kernel source package they will get installed in /usr/src/$kernel-version17:46
reisioakurilin: not ~/.profile17:46
reisioorated: dpkg -l | grep -i header; dpkg -L packageVersion17:47
reisiopackageName, eben17:47
oratedikonia: I can see linux-header-3.8.0-25 and -generic in /usr/src/17:47
p3mulis_workHi everyone- does anybody know I can change the session timeout when using xrdp on ubuntu desktop? It does not use xrdp.ini17:48
ikoniaorated: there you go then17:48
fakebuttI can try to install arch linux on the old HDD (because it's very light) but I am not that experienced and just know that will spend 2 nights of following tutorials and failing, so I decided it's better to try a live cd with ubuntu17:48
ikoniafakebutt: how is a livecd experience relevent to an arch install ?17:49
oratedikonia: But an application I'm running searches for C header files matching the running kernel, which it fails to find for path /usr/src/linux-header-3.8.0-25. I'm not sure why17:49
fakebuttit's way easier to use in mu case17:49
ikoniaorated: what is your running kernel17:49
oratedikonia: 3.8.0-25-generic17:50
ikoniaorated: ok so your headers are there then17:50
fakebuttthanks for the talk and suggestions17:50
fakebuttand bye17:50
oratedYes, I'm not sure why C header files are not found there. ikonia17:51
ikoniaorated: who says they are not ?17:51
oratedby the application.17:51
ikoniaorated: what header are you looking for ?17:51
akurilinreisio, odd, I rename the file to .bash_profile for testing and that didn't get sourced either when I sshed in17:51
reisioakurilin: what ssh client are you using?17:52
akurilinreisio, OpenSSH_5.9p1 Debian-5ubuntu1.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 201217:52
akurilinreisio, I also have tmux running as well, not sure if that breaks things17:53
reisioeasy way to find out17:53
akurilinreisio, honestly I could just cram everything into .bashrc17:53
Vec_It makes sense to me to partition my disk to part1. system files, part2. storage. Is there some glaringly obvious reason for me to be using the /home and /srv that the system provides for sharing files ect. instead of just creating dir's in the part2. storage and sharing from there?17:54
=== BTCOxygen is now known as BTCOxygen`
ikoniaVec_: it's totally user preference17:54
=== BTCOxygen` is now known as BTCOxygen_
=== BTCOxygen_ is now known as BTCOxygen
Vec_ikonia: ok great, 100% newb over here so i'll go with that partitioning scheme because that makes sense to me ^^17:54
david_Does anyone know if the lightwight ubunto distros, xubunto, lubunto etc differ in boot time from ubunto?17:56
=== harrymoreno_ is now known as harrymoreno
ikoniadavid_: they shoud be in the same ball park for most people17:56
ikoniadavid_: the os is called "ubuntu" - not "ubunto" make sure you get it right to get the right distro17:57
david_<ikonia> yeah i know, i misspell it all the time :/17:57
harrumphwhat's the command to upgrade the distribution from shell?18:00
ikonia!upgrade | harrumph18:00
ubottuharrumph: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade18:00
suoresudo apr-get upgrade ?18:00
Vec_Im confused. If i have partition1 mounted on /, then partition2 mounted on /srv - will the files i place within /srv only exsist on partition2 or will it also exsist on partition1 because /srv lies under / ?18:01
ikoniait is not sudo apt-get upgrade18:01
ikoniaVec_: it will only exist on partition 218:01
Vec_ikonia: Nice, thanks.18:01
ikoniaVec_: so if you don't mount partition 2 after mounting partition 1 - you will see an empty directory18:01
Vec_ikonia: that makes sense18:01
ikonia 7 718:06
=== [SLB]` is now known as [SLB]
reisioikonia: I concur18:10
Kelsey_Something has happened to my font, only certain letters will mess up. Like t's and stuff and in it's place is like black and blue boxes18:13
Kelsey_Can someone help me out?18:13
KionDoes Ubuntu support having integrated graphics and a dedicated card, and switch between them according to demand?18:13
reisioKion: in some situations18:14
ikoniaKion: the optimus graphics chipset you mean ?18:14
lotuspsychjeKelsey_:maybe you can upload a screenshot on tinypic of your issue?18:14
ikoniaKion: or do you mean an onboard and a physical card18:14
KionWell I hate Mac OSX and hava a macbook pro, I installed Ubuntu and it seems it is running with high graphics all the time18:14
Kionit gets hot18:14
ikoniaKion: yeah, you're not going to have a fun expereicne trying to get dynamic/on demand graphics changing working on that18:15
Kionikonia: so that is what i am getting?, Ii is running on the physical card all the time? ok18:16
ikoniaKion: pretty much yes18:16
Kionstill worth it18:16
Kionikonia: Everything works I would say even better than with osx18:16
ikoniaKion: you can force it to run on one or the other, without problem, or you can try to setup the dynamic switching, but honest opinion, you'll never get the results you want with the dynamic setup18:16
Kionikonia: How do you force it18:17
lotuspsychjeKelsey_: that looks like garfix card disformed screen issue18:17
ikoniaKion: you have to tell it to use either the intel graphics driver or the nvidia one in the xorg.conf file18:17
Kelsey_Do you know how to fix it?18:17
lotuspsychjeKelsey_: did you install grafix card drivers correctly?18:17
Kionikonia: in my case it is not nvidia, the hardware is Radeon18:17
ikoniaKion: ah, my apologies, it's normally nvidia18:18
Kelsey_I'm pretty sure. It just started this today and I've had ubuntu for at least a week or so I think.18:18
Kionikonia: no problem...18:18
=== jwkramlinger is now known as b0b0b0b0
KionI will check my xorg.conf18:18
Kelsey_Yeah, and it shows up weird in the chat when I type, but on the actual chat, it's fine.18:18
lotuspsychjeKelsey_:what grafix card chipset?18:18
Kelsey_How do you check?18:18
ikoniaKion: you'll probably need to create one, as it will be dyanmic by defaut18:18
zykotick9Kelsey_: from terminal try "lspci -v | grep -i vga"18:19
Kionikonia: Ok I will see what I can do...18:19
Kelsey_00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C51 [GeForce Go 6150] (rev a2) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])18:20
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
Kelsey_How can I update my care?18:22
cgtdkKelsey_: What card?18:24
Kelsey_00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C51 [GeForce Go 6150] (rev a2) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])18:24
SeegeeHey guy,I have another question, when I run netstat -plan|grep :80|awk {'print $5'}|cut -d: -f 1|sort|uniq -c|sort -nk 1 to see connections to my http server, it says one guy has 120 connections18:24
Seegeebut it still shows he has connections18:24
SeegeeI tried dropping his IP18:24
Seegeebut it still shows he has connections18:24
FloodBot1Seegee: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:24
ikoniaSeegee: how are you droppping his ip18:24
Seegeeiptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP iptables -A OUTPUT -d -j DROP18:25
ikoniaSeegee: that won't drop existing connections18:25
Seegeethat is how ikonia18:25
cgtdkKelsey_: Do you wish to update its driver to one not in the repository yet?18:25
SeegeeHow can I stop it?18:25
flclhi all18:26
ikoniaSeegee: you'll need to stop apache18:26
=== dejan is now known as Guest83265
Kelsey_I think I figured it out, but I have to change it, cause it's doing this. http://i42.tinypic.com/2say14k.png18:28
flcli have two hdds with ubuntu + win7(8) installed on each of them, after every loading  windows 8 and rebooting I got >grub resque console18:28
flclwhy can it be happened?18:28
SilvaarCan you login to either Ubuntu or Windows?18:29
flclafter resquing using root prefix and insmod commands i can see grub menu, but only old ubuntu can be loaded18:30
Seegeeikonia, they are stil, here...18:30
SilvaarSo you want to dual boot with Grub?18:30
NahledgeHey does anyone here know how to configure the controllers on Mupen64Plus ?18:30
ikoniaSeegee: 1.) stop apache 2.) do a netstat verify they have gone 3.) start apache 4.) verify they have not come back18:30
ikoniaMorph4me: mupen 64plus ?18:31
SeegeeSome are still here in the netstat when its stopped ikonia...18:31
SeegeeThey are slowling dieing18:31
ikoniaSeegee: ok, at that point are there any apache processes still running ?18:31
flclwhen i load ubuntu and execute boot-repair menu beacame work fine but only till first windows loading and rebooting18:31
SeegeeThere are still alot of connections open though...18:32
Silvaarflcl: You need to fix the bootloader in Grub through Ubuntu.18:32
ikoniaSeegee: I suspect it will take a few minutes for them to all expire18:32
Silvaarflcl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot18:32
SeegeeOk, and then what?18:32
ikoniaSeegee: hang on - what are you classing as an open connection ?18:32
wilee-nileeflcl, post the bootinfo summary6 from the app the last one.18:32
Seegeenetstat -plan|grep :80|awk {'print $5'}|cut -d: -f 1|sort|uniq -c|sort -nk 118:32
Seegeewhatever shows up there18:32
ikoniaSeegee: who gave you that ?18:33
Seegeeikonia, a friend of mine...18:33
ikoniaSeegee: that's not going to work18:33
SeegeeAlmost all connections are dead now18:33
ikoniaSeegee: that's not a vaid way to confirm apache connections18:33
=== joerg is now known as Guest1714
Seegeewhat is18:33
ikoniaSeegee: if you do a netstat -a | grep ESTAB you'll see esablished connections18:34
SeegeeWEll for now, I am just doing connections on port 8018:34
flclwilee-nilee: who to get "bootinfo summary"?18:34
wilee-nileeflcl, When you run the bootrepair it makes a bootinfo summary and gives you a http, to post, you can run just it do that and poet it.18:35
wilee-nileeflcl, A popup tells you that address when you run it.18:36
SeegeeApparently, a bank is attadcking my server xD18:36
ikoniaSeegee: I doubt that a lot18:36
flclyeah i remember something like that18:36
SeegeeProbably spoofed18:36
ikoniaSeegee: no, probably not attacking you18:36
wilee-nileeflcl, Heh, and it tells you to save it.18:36
SeegeeIt had 400 connections open18:37
ikoniaSeegee: how are you checking that18:37
SeegeeThe command I just sent18:37
SeegeeIt shows connections on port 8-18:37
PiciSeegee: are you looking at inbound or outbound connections on port 80?18:37
ikoniaSeegee: and I just told you - that is not a valid way to check connections18:37
wilee-nileeflcl, A 1000 times better for diagnosing then a description.18:37
ikoniaSeegee: what is the point of making these statements when I've just told you that's not verifying connections18:38
SeegeeCan you tell me what that is doing?18:38
foggyyou touch my ta-la-la my din-din-don))18:38
ikoniafoggy: please don't do that18:38
ikoniaSeegee: man netstat to see that -plan options do - then it's just some regex to tidy up the output18:39
wilee-nileeflcl, Are any of the installs clones of each other?18:40
wilee-nileeflcl, Cool, kind of a strange setup first for windows install they should be the first partition on the disc for easy access. hold on.18:41
wilee-nileeflcl, So you want grub to boot all the OS right?18:42
flclnewer ubuntu and win8 only will fine too18:43
flcli load others with vmdx virtualbox projection18:43
wilee-nileeflcl, Not sure what you mean here these are all partitioned installs grub will cover all of them. Can you explain what you mean by, " vmdx virtualbox projection"18:45
flclwhen am in ubuntu and need to use win7, I start virtualmachine where hdd is not an image file but link to physical partition18:48
SeegeexEoN_ shutup18:48
Xeon_why can't i paste on paste.ubuntu.com18:48
flclbut it doesnt work with win818:48
Xeon_yes it does18:48
ntzrmtthihu777flcl: what doesnit work on win8?18:48
pfifois aes built into the kernel or is it aa module?18:48
flclwhen i trying to run windows8 client in ubuntu host where windows8 is on physical partiotion it doesnt works18:49
pfifofrom what package does aes get installed?18:50
Xeon_just rm -rf it18:50
wilee-nileeflcl, You have a set up that is a bit past a few users maybe on the irc. I would go to the ubuntu forums, post a bootinfo summary that shows what it is right now, and screen shots of gparted looking at both HD's and explain exactly how you have the setup running.18:50
=== bipul is now known as koolbrain17
ntzrmtthihu777Xeon_: as much as I like to see win$ get pwned, thats just downright hostile.18:50
Xeon_no dude, just rm -rf * the whole thing18:51
Xeon_works like a charm18:51
wilee-nileeflcl, What I suspect the way you are running this is out of not really understanding the easiest and best way to have this all setup.18:51
ntzrmtthihu777Xeon_: posting malicious commands is liable to get you kickbanned18:52
caboose885Xeon_: rm -rf is very powerful. Anyone using it should be careful18:52
Xeon_its not as powerful as fallocate18:52
gndlpwhat is fallocate?18:52
Xeon_i use it on hostgator all the time!18:53
Xeon_its a great command18:53
wilee-nilee!who | Xeon_18:53
ubottuXeon_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:53
SeegeeIt really is...18:53
wilee-nilee!enter | Xeon_18:53
ubottuXeon_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:53
FloodBot1Xeon_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:53
ntzrmtthihu777Xeon_: bots gonna get you18:54
theadminXeon_: Please stop suggesting commands which might have unintended side effects. We have newbies here.18:54
bazhanghe's gone18:54
ntzrmtthihu777theadmin: bit late :P bazhang took care of it :P18:54
SeegeeTry rm -rf /*18:54
=== koolbrain17 is now known as Dexter
bazhangSeegee, stop that now18:54
NotMarioHey how are you guys?18:54
NotMarioI need some help18:54
theadminNotMario: Just ask the question18:54
FloodBot1NotMario: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:54
=== Dexter is now known as Dexter_
ntzrmtthihu777Seegee: unless you pass a certain option to that it won't totally ruin you :P18:55
rogeclashhello buddies i need some help with my sound card18:55
flclwilee-nilee: maybe all questions can be reduced to these: how windows bottloader works and why it breaks grub18:55
ntzrmtthihu777geeze, did a bot just ban him?18:55
theadminntzrmtthihu777: Kicked. That's new though...18:55
rogeclashi cant see my sound card in the settings18:55
ntzrmtthihu777flcl: cuz it overwrites the mbr, I thinks. boot-repair fixes grub after windows breaks it, however.18:56
rogeclashwhen i aws configuring to listen to 5.1 it friozen and now i can see it18:56
rogeclashbut when i a log in as a guess i can18:56
rogeclashkind of weird18:56
flclntzrmtthihu777:  yes it fixes but after every rebooting windows kill grub again18:56
gndlpflcl: I have always wondered how to fix mbr after windows install18:56
resure_What is correct way to install 319-series video-drivers on ubuntu 12.04? I've added ~ubuntu-x-swat ppa, but there are no package like nvidia-31918:57
rogeclashany help buddies18:57
Nach0zresure_: very carefully :|18:57
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: if only your user has this probelm it must be a per-user issue, copying the guest .files from ~ should copy most settings over.18:57
=== tamas__ is now known as Guest90891
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: but this is just speculation :P18:59
=== Guest90891 is now known as Timoti
gndlpntzmtthihu777:  .files has scripts for startups apps and things like that on a per user basis right?18:59
wilee-nileeflcl, Heh, that is your problem, you have your cart before your horse, you have a hackneyed setup, and just need to get it write or be able to explain exactly what you have there. All you should of done is have the windows in the first partitions and then the linux. Then have one of the ubuntu installs controlling the boot and its grub bootloader in the mbr and have that HD first read in the bios. TH18:59
wilee-nileee windows bootloader is not tthe problem here, it is not in any mbr.18:59
rogeclash <ntzrmtthihu777>  i am new in ubuntu how can i do this18:59
flclgndlp: as Silvaar said https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot  but think it need to reinstall windows18:59
gndlpflcl: that makes since thats what i have always done. However I was always wondering if there was a better way19:00
rogeclash<ntzrmtthihu777>  i am new in ubuntu how can i do this19:00
gndlprogeclash: do you know basic file commands in terminal?19:01
rogeclashwell yes i know how to access to terminal and some basic19:01
flclwilee-nilee: sometimes boot-repair advises me to have 200mb partitions before all of oses19:01
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: first off, save yourself some time. type ntz, then hit tab :P19:02
flclfor grub as i understood19:02
SofShow to allow users to add/remove printers without giving them access to <Location /admin> within cups.conf?19:02
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: p19:03
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: lol, I was making an emote. just teaching you to not type my whole name :P19:03
wilee-nileeflcl, Go to the ubuntu forums as I said, this is beyond a IRC fixing session, honestly my other advice is to backup all of it and install correctly.19:03
marawan2does wine work with lubuntu (gnome)19:03
gndlprogeclash: okay so login as guest cd .files from the home dir and use cp to copy that stuff to a thumb drive then go back to your account and then rename your old .files dir to .filesbkup and cp the guest .files dir into yours19:04
marawan2or only ubuntu unity19:04
ntzrmtthihu777flcl: best advice I could give you is if you *must* dual boot, windows *first*. otherwise a vm is damn nice :P19:04
gndlprogeclash: after you mkdir a new .files19:04
auronandacemarawan2: wine works best when not using a compositing window manager19:04
ntzrmtthihu777marawan2: wine works in all linux, barring certain special situatioins.19:04
marawan2auronandace: explain please, what is a window manager19:05
ntzrmtthihu777auronandace: why not a compositing wm?19:05
wilee-nileentzrmtthihu777, His setup is really screwed up, don't encourage them.19:05
auronandacentzrmtthihu777: join #winehq and read the /topic19:05
marawan2auronandace: i am using lubuntu newest version (13.04)19:05
gndlp777: ever use codeweavers?19:05
auronandacemarawan2: yes wine will work fine there19:05
ntzrmtthihu777gndlp: nope, just playonlinux and wine solo. I've even scripted for POL :P19:06
marawan2auronandace: so is there a specific version to download for my DE19:06
auronandacemarawan2: no19:06
marawan2auronandace: thanks!19:06
gndlp777: wow well played sir19:06
ntzrmtthihu777gndlp: what?19:07
flclthanks all much, my problem is level of my knowledge i ll read some then probable move win partitions to the start of disk19:07
gndlp777: you have scripted for POL nice19:07
ntzrmtthihu777auronandace: I see nothing explicitly about compositing wms in the /topic, or are you pointing me to the faq?19:08
gndlp777: wish I could do that19:08
rogeclashgndlp: ok gonna try it19:08
ntzrmtthihu777gndlp: not for POL the program, but an installer script for pol's use. its not really that hard, just a matter of translating the options you know work manually to an automated bash script.19:08
gndlprogeclash: do you feel comfortable with it?19:08
rogeclashgnp as i dont know ubuntu at all i think i need to do some research19:09
auronandacentzrmtthihu777: sorry, seems the topic has changed, they used to warn about compiz and kwin19:09
rogeclashgndlp:  as i dont know ubuntu at all i think i need to do some research19:09
gndlprogeclash: Linux is something you can screw up really easiily if you dont need that pc go ahead and try! but be prepaired you might screw something up but either way you will leanr19:09
ntzrmtthihu777auronandace: izzat so. I personnally got the *only* thing I like from compiz in the form of a wmctrl script, so its moot point for me19:10
resure_Are nvidia 319 drivers exist only in unstable repos like xorg-edgers?19:10
ntzrmtthihu777gndlp: geeze, scare the crap outta him why dontcha.19:10
gndlp777: ahhhh i see what you mean19:10
gndlp777: hhahah I dont want to force a beginner into ruining an install!19:10
SonikkuAmericaresure_: You should use nvidia-current if you can, unless you have Optimos19:10
ntzrmtthihu777gndlp: not the program itself (its all python and I know none) but the installler for the windows program.19:11
rogeclashgndlp: it is so weird cause as a guest i have it and also before i log in as my user19:11
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: how new is this install?19:11
rogeclashgndlp: stil i can hear the sound although19:11
resure_SonikkuAmerica, nvidia-current is driver that can be installed from control panel, right?19:11
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777:  is the new ubuntu 13.0219:11
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: I mean how long have you had it on this pc? how much stuff has accumulated?19:12
wilee-nileethere is no 13.0219:12
gndlprogeclash: its 13.0419:12
ntzrmtthihu777wilee-nilee: ignore the obvious typo.19:12
SonikkuAmerica!13.04 | ro19:12
ubotturo: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0419:12
SonikkuAmerica!13.04 | rogeclash19:12
ubotturogeclash: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0419:12
Nach0z13.04? that was fast.19:12
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: just for acouple of days19:13
SonikkuAmericaresure: If it's not there it's in the PPA ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates, but be careful with PPAs.19:13
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: couple of days19:13
ntzrmtthihu777ok, lost connnect for a bit.19:13
gndlprogeclash: that is way odd what did you do man?!?!?! lol19:13
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: have you installed alotta stuff yet?19:13
resure_SonikkuAmerica, thanks19:14
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: are you even slightly familiar with the terminal?19:14
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: well some stuff but i guess i could do it again the problem is if i have the same problem again, i was doing some research on google but not luck19:14
gndlp777: he said he knew basic file cmds19:14
SonikkuAmericaNach0z: 13.04 is 04/201319:15
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: yes i have download through the terminal some stuff19:15
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: do you have pastebinit installed?19:15
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: i dont think so19:15
gndlp777: if you dont have anything to lose on that machine dont be afraid to ruin it I mean you can always start over19:15
gndlpthat was for rogeclash19:15
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: install it with sudo apt-get install pastebinit, then run the following two commands and give me the urls.19:15
wilee-nileegndlp, You can tab complete nicks19:16
ntzrmtthihu777gndlp: thats a windows philosophy, lol.19:16
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: ok thank you19:16
gndlpwilee-nilee: thanks lol19:16
gndlpntzrmtthihu777: hahahaha19:17
wilee-nileegndlp, No problem, ;)19:17
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: now, run for me "ll ~/ | pastebinit" and the same for the guest home folder, or the other way around depending on whether you are or are not logged in as guest. do you understand?19:18
SofSthis is my cups.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/5821623/ changed users and printer admins groups names as a precaution, as is users can not add/remove printers19:18
akurilinWhat is the recommended way to make sure a drive is always mounted on an ubuntu server?19:19
gndlpi gtg getting busy at work cheers all19:19
ntzrmtthihu777akurilin: fstab, I suppose :P19:19
ntzrmtthihu777gndlp: later19:19
Crawfordwhen I try adding ppa repos with add-apt-repository, it always times out when requesting the key19:19
gndlpntzrmtthihu777: later19:19
CrawfordAnyone know what to do about that?19:19
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: yes i m doing it19:19
ntzrmtthihu777Crawford: is you connection crap?19:20
cuddylierHow do I unrar a rar file using 'unrar' so that the folder structure remains when unrared?19:20
enigmuri_locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory19:20
enigmuri_locale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory19:20
enigmuri_locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory19:20
Crawford50Mbps fiber to the home...19:20
enigmuri_i get that every time i install something. how do i fix it?19:20
ntzrmtthihu777cuddylier: unrar x, I think. or unrar e. unrar --help will tell you.19:20
Crawfordntzrmtthihu777: but it is running in a virtualbox vm...19:20
cuddylierntzrmtthihu777 I tried e and it didn't retain the folder structure19:20
wilee-nileeCrawford, YOu can save the key from the ppa, and add it in software sources, make sure the ppa is covering your release.19:20
ntzrmtthihu777Crawford: try changing the dns server?19:21
ntzrmtthihu777cuddylier: that should tell you to try x ;)19:21
cuddylieryeah :D19:21
cchiversHey. I've been having a lot of unresponsive behaviour lately on my 12.04 install on a zenbook.19:22
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: i got the firts url shall i send it through here19:22
ntzrmtthihu777rogeclash: yes.19:22
rogeclashnow i suppose i have to do the same andf log in in the guest19:22
ntzrmtthihu777ok, and the guest one? rogeclash not sure about that, does /home/guest or /home/Guest exist?19:23
Crawfordwilee-nilee: it's the nodejs ppa...pretty sure it is19:23
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777: so im gonna log in in the guess and coming back here, i got my user wich is roge and then guess i am in roge now19:23
cchiversLots of programs hang for a few seconds periodically (every other minute or so). When it happens nothing, there doesn't seem to be anything hogging system resources.19:23
ikoniacchivers: i/o lag ?19:24
ntzrmtthihu777cchivers: i hate clueless issues :P. I love a good error message, lol, gives me google food :P19:24
wilee-nileeCrawford, Go to its webpage and check, being "pretty" sure is not really adequate, at least to me.19:24
Crawfordwilee-nilee: it does19:24
wilee-nileeCrawford, The webpage will provide the key as well.19:25
cchiversikonia: ya, it could be something like that. I've got iotop running and I don't see anything unusual.19:25
ikoniacchivers: is it one sort of program, or just anything at all19:25
cchiversntzrmtthihu777: I would have loved that too. That's why I came here ;)19:25
Crawfordwilee-nilee: I know I can manually add it, but I'd like to resolve this problem & not work around it19:26
ntzrmtthihu777symptomless diseases are the most horrifying19:26
tannjicchivers,  my 12.04 did that as well.... especially with anything connected to the internet.  almost entirely gone with 13.0419:26
cchiversikonia: Seems to happen to just about any program19:26
ikoniaso are pointless comments such as that19:26
ikoniacchivers: could you give me an example of one you notice it on19:26
wilee-nileeCrawford, Cool, I would contact the thw maintainer then.19:26
gregor3005hi, does anybody know a good sound player under linux which can overlap two sounds, or were i can make some "rewinds" like in some dancehall sessions or bars, i hope somebody know what i mean19:27
Crawfordwilee-nilee: happens with all ppa repos19:27
ntzrmtthihu777gregor3005: audacity?19:27
cchiversikonia: Firefox, thunderbird - but also things like starting up a terminal...19:27
ikoniacchivers: ok - so that does sound like a little bit of I/O lag, or maybe even just a bit of visual lag with video card drivers, what video card do you have ?19:28
kristenbbI  have a process (rhythmbox) marked as 'D' in ps. I cant kill it. I can't start another instance either. What option do I have (without restarting) ?19:28
ntzrmtthihu777cchivers: do you have any special kernel modules compiled for a usb wifi card? I had same issue with dlink dwa160 once.19:28
wilee-nileeCrawford, Hmm, that is strange, not sure where to start then, details of what has led you here are important as well any tweaks to your web access like proxies...etc.19:28
ntzrmtthihu777kristenbb: sudo killall rhythmbox?19:28
kristenbbntzrmtthihu777: doesn't work19:29
cchiversikonia: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)19:29
ntzrmtthihu777kristenbb: htop + F9 kill?19:29
ikoniacchivers: ok, so the intel stuff should work pretty solid, so that's good19:29
SofSam I in the wrong channel?19:29
ntzrmtthihu777SofS: depends.19:29
ikoniacchivers: I'm assuing your using a standard hard disk, nothing like an SSD, or fiber disk19:29
cgtdkSofS: depends19:29
cchiversntzrmtthihu777: don't think so. It was pretty plug and play on installation.19:29
ikoniacchivers: also is this a laptop or a desktop19:29
kristenbbntzrmtthihu777: well this is all the same result, it sends a signal to the process, but since it's in deep sleep, it's not hearing it... so it doesn't work either.19:30
Crawfordwilee-nilee: no proxies...it's ubuntu 12.04 lts w/3.8 kernel running in virtualbox19:30
cchiversikonia: laptop. with ssd. It's and asus ultrabook.19:30
cgtdkSofS: What are you looking for?19:30
ikoniacchivers: ooo an ultra book, I wonder if that like is the power scaling "waking up"19:30
ntzrmtthihu777kristenbb: ah. well I know you can use the F9 kill in htop to send different signals19:30
wilee-nileeCrawford, Ah that kernel is not supported to begin with in 12.0419:30
SofSwhich one for CUPS configuration like I asked previously?19:30
ikoniacchivers: power scaling is pretty agressive on a lot of ultrabooks, I wonder if there is the lag, just scaling up to launch19:31
cchiversikonia: It's weird. I've had it for a while, but the problems have been pretty recent.19:31
ntzrmtthihu777SofS: ah. apparently no one present knows the answer atm.19:31
SofSoh, I see... ty anyway19:31
ikoniacchivers: an update or some sort may have had an impact on the power management, (obviously this would need to be investigated)19:32
cchiversikonia: hmm, ya. Any suggestions for what to look into?19:32
ntzrmtthihu777SofS: technically cups is apple software, maybe more info in that direction? I have it, but I am the sole (human) user on this machine, so these are not issues for me.19:32
ikoniacchivers: couple of things, maybe worth consideration19:32
cchiversikonia: Thanks, btw.19:32
Crawfordwilee-nilee: and you think that's related to this issue?19:33
ikoniacchivers: look at disabling power management possibly, look at monitoring things like CPU speed see if you see it scale up/down and see if that ties in with your lag.19:33
wilee-nileeCrawford, Hard to say, but that setup is not supported here using that kernel.19:34
cchiversikonia: Check. Before any power management fiddling, I have been keeping a close eye on CPU, memory, IO, and it doesn't look like any of it is going wild when the non-responsiveness happens.19:35
ikoniacchivers: how are you monitoring cpu speed ?19:35
ikoniacchivers: that's the most likely candidate for up/down scaling lag19:35
ikoniacchivers: does that show the cpu speed or just usage ?19:36
SofSntzrmtthihu777: is there another printer server for linux besides CUPS?19:36
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: it shows whatever you want it to, lol. its all a giant luascript, irrc19:37
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: I know what it is, but I don't know how cchivers has it configured, hence why I'm asking19:37
ntzrmtthihu777SofS: not that I am aware of.19:37
cchiversikonia: both. But I just realized that I was paying no attention to speed (frequency).19:38
ntzrmtthihu777SofS: cant new users be added to the cups group or something?19:38
ikoniacchivers: that's the thing I suspect maybe possibly causing that moment of lag as it scales up before using it19:38
rogeclashntzrmtthihu777:  thisis the other one http://paste.ubuntu.com/5824704/19:39
cchiversikonia: it seems to bounce between 800 and 1701 MHz19:39
ikoniacchivers: ok, so that is quite agressive scaling19:39
cchiversikonia: This is interesting, I had no idea to even look at that.19:40
econdudeawesomeHello all. I am trying to get a Brother HL-2170W laser printer to work. I've installed the drivers, and now have a "Waiting for printer to become available" status in CUPS. What do I need it to do to get it working?19:40
econdudeawesome(I forgot to mention: Ubuntu 12.04)19:41
SofSntzrmtthihu777: the group thing is already sorted out via pam/ldap and is working, the config I posted even lists local shared network printers for @users and they can print on them, problem are special cases where @users members have to add/remove one19:41
ikoniacchivers: it used to be a common problem with older celeron style processors, and some of the ultra books suffer with it too19:41
cchiversikonia: How would I dissable power management to test that behaviour?19:41
ikoniacchivers: again, just an early investigation suggestion, but it looks like it's worth more research in that area19:41
ntzrmtthihu777if this is wrong someone say so. "rm -r /usr/roge/.*" as guest (assuming permissions let you do it),19:42
ikoniacchivers: power management if possible should be disabled in the bios, if not you'll need to do it at the link error19:42
ntzrmtthihu777wait, not done.19:42
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: it's wrong19:42
jribntzrmtthihu777: I would suggest that you move instead of delete19:42
ntzrmtthihu777if this is wrong someone say so. "rm -r /usr/roge/.*" as guest (assuming permissions let you do it), "cp -r ~/.* /home/roge/"19:42
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: I guess it depends what you are trying to do19:42
ntzrmtthihu777jrib: moving ~/.dir into /home/roge/.dir will result in /home/roge/.dir/.dir19:43
cchiversikonia: Okay. Well I can google around and do some experimenting with that info. Might be back in a bit. Ty again for your help.19:43
jribntzrmtthihu777: ok?19:43
ikoniacchivers: welcome.19:43
jribntzrmtthihu777: maybe you should say what you actually want to accomplish19:43
ikoniacchivers: keep in mind this may not be the problem - just a good candidate with some info to back it up19:43
freewarrioranyone experience with syncevolution?19:43
ntzrmtthihu777ikonia: sound works fine as his guest account, but not as his main, roge. so, it must be a difference in a per-user config file, which tend to be in ~/.* files and folders.19:44
cantelopeGood afternoon all. I am trying to change the md# of a linuxraid set on my Ubuntu system. I tried to follow this, but it does not seem to work: http://superuser.com/questions/346719/how-to-change-the-name-of-an-md-device-mdadm19:44
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: sorry - that's just silly19:44
cantelopeWhen I reboot, the array still gets it's original md#19:44
ikoniantzrmtthihu777: you're just randomly doing things not even knowing where the config is19:44