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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Second Half of the Year Day! :-D08:38
czajkowskiWhen you upload a file to U1 now you ued to be able to select publish file when it was uploaded. now you havve to go in and publish this file.13:09
czajkowskiWas it removed ?13:09
beunoczajkowski, aha!13:12
beunowe dropped it accidentallu13:12
beunojgdxx, ^13:12
czajkowskican I have it back please :)13:12
beunoah, he's away13:12
beunoczajkowski, yes!  do you want to file a bug and get some of that karma?  :)13:13
czajkowskihow do I file bugs aginst U113:13
czajkowskias I have another one13:13
czajkowskiclean install :)13:13
czajkowskialso on my phone I had the user laura. czajkowski @canonical.com that ac no longer exists so cant login with my other address as it needs me to remove it, where do I do that ?13:13
beunoczajkowski, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+filebug13:14
beunoczajkowski, to remove the address, it happens in login.ubuntu.com13:14
beunoalthough I'm not sure if U1 will sync that automatically or not13:14
beunolet me know  ;)13:15
czajkowskibeuno: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/119652913:20
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1196529 not found13:21
czajkowskibeuno: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/119653013:23
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1196530 not found13:23
czajkowskiThank you :)13:23
beunoczajkowski, ta13:30
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dobeyu1 doesn't sync addresses. it only knows about the address you originally signed up with. not sure how the phone app is doing that auth though. i know i can log in with any e-mail address i have in login.ubuntu.com, on ubuntu though13:51
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czajkowskidobey: ah it kept telling me only one account could be used at any one time so was confused.15:13
dobeyczajkowski: that is on android?15:18
czajkowskidobey: aye15:25
dobeykarni: ^^^ do you know why czajkowski is seeing "only one account could be used" in android? i'm not entirely sure how the login works there15:34
karniczajkowski: I assume you are trying to sign in with a different account?15:35
karniczajkowski: i.e. different e-mail15:35
dobeykarni: same account, different e-mail15:35
karniczajkowski: head to device settings > Accounts > Ubuntu One account > Delete15:36
czajkowskiwhat dobey said15:36
karniczajkowski: then reopen the app, and sign in with your new e-mail.15:36
karniczajkowski: because we don't officially support multiple users (without having to clear app data), one needs to dump the account username (along with the token). since you're using the same account really, it doesn't matter in your case.15:37
karniso, delete the U1 account fromyour phone > Settings > Accounts > U1, and sign in again.15:37
czajkowskiok that has fixed it15:37
dobeythanks karni15:37
czajkowskithank you both15:37
karninp guys!15:37
KionHow do I install Ubuntu one on a Windows 8 computer?16:40
Kionany experiences?16:40
dobeyKion: i think you just grab the windows installer and run it. it's not a metro app though, so it has to be used from the 'classic' interface iirc17:00
Kiondobey: but in the download section it does not say windows 817:01
Kiondobey: only goes to windows 717:01
dobeyKion: yes, but it will work.17:03
Kiondobey: Thanks! I will try17:09
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