Guest79344I just found out about alt+right click for window resizing. Solves my issue above.00:10
Guest79344I'm now trying to set up Jack Bridge. It was listed in the Connections dialog of QJackCtrl my first day with Ubuntu Studio, but it is no longer there.00:11
Guest79344Any ideas?00:11
fieryfennix[kubuntu 13.04 KDE]   hello all.  a quick question, if i may.  how to add the "run command" box permanently to kde desktop?  not a shortcut, but the box itself?00:54
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blazemoredoes anyone know of a nice way to dynamically adjust the sample rate of Pulseaudio according to the maximum sample rate of the source file being played? Or should I just leave it on the maximum my DAC supports, and use speex 10 to just resample 44.1k to higher frequencies?14:15
blazemoreFor example, if I'm playing a CD, it'd be nice to have it actually setting my DAC to 44.1k, whereas if I'm playing a 96k source file I don't want it downsampled14:15
blazemoreAt the moment I have pulse set to 96k the entire time, and it just resamples 44.1k, but that's not ideal14:15
holsteinblazemore: i wouldnt worry about that14:16
blazemoreI'm not using the Ubuntu Studio variant (so no JACK etc), but I was directed here from #Ubuntu in the hope one of you would know14:16
holsteinblazemore: the device should be doing the best it can14:16
holsteinand, you wont hear/notice the difference anyway14:16
holsteinunless you do. then, worry about it14:16
holsteinyou can try #opensourcemusicians14:17
blazemoreI think my problem stems from the fact I don't *really* understand how it works. Let me explain what I think is happening14:17
holsteinblazemore: i think the problem is, you dont have a problem ;)14:17
holsteinso, dont make one for yourself14:17
blazemoreMy DAC will natively play 44.1k, 48k and 96k (it connects over USB)14:17
holsteinif you are using consumer-grade equipment, its likely not even capable of providing you the fidelity to be able to hear the different between what you are worried about14:18
holsteinthe device will be playing back at the rate that linux likely can support, as best it can14:18
blazemoreBy default, playing a 96Khz file, Pulseaudio downsamples (using speex 1 by default) to 44.1Khz14:18
holsteinif you are "worried" about it, you can check out JACK, where you can set those rates.. but JACK has its own issues14:18
holstein!proaudio | blazemore14:19
ubottublazemore: For information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro14:19
blazemoreNow, I can set Pulseaudio to do 96Khz, and then the display on my DAC changes to show it's recieving 96Khz, but then that means Pulseaudio is upsampling to 96Khz instead14:19
holsteinblazemore: you shouldnt need to set pulse audio to 96k14:19
blazemoreIt's consumer-grade hardware, it's a Fiio E17 (Love it btw)14:19
holsteinblazemore: im not debating your affection fo the device14:19
holsteinnor, am i saying its "crap"14:19
blazemoreNow I'm no mathematitian, but 44.1 doesn't go into 96 :)14:19
holsteinblazemore: sure.. but, can you hear a problem?14:20
blazemoreNo but it annoys me14:20
holsteinblazemore: i personally cant hear 44.1 vs 96..14:20
holsteinblazemore: what annoys you?14:20
blazemoreOn Windows if I play a 44.1Khz in Foobar it sends 44.1Khz to my DAC. If I play a 96Khz file it displays 96Khz on my DAC14:20
holsteinblazemore: that you push play? and the file plays back at a quality that is acceptable?14:20
blazemoreI just want to replicate that functionality14:20
holsteinblazemore: sure14:20
holsteinblazemore: you can use JACK to do that14:21
blazemoreOK I'll look into it with the resources you already provided :)14:21
holsteinblazemore: otherwise, you cant hear the difference, so i dont see that there is a problem14:21
holsteinplus.. does windows do that?14:21
blazemoreI'm not really interested in a discussion on whether or not higher sampling rates are "worth it", since most people enter into one already having their mind made up14:21
blazemoreholstein: Windows XP does, yes14:21
holsteineven if it actually does, and is not just reporting that, you have to keep in mind, that can be on a hardware driver level14:22
holsteinand, you know who is *actuall* responsible for providing alsa with that information14:22
blazemoreYes on Windows XP I did have to install the ASIO driver from FiiO14:22
holsteinblazemore: im not debating that XP "reports" it is doing that14:22
blazemoreThe DAC's display gets updated14:22
holsteinblazemore: but, you wouldnt hear the difference if it were or not14:22
blazemoreI'm not sure where the DAC gets its information14:22
holsteinblazemore: so14:22
blazemoreThe thing is, some music I have is only in 96Khz14:23
holsteinblazemore: thats just a UI update.. and again, im just being realistic.. not trying to be combative14:23
holsteinblazemore: so14:23
holsteinblazemore: there is not issues playing the music, correct??14:23
blazemoreIf I only do one thing, should I set the resampling algorithm in pulse to speex 10?14:23
holsteinblazemore: does it sound "bad" ?14:23
blazemoresometimes pulse crackles14:23
holsteinblazemore: i mean, you *can* "fix" this14:23
holsteinblazemore: pluse crackles14:24
blazemoreBut that's just when Java is open and is entirely unrelated14:24
holsteinblazemore: pulse is doing what it is designed to do14:24
holsteinblazemore: java is working with pulse that is working with alsa to the best of its abilities with the support that is available14:24
blazemoreI sort of just mentioned it in #ubuntu as a quick aside to an existing discussion on Pulseaudio14:24
holsteinblazemore: the vendor likely doenst supply alsa with information14:24
blazemoreJava + pulse is a mess IMO14:24
holsteinblazemore: no14:24
holsteinblazemore: JAVA is a messs14:25
holsteinpulse is doing what it is designed to do14:25
holsteinand, its not made for high priority audio14:25
holsteinthats why we still use, and need JACK14:25
holsteinbut, that is a different conversation14:25
OvenWerksblazemore: as far as I know pulse will try to set the hw rate to the source rate14:25
holsteinblazemore: anyways.. getting back to the end of my rant14:25
blazemoreI'll admit to not knowing completely what JACK does; I assumed it was a way of routing audio signals between devices and applications14:25
holsteinblazemore: you *can* "fix" this "issue"14:26
blazemoreI don't notice an audible difference14:26
blazemoreIf that's the point you're getting at14:26
holsteinblazemore: its all open, and freely available for you to change, or for your vendor to provide support for14:26
OvenWerksIf the application sets the rate to less than the souce file rate that is an application problem.14:26
holsteinblazemore: but, you *will* waste a lot of time "fixing" something that will have literally no benifits to you14:26
OvenWerksthe VLC video player for example will resample internally to 4800014:26
holsteinblazemore: and, what if, at the end of a long process, the actual "issue" is the driver support in alsa?14:27
blazemoreOvenWerks: If the sample rate in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf is set to 44.1Khz, and I play a 96Khz file in Aqualung, Pulse resamples it on-the-fly to 44.1Khz using the algorithm defined in that same file14:27
OvenWerksIf there are more than one audio stream and pulse is already streaming at 44100 then the application will be forced to resample14:28
holsteinif not, it should be utilizing the hardare the best that it can14:28
blazemoreI'd prefer it to upsample than downsample though14:28
holsteinblazemore: why?14:28
holsteinblazemore: either, one could argue, is "bad"14:28
holsteinblazemore: plus, you cant hear any probles either way14:28
OvenWerksmost linux (and I think windows) applications resample on the fly to fit what the OS will allow at that time.14:28
blazemoreBecause I paid for a FiiO E17 which supports three different sample rates14:28
holsteinwindows would be doing the same, but could have much better driver support14:29
blazemoreAnd there's not much point if it's just constantly using one14:29
holsteinblazemore: does the device support those rates in linux?14:29
blazemoreYes holstein14:29
holsteinblazemore: does the device support linux at all14:29
blazemoreBut only if I manually set the sample rate in pulse and then restart pulse14:29
OvenWerksyou can set pulse default rate to 96k if you like.14:30
blazemoreOvenWerks: Exactly14:30
blazemoreThat will do, to be honest, and is what I am doing currently14:30
blazemoreI also set resample-method = speex-float-1014:30
holsteinblazemore: so, on the box, and in the documentation, the vendor states "linux support"14:30
holsteinotherwise, the support you are experiencing is just the "magic" or alsa14:31
blazemoreIt seems to work14:31
holsteinblazemore: seems?14:31
blazemoreIn that, it makes my speakers move air14:31
holsteinblazemore: the audio seems to sound fine to you14:32
blazemoreTheir website is slow just waiting14:32
blazemoreOn an aside, it really is a lovely amp14:32
holsteinblazemore: if you want to be overly particular about the fidelity, you cannot accept "seems"14:32
blazemoregot a battery and aux in14:32
holsteinyou must know, for certain14:32
OvenWerksthe config file is in /etc/pulse/14:32
blazemoreYes OvenWerks /etc/pulse/daemon.conf14:32
holsteinblazemore: and, the alsa driver might not support the full range of functions on that device14:32
OvenWerkshowever, even if you do that, if the application decides to downsample internally to 48k, then pulse will set the hw to 48k14:33
blazemoreOvenWerks: I use mpd, and sometimes aqualung14:33
OvenWerkspulse has no idea that the apllication has a 96k file to play with it only knows what rate the application wants to send the audio to pulse in.14:34
blazemoreYes I'm aware of that, I'm assuming here that the application isn't resampling (neither mpd or aqualung do)14:34
holsteinwhat would i do? use JACK and audacious to set the rate.. test the files to see that i cant tell the difference in the quality... then, relax and use the defaults14:34
holsteinbut, i have already done such tests14:35
blazemoreOut-of-the-box it sounds a lot better than the dac/amp on my motherboard anyway, so I am very happy with ootb configuration14:35
holsteinthen, i wouldnt make an issue for yourself14:35
blazemoreIt's *just* a matter of getting native 96Khz playback when I open a 96Khz file, and 44.1Khz when I play a CD14:35
OvenWerksThe pulseaudio-discuss mailing list might be the best place to find answers then.14:35
OvenWerksThe pulseaudio devs use that list to do their development work as well as answer questions14:36
blazemoreI am not taking this further than this channel, I don't care *that* much14:36
holsteinthis is something, that, assuming the driver in alsa can support the 96k of the device, you literally will waste days on this, and only your dog would be able to hear a difference, assuming the speakers and the equipment can produce the audio in that range14:36
blazemoreI was kind of hoping one of you would say "yes blazemore just uncomment the line saying pulse-automatic-resampling in daemon.conf" or something :P14:37
OvenWerksAll known computer IFs reporduce 20 to 20k hz only no matter what rate they use.14:37
holsteinassuming the device can be supported by the alsa driver, you can14:37
blazemoreI am talking about sample rate of digital audio, not the pitch of a note14:37
holsteinbut, if the device cant produce the frequencied that would be effected, it literally doesnt matter14:38
blazemoreAnyway, I enjoy wasting silly amounts of time on issues like this14:38
blazemoreI mean, why else would I use Linux?14:38
blazemoreI will come out of this knowing *way* more than I did before about Alsa, pulse and jack, and the nature of digital audio in general14:38
OvenWerksThere are good reasons to use 96k even for 20K max audio, but getting frequency output over 20k is not one of them.14:38
holsteinyup ^^14:39
blazemoreMy reasoning is, I have files in 96Khz, and obviously on-the-fly resampling isn't ideal14:39
blazemoreperhaps I should resample them and save the resampled files14:40
holsteinfor listening back, on a system that is covering other audio, i would say playing the file is ideal14:40
blazemoreFor a system which is only used to play music?14:40
holsteinblazemore: i would literally push the play button, and deal with it if i hear a problem14:40
blazemoreI ask because I'm considering using my Raspberry Pi, FiiO e17 and mpd to make a neat little remote-controlled jukebox14:41
holsteinblazemore: again, setting the system to 96k can be done several ways, assuming the alsa driver supports the hardware, and, you have a system on which the fidelity would report a noted difference, which as OvenWerks states, still wont be a big deal14:41
blazemoreYeah I know :)14:41
blazemoreThanks for the tips and resources14:41
holsteinblazemore: set it to 96k, and give it a listen14:42
OvenWerksThere has been a good discusion about the RPi on the LAU mailing list you may be interested in the archive of that mailing list14:42
blazemoreOK thanks OvenWerks14:42
wachinHi all, I would like to change the icon of an application which is mousepad, which is equal to that of gedit14:42
wachinI searched Google but can not find a solution14:42
blazemorewachin: Ask in #Ubuntu14:42
blazemorewachin: What distro are you using? Ubuntu Studio?14:43
wachincould any of you help me14:43
holsteinwachin: on the desktop? in the menu? are you using XFCE?14:43
wachinUbuntu Studio 13.0414:43
wachinYes, I use XFCE414:43
OvenWerksThere are two ways to change that icon14:44
wachinThe icon theme that I use is "ubuntustudio-icon-theme" on synaptic14:44
OvenWerksin both cases you need to look for the desktop file in /usr/share/applications/14:44
wachingreat, I search now14:45
OvenWerks(I didn't think we shipped mousepad actually)14:45
holsteinAFAIK, we dont, but the process should be the same14:45
cubno mousepad is not included in default installation14:46
wachinI Found /usr/share/applications/mousepad.desktop14:50
wachinopen this with root14:50
wachinthe file said14:50
wachinExec=mousepad %F14:50
holstein!paste | wachin14:50
ubottuwachin: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:50
wachinI think that "Icon=accessories-text-editor" is the image of the icon14:51
holsteinwachin: you can see the icon listed there14:51
holsteinwachin: no worries.. its slow-ish in here.. in #ubuntu that would be an issue14:51
studionoviceWhen I start jack - background audio from my browser (chrome) quits - is this expected?17:25
studionoviceI am assuming its a pulseaudio issue from what I have researched?17:25
holsteinthere is no issue really17:25
holsteinyou are asking JACK to take over the audio device, so it does17:25
holsteinyou should have the pulse sync after that to route what you like, if needed17:26
studionoviceJack runs completely off alsa, correct? would it be okay to unistall pulseaudio completely from my system - as I don't think it's needed?17:27
holsteinno reason ot17:28
holsteini wouldnt suggest it, unless you are having issues17:28
holsteinyou can disable the pulse bridge17:28
holsteinuntick the dbus checkbox in qjackctl17:28
studionoviceI'm not seeing that option...17:29
studionoviceIs it on the settings tab of qjackctl17:30
holsteinin setup, under the "misc" tab17:30
holsteinEnable dbus interface17:31
studionoviceGot it.  Can you explain what the Dbus interface actually does? thanks for your help - I appreciate it.  I'm fairly versed in *buntu systems but am trying to setup a home recording studio17:32
holsteinthe pulse interface we were talking about17:32
holsteincheck out #opensourcemusicans .. handy community :)17:32
studionoviceawesome - will do17:33
studionoviceI just got a lexicon pro alpha interface, and I have a nice midi keyboard too17:34
holsteini have an omega17:34
angeli'm here again to ask help about wifi and hotspot23:18
angelsomeone to help me23:24

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