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xnoxpfak: with .override files you can change particular stanza, e.g. override just the exec stanza to add more parameters and the rest (pre-/post- start/stop) will be kept.08:35
xnoxpfak: or make a new different job "start on started foo" to have things execute straight after.08:35
xnoxpfak: what job do you want to append to? and what do you want to append?08:36
TrevinhoHey... Since the upgrade to kernel 3.10 in saucy. I can't boot anymore using the normal mode... (see bug #1195687), is that somewhat known?13:02
TrevinhoUsing the recovery mode works instead...13:03
jodhTrevinho: please see the latest comment on the bug.13:30
Trevinhojodh: I think I'm unable to boot... All I get it's a black screen (i didn't check withot quiet yet  but it seems like a problem in initializing plymouth), checking that though, thanks13:33
Trevinhojodh: what's the best way for you to make me get the console log?13:34
jodhTrevinho: I don't know what hardware, etc you have - can you just confirm whether there is a crash shown onscreen when you remove 'quiet' and 'splash'? if so, a photo attachment is good enough.13:35
Trevinhojodh: ok13:35
Trevinhojodh: unfortunately I'm getting a black screen...13:41
Trevinhojodh: also removing splash and quiet I'm getting a fast log, then the screen gets blank13:41
Trevinho(and nothing in /var/crash this time)13:43
jodhTrevinho: can you ctrl-alt-f1/f2? do the caps-lock/num-lock lights still work? is the system accessible via ssh? please could you add those details to the bug.13:50
axyelphow do i add a random number to my exec script? using env VARIABLE=$((RANDOM%100) doesn't work13:50
Trevinhojodh: mh, ok, I'll check that... 13:54
Trevinhojodh: however I've found what's blocking init13:55
Trevinhojodh: I'm using the custom cmd line for linux radeon.audio=113:55
Trevinhojodh: removing that it boots with normal boot profile..13:55
Trevinhojodh: that's weird btw... as it seems to work in recovery13:55
axyelpany way to use random values in upstart?13:58
jodhaxyelp: 'env' doesn't pass the variable value through a shell for expansion, but you can obviously set variables in a script section. If this is a Session Init job however, you *can* do what you want though by having your job call "initctl set-env VARIABLE=$((RANDOM%100))" in say the pre-start section, and that would then be available to all other sections.14:01
Trevinhojodh: just checked... not using hdmi audio in recovery mode so it seems mostly a kernel issue.. mh14:02
axyelpjodh: thanks? is there anything specific to import before using it? adding the line breaks the script14:07
jodhaxyelp: before using initctl? no. breaks how?14:09
axyelpjodh: by printing 'start: Job failed to start'14:10
jodhaxyelp: run init-checkconf /etc/init/your-job.conf14:10
axyelpjodh: it does say syntax ok!  here's the script - http://pastebin.com/dKb2thLM14:12
jodhaxyelp: RANDOM is a bash-ism. see http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#changing-the-default-shell14:15
axyelpi'm trying with $(od -An -N2 -i /dev/random). sigh!14:15
axyelpjodh: alright! will try that too!14:15
axyelpjodh: well! /dev/random did the trick! thanks! :)14:25
jodhaxyelp: np.14:25
pfakxnox: libvirt-bin, i actually wanted to prepend ..16:31
xnoxpfak: prepend to exec line should be easy..... inside script doable.... pre-start/pre-stop - well hard16:34
xnoxpfak: best edit it inline imho.16:34
pfakI just copypasted the stanza16:34
pfakthat look proper?16:35
xnoxpfak: yes.16:36
jodhpfak: you might want to add "|| :" to the end of that ovs-vsctl line in case grep fails say.16:38
pfakovs-vsctl show | grep 'Port \"vnet.\"' | awk -F\" {'print $2'} | xargs -I {} ovs-vsctl del-port {} || :16:38
jodhpfak: if any of those commands fails, the pre-start will fail, and your job will fail since upstart runs all scripts with "sh -e". See http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#debugging-a-script-which-appears-to-be-behaving-oddly16:40
pfak(you'll have to pardon me for not rtfmin'g the WHOLE upstart guidebook)16:41
pfakwell, hopefully that fixes my problem16:44
JoeJulianI created this conf expecting that as a "task" it would finish before prefdm tries to start. I'd like prefdm to block until this script is finished, otherwise it starts with system defaults instead of the preset user config I want for my users.  http://ur1.ca/ei0a719:45
JoeJulianIt seems to work most of the time, but not reliably.19:46
JoeJulianI also don't want to modify the packaged prefdm.conf 19:46
JoeJulianOh, and this is the centos rpm, upstart-0.6.5-12.el6_4.1.x86_6419:47
pfakCan't you just use an override?19:48
JoeJulianLooks like no. Apparenly that comes with 1.319:50
JoeJulianHmm, maybe I'll try it anyway. There is a ".override" string in /sbin/init19:52
pfak:\ too bad19:52
JoeJulianAnd if I'm reading this correctly, I can just put the stanza that I want overriden in the .override and the rest will run from the original?19:53
JoeJulianperfect. Thanks pfak. That was the bit I needed.20:02
pfakIt worked? Great.20:02
xnoxJoeJulian: hmm... to block a job foo with your own task, you make your job "start on starting foo"20:21
JoeJulianxnox: that's the way it was set, but it wasn't always consistent. (yes, it's been hours... Too many channels open and it was scrolled below the window.)23:21

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