smartboyhwpleia2, speaking of alternates and ppc images: You can always ask for phillw in #ubuntu-quality to test ppc images if you guys support it, the Lubuntu ppc testers always help:P03:51
micahgI think ppc images is a wishlist for us when all our other ducks are in a row or someone explicitly asks for and is willing to work on it03:57
micahgah, this was already said on the ML04:00
NoskcajI've got a mac mini if you need PPC testing04:16
micahgunfortunately, we have no devs with PPC to fix stuff04:17
Unit193(And VMs aren't everything.)04:18
skellatMy G4 died a while back04:19
skellatIn Nevada04:19
micahgoh, we actually have a ppc cross toolchain now so that might not be such an issue04:19
knomei would be comfortable in a situation where there was 2-3 active testers for mac08:30
knomein reality that probably means there needs to be around 10 people interested in the images08:30
Noskcajmac works too, because i assume we would need that many for AMD64+MAC08:36
knomei believe there isn't too much work to be done for the mac images08:37
smartboyhwBut you still have to test it.08:37
knomethere was some discussion on why even ubuntu has the separate mac image08:37
knomei can't remember what the rationale was, but you could pretty much use the regular image08:37
smartboyhwknome, I think bootloader, I think I heard the reason before08:38
Noskcajthe mac EFI (at least the older one) doesn't work with 64-bit, only 32-bit and 64+mac08:41
Noskcajonly difference AFAIK08:42
smartboyhwStupid Apple EFI::P08:43
knomemicahg, have you read the ML? simon sent a thorough mail about what we need to upload in saucy re: artwork08:48
micahgknome: yeah, will try to get to get to it this week12:35
knomemicahg, okay, thanks15:00
elfyknome: so the new question is - How to add testcases so we can ask for testing?18:11
knomeäesch, elfy is gone19:50

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