doorpJames_Epp: Heya, thanks for your support00:02
James_Eppdoorp: NP.00:02
James_EppI got two hours in the day. Let me get some coffee and I'll be with ya shortly.00:02
doorpJames_Epp: I guess it's about time I'll do the switch from cli to X, but quite frankly I would prefer to use my own built from source env00:02
James_EppIn the meantime, grab this iso: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/precise/release/desktop/xubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.torrent00:03
James_EppI've never done my own, but I'm sure you'll pick up xubuntu easy.00:03
James_EppIf anyone could help me and my friend here out. We're seeing if it would be possible to have a portable installation of xubuntu (on a flash drive/other means) and then be able to hibernate a session, change to very similar hardware, and load back up from the hibernation. What do you guys think?00:27
James_Eppdoorp: Tested hibernation, and I could do it successfully provided it was the exact same machine. I can't tell you if it would work with similar models, but it works for an identical machine.00:32
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nyRednekJames_Epp, hibernation like that will likely never work01:02
James_EppnyRednek: Could you provide more explanation?01:03
nyRednekJames_Epp, well, the resume from hibernation takes place from swap partition or swap file, and if the designator for the swap isn't the same across the board, no dice. another possible point of failure: differences in needed modules, however minor, can bring the restore down01:05
James_EppnyRednek: So you're saying if the root device isn't the same, no luck?01:05
nyRednekJames_Epp, if the swap device is not the same01:05
James_EppnyRednek: Could you define swap device? I understand swap space/partition, but not device.01:06
nyRednekthe swap partition's device name in /dev is how i'm defining swap device01:06
nyRednekthe hardware between hibernate and awaken must be identical01:07
nyRednekat least in that regard01:07
nyRednekand the modules loaded, if they conflict with the new hardware, you're going to have prolems01:07
James_EppWhat if it was the same model number, but different physical machine? In our instance, two laptops of same model number.01:08
nyRednekrestore from hibernation literally copies the dump from swap to memory01:08
nyRednekJames_Epp, in that case, you might be all right01:08
James_EppnyRednek: TY :D01:09
James_EppWe'll keep it in mind -- right, doorp? :P01:09
nyRednekJames_Epp, but any hardware difference, however minor in appearance, can cause a module(driver) conflict with hardware and give you a bad day01:10
nyRednekmeaning you will be forced to start with a fresh boot01:10
James_EppnyRednek: I kinda expected a situation like that if it were crazy differneces.01:10
James_EppBut I thank you for the info!01:10
nyRednekJames_Epp, since those modules will not only be loaded for the hardware, but will be configured for specific placement of the hardware(same position in bus)01:11
James_Eppgotcha, gotcha!01:11
nyRednekJames_Epp, where loading a fresh boot will probe for where the hardware is(assuming you're talking about a liveusb with some interesting configuration options)01:12
James_EppnyRednek: Yeah, I have a portable pendrive that I bring back and forth between amd and intel systems with basically no issues01:13
nyRednekJames_Epp, if you're talking about just booting, you typically won't have any issues01:13
James_EppWhat doorp has here is two similar (I assume identical) laptops in two different areas. He wants to work on stuff on one, go into hibernate, take the drive to the other system, and boot it up back to the same status.01:14
nyRednekJames_Epp, i made a few liveusb systems with some form of session preservation starting with a minimal ubuntu and building from there01:14
James_EppnyRednek: Fascinating, did you document it?01:14
nyRednekJames_Epp, well, to be honest, it was already documented...look for "custom ubuntu livecd"01:15
nyRednekor "liveusb"01:15
nyRednekyou have to install some stuff to build it01:15
nyRednekJames_Epp, but nothing obscene01:15
nyRednekJames_Epp, from that, it takes time to build...you'll be working in a fakeroot for a bit to get the packages you want to travel with you01:16
James_EppnyRednek: ok01:16
nyRednekJames_Epp, again, nothing particularly difficult if you keep documents handy01:17
* nyRednek needs to do that again...wants to make a gpg/irssi/alpine/tmux/sc/wordgrinder/electrum chip01:18
nyRednekno gui at all involved :)01:19
nyRednekoh, and links201:19
nyRednekjust so i can have a browser01:19
GusbateroHi all! Is there someone who can help me? :)02:03
doorpJames_Epp: Hey, I just got back, and read your discussion- thanks a lot!02:04
doorpnyRednek: Hey, how are you? Thanks a lot for sheding more insights and gotchas02:04
nyRednekdoorp, i'm doing ok02:04
nyRednekdoorp, and np02:05
nyRednekGusbatero, until you state your problem, no, no one can help you02:05
Gusbaterook :)02:06
doorpnyRednek: You mentioned livecd, which I don't really understand- I thought livecd was about being able to boot on various types/kinds of hardware, so it's not really my situation? Or maybe by "livecd" you only meant the idea of booting from a portable device?02:06
nyRednekdoorp, pretty much, yeah...02:07
nyRednekdoorp, if you're booting from heterogeneous hardware, you'll need the probing abilities of a liveOS version02:07
Gusbateromy profile closes when I try to open a video, or try to change something in the configuration, etc, and goes to the login window. It doesn't happen when I enter with the invited profile, for example02:08
nyRednekGusbatero, by your profile, are you referring to your login on your machine?02:08
Gusbateroi tried to log as Gest and it doesn happen.02:09
nyRednekGusbatero, ok, does that login have sudo powers?02:09
nyRednekGusbatero, ok, you may be having permissions issues02:09
nyRednekGusbatero, there are a few ways you can fix this02:10
GusbateroOK, tell me please02:10
nyRednekif it's a permissions issue "sudo chown -Rv user:user /home/user02:11
nyRednekof course, no beginning quote, and change all instances of the word "user" with your user's username02:11
nyRednekGusbatero, otherwise, you may need to pull a slash and burn02:11
nyRednekthat doesn't mean lose your data02:12
Gusbaterook, but, my I do this from gest profile?02:12
Gusbateromay I02:12
nyRednekGusbatero, no, don't02:12
Gusbaterohow can I do that?02:12
nyRednekGusbatero, do it from your normal user, in a shell02:12
Gusbaterook, I will try it and let you know02:13
Gusbaterowhat do you mean with "pull a slash and burn"? My english is not so good...02:13
WLShaforHello all02:15
WLShaforI'm seeking some helpo02:16
WLShaforI just used my last CDR to burn a copy for Xubuntu 6.06.102:16
Gusbaterook, I will try and come back to let know. Thanks!02:16
WLShaforand I want to upgrade to the newest release02:16
WLShaforany way I can do this?02:16
bazhangWLShafor, yes02:16
bazhangget the latest iso, and reinstall02:17
WLShaforwhen I go to Applications/System/Update Manager I'm not able to get the 6.10 upgrade :(02:17
bazhanguse a usb stick02:17
WLShaforI do not have any CDR's02:17
WLShaforhow do I upgrade using a USB?02:17
bazhangthats good, as you can use a usb stick02:17
bazhangdownload the iso02:18
bazhangburn to usb02:18
bazhangoverwrite the 6.06 system completely02:18
WLShaforwhat app works best inside Xubuntu 6.06.1 for making usb bootable iso?02:18
WLShaforso download newest release and just drag & drop the image tile to the usb stick?02:19
bazhangnot quite02:19
bazhangthere are tools to do it with02:19
WLShaforsuch as?02:19
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:19
bazhangyou will need another system for this to work, I suspect02:19
WLShaforthanks ill try my best I hope I can get to update I only have 1 laptop and a iPhone :\02:22
WLShaforand right now running Xubuntu 6.06.102:22
krytarikWLShafor, just use "dd" for that: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59551/how-to-burn-iso-to-usb-device02:23
GusbateroHi nyRednek! I'm back!02:24
nyRednekGusbatero, did that help?02:24
GusbateroI had a problem with "chmod". It tells that ":" is wrong. Could you repeat what I have to write?02:25
nyRednekoh, chown...that was my fault02:27
GusbateroOK. Is there someone who can help me? I was chating with nyRednek but he went out.02:37
Unit193What was the problem?  I see something about your profile logging out when you play a video?02:38
Gusbaterohi Unit193!02:42
Gusbateroyes, not only with videos, also when I try to change something in my configuration, or open a shell, its very strange...02:42
Unit193Indeed, what's /var/log/Xorg.0.log or ~/.xsession-errors say right after?  Did you happen to nuke ~/.cache/02:43
Gusbateronow I am in my profile yet. Do you want me to put this in a shell to see what says?02:44
GusbateroUnit193, are you there?02:50
Unit193Yes.  The first two are files, you should check them next time your session logs out.02:51
Gusbaterohow can I check it when I am in the login window? I' sorry but I don't know02:52
Unit193Drop to a TTY and login there, CTRL+ALT+F102:53
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution02:53
GusbateroOK, thank you Unit. I have to go offline now. I will try to do that tomorrow. Thank you for your help!!!02:56
lesbian_greenhi, i got a problem: when i boot my xubuntu system and i enter the password, the desktop won't load and i can't do anything. The only "solution" i found so far: when i first enter a wrong password and get the confirmation that it wasn't right, and then type in the correct password, the desktop loads and i can use my system, any ideas how i can fix that? btw, i'm new to linux.11:12
cfhowlettlesbian_green, I'd reset the password11:13
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords11:13
lesbian_greenok thx so far, i'll give it a try11:14
nasirhi my vlc crashes when i put it in full screen. my brightness can also not decrease. moreover what app can i use to save power.15:43
baizonnasir: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower15:46
nasirbaizon thanks. by the way how do i send a private message15:47
baizonnasir: what program do you use?15:47
SysiI think /msg person is universal15:48
nasirbaizon: Xchat15:48
baizonnasir: right click on nick and "Open dialog window"15:48
baizonor type: /msg <nickname> <message>15:49
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Xyverzcan somebody tell me where the xfce/xubuntu startup applications config file is located? For some reason, Conky is starting up twice. It's pretty annoying.16:08
Sysisettings -> sessions and startup, there's autostart, but session manager can autostart applications too16:09
XyverzIs there a text config file for it? I need to find out why Conky is starting twice, and the GUI only shows conky in there once.16:12
Xyverzhmm. it appears to only do it on first boot. subsequent logins don't have this problem.16:34
GridCubecheck that you dont have stored sessions for xfce, maybe that is restoring conky before the autostart of applications┬┐?16:36
nasirhow do i install adobe flash player.tar.gz?16:54
toraxnasir: you can get flashplugin-installer from repos16:57
toraxor was it flashplugin-nonfree16:57
xubuntu487hello /ciao17:09
xubuntu487'm trying to instal xubuntu into usb stick (32gb). Do i really need the swap partition? my pc has 8 gb ram17:11
Sysino absolutely necessary, but it also doesn't need to be as big as your RAM if you're not gonna enable hibernation17:12
xubuntu487the point is: my first try 16gb root partition 16gb swap... but xubunto was totally slow, almost inusable. I tought it was the swap file on the usb 2.0, so i'm trying a new installation without the swap partition17:14
xubuntu487'm doing it right?17:14
SysiI'm inclined to think it's the root on usb2 stick that makes it slow17:16
xubuntu487i followe a guide on ubuntu page. what do you suggest me?17:17
Sysithough after using it for a while it should be faster because everything is cached17:17
xubuntu487I'd like to have the system into a usb stick17:17
SysiI suggest usb3 if your mobo has it or another hard disk if you don't want to change your windows partition17:17
xubuntu487mmmm this means that's xubuntu cant really load smootly from an usb 2.0? it's a pity :\17:19
Sysiwith enough tweaking it probably could..17:19
xubuntu487can you suggest me a guide ?17:20
Sysisorry, not really17:20
xubuntu487thank u anyway :)17:21
xubuntu024I need a little help. Qbittorrent stopped opening after clicking on a magnet link. A new issue! Any help would be appreciated.17:28
xubuntu024The popup nototification with open torrent with Qbittorrent is blank and says choose application to open torrent. I'm stumped as to what to do.17:35
GridCubedo you have more than one torrent manager?17:56
GridCubeif you do its better to remove it, maybe do a sudo apt-get install qbittorrent --reinstall17:57
xubuntu024No. Qbittorrent only. Been using Xubuntu for a month now, and anomalies like this keep coming up.17:59
xubuntu024I uninstalled in Software Center (Remove). Reinstalled, rebooted. Still no automatic dwnld of torrents.18:01
GridCubethe magnet link asociation can be made from the firefox settings, you choose with what to open the link from there18:02
GridCubeyou can also open teh mimetype editor and check that its configured properly to torrents18:02
GridCubethough i don think you can setup .magnet there18:02
xubuntu024Wierd. I just now copied link on webpage. In File > Add link to torrent>auto pasted magnet link... worked. Not automatic though. Man!18:06
xubuntu024Hmm. why does Bansee sound better than Clementine playin' music?18:37
foggyyuo touch my ta-la-la,my din-din-don)18:41
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GusbateroHi all! I have a strange problem. My profiles closes to the log window when I try to do something...21:50
GusbateroNo one here? :(21:56
GusbateroHi! Is there someone who can help me with my problem?22:14
MiningdudeGusbatero: Depending on the question. You might just want to ask the question and be patient while people come and go from the channel.22:17
GusbateroOK Miningdude. Thanks. Those are my first times here! I didn't know22:18
MiningdudeGusbatero: No problem! We all learn in time. Again, just ask and someone should be with you eventually. I, sadly, am not probably able to help.22:19
GusbateroOk. So I will be here for a time and wait for someone who can help me. Thank you very much!22:20
MiningdudeGusbatero: Again, just ask. :P22:22
GusbateroOK. My problem is that, when I do something like open a video, or try to change a configuration of start or open a shell, my user profile closes and shows the log window. When I enter it opens some programs that were opened before22:25
Gusbaterolike it repeats a saved profile22:26
Gusbaterook. It seems is solved! I erased saved sessions and now it works fine! Hope this lasts!22:28
xubuntu514zllab 'o ballz23:19
xubuntu514Fish tank chat ?23:20
xubuntu514Must be waterlogged, everybody's got wood.23:21
xubuntu514nubuntu is better23:22
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