bachi luca, do you have assets for the new expose slider?11:48
lucabac: hmmm11:49
lucabac: I'll have to have a look, Jamie (Vis designer) is on holiday this week...11:49
bacluca: it's ok if you don't as i'll just use the old ones and sub them out later.11:50
lucabac: it might be best to use the old ones11:50
bachey, good idea!  :)11:50
rick_hjcsackett: jujugui can I get a second review on huw's design rework initial branch please? https://codereview.appspot.com/10902044/12:08
benjirick_h: I'll take a look12:08
rick_hbenji: thanks12:08
rick_hbenji: qa-wise it leaves the old toggle button, but my branch (second in the series) will remove it. 12:09
benjiI assume that's the browser toggle button12:09
rick_hbenji: actually it leaves the min/max button in the upper right corner of the browser bit12:09
gary_posterbenji, did you see hatch's email?12:11
benjigary_poster: I saw his branch land, but I didn't see a human-generated email.12:12
gary_posterbenji, "Critical drag & drop preventing release," I'm afraid12:12
gary_posterthat is the subject12:12
gary_posterto peeps list12:13
gary_posterrick_h, why don't you bring up the clear search thing to UX?12:13
gary_postermight as well see if it was an oversight at the least12:14
rick_hgary_poster: ok, will do. 12:14
rick_hoh luca... :)12:14
benjiEither my approach to this task is wrong or our code in this area has some systemic issue (or both!).12:14
gary_posterbenji, it certainly has highlighted what appears to be some major fragility.  If the necessary steps for proper deployment are abstracted into a few functions that would be a win for the future, at least.12:19
benjirick_h: do I need to QA that branch too?12:23
rick_hbenji: you can, but I've done qa. I should have marked that in the comment sorry. 12:24
rick_hbenji: why I mentioned the one known qa issue atm12:24
rick_hmy follow up that fixes that qa issue is already reviewed yesterdy and I'll land right after this one gets the ok and I submit for him. 12:25
rick_hthanks benji 12:27
benjimy pleasure12:27
gary_posterrick_h, fwiw, I clarified the new search widget behavior mocked up by ant with luca yesterday.  If the charm browser is minimized, environment (service) search results come first, and charm search results come second.  Otherwise, the order is reversed.  This is the only difference.12:56
gary_poster(between minimized and not minimized)12:56
rick_hgary_poster: ok, but do we have environment search?12:57
gary_posterrick_h, nope :-)12:58
gary_posterrick_h, I suggest punting on it for OSCON12:58
gary_posterrick_h, it will probably be trivial to implement12:58
gary_posterbut we have too many "probably trivial to implement" things in the queue, and some serious burns from some of them12:59
rick_hgary_poster: yea, the big thing I know we waited on was that you can search, but then when you click you can't load all the data we need to fill out a charm view12:59
gary_posterrick_h, what do you mean?12:59
rick_hgary_poster: so there was talk of trying to get juju to enable access to file content like config.yaml/etc but that never picked up priority from juju12:59
gary_posterrick_h, I *think* that the search of services is supposed to focus the environment view on the service, not open the charm.  I'm pretty sure that's the case actually.  the inspector is responsible for showing charm info for a service13:00
gary_posternot the charm browser13:00
gary_posterso the service search would walk through the services in the local JS db, and if it finds some that seem to match, include it in the result list.  If the user clicks on the service in the list, the environment pans to the service and opens its inspector13:02
rick_hgary_poster: ok. 13:02
gary_posterif we don't have the inspector, we simply pan for now13:02
lucagary_poster: I'm working through the dirty input thing and worked out a solution for saving or discarding unsaved changes but I was thinking about the multiple settings in 1 input field problem. I've always had a system in the wireframes that allow users to save each individual setting but you mentioned a while ago that it wouldn't really be a good idea to do that. I've now catered for a "savE13:09
lucasave" feature for settings but if we get multiple settings per input field then it gets really complex to sort out which setting to choose from13:10
lucagary_poster: I'm not sure if I've worded this at all coherently13:10
lucagary_poster: what I;m saying is, if we have each setting input field saveable then it's an easier process if you get multiple inputs. Is it even a problem now that we came up with a solution for the scale units thing?13:11
gary_posterluca, yeah, I'm not sure what you mean about multiple settings per input field.  Do you mean the case when you are editing a field and someone else has changed the field since you started?13:12
lucagary_poster: yes13:12
gary_posterI'm still not entirely caught up with you I think, but getting there. :-) scaling units is a separate control.  The "save" would need to apply to, say, all of the configuration options together, or all of the constraints.13:14
gary_posterbasically the sections you have in the UX divide things up pretty well.13:14
gary_posterif there is one control, we can do it immediately13:14
gary_posterif there are multiple controls, we need a save13:14
lucagary_poster: yeah but if I'm editing "Setting X" and Steve edits "Setting X" do we need to offer conflict resolution?13:14
gary_posterif it is changed, yes13:15
lucagary_poster: ok, so13:15
gary_posterand generally that is the case within a section13:15
gary_posterso if I am editing config13:15
gary_posterand changing setting X13:15
lucagary_poster: If I edit 10 settings, and Steve edits 6 of those settings we should offer conflict resolution on those 6 settings?13:15
gary_posterthen I want to know if config setting X changes, or any other config setting13:16
gary_posterluca, we need to handle the situation, yes.13:16
lucagary_poster: ok, It's a tricky one to solve13:17
gary_posterluca, similarly, if I edit 1 setting, and Steve edits another setting in the same section, I should see Steve's change, and it should be highlighted.13:17
lucagary_poster: I imagine saving after each setting change would be the easiest way to A) check for a conflict and B) solve a conflict. It could get really messy if we're dealing with multiple conflicts.13:18
gary_posterit is not a direct conflict, but I should be aware of the world changing, as it might interact poorly with what I'm doing13:18
gary_posterluca, that is not a good solution practically because (A) settings can work together and (B) saving settings can trigger arbitrary amounts of work.13:19
gary_posterwe don't want to trigger work for an incomplete command13:19
gary_posterwhere a "command" would be a set of settings13:19
lucagary_poster: ok, so we need a solution that can handle multiple conflicts13:20
lucagary_poster: which shows when the settings were last updated13:20
lucagary_poster: and can highlight new changes13:20
gary_posterluca, single setting works for unit target count FWIW13:20
gary_posterluca, shows when the settings were last updated?13:20
gary_posterluca, I would be *very* fine with a simple practical solution.13:22
lucagary_poster: yeah to show whoever goes into the GUI if it was updated recently or not13:22
gary_posterluca, we won't have that info in many cases.  The GUI could have it if it has been running, but juju will not deliver it13:23
lucagary_poster: I see, ok13:23
gary_posterluca, simple practical solution: for instance, we could simply warn the user of different settings as they arrive. If they can see what they are, they can deal with them.  We might not need to stop their flow, just let them know that something else is going on.  We could always show saved values, and then highlight when those "saved" values change.  Alternatively, I would even be OK with heavy-handed solutions as an interim13:27
gary_poster solution, like forcing the user to select between the form values and the saved values en masse13:27
gary_posterThough I'd prefer to be a bit more flexible than that, at least13:27
lucagary_poster: no cross team meeting today13:51
gary_posterok cool luca, works for me, though please ask ant to tell us if he is ok with Huw's SASS plan13:52
lucagary_poster: He's writing an email as we speak :)13:52
gary_posterluca, cool thanks :-)13:52
hatchhey benji I see you have picked up that card - any luck? need a hand?14:00
benjihatch: no particular luck but I may have some questions in a bit that you can help with14:01
hatchbenji: how are those questions coming? :)14:29
* hatch is itching to get this released14:30
hatchtbh I'm not sure how much help I'll be14:30
benjihatch: none at the moment; we can pair if you want14:30
hatchsure just let me grab a coffee14:30
hatchbenji: i'm in guichat14:34
hatchMakyo: in yet?14:39
Makyohatch, yep.14:41
hatchmind poping in guichat for a quick sec?14:41
gary_posterhatch when you are available lemme know and we can have a weekly call.  No rush: I'm available up until the team call.14:42
hatchgary_poster: ok I handed off to Makyo for the time being14:43
sinzuiorangesquad. I just reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/charmworld/+bug/1197435 . I will fix this now and then update the rt to deploy because I don't want this bug to go to production.14:57
_mup_Bug #1197435: KeyError 'summary' accessing a key that is now an attr <oops> <regression> <charmworld:In Progress by sinzui> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1197435>14:57
matsubaragary_poster, hi there14:59
gary_postermatsubara, hey! on call will ping15:00
matsubaragary_poster, I'd like to test the tarmac setup for juju-gui. 15:00
matsubaraI'll wait for your ping then :-)15:01
benjigary_poster: update, Makyo recognized the problem and has a one-line fix.  He'll be adding a test and proposing the branch soonish.15:03
hatchfigures it would be a one liner lol15:03
gary_posteryay benji and Makyo!15:03
MakyoHmm, this was actually fixed by my second branch, yesterday, but the test was stumping me.  Think I've got it now.15:14
Makyobenji, quick +1 on tests?  One added to check that positions and hasBeenPositioned are set if provided, another checking that annotations are set if hasBeenPositioned is set. https://codereview.appspot.com/10876044/15:39
benjiMakyo: sure, looking15:40
gary_postermatsubara, hey15:41
gary_posteryou need a branch to test, I'm guessing?15:41
hatchthis fix looks like a lot more than one line ;)15:46
Makyohatch, We renamed 'dragged' to something more indicative that the service has been intentionally positioned, plus I added tests per benji.  Same code, in the end.15:48
MakyoI'm in the process of landing, FWIW.  I have three LGTMs, one from you :)15:48
hatchMakyo: so how does changing the name fix the issue....or is this just an enhancement on this branch and a fix is in another?15:49
hatchohh nm15:49
Makyojujugui call in 10 kanban now.15:50
hatchbenji Makyo thanks for tackling that issue.....here is to hoping I can finally do the release ;)15:50
matsubaragary_poster, yes15:51
Makyojujugui call in 215:58
* benji wonders aloud if rick_h is in today.16:15
hatchshoot things have changed in trunk since yesterday16:23
hatchI think going forward we need to start making release branches16:24
hatchand holy smokes I think this QA will pass16:25
matsubaragary_poster, the jenkins job just finished. Would be ok to disable it and set up the tarmac one in its place so we can test pre commit landing for the next branch?16:25
* hatch grumbles about the lack of a 'home' button in the charm browser16:26
gary_postermatsubara, sure, though let's wait till Jeff makes a release, which will hopefully be soon.  hatch, agree?16:26
hatchgary_poster: matsubara very soon, just finishing up the QA16:26
matsubaraok. hatch, please let me know when you're done so we can continue. :-)16:26
hatchQA ..... passed *he says expecting it to explode*16:28
hatchmatsubara: ok will do, probably 15-2016:28
matsubarathanks hatch 16:29
hatchgary_poster: there is some wako url stuff goign on but I don't think it should block the release....16:29
hatchwhen viewing a service and then you click relations the url is16:30
hatchnot sure where the # is coming from...16:30
hatchjujugui ^ anyone know what's up with that16:32
gary_posterseen that before hatch.  not worth blocking release.  seeing if I can find source really quickly16:34
gary_posterapp/views/service.js:              charmUrl = (charm ? getModelURL(charm) : '#');16:36
gary_postermm probably not16:36
hatchshall I make the changes to changes.yaml in trunk then push or should I create a new branch then merge the changes in?16:38
hatch^ process pedantics :)16:38
gary_posterhatch I suggest the former16:38
hatchsounds good16:39
hatchin the changes.yaml there is a - > on some lines16:41
hatchoh that's multiple lines16:41
hatchgary_poster: are we talking about the new inspector in the changelog?16:48
gary_posterhatch, sure can, but clarify it is hidden behind feature flag and in progress16:48
hatchgary_poster: sounds good https://gist.github.com/hatched/e0ac58187f4bbc544273 did I get all the points?16:50
gary_posterhatch: "Export environment to YAML from keyboard shortcut." -> "Export environment to Juju deployer YAML format from keyboard shortcut (shift-d)".16:52
gary_posteror similar16:52
gary_posterhatch: "Added relations to Go sandbox." -> "Added relations to Go sandbox (Go sandbox still in progress)."16:53
gary_posterthanks hatch good17:00
hatchhmm the make distfile is failing17:00
hatchthere are no uncommitted changes17:01
hatchthere is a shelve (that probably shouldn't matter)17:01
hatchdoes the FINAL=1 need to be an environment variable?17:01
gary_posterhatch, the commands as given wfm17:03
gary_posteror have in the past I mean17:03
gary_posterMake will usually do the right thing17:03
hatchI wish it gave me a real error17:03
hatchcan I clear out the bzr shelve?17:04
hatchmaybe that's what's going on17:04
hatchparent branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/juju-gui/17:04
hatchit was the shelve17:06
hatchalrighty qa'ing the tarball17:10
hatchdrag and drop doesn't work in FF17:12
hatchI was sure it did in the first QA17:13
hatch^ gary_poster17:13
* gary_poster whimpers17:13
hatchof course this is after I already tagged a release17:14
gary_posterhatch, wfm on uistage17:14
hatchhmm ok lemme clear the cache again17:14
gary_posterhatch, no it failed after I cleared the cache17:15
hatch*grumble grumble grumble*17:15
hatchWELL then17:15
hatchso the drop target is no longer getting caught17:16
gary_posterhatch works for me again? :-/17:17
gary_posternack soon17:17
hatchhmm something is wrong here... the icons are sticking around too17:19
gary_posterhatch I don't see problem any more17:31
gary_posteras I said17:31
hatchisn't working for me in OSX FF17:32
hatchlemme try in Ubuntu17:32
hatchok works in Ubuntu FF17:33
hatchok so works in OSX Chrome and Ubuntu Chrome/FF17:34
hatchI suppose that's releaseable17:34
hatchI'll create a bug right now17:34
gary_posterhatch I can get it to fail intermittently in Ubuntu FF17:35
gary_posterit *seems* to be a timing issue17:35
gary_posterhatch, if I drag it and hold it for a second or two and then release it always works17:36
hatchok let me try that in OSX17:36
gary_posterif I drag it and release it as fast as I can it fails intermittenty17:36
hatchok even that doesn't help in OSX17:36
hatchwhen I drag as fast as I can in Ubuntu it works every time haha17:37
gary_posterand sigh17:37
gary_posterok release it and make the bug, I agree17:37
hatchcan do!17:37
* hatch pushes the release down the stairs17:37
gary_posterquick lunch17:38
jcsackettrick_h, jujugui: can i get two reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/10916043/17:39
hatchbenji: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1197486 ;)17:42
_mup_Bug #1197486: Charm drag and drop does not work in OSX FF <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1197486>17:42
* hatch waits for a laptop to be thrown through my window17:42
benjiI'll requisition a new MBP immediately.17:43
hatchbenji: just fyi - I am still releasing just pointing that out :)17:43
sinzuirick_h, your download count changes are in production now17:44
hatchcan someone check out trunk, fire up rapi, try and drag and drop in FF on Ubuntu ?17:46
hatchIt's refreshing the page when I do that17:46
Makyowfm, hatch17:47
MakyoOh, rapi, just a sec.17:47
Makyohatch, reproduced.  It refreshes to eg http://localhost:8888/precise/glance-1717:48
hatchok we clearly can't release with that17:49
hatchson of a17:49
benjioh man17:49
* benji tries to reproduce the bug.17:50
hatchI'm starting to get irritated heh17:50
hatch(at dd)17:50
hatchhey my numpad works in my vm's now.....17:51
hatchsilver lining?17:51
MakyoIt's feeling race-condition-y caused by the relative slowness of rapi as compared to sandbox17:52
hatchbut it only happens in FF17:53
hatchok I fixed it17:53
hatchbenji: Makyo can you please add evt.preventDefault(); into the canvasDropHandler method17:54
hatch(after evt is defined of course)17:54
benjihatch, Makyo: I will.17:55
hatchthanks /me hopes it helps17:55
Makyobenji, hatch will test on my branch, just to have a third set of eyes17:55
hatchI have no idea why the heck this just started now17:56
MakyoGood so far.17:56
hatchgreat - it looks like it's working here too (OSX FF still broken but whatever)17:58
Makyohatch, good with rapi and sandbox, FF and Chrome17:58
hatchexcellent - benji any issues to report?17:58
benjihatch: I am still seeing the refresh. I'm investigating.17:59
hatchthat's not comforting17:59
jcsackettsinzui: can you take a look at https://codereview.appspot.com/10916043/17:59
benjihatch: it was a typo on my part; it works fine with the preventDefault()18:00
hatchok awesome18:00
hatchso now how do I remove the pushed tag heh18:00
gary_posterhatch you don't.  Just call this 0.7.1 and trash 0.7.018:01
hatchsounds like a plan18:01
* hatch restarts the process18:01
* hatch smashes hands with hammer18:01
hatchI'll rename 0.7.0 to 0.7.1  ?18:02
benjiok, I'm going to go get lunch now and try not to drag or drop anything while I'm at it18:02
* sinzui looks18:06
sinzuijcsackett,  Why is next() removed from the sidebar method?18:15
hatchMakyo: I have proposed the fix branch - mind giving it a quick sanity check before I submit? https://codereview.appspot.com/1092004318:23
Makyohatch, LGTM18:25
jcsackettsinzui: typo. i'll fix it.18:31
jcsackettwell, not typo so much as misdirected delete.18:31
sinzuijcsackett, once we arrive at the sidebar we are done?18:32
sinzuijcsackett, I think you mean next() still belongs there...you had an errant dd18:32
jcsackettsinzui: that is what i am trying to say, yes.18:32
jcsackettsinzui: if isJujucharms is true, sidebar doesn't get called by default.18:33
jcsackettsidebar should not be modified.18:33
sinzuijcsackett, okay. LGTM. I need to step away to rescue my wife from a garage.18:33
jcsackettsinzui: ok, thanks.18:33
jcsackettjujugui: can i get one review of https://codereview.appspot.com/10916043/, please?18:45
hatchsinzui: jcsackett I am concerned that next() was removed and noone noticed, that should have broken something18:51
hatch(reading from the sidelines)18:51
gary_posterhatch!  you didn't yell/scream/whoop-n-holler about actually making a 0.7.1 release successully!  yay! :-)19:04
bachatch: call when you get chance?19:04
hatchgary_poster: I haven't compared the tars yet....it could still screw up19:04
hatchbac: sure....5 mins19:04
hatchgary_poster: I'll also post to the blog with the release once I have finished the checklist19:05
hatchw00t w00t!!! RELEASED19:07
* hatch does a little jig19:07
hatchbac: ok guichat?19:09
gary_postersinzui, questions for you.  (1) on http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/ if you look at the new charms, it includes 10 charms that you cannot click on and that you cannot find in search results.  What is the intent there?  (2) the openvpn charm has an icon, it seems, even though it is not reviewed.  how can that happen?19:21
gary_posterOther bugs:19:21
gary_poster(not for any particular audience, but tied to Huw's branch)19:21
gary_poster- the config panel is 10 pixels down from the proper location19:21
gary_poster- the tab does not expand to the right of the charm details19:22
gary_poster- the tab does not change color to orange when minimized19:22
sinzuigary_poster, Anyone can add a charm, it is up to the subapp to ignore it.19:22
hatchbenji: how did you do the bullet points in your release blog post? manually?19:22
sinzuiI think 2 is a regression19:22
gary_poster- the search field changes size when you minimize19:22
benjihatch: I don't remember exactly.  I do recall it involved vim though. 19:23
hatchoh hah ok I'll do it manually19:23
hatchoh they are li's19:23
hatchit must accept html19:23
hatchMakyo: is that how you got your headings on your blog post? raw html in the input?19:24
Makyohatch, no.19:24
MakyoGo to /wp-admin, posts, new post19:24
MakyoThat'll give you the full WYSIWYG editor.19:25
hatchohh ok19:25
MakyoThere'll be a dropdown for paragraph types, etc.19:25
sinzuigary_poster, I am not certainly about http://manage.jujucharms.com/~nextrevision/precise/openvpn19:26
sinzuigary_poster, I can see the charm is new, so it is shown. It is not reviewed. Few new charms will ever be reviewed, so they will not show up in search unless you choose to see all19:27
sinzuigary_poster, so http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/fullscreen/search/~nextrevision/precise/openvpn-2/?series=precise&text=openvpn will show it19:27
gary_postersinzui, fwiw that url does not show it19:29
sinzuirick_h, jcsackett ^ per gary_poster's question to me. I think there is a regression. We are showing icons for unreviewed charms. Note that new charms are rarely/never reviewed, so while they are shown on the home page, search will only reveal them if [ ] Reviewed charms is unchecked.19:29
gary_postersinzui, if you expand the 10 new charms, none of them will display19:30
sinzuigary_poster, when I tap Storm in the new section I see the details19:31
gary_postersinzui, all of them work in fullscreen ("browse") mode19:32
gary_postersinzui, none of them work in GUI/sidebar/"build" mode19:33
sinzuirick_h, jcsackett ^ gui is not getting the details for new charms from the sidebar19:34
jcsackettsinzui: looking.19:41
gary_posterjcsackett, if the sidebar thing is a quick fix I'd love to have it today.  The icon thing we can push to next week without issue19:44
jcsackettgary_poster, sinzui: i agree there is an error, i am not sure it is a regression. i have never actually seen behavior on paths with '~' in the charmbrowser, tbh.19:44
jcsackettunless someone else confirms a path like this used to work, it's possible this was never parsed correctly.19:44
jcsackettbut that does provide a clue.19:46
sinzuijcsackett, indeed. New are very different from the kind of charms most users work with19:46
gary_posterjcsackett, I'm messing around. search uses a sightly different approach, fwiw... http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/sidebar/search/~juju-gui/precise/juju-gui-68/?series=precise&text=gui19:46
gary_posterjcsackett, I'm pretty sure that the urls used to look like this:19:47
gary_posterthat works fine19:47
jcsackettyeah, we removed showing the default viewmode in urls a little bit ago, and i don't know that we ever looked at '~' paths then.19:48
jcsacketti have a clue where it's breaking.19:48
gary_posteryeah I like that change19:48
gary_posterjcsackett, please let me know if you have time to get this out before EoD.  You want me to file a bug with this or the icon thing?19:49
gary_posterI mean, let me know when you think you know :-)19:49
gary_postermatsubara, release was made about 40 minutes ago.  I suspect this is your EoD about now?19:54
jcsackettgary_poster, sinzui, i have a fix.19:54
gary_posterawesome thanks jcsackett 19:54
hatchblogs posted birds tweeted19:54
jcsackettneed to put tests in for it, then i'll put it up.19:54
gary_posterthank you19:55
hatch....0.7.2 /me stomps his feet and grumbles19:55
gary_postersorry :-)19:55
matsubaragary_poster, nope, not yet.19:55
jcsackettin the meantime, jujugui, can anyone please review https://codereview.appspot.com/10916043/ ? :-P19:55
jcsacketti have one, just need a second.19:55
Makyojcsackett, on it.19:56
jcsackettawesome, thanks Makyo.19:56
hatchjcsackett: why did you not notice that it failed with next() gone?19:56
hatchsomething should have seriously broken19:56
benjijcsackett: do you need a second?19:56
matsubaragary_poster, so, can I disable the job and put the tarmac one in place? It'd be nice to test with jcsackett branch19:56
gary_postermatsubara, go for it19:56
jcsackettbenji, nope, just the one, Makyo got it.19:56
jcsacketthatch: i suspect that got deleted in a quick fix for lint, which didn't break tests.19:56
jcsackettbenji: thanks for asking, though. :-)19:57
bcsallerhatch: ping me when you can have that call19:57
hatchhmm routing is tough to test too19:57
hatchI suppose the review was enough this time19:57
hatchbcsaller: lets do it!19:57
bcsallergary_poster: if you're still interested we'll have that call now19:58
hatchin guichat19:58
hatchbac: your in guichat19:58
gary_postercool thanks bcsaller .  I'll join for a bit, though I'll try to make myself drop out to finish up doc before EoD19:58
abentleysinzui: Could you please give me a mid-implementation review of https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/slow-migrations/+merge/172895 ?20:01
* sinzui looks20:01
matsubaragary_poster, ok. changes done. once there's a new MP, tarmac will pick it up20:04
gary_postermatsubara, when is your EoD?20:04
gary_posterhow long from now?20:04
matsubaragary_poster, I'll be around for another 2h20:05
gary_posterperfect thanks matsubara 20:05
matsubaragary_poster, my last test was done with this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/juju-gui/juju-gui-test 20:08
matsubaragary_poster, so basically the tarmac jenkins plugin branches from lp:juju-gui, merges the changes in the MP, pushes the branch to ci branch on LP (https://code.launchpad.net/~jujugui-lander/juju-gui/jenkins-branch) and then passes that branch to the juju-gui test runner to use as --origin. Once the tests pass, it merges the changes into juju-gui or notify failures in the MP. Does that sound like what you needed?20:11
sinzuiabentley, while I review your branch, do you have time for my MP? https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/charm-object-damn-it-2/+merge/17289820:12
abentleysinzui: Sure.20:12
abentleysinzui: r=me.20:15
gary_postermatsubara, sounds perfect!  thanks!20:23
matsubaragary_poster, don't thank me yet. let's see if works first :-)20:23
gary_posterlol, ok20:23
bachatch: thanks for the help.  the data binding update worked.20:41
hatchno problem glad it worked :)20:49
abentleysinzui: any thoughts so far?20:49
sinzuiyes. I will save what I have so far20:49
hatchgary_poster: I think that bcsaller and I have come to a great middle ground between what we need now and what will provide us with an easy-upgrade-path later20:50
sinzuiabentley, I add my first comments. I have 100 more lines to go20:50
gary_posterhatch, bcsaller, great!  I look forward to reading about it. :-)20:50
hatchand I actually haven't had lunch yet so I think I'll head out to grab some20:51
gary_posterheh, ok, enjoy20:51
hatchhave a great holiday everyone20:51
gary_posterthank you!20:51
hatchsee ya Monday20:51
hatchannnnd anytime :)20:51
sinzuiabentley, I don't have any other comments20:55
gary_posterjcsackett, I see the MP.  Should I review?21:00
jcsackettgary_poster, that would be awesome. i was just about to ping.21:01
gary_postercool, on it21:01
jcsackettgary_poster: hm, looks like it hit LP, but not rietveld yet.21:01
* jcsackett is looking at the terminal still sitting on the rietveld step.21:02
gary_posters'ok, trying qa21:02
abentleysinzui: Thanks!21:03
jcsackettsinzui: can you look at https://codereview.appspot.com/10914044 it's the new charms fix.21:08
jcsackettgary_poster: review is up on rietveld ^21:08
gary_posterack on it thanks jcsackett 21:08
MakyoUpdate on unit controls: https://codereview.appspot.com/10763045 Fixes ghost inspector (something leftover from an old branch), and also squashes a bug where the units attr of a ServiceModel wasn't updating on ServiceUnitModel.remove.21:09
Makyobac is tagged on the card, but anyone from jujugui..? ^^^21:10
* sinzui looks21:10
gary_posterjcsackett, qa == thing of beauty, joy forever.  will look at code now.  Makyo if it is fast will look.  need to go soon to get back for call with Huw21:11
Makyogary_poster, not terribly fast, would like QA.  Go call :)21:11
jcsackett"qa == thing of beauty, joy forever" is going to be my new slogan.21:12
gary_posterMakyo, ack :-)21:12
Makyogary_poster, Cheers on the Keats, too :)21:12
sinzuijcsackett, LGBT21:14
* jcsackett laughs21:14
sinzuioh damn21:14
gary_posterjcsackett, LGTM :-)21:14
sinzuijcsackett, do you have 2 minutes to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/charm-object-damn-it-3/+merge/17291621:40
jcsackettsinzui: yes.21:40
jcsackettsinzui: r=me.21:42
sinzuithank you jcsackett21:42
bacMakyo: i'm looking21:51
Makyobac, cheers.21:51
bacMakyo: is clicking on 'details' supposed to do *that*?21:55
Makyobac, This is only implementing the units list and the add/remove unit controls.  We don't have an inspector viewlet for that yet.21:56
bacMakyo: whew21:56
Makyoread: I sure hope not in the future :)21:57
bacMakyo: ah, it is 'env' in both config base and derived configs that cause that recursion error21:59
Makyobac, Yeah, something leftover from before, I guess.21:59
bacMakyo: done22:02
Makyobac, cheers, thanks.22:02
gary_posterjujugui, call now in guichat for weekly call australian edition22:30
huwshimirick_h: Around, by any chance?22:40
huwshimigary_poster: Pushed that change.22:59
huwshimigary_poster: Would you like me to sneak the change to fix the config panel top positioning into this branch? That way I can  land both of them today...23:01
gary_posterhuwshimi, yes please :-)23:01
huwshimigary_poster: OK, give me a couple of minutes23:02
gary_posterwill do23:02
huwshimigary_poster: Pushed.23:05
huwshimiwell... I'm in Australia so it's still pushing23:05
huwshimiOK, complete :)23:05
gary_posterhuwshimi :-) back and looking23:41
huwshimigary_poster: Thanks23:41

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