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ehganyone else come across go juju's upgrade-charm failing after 9 upgrades of a charm?11:00
ehgmaybe due to: /worker/uniter/charm/deployer.go:prefix = prefix + time.Now().Format("-%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")11:01
ehgnot formatting the date properly, and coming out as a string11:01
ehgit causes a pretty nasty infinite loop that runs config-changed :(11:26
ehgcolleague has filed a bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/119736911:27
_mup_Bug #1197369: more than 10 upgrades to a charm causes horrible infinite loop <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1197369>11:27
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1197369 in juju-core "more than 10 upgrades to a charm causes horrible infinite loop" [Undecided,New]11:27
_mup_Bug #1197369: more than 10 upgrades to a charm causes horrible infinite loop <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1197369>11:27
stubehg: I suspect it is fixed in the dev version. I think I've seen it, but not since switching to the PPA version11:59
ehgstub: it seems to be in head still, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~go-bot/juju-core/trunk/view/head:/worker/uniter/charm/deployer.go#L19113:00
ehgi'm not too familiar with bzr, however13:00
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arosalesjuju charm meeting starting in a few minues16:02
arosaleson air URL: http://youtu.be/ZQ47UzK65-Q16:02
arosalesetherpad: http://youtu.be/ZQ47UzK65-Q16:03
arosalesetherpad: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cb8d75f1182f29cddb2b46a565cb9ff361af9e09?authuser=0&hl=en16:04
arosalesthat is actually the hangout URL if folks want to join16:04
arosalesreal etherpad link: http://pad.ubuntu.com/7mf2jvKXNa16:05
arosalesmarcoceppi, will be checking to see if he can update the onair16:07
arosaleshttp://ubuntuonair.com/ also updated16:08
smartboyhwarosales, um, since jcastro is on holiday, I need to ask you: The JuJu championships, 13-18-year-olds are supposed to contact you guys.16:09
smartboyhwSo, how to contact? jcastro told me to send an  email to him but he's on holiday, not probably the best idea...16:10
smartboyhwOr is he back!!?!??!16:10
smartboyhwjcastro, ping ping ping16:10
arosalessmartboyhw, hello16:12
smartboyhwarosales, hey:)16:13
jcastrohey guys16:13
jcastroyeah, smartboyhw I have your info16:13
smartboyhwjcastro, yay:)16:13
arosalesah jcastro !16:16
jcastroI've sent you an email16:16
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smartboyhwWait, my parents submit MY entry!?!?!?!?16:17
smartboyhwWhat kind of rule is that?16:17
* smartboyhw :O16:17
jcastroyou're underage, there's a bunch of legal stuff we have to do16:18
smartboyhwI mean, it's OK to let them have the prize money... But I think I should be the one who submits the entry myself, jcastro.16:18
jcastroI don't really make these rules16:19
* smartboyhw decides not to take part due to this strange rule.16:19
smartboyhwIf I don't have control over what I enter, what's the point?16:20
CyberJacobAnybody here?18:14
marcoceppiCyberJacob: Hi!18:23
* CyberJacob is now reinstalling to try and fix the problem18:23
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CyberJacobok, so now I have my first problem again19:08
CyberJacoband I don't know how I fixed it19:08
arosalesCyberJacob, what is the issue you are seeing?19:40
arosalesCyberJacob, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com19:40
CyberJacobarosales: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5841424/19:50
CyberJacobarosales: everything gets stuck on pending19:50
* arosales taking a look19:50
arosalesCyberJacob, ah so this is a maas provider19:51
arosalesCyberJacob, what version of juju are you running?19:51
CyberJacobfresh from apt-get19:52
CyberJacobon a brand new MAAS install19:52
arosalesCyberJacob, and to confirm your environment did you grab maas from the ppa or ubuntu archive?19:54
CyberJacobI grabbed a server install ISO and selected "multiple server install with MAAS" from it's grub19:55
arosales12.04 server install?19:55
arosalesCyberJacob, I take it all follow on deploy after the bootstarp go into pending19:57
hazmatarosales, could you pastebin a tail -n 200 of  /var/log/maas/maas.log19:58
CyberJacoband juju bootstrap went fine19:58
hazmatCyberJacob, on the maas server19:59
arosalesCyberJacob, your set of enlistments looks good too from the maas side?19:59
CyberJacobI think so19:59
CyberJacobhow do I check?19:59
hazmatCyberJacob, a pastebin of /var/log/maas/maas.log would help figure out the issue20:00
hazmatCyberJacob, another useful log here would be /var/log/juju/provisioning-agent.log on the juju bootstrap server20:01
CyberJacobhazmat: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584146220:01
CyberJacobfrom what I can tell, Node2 is the juju master20:02
CyberJacob(it booted up when I ran bootstrap)20:02
CyberJacobhazmat: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5841464/20:03
hazmatCyberJacob, thanks20:04
hazmatCyberJacob, this should already be fixed in 0.7.. but it looks alot like a port specification bug in the maas provider.. in your juju provider config for maas can you add  :80 to the maas node address portion of the url20:06
hazmatie maas-server: my-maas-node:8020:06
hazmaterr i mean... maas-server: http://my-maas-node:8020:07
roaksoaxhazmat: here!20:07
hazmatCyberJacob, ^20:07
hazmatroaksoax, what do you make of this maas.log output.. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584146220:07
CyberJacobwould that be on the server I ran `juju bootstrap` from?20:07
hazmatCyberJacob, yes it goes into the juju client 's environment.yaml20:08
CyberJacobok, done20:08
roaksoaxin which step is this happening?20:08
CyberJacobdo I need to restart the service?20:08
hazmatCyberJacob, you have to execute a command that will modify the environment for it to sync to the bootstrap node20:08
hazmatCyberJacob, ie.. add-unit / deploy/destroy-service etc20:09
roaksoaxfirst seems that an invalid MAC address is being sent to maas, then no mac address being sent, then mac address duplication20:09
CyberJacobhazmat: ok, just tried to deploy another charm20:10
CyberJacobnow I have two machines with instance-id pending20:11
arosalesroaksoax, note this is a 13.04 server media install of maas20:12
roaksoaxarosales: the issues doesn't really seem to be MAAS related, but rather whomever is interacting with MAAS.20:14
roaksoaxthat's why I need to know when is this happening20:14
arosalesroaksoax, gotcha20:15
hazmatCyberJacob, could you pastebin any new output from the provisioning agent log20:15
roaksoaxarosales: btw.. do we have a juju-core documentation to use with lxc?20:16
arosalesroaksoax, so aiui the issue at hand is deploying services after the initial juju bootstrap go into pending20:16
CyberJacobhazmat: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5841486/20:17
arosalesroaksoax, juju-core hasn't landed local provider yet20:17
arosalesroaksoax, also for my maas debugging education there is "check-commissioning" helpful to verify nodes are "ready" for deployment onto, or is there a better method?20:18
hazmathmm.. looks like maas isn't listening on the port from that provisioning agent log20:19
CyberJacobhazmat: is there a way to force it to sync to the bootstrap node without deploying something?20:19
roaksoaxarosales: the issue above seems to be related to enlistment. As far as commissioning, the only way to see what's going on with the commissioning process, would be to get into the image while it is happening (ephemeral image debuuging)20:20
hazmatCyberJacob, juju get-constraints will do it20:21
arosalesroaksoax, thanks for the doc20:21
CyberJacobroaksoax: you want me to run that one?20:22
hazmatCyberJacob, does the juju bootstrap node have connectivity to the maas server?20:22
roaksoaxCyberJacob: I'd first like to know after what process is that you are seeing that error. (I'm guessing is enlistment, before the node is registered in maas)20:22
roaksoaxCyberJacob: you are having several different errors that lead me to believe it is enlistment failing for some reason, then trying to enlist again, and so on20:23
hazmatCyberJacob, at the moment juju is complaining that it can't connect to the maas server.. hence the provisioning agent log error -> Error interacting with provider: Connection was refused by other side: 111: Connection refused20:23
CyberJacobhazmat: found the issue20:23
CyberJacobhazmat: I was following the instructions in http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/juju-quick-start.html20:23
CyberJacobwhich has "maas-server: 'http://localhost:5240'" in environments.yaml20:24
CyberJacobchanged that to the ip of the MAAS server20:24
CyberJacob(with the port)20:24
CyberJacoband everything jumped into life after I pushed the settings20:24
hazmatCyberJacob, cool20:24
arosalesroaksoax, hazmat thanks for the debugging session help20:25
CyberJacobthanks guys!20:25
CyberJacob(or gals)20:25
arosalesroaksoax, could you update http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/juju-quick-start.html to add a note for the maas server URL20:25
arosalesCyberJacob, good luck with maas/juju. Glad to see you are using it :-)20:26
CyberJacobarosales: I have no actual use for it, just messing arround20:26
CyberJacobarosales: next up I'm going to see what use I can find for OpenStack20:26
arosalesCyberJacob, that in itself is a use20:26
CyberJacobI still don't see the advantage of OpenStack over Xen or vmWare20:27
CyberJacobbut I deffinitely see the uses of MAAS20:27
roaksoaxarosales: sure thing20:28
arosalesroaksoax, specifically to note the mass-server URL can be ip of the MAAS server (as found in this case).20:28
arosalesroaksoax, thanks :-)20:29
arosalesCyberJacob, thanks for helping improve the docs20:29
roaksoaxarosales: yteah though, those docs seem to be older ones and not from the latest branch20:29
roaksoaxarosales: but the docs on the website *do* say this "You may need to modify the maas-server setting too; if you're running from the maas package it should be something like http://hostname.example.com/MAAS."20:29
CyberJacobarosales: docs fixed, juju working and Egypt without a President, all in one night!20:29
arosalesand 4th of July tomorrow for the US20:30
arosalesroaksoax, ah ok. That should be sufficent20:31
arosalesroaksoax, thanks again20:31
roaksoaxarosales: yeah, i guess people miss it sometimes and don't fully read that section :)20:32
roaksoax(including myself, I had to read couple times before I realized that was there :) )20:32
arosalesya I would probably fall into that group, lol20:33
roaksoaxlol :)20:33
arosalesroaksoax, thanks!20:33
roaksoaxarosales: np!20:33
arosalesroaksoax, while I am bugging you20:34
arosaleswhat are your thoughts on adding  https://lists.launchpad.net/maas-devel/msg00808.html to a debug section on the maas docs20:34
roaksoaxarosales: It has been added actually. They are in the 'docs/troubleshooting.rst' in the maas source20:35
arosalesroaksoax, but not on the live docs at maas.u.c?20:36
roaksoaxbut not yet published. The latest doc is not published20:36
arosalesah ok20:36
arosalesbut in the queue which is good :-)20:36
CyberJacobok, so I'm still having issues21:15
CyberJacobping arosales & hazmat :)21:15
CyberJacobthink I found the error21:21
arosalesCyberJacob, sorry missed your ping21:47
arosalesCyberJacob, still not deploying services?21:47
CyberJacobarosales: The agent-state for everything I deploy is still pending21:50
arosalesCyberJacob, were you trying to expose the service or just deploying?21:52
CyberJacobjust deploying21:52
CyberJacobthough I did try an expose as well21:52
arosalesthe trace back ~looks~ like its coming from a juju expose.21:55
arosalesAlthough the issue seems to be stemming from communication with the provider (maas)21:56
arosalesCyberJacob, could you pastebin  pastebin a tail -n 200 of  /var/log/maas/maas.log and /var/log/juju/provisioning-agent.log on the juju bootstrap server again21:58
CyberJacobarosales: Just turned my server off for the night :)22:23
CyberJacobarosales: I'll grab it tomorrow for you22:24
arosalesCyberJacob, ok just ping back in here when you are ready to resume debug22:24
arosalesnote US holidy the next couple of days22:24
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arosalesso may be quiter in here than usual.22:25
hazmatCyberJacob|Away, there are some folks on eu timezones that  will be around though (also in #maas)23:43

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