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KriShaNsini have installed lubuntu two ways. the first way was from terminal on the 13.04 raring main desktop. and then there was a lubuntu session available from the drop down at login. and the other way was from Unetbootin live usb with the lubuntu desktop iso. which was a lubuntu login screen only, but that one had a netbook login option that i noticed and that didnt work well on my netbook which bummed me out.07:07
KriShaNsinit did work but it doesnt seem like a good OS for a new Linux user07:10
KriShaNsini was originally excited when i saw the netbook login session though. i noticed that there is no good website that explains lubuntu in a human coherent way either.07:11
Unit193THe "netbook" session was a test to show what you could do with lxsession, less of a real setup for Netbooks.07:11
KriShaNsinits not for beginners in other words . lx . ldxe. lxde . kdlxe . oh man. i feel like am radio. how can normal people be expected to get all of this?07:14
Unit193The Lubuntu session is generally a typical setup, what exactly do you not get?07:15
KriShaNsini like the idea of less resources. and it reminded me almost of an iPhone springboard and i liked that too.07:15
KriShaNsinwell my pc couldnt restart when i updated the original software update after install. i had to hard boot every time . i coulnd "restart" on lbuntu.07:16
KriShaNsinand why are there 2 desktops on the panel?07:16
Unit193As far as I've seen, more than one desktop is fairly standard.  For the people that don't use them, they can pretty much just ignore them.07:17
KriShaNsinoh ok07:17
KriShaNsinwell, when i installed lubuntu from the unetbootin live usb, it worked , i logged in , and immediately it wanted to do a software update. so i did the update, and then after that it says, "restart now" button. so i clicked that. and then my laptop rebooted to a blinking cursor. and just sat there blinking for a long time. and so i powered down manually and restarted. it check disk for errors and rebooted fine. but once in . i could never "07:22
KriShaNsinrestart' and it was generally buggy. i had to be careful and more than once i got a frozen screen, so i did a clean reinstall of 13.04 raring main and i really like it. i guess i could try it again when i get another pc. but i am skeptical sorry. i dont know why people dont like canonical. but i hope that lubuntu can get a website together and humanely explain this OS.07:22
Unit193http://lubuntu.net/ ?  But, whatever works best for you!07:23
KriShaNsini just want to give some criticism. i could be in the woods here but i hope am not. am new to linux and obviosly dont want to piss off a group of people who could hack my alarm clock. so no hard feelings yeah ?07:27
Unit193Nope, whatever works best for you.07:28
leoquantHello JesseH07:47
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pmatuliswhen i click on a hyperlink in my xterm (urxvt) it opens in firefox.  yet my default browser is google-chrome according to update-alternatives (and the preferred applications GUI thing).  anyone know how to correct that behaviour?13:27
pmatulishm, might require a urxvt-specific config13:30
pmatulistrying 'URxvt.urlLauncher:     google-chrome'13:31
pmatulisyes, works13:33
Annehello, is here for lubuntu support?17:07
Annemy lubuntu distro every time I reboot ask me to start ubuntu from a grub page17:09
Anneis there a way to start the OS automatically?17:09
holstein!grub | Anne17:09
ubottuAnne: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:09
holsteinAnne: should just stat the first in the list, automatically.. unless you have changed it17:09
AnneI have change nothing, Before there was a second count down... Not anymore17:10
Annethe only thig I have changed are a couple of script to correct some bugs17:10
Annehttp://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/how-auto-connect-ubuntu-1204-gsm-mobile-broadband-connection-on-boot-startup-service and a delay scrypt to start a remote desktop program17:11
holsteinAnne: so, you *did* change something?17:12
holsteinAnne: have you looked at the link i gave here and the other channel?17:12
AnneI'm pretty confused beetwen the channel, i'll sit here17:12
Anne('m reading, but really you dont remember me?)17:13
holsteinAnne: correct.. i dont remember you17:13
holsteinAnne: i volunteer support for many people, in many channels.. nothing personal17:13
ianorlinalso is there a way to get it to say lubuntu on the grub page?17:14
holsteinianorlin: manually edit what you like17:14
holsteinianorlin: i would leave it along17:14
ianorlinI am not sure it is worth it17:14
holsteingrub is something you can hide... or customize.. or break17:14
ianorlinbootloaders are not good when they go wrong17:17
Annedont worry holstein :) I rember you, it's more than enough :P17:18
Anneis there a way to see the line number when editing " /etc/grub.d/00_header and change line 236 (this line is in the make_timeout() function) to  set timeout=017:21
AnneI dont wanna mess in the wrong place17:22
ianorlinwhat editior are you using17:23
ianorlinthere is in leafpad an option for line numbers17:23
Annelubuntu has leafpad17:24
ianorlinI know17:24
Annethank you ianorlin17:24
Anne(starting to love this channel)17:24
Annemmmmm problem. What I found is different from the guide holstein gave me17:25
AnneIf the last boot failed or after a boot into Recovery Mode the menu will be displayed until the user makes a selection. The timeout setting in /etc/default/grub do not apply in this case.  To change this behaviour, edit /etc/grub.d/00_header and change line 236 (this line is in the make_timeout() function) to  set timeout=017:25
ianorlinyou're welcome17:25
Annebut in the line 236 I have if [ -f "sx ecc17:26
AnneI have a fx at line 279 make_timeout ()17:26
Anneand at line 285: set timeout=${2}17:27
Anneis this the line I have to change?17:27
Annealso have a line 282:  set timeout=${GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOYT: --1}17:28
ianorlinI am not sure17:29
holsteinAnne: i must have misunderstood your question17:30
holsteinwhen you asked..17:30
holstein13:09 < Anne> is there a way to start the OS automatically?17:30
holstein^^ i assumed that meant the OS was booting manually.. is that not the case? the answer i gave was to change the grub settings to boot automatically17:31
AnneI can boot the OS manually, I just have to press "ubuntu" from the grub menu17:31
AnneBut I need the autostart or the countdown17:31
holsteinAnne: so, edit the file mentioned at the link i gave17:32
AnneI tried but the link is different from the file I have here17:32
wxlholstein: you mean /etc/grub.d/00_header?17:32
holsteinAnne: i will give you the *exact* file17:32
Anneright now I'm in 00_header in /etc/grub.d17:33
Annebut It has different line and sets17:33
Anne(from the one of the link)17:34
holsteinAnne: you have no reason to edit those.. those do not have anything to do with automatically booting anything17:34
Anneok, I'm starting to be a little confused :D17:34
holsteinAnne: whatever you have edited, please revert, and see that your OS is still booting.. then, i will tell you *exactly* what to edit17:34
AnneI have edited nothing yet17:35
holsteinAnne: good.. *dont* edit anything17:35
holsteinAnne: close everything you are doing, and wait patiently.. thank you17:35
Anne'll arrest the sistem and than start it again17:35
* holstein is referencing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:36
holsteini open /etc/default/grub ... i do this from nano in the terminal like this "nano /etc/defaut/grub"17:37
holstein*if*, i wanted to edit it, i would use "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" .. i would think it a good idea to back that file up17:37
ianorlinis nano a terminal text editor?17:38
wxlianorlin: yep17:38
wxl(but vim is better) XD17:38
holsteini could also use "gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub" .. or leafpad, or whatever editor i choose17:38
wxl"sudo nano -B /etc/default/grub" will automatically create a backup17:38
holsteini need root access to edit the file, and i need an editor i understand how to use, and i would think it a good idea to make a backup.. many ways to make a backup such as the one wxl gave above17:39
holsteinAnne: the option that i linked above, and link here now https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Timed_Display is where i would look17:40
holsteinAnne: likely, the setup that i have is what you want.. 10 seconds then auto booting the first in the list.. my config looks like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5841010/17:42
holsteinAnne: clear?17:42
holsteinAnne: and you have rebooted to test the changes?17:44
holsteinprobably need to run "sudo update-grub" before the reboot.. wont hurt to run that17:44
Annesorry, my dog politely ask me to have dinner :)17:51
Annehere I am17:51
AnneI shutted down the pc. I start it again. Now I have the gnu grub 2.0 page17:52
Annethe page waits for an user input17:52
Anneno count down17:52
holsteinAnne: above, i linked *excactly* how to change that.. please try following the steps and let a volunteer know how it works out17:53
AnneOk, I can do it17:55
AnneMy grub file, in the folder etc/default17:58
Anneis already the same yoy pasted me17:58
holsteinAnne: i never said to put anything anywhere17:58
holsteinAnne: i said to edit the file as root, and back up the current one17:58
Anne(i dont put anything to anywere, I just open it to look)17:58
holstein /etc/default/grub17:59
Annemmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wait a minute18:00
Annei spotted a difference18:00
Anneok holstein, dont bite me18:05
Anneso: i make a backup18:05
Annei open the file as root with leafpad18:05
AnneI add a # in front of GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=018:06
Annenow the line is #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 (as your file)18:06
Annethe other lines are =18:06
Anne(equal? what's the word in englis?) anyway18:07
holsteinAnne: use a pastebin, and copy paste18:07
holstein!paste | Anne18:07
ubottuAnne: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:07
Annesaved, reboted but nothing, I still have no contdown and I have to manually select "ubuntu" from the grub menu18:09
holsteinAnne: and you ran "sudo update-grub" ?18:10
Annenothing change18:11
Annecould be this thing? If the last boot failed or after a boot into Recovery Mode the menu will be displayed until the user makes a selection. The timeout setting in /etc/default/grub do not apply in this case.18:12
holsteinAnne: i'll tel you exactly what i would do.. hit the enter button, and enojot the OS18:12
Annebut I'm tring to make a sort of server18:12
holsteinAnne: that is *exactly* what is happening, correct?18:13
holsteinso what is causing that?18:13
AnneI have only one option18:13
holsteinAnne: nothing you are saying prevents a server from running18:13
holsteinAnne: what would i do?18:13
holsteinas i said, deal with it as is.. you can try boot repair from a live CD https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair18:14
holsteinotherwise, you'll need to elaborate about *everything*.. what message.. why.. when did you get it? what oerating systems are installed? how did you install them18:14
holsteini would say, you will fool around with this, and maybe discover what broke what and "fix" it.. or, maybe make the machine not boot.. and to gain what? you dont need the machine to boot up automatically to run it as a server18:16
AnneI actually do, It will be in my cabin (far away from my house) I managed to have a remote desktop but I can go to start up the pc manually If i need to reboot18:19
Anneanyway, let's give a try to boot repair18:19
holsteinyou want battery backup, anyway18:19
holsteinyou are thinking, you'll set the machine to reboot? in the bios? if the power goes off?18:20
Annei set up the mobo to start up on power up18:20
holsteineventually, that forced poweroff will break the hard drive anyways18:20
holsteinso, at least one time, it wont work...18:20
Anne(no HD just usb)18:20
Anneanyway I'm not looking for a perfect system, just a pc that can recover if the power went out18:21
holsteinAnne: "perfect" is a matter of opinion, and doesnt exist with computers18:21
Anne(or I reboot from remote desktop)18:21
AnneI agree :)18:21
holsteinAnne: what you have, is a lot of information that you are not sharing with volunteers18:22
holsteinAnne: what USB? where is grub installed? are you expecting to boot it with a "magic packet" over the local network?18:22
Anneyou have to forgive me, it's my first try with linux at all18:22
holsteinAnne: sure.. and *dont* try and solve all these issues, and make a "perfect" system on your first day in linux18:23
Anneusb stick, 4 gb, no magick packet. I aspect to power up a first time, and then it can recover (via mobo auto power on option) if the power went off18:23
holsteinAnne: look at how the pros do it.. they have battery backup.. or some kind of uninterruptable power18:23
holsteinAnne: *any* system forcing power off like that, as part of the "plan" *will* break18:24
AnneI also plan to set up an UPS, but at least I need that if I rebott the sistem from remote desktop... It will be live by itself :)18:25
holsteinyou would have to be certain the hardware boots USB.. then, maybe force large parts of the file system to be read-only18:25
holsteinAnne: i would visit a hardware channel, or networking... otherwise, if you have a lubuntu question, feel free and ask a volunteer.. cheers!18:25
AnneI actually have a lubuntu question ( I really dont want to mess up with the harware, I was just answering to avoid "not sharing info" :) 'm tryinb boot repair18:29
Anneemh... holstein... (dont bite me)... anyway... it solved everything :) boot-repair has fixed the problem18:47
Annenow it star by itself (10 sec contdown)18:47
Annethank you and thank  you ianorlin, you both gain a lot of good karma today :P18:48
holsteinAnne: enjoy18:48
Anne:* have a nice night guys and sorry If I bothered( wonder if it's the right word) you18:50
holsteinAnne: no worries.. glad you got it working as you want18:50
Anne^___^ (you helped me twice, even If you dont remember, at third I'll deliver some cupcakes!)18:51
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vadimkolchevhi all. try to install lubuntu on a 512 mb ram machine with 445 mb of ram free and installer crashes. However, it is intended to be run on at least 348 mb as it is stated in docs. Why is it so?21:25
Unit193In /var/log/ you should see something with a name of ubiquity, see what that says.  Should also check syslog and dmesg.21:26
vadimkolchevUnit193, ok, i'll try to see. however it says out of space or smth.21:27
Unit193How big is the hard drive?21:27
vadimkolchevUnit193, I have 15 Gb dedicated to install21:27
Unit193Heh, so no problem.  You can drop to a TTY and remove the slideshow, though 512 should be more than enough.21:32
Unit193vadimkolchev: You can also try the alternate installer, of course.21:32
crazyeaglealguien ha movido su directorio /home a otra particion o dico?21:55
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SonikkuAmerica!crosspost | crazyeagle, please stop this!22:03
ubottucrazyeagle, please stop this!: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.22:03
ianorlinyo no he movido mi directorio /home22:04
SonikkuAmerica!es | ianorlin22:05
ubottuianorlin: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:05
ianorlinI was becuase he was speaking it22:05
ianorlinoh and he left before that22:07
SonikkuAmericaianorlin: Well he does speak English22:10
ianorlinI did not know that22:11
SonikkuAmericaianorlin: He asked in #ubuntu 23964857629374659287364957826934785 times, then asked once in all the other English channels22:11
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Ubuntu for bug #23964857629374659287364957826934785 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/23964857629374659287364957826934785). The error has been logged22:11
ianorlinI am not in the other channels22:11
SonikkuAmericaSeriously ubottu? O_o22:20
binaryhermitnice parsing ubottu22:24
SonikkuAmericaLet me know when that bug number exists22:25
binaryhermitI think it's the next bug to get filed22:35
* binaryhermit ducks22:35

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