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kdefhello, can someone here give me suggests for a wifi usb n device?   I think the most common chipsets are atheros and realtek.... any opinions?01:49
wilee-nileekdef, I have found all the ones I bought locally worked, there is a wiki on ones that due but not really up to date.02:24
alankilakdef: I have had good experience on ath9k based device, but unfortunately only on PCI/PCIe03:50
alankilaI actually have two devices on my NAS/router/VPN/VM host, a 5 GHz ralink RT2800 and Atheros AR5418, which is 2.4 GHz only. Both have worked very well over the last few year or two03:52
alankilanow I have every expectation that USB introduces no particular problems, maybe the antenna is poor or something. Interface-wise, even USB 2 is fast enough, and USB itself is simply a packet-based point-to-point scheme so it shouldn't be difficult to support.03:55
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zhakhello can someone help me. I just got a new ultrabook but the wifi does not work. So I need to build a custom kernel to ger it working. But the build fails because dpkg-dev package is missing. How can i get that package without network?10:41
BluesKajHey all11:36
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fetoegaMy attempt to purge nvidia-325 defies me. "Error! There are no instances of module: nvidia-325" Any ideas how to solve this?16:18
fetoegaOr can i bypass this step by telling the system that the particular package is not installed and remove it manually?16:19
BluesKajfetoega, check for it in muon16:20
BluesKajif it's a ppa , it should still show up16:21
fetoegaBluesKaj: I have no Xorg running.16:21
fetoegait is from edgers16:21
fetoegai am trying to remove/purge it after all.16:22
fetoegagonna give aptitude a go at it. perhaps ill get lucky16:24
BluesKajuse a text editor like nano to check your sources.list and either deletet he deb/ppa or # comment it ,. or  sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers , if you have ppa-purge installed16:26
fetoegahow would that help?16:28
fetoegaaptitude is chugging along though16:28
fetoegaperhaps itt will work16:28
fetoegabut aptitude has runied my systems before =)16:32
FernandoMiguelfetoega: since multiarch, aptitude is not recommended16:38
FernandoMigueland I did use it a lot16:38
fetoegahehe aptitude decided to remove a couple of xorg drivers and vlc for some reason... then is proceeded16:41
fetoegahope it worked. brb16:41
Pinocchiogood morning19:46
Pinocchioshould i use drm-intel-next kernel for saucy salami?19:46
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, Your aware that 13.10 is in development and not advised for regular use.22:37
unicornjedibut I think the problem I have pertains to other versions of ubuntu.  it's something to do with busybox22:40
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, Easiest way to see what is up is a detailed description, and running the bootinfo summary on the boot repair app, and posting the url to it.22:40
unicornjediokay let me boot into a liveUSB and get the info22:42
unicornjediokay i'm in the boot repair app right now22:45
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, I know nothing about mdadm or raid so others wil be your best help.22:45
wilee-nileeI would help if I could22:46
unicornjedithanks wilee-nilee! Do you know anything about this error upon boot-up. "gave up waiting for root device"22:47
unicornjediokay i have the info ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/584186322:48
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, not sure, generally suonds like fstab not having the correct uuid, in the circumstance I'm just guessing.22:48
wilee-nileeor root is corrupted, another guess. ;)22:48
unicornjediD: yeah it's corrupted because mdadm messed up my boot files >:{22:50
unicornjedihello pinocchio22:53
Pinocchioshould i use drm-intel with i915 using a sandy bridge22:53
Pinocchiothose bios raid stuff is just junk22:55
unicornjediwait are you having problems with raid too?22:55
unicornjedi:( i can't help you much since I can't even get my raid working22:56
Pinocchioi had that problem years ago, but i switched to btrfs raid 1 on my root and boot partition22:57
unicornjedicould you help me with this? I installed mdadm and upon reboot I get this error. "Gave up waiting for root device" /dev/mapper/ubuntu-vg-root does not exist"23:00
Pinocchioyou boot with cd?23:01
Pinocchiodisable those raid stuff on your motherboard first23:01
unicornjedii've done that. I'm also running a liveUSB on the computer that contains the Hard Drive with Ubuntu23:03
Pinocchioinstall grub23:03
unicornjediGrub is installed and working23:03
Pinocchioyou need to re-install it23:03
unicornjediahhhh okay, let me do that now with boot-repair23:03
Pinocchioyeah or something, im old school23:03
unicornjediold school=swag23:04
Pinocchioim not familiar with acronyms23:04
unicornjediI'm in boot-repair... should I do recommended or advanced repair?23:04
Pinocchiojust standard23:04
unicornjedihere is some information of my computer in case you need it23:06
Pinocchioyeah seems to be you have to remove those dm-raid stuff23:09
unicornjedi:o how could I do that?23:09
unicornjedishould I continue with boot-repair?23:10
Pinocchioudo dmraid -rE23:10
Pinocchiothen boot repair23:10
unicornjediokay, I really appreciate your help by the way.23:11
unicornjediwill sudo dmraid- -rE delete any personal files?23:12
Pinocchioit kills the entire library of the universe23:14
unicornjedii guess that includes my home folder?23:15
Pinocchioit does not delete data23:15
Pinocchioit just removes raid signature23:15
unicornjedioooh okay :)23:15
unicornjediokay  i'm running boot-repair again and it says "RAID detected"23:17
Pinocchiothis is strange23:19
unicornjediwhen I ran sudo dmraid -rE it had errors like23:20
unicornjediERROR: ddf1: seeking device "/dev/dm-3" to 1844674407370942105623:20
Pinocchioi would re-install the system and save a copy of your home folder23:20
Pinocchiothis stuff takes 20 minutes, yu may have a few gb of data23:21
Pinocchioi only had problems after disabling dm-raid on some linux installations, i reinstalled on a clean AHCI mode (  well i use ssd and dm-raid doens't support dischard afaik)23:22
unicornjediAHCI mode?23:23
Pinocchioyeah without those motherboard raid functionality23:23
unicornjedihow is that different IDE?23:24
Pinocchioide is a compatibility mode23:24
Pinocchioit doens't use the advanced features of AHCI like prefetch and NCQ or large disks >2tb23:24
Pinocchioyour board supports AHCI? if not update your bios23:26
Pinocchiosome boards like p5k or other garbage needs to be patched to enable ahci due licensing issues23:26
unicornjedihaha, i have AHCI23:26
unicornjedi(sigh) I don't want to have to reinstall all my programs after a fresh install23:27
unicornjedialong with the repositories23:28
Pinocchioif you back up the folders you don't have to worry about that23:31
Pinocchiousr var and stuff23:31
unicornjediOMG... I was able to boot up Ubuntu. YESSS23:31
unicornjediI restored the MBR record of my hard drive23:31
unicornjedibut I had to load an old kernel from advanced options23:32
Pinocchioyeah do a update-gorg later23:32
unicornjedioh great..... I have to reinstall programs23:34
unicornjediagain I really appreciate your help23:34
Pinocchioare you using raid1?23:35
unicornjediI think so. how can I check23:36
Pinocchioyou have the same data on sdb23:36
Pinocchiomy mnemonics in my cognitive apparatus needs a recovery23:37
Pinocchioin other words, i need to sleep its very late in this part of earth23:38
unicornjedigood one haaa23:39
unicornjediwell I have to go to23:40
unicornjedigoooood nightt23:40

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