jaredjea: what is your best email these days, so I can CC the shipit request11:49
jaredjea: I'm an idiot, you sent me an email last week. Conf pack request sent.11:56
jaredjea: I also put in a CD pack request for your address. I recall something about not pressing intermediate releases anymore so not sure what version will come out, might be the LTS. But if you're demoing and trying to install it would no doubt be helpful to have some take away media.12:06
jeajared: Thanks very much for that. The CDs will be a nice addition to the pack13:11
jaredWe only get one cd pack per release though so if there are other events they'll need to use the leftovers.13:13
jeaThat is fine with me. I can always get leftovers passed on to you if needed13:19
jaredI didn't realise you lived so close, I'm just up Beaudesert road a bit.13:19
jeaOh really? That is very close by. I for some reason thought you were on the northside13:20
jaredAnnerley actually13:20
jeaStill pretty close13:21

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