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BobJonkmanSeven_Six_Two: Remember when you asked about creating a London chapter on Launchpad?  Well, there's a form for that: https://launchpad.net/people/+newteam02:04
BobJonkmanazend: No-one wants to deal with Timmy in the well :P02:05
Seven_Six_TwoBobJonkman, I already did!02:05
* BobJonkman crawls back under his rock.02:05
Seven_Six_Twoat least I think I did. I did it a few minutes after you mentioned that you would look into it.02:06
BobJonkmanYou should announce that on the Ubuntu-ca mailing list02:07
Seven_Six_TwoI'm shy02:07
BobJonkmanOK, I just joined.02:07
BobJonkmanOne of these days I'll come to a Ubuntu-ca-london meeting or Ubuntu Hour02:08
BobJonkmanCan you put a pointer to it on  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/London02:09
Seven_Six_Twodone! thanks for the reminder02:12
BobJonkmanMan, you work fast!02:12
Seven_Six_Twoeverything is faster with 3360x105002:13
Seven_Six_Twomailing list will be ready soon.02:14
Seven_Six_Twoman, I'm gonna be locally-nerd-famous.02:14
Seven_Six_Twohow do you handle all of the nerd chicks?02:14
Seven_Six_Twoso what do you do Bob?02:15
Seven_Six_TwoI sent a message to the mailing list, but I didn't receive one back.02:27
Seven_Six_Twothe mailing list is now active02:28
BobJonkmanSorry, AFK dealing with a BBQ stability emergency02:43
BobJonkmanSeven_Six_Two: I got a message from the mailing list announcing your new group02:47
BobJonkmanAnd it looks like you've already got a local participant!02:47
Seven_Six_Twoa friend of mine is going to join as well, which means the initial meetings won't be so lonesome or whatnow02:48
Seven_Six_TwoI almost started an installfest a few years ago at the downtown library02:49
Seven_Six_Twomaybe I'll try it again02:49
BobJonkmanYay!  And I'm on the London mailing list too!02:50
Seven_Six_Twoso far we've narrowed it down to sunday at 4pm02:50
Seven_Six_Twothe "hours"02:50
BobJonkmanGo for it! Near as I can tell, London has been thirsting for some Linux love for some time now02:50
Seven_Six_Twowe need to find somewhere with internet and sockets and beer and food.03:03
geniiMaybe Prince Alberts Diner on Richmond14:10
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