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dholbachgood morning06:42
elfymarcoceppi: do you know that discourse has been doing planned maintenance for the last 3 or 4 hours?10:58
smartboyhwelfy, planned maintenance = fine maintenance:)11:09
dakersmartboyhw: not everytime :)11:09
smartboyhwdaker, well, at least planned, so how could the guys not know?11:11
elfysmartboyhw: maintenance on there usually si very quick - being down for hours is usually an indication that something is up11:12
elfyif you don't visit the site often you'd not know that - however I'm there very often11:13
smartboyhwelfy, I have been quite often, not this week though (too busy on Kubuntu side)11:14
smartboyhwAnd speaking of Kubuntu, don't ask me about Mir affairs (my opinion is, it would be great if Kubuntu can use Mir, but upstream doesn't like it, so blame upstream really)11:15
elfyI'm pretty sure I hadn't11:16
marcoceppielfy: it's not planned maintenance, that's just the default 502 page aka "Discourse is down" page. I got the alert at 3am EDT checking now14:06
smartboyhwmarcoceppi, meh meh meh14:06
marcoceppihonestly, if it's not in a maintenance window and more than 5 mins, it's not planned :)14:07
elfymarcoceppi: I thought as much14:07
smartboyhwmarcoceppi, when's the maintenance window again?14:07
marcoceppiMonday and Thursday around 21 UTC-ish14:07
marcoceppiMissed the last two because I was on vacation14:07
marcoceppielfy: it's back, sorry about that14:09
elfymarcoceppi: no need for apologies - I was just letting people know14:11
elfydoesn't appear to be all that stable though14:11
smartboyhwelfy, hey, this is a test site:P14:12
elfysmartboyhw: hey - I know - knew before you :p14:12
smartboyhwelfy, yeah, you are the powerful guy, I'm not14:12
elfyheh - yea right :)14:13
marcoceppielfy: it's not the software, it's my upstart scripts I wrote14:22
marcoceppiThey are not the best designed and keep doing odd things14:22
elfyaah ok :)14:23
marcoceppiI have better ones landing in the next week or so which should resolve that :)14:23
elfyI suspect they are better designed than mine :p14:23
elfyit's looking good though in general14:23
jcastromarcoceppi: I would say have negron/jamespage check out your upstart script16:05
marcoceppijcastro: yeah going to have them look at what I've updated16:05
jcastrojamespage is in the UK too so no holiday16:06
jcastrobasically send him all your garbage, then go on holiday, hah16:06
bkerensanigelb: I joined the club18:14
balloonsbkerensa, do we want to know what club?19:52
pleia2mozilla contributors19:58
balloonsI figured it was something along those lines pleia2 :-)20:02
jonomhall119, about to join20:54
bkerensapleia2: you lurk :)21:28
jonomhall119, still around?22:01
mhall119doing mean things to unity8 :)22:02
mhall119jono: should have name-tagged you22:07
mhall119I'm around22:07
jonomhall119, can you a section on the dogfood page for how people report bugs related to those dogfood topics22:08
jonoi.e. tag them with "dogfood"22:08
jonoI just emailed the team22:08
mhall119jono: how urgent is that? I'm about to start on dinner22:09
jonomhall119, not urgent22:10

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