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pittiGood morning04:46
RAOFGood morning!05:07
RAOFpitti: Do you regularly run umockdev tests under valgrind? It seems to generate a *lot* of ‘possibly lost’05:10
pittiRAOF: I haven't so far; I guess I should start to do so05:10
pittiRAOF: yesterday I fixed a bug about leaking an udev_device in uevent synthesis05:11
pitti(pointed out by alf)05:11
RAOFIt might not be your fault; g_type_register_fundamental shows up a lot.05:11
pittiRAOF: otherwise I'm aware of leaking the fdmaps in the preload, as there is no obvious way when to clean them up05:11
pittiRAOF: do you get leaks in the "client" application (running under the preload lib), or from the test suite (using the umockdev API)?05:12
pittipresumably the latter, but the former probably also has some leaks05:12
RAOFActually, I'm doing both in the same process.05:12
pittithe preload doesn't use glib, though05:12
pittiRAOF: anyway, using valgrind sounds like a good idea05:13
didrockshey Mirv! today, I'll let you for the stacks that needs manual publication? I need to catch up on other work today :)05:34
pittiRAOF: btw, did you run with G_DEBUG=gc-friendly ? in standard mode, glib's slice allocator will confuse the hell out of valgrind05:38
pittiRAOF: actually, I think it's G_SLICE=always-malloc05:39
* RAOF tries05:39
pittihm, why don't I get a valgrind report05:42
pittiah, it uses LD_PRELOAD itself, so I need to swap this around05:45
pittiI don't see alf's reported udev_device leak, though05:46
pitti"valgrind --leak-check=full make check" gives me a leak in make, but nothing else05:47
RAOFpitti: Whereas I still get a whole bunch of possibly-lost even with G_SLICE=always-malloc05:48
pittiRAOF: right, I think I know what's wrong; umockdev-run sests LD_PRELOAD instead of extending it, fixing now05:49
pittiI'm trying to run the test suite through valgrind, which ought to report at least one known leak (I reverted the fix)05:49
RAOFHeh. And I'm seeing that because I don't actually use umockdev-run05:49
pittiRAOF: ok, I see those as well now05:55
pittivala_main(), some g_param_type bits in gobject_init_ctor, etc.05:56
pittithey go away with G_SLICE=debug-blocks G_DEBUG=gc-friendly05:56
Mirvdidrocks: ok, will check05:56
pittiRAOF: ^05:56
pittiRAOF: hm, umockdev_testbed_clear() was added in 0.2.6 already and is in saucy05:58
pittiRAOF: but I indeed don't get that in devhelp, I'll investiage05:58
pittiRAOF: argh, forgot to add those to the doc index, sorry06:00
pittisomething to add to the test suite, too06:00
pittiit's a shame that gtk-doc doesn't play along well with automake 1.13 any more06:01
pittiRAOF: do the above help?06:17
RAOFpitti: They didn't seem to.06:18
pittiRAOF: I added a "make check-valgrind" target now, and I don't get the gobject-y leaks with those06:18
pittiI do get leaks from ioctl_tree*06:18
RAOF‘LD_PRELOAD=libumockdev-preload.so.0 G_SLICE=debug-blocks G_DEBUG=gc-friendly valgrind --leak-check=full bin/unit-tests --gtest_filter=UdevWrapper\*’ is what I'm running.06:18
pittithat looks fairly similar to mine06:19
pittiG_SLICE=debug-blocks G_DEBUG=gc-friendly LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.libs/ LD_PRELOAD=libumockdev-preload.so valgrind --leak-check=full --show-possibly-lost=no -q tests/test-umockdev-vala06:19
RAOFAh, you're not showing possibly lost.06:19
pittiah, no06:20
RAOFThat's what I've been seeing.06:20
pittiI get tons of possibly lost in glib's slab allocator06:20
pittiRAOF: https://wiki.gnome.org/Valgrind might help, there are some suppression files there06:21
pittihm, all pretty old, though06:22
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jibelgood morning07:07
didrockssalut jibel!07:11
jibelBonjour didrocks !07:11
seb128Laney, howdy08:01
didrockshey Laney, seb128!08:01
seb128good morning everyone ;-)08:01
seb128didrocks, lut08:01
seb128how are you guys?08:01
LaneyI've been looking for holiday apartments in lyon/grenoble ;-)08:01
didrockstrying to use tricks to recover some emails08:01
seb128didrocks, still fighting with lost emails? are they still on the server?08:02
didrocksseb128: they are only locally08:02
didrocksseb128: spent until 11PM yesterday for that :(08:02
seb128going to push you over gmail?08:02
didrocksseb128: I just hate thunderbird a little bit more, yeah :)08:03
seb128weird bug though08:03
didrocksseb128: I would use gmail if they enable filtering over X- headers08:03
didrocksmaybe with google apps script, this would be possible08:03
seb128you can probably do without it, at least for bugmails08:03
seb128since the reason is stated in full text at the bottom for the email as well08:04
didrockswell, I tried first at filtering on other things for bugmails08:04
seb128you can probably filter on that08:04
didrocksbut the sentence is changing so much…08:04
didrocksif you are the direct assignee08:04
didrocksor assignee because of the team is08:04
didrocksand other stuff…08:04
didrocksit's a mess filtering on this08:04
didrocksat least, I have an idea to recover inbox, sent mails and ML08:05
LaneyI'm suddenly glad I leave mine on the server ...08:06
seb128it's still really weird that a bug went to delete emails like that08:06
seb128Laney, well, that's imap, is there any other way?08:06
didrocksyep, like if the settings "remove all emails > 30 days" was set08:06
didrocks(but at least, it didn't compact the folders automatically)08:07
seb128didrocks, you use imap?08:07
seb128yeah, really weird :/08:08
seb128didrocks, did you try asking #is if they have backups they can restore?08:09
didrocksseb128: well, I guess this will loose my recent emails in that case08:09
seb128but you could try to copy those locally08:09
seb128then ask #is if they can restore the backups08:09
didrocksI'm doing something similar, but the other way around with a fake pop account08:10
mlankhorstseb128: looks like RAOF is ok with flipping the switch on x1.14 now08:27
seb128mlankhorst, great!08:28
mlankhorstso do itt08:28
seb128RAOF, confirming?08:28
RAOFYup, should be ok.08:28
seb128mlankhorst, well, check with didrocks' team since that needs to synchronize with unity08:28
seb128RAOF, mlankhorst: thanks08:28
didrocksmlankhorst: did you fix the issue of the transition?08:28
didrockslike not being able upgrade xorg 1.14 without taking the new unity?08:29
mlankhorstdidrocks: I still feel it's a bad to have an interdependency between the 208:29
didrocksmlankhorst: it's not an interdependency, the new xorg breaks old unity, we should avoid people having half an update08:30
didrocksbreaking them silently is worse08:30
mlankhorstdidrocks: I feel if anything it should be a conflicts in unity then for xserver-xorg-core < 1.1408:31
seb128you can retro-actively change old unity versions08:32
didrocksyeah, if people don't take the latest upgrade, they would be broken in a bad transitions08:32
seb128what's the issue have the new xorg using a Breaks on old unity?08:32
LaneyBreaks seems ok to me08:32
didrocksI told you, the only correct way is the Breaks08:32
Laneyyou can drop it after saucy08:32
didrocksmlankhorst: on the other hand, unity will dep on a new library, right?08:32
didrocksso we can't force newer unity with old xorg?08:33
mlankhorstyeah I added an explicit depends for that08:33
didrocksexcellent, so both ways are handled08:34
didrocksI saw that Mirv just published unity08:34
didrocksso then once xorg is in proposed, we can get brandon's branch merged08:34
didrocksrunning the tests08:34
didrocksand publish08:34
mlankhorstI'll add a breaks in xserver for old libxi/libxfixes too then08:34
didrocksMirv: mind taking care of that ^ (sil2100 did try last week, but the timing was bad)08:34
didrocksmlankhorst: I think it makes sense, yeah08:34
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:37
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?08:37
chrisccoulsonhi seb128, i'm good thanks. and you?08:38
didrockshey chrisccoulson!08:38
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks08:38
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good thanks08:38
* didrocks almost finished to hate thunderbird :p08:39
didrocksah, or maybe no…08:39
didrocks"a folder with this name already exists, please choose another one"08:40
didrocksbut I just clicked on "delete"!08:40
chrisccoulsondidrocks, it still exists in the mailbox unless you've removed it from the trash as well (assuming you haven't done that yet)08:42
didrockschrisccoulson: no, the trash was automatically emptied on exit, so it's removed08:43
didrockschrisccoulson: but the mails were still on the files, I had to recover them by faking a pop account08:43
didrocksand now copying from one to the other one08:44
Mirvdidrocks: ok, but which brandon's branch exactly?08:45
didrocksMirv: bschaefer (without typos \o/)08:46
MirvI only saw lp:~brandontschaefer/unity/show-desktop-fix as being proposed for unity08:46
seb128Laney, just for info I looked at your background's panel MR, I'm going to add some comments but not approve it since Ive questions similars to yours ... I would like Ken or some of the UITK guys to comment as well (especially if we use that one as an example on how to do things for other plugins)08:46
didrocksah, branch08:46
didrockshum, not that one08:47
Mirvnot which brandon, yes, but branch :)08:47
Laneyseb128: yeah good, I thought I'd put it up for discussion08:47
didrocksMirv: I would say https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/move-pointer-barrier-to-xi-
Mirvyeah, just saw that, on hold currently. ok..08:48
didrocksMirv: it's on hold due to new xorg needed I guess :)08:50
didrockschrisccoulson: ok, done by the file system directly, much more effective :)08:50
didrocksI think I finally recovered my most important emails and ML \o/08:51
mlankhorstdidrocks: I'm testing if I can grab libxi/xfixes from debian unstable atm08:51
MirvI'll monitor when the xorg gets in08:52
seb128mlankhorst, do you have everything ready for upload otherwise?08:52
mlankhorstseb128: I was doing some final checks, and noticed that the libxi/fixes were missing the security updates, instead of doing another manual merge I'm looking if the versions from debian unstable work08:53
mlankhorstin which case we'd be in sync with debian again too08:53
seb128mlankhorst, ok08:53
seb128mlankhorst, let me know if you need help for uploads08:54
mlankhorstseems they build.. testing08:55
mlankhorstseb128: is there a tool to pull debian packages completely unmodified and stuff them in a ppa?08:57
seb128mlankhorst, not that I know of, maybe Laney knows a trick though08:57
Laneymlankhorst: seb128: yes, backportpackage should let you do this08:59
LaneyIIRC anyway08:59
Laneymlankhorst: try: backportpackage -s unstable -d saucy -u ppa:mlankhorst/ppa mycoolpackage09:01
Laneyyou can put -b -B sbuild/pbuilder in there too to test-build locally before uploading09:01
mlankhorstLaney: that adds a string to version number :(09:03
Laneywhat's wrong with that?09:05
Laneythat's what you want for PPA uploads isn't it?09:05
mlankhorstit's meant to be copied to -proposed09:05
Laneyif it's a sync you can easily re-copy it09:05
Laneyinfact if it's a sync you can use copy-package instead of backportpackage to put it in your PPA09:06
Laneysorry, forgot about that one09:06
Laneythat's from bzr branch lp:ubuntu-archive-tools09:06
mlankhorstLaney: thanks, copy package works09:26
LaneyI didn't give you the invocation because it's pretty hard to remember :P09:26
mlankhorstthat's why it took so long to respond09:26
mlankhorst ./copy-package -d debian -s sid --to-distribution=ubuntu --to-suit=saucy --to-ppa=canonical-x --to-ppa-name=x-staging libxfixes09:26
Laneythat's probably the tool to use to copy it from the ppa to proposed too09:27
mlankhorstseems to have ignored the thing --tos-uit due to typo, meh :p09:27
mlankhorstat least it builds in saucy so I don't care09:27
Laneyyeah you probably want --to-suite=saucy-proposed ...09:28
seb128mlankhorst, so, what is missing at this point to be able to start uploading?09:30
mlankhorstseb128: I need to know the final version number of the first unity that will support the pointer barriers, so I can add the breaks to xorg-server09:31
Laneyyou can do <= current-one?09:31
seb128mlankhorst, didrocks said they would bump the changelog, so << 7.0.209:31
seb128Laney, that doesn't work fine with daily releases09:31
seb128didrocks, ^ can you confirm << 7.0.2?09:32
didrocksyep 7.0.209:32
Laneyoh the hard lock got me applications back in the home lens09:32
seb128Laney, well, I guess it works if you make sure you coordinate unity patch landing09:32
seb128Laney, but it's easier to bump changelog that to play "guess the daily that will land with the patch"09:33
mlankhorstok, final breaks will be09:33
mlankhorst unity (<< 7.0.2),09:33
mlankhorst libxfixes3 (<< 1:5.1),09:33
mlankhorst libxi6 (<< 2:,09:33
mlankhorstwaiting on the builds to xi/xfixes builds to finish, then I'll upload the final xorg-server09:34
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seb128mlankhorst, let me know when the xorg side is ready, I will try the ppa with a custom unity build locally and then we can upload xorg09:35
mlankhorstyou should be able to test the unity build already, just make sure it has a break on xserver-xorg-core << 2:1.14, and a hard depends on the libxi/libxfixes in the x-staging ppa (and corresponding -dev packages)09:39
seb128mlankhorst, well, I want to test the ppa once it's in "ready for upload" state, but it will have a break on unity << 7.0.2  so I will need that version of unity09:40
mlankhorstseb128: server build incoming, then09:52
mlankhorstseb128: it should be ok to test as soon as it's uploaded10:02
seb128mlankhorst, "uploaded"? you mean it's done building, it needs to be published?10:02
mlankhorstoh, that's fast10:02
* mlankhorst was getting a drink10:02
mlankhorstoops I messed up the dep10:03
Laneyseb128: up for a little bit of NEWing (gnome-desktop-testing)?10:24
seb128Laney, can do10:24
* Laney goes to upload10:24
davmor2chrisccoulson: Wow I knew firefox were creating an os I didn't realise it would be landing in Ubuntu.  Firefox== your friendly event based init daemon :)  http://ubuntuone.com/7F7dydbxHaYWMOO0L6TKPI10:30
czajkowskihave spent the day playing with the FF phone, nice to hold it, nice size phone, very clunky OS .10:36
ogra_have you tried ubuntu touch before so you can compare ?10:37
Mirvwould comparing to other $70 phones would show that it's not that clunky after all?10:50
MirvI haven't tried any FF OS phone yet, althouh saw one live10:51
mlankhorstseb128: the xorg side should be correct now10:53
czajkowskiogra_: I have and it's a lot more intuitive.10:55
czajkowskibut that was also on the same phone I use daily10:55
mlankhorstugh, out of space10:55
czajkowskibut having hardware dedicated to it is a nice thing10:55
* ogra_ is sure we'll get there too10:56
czajkowskibut I kept wanting to swipe and do stuff and it's not what I'd expect10:56
czajkowskih indeed10:56
czajkowskigood few folks have them here10:56
czajkowskihere being Florence at europython10:56
Laneyseb128: ok, it should be there now (gnome-desktop-testing in NEW)10:57
* Laney just built glib including testsuite and forgot to actually include the patch ...10:57
ricotzLaney, hi :)11:00
ricotzLaney, i noticed you touch gnome-bluetooth, were there reports like that yet http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=71277411:00
ubot2`Debian bug 712774 in gnome-bluetooth "gnome-bluetooth - abort() on unknown values" [Grave,Fixed]11:01
Laneyricotz: didn't hear of any11:02
Laneycheck LP bugs?11:02
ricotzLaney, havent found a LP bug yet11:03
LaneyFound in version gnome-bluetooth/3.8.0-111:04
Laneywe don't have that yet11:04
ricotzLaney, i am hitting it with the current saucy version11:04
Laneyok, well it has a fixed version there11:05
ricotztriggered by the kernel update to 3.10, 3.8.x worked fine11:05
Laneymaybe you could see if we can take that11:05
Laneyor find the fix and cherry-pick it11:05
ricotzor maybe even updating gnome-bluetooth to 3.8.x?11:06
ricotzyeah, i am currently building it while dropping the consolekit dep11:07
seb128ricotz, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-gnome-3-8 states11:07
seb128" * gnome-bluetooth11:07
seb128 - Drops fallback applet11:07
seb128 - Drops nautilus-sendto plugin11:07
seb128 - Soname bump11:07
seb128 - Not really needed yet"11:07
seb128 11:07
seb128so updating seems it's not on the current roadmap11:07
ricotzseb128, right11:07
ricotzfinding the change which suppose to fix it then11:08
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Laneydon't really have an opinion on those issues11:09
Laneythe transition isn't big11:09
seb128Laney, the issue is not so much the transition that the fact it's another update that "features" drop of functionnalities some users use, with no benefit behind11:14
ricotzthere is no soname bump11:14
Laneysure - I don't know what features are in the new version11:15
seb128new gnome-bluetooths will also likely start pulling bluez5 soon when we want to stay on 411:15
Laneyand I'd be happy to receive advice on the other things from ubuntu gnome11:15
seb128well, it's the Ubuntu GNOME guys who wrote the comments I copied before11:15
seb128anyway I've no strong opinion on the update, it just seems work for getting nothing but complains back11:15
seb128so I'm not going to spend time on it, but I'm not going to block others if somebody wants to do it ;-)11:16
ricotzseb128, bluz5 isnt needed for 3.8, but for 3.9.x11:16
Laneysame, but you know the drill when we start missing bug fixes11:16
seb128ricotz, right, that's why I used futur tense :p11:16
ricotzbut yeah the feature drop is enough reason if you care about those11:16
seb128we sort of care about sendto I think11:16
seb128we didn't update that one either for similar reasons11:17
Laneydoes gnome just not have that feature any more?11:17
ricotzjust to confirm, using the newer gnome-bluetooth fixes this (fatal) error here11:18
ricotzLaney, i presume something like https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-bluetooth/commit/?h=gnome-3-8&id=a6ecb2b31f7298041d13a4dd57635a5e40c852bb would fix it11:20
Laneybiab, lunch11:20
seb128Laney, enjoy ;-)11:20
Laneyricotz: give it a go11:20
mlankhorstseb128: can you give the xorg ppa a go?11:28
seb128Laney, shrug, you could make new packages dh9 instead of cdbs :p (or is pkg-gnome still set on cdbs?)11:28
seb128mlankhorst, yep11:28
ricotzseb128, Laney, http://paste.debian.net/plain/1412211:47
seb128ricotz, thanks11:48
seb128mlankhorst, where do I find unity with the barrier patch updated?11:49
ricotzseb128, yw11:51
mlankhorstseb128: oh i thought you were creating one11:52
mlankhorsthold on11:52
seb128mlankhorst, I tried, I applied the diff from https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/move-pointer-barrier-to-xi- to the current saucy version but that fails to build :/11:53
mlankhorstseb128: it should build correctly with the versions in the xorg ppa11:53
seb128is that rebased on current trunk?11:54
seb128brb needs to reboot, my laptop is swapping11:54
ricotzmlankhorst, hi11:54
mlankhorstg'day mate11:54
ricotzmlankhorst, will the xserver package officially gain the xwayland module besides xmir11:55
mlankhorstI'm not aware of any plans to do so at the moment11:55
ricotzmlankhorst, i see, would be a nice step though11:56
ricotzmlankhorst, i think i saw a rebased version for 1.14 somewhere11:56
mlankhorstmore importantly I do not think the x team is willing to support it at this point :-)11:57
ricotzit would make some people happier ;)11:58
ricotzbut of course finally landing 1.14 with the new barriers would be nice11:59
mlankhorstricotz: of course, because then it's not their problem11:59
ricotzwhile this unity part is blocking updates for edgers in this regard11:59
ricotzmlankhorst, i am counting me in here ;)12:00
ricotz(ah it was a rebase for 1.15)12:01
mlankhorstIf it's upstream I don't see any issues with enabling it, but accepting the xwayland patches means having to support it separately now, I don't see that happening..12:02
seb128mlankhorst, so, is there an unity branch with the barrier work on top of trunk somewhere?12:03
ricotzmlankhorst, absolutely, i am hoping it will get merged12:03
mlankhorstseb128: I tested the patch from debian/patches in https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/x-staging/+files/unity_7.0.0daily13.06.24-0ubuntu2.diff.gz12:04
seb128mlankhorst, thanks12:04
mlankhorstbut only against the 7.0.1 in saucy atm12:04
seb128the current saucy version is a daily from trunk made yesterday12:05
seb128so it should be current12:05
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seb128mlankhorst, ok, I found my problem with the unity build12:47
seb128"/usr/include/X11/extensions/XInput2.h:173:22: error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef unsigned int BarrierEventID’12:47
seb128 typedef unsigned int BarrierEventID;12:47
seb128mlankhorst, you need to update the b-d on libfixes as well, not only libxi12:47
mlankhorstseb128: yeah, but that's for unity12:48
mlankhorstseb128: besides if you had xorg-server from the ppa installed the wrong versions shouldn't be installing12:49
seb128mlankhorst, I don't, I can't install it without removing unity because of the breaks :p12:49
seb128which is why I want to rebuild in the first place12:50
mlankhorstseb128: but yeah the build-deepends for unity need fixing12:50
Laneyseb128: yeah that packaging style is to fit in with pkg-gnome :(12:55
desrtgood morning!12:56
mlankhorstseb128: but hey if you didn't upgrade out of fear of breaking unity, I would say the thing did its job :P12:58
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seb128Laney, did they say they want to keep this style or did you just assume they want (NEWed in any case)13:00
seb128mlankhorst, right, but now I would like to test both so we can upload xorg if things work :p13:00
seb128desrt, good morning to you!13:00
Laneyseb128: the former - it's one of those arguments that I didn't really want to have13:01
Laneyand thanks13:01
seb128let me ask on #debian-gnome13:01
desrtseb128: happy wednesday13:05
seb128desrt, thanks ;-)13:06
desrtlarsu: are you following the thread about OnlyShowIn?  I'd like your opinion on it.13:07
desrtthe KDE guys seem to be lining up in the 'remove it' column13:07
seb128desrt, so much hate13:11
desrtseb128: hm?13:11
larsudesrt: I'm for removing it as well. Currently compiling a list of apps who use OnlyShowIn=MessagingMenu (that's the only argument *for* it at the moment)13:11
larsuseb128: actually I think the debate is very productive13:11
* larsu wishes we had a searchable web service with all .desktop files from the archive13:12
seb128desrt, people cheering about dropping harmless use of desktop fields...13:13
seb128larsu, I couldn't care less either way, seems like arguing on details nobody cares about13:13
larsuseb128: well, their point is that these fields are not harmless13:13
seb128larsu, sure, GNOME hates customisation and consider anything that let distro change the behaviour as an issue...13:13
seb128same storing as allowing panels in g-c-c13:14
desrtseb128: this is only about additional desktop actions13:14
desrtnot about desktop files themselves13:14
seb128desrt, same story...13:14
larsudamit, packages.ubuntu.com errors out on contents search :'(13:14
desrtseb128: not really... nobody is proposing removing OnlyShowIn on desktop files13:15
desrtseb128: if you have an opinion about this you should state it on the list13:15
seb128desrt, I've the opinion that it's there, doesn't hurt and can be useful13:15
seb128I don't care enough to enter into an argument though13:15
desrtseb128: it's currently hurting, though13:15
seb128it's not13:15
desrtit is.  transmission is a good example.13:16
seb128it's hurting GNOME because they are late and they are not in OnlyShowIn13:16
seb128yeah, it's fine when GNOME screw us13:16
seb128but they are late on something and need some patches it's not fine...13:16
desrtseb128: so people should make webpages that OnlyShowIn=IE;Firefox;Chrome;Opera;13:16
desrtand if someone else is 'late' to the browser game, too bad for them?13:16
seb128why do we have OnlyShowIn= to start with?13:16
desrtseb128: i'm sorry -- but this has nothing to do with GNOME13:16
seb128if that's such a crappy idea?13:16
desrtseb128: that's exactly what people are asking....13:17
seb128desrt, well, your complain is "transmission didn't add GNOME to their OnlyShowIn"13:17
desrtseb128: didn't add anyone except Unity, really13:17
seb128desrt, you just said it was not about dropping OnlyShowIn drom .desktop, but then you say it's of no use...13:17
desrtthe KDE people seem to be against this more strongly than jasper is...13:17
desrtseb128: OnlyShowIn for desktop files as a whole is useful for when those desktop files are desktop components13:18
seb128I don't see how that's different from .desktop files13:18
desrtie: they come as part of GNOME13:18
seb128you have the same issue for ql13:18
desrtit's difficult to imagine _part_ of a desktop file being shipped as part of a project13:18
seb128you can't have features that are desktop specific13:18
seb128like "open in the dash"13:18
seb128that wouldn't make sense in gnome-shell13:18
desrtseb128: if you have arguments, _please_ put them on the list13:18
desrtnot in a side conversation on IRC13:18
desrtotherwise you don't get to complain when the decision is made against you13:19
seb128well, the decision will be made against me whatever I think or argue about13:19
larsuseb128: why do you think that?13:20
desrtpathetic prophecy13:20
seb128larsu, because that's how things have been going for over a year13:20
larsuseb128: desrt and I are trying to fix that...13:21
desrtseb128: please write to the list.  in the amount of time you've spent discussing this on IRC you could have had an email13:25
seb128larsu, desrt: sorry, I will just trust you guys to do what's right there, I just don't feel like going into another (stupid) argument on lists on why it should be able to told apart a GNOME and an Unity session, seems GNOME guys disagree and I had too many of this discussion recently13:26
desrtseb128: if you read the list, so far it's one gnome guy saying "why do we have this?" and three KDE guys saying "ya... let's get rid of it"13:26
seb128desrt, the discussion started off list with "let's drop that", which you argued again, which is why we have the email13:27
seb128if it wasn't for you they would just have went "screw that field13:27
desrtseb128: well, it happens to be the case that i'm the one implementing it13:27
desrtand i said that i'll do whatever the _list that is the central point of contact between the desktops_ decides13:27
desrti can't really do a lot if one desktop chooses not to be represented there13:28
seb128alright, let me reply on the list just to state what I think13:28
desrtplease do13:28
desrtand please give good real-world examples where this might be useful13:28
desrti don't have a strong opinion here and i'm happy to see the argument go either way13:28
desrti hope you manage to convince people13:28
larsudesrt: because you already implemented it?13:29
seb128I'm not convinced if will be very useful, but it doesn't cost a lot (especially if it's not used) and it gives a tool that can reply to specific needs13:30
mdeslaurI'm just curious, how do you hide shell-specific icons from another shell if you don't have OnlyShowIn?13:30
seb128so having the option in case somebody needs it seems like it wouldn't hurt anyone13:30
desrtseb128: on the list, please13:31
seb128mdeslaur, they want to keep it for icons, they are discussing e.g lists you get when right clicking on the launcher13:31
mdeslauroh, I see, ok13:31
kenvandinetedg, so the version check fixed the upstart-app-launch failure?13:35
tedgkenvandine, Basically yes.  It is basically "right version" and "can't figure out version" -- but we can call that a check :-)13:35
Laneyseb128: can you look at g-d-t's binaries please?13:48
seb128Laney, ok13:48
Laneyooh, flipped images by default13:48
* Laney finds a usb cable13:48
seb128desrt, larsu: replied, but I really don't feel like going into an argument, reality is that if we don't have the OnlyShowIn and need it we will likely end up having a gedit-gnome.desktop and a gedit-unity.desktop which one using a OnlyShowIn, which works as well but I'm not convinced it's any better (especially that it adds to the available .desktop and create noise is some UIs that list everything)13:49
seb128which one->each on13:50
desrtseb128: why would we have separate gedits?13:50
seb128desrt, larsu: the example I came with is that you might want e.g having your IDE doing "create ubuntu touch project" under Unity but "create GNOME project" under GNOME13:50
seb128as a ql item13:51
larsugood point13:51
desrtseb128: you know that there are people who work on ubuntu while using gnome....13:51
seb128and you can't say "create <desktop> project", because XFCE wouldn't want XFCE project13:51
seb128but GTK project13:51
seb128desrt, the point of the ql is to list the most useful items, not 150 items for every possible user choice13:51
desrtfair point, i suppose13:52
seb128desrt, I would like Unity to default to Unity project13:52
seb128rather than having a ql with GNOME project, XFCE project, Unity project, etc13:52
* desrt waits to see your reply13:52
seb128moderation ... /me resend from other email13:53
seb128I forgot I was subscribed with my debian email to that list :p13:53
* mlankhorst pokes seb128 13:56
seb128mlankhorst, hey13:56
seb128mlankhorst, sorry, I got sidetracked into that, I'm ready to upgrade ... let me 5 minutes13:57
seb128Laney, I would take Joss' comment on #debian-gnome as "feel free to use dh9"13:57
Laneyyeah, looks like it13:58
* Laney yays quietly13:58
seb128Laney, I guess you will update your system settings's merge request with Kaleo's comments from IRC? (would be good to maybe make a summary of that on the MR for reference so others who take it as an example can benefit from that as well)14:02
Laneyseb128: I am doing it already, yeah14:02
seb128Laney, thanks14:02
Laneyinfact I was just typing bzr push :P14:02
Laneysounds like the answer to my questions was "yes that's fine" though14:03
seb128Laney, I'm not picky, as long as it works ... and we can still refactor/change things later if there is a better way14:04
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seb128mlankhorst, ok, new xorg/unity works fine for me, +1 for upload14:48
seb128didrocks, ^14:48
didrocksthanks seb128, not sure if Mirv is still around though14:48
seb128didrocks, tomorrow morning should do, or do we need to sync upload?14:48
seb128I'm not sure if britney stop stuff to migrate if they have Breaks14:49
seb128we maybe better upload everything together14:49
didrocksseb128: just to avoid having it laying in -proposed for hours14:49
didrocksah yeah about the Breaks: and block14:49
seb128well, we have stuff in proposed for weeks14:49
seb128so one day doesn't concerns me14:49
seb128it's rather that it moves out from proposed and Breaks unity14:50
seb128that would be an issue14:50
didrocksyeah, I think britney won't block14:50
seb128didrocks, Mirv, mlankhorst: ok, let's aim for upload tomorrow, we can start early on that14:51
seb128it will let time in the day to get through14:51
mlankhorstseb128: sounds good to me14:51
seb128didrocks, do you think we should get bregma's team to merge the barrier patch and bump the version to 7.0.2 today in preparation?14:52
didrocksseb128: that's what I wanted Mirv to coordinate, not sure how they will do that without proposed14:52
didrocksand this will break tonight's dailies if we do so14:53
seb128ok, let's talk tomorrow morning14:53
bregmajust give us the word and we'll merge that baby in14:56
seb128bregma, hey14:56
seb128bregma, xorg in ready for upload, we just need synchronization14:56
bregmaalso, I want to move to compiz trunk and bump unity to 7.1, all at exactly the same time14:57
seb128bregma, I would say it would be good to get a MR up ready to merge, and bump the unity version from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 in the same merge (we made xorg breaks unity << 7.0.2)14:57
seb128bregma, so we can ack that mr land both unity and xorg tomorrow14:57
seb128bregma, you can do compiz trunk and 7.1 next week then :p14:58
seb128bregma, thanks14:58
seb128on that note, time for some exercice14:58
seb128be back in ~45min14:58
bregmamay as well do 7.1 this week instead of 7.0.2, because of breakage14:58
bregmait's just a number14:58
mlankhorstno, it's 7.0.2 now, I don't want another upload :P15:01
czajkowskiHave t say folks, Saucy is really really polished and not having any major issues running it. Very nicely done15:07
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bigtoe376Hi all.  Just wondering if there is any movement on fixing the issues with gvfs-fuse.  Although this is, IMO, a major bug it also comes under this topic.  Mounting SMB shares/devices and copying files is not trivial and should be rock solid.15:37
xclaesseseb128, kenvandine: (not sure to ask the right person): do you know where is ubuntu's code to move libreoffice's menubar into unity's panel ?15:43
seb128xclaesse, try asking Sweetshark, it's in libreoffice's upstream codebase but not sure where, it just uses gmenu I thin15:56
xclaesseseb128, ok, I'm cloning upstream code atm, will grep :)15:57
bschaeferseb128, ping16:18
seb128tedg, hey, how are things working without your gnome-session patch to drop compiz/gsd from required components? do you get them randomly started by g-s or upstart depending who is first?16:18
seb128bschaefer, hey16:18
bschaeferseb128, hello! I've bumped my edge barriers branch up to 7.0.2, and merged it with trunk16:19
tedgseb128, The compiz job detects the case and aborts16:19
bschaefersoo its ready for the 1.14 xservers change :)16:19
seb128tedg, what about gsd? it's listed by initctl list here16:21
seb128bschaefer, great, thanks16:21
tedgseb128, Not sure on that one, I'm guessing it detects itself and only starts once.16:21
bschaeferseb128, np! have fun getting the new xserver in main :)16:21
seb128bschaefer, you should probably bump your libxfixes requirement, I tried to build with that patch and the libxfixes earlier and I hit that16:22
seb128"/usr/include/X11/extensions/XInput2.h:173:22: error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef unsigned int BarrierEventID’16:22
seb128  typedef unsigned int BarrierEventID;16:22
bschaeferhmm I just built the branch here16:23
seb128bschaefer, dpkg -l | grep libxfixes16:23
seb128bschaefer, ?16:25
bschaeferii  libxfixes-dev                                1:5.0-4ubuntu6                                         i386         X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library (development headers)16:25
bschaeferii  libxfixes3:i386                              1:5.0-4ubuntu6                                         i386         X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library16:25
bschaeferseb128, are the 2 i have16:25
bschaeferumm, but unity is set to any xfixes version16:25
bschaeferat lease in the cmake...16:25
seb128bschaefer, ok, dunno what I hit the build error here, anyway once the new xorg is available that will not be an issue16:27
bschaeferseb128, alright, let me try to rebuild again!16:27
bschaeferit would be nice to make sure theres no problems :)16:27
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seb128tedg, hum, things don't look nice on login without the required component16:40
seb128tedg, I get a white screen then some weird/slow fading in frame16:41
seb128tedg, I think we need to run stuff in order like gnome-session does, at least the compiz and the theme need to be set first16:41
* didrocks waves good evening17:26
waltersdesrt: got a second?18:36
waltersor anyone: in the current debian package of dbus, is "make check" run?  I assume via debhelper?  Does debhelper do anything like e.g. use Xvfb to set up $DISPLAY ?18:37
tedgwalters, I don't think debhelper does that automatically.  I don't see anything in the dbus package to disable tests though.18:47
tedgSo I'd assume they are run.18:47
waltersthe dbus test-autolaunch wants an X session presently18:49
tedgHmm, I don't see anything to handle that.  It probably works by magic :-)18:51
Laneythe tests aren't run18:52
Laneythere's an empty override_dh_auto_test in rules to disable them18:52
* tedg was an idiot and searched for autotest :-/18:53
tedgAh, and there's a --disable-tests added to configure later on.18:53
waltersah i see.  Thanks18:54
waltersi had expected it to be set up in Debian since smcv did so much work upstream on the tests18:54
Laneymight be different there18:54
Laneynope :/18:55
Laneykenvandine: try that MP! Thanks for the feedback :-)19:03
kenvandineLaney, rock on!19:08
kenvandineLaney, we need to do this with a bunch of the apps, we have lots of these public components that weren't really meant to be publich19:09
kenvandinepublic even19:09
Laneyoh really?19:09
Laneywell it turned out not to be too difficult19:09
kenvandineit's a bit of a mess :)19:09
kenvandineshare-app does19:09
Laneyand /usr/lib/myapplication/ is already a standard place for private libs19:09
kenvandinei think gallery and phone-app does too19:09
kenvandinei've complained about it before and was just told this was the way it was19:10
kenvandinewhich i never bought :)19:10
Laneydesrt: check this https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-adt-glib2.0/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/19/console19:10
Laneythe installed-tests all pass19:10
Laney(also, uploaded that patch for attente)19:11
attenteLaney, thanks!19:12
waltersah you guys are using installed tests now?19:15
Laneywell, case-by-case but yeah19:16
walterswell this goes to my above question; you are setting up an X/dbus session right?19:16
Laneyfor those, indeed19:16
walterswhat's the script/program used to do that?19:16
LaneyI just wrote a little shell script to launch the test runner under dbus-launch xvfb-run -a19:16
Laneybut yeah, cool to see them all pass first time19:17
Laneyand those are automatically re-triggered whenever dependencies change19:17
Laneyso in theory we notice if the kernel or libc breaks glib19:17
Laneywhich is nice19:17
waltersdefinitely, enabling that sort of thing was one of the primary goals of installed tests19:18
jbicharicotz: it looks like reverting the drop-sendto commit from gnome-bluetooth works so we should be able to do the update19:18
jbichaI wonder where seb128 went...19:18
Laneyprobably to have an evening :P19:18
Laneyupdate the BP19:18
ricotzjbicha, nice19:19
Laneydid shell replace that functionality somewhere else?19:19
ricotzLaney, could you sponsor the small update anyway?19:19
Laneysure, I assumed someone else did19:19
Laneycan you give me the link again?19:20
ricotzyeah, i thought seb would do it ;)19:20
ricotzhmm, dont have it here, could you scroll up?19:20
jbicharicotz: you mean for gnome-bluetooth? I'm almost done with 3.819:21
ricotzjbicha, yes, it solves a fatal problem with the current kernel19:22
LaneyIf you're doing 3.8 then that's fine19:23
ricotzjfyi this was it http://paste.debian.net/plain/1412219:24
jbichaLaney: your patch for https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=702244 won't apply since that file isn't in the tarball19:30
ubot2`Gnome bug 702244 in general "Fix format string warning" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:31
jbichasending files w/ g-bluetooth 3.8 works in gnome shell but in Unity I get "GDBus.Error:org.openobex.Error.Failed: Unable to request session"19:53
jbichaand if I google that I find bug 114803319:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1148033 in gnome-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "GDBus.Error:org.openobex:Error.Failed: Unable to request session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114803319:54
jbichadoes indicator-bluetooth work for you guys to send files?19:54
seb128jbicha, no, but gnome-control-center's bluetooth panel has the same issue19:56
jbichaseb128: ok so I can assume this has nothing to do with g-bluetooth 3.819:57
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jbichaseb128: I think everything else is fine for the update; I reverted the drop-nautilus-sendto plugin commit19:57
seb128_bah, unstable internet here20:00
seb128_jbicha, not sure that went through but I was saying that g-c-c's capplet has the same issue20:00
jbichaseb128: ok so I can assume this has nothing to do with g-bluetooth 3.820:00
jbichaseb128: I think everything else is fine for the update; I reverted the drop-nautilus-sendto plugin commit20:00
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
seb128what's the interest of the update?20:01
seb128well, your call, as long as you guys deal with the breakages20:01
seb128right, I don't see anything worth an update in there20:02
seb128it's likely the bug fixes got backport for some part in 3.6 and every else is remove_feature*n20:02
jbichanah, there's only one feature removed and I reverted that20:03
seb128- Remove fallback applet as GNOME fallback is obsolete.20:03
seb128- Remove ObexFTP browsing support20:03
seb128- Remove nautilus-sendto plugin.20:03
seb128that's from the url you just gave me20:04
jbicharight, ok we don't use the fallback applet as gnome-panel uses indicators by default20:04
seb128what about obextftp?20:04
jbichathat points to http://www.hadess.net/2011/11/obexftp-in-gnome-non-update.html20:05
seb128jbicha, sorry, I'm on an unstable wifi20:10
Laneyjbicha: won't apply to 3.8?20:25
LaneyOh well, I'm sure you can backport it :P20:26
jbichaLaney: it's not in the tarball https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-bluetooth/commit/?id=2e320f620:27
jbichathat means it's "fixed"20:27
Laneyoh, I didn't actually check what they did20:28
Laneyawesome fix20:28
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seb128Laney, can you push your gsd -0ubuntu15 update to the vcs?20:31
Laneyseb128: oh yeah, sorry, do you want it now or is tomorrow ok?20:33
seb128Laney, tomorrow is ok20:33
Laneysaves me having to get up :-)20:33
seb128Laney, I just ran into the missing patch trying to debug the "rb hang on start" :p20:33
seb128I applied it locally, so no hurry ;-)20:33
seb128desrt, Laney: do you have a !Ubuntu GNOME in a install/vm/jhbuild/... to test something?20:52
seb128desrt, larsu I meant20:52
seb128Laney, sorry ;-)20:52
desrtseb128: larsu has ubuntugnome i think20:53
desrtoh.. you want non-ubuntu gnome20:53
seb128desrt, not good enough ;-)20:53
desrti can help with that, ya20:53
larsudesrt: seb128: nope, real ubuntu here20:54
desrtlarsu, fortunately, is back on unity20:54
* larsu is dogfooding indicators20:54
desrtgives a bit more credibility to you acting as the represenitive of the unity project in xdg affairs, as well :)20:54
larsuya, I guess so :)20:55
desrtseb128: what do you need to know?20:55
seb128desrt, does calling /org/gnome/SettingsDaemon/MediaKeys org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.MediaKeys GrabMediaPlayerKeys ("test", 0) in dbus hang as well there?20:55
seb128calling that makes a GetAll() call it seems20:55
* thumper waves to desrt and seb12820:55
desrtseb128: refer all GetAll bugs to Laney :)20:55
desrtthumper: hey!20:55
seb128desrt, oh, is that your glib bug?20:56
desrtmay be20:56
desrtthe issue is as follows:20:56
desrtthe logic of my patch is that if 'property_get' in your DBus vtable is NULL then we dispatch all valid property calls via the method call handler20:56
Laneythat patch isn't in saucy yet20:57
desrtwe still check that Get and Set are for valid properties20:57
desrtbut if GetAll comes, it is accepted even if there are no properties20:57
desrtso if your intention was to export a methods-only interface (which is quite common) then you're gonna have a bad time20:57
desrtwhat makes it really deadly is that GDBusProxy issues a GetAll on initialisation20:57
seb128desrt, the bug I'm looking at is that GrabMediaPlayerKeys end up calling https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/tree/plugins/media-keys/gsd-media-keys-manager.c#n154620:58
seb128which returns nothing20:58
seb128so it hits timeout20:58
seb128well that function is called with method_name = GetAll20:58
seb128which is not handled by the function20:58
desrtseb128: ya.... sounds like my problem20:59
seb128which makes sense20:59
seb128that code didn't change since raring20:59
desrt because nobody is generating the reply now20:59
Laneytry glib from proposed then20:59
seb128I was wondering why rb is hanging on start20:59
desrtso the call hangs20:59
seb128desrt, Laney: thanks20:59
seb128desrt, Laney uploaded, I will grab the deb20:59
seb128Laney, desrt: yeah, that glib update fixes it21:05
seb128one less issue to debug \o/21:05
desrthappy to help :)21:06
* desrt has a "bugs seb will hit tomororow" predictor21:08
seb128thumper, hey ;-)21:16

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