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czajkowskithese things happen12:59
czajkowskithese things happen12:59
czajkowskinever mind13:00
czajkowskistupid machine lag13:00
airurandodoes anyone here know how to add  our reapproval application to the next loco council meeting agenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda16:20
airurandowhen you go to edit the page you can't copy the previous agenda item entries.16:20
airurandoafter my antics this weekend I don't want to screw up the LoCo council meeting agenda page also.16:21
airurandomy internet is a bit flakey today16:58
zmoylanreboot the modem?17:00
airurandodid that.17:00
airurandozmoylan did you see a series of posts from me in here a while back or was I just talking to myself?17:01
tdr112hey airurando17:01
zmoylani did.  have no answer though to how to add reapproval application.17:01
airurandohi tdr11217:01
airurandoah cool zmoylan, wasn't sure17:02
airurandotdr112 do you know how to add agenda item to the loco council meeting agenda17:02
tdr112nope but I havnt look at it17:03
airurandoit doesn't edit like normal wiki pages so I can't copy the format of previous entries.17:04
airurandoI don't know the correct wiki syntax to use to add the agenda item17:05
airurandohang on17:08
airurandomaking progress17:08
tdr112i am on the right edit page17:08
tdr112airurando: do you have the data you what added17:08
airurando||[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/ |Ubuntu Irish Team]] || [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamReApprovalApplication2013|Re-Approval]] (expires on 2013-06-30)||17:15
airurandodoes that look correct?17:15
airurandoif you can add it tdr112 that would be great17:17
airurandotdr112 I got it.17:22
airurandovery strange17:22
tdr112i see it now after i added it too17:22
tdr112i have removed mine now17:22
tdr112its all good17:22
airurandodon't know why i couldn't see the whole page when i tried to edit it initially17:22
airurandobrowser issue I suspect17:23
tdr112i think there is a embedded wiki page in that page17:23
tdr112its not you I had to do some messing too17:23
airurandocool.  all I was getting initially was a clank box with "add agenda item"17:24
airurandoI reckon you loosened it up for me17:24
airurandoczajkowski has kept our team active on the sites17:25
tdr112yep fair play to her on that17:26
* airurando must send gentle reminders on all social streams re ubuntu hour on Saturday evening.17:30

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