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ath88Hi there. I am looking into an issue regarding installing Ubuntu on a desktop with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 graphics card. I found a solution using the alternative installer for 12.04, but now i would like to find a solution without using the alternative installer. The solution consisted of chroot'ing /target and then installing the graphics driver with apt-get. How would i chroot using ubiquity? Is it somehow possible to pau14:51
xnoxath88: was that message cut off? ended with "Is it somehow possible to pau"14:53
ath88Really? Must be my client messing things up. The last sentence was: 'Is it somehow possible to pause the installation at the right time?'14:54
xnoxath88: are you installing manually or automatically preseeding?14:55
xnoxath88: if you boot, choose "tru ubuntu" then launch the installer, at the end of installation you can continue using live session, chroot into /target and make any changes you need.14:57
ath88xnox: I did try that, but /target is empty after the installation.14:57
xnoxath88: with automatic preseeding there is ubiquity success_command, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbiquityAutomation14:58
xnoxath88: also if you are installing with network connectivity, you can check the box to install third party software and the correct drivers should be automatically installed.14:58
xnoxfor you graphics card.14:58
xnoxit's a bug, if they don't.14:58
ath88xnox: The installer doesn't install the driver. The problem is further specified here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/203333/12-10-unable-to-install-or-even-run-from-live-cd-with-nvidia-gtx-58015:00
xnoxath88: there is a bug with 12.10 released media, where nvidia graphics driver doesn't not install correctly.15:01
xnoxath88: instead use precise .2 images or raring or saucy.15:02
xnoxath88: to enable nvidia driver installation one must check the box to install 3rd party software.15:02
xnoxath88: on the prepare screen.15:02
ath88xnox: I see, thanks. Ill see what i can make work.15:09

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