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dholbachgood morning06:42
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airurandocan anyone here give me the correct syntax for adding an item to the LoCo Council meeting agenda.16:37
airurandoUbuntu Ireland hopes to go for reapproval on 16 Jul 13.16:38
JanCairurando: there should be an example syntax on the wiki page, I think?  (if nobody deleted it accidentally)17:14
JanCmaybe check the page history17:15
airurandothanks JanC17:26
airurandofor some strange reason I was not getting to see the correct edit page.17:26
airurandoeventually got it sorted.17:26
JanCairurando: good luck with the re-approval17:30
airurandothanks again JanC we will need it!#17:47

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