lwizardlokay removed the firewire card and myth found the hdpvr again. so looks like i wont be using that for now atleast00:18
lwizardlused the /bin/true and now mythtv is displaying the channel on watch tv section00:19
lwizardlnope didn't work00:33
lwizardli'll bbl going to find my lirc cable and other stuff that I may need for this00:34
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sabhainanyone run into "EDAC MC0: UE" errors before?  I get clean mem-test, but really unusable system due to EDAC errors.  Wondering how to rationalize the two.15:54
Jay2k1sabhain: one fix is to disable quick memory test/quick boot/something like that in the bios16:03
Jay2k1you can also disable the check or module in linux, don't really remember, google could help16:04
sabhainJay2k1: is there a possibility that this is a software thing, and not evidence of broader hardware problems?16:16
Jay2k1i've seen it on some servers16:17
Jay2k1it was a known bug of the edac kernel module or something, i can't quite remember16:18
sabhainglad to hear that.  This is an older server (on 10.10) .. and recently started having some issues where it would lock up.16:29
Jay2k1in newer releases the bug is probably fixed16:30
sabhainit's now pretty much unusable, so I was thinking of reloading it on 12.04 (it's on 10.10 now)16:30
Jay2k1hmm, locking up though... the inly issue i had was that it was spamming the console16:30
Jay2k1but no lockups or anything16:31
sabhainwould the bug have appeared out of nowhere after 3+ years of stability?16:31
Jay2k1probably not :/16:31
Jay2k1memtest was clean?16:31
sabhainand once I have these servers set up .. i *never* touch them for updates16:31
sabhainI let memtest run for about an hour last night and it was clean16:31
Jay2k1well, that sounds more like hardware then16:31
Jay2k1when do these lockups happen? randomly? only after running for a while? under load? etc16:32
sabhainit's now at the point where they happen within a few hours of startup.  Generally, if I boot the system and leave it alone, it'll be fine.  But once I log into the console .. it freezes up with some EDAC errors, and a Seg fault.16:33
sabhainIt's pretty well unloaded in the current state .. I have pulled the mdadm drives out and dropped into another box for the time being.16:33
Jay2k1tried booting a live cd (e.g. mythbuntu or sysresccd) and playing wound?16:34
sabhain.. good idea.  I hadn't done that yet, I can try that next16:34
Jay2k1good luck :)16:35
Jay2k1work's over now, time for me to head home16:35
sabhainthanks for the help.  have a good evening.16:37
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