ollyso my old laptop with a bust display runs quantal and is connected to the TV with an s-video cable, to be a PVR00:29
ollywhich mostly works fine, but sometimes it fails to show a picture00:29
ollywhich is hard to fix without a display00:29
ollyssh in and poking with xrandr makes the tv picture respond slightly - a few white dots appear briefly00:30
ollyany bright ideas?00:30
olly(it's the backlight which is bust on the laptop)00:30
ollyi'd really love a way to lock the current screen setup, or put it on a hot key00:31
ollybe great for conferences too - hook laptop to screen in an earlier break, and just connect cables before the talk00:32
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Galways a bad sign: sudden power cut, followed by the rural fire siren ~5km away going off, on a fine day23:56

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