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bazhang<madprops> how do I turn on the computer03:35
Coreybazhang: With a hammer.04:21
bazhangCorey, hehe nice04:21
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DJonesChadman> root@bt <--- Wonder if they're actually using Ubuntu or or maybe Backtrack (I know the @bt could be a coincidence)09:08
bazhangseems like bt09:10
bazhanga certain user profile is a natural for bt09:11
bazhangnice call DJones09:12
bazhanghe is indeed using backtrack09:13
DJonesAh well, 2 hours less sleep than normal and still awake enough to read & comprehend IRC09:14
ubottuIn #ubuntu, zhak said: ubottu: is it posssible to download packages for saucy salamander since it is not released yet10:35
ubottuIn #kubuntu-devel, Riddell said: ubottu: no testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini for information.12:16
ubottuIn #kubuntu-devel, Riddell said: ubottu: no testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56 for information.12:17
ubottuIn #kubuntu-devel, smartboyhw said: !no testers-#kubuntu-devel is <reply> Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56 for information.12:19
Tm_T!no testers-#kubuntu-devel is <reply> Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56 for information.12:24
ubottuI'll remember that Tm_T12:24
bazhanghe openly admitted he was trolling. not a good idea16:40
DJonesNope, I was giving him a last chance after a warning, but getting rid of them works for me16:41
bazhanghe was a problem long before that16:41
DJonesCertainly wasn't good for the channel16:43
DJonesNow to wait for phone calls from the hospital after mother-in-law gets blue lighted there16:45
DJonesTroll from earlier today16:46
DJonesAnd then offtopic now16:47
bazhangabusive too16:47
DJonesYep, noted in @comment16:47
bazhang<cortexman1> I found a typo in my code17:06
bazhang<cortexman1> epecially, if you don't think the version of ubuntu is relevant to answering the question, you shouldn't even comment on it.17:11
bazhangmy Warty bork nd hlp plz17:12
awktionwhat is wrong with you guys17:17
awktionare you trying to be microsoft or something?17:17
awktionfirst you guys consistently disseminate bad information17:17
awktionand now you won't help someone that has a install that's still got supported repos?17:18
bazhangnot all versions are supported in #ubuntu17:18
awktionofftopic is not an appropriate place to discuss an older version17:18
awktionthe facts are that its a crowdsourced support infrastructure17:18
awktionso without a swarm you have no support17:18
awktionall versions THAT HAVE ACTIVE REPOS should be supported17:19
awktionon top of that17:19
bazhangawktion, thats not how the channel is run17:19
DJonesawktion: The policy in #ubuntu is that only supported versions are supported17:19
awktionany questions about upgrading from one that's repos are dead should be supported17:19
awktionby definition if the repo is alive its supported17:19
bazhang!eolupgrades | awktion17:19
ubottuawktion: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:19
awktionirc support is not payed ubuntu support17:19
bazhangsupport for those is limited to eolupgrades17:19
awktionif it were then you guys would have bene shut down for all the bad answers17:19
DJonesawktion: No its not, please see the info from Ubottu which says when versions are no longer supported17:20
bazhangawktion, there's nothing to discuss. you dont like the channels policies. that will not change them17:20
awktionjust because you have a topic or a bot that says something does not make it true17:20
awktiondpkg has a few bad factoids, as does ubottu17:20
awktiondoes that mean the factoids should be acted on as the truth?17:21
DJonesawktion: Using your argument, Warty would still be supported because you can still get repo's from old-releases.ubuntu17:21
awktionor perhaps should they be examined to see if they fit what they address?17:21
ubottuUbuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) was the first release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30, 2006. See !eol for more details.17:21
awktionif someone walked in the chan and said, hey17:21
awktioni've got warty but i cant update my irssi17:21
awktionthat's legit17:21
bazhangno its not17:21
LjLawktion: what makes it "true" then? wait i'll tell you, the IRC Team's consensus on it makes it true if it's something that concerns the Ubuntu channels. so yes, the ops here decide things, among which, that unsupported releases are not suitable topics for #ubuntu (which has been the case for years). if you wish that to change, email the IRC Council.17:21
awktionif someone said hey - i've a system i dont control, and its got warty - i need to make xyz change, yes17:22
awktionthe irc team is hilarious17:22
bazhangplease exit the channel awktion17:22
awktion17:21 <+LjL> awktion: what makes it "true" then? wait i'll tell you, the IRC Team's consensus on it makes it true if it's something that concerns the Ubuntu channels. so yes, the ops here decide17:22
awktion             things, among which, that unsupported releases are not suitable topics for #ubuntu (which has been the case for years). if you wish that to change, email the IRC Council.17:22
awktion17:22 < awktion> if someone said hey - i've a system i dont control, and its got warty - i need to make xyz change, yes17:22
awktioni'm gonna have to document that - its a huge joke..17:22
awktionsrry bout the paste17:22
Tm_Tawktion: actually that's pretty much how ubuntu support works: releases are supported to a certain point17:23
awktionyou got something really messed up in your mind17:23
awktion'ubuntu supported' != channel supported; nor should it.17:23
Tm_Tawktion: it's official Ubuntu support channel17:23
awktionthere are many topics your ops know little about17:23
Tm_Tso it follows what's officially supported17:24
awktionfor instance, what's the smallest install version you can get.17:24
awktionTm_T: #ubuntu in no way reflects the ubuntu community's wishes or will17:24
Tm_Tawktion: by community you mean what exactly here?17:24
awktionit reflects the irc team's consensus of what it should be.17:24
awktionDo you have a voting process open to the public?17:25
cortexman1Hi, I have just read the IRC guidelines. They do not mention whether or not the IRC Council has discussed whether it is appropriate for people to discuss active Ubuntu repositories.17:25
LjLawktion, i REALLY don't see how you can claim something like 'ubuntu supported != channel supported', when by definition, what IS supported in the channel is defined by the OPS (IRC Team / IRC Council). so unless you're ready to stop arguing against obvious definitions, please leave this channel.17:25
awktionubuntu is open source17:25
awktionthe channel is volenteers17:25
Tm_Tawktion: being open source is irrelevant to how Ubuntu community is governed17:25
awktionthis is NOT a payed support chan from say canonical17:25
cortexman1If the IRC Council has not discussed this issue, then it seems that it is an open topic.17:25
awktionThat would be an absolute rule.17:26
cortexman1If they have discussed the issue, it should be documented.17:26
awktionbut guess what17:26
LjLcortexman1: we are not willing  to entertain a mob being called into the channel to discuss this.17:26
awktioneven tho the kernel is underused, linux 2.2 is still _supported_ overall17:26
awktionso if #ubuntu does not represent _everything_ that can be done with ubuntu17:26
Tm_Tawktion: not in Ubuntu channels it is not17:26
cortexman1In general, Canonical keeps repositories active because they know people are still using them.17:26
awktioni was typing sir17:26
cortexman1(and, in a way, they support that use)17:27
awktionvery much in a way17:27
Tm_Tcortexman1: those are for upgrade purposes, it's not supported to use EOL releases17:27
awktionTm_T: and yet17:27
LjLawktion: i don't care, if you're going to call in people to make a mess here, i'm not going to allow that. so both you and cortexman1 are kindly requested to leave now.17:27
Tm_Twhat canonical supports is irrelevant to what ubuntu supports17:27
awktioncan you explain how to upgrade from warty to 1304?17:27
awktionlets try this17:27
Tm_Tawktion: irrelevant to this discussion17:27
cortexman1the IRC Council needs to discuss and document this issue.17:27
awktionvery relevant17:27
LjLcortexman1: then put it in their agenda / email them.17:28
cortexman1because #ubuntu is harassing people who ask questions17:28
awktionLjL: how about i just ddos u17:28
cortexman1what's the address / how do I do that.17:28
ubottuThe Ubuntu IRC Council is the team governance council for the the Ubuntu IRC channels on the freenode network - For serious inquiries please join #ubuntu-irc-council or email irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com - See also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil17:28
Tm_Tcortexman1: all this arguing of an old community rule is currently holding me from doing Ubuntu development, so please if you have concerns on this, email irc council, but stop arguing it here at it isn't going anywhere17:29
Tm_Tcortexman1: if there's nothing else we can help you with here, please part17:35
cortexman1who is arguing?17:54
cortexman1my comments are entirely reasonable17:54
cortexman1i sent them to the ubuntu-irc-council channel. please update me after you guys have discussed it, and please post the results of your discussion to the website.17:54
cortexman1please make sure that you discuss the specific points that I raised17:54
cortexman1my regular nick is cortexman, if this one is not online.17:55
cortexman1also, your comment asking me to part is not civil.17:55
cortexman1an acknowledgement would be civil.17:55
bazhangits a no idle channel cortexman117:55
bazhangread the topic17:55
cortexman1i'm not idling17:55
bazhangthe issue is over17:56
cortexman1excuse me?17:56
bazhangso there's nothing left to discuss17:56
cortexman1are you trying to hush me?17:56
Tm_Tcortexman1: the discussion won't continue here, please continue with irc council17:56
bazhangplease exit the channel cortexman117:56
cortexman1let's be clear: I am here complaining about operator abuse.17:57
LjLcortexman1, see, even if we had been willing to discuss the philosophical issues involved with the things you said, we're unlikely to look favorable at the fact you were obviously incited by awktion to come here and ask about things like the active repositories being supported. we really don't like mobs.17:57
cortexman1you have told me that you do not respect my complaint, that you won't hear it, and you have asked me to leave.17:57
cortexman1you have not acknowledged my complaint in its full force.17:57
Tm_Tcortexman1: I'm asking you to continue with irc council17:58
LjLcortexman1: so at this point, your option if you want to pursue this is to contact the IRC Council. you say you have done so, good, now wait for their answer.17:58
LjLcortexman1: in the meanwhile, please part this channel.17:58
cortexman1I have posted this complaint in ubuntu-irc-council, of which ™_T is a member, and he has told me in this channel instead that he does not respect my complaint and told me to leave.17:58
cortexman1that is unacceptable.17:58
cortexman1that is not civil.17:58
LjLcortexman1: that's not what he told you, but feel free to believe what you want. i'm just really tired of seeing this place scroll for no reason17:59
LjLso part17:59
cortexman1if the irc council replies to my complaint I will be happy to leave.17:59
cortexman1until then I am comfortable waiting.17:59
cortexman1I am not idle.17:59
IdleOneGood morning17:59
chuGood time to enter the fray IdleOne18:00
IdleOneI will do X when and only when you comply to my demands!18:00
IdleOnePOW Punch in the nose18:00
sarnoldshollings in #ubuntu-server is being abuse to users -- I'd appreciate someone else paying attention to what he says and how he says it..18:06
Tm_Tsarnold: on it18:07
sarnoldTm_T: <3  :)18:07
PiciOh, I step away from my desk for an hour and I have an angry PM from a user I've never met waiting for me when I get back.18:19
IdleOneThe exciting life of an IRCC member18:47
Picigoing afk, someone might want to try to keep luigi and reisio on-topic in #ubuntu.  Also, ntzrmtthihu777's spamming of !offtopic to them is doing little.19:05
bazhangntz is the very definition of offtopic19:10
IdleOneBut his off topic is relevant.19:10
bazhangshe , but occassionally yeah19:11
bazhangwhy do I always misspell that!19:12
IdleOneI was being sarcastic about the relevant off topicness19:15
bazhangntz is amusing though19:24
luigiThis doesn't look right19:37
luigibug 1 ?19:37
ubottubug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119:37
luigiNope, this is right19:37
LjLlooks good to me. luigi, you've been banned from #ubuntu for being intentionally disruptive to the channel19:37
k1lluigi: can we help you?19:37
luigik1l: Nope!19:37
luigiI'm good19:37
IdleOnePlease leave the channel in that case19:38
DJonesluigi: If you have nothing else to discuss, then please note the channel has a no idleing policy19:38
k1lok, then look out for another place to troll. not in the ubuntu channels and not on freenode.19:38
luigiAh, yes, yes19:38
luigiYou guys need to learn the $a prefix19:40
luigiIt's not that hard, seriously19:41
* LjL rolls eyes19:41
luigiLjL: Sir, I take offense19:42
LjLi take offence at your taking offence, now what19:42
* luigi thinks19:42
luigiYou don't want to do that! You'll give me an erection!19:42
* luigi sits there with a smug look on his face19:43
LjLi'd have fun for an entirely hour but i think the others here don't need to see this19:43
LjLhere, got your $a19:43
LjLbazhang: i don't know what is up with my fingers lately, they just type the most random stuff :(19:44
LjLluigi: i give you 25 seconds19:44
bazhangmy space key appears to be broken!19:44
LjLluigi: i don't know, you said to wait a minute19:44
LjLluigi: now you've got me to hurt my finger in the CD tray. it's bleeding. i hope you're happy19:45
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LjLluigi: wait a minute, you said $a would cure everything. you LIED TO ME19:46
* SirPenguins who watches the watchers19:58
LjLthe watcherers, obviously20:00
SirPenguinsAm I now a watcherer?20:01
SirPenguinsI should get a new watch to commemorate this achievement20:01
bazhangor get a hobby20:01
SirPenguinsI have a hobby20:01
LjLa better hobby20:01
SirPenguinsI sit here and dick around at work when I have nothing to do20:01
LjLlike collecting old handheld computers20:02
SirPenguinsThat would be lovely...20:02
SirPenguinsBut I have no money for such things20:02
SirPenguinsThe great thing about IRC? Free entertainment20:02
LjLthen go make the money! quick!20:02
IdleOneUse the money for the new watch20:02
LjLcome back when you've made the money, and report20:02
bazhangone that does not involve being a pest20:02
bazhangSeven_Six_Two> I'm looking for a current ubuntu member to sponsor me for membership. If you can help, please pm me. Thanks.20:41
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