astroo---ciao pessoal02:46
astroo---ola pessoal20:25
gotwighey there22:17
gotwigcan you help in installing an ubuntu distro, thats based on ubuntu 12.04?22:18
gotwignot for me, but for a girl, I told her to come here, because her english is not the best22:18
astroo---give some time for the possible answer22:18
astroo---from anyone22:18
gotwignormal ubiquity installation process, side by side with windows I guess22:18
gotwigso manual partition22:18
gotwigthank you guys, and good night ^^22:19
astroo---sorry is so22:19
gotwigiva_: hey =) and bye22:21
iva_hi can anyone help me?22:24
gotwigiva_: you can speak portuguese ;P22:24
iva_bem mais facil inclusive22:25
iva_então algém pode me ajudar?22:25
astroo---poe a duvida e da uns 15m pela possivel resposta de alguem22:26
iva_então estou no meio do processo de instalação do elementary, que é o mesmo processo do ubuntu22:27

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