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Noskcajballoons, ping03:20
balloonsNoskcaj, pong03:20
Noskcajcan you merge elfy's manual test, it would help speed things up since david is having issues03:21
Noskcajor do you want me to merge it?03:22
Noskcajalso, can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu-manual-tests/parole/+merge/17221203:23
balloonsit's bedtime for me here, but I can try tomorrow.. If your able to merge, or howard that would be great03:33
balloonsit's really busy for me atm :-(03:33
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pittiGood morning04:46
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jibelgood morning07:07
elfyballoons: not sure what's going on but manual tests 1565/1566/1568/1571 have all disappeared08:06
elfyballoons: no - it's more than that - in fact it seems to be all the ones knome and I added to the xfce testsuite - all missing now if you bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests08:13
smartboyhwelfy, are u sure?08:15
* smartboyhw can find it08:15
smartboyhwelfy, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk/revision/14308:16
elfyI just pulled the branch here - they are all missing08:16
smartboyhwelfy, really? Not in testcases/packages/Xfce ?08:16
smartboyhwMy branch's new08:16
smartboyhwAnd I can find these there08:17
elfyaaah - yea - didn't see that08:17
elfyI really do wish that there was some sort of wiki for all this stuff08:19
DanChapmanGood Morning :-)08:21
smartboyhwelfy, make one yourself:)08:21
elfyhi DanChapman08:21
smartboyhwHello DanChapman, why is yesterday's session abruptly cancelled?08:21
smartboyhwI mean, "emergency" isn't a proper explanation:P08:21
elfysmartboyhw: that'll be really good wouldn't it - let's make a wiki about things that are missing from documentation - oh wait - how would I know it's missing ;)08:22
smartboyhwelfy, find it yourself?08:22
smartboyhwPeople who requested a feature is recommended to add the feature themselves:P08:23
DanChapmansmartboyhw, Hey, my eldest boy fell down the stairs and broke his arm :-S so had to go hospital. We keep telling him not to play with toys on the stairs. But 6 year olds tend not to listen.......08:23
smartboyhwDanChapman, :S08:23
elfyDanChapman: oh dear :(08:23
elfyDanChapman: don't expect it to change as they get older ... it doesn't08:23
smartboyhwDanChapman, well at least your eldest son now learnt a lesson...08:23
smartboyhwDanChapman, for child caring, ask elfy:P08:24
elfysmartboyhw: quite simply something as important as QA quite frankly should have documentation written by Canonical08:24
DanChapmanelfy, :-S thats kinda worrying .... :-D08:25
elfyDanChapman: lol - don't worry - it'll just happen :)08:25
elfyDanChapman: as long as he's ok - got a day of school and plenty of TLC - he'll be fine :)08:28
elfymy son snapped his wrist in about 5 places skateboarding on a kerb ... fell in the road - lucky08:29
DanChapmanelfy, he trying to get as much sympathy as he can get.... has asked if he can have a day of watching power rangers... got to be one of the worst childrens programmes in history.08:30
smartboyhwelfy, what's TLC?08:32
smartboyhwI think we call it ECA here..08:32
smartboyhwMy worst disease was H3N2 when I was 10...08:33
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rbasakIs there a adt-run-lxc?08:59
rbasakSorry I mean an adt-virt-lxc08:59
rbasakI can't find any sign of one08:59
slickymasterelfy: sorry for boring you elfy, but I would like to ask something related to the manual testcases10:40
smartboyhw!ask | slickymaster10:41
ubot5`slickymaster: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:41
slickymasterall right, my question is how do I go about to have 1 branch per file in bzr?10:42
DanChapmanslickymaster, for each new test you do branch a copy of the 'master' branch. Then when you push create a branch with the name of your test or however elfy likes naming branches :-P10:45
elfywhat I do is create a folder - say for instance gnumeric - then I grab the branch - then inside there I create the new file10:45
elfyslickymaster: the path to my gnumeric one is home/hob/manualtests/gnumeric/ubuntu-manual-tests/testcases/packages/gnumeric_adv10:45
smartboyhwslickymaster, seriously, wait, you mean 1 BZR branch for 1 single file? Who does that?10:46
slickymasterIs it that simple?! I'm really stupid10:46
* elfy does smartboyhw 10:46
smartboyhwelfy, ..................10:47
elfyslickymaster: at the end of the day it doesn't matter how as long as the end result is you only pushing the one you want to push10:47
elfysmartboyhw: what does ......................... mean exactly?10:47
DanChapmansmartboyhw, each manual test is only one file anyway10:47
smartboyhwelfy, "so amazed that I can't speak anything:10:47
smartboyhwDanChapman, now, sure, but one bzr branch for one file?10:48
elfyoh well - I could go on at what I get amazed at smartboyhw10:48
smartboyhwelfy, yeah sure, please spam the channel:P10:48
elfyslickymaster: at the end of the day - do it how you find it best for you10:48
slickymasterwell I'm facing a situation where my branches diverged, so probably all I have to do is to have as many branches/folders as the number of tests I'm working on. Is that right?10:49
elfyI'm not sure tbh - I don't get them doing that :)10:49
smartboyhwslickymaster, well, you may just branch a new lp:ubuntu-manual-tests, then copy the file to a local location and work on it, and replace it back10:50
smartboyhwYou don't necessarily have to make many branches10:50
slickymastersmartboyhw: that's what I was doing and what led me into where I am10:50
smartboyhwslickymaster, why you can't put all the files you ARE working into a single directory?10:51
slickymastersmartboyhw: I can do that, problem is in the last few days, every time I push a testcase to my branch it gets diverged10:52
smartboyhwslickymaster, what you should do is:10:53
smartboyhw1. branch the code from LP10:53
smartboyhw2. Copy the files you want to work on to a new directory10:53
smartboyhw3. If you want to put it back, make sure you bzr pull first10:53
smartboyhw4. Check if no changes was done upstream in LP10:53
smartboyhw5. Copy the file back10:54
smartboyhw6. bzr commit -m "*"10:54
smartboyhw7. push10:54
slickymasterI think I'll try elfy's approach10:55
slickymastersmartboyhw: thanks for those tips, If anything goes wrong with elf's approach, I'll do it like you say10:56
DanChapmanThe way i see it is one branch solves one problem/bug, wether its 100 files or 1 file that solves that problem. THis way the intent of the branch is clear and doesn't need much explanation10:56
elfyDanChapman: that certainly works for me10:57
slickymasterelfy: according to this Jackson post - https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4panel/+merge/172445/comments/385872 - I have to wait for you to merge your changes to the main branch10:59
slickymasterdo you think that it could be related?10:59
elfypossibly - if your's is linked to anything else that's going on - but I'm new to bzr as well11:00
slickymasterelfy: I'll mail him asking it11:01
elfybut that's something I've not come across - I did have an issue once - but it was different11:01
elfyslickymaster: I'd ask balloons when he's about11:02
elfywhich is usually in about 4 or 5 hours in here11:02
slickymasterelfy: I'll try to show up here. I'm assuming you're referring to 4 to 5 hours from now, right?11:03
slickymasterOK. Thank you all, guys, for the help11:04
elfywelcome :)11:05
slickymastersee you then11:05
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DanChapmanballoons hey :-) sorry for short notice last night14:09
balloonsDanChapman, no worries mate. Is everyone a-ok today?14:13
balloonsI mean as a-ok as possible considering everything14:13
smartboyhwDanChapman, when do you suppose can run the session back?14:14
smartboyhwHey balloons14:14
DanChapmanballoons, yeah lil man is ok. He is having a power ranger marathon today while drawing animals on his cast :-D yeah all is as good as can be.14:17
elfygood morning balloons14:22
balloonsDanChapman, I'm glad to hear. Kids usually bounce, but sometimes even they are human :-)14:22
balloonshello elfy I know slickymaster and you and jackson are working on the xfce stuff14:23
balloonsI hope it's been sorted?14:23
elfynot a clue - I think there's some merges holding something else up - not really had time to look at it14:24
elfyI'm not sure why something I put up for review/merge would hold anything else up really14:24
slickymasterhi balloons, I think my branch is completly messed up14:24
balloonsslickymaster, :*-(14:25
slickymasterballoons: according to Jackson I have to wait for elfy to merge his changes to the main branch, then re-do my version of the settings test. that will remove the issue of conflicts14:26
slickymasterbut what is strange is that everything happens when I was pushing my xfce panel testcase14:27
balloonshmm.. We're still blaming jackson for this right? :-p If elfy hasn't changed your test we shouldn't have to wait on his merges14:27
balloonsbut anyways, which branch did you redo the changes in?14:27
elfynot really sure why he said that - I might have rights but I'm not likely to merge my own14:27
balloonslet's just get you merged14:27
balloonsso you don't have to keep updating your branch :-)14:27
slickymasterballoons: see this: https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfce4panel/+merge/172445/comments/38587214:27
smartboyhwGuys, don't blame Noskcaj14:28
slickymastersmartboyhw: it's just to be on the safe side :)14:28
balloonssmartboyhw, I'm just teasing him a little.. he's been great14:28
slickymasteryes, he has. he has helped me a lot14:29
slickymasterso, what do you think my next step should be, balloons?14:32
elfyballoons: at a basic level here - if there is a testcase that's been reviewed and is good to go - and I've looked and it looks good to me too - does just clicking the "Merge into:lp:ubuntu-manual-tests" do the job completely?14:32
smartboyhwelfy, you use bzr merge...14:33
balloonsslickymaster, I'm pulling your branch a moment14:34
smartboyhwIn a fresh lp:ubuntu-manual-tests, do bzr merge <the branch you need to merge in>14:34
smartboyhwbzr commit -m "<message"14:34
slickymasterballoons, thanks for taking the time14:34
smartboyhwbzr push :parent14:34
elfysorry - that means nothing to me at all - not really in the right frame of mind to decipher cryptic comments14:34
balloonshmm looks like Jackson has the proper comments :-)14:34
* smartboyhw does not understand why Noskcaj is called by first name rather than IRC nickname in here.14:35
balloonsthe only file with an issue is 1562_xfce4panel tests14:35
balloonssolve the conflict and we can merge it14:35
slickymasterballoons, that's the one14:35
slickymasterballoons, how can I solve the conflict?14:36
balloonsthe 001 or 01 testcase has different versions14:36
balloonsit looks like yours is just an expansion or whatever.. regardless we can just go with your version14:36
slickymasterballoons, yes. either one or the other. They're basically the same file. The only difference lies in the formation. One complies with the proper format and the other doesn't14:39
slickymasterballoons ?!14:42
balloonsmy local repo is messed up14:42
balloonsi have to fix that first14:43
slickymasterballoons, could it be a curse, hoovering over us? ;)14:43
balloonslol, I think not14:44
balloonsok sorted me14:50
balloonsnow your branch14:51
slickymasterballons, I'm keeping my fingers crossed14:52
balloonsslickymaster, ok so your version has 5 tests, while the version in the archive has 2114:53
balloonsand they don't directly matchup14:54
slickymasterballoons, I'm a bit like elfy, now. you're being a little cryptic to me14:54
balloonsso with your help, let's just go through them14:54
slickymasterballoons, ok14:54
balloonsconsider this as the problem14:54
balloonsyou wrote test 1, elfy wrote test 2.. You both wrote a version of test 3, and elfy wrote 10 additonal tests14:55
balloonsyou have to merge that all together into something that makes sense :-) Since you both wrote a version of test 3 that's where we have to decipher which one to take, or if we need to combine them14:55
slickymasterballoons, we're just speaking about xfce4 panel tests, right?14:55
slickymasterand how do we do that?14:56
balloonsthat's an example of what's gone on with the file. there's several versions14:56
balloonswe do that manually by looking at the 2 and comparing them14:56
balloonsI use a "diff" tool called meld14:56
balloonsit colors the text that is different and displays them side by side14:56
elfyI've not done a panel test ?14:57
elfyor is this all rhetorical ?14:57
slickymasterelfy, that's what I always thought14:58
elfyok - I'll go back to nursing a headache14:58
balloonsrhetorical elfy14:58
slickymasteras elfy, I was also under the impression that I was the only one working on the panel tests14:59
balloonsSOMEONE changed something.. insert whatever name you wish.. it was just to help understand what's happened14:59
smartboyhwballoons, private message?15:00
slickymasterballoons, can't you just remove all those versions, clean my branch, and after that I would just resubmit it?15:02
balloonsslickymaster, if you grab trunk and redit the file from scratch that fixes it15:04
balloonsthat's essentially what i'm trying to do by looking through the diff15:05
balloonsok slickymaster so this is partially looking like one version is a consolidation of the other15:07
slickymasterballoons, yes, I think you are correct15:07
balloonsslickymaster, I think we have something15:15
balloonsI want you to look at the files ok15:15
balloonsif those both look correct to you, I will merge15:17
elfythe settings one is part of the same thing as one I've done15:17
elfyballoons: if you merge that one let me know - then I will stop mine and then edit slickymaster's when it's merged to include my bits as well15:19
balloonsslickymaster, can you have a look?15:20
balloonsno rush, just wanted to make sure you saw the links :-)15:20
slickymasterballoons, sorry for the delay, I was fixing a problem with a server over here at work15:22
balloonsslickymaster, it's a morning of problems eh? :-)15:23
slickymasteryes they're correct. Just one thing your first link is the finished panel test, and you can merge that one15:23
slickymasterballoons, yes, it's been a hell of a day ;)15:23
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balloonsslickymaster, ok so both links are good and can merge? if so, I'm pushing now15:24
slickymastercontinuing, the second link it's from my xfce settings, which I haven't finished yet15:24
elfyslickymaster: that second one is the same as one I was working on15:25
balloonsslickymaster, ohh you don't want to merge xfce4settings tests? it's in your branch, but I can remove merging it15:25
slickymasterballoons, I'm still working on that one, If you merge it, will I be able to continue working on it, without any problems15:26
elfyslickymaster: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/XFCESettings/view/head:/testcases/packages/XFCESettings15:26
balloonsok, so I'll merge both.. elfy that ok with you also/15:27
slickymasterelfy; so, after all it seems we're working on the same test, but I thought we have established that they were different bugs15:27
elfyI think I marked myself as working on the wrong thing15:28
elfyballoons: do the merge15:28
slickymasterelfy, this is the one i assigned to me: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/118349315:28
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1183493 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed: Xfce Settings Manager" [Undecided,In progress]15:28
elfyslickymaster: wait until I have pulled it and then pushed my stuff to the test and balloons can then merge that15:29
elfythen you'll have both what you had done and what I've done15:29
elfyI think the logic is right there - but I've been suffering all day with a wicked headache15:29
slickymasterelfy: it's really just one of those days15:30
balloonspushing now15:31
elfyballoons: so - I'll pull that later - add my changes and push it back for review15:31
elfyslickymaster: once I've done that you can get the whole thing back with all changes we've both done15:32
slickymasterso, can I consider the panel tests as done with and don't think about it again and continue with this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1183493?15:33
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1183493 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed: Xfce Settings Manager" [Undecided,In progress]15:33
smartboyhwWell, this needs to get to the Packages QA Tracker before I would consider it "Fix Released". It can be called "Fix Committed" though15:33
elfyslickymaster: I'll PM you on the forum if you like once I have had my changes to it merged - until then leave that one alone15:33
slickymasterelfy, ok, I'll do as you say15:34
balloonsdone and merged15:34
balloonsthanks guys!15:34
smartboyhwballoons, can we now get on with the new idea discussion?:P15:35
balloonssmartboyhw, the mind is much freer now :-)15:35
balloonsgo for it15:35
balloonspresent the idea15:35
slickymasterballoons, sorry, just one last question. do I still have to push the panel test or is the all thing finished?15:35
slickymasteralready saw that it's solved15:36
balloonsdo a bzr pull and you'll see the new stuff15:36
balloons1573_xfce4panel tests15:36
slickymastersorry guys, for being a pain in the and thanks a lot for all your help15:36
balloons1574_xfce4settings tests15:36
slickymasterballons, I saw that, thanks15:37
elfyballoons: so why do some tests say Test-case name: xfce4 panel/xfce4-settings_manager-002 etc and other ones don't15:37
elfythis confuses me - I guess it depends which one 'they' took as a model when they started15:38
elfyslickymaster's do and mine don't :)15:38
slickymasterelfy: yes, I think it's a matter of the model taken15:39
balloonselfy, I would drop the internal naming actually15:39
balloonsjackson and I were chatting about that at one point15:39
balloonsyou can leave them in, but it's no longer needed, so I think it's probably saner to stop it15:40
elfyok - so like I do then15:40
* balloons JUST figured out noskcaj's handle15:40
balloonswow.. jackson backwards..15:40
elfyright - so I'll do this settings one shortly15:41
elfyballoons: of course - and elfy is forestpiskie or hobgoblin upside down :p15:41
slickymasterok, so I'll change my tests model and leave the internal naming15:42
balloonssmartboyhw is busy laughing at me..15:42
smartboyhwballoons, why?15:42
* smartboyhw is busy typing up his suggestion to ubuntu-quality@lists.u.c15:42
balloonsnoskcaj = jackson backwards.. I JUST figured that out15:42
smartboyhwballoons, elfy slickymaster phillw sent15:42
elfyballoons: one serious question - I now am going to fiddle with the settings one you've just merged - I can do whatever I want to it ?15:43
smartboyhwDanChapman, ^15:43
elfyone less serious comment - you just made it so I don't have to figure noskcaj's nick out - thanks :)15:43
smartboyhwballoons, oh, I didn't expect that:O15:43
smartboyhwStupid Noskcaj, I shall beat him tmr.15:44
smartboyhwProbably not, maybe Friday, too damn busy tmr15:44
smartboyhwDon't expect me on internet before 12:00 UTC tmr15:44
balloonssmartboyhw, did you not realize it either?15:44
balloonselfy, you can do whatever you want15:44
smartboyhwballoons, no. lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo15:44
balloonsslickymaster's stuff is in..15:45
smartboyhwx = (-b +/- root((b^2)-4ac))/2a15:45
elfyyep got that - working on it already15:46
smartboyhwThat's basically my feeling of Noskcaj's cleverness:P15:46
balloonssmartboyhw, so simple, so clever.. and we never noticed15:46
slickymasterelfy: I'll wait for your Pm on the forum, before continue to work on the settings test15:46
smartboyhwballoons, yeah. We idiots:P15:46
smartboyhwAnyways, guys, do reply to my suggestion on the ml!15:46
balloonssmartboyhw, nice email.. +1 from me as mentioned15:46
balloonsI'll see what others think15:47
elfyslickymaster: ok - depending on how long it takes to merge it tbh - I'll be done in 30 minutes15:47
slickymasterelfy: take your time, i'll probably just will manage to work on it later on. I'll have a work appointment in a few minutes15:48
elfywell I want to get my bit done now :)15:49
slickymasterguys, once again thanks for all the help15:49
slickymastersee ya15:49
balloonssee you slickymaster !15:49
elfycya slickymaster15:49
balloonsDanChapman, so the ubuntu-manual-tests is sorted now.. how's the ubuntu-autopilot-tests side?15:53
balloonsyou missed the fun of merging David's changes.. ugh, a diff mess but we did it15:54
DanChapmanballoons, evince is fixed. Now grabs a sample pdf from its source dir. For some wierd reason its fixed the screenshot probs aswell. Wild!15:55
DanChapmansmartboyhw, just seen your message to the mail list. WOuld be happy to stand in as a testcase pilot but not on Admin team. balloons, how does one go about getting on the team?15:58
DanChapmanWooooah!! FIrst time opening a Qt app with vis. Gtk is proper lacking on info compared to this!!16:00
balloonsDanChapman, I can fix you up there easily enough :-)16:01
smartboyhwDanChapman, well you should16:02
smartboyhwballoons, add DanChapman to the team, he has done enough autopilot tests;P16:02
DanChapmanballoons, cool. :-)16:02
balloonsDanChapman is on the team now :-)16:02
smartboyhwballoons, thx!16:03
DanChapmanballoons, awesome cheers :-)16:03
smartboyhwDanChapman, now heh heh16:03
balloonsDanChapman, yea, isn't QT SO much nicer? with qml you don't even need to use vis to get what your after. I read the qml files more than anything :-)16:03
balloonsDanChapman, ok so I should push the new manual stuff to the prod branch right?16:03
DanChapmanmanual or autopilot?16:04
balloonsoh.. lol, sorry yes autopilot16:05
DanChapmanballoons, yeah evince branch needs pushing to prod.16:05
DanChapmanShall i remove ubiquity as it now over at lp:ubiquity?16:06
smartboyhwballoons, plz help to get the idea circulated to Letozaf_ and Noskcaj and phillw and SergioMeneses and njin and elfy and every other testcase admin:P16:06
elfyballoons: ok - so I added in the bits I'd done this morning, ready to review etc - should be ok, checked it with the script thing here https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/1574_xfce4settings/+merge/17285016:06
elfyI'll leave it now - once I see in m/list it's done I'll let slickymaster know he can carry on with it16:06
elfythanks for your help :)16:07
balloonsDanChapman, yes I suppose removing ubiquity makes sense. I wonder what the best way to keep track of things that aren't in the branch.. aka ubiquity and core apps16:07
balloonsthat's something we'll have to think about16:07
DanChapmanballoons, ok I will remove it. Yeah how would you keep track of the core apps etc?16:14
balloonswell launchpad doesn't have a good way I know of of doing it16:15
balloonsbut it's something to keep in mind going forward16:15
balloonsI'm not losing sleep on it yet, but it's on my mind :-)16:15
DanChapmanI must say i'm mighty impressed with xMIR been running it for 2 days with not an issue :-)16:19
smartboyhwDanChapman, no bugs?16:20
DanChapmanNothing so far smartboyhw, the only prob i had was with vmware package on start up, but thats because i borked vmware. Apart from that nothing.16:21
* smartboyhw tries16:23
balloonsthere's definitely some holes in xMir, but your right DanChapman :-)16:24
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balloonshello drsaurabhsikka16:48
drsaurabhsikkahello balloons16:54
drsaurabhsikkai had a question, on a side note...\16:54
balloonssure thing16:55
drsaurabhsikkawasn't there an Ubuntu Certification course of some kind, some years back? what happened to it16:55
drsaurabhsikkamet some Red Hat chap today, and that got me thinking16:55
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, I believe some third party may have offered it.. I can't remember myself16:57
balloonsthat's more than I could have answered :-)16:58
drsaurabhsikkai see , thanks17:00
drsaurabhsikkaare we having the tutorial sometime soon?17:01
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, 1800 UTC, so 1 hour.. That said, your more than welcome to ask me questions now, I've just got to grab some food while we do it :-)17:04
drsaurabhsikkano rush, take your time, i'm just installing saucy meanwhile. just wanted to be on time17:05
balloonsahh.. well whenever your ready, go ahead and ping.. I'm happy to help17:06
DanChapmanballoons, i merged evince test back into production branch and set my branch to merged do i just leave it at that? or do i manually remove the branch?17:25
balloonsmanually remove which branch? If it's in prod, we're good :-)17:26
balloonshi juggle :-)17:26
DanChapmanthis branch https://code.launchpad.net/~dpniel/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/evince17:27
jugglethank you balloons , how are ypu17:27
balloonsahh DanChapman lp updates the status on old branches once merged so you don't see them17:28
balloonsif you really wish you can delete them, but I let them archive out17:28
DanChapmancool, will leave lp to do its thing then17:29
balloonsso https://code.launchpad.net/~ should only show your active stuff17:29
DanChapmanballoons, i'll give it a little while its still saying active17:30
DanChapmanballoons ahh i se what ive done. I proposed the merge to go into dev branch but merged it into prod branch. Doh!17:31
balloonsit's time ;-)18:00
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, I hope your still about.. Welcome to anyone joining us for the automated testing workshop18:01
drsaurabhsikkai'm here18:02
drsaurabhsikkawhat next18:02
balloonsso what I'd like to do is answer any questions folks have about writing autopilot tests, and go about helping you get started18:03
balloonswe can do that via IRC, or if people are willing, over a g+ hangout18:03
balloonsI know not everyone wants to be on camera, so we'll stick with IRC for the moment. First I'll give a little introduction on what autopilot is, and what we're doing.18:04
balloonsAutopilot itself is a functional testing tool allowing us to interact with an application the same way a user would18:04
balloonsit can click, swipe, touch, and type in an application by simulating a user18:05
balloonsthis allows us to test at a functional level to ensure the apps in question work well18:05
balloonsSo, we want to bring this tool to the core apps project. The core apps are written by community developers and represent the core applications for the ubuntu touch platform.18:06
balloonsWe're talking about things like calculator, calendar, file manager, terminal, etc. Some games too, :-)18:06
balloonsSo, in order to help contribute tests there are a couple things you'll need18:07
balloonsthe first is an installation of ubuntu saucy. It can be in a VM or installed on physical hardware18:07
balloonsthe second is an understanding of how autopilot works, and that's what I'm here to help with :-018:07
balloonsFor anyone who hasn't yet gone through the tutorial on developer.ubuntu.com, http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/cookbook/mobile/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/, please do so now18:08
balloonsinside is an example application you can branch and run, then run the autopilot tests for18:08
balloonsFor those who have gone through the tutorial, let's talk about what to do next18:09
balloonsIf you visit this wiki page on the core apps, you'll find a handy listing of the needed testcases for each of the applications18:10
balloonsIn addition, there's a lovely guide to help you out. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Testing/ContributeAutopilotTestcase18:10
balloonsI won't repeat everything here, but in a nutshell here's how to get started18:10
balloonsfirst pick an application.. Choose something you like that interests you. If your concerned, I can recommend something that might be easier to start with. An application with pre-existing tests for instance is easier for you to get started since you won't have to create the folder structure and there's already some work done for you to build upon18:12
balloonsapps like clock, calendar, rss reader, weather, file manager all meet this criteria today18:12
balloonssecond, get the source code and look at and run any existing tests18:12
balloonsyou can do this via bzr; the tutorial has links for each core app, as does the wiki. See the header and click on it for the app your interested in18:13
balloonsfor example, for weather, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Weather18:13
balloonsit has nice links to the project page, the team, blueprint, etc18:13
balloonsFinally, pick a test to add. You can use the links on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Testing to pick something. An open bug is something that is needed.18:14
balloonsfor example, the list of needed tests for the rss reader; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bugs?field.tag=needs-autopilot-test18:15
drsaurabhsikkatrying it out...18:15
balloonsNow the last step.. how in the world do I write a test? Well, I suggest writing your test in english first. Go through the steps yourself in the application and note what happens as you click and interact with things18:15
balloonsthe list of actions becomes your action steps for your testcase.18:16
balloonsmeanwhile, anything that happens in response to your interactions becomes something you can "assert" about18:16
balloonsLet's look at the tutorial quickly for an example;18:16
balloonsInside the test_clear_button function we do a simple action18:17
balloonsclick the clear button. To ensure the action was successful, we as a user would want to see the fields are cleared18:17
balloonsthis is how it looks in autopilot:18:17
balloons    #click the clear button18:17
balloons    self.pointing_device.click_object(clearButton)18:17
balloons 18:17
balloons    #confirm fields have been wiped18:17
balloons    self.assertThat(fromField.text, Eventually(Equals('0.0')))18:17
balloons    self.assertThat(toField.text, Eventually(Equals('0.0')))18:17
balloonsso you can see us using autopilot to click the clear button, and then have our assertions that the fields have been cleared18:18
balloonsThat's the basics of any good test.. interact and then assert18:18
balloonsSo, with that I'd like to get to answering any questions you may have or help you get your environment setup, pick an app or test to write, etc18:19
drsaurabhsikkaok, so I installed python-autopilot, and connected with bzr branch dropping letters18:20
balloonsperfect.. drsaurabhsikka I actually have to add the needed tests for that app.. it was on my todo list from this morning :-)18:20
drsaurabhsikkaBranched 32 revisions it says18:21
balloonslovely. so at the moment that application doesn't have any tests.. Let's change that shall we?18:21
balloonslet me file the couple bugs for the needed tests18:22
balloonsfirst things first, you should run the app and get a feel for how it works :-)18:22
balloonswe'll try writing a test for something basic, like starting a new game18:22
drsaurabhsikkais this a game? dropping letters?18:23
balloonsyes, in fact it's one of the 2 games in the core apps18:23
drsaurabhsikkahow do i install it?18:23
balloonssudoku is the other one18:23
balloonsahh good question18:23
balloonsso you don't need to install it in order to run it. however there is a ppa with all the core apps you can install18:23
balloonsso first, to run the core app do this18:24
balloonsqmlscene dropping-letters.qml18:25
balloonsfor the ppa, follow the info here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/PPA18:25
balloonsyou can add and install all the core apps this way and run them as you would any other application18:25
balloonsafter installing from the ppa, it would simply be "dropping-letters"18:26
drsaurabhsikkaadded the ppa, now updating18:27
balloonsok, this app is a bit different from the other core apps because it's a game.. but games are more fun right?18:29
netcurlishould autopilot tests also test how fast the app reacts to an action? eg. check for activity indicators? or should they just focus on the actual reaction?18:30
nik90Is there a way to pause the autopilot for say 2-3 seconds to let an action run in the background?18:32
balloonsnetcurli, interesting question. I would say that depends on the application18:32
drsaurabhsikkacan't install. qtdeclarative5-* are missing dependencies18:32
balloonsspecific reaction timing could be useful inside a game for instance I'd guess18:32
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, ahh.. you probably don't have the ubuntu-sdk installed18:33
balloonsone sec, I'll fix you up18:33
balloonssudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk18:34
balloonsyou shouldn't need the ppa anymore if you are on saucy18:34
balloonsbut the ppas are18:34
balloons sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk18:34
xeranasHow I should know that after clear field value should be e.g. "0.0" and not e.g. "blank", where I should check how application suppose to work18:34
jugglehow i can create a bug for a specific test-case ?18:35
balloonsok so netcurli in response to your question again, most of the time we don't care about speed. I've not had to write a test yet that cared about the speed of execution. it would be more difficult to do so18:35
balloonsnik90, what do you mean pause? generally we avoid sleeping, and instead use an assert with the eventually function18:36
balloonsxeranas, the example app I know the clear value should be 0.0 from running the application  and pressing the button to check and examining the source18:36
balloonsif your curious, specifically you can open the qml file and see the values are set to 0.018:37
nik90balloons: well I was creating a test to add a world clock which it did, however it takes a fraction of a second to add it to the database. However autopilot immediately closes the app before that task is complete.18:37
nik90this results in no world clock being added18:37
balloonsso xeranas let me paste where I'm talking about so you can see it18:37
drsaurabhsikkadoing the ppa thing, as I'm still on quantal18:37
omac777Sorry for interrupting, for the past year I have installed 12.04, 12.10, 13.04  and every time I installed, the AMD Catalyst display drivers were released at the same time as the ubuntu newer releases which then broke my display for months until AMD caught up.  Can we do this autopilot stuff in 12.10 without issues?18:38
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, ohh, quantal isn't new enough for this to work sadly.. it really needs to be raring or preferably saucy18:38
balloonsxeranas, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5841225/.18:39
omac777I meant AMD never releases Catalyst drivers to sync up to Ubuntu's newer releases right away.  I do have 13.04.  Can we do this autopilot stuff using 13.04?18:39
nik90omac777: yes you can use 13.0418:40
balloonsjuggle, go to the project page and select the "report a bug" under the bugs tab. It's the same as for any other application18:40
balloonsomac777, yea we don't want you to break your display! That said I am running saucy and usually swap between the open drivers and amd drivers without issue. your mileage has obviously varied, and I understand18:41
balloonsnik90, ahh ok.. what happens after you add the world clock/18:42
balloonsdoes anything happen in the UI?18:42
balloonsif not we can still use python to confirm the entry was created in the database outside of the UI. but if the test has no UI elements it might make more sense as a unit test18:43
balloonsnik90, ^^18:43
drsaurabhsikkasaucy not yet installed...digging it up...18:43
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, :-) things will work much nicer then18:43
balloonsso xeranas, how are you coming along? any other questions I can answer?18:44
xeranasI'm still things setting-up, so far I do not see tests sample yet, so I wonder how much one test should cover functionality18:45
balloonsxeranas, in general tests should be focused and specific. Test one thing per test; I like to just logically group one set of ideas of bit of functionality per test. They also need to be standalone and not require any dependencies as a test should be able to run in any order. That means it needs to do it's own setup if needed.18:47
xeranasmake sense18:48
Vasudevanballoons,  which  branch has the most recent fixes for ubuntu-autopilot-tests to try during saucy cadence week2?18:50
balloonsVasudevan, I'm not quite sure what you mean by your question. However, the prod branch always has the most recent stable versions of the ubuntu-autopilot-tests project18:51
balloonsVasudevan, so lp:ubuntu-autopilot-tests/production18:52
Vasudevanballoons, you mean  bzr branch lp:ubuntu-autopilot-tests18:52
balloonsVasudevan, yes that will branch trunk. If you want the stable working tests to run for some reason you can branch lp:ubuntu-autopilot-tests/production18:52
balloonsDanChapman, ohh since we got on this sidebar :-) I noticed you pushed evince to prod but not development :-)18:53
balloonsDanChapman, Can you push evince to Development too? :-p18:53
DanChapmanballoons, yeah mate. Was going to do that next.. just had to have dinner first :-)18:54
balloonslgp171188, so to answer your question. the clock, rss reader, calendar, weather and file manager all have working autopilot tests18:54
balloonscheckout any of those branches to see some examples of autopilot tests and run/play with them18:55
drsaurabhsikkabe back soon...18:55
lgp171188balloons: Thanks, I will do that.18:55
balloonslgp171188, of course.. You missed the intro pieces as well.. but the quick version is have a look at the tutorial here for an example and explanation: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/quality/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/18:56
lgp171188balloons: Thank you, I will go through that. I was anyways planning to attend Friday's session that is at a more convenient time for me here in India.18:57
balloonsit walk through the app and the autopilot test, real simple and explains things18:57
balloonslgp171188, sounds great118:57
balloonslgp171188, make sure you have a saucy installation and go through that. you'll be all set18:58
balloonsany other questions?18:59
Vasudevanballoons,  upgraded the suacy vm for cadence w2, and pulled the latest from lp:ubuntu-autopilot-tests; saw many errors - thats why I asked18:59
balloonsVasudevan, ahh gotcha. Yea, the prod branch I linked should not error at all18:59
balloonsthe development branch might not run 100%, hence the distinction :-)19:00
balloonsxeranas, were you able to get setup?19:00
Vasudevanballoons, thanks, will  try again..19:01
balloonsthanks to everyone who came out.. feel free to ping or email me at anytime. I'm not running away anywhere, so feel free to keep working and asking questions, I'll be here.19:03
balloonsthanks again, and happy hacking on tests!19:03
balloonsAlso remember, we have 3 more scheduled sessions, and your welcome to attend any/all of them as you wish19:04
drsaurabhsikkaam back19:09
drsaurabhsikkahow much of python does one need to know in order to run the autopilot19:11
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, it's not bad, and I can do it :-)19:11
balloonsif you learn the couple little autopilot functions you can skate throught most things19:12
drsaurabhsikkaok, i've got a saucy edubuntu DVD burned19:13
drsaurabhsikkabe back soon19:14
balloonsnik90, did you get your question answered properly? And more than that can you solve your problem? :-)19:16
drsaurabhsikkaballoons, why can't i upgrade from 12.10 to 13.10 - the option is there but greyed out19:34
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, you can't straight upgrade to saucy from 12.1019:37
balloonsonly one at a time..19:37
balloons12.10 to 13.0419:37
balloonsohh are you in the installer?19:37
balloonsyou could simply install saucy over an existing install.. all of your /home will stay intact, but you'll have the default packages again19:38
drsaurabhsikkayes. so that's a useful bit of info that should be in the installer19:39
drsaurabhsikkai mean it's rather rude of the installer to detect my fedora and quantal partitions, even suggest i can upgrade, then just grey it out without a beg your pardon19:43
drsaurabhsikka:) should we file that as a bug>?19:45
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, sorry to hear that :-(19:47
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, sure file it.. It might be as expected, but it sounds like the experience was a bit confusing for you19:47
balloonsI'm not sure why it told you to upgrade19:48
nik90balloons: sry, I had to go. Yes on adding the world clock you can see the entry in the saved world listview19:48
balloonsnik90, then I would use an assert with an eventually checking that entry. make sense?19:48
nik90I will just do a UI check to see if it added the entry19:48
balloonsindeed :-) but you could do a non-UI check.. just in case you ever need to do it19:48
balloonsbut I would question why that's an autopilot test then unless only part of it was ui, etc, etc19:49
nik90I just want to make sure sure that adding a world clock works by checking the saved world clock list19:50
nik90so I think I could resort to the UI alone19:50
balloons;-) sounds like a plan19:51
mhall119balloons: can you give https://code.launchpad.net/~abreu-alexandre/ubuntu-html5-theme/package-autopilot-tests/+merge/172883 a once-over?19:51
balloonsmhall119, sure.. It'll be a bit, but I'll leave some remarks before EOD :-)19:52
xeranasJust run sample test and everything seems work OK.19:52
balloonsxeranas, :-)19:53
balloonspretty neat eh?19:53
drsaurabhsikkamore impersonal than confusing. We're all about better UX, aren't we?19:56
balloonsmost definitely19:56
drsaurabhsikkagetting there...meanwhile19:57
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, the cool part is you can chat with xnox directly here about how it works and give direct feedback20:00
balloonsso xeranas just keep in touch if you need anything. Once you pick a core app to go after, you can get help from the development teams themselves.. most of them hang out in #ubuntu-touch20:02
balloonsso autopilot or app help, we've got you covered20:02
xeranasballoons: thanks, I'll keep that in mind.20:05
mhall119thanks balloons20:06
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, yes he's one of the ubiquity devs.. it's nighttime for him so he's not around, but I wanted to mention it20:07
drsaurabhsikkathat's awesome to know. Thanks20:13
drsaurabhsikkathe LTSP project is new in this version...?\20:14
DanChapmannite folks see you all  tomorrow20:16
drsaurabhsikkagnite Dan20:18
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, yes.. it's the big thing :-)20:24
drsaurabhsikkaballoons, i've installed it. quick Q: do i need to update my launchpad keys?20:51
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, excellent. Umm you could if you nuked things20:52
balloonsbut if you didn't and kept your home it should continue to work20:52
balloonseven if the user@host doesn't match.. it will in the key :-)20:52
drsaurabhsikkait's on another partition now, dual booting with quantal20:53
balloonsahh.. well feel free to add a key then20:54
balloonsyou can have more than one :-)20:54
drsaurabhsikkai admire your patience.20:55
drsaurabhsikkai'll update things and catch you on friday for the next session?20:56
balloonsthat sounds like a plan mate20:56
balloonsyou might want to grab a branch of say the clock or calendar, weather, etc that has tests to start with20:56
balloonsit will be easier to see20:57
drsaurabhsikkai'll do that20:57
drsaurabhsikkagoodnite for now. Thanks balloons21:02
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