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tjaaltonhalp, need someone to approve mesa & mesa-lts-quantal10:23
mlankhorstHALPPP PLXX10:24
infinityOn it.10:27
tjaaltonI'll do the same for raring10:28
infinitymesa-lts-quantal's changelog history seems to have gotten mangled.10:29
tjaaltonwe don't care about that10:29
tjaaltonit's scripted10:29
tjaaltonthe changelog should have everything via the quantal "upstream"10:30
tjaaltonthe latest one just adds ~preciseN10:30
tjaaltonof course this is the first time I'm on this, so could have messed things10:31
mlankhorstyou did mess up10:31
mlankhorsttjaalton: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/144071101/mesa-lts-quantal_9.0.3-0ubuntu0.3~precise1_9.0.3-0ubuntu0.4~precise1.diff.gz10:31
mlankhorstthat's why lts-pkg-rename takes an argument to the old stack dir10:32
mlankhorstbut just fix it up manually10:32
tjaaltonso you did have those10:32
mlankhorstyeah, just the ones in release, the ubuntu0.3 one never left NEW so I don't care about it10:33
mlankhorstbut you wiped the original LP bug entry10:33
tjaaltonthe diff doesn't show 0.310:34
tjaaltonoh I see10:34
mlankhorststill shows up in the changes file though, so meh..10:34
tjaaltonI'll merge that too then10:34
infinityWhat do you mean "0.3 never left NEW"?10:34
tjaaltoninfinity: ok I'll fix it up10:34
infinityIt's in -proposed.10:34
tjaaltonit's in NEW10:34
infinityOh, it's in binary NEW, sure.10:34
infinityI can fix that. :P10:34
tjaaltonyou could fix xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-quantal still being there :)10:35
mlankhorstyeah I hate this stuff10:35
tjaaltonI'll fix the changelog and reupload, feel free to reject the current one10:35
mlankhorstdual-level changelogs suck10:35
tjaaltonright, two steps to bug the archive admins10:35
tjaaltonthat too10:35
mlankhorstinfinity: xxv-intel-lts-raring is in unapproved, can you accept it too?10:37
infinitymesa-lts-raring also seems to have a vaguely confused changelog, but maybe that one's unavoidable, I dunno.10:45
mlankhorstsadly no way out10:47
mlankhorstit had to close the original bug too10:48
tjaaltonok new version uploaded10:50
tjaaltonmeh, mesa 9.1.4 needs an sru bug10:55
dokocjwatson, removed all the binaries built with gdc-v1 on powerpc. except for plplot, which ftbfs for qt reasons currently11:51
dokoand cleaned up the lib*-ruby binaries11:52
cjwatsonarmhf too?11:52
dokothere were none11:54
dokothat was gcc-4.4 based11:54
xnoxinfinity: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnuradio/ is dead, can that build be done on the fast one? (sagari?!)12:20
infinityxnox: I don't imagine speed will help it much, but it could be tried.12:23
cjwatsondoko: There are certainly some out-of-dates on armhf from the set of packages we were talking about.12:23
infinityxnox: Retried on sagari.  Good luck.  Maybe I should bump the timeout back up a bit.  That said, a build that produces no output for 60m isn't ideal.12:37
xnoxinfinity: it only took 27minutes to build on amd64....12:39
* xnox likes the build score of 9999999912:40
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jbichawho should I ask politely to review mozjs17 in new?17:13
LaneyCould it be that proposed-migration is forgetting about failed tests?19:14
LaneyI just uploaded glib2.0 and some rdep autopkgtests definitely did fail - colord and firefox are two examples. They were on excuses as FAILED but now they're not there.19:14
ScottKDid someone override the results?19:17
Laneyfirefox is, yeah, but not colord as far as I can see19:20
Laneywait, I can't remember which way around the force-footests are19:20
ScottKDid you see the new way to do it (-release)19:21
LaneyI only know force-badtest force-skiptest19:21
* Laney nods19:21
ScottKThose even19:21
ScottKbadtest means skip that test for all cases since the test is bad.19:22
LaneyOK, so firefox is skipped then19:22
ScottKskiptest means don't trigger tests for this package, skip them because we want it in -release ASAP.19:22
Laneybut still colord.19:22
ScottKMaybe it's bug.  Not sure how cjwatson tested it.19:23
LaneyNot gonna complain if it lets it migrate. ;-)19:24
jibelLaney, "forgotten failed" is a bug. I have a fix that will be pushed tomorrow morning.19:34
ScottKLaney: Quick, upload today.19:35
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slangasekLaney: forgetting failed tests> yes, cjwatson mentioned something about that today20:47
slangasekright, jibel said already20:48
Laneyslangasek: yeah, jibel just confirmed20:48

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