kdubhey channel18:14
philipballewhello kdub18:20
Torikun_ If anyone wants a tinyrss account on linux-toys.com let me know =) Tinyrss is a google reader replacement18:31
bkerensaIs it nice and cool in California?21:28
philipballewbkerensa, Just hit 100 here.21:29
philipballewprobably gonna hit 103 by 521:29
bkerensaits cooler today then the last few days21:29
pleia267 in SF <321:29
bkerensapleia2: ohhh cool :)21:30
bkerensasomething tells me it wont be next month when I come down21:30
rwwSF doesn't get very hot, really :P21:31
philipballewpleia2, You should drive up 80 for a few hours. Might be a fun drive.21:31
akkOnly 86.5 here, quite a bit cooler than yesterday.21:31
bkerensarww: pff I have been there some months it was blazing out in the Castro and Haight21:31
philipballewSac is even hotter I think.21:31
bkerensanot often but it can get hot21:31
pleia2philipballew: yeah, that's not going to happen :)21:31
bkerensaphilipballew: oh yeah :) I would never live in Sac again not for all the tea in china21:31
philipballewyeah, Sac is 102 already21:31
akkI came through Sac yesterday. It was pretty hot, but the hottest we saw was Livermore/Sunol.21:31
bkerensaI remember passing out from heat when I grew up in Sac21:31
philipballewI flew into Sac yesterday and felt my throat close up partly walking out the airport doors.21:32
bkerensaphilipballew: you all set for this month? When will you be coming up?21:32
bkerensahopefully Atul is coming :)21:32
philipballewbkerensa, I'll be up in the 503 Saturday morning at 9 when my plane comes in from sac. I then have one hore to get the the community leadership summit.21:33
bkerensajono: you have a fedex volunteer ^ :)21:34
philipballewFedEx 4 life21:34
bkerensaphilipballew: will you be staying at the place near my house?21:34
philipballewbkerensa, yeah.21:35
philipballewI lie the area and the place21:35
bkerensaphilipballew: cool I can come up and meet you at the max each day and we can ride down together21:35
bkerensaunless I make my fiancee drive me in21:35
philipballewThe things we do for love21:35
pleia2I ended up at http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/oregon/hilton-portland-and-executive-tower-PDXPHHH/index.html21:36
darthrobotTitle: [Portland Hotels | Hilton Portland & Executive Tower | Portland, OR]21:36
bkerensabkerensa@zen:~$ love21:36
bkerensaThe program 'love' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:21:36
bkerensasudo apt-get install love21:36
pleia2but MAX makes everything "close"21:36
philipballewI would love to bing my bike, but southwest might not like that.21:36
bkerensapleia2: we will have to plan for a Ubuntu Beering at one of the parties21:36
bkerensaI can try and round up all the Debian folk  too21:37
pleia2debian again would be nice21:37
pleia2I land at 17:40 on friday before CLS21:37
pleia2only staying through thursday though, taking a redeye to boston thursday night for a wedding21:37
philipballewWas unaware we deal in 24 hour time here.21:37
philipballewLove Boston.21:38
bkerensamaybe I can just propose we do our third thursday debian beering on Wednesday or something21:38
pleia2(said wedding was the original reason I wasn't going to attend, but pfft sleep)21:38
pleia2my talk is Thursday morning21:38
* bkerensa will try to attend21:38
pleia2but I try not to drink too much at conferences anyway :)21:39
philipballewIf it's a Redye, cant you do the meeting at or near the airport bkerensa so she can come and make the plane?21:39
bkerensapleia2: I reserve 90% of my annual drinking for OSCON ;p21:39
bkerensaphilipballew: It would be up to the rest of the debian people21:39
pleia2philipballew: I need to be at the airport by 821:39
bkerensaphilipballew: we will get something in that she can make surely21:40
philipballewI do to pleia2. I don't wanna be the guy who runs around the hall screaming with his shirt off. I saw that once at SCALE.21:40
bkerensaphilipballew: which day are you flying out and what time? Did you give yourself a bigger gap like I suggested?21:40
philipballewbkerensa, Yes, I picked a 730 flight21:41
philipballewdirect back to southwest.21:41
philipballewThe only airline I use for west coast travel.21:41
pleia2bkerensa: as a woman attending a conference alone in an unfamiliar city with many people I don't know, conferences are a bad place to get drunk :)21:41
philipballewSouthwest basically owns Sacramento.21:41
pleia2apparently I save up drinking for when with friends21:42
bkerensanotably... One or two ciders do me in :)21:42
pleia2fortunately that's not the case with me, so I can drink some21:42
pleia22, not 6 ;)21:43
philipballew2 and I am not in good shape...21:44
bkerensathe odd thing is Cider kicks me harder than whisky21:44
philipballewI had a Pabst recently, and a Fat Tire before that.21:44
philipballewOut and proud pleia221:46
bkerensa\o/ Piwik21:47
bkerensasee he is already drunk ^21:48
* jono loves drinking :-)21:48
bkerensajono: oh are you allowed to booze this year?21:48
bkerensalast year something was up right?21:48
jonobkerensa, yup, I am on the booze train this year :-)21:49
bkerensaIf anyone wants to tour the new Portland Mozilla Office before it opens... I can probably setup a tour21:50
jonolast year I was on antibiotics21:50
bkerensaThe community section of the office is amazing :)21:50
bkerensajono: how many attendees for CLS? Robyn just replied she said if I have this answer she can have an answer by next monday21:51
bkerensajono: just wondering if the current is up to date21:51
jonobkerensa, I need to refresh the page with recent attendees21:52
jonowill do that tomorrow21:52
Torikun_Is it true that MIR forked code from Wayland?22:07
Torikun_I read that on a recent reddit post22:08
philipballewhey steve22:12
stevehey whats up22:12
philipballewsteve, Just trying to not die in the auburn heat22:13
philipballewWas out of the country for a few22:13
philipballewand show back up to this22:13
steveOhh nice, where at22:13
steveand yeah Ive heard the heat is terrible.22:14
philipballewsteve, Mexico City. went down to visit a friend. It;s like 103 now here.22:15
stevephilipballew, Nice, and man that sucks.22:17
raevolque pasa mi amigo philipballew22:31
philipballewraevol, sup bro!22:36
raevolwhatchoo doing tomorrow22:55
raevoloh you're in auburn22:55
philipballewraevol, I am in Auburn, so tomorrow I will be sweating ans wishing it was below 105.23:47
raevolgood luck with that23:55
raevolmay i suggest investing in a swamp cooler23:55

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