snap-lGood morning12:07
rick_hupvote! http://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/1hjl1v/a_practical_guide_to_using_alembic/12:13
snap-l/url 112:14
snap-lYeah, i read that last night. It's like the scales fell off12:14
brouschThere is only one true Python ORM, and it uses South12:15
* rick_h warms up the particle cannons and gets coordinates for brousch's house...12:21
brouschHa, I am at work!12:21
snap-lbrousch: I think rick_h is OK with a few extra casualties for your statement12:41
snap-lI just hope Amway is collateral damage. ;)12:41
rick_hlike a cockroach12:43
rick_hI remember when my parents did amway for 2months back when I was in the single digits12:43
rick_hcrazy to think that stuff is still going on12:43
brouschHuge in Asia12:45
brouschThey do more in China than US now, I've heard12:45
* snap-l <3 the bouncy ball chair with Kraftwerk music playing13:02
snap-lProbably doing unspeakable things to my back, but I don't care.13:02
rick_hI won't be happy until I get a tron trail! http://www.monkeylectric.com/13:14
snap-lI have never ever wanted to ride a bike more in my life13:19
brouschBut you can't even see it if you're the rider13:19
snap-lWow, that's pretty steep.13:20
rick_hhttp://www.amazon.com/s/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&field-brandtextbin=MonkeyLectric&linkCode=ur2&node=3375251&tag=monkey0c-20 but it's prime!!!13:21
snap-lI meant for the pro13:22
rick_hoh yea, well...13:22
rick_hhttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/minimonkey/monkey-light-pro-bicycle-wheel-display-system yea those are some damn cool ideas13:23
jrwrengreg-g: happy birthday.13:24
jrwrengreg-g: organic beer?!?!13:24
jrwrengreg-g: i can get organic malt, but I've never seen organic hops13:24
greg-gjrwren: well, I assume all ingredients were organic, or I guess >70% is what the law is, but yeah. Thirsty Bear, which is a block away from the WMF office15:28
greg-ga block-ish away from the Moscone Center if you're ever in town for a conference that is too big15:29
jrwrennice. I don't like to travel :)15:49
jrwreni suppose organic principles are another good reason to grow my own hops15:49
greg-gjrwren: def15:53
_stink_greg-g: i'll be there in mid-November16:10
_stink_at Dreamforce :/16:10
_stink_so if you haven't moved away yet, it'd be fun to catch up with you16:10
greg-g:) definitely16:11
greg-g_stink_: november is unknown territory for us. That has a non-zero chance of being after we move :)16:11
_stink_it appears that moving would serve you well, so i hope you manage it.16:12
greg-g:) yeah, moving is never fun16:13
_stink_but if away from SF...?16:14
greg-gback towards the middle of the country (not much west of us ;) )16:14
snap-lOh God, Salesforce16:18
* dzho and snap-l hit the search at about the same time16:19
dzhoalternately, I think I will continue to believe that Dreamforce is like a paramilitary version of the Dream Police16:19
snap-lIt's spelled "Dreamforce" but it sounds like throwing up in your mouth a bi16:20
dzhothey get inside of your head, but more . . . vigorously16:20
snap-lgreg-g: moving to Michigan? :)16:22
snap-l(one can hope, but I'm sure the answer is no)16:22
jrwrengreg-g: ann arbor is calling you16:22
snap-lAll the hippie, none of the douche16:23
greg-gann arbor (well, somewhere near-ish) wouldn't be the worst idea, but maybe not the best either16:23
snap-lRoyal Oak: All of the douche, some hippie required.16:23
_stink_heh, yes16:25
_stink_what was that pure michigan spoof on royal oak again?16:25
snap-lDouchebags. Pure Michigan16:26
_stink_dzho: haha.  i might steal that idea.16:27
snap-l_stink_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEcjUE6XDeY16:27
snap-lhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPDRl1Wwl2o <- better version16:28
dzho_stink_: if it makes you feel more edgy, you can say you stole it ;-)16:28
dzhootherwise, just take it16:28
snap-l(Wow, that video is terrible)16:29
_stink_i love the drummer surrounded by fire16:30
jrwrenits Dokken, terrible comes with it.16:30
snap-lYears from now Dokken will be a synonym for cheese16:30
snap-lAlong with Winger.16:31
jrwrenthey aren't already?16:31
snap-l(Rod Morgenstein is one of my favorite drummers, but this song is pure 80's cheese)16:32
snap-lThe part around 2:30 is awesome. I remember reading him talk about it in modern drummer16:34
snap-lToo bad the fucknuts who posted the video won't let you fast-forward to that part so you don't have to listen to the whole damn song16:35
_stink_this is 100x better than Dokken16:35
Blazeixman, why did i wait so long to enable weechat smart filters20:11
Blazeixpast Blazeix was a jerk20:11

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