bikerbkerensa: did you already downloaded fedora 19? :p18:23
bikerdownload *18:23
bkerensaI do not use Fedora18:23
bkerensaI only use *Ubuntu18:23
bikerbkerensa: too bad,.,18:25
bkerensabiker: I don't like old kernel and apps18:25
bikerbkerensa: then why you use ubuntu? :p18:26
bkerensabiker: because my kernel is fresher18:26
bkerensabiker: Fedora 19 is running 3.918:26
bikerright.. :p18:26
bkerensaUbuntu is at 3.1018:26
bikerhey bkerensa ,., how long does it last for someone to reply to my mozilla reps application? :p18:27
bkerensabiker: We put you to the bottom with MarkDude because we know you use Fedora18:27
bkerensaI don't really know how long it takes actually :) probably a few months at best18:27
bikerbkerensa: damn xD18:29
bikeri thought it was like a week or so :p18:29
philipballewbiker, I might upgrade19:04
nathwilli've been running F19 since the alpha, it's been super stable19:47
nathwilland gnome 3.8 is glorious19:47
nathwilldefinitely worth the upgrade to get away from 3.619:48
bikernathwill: sweet! (:19:58
bikeri use kde btw :P19:59
nathwillwell then, nm20:29
nathwilli have no idea what the kde spin is like :P20:29
nathwillbut boy, let me tell you about the magic of systemd :/20:29
bikernathwill: xD21:23
bkerensanathwill has went to the dark side21:28
bkerensanathwill: lunch when? :P I know this amazing greek place21:29

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